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tv   News at 6  NBC  September 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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jodi? >> reporter: and it's tough to see mt. diablo looking like this, raj. as you mentioned, it is charred and blackened. as you said, calfire tonight has announced that the cause of this devastation was a target shooter. and we have confirmed that the fire started not far from where we're standing along morgan territory road. tonight, for residents who live along this area around this area, it is just sinking in that the impact will be felt for months, and years to come. fire crews are finished fighting the morgan fire, but now they're busy repairing the charred and bulldozed hillside. >> the rains are going to come down and wash down all of the ash, all of the dirt that has nothing to keep it in its place right now. >> reporter: calfire is installing water bars to stabilize the mountain. they say they won't leave until the work is done. but residents like dan wallace and anthony carini are nervous.
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>> hopefully the mudslides that will occur will not be so intense that they create another tragedy of some sort. >> so it's taken an area that hasn't burned since 1977 and all of a sudden turned 3,000 acres of it into practically a moonscape. >> reporter: seth a adams with the conservation group, save mt. diablo, says not only has the fire created a risk for mudslides and flooding, it's killed a lot of wildlife. like mt. diablo's famous tarantulas that come out this time of year to mate. >> 3,000 acres, most of it in mt. diablo state park, burned. a whole bunch were killed by this fire. some may have survived underground but a whole bunch of them were killed and that's a big hit on that species. >> there's one right down my back. >> reporter: then there are the creatures that seem to be out in abundance. with so many trees gone, this wood-boring beatle is suddenly
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out pinching people in force. >> they're biters. >> reporter: but there's a silver lining. expect an explosion of wild flowers to bloom next year. >> next spring, we're going to have incredible wild flower displays including some wild flowers that only show up after big fires and that we haven't seen for decades. >> reporter: but right now, it isn't just a charred mountain. we're back here live. again, calfire, again, confirming tonight that this fire was caused by a target shooter. now, law enforcement officials tell me that people are allowed to target shoot on their property in rural areas like mt. diablo, but if they do so recklessly, they can be held criminally, civilly and monetarily liable. we understand the investigation is still under way. reporting live at mt. diablo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> very good information. so this could be a criminal case. thank you, jodi. the problem of charred earth giving way to mudslides is very
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real. we saw what's happening in mt. diablo with that charred earth. this is exactly what's happening right now in colorado. hillsides blackened by fires there recently are giving away and washing into the town of boulder where the university of colorado is located. we'll show you more incredible pictures coming up at 6:30. now to nbc bay area follow-up. some firefighters who battled the mt. diablo fire are feeling the love days after they were ripped off. the fire crew assigned to walnut creek's fire station number 7 was hit by burglars while out fighting the fire earlier this week. tonight they are giving thanks to their community because piles of home-baked goodies and messages of love now decorate their kitchen. one resident even came by today to give the fire crew his ipad. >> we have had a steady stream of people coming here to the station from throughout the county. people calling from outside of the county offering their help,
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offering their support. >> owners of a san francisco jewelry store are offering to replace two wedding rings taken sunday night. a watch, a wallet, and an ipad are also missing. and a search is under way for those thieves. we have new details about the man who was found shot to death on the san jose state campus over the weekend. we have new clues that continue to come in. nbc bay area's damian trajillo has been tracking the case. >> reporter: the lawyer of craig uhara says he was trying to protect himself and his property when he fired the deadly shot. the search is on for a third man. the d.a. says drove the getaway car. he wore the jail guard of murder suspec suspects. 62-year-old craig uhara. >> we believe the defendant is guilty of involuntary manslaughter with the use of a firearm. >> reporter: court documents show daniel winslow and the friend were retrieving a stolen
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truck from uhara's property in the hills above los gatos. he reported a mysterious truck at his home the day before. winslow and the friend were trying to start the truck when uhara confronted them with a gun. court papers show the two men drove a getaway jeep toward uhara before speeding away. that's when the shot rang out. >> mr. uhara stated to the police, he was shooting to send a message to the driver not to return. >> reporter: hours later winslow's body was found inside the abandoned jeep at san jose state. the driver was gone. >> we'd like to talk to the driver. >> reporter: the d.a. doesn't believe uhara was trying to kill anyone. hence the manslaughter charge. >> i think it's a tragic situation for everybody involv d . i mean, obviously there's a person that's been killed. that my client, who's had a stellar record for 45 years, no prior criminal history
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whatsoev whatsoever, is now incarcerated. >> facing a maximum of 15 years in prison. uhara is out on $75,000 bail tonight. if convicted, he could also get as little as probation. we're live at the hall of justice, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a wide area of east san jose was locked down by sheriffs deputies and police today. officers chased down four suspects in a home invasion robbery. a fifth suspect is still at large. the sheriffs department launched emergency robo calls to residents warning them to lock their doors and stay inside their homes. >> i left the park, came back and they wouldn't let me back in. i was probably there for, like, 45 minutes before i left and they were blocking off the street. sheriffs coming through. fire department came through. >> this happened in the east san jose foothills. streets were re-opened this afternoon. we have headlines again about the bay bridge, but this time it's not about the new
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eastern span. the western span, live pictures now, which is 77 years old, has a new name. the mayor has the bridge. it's now officially the willie l. brown jr. bridge named after the former colorful mayor. it may not be for long. a lawsuit has already been filed. nbc bay area's stephanie trong is in san francisco this evening. stephanie, always entertaining with mayor brown. >> reporter: that's right, raj. we also spoke in addition to former mayor willie brown, we spoke to state senator jerry hill today. he said sacramento simply overstepped its bounds on this and that's why he was one of seven no votes to 26 yes votes. within just hours of that vote, one man who was here in san francisco had already filed that lawsuit. for nearly 40 years at le central restaurant -- >> all right. thank you. >> reporter: -- former san francisco mayor willie brown has had his own table. now he has his own bridge. >> you no longer can call me willie. >> reporter: sitting a few feet away from brown at lunch were
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two critics of the new name. >> nobody is going to -- >> it should have been no vote at all. it should not even have come up as a subject. >> reporter: they're not the only ones who feel that way. this afternoon a san francisco resident filed a lawsuit demanding a jury trial claiming lawmakers fast tracked the resolution without getting input from the people first. >> let the people decide. those who use the bridge. those who talk about the bridge. not the politicians. >> i think any decision on a naming of the bay bridge should reflect the input and the wishes and the thoughts of san francisco and the local community. >> reporter: the suit also alleges that state violated its own policy in naming facilities like a bridge. namely that it's supposed to be an honor giving posthumously. >> that's a stupid idea. you really ought to say thank you to people whom you think have done something. >> reporter: for brown it's a victory for the people. >> to have an african-american adorn any instrument in california for the first time in the history of this state, is
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unusually significant. >> reporter: but history is also what critics point out in arguiargue ing against the new name. >> i have nothing against mr. brown but i will definitely not call it -- i've been here 60 years now. it's going it be san francisco bay bridge. >> reporter: besides the lawsuit, there may be other hurdles in getting signs of mayor brown's name on this western span of the bridge. one is through governor brown who oversees caltrans. he could tell the agency not to put up the new signs with mayor brown's name on it. the governor publicly stated he was against this remaining. he wanted in to stay the san francisco oakland bay bridge as known for more than 75 years, but today his office would not comment. live in san francisco, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> stephanie, thank you. all this stuff about the willie brown bridge, will you call it the willie brown bridge or just the bay bridge? so far our online poll, see it, an overwehelming amount, 98%
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says, no, you will not call it the willie brown bridge. go to our website if you want to participate in this poll or tweet us f@nbc bay area. we'll have the final results coming up later in this newscast. richmond's plan to seize underwater mortgages is still moving forward for now. but some banks including wells fargo, deutsche bank and the bank of mellon filed a lawsuit to get an injunction against this plan. the city of richmond wants to use eminent domain and give them a chance to refinance. tvps t it's the first kind of its plan in the country. a judge said it was too early to file. however, the judge did say on monday he'll rule on whether or not to dismiss the injunction request or stay it until a later date. on the peninsula, the search is on if a shooter who opened fire on two teenage boys. a teenager who didn't want to
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show his face says it started when he and his brother were sitting on the front porch of his family's home in east palo alto last night. he says a newer silver model honda accord pulled up. a man got out of the car and opened fire. the bullets caught him in the inner thigh. his 17-year-old brother was also hit who's in the hospital, but is expected to survive. >> we were actually smoking a cigarette and then the car kind of stopped right there where you guys' truck is. as soon as we looked and said, who is that, we looked up and seen them, they started shooting at us. >> once again, he didn't want his identity revealed. bullet holes in the front of their home are new, family members say the shootings are not. they tell us this is the fourth shooting on their street which is fairington way, since may. still ahead at 6:00, you don't need 140 characters to spell this out. ipo. bay area company makes a major announcement on what else? twitter. and more money might be coming to your paycheck.
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the state moves closer to raising the minimum wage. plus catching a child predator. what the feds are doing to make it easier to keep criminals away from your children. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. much improved day for us here across most of the day. a live look at san jose. stellar afternoon. we'll talk more about a warming friday forecast and how hot we'll go in just a few minutes.
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starting today, join a team of federal investigators to help track down child predators. the department of homeland security launched a new app that makes it easy for you to keep an eye out for some of the nation's worst offenders. nbc bay area's marianne favro shows us how it works. >> reporter: have you seen this man? the former san francisco paramedic is wanted for possessing child pornography and is accused of sharing 700 images of child exploitation.
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he's one of the suspects you will see if you download u.s. homeland security investigation's new app which enlists public's help to catch the most wanted child predators in the nation. >> with the public's eyes, we know that they can help us a great deal locate these suspects and rescue, you know, children that have been abused. >> reporter: the app also shows pictures of suspects like this john doe who has not been identified. investigators want you to look closely at him and the room he's in and are hoping they'll get lots of new leads. >> the way this app helps in rescuing exploiting children is identifying the locations in which the abuse occurred. >> reporter: as a mom, dorine saba is always concerned about her daughter's safety. she applauds the new crime fighting tool and plans to download the app tonight. >> i'll download it and mainly just to try to help catch somebody that, you knows, shouldn't be on the street. >> reporter: app users can
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instantly send in anonymous tips or locations of suspects they've spotted. that realtime information gives investigators a much better chance at making arrests. and there's another big benefit. because smartphones are used worldwide, investigators hope the app will also be useful in tracking down suspects who have fled to other countries. putting the app in apprehend. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the biggest trending topic on twitter this afternoon was twitter, itself. specifically, the san francisco company's plans to go public. yes. ipo. it's the most anticipated tech ipo since facebook. and it was announced, fittingly, in a tweet. no word yet on the price of the stock or even a stock symbol. social media stocks have been hot lately led by linkedin, yelp and facebook. a bit of a milestone for yahoo! today. the sunnyvale-based company topped 30 bux a share for the first time in almost six years. bay area tech pioneer ray
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dolby has died. he changed the way we hear music and the movies. the his name stake company posted his tribute to him on their website today. dolby introduced noise reduction and brought videotape recording to the world. he founded company in san francisco that bears his names. dolby labs remains a leader in audio noise reduction and consumer electronics. ray dolby was 80 years old. when he talks, people listen. ronnie lott was speaking about concussions in sports. he was a keynote speaker on a symposium on sports law in santa clara university. he demonstrated a crack back tackle, he used quite often, which is illegal now because of the danger. early this month, you might recall the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to settle lawsuits with about 4,500 retired players who suffer brain injuries with dementia caused by their
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careers. >> there's a movement, this movement of change for our sport to understand that head injuries are not acceptable and that we have to find ways to enhance the way our kids are looked at in all sports. >> lott who lives in the south bay is the co-chair of the nfl's player safety advisory panel. to our continuing coverage of the america's cup. the defender of the cup, oracle team usa, made big changes to try and get a win under their sail. but no luck today. nbc bay area's lauren scott was there. >> reporter: all about the winds of change. in light wind on the bay to start, oracle team usa replacing tactician and bay area native john kostecki with british gold medalist ainslie. tactics not the issue in the race number six. picking up after tuesday's
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postponement. this was a battle of upwind tacks on leg three. emirates team new zealand continues to dominate. their boat simply stronger upwind en route to a 47-second victory. series race seven sees the kiwis getting a lead and extending it again upwind. the kiwis speeding away to a 6-negative 1 lead in the serious. america's cup is one with engineering, boat building then racing. for fans of the defender, it's hard to watch the race team disadvantaged upwind. >> we're going to fight all the way, go into every single race thinking we can win. we have to believe that. we're going to be pretty aggressive now and obviously push as hard as we can. look, we can win races. >> reporter: here's emirate team new zealand's tim barker. >> we were under no illusion, it's still a very hard road ahead. the good thing for us, we're very happy with the boat, very confident in the way it's going.
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it's giving us a lot of confidence for the weekend ahead. >> reporter: the america's cup could be captured by this sunday, with four races on the schedule for this coming weekend. the kiwis need only three more wins to take it home. with nbc bay area's coverage of the america's cup. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who was at the america's cup park just yesterday and is now on dry land with us. >> i know. i'm still slightly seasick. i don't know how those guys do it out there on those boats that can get up to speeds in the 50 mile per hour range. one of my friends today from new york city who is is here visiting with his company was lucky enough, i mean, super lucky to be on the water to see that action. you an see, i caught some of this. the emirate got right on by their boat. thanks so much, john, for sending in this faphoto. we appreciated it. the fog cleared briefly enough to give us a stronger wind for today. if we would have had the racing on yesterday, it would have been tougher on the seas. sky camera network.
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what you're going to be able to see tonight in fremont is mainly clear skies. a beautiful picture of the east bay hills. you can see in palo alto, the fog line is moving in right now at about 1,200 feet and is going to keep the fog at the immediate coastline for tonight and also for tomorrow. gorgeous shot right now. little bit of a fogstorm in downtown. now, as we look at those overall temperatures we can expect for our friday forecast, what you're going to note is the cloud cover we mentioned. not only at the coast but low clouds filtering in by the bay. temperatures in upper 50s and low 60s. we'll see patchically clou icay as well at 5:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. in the morning, quick clearing for the east and south bay. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. we'll keep the cloud cover pretty much at the coastline at this point with low 60s in the mix. airport delays will be likely if you're taking off on a flight for tomorrow. we're starting to see them stack up right now with some major delays. with anywhere from about 45 minutes to an hour and a half
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behind. also some key delays starting to come in at laguardia airport. and also atlanta. increasing delays and boston as well. so no matter where you're headed for tonight, expect a little bit of a headache there at the airport. on that three-day forecast, temperatures go up just a little bit more friday. as we head throughout saturday and sunday, those numbers start to cool on off. we're going to talk more about the super yacht regatta in the forecast for that coming up tomorrow in just a little bit. >> ever think we'd do a yacht forecast? >> that would be nice. >> it was nice being on one yesterday, too. i kind of pinched myself. >> living the high life. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. just ahead, fight on the farm that could end up in your wallet. is a price hike on the way for milk? a sticky situation is killing thousands of fish at a popular vacation destination. the spill that's creating an environmental crisis in hawaii. plus -- >> i'm scott budman with an app that can help protect your kids by tracking them.
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technology for safety's sake, coming up. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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dozens of s.w.a.t. teams are battling it out in the south bay to be named the best of the west. police and sheriffs departments from southern california and nevada joined bay area teams in san jose today to take part in the two-day competition. the teams are put through seven events that simulate real life emergencies. while it is a competition, the goal is to become better trained for real life emergencies. this was the 21st year that santa clara county's sheriffs department hosted this event. more dough for milk farmers. urging the california department of food and agriculture to pay food producers and processors more money. six of them today told a panel milk producers are devastated by milk prices that don't keep up with the high speed costs and other expenses. many are shutting down their farms. they want the department to raise the price of milk 68 cents for every 100 pounds of milk. still to come at 6:00, torrential rains devastating a popular college town.
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the deadly rush of rain consuming a colorado city. and our investigation prompts a new bill to regulate and track fracking in california. but does it go far enough? we'll hear from the critics coming up. we've been asking you online and during our 5:00 newscast, will you call the new western span of the bay bridge the willie brown bridge? so far our online poll, 98% say no. you won't call it the will we brown bridge. we're back in a moment. participate in our poll on our website, or tweet us @nbcbayarea.
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it's a hot button issue for many people. for the first time california law will now directly regulate and track the controversial practice of fracking. fracking is the controversial method used to extract oil. >> this follows our investigation last year that uncovered how widespread and unregulated fracking is in california. our investigative reporter first broke this story and joins us now with these new developments. >> called sb-4, senate bill 4. it's almost sure to become law. today in sacramento, that bill to directly regulate and track fracking passed what's called concurrence, meaning the language meets approval of both the state senate and the state assembly. critics say the law has huge holes in it already. then negotiations and compromise weakened the bill so much that it's worse than doing nothing at all.
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when you drive by an oil well, such as this one that's being fracked, it's hard to tell what's going on unless you're an expert and that critics of the current california regulation say is the problem. there has been no direct monitoring of regulation of fracking in california under the law. even though the practice has been going on here for five decades. >> we don't know exactly. >> so there are californians today who have fracking going on under the land that they live on and don't have a clue. >> correct. >> reporter: the technical term for fracking is hydraulic fractu fracturing, sending huge volumes of water, chemicals and sand und underground at extremely high pressures to extract oil from the rock below. that's why senate bill 4 was introduced this legislative session to track and regulate this practice. >> it will create


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