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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's friday, september 13th. that means -- first of all wish our jewish viewers a good fast when yom kippur begins at sundown tonight. a >> also, it is friday the 13th for those of you who have no faith in anything at all but are terrified of stuff. we hope we have a lucky and happy day. >> there goes a little black cat. >> i don't love ladders and black cats.
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i mean, i know they're supposed to be nothing but why chance it? why not go the other way? >> you know what hoda does when she sees a black cat or something? she does the rafael nadal thing. she picks a wedgie, then she pulls on her crotch, then she does this, this, this. >> what are you talking about? >> and that's the way the black cat doesn't get to her. >> there was one of those studies that people often conduct. this one's done and they wanted to know how attached people were to their internet, okay. and the question -- >> they didn't call me. >> if you were flying, would you rather have the internet or a seat that reclined? would you rather have the internet or a bathroom? would you rather have the internet or would you rather sit next to a crying baby? which of these -- >> there we go. i am the last person on the earth you should ask that question because i don't have -- i don't want the internet, period. what about you? >> i -- i like the internet on
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really long flights. you know what the funny thing about all this is, i have an ipad, right, and i used to read a lot. i would read books or read -- >> that's when you were with nbc news. >> but now because i have my ipad, i find myself watching tv. >> yes. >> i don't read anymore. i'm watching -- >> decline of civilization. >> everyone is -- because why -- i'm thinking, should read. i'm like, oh, my god, house of cards, why would i read? i think i stopped reading because of that whole situation. >> when i was flying out to california with cass, she had been trying to get me to see this one tv show. it's on another network so i won't mention it. mom, i'm telling you, if you watch ten minutes, you're going to be hooked. i was hooked. i saw it all the way. i only saw the first season but all the way. >> i think that's what's happening now. because all your mobile devices now allow you to see things everywhere. why bother reading? >> it's overrated any way.
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i know you guys are looking at this thing thinking, what is that? it's a new ad that i've been watching. frank and i have some hearing issues at our house. that is a new hearing aid. no, it isn't. there's a new hearing aid out and they say, "it's so discrete." it's a huge thing with a wire. nobody will notice it. bobbie's buzz is coming up. bobbie will show us the latest things. >> it's like ear jewelry, it's not like an earring? that would be good though if you had a blue tooth, you could have that and bling it out. >> what is blue tooth? >> blue tooth is the thing you talk in in your ear. >> so you don't have to -- i don't want that either. now the other thing i don't want is people talking on those phones. if they get the internet and allow cell phones on think planes. >> don't do that. >> sitting next to someone from new york to l.a. --
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>> privacy under your own blanket with your own ipad or whatever you've got. but don't make sounds. and don't -- don't make sound. okay. >> all right. stop it. >> and don't talk. don't yell out people's names. nothing like that. phillip golonas, the social cues in new york, taught us. >> so let's say you're at a dinner party with some friend, and you want to show a picture of your baby on your phone. someone says can i see your baby? >> i've been doing that a lot now because i've been taking pictures of bambino. >> when they hand it to you, some people go, what a cute picture. then they go like this. and they start scrolling. >> then they see your sexting and everything. >> i'm very, very guilty of that. because i fireded if someone handed me the phone, it's like a photo album, here are my pictures. >> it's to see one picture. >> i like to go through and go, ooh, who's that?
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i go what are you looking at? >> somebody wrote in and said, is it wrong to go through the pictures? it's a common issue. >> would you go through someone's photos? >> i don't know how to do all that stuff. if someone says, i'm going to show you a picture, i go, how adorable, that's it. but now i know not to do it. he said don't do it, it's really rude, but he understands why people do. >> who cares? ask r can we start that over again why does he know everything anyway? >> i don't know if he went to school for that but he's a sweet guy. >> so speaking of photos, this is one of those things that sometimes you feel like if you've ever been -- if you've ever been to a concert or a big event, if you look out into the audience or you're in the audience, everyone's got their phone up and they're videotaping and taking pictures of the actual event. >> which is illegal to begin with, isn't it? >> well, at the concerts here for instance, if you look at the crowd, nobody's just watching
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it. most people are -- >>er's everybody's missing the moment now, right, because they're videotaping. >> i do that. i videotape and i never look again at the tape. why did i shoot it? what was i thinking? >> you weren't thinking. >> i love them. i was like, this is the best thing, i better tape it for later. >> and you didn't? >> no, and while i was there, i was watching a beautiful concert that was right here through a tiny screen like this. like, i'm missing it. because it's all right there. and i'm looking at it through here. not great. >> it doesn't make any sense to me. i know that you guys are sick to death of me talking about that kind of stuff. i don't want to miss out. i am running out of time in my life, okay. you hit 60, you're aware of that. my gosh, i don't know how much time i have left. i don't want to look -- i don't want to be -- >> i know. >> i don't want a life like that. this woman charlene
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decided she was going to make a video about cell phones when she -- if you didn't have a cell phone and you attended a concert or did certain things, what would it be like, if you were like you, so this is about you. let's watch. >> okay. >> who knows -- i saw him pull out of the parking lot and turn right and the box is still stuck. >> i don't think it's real. >> yeah. >> it's true. >> it is true. >> the proposal. >> you see. >> i went to a dunkin' donuts the other day to get an iced tea with a friend. there's a group of kids sitting there.
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they are all sitting there and chatting and talking and every single one them looking at their phone. doing this. >> i'd like to know if fewer crimes are solved now because no one can see or hear anything. you know how many cute boys walk by when you have your face in your phone? what are you missing? hello. >> all right. >> this is not sexy to me. we're going to do instead? we are having troubles today. >> i should bring this up. before we get to any of your stuff, i felt badly because you said a couple of days ago, you've been repeating it, that someone has stolen your fanny pack, okay. >> that's right, my favorite fanny pack. not that one. not that one. >> that's one of them. >> that one, that's my favorite one. >> i love your expression. >> that was me in israel. >> we don't really have a fanny pack, but we do have -- look at the videotape -- >> don't videotape it. >> so these are the old-fashioned fanny packs. not the ones you like. >> thank you. >> i got you three of those. well, i didn't. now we have something that's
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even better. these are the new fanny packs. >> this is called a bandie? >> this is called a brandie. you put the bandie around your waist like this and you slide in here. your credit card and cash. and you have different ones. they're called bandis. it's not as clunky as one of these. >> i like the clunky one. but all right. i'm not that i'm not grateful. i call bandie wear. $22. >> it looks like it's underwear gone wrong. that's somebody -- >> jerry. >> that's jerry's. thank you, jerry. but they're -- >> i think it's cool. >> you like the other ones with more room to put your keys and things. >> that fanny pack, the one -- was chanel, 30 years ago. >> it's gone, kiss it good-bye. >> it went all over the world
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with me. you know, i was attached to it. >> i know, say good-bye. it's time for our johnson's baby of the week announcement. friday, and that means we're going to announce the babies. we celebrate new moms. adorable new additions to their family. >> our first johnson's baby is taliah margaret bostick. born july 26 in virginia. weighs six pounds three ounces. her parents say they didn't truly know what love was until they had children. i understand that. >> our next little baby is grayson lee hike. born august 15th in nebraska. his parents aren joying every second with him. mom says he wants to eat all the time. >> now rajet denise clark. born in indiana on july 19. she weighed 5 pounds, 13 ounces. her mom says her daughter absolutely loves to stick out her tongue. >> oh, so cute. finally, aaron michael felkins jr. this handsome little guy was
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born august 10th in tulsa, oklahoma. they say he looks just like daddy. >> daddy is very cute. if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our johnson's baby of the week, go to for details. all right, everybody. all right. what sleeping in separate beds can do to your marriage. we uncover. >> and bobby thomas is here with the buzz. first, these messages.
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it's time to talk about sleep. in the classic 1950s sitcom "i love lucy" ricky and lucy were famously known to sleeping in separate beds been that was due to television standards back then and it didn't always mean bliss for them. >> could it be healthy for your relationship? here to hopefully put the subject to rest so you can get some, dr. carol ash, the director of sleep medicine at meridian health and dr. jeff gardere. we were talking about the number couples that sleep in separate beds.
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according to one study, 40%. that seems high. >> does that mean separate rooms, like lucy and ricky, what? >> separate beds, separate rooms, it's actually a surprising number. i would agree with both of you. there's reasons why you may not be able to sleep in the same bed with someone. there's a different temperature ideal for each of us. menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy. >> snoring. >> a big one. >> and you might just be a light sleeper. you know, for people who want to sleep apart, it's okay. >> but we hear so much about the fact that there's a negative impact on your health. >> some of us don't get rest. >> how many years is this taking off my life? >> it definitely causes premature aging. it causes many diseases we hope and treat, cardiovascular disease, weight gain. there's also underlying issues and sleep disorders that you don't want to ignore. >> what could it do to a
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relationship? because kathie and i were talking about this. once you start something like that -- >> it's a statement. >> it is a statement. both of you agree on the separate beds or separate bedrooms, then it works out. if it's only one of you who wants to do it, then of course you're going to have a partner who's upset about it. and i believe it really does build that wedge in the relationship. and it makes it much more at risk for more issues that may eventually end up in a break-up. >> then you haven't dealt with the problem. but yet you've established a precedent. >> exactly. we see if it's only one person wants to do it, usually there's some sort of an emotional conflict in the relationship and it becomes, you know, avoidance. >> one person doesn't have any trouble sleeping. they're like, i'm fine. and the other person is the one who doesn't get any rest. i guess you have to weigh what's worse, not sleeping or harming your relationship. >> the problem is, you don't want to fall asleep on the relationship.
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and that's the problem because if it's about your own selfish need to get sleep and you're not really attending to the needs of the partner, then that could be a real issue. >> well, you brought a couple of items here that might solve some of the problems. >> these are some simple things you can use if you decide i don't want to sleep apart but there's still that restlessness. this is called night wave. it emits a blue light, a pulse, on the wall that you synchronize your breathing too. it helps you relax. >> think about it like counting sheep. regulating your breathing and your rhythm. >> oh, wow, okay. >> it's like glow to sleep mask. there's little lights inside the mask you can focus on and that helps eliminate the worry and the intrusive thoughts. >> it's not soft. >> on the inside, it's tough, i
2:23 am
would agree with you. >> i like to sleep on my side. >> they'd be -- i don't know that that would look -- >> it really does work, but the other thing you see with that, it allows you to increase melatonin, production of melatonin, which makes you much more tired and allowed you to sleep. >> naturally. >> the last couple of things? >> if your temperature is an issue, this pillow is a cooler fabric and it also has greater aeration so it will keep the temperature cool and the pillow sonic speaker blocks out noise that you might have problems with if you're a light sleeper. >> thank you very much. >> the problem goes on and on. all right. reasons mommy drinks. we're going to give you a few. we're going to take a humorous look at being a new parent. bobbie thompson is here with the latestest buzz on accessories for fall. back after this. blach
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a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ i am a material girl we're back. it's time for our girl bobbie and bobbie's buzz. time to update your accessories for the season. >> i wanted to have some fun and show people fashion forward updates. i walked into bcbgs, 25th anniversary. had so much fun. this hat with the little cat ears. i love this. >> like hello kitty. >> and you were modeling the ear cuff which if you don't know this, all the trend setters are
2:28 am
loving everything from animal ears to these great ornate ear cuffs. i like the fringe accent like you have on this bracelet. this is fun. if you're going to pick one thing to update this season, we've all done the statement necklace, but go with maybe a chandelier earring. something that's just bold. >> one or two? >> well, two, to match -- >> i don't know. >> one ear cuff is enough. unless you want to do like angel wings or devils. >> the little kitty cat thing again. >> yeah, but here. this is what's everywhere. i'm just the reporter. i'm telling you, i'm just the messenger. whether you like it or not. it's backwards. >> that's my problem, i am not a cute human being. >> the next one, you may want to know about the flared gusset trend. you're probably seeing this shape everywhere been this is sort of my devil wears prada moment like where did this loose sweater come from? right now, you're really going to see this shape everywhere. but what's good about it is you can fit your laptop in. you can get -- it gives you more room. these are all -- these start at
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$35. last but not least, don't laugh, but this delivery at your door from this is a brand-new website -- well, not brand-new, it's been out for a few years. they've amassed 200 million social media followers. and a brand-new collection i am personally obsessed with their shoe cult collection. look at this. >> cute. >> bringing out his wild animals after your local news. we're back with today's call
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we're back with today's call of the wild and all kinds of animals. >> raccoons that can attack to their cousins the kikaju. naturalist david, now we're a naturalist, has a party just
2:32 am
waiting for us. >> you notice that david's getting gray around the temples? >> thanks for calling attention to it. >> at least it's not him that stinks. >> the first animal we're bringing out, you're going to think this is the animal that smells but it's not. it's a baby warthog. >> oh, my gosh. >> let's see if we can get her to feed. >> that's like the one on "the lion king." >> how old is that baby? >> just let her do her thing. >> violet? >> violet is her name. she's only a few months old. she can get to be a couple hundred pounds. adorable. she's just going to come and sniff around. >> you don't need to be afraid of them? >> no, she's just exploring this area. she's obviously never been here before. warthogs, these guys live in africa. they're superadapted for arid environments. they drink almost no water. >> he looks like he could be prey for everything. >> lions, leopards.
2:33 am
>> aw. >> bottom of the food chain. >> look how he's on his knees. >> that's how they move around. she's going after. why don't we bring out our next animal. >> these are raccoons, right? >> these are two baby raccoons, orphans. we're going to feed them a little bit of a treat. fruit loops. >> they can get in anybody's trash can. >> as you mentioned, raccoons, even though they're cute, they live all around us, they are wild animals. you never want to try to make them a pet. that goes for any of these animals. >> well, they're nocturnal, aren't they? >> they are generally nocturnal. in urban areas, oftentimes you'll see these guys coming out to take advantage of garbage and human food. >> they're running out of fruit loops. >> just because you see these guys in the day time does not mean they're rabid but you never want to approach any wild animal. these are our favorite because ranger rick is our mascot.
2:34 am
>> they are very cute. let's bring out the next animal here. >> whoa, they were fighting other the last fruit loop. >> this guy is -- >> it is a mere a meerakat. >> it's a kikaju. you can pat her on the back if you want. it's very soft. it's actually kind of waterproofed. these guys live in central and south america and rain forests. i'm going to turn her around here. >> she's looking. >> no, she wants -- >> well, they're used to -- >> what does that mean? >> she's really clinging on the back of my shirt there. check out the tail. the tail is prehensile. it means they can actually -- >> hang from it. >> they tuesday as a fist. these guys eat fruit and nectar. they have a really long tongue. >> he likes the way you're smelling. >> speaking of smelling. speaking of smelling, we will
2:35 am
take out the smelly animal now. >> this is the otter. >> this is the north american river otter. >> i cannot tell you how bad this thing smells. >> they kind of reek a little bit because they're related to weasels and skunks. >> they're related to skunks? >> all the animals in that family has scent glands and they use them to communicate with others of their species. beautiful, beautiful animals. >> honestly. >> also a baby. >> they've got waterproof fur. you can see how awesome this is. these guys live in rivers and streams all throughout north america. they were once really almost wiped out. because we protected then, they're starting to come back. and not an animal you would see very regularly, but an important one out there in the ecosystem. >> its own ecosystem, yes. >> now, this one is kind of special. i'm going to let one of you guys hold this out in the air. hold your arm out like that, kathie lee. whoops. so anyway, this is a white necked craven. he was supposed to take your dollar bill but instead he's
2:36 am
eating a cookie. great example of how smart these animalings are. >> very smart. i'll take my dollar back. >> he knows that's not edible. >> here he comes. >> let's see if he'll do it. >> no, he's not going to. he knows the cookie's edible and the dollar bill isn't. >> why would you he come to get the dollar bill if he is that smart. he can't spend a dollar bill, you know. >> he's going to go for it. i can feel it. no, no. >> there we go. let's see if he'll do it now or not. >> there's food everywhere. there we go. >> all right, all right. >> wow. >> anyway, raven, super smart bird. this guy's native to africa. very similar to our north american raven. not quite as big. >> ravens get bad press, don't they? ever since edgar allan poe. and j. edgar hoover. he didn't like them either. >> david, thank you.
2:37 am
>> all right, honey. mercy laugh. >> a cute look at being a new parent. reasons mommy drinks. right after this. >> thank you, dave.
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we're back on friday with "today." >> in their new book, "reasons mommy drinks," they help moms
2:42 am
survive the baby years with a sense of humor. hi, ladies. you've been friends a long, long time. and got -- were you in each other's weddings or something like that or just friends forever and had your baby sons just a couple months apart? pregnant together through the whole thing. so you do bond with people. challenges too, didn't you? >> absolutely. we are so lucky we had each other. you have this beautiful baby, you love this baby so much, but you're like, what do i do with this baby? is this normal? >> how many children do you now have? >> one. >> just the one. >> it gets easier. >> it does? no one told us that. >> we like the book because you illustrate -- you punctuate your book with the drinks that go with it. >> these are nonalcoholic ones. a lot of mothers are nursing and you have to be careful with that. >> cocktail that goes along with each, right? >> right.
2:43 am
>> what have you brought us? >> well, we can start with the baby belly. >> the beleni. >> want to try that? >> tell us about this. how did this drink come about? >> all the entries are based on a truth. we follow the chronological to, from the baby shower to the first year. this one, for instance, is based on prenatal. >> that's significant. >> it could be -- >> i have something called the safe traveler. tell us about this one. >> that is the drink that a accompanies the car seat entry. every mom knows it can be a real challenge to get your baby in the car sleep and also sleeping in the car seat. you want to do the 12-hour road trip and the baby's sleeping. >> my child hated the car seat. total disaster. battle every time.
2:44 am
getting them in. but not getting them out. that's the good news. >> i just would crank the mix and hope for the best. >> it's a fun concept but i can imagine some people would have some issues. >> it's been overwhelmingly positive. people get the joke behind the title. and, you know, understand mostly we're talking about coffee because every mom needs her three cups a day. yeah, it's been really, really positive. people feel like -- people have said -- get inside my head, how do you know exactly what i'm thinking? very insightful and humorous. it's meant to be fun. >> there are a lot of books before you have a baby, here's all the bad things that can happen. >> right, so our book is really the humorous side and our message is don't worry, you'll get through it, and it's actually, you'll come out laughing on the other end. >> like the confetti cocktail, is that like the last one? >> this is in honor of your first birthday.
2:45 am
>> aw. >> which we've seen women now -- we comb the pinterest boards. it's sort of like a marathon of who can outdo each other. >> the child doesn't even know what's going on. who are you try to impress? >> it's about that one photo, the cake smash. >> thanks, ladies. good luck with the book. >> thank you. >> got some music playing. how to bring paris to your dinner table. right after this. [ female announcer ] you've got finding time for what matters,
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down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's.
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it is time for today's kitchen what's cooking. if you haven't made it to paris, you can bring the city of lights to you by making a simple inexpensive meal you could find in an authentic french bistro. we have a french feel going on here. >> in the kitchen is chef jacques of the legendary restaurant in northern virginia. we love it when you come.
2:50 am
>> bonjour! >> you know what the good news is, it's this time in paris, so -- >> chef, it's actually the city of light, not lights, right? it's called the city of light. >> i'll show you how to make these. they're popping up all over the place. one of the main stays is mussels. so we make sure we have nice clean mussels. make sure we have -- scrape off any barnacles. these are rope mussels which are usually cleaner. you want to be careful you don't use them if they're open a little bit or they're unusually heavy because that means there's internal grit. butter, shallots, white wine, parsley. >> garlic, right? >> not when you're being coup cooking them the first time
2:51 am
around. boil it three or four minutes until the musle ises just open up. then i will show you how to make the escargot. then i'm going to show you how to make this. we're going to take two sticks of butter. that's enough for two people, isn't it? one for each. so we're going to put a little tabasco, worst shire, lemon, shallots, garlic, fenle and parsley. we mix that up into our softened butter. we've made a little ahead here to keep things moving. we've seen the mussels, we've cooled them. then we're going to put the mussels right on there. this is great because you can make them ahead of time until your guests come. all you need to do is just melt the butter over the mussels and you have your wonderful mussel dish. it's great.
2:52 am
>> is that what we're eating here? it looks so different. >> oh, my gosh, it's delicious. >> you put your butter on top. voila, into the oven. it's delicious. >> how long do you cook them? >> just two or three minutes or maybe 30 seconds under the broiler, just so it melts. our next dish, classic dish. >> bring that over. >> and the good news is we're going to switch. >> chef, thank you. >> wonderful to be with you again. >> delicious. >> the french accent, i'm sorry, it's only for the paying customers. >> here, you want to try this? >> no. >> for dessert. a fruit salad with ginger. delicious. >> unbelievable. what time do you open for dinner? >> today, 5:00. >> there you go. >> thank you. come and see us in washington. >> this is delicious. >> you should take your mom there.
2:53 am
you should take your mom and i should take my mom, my sister and everybody, all of our family in washington, d.c. we should definitely. >> my french accent, i promise. >> all right, do you -- what do you keep in your purse, people? we're about to find out. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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2:57 am
a dog may be a man's best friend but you hardly ever see a woman without her purse. >> these days, if you're headed to a professional football game, chances are you're going to have to leave home without it. >> what will you take with you? >> maybe we should start with -- what do you have in there? we took to streets to find out. >> a woman's purse is sacred. fanny packs included. a place where one can keep important items such as brushes. hairspray. workout gear. now there's this new stadium laws that say people with purses must limit the items they carry on them.
2:58 am
here's my question, if you were only allowed a couple of items in your purse, what would they be? if you had only four items in your purse, what would it be. >> wallet. >> bottle of gin. >> my glasses. >> why is that funny? what else is in your purse? pull one thing out you think is crazy. your purse looks like the hometown buffet. this is like you keep secrets in here? >> sure. >> keys, very important. a saturn. let's unlock it. is that hand sanitizer? >> mike and ike. >> gum. she's like a cvs. this doesn't lack like a charger. >> i got it and found out it was a charger. >> you have an entire sandwich. you never know when you need a bite or something more. refrigerator magnet of the jersey shore? why? you have a flip phone. i didn't know they still existed. after today, i realized a woman's purse is truly a sacred item filled with makeup, perfume and most random things ever.
2:59 am
>> so what is the craziest thing -- first of all, is this a purse? >> i spilled something in it so i've been using that. >> what's the craziest thing i'm going to find? this is unbelievable. >> that's my wallet. look at that. my wallet. >> you've got a very heavy book. dirty. >> no. leapt's look in yours. i just want you to look in her bag because no one has a better bag than you. sunglasses. neatly. wallet, how convenient. checkbook. oh, my god, who does this? you have gum. >> next week, we have performances by james blount, five for fighting and country music artist billy kurding. >> and real housewives melissa gorga.
3:00 am
have a great weekend everybody, okay, bye. hoda, that's not even a purse. here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause]


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