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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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we have the victim. we're enroute. 911 tapes reveal a chaotic response to the deadly navy yard shooting in washington, d.c.. >> just into our newsroom, one day after the horrific shooting in washington, new information is emerging about the shooter, the victims and how this tragedy unfolded. we now have the 911 calls. >> we have a report on the fourth floor, a male with a
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shotgun, multiple shots fired. multiple people down, we're still waiting for the scene to be secured. we have an active shooter. >> the rampage ended with the shooter and 12 others dead. we also have new details about one of the victims he has local ties. michael arnold attended stanford's school of business in 2007. he was a navy veteran and avid pilot. his mother remembers him as a loving son, husband and father about. >> it's not real. it's not possible. it's not possible that they shot him for no reason. he loved his country, he loved the navy. he loved flying. he was just a happy burn. >> arnold's mother says he was building his own small plane and planned to fly it from his home in virginia to his family home
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in michigan before his 60th birthday which would be next year. >> we're learning new details about the gunman. he called rhode island police from his hotel room, he told them he was being followed and he was hearing voices. he believed people were keeping him awake by sending vibrations through the walls. at the time he told police he was a navy contractor. police did file a report after the incident. even so, he was able to keep his security clearance. the government is investigating on how well the navy screens its workers. today the nation's capitol paused to remember the 12 victims, the defense secretary led an emotional wreath laying ceremony, moments of silence were observed in congress and before the washington nationals
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baseball game. our coverage of the story continues on line. you'll be able to find on our website, a photo gallery and text messages sent out during these tense moments after the shooting started. that's at nbc bay new tonight at 11:00, palo alto police say the driver who backed into a man in east palo alto should have done the right thing and stopped. she had no way of knowing the man she hit was a reverend, she should have seen that he's blind. the accident happened around 8:00 last night, the woman was backing her car into the reverend as he walked in the area of myrtle and spar row. cops are investigating this as a misdemeanor hit and run? >> yes, they are and they're asking for the community's help in solving this crime. the rev ranned is shaken and scared but he still managed to make it down here to his new sweet home church to talk to the congregation and ask for god's help.
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♪ >> the reverend is hoping for god's guidance tonight as he leads the congregation at the new sweet home church in east palo alto. he's also hoping for an apology from the driver of the car that backed into him last night. it happened about 8:00. led by a guide dog, he was a block from home walking to starbucks to meet his wife. >> i yelled at her, you hit me. slammed on her drunk with my fists. >> he knows the driver was a woman because he heard her voice clearly. >> she's asking me, was i okay? and she said, let me move forward. >> instead, she made a u-turn and did not stop again. >> i heard her pick her speed up and swerve around me and go out of the cul-de-sac. >> reporter: he was not physically injured, but the accident has changed him. >> very fearful now to walk with my dog up and down the streets
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of east palo alto. >> members of his congregation are praying for the driver to come forward. >> that's not good. >> they need to be more aware of people, especially a blind person. if you see a blind dog, that should mean something. >> police are asking for the public to give back to a man who has given so much to the community. >> well known in the community. this is the time for the community to step up for the reverend and let us know who did this. >> investigators say there are surveillance cameras in places in that area. but what they've seen so far has been no help. live in east palo alto, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> to the east bay, another child caught in the middle of an oakland shooting, the child was not shot, but was hurt by broken glass. the shooting happened just before 5:00 this evening. the intersection of east 17th street and 27th avenue. this is near the fruit veil bart
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station. police say two people started shooting at each other, no one was injured except for that child. no word yet on any arrests. unemployed and out of luck. a computer glitch is tieing up state unemployment payments for thousands of californians. the state is asking for patience. this is a message that was posted on california's employment website. some people haven't received their unemployment checks since labor day. jeanne ellie joins us with the details. jeanne? >> raj, the employment development department doesn't mail checks any more, it deposits funds right into the unemployed's bank account. thousands of californians are checking their bank accounts and finding the funds they're waiting for are still not there. this problem is making already hectic offices even more busy. the agency says a new computer system is to blame. the system was rolled out over labor day. since then, a glitch is snarling
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claims processing, and the problem is delaying the payments of state and employment benefits to thousands of californians. >> this is very frustrating, it's frustrating for us as well. this is not what we want for our customers. but we are doing everything. everything we possibly can to catch up with these people. >> on the facebook page, frustration is turning to anger. people say the agency's phone lines are overloaded, so not only are funds missing, but so is information and answers. some say their bills are late, others are concerned about being evi evicted. the edd has a total of 800,000 claims. 50,000 have been delayed since the beginning of the month. it says so far it has resolved 15,000 of those claims, it still has a long way to go. many of them have to be processed by hand to fix this problem. tonight the edd is not saying when it expects to have all of these claims resolved. and the funds in bank accounts.
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we will be continuing to monitor this story. reporting live in lafayette, jeanne ellie, nbc bay area news. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. more little girls, more charges. we're talking about the story of the 20-year-old ymca day care worker accused of molesting children. nicholas appeared again in a morgan hill courtroom to face new charges, he's accused of molesting four young girls, one of them just three. prosecutors say all victims attended the ymca day care in morgan hill. two of the assaults happened on one day. former day care worker could face life in prison if convicted on all charges. convicted of taking four lives, now, joseph maso could lose his own. the jury recommended the death sentence for the 79-year-old. last month, he was found guilty of killing four northern california women. their families say the jury did
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the right thing. >> he took something away from me that i'll never get back. i'll never have back. i'll never have her back, but i'm glad justice is served and we can put this to rest now, after 35 years. >> a superior court judge will have the final say. the final sentencing is scheduled for friday morning. one police department hopes a new tool will erase any doubt. its uniforms now include body cameras, nbc bay area's george kiriyama joins us in menlo park with the look. george? >> menlo park police officers have been using digital audio recorders for some time now. they'll be replacing them with video cameras. here's what one looks like. you turn it on with a swipe of your hand. and the body cams will be used to record every single contact with people, now the camera's video will upload to a terminal in the car and then from there
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to a server back at the police station. and the officer's are a few months away from wearing the cameras at the computer system back at the police station needs to be upgraded. they're looking forward to using them. >> whether it's a criminal event or we need it to -- use it for evidence or if it is an internal affairs investigation, or some complaint where someone has accused an officer of some misconduct, we can use this to investigate those complaints. >> and just to let you know, menlo park police say there's no requirement to let people know they are being recorded. also they are joining san jose and oakland in using this technology. we need them to work, and when they don't work, have you to ask yourself why they're not working. >> passengers struggling to get off asiana flight 214. straight ahead, we investigate just how often flights fail.
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dramatic video as neighbors scramble to rescue a man from a burning apartment. and a starbucks switch. what starbucks is now asking customers to leave at home. a celebrity search most likely to crash your computer.
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starbucks taking a position in the national gun debate. gun s no longer welcome at starbucks. shultz didn't issue an outright ban on the guns, but he's
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request i requesting people no longer bring guns into the stores or the area. the images were terrifying, hundreds of passengers struggling to get off a burning plane on the sfo runway. >> because the slide failed to deploy. >> this is not a new problem, the u.s. government is well aware of these slides. elise kirschner has more. >> when you get on a plane, you expect the slides to work, but the asiana crash proved that doesn't always happen. we discovered a history of problems with flying. and regulators issued a safety alert for the same model that crashed at sfo just months before the accident. >> it took me two moments to get back to the plane. >> the same kind of plane. same runway. same route. >> they're surreal. i think picking up was easy.
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coming back was harder. >> ben just landed at san francisco international airport after a business trip in south korea. >> certainly we'll never be the same flying i'm sure. >> it's the first time he's flown since asiana flight 214 crashed in july killing three passengers. levee was one of the last to exit the boeing 727. >> you just feel like he missed the runway. >> we're so lucky that we were able to exit so fast. >> it is unknown at this time why the slides inflated inside the aircraft. >> according to the ntsb, two evacuation slides on the right side of the plane deployed inside of the cabin, pinning two flight attendants to the floor. only two slides on the left side
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of the plane deployed correctly. >> you need them to work. >> it's been a concern, it's been on the docket, studied by the ntsb and faa since 1968. >> slides have been a problem for years. >> in 1999 the ntsb found that emergency evacuation systems often do not operate as intended. a slide fully inflated inside the cabin of a boeing 737 blocking two exits. in another report, the board found that slides failed more than 30% of the time. even back then, investigators told the faa, evacuations could be improved with veteran inspections. >> in 2000, the faa responded saying they felt they had enough regulations in place to make it safe already. >> airlines have continued to report problems with evacuation
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slides. nasa has received more than 100 anonymous complaints in the last seven years. most of the malfunctions operator error. the investigative unit also obtained this faa database, from 2007 through 2012, air carriers reported more than 3300 service difficulty reports about slides, because of those reports, the faa has issued enforcement regulations commonly known as air worthiness directive. one was handed down just months before asiana flight 214 landed here at sfo. on may 3rd, this air worthiness directi directive. the concern, corrosion with preventing the slides from deploying. the faa warned if left unaddressed it could cause delay and injury during evacuation.
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an e-mail to the investigative unit, boeing wrote that it made recommendations to all impacted carriers in june, 2011. and sent a service bulletin to all operators worldwide. >> it would be up to the civilian authorities in south korea to implement the air worthiness directive. >> todd curtis is a former boeing engineer. >> the faa has no jurisdiction over aircraft that are not registered in the united states. >> the civil aviation authority is responsible for ensuring carriers abide by the terms of the ad. calls to the authorities by the investigative unit were never returned. curtis says on one hand he'd like to think all evacuation systems will work as designed. >> on the other hand, there's enough redundancy in the 777 where a 30% failure rate wouldn't be enough to keep the slides from deploying in a way to get everyone off safely.
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>> i remember a family, husband and wife holding their kid in their arms, and falling off. >> with no slide, ben levee helped fellow passengers climb over pieces of debris to escape. >> to me, you look at the result, you're like, everyone's out alive. it's incredible. should things have worked? yes, they should have worked. >> it's unclear if that air worthiness directive would have made a difference in the accident or if asiana already fixed the problem. they never returned our calls or e-mails. registered boeing 777 have three and a half years to comply with that a.d. the faa would have given a tighter deadline if there was any immediate danger for passengers if you would like more information on that directive, go to our website. if you would like to send us a tip, give us a call at
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888-996-tips or let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. it's going to be a little hot? >> yes, a little hotter for tomorrow, and that's right. not only possible showers as you can see in the banner coming our way, cooler air that will eventually drop our temperatures some 10 to 20 degrees, for wednesday, you will probably be happy to hear that the weather's going to be getting better than what we experienced for today. we'll have clear skies in the upper 50s and 60s. everyone expected sunny skies from the coast. a warmer day on tap with mid-80s expected from san jose right on up to pleasanton and livermore. you can see in san jose, it's clear, currently 61 degrees, and get this, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour over night, will give us a slight windchill in the low 50s. yes, it's not near the freezing mark, for us, it's a little bit of brisk weather as we start off tomorrow morning, you're going to want to make sure to have
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that light jacket especially for the kids in the morning. off toward emeriville, it's fog free. let's get a look at numbers for tomorrow. we're going to be warming up everywhere, about three to five degrees in the south bay. 83 is not too hot, is it? 82 in palo alto, mid-80s down for the south bay. the east bay going up nearly 7 degrees from today's highs, but we're going to stay at the 90 degree category at least for wednesday. 85 in walnut creek. 83 in pleasanton. step closer to the bay, upper 70s for the castro valley, 76 in heyward. san francisco even getting in on warming right here with 70 along with richmond, berkeley and oakland. we'll see these 70s at least for this time of the year, as we get a wind moving out of the north for tomorrow. that's going to help those numbers warm up. let's look at this wind, for wednesday morning, what you want to focus in on on this particular map is the colors. you can see the yellows across
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the bay area. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour, by the afternoon, watch those areas of orange pop up right near the coastline, that correlates with winds that could gust as high as 30 miles per hour. it will be gusty, if you suffer from allergies, that could be an issue for you tomorrow. the america's cup may have more problems out on the water. they had that race postponed for today. in terms of showers, best shot of that is saturday morning, right up into the north bay, maybe for the east bay. you can see the south bay right now, not expecting anything at this point. we're going to continue to follow this, forecast models having a tough time on this on saturday. overall, do expect those larger changes by saturday. temperatures cooling off into the upper 70s with a slight chance of showers. as we head throughout sunday starts to warm up a little bit, as fall begins and by monday and tuesday, we'll have low 80s coming on back with nice crisp fall air. it's almost here you guys, the holidays. >> oh, my goodness. that was a great leap forward. >> i know, i'm -- when i see
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rain, i can't help it. >> get your christmas list shopping done now. >> thanks. just ahead, food allergies can be dangerous, but expensive, how much they're costing your family in a moment.
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most of us realize that raising kids is expensive, it really adds up for parents with kids with food allergies. children's food allergies cost the nation nearly $25 billion a year. that breaks down to more than $4,000 per child per year. and for parents of kids with allergies, they're paying out about $931 out of their own pockets to cover the things like medical bills. specialized food. common allergies are peanut, milk and shoe fish. lily collins, if you don't know who she is, don't google her, she could crash your computer.
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she's the most dangerous celebrity to search for. she could bring spyware, malware to your computer. we have another sewage problem at the a's game tonight. that was before the dramatic ninth inning finish. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we enjoy that theme music, ahmed fareed joins us from the newsroom. >> tell us about the potty problem. >> we'll talk about that. the a's hosted the angels tonight for the second time this season, a sewage problem broke out at the coliseum. this time it was in the dugout, they were able to clean it up before the end of the game. this comes on the heels of some interesting remarks from lou
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wolf. check this out, wolf told usa today there's something wrong here. you would think that with our lead, people would want to come out, count down the magic numbers and all that stuff, you would think this time of year, where the teams are in the standings, where every game means something, people would come out, it's depressing, i expected the crowds to be huge this week, it would be nice if people didn't wait until the playoffs to show up. interesting, don't often hear the owner call out the fans like that, the fans like this as well as the owner, bottom ninth, tied 1-1. josh donaldson, hero again, signalling to center, right center. donaldson's third walkoff this year. a's with their eighth walkoff win of the year, they win 2-1. how about the giants taking on the mets, top 7, tied 4-4. angel pagan leading off. this one deep. the former mets feeling comfortable at city field. the fourth home run of the year. 6-4 giants.
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pagan triples off the wall in right. tony abreu scores. 3 for 3. double shot of the cycle, he walked a couple times, giants win 8-5. angel pagan was hurt a lot of the year. that's it for sports. more news after this. >> glad to hear he's healthy. >> thanks, ahmed. we're back in a moment. mom?
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this is some incredible video, dramatic rescue five floors up. the fire forced a man to climb out on to a window ledge, from there he had nowhere to go. you see him there. neighbors heard him screaming. they stretched a ladder between the window sill and a fire escape, and as you see they gingerly walked to safety there. the rescued man is in serious,
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but stable condition. >> the man who rescued him says he's not a hero. >> i don't think we believe him. that is heroic actions. >> we hope to see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye, have a good night. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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