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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> you made it, everybody. it's been a long and trying week, but it's still try day friday, september 20th. fall officially begins in just two days. wow. >> it's also big because we are teeing up and getting ready and preparing for a huge concert on monday. our girl cher is going to be singing right outside. not only is she -- ♪ if i could turn back time ♪ if i could find a way
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♪ i'd take back >> i love cher, she's awesome. i like just her whole persona. she doesn't give -- >> a rip. >> she's not only going to sing on the plaza, she's going to sit with you and me. >> i love it. >> which rarely we get the superstars. we're getting her on monday, and we're excited. >> you know what, i didn't know this until reading the notes, but she is the only artist to have a number one single over the course of six decades. which is 60 years, you guys. she sold more than 100 million albums. landing her on the list for the 50 best selling artists of all time. she's such a risk taker. she's always had an amazing sense of style and just an originality. >> look at her skin. we'll ask her. what is she doing? >> we'll ask her.
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>> what's everybody's favorite cher song? we'd love to hear from you guys. >> we didn't want to pick a sonny and cher song. we wanted it to just be a cher song. so "turn back time" or one of those. maybe we'll go to the orange room -- >> even though nobody's there. they'll let us know via jerry. >> i want to live in the orange room. >> i think what we need to do, when it's our show and carson has gotten on a plane and gone back to los angeles, i think we just move the bar there and let that be our orange room which is sort of a green room but with our guests sitting there having a libation. >> they'll see the show from there. >> it will be people that we know as opposed to those minions in there all the time. >> who are those people? >> i don't know.
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they're gone now. >> in honor of try day friday, we are having prohibition bakery cupcakes. they're alcohol filled desserts. we don't want children to eat these. but the company is founded by brooks sim and longtime bartender lesley fineburg. we're going to sample these. these are pretzels and beer. i'm guessing pretzels and beer is this one. >> the pretzel on top. >> and the beer inside. >> how is it possible? >> just give it a shot. >> you try. i might try the other one. >> i got to flatten it down. your mouth is so much bigger than mine. $20 for a dozen. >> wow. >> let's see how good they are. that's good. it's the sweet and salty. you can go to prohibition >> you're not trying any of them? >> i'm not, but they look delicious. >> hoda has gastronomical issues if bad things happen.
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>> sometimes when i sit here, i wish i had a thought bubble pop up. >> anyway, so have you ever gone to a bar and -- have you ever gone to a bar and you're waiting for the bartender to serve you and you're standing there and you're trying to make eye contact and you're waving. >> you're trying to be polite but you'd like to be served. >> it's crowded and noisy, very busy. what should you do to capture the bartender's attention? some german researchers decided to study that problem and they wanted to see what worked the best. some people have tried waving or eye contact or snapping and whistling. the two things frank likes to do. drives people crazy. they don't like that. it is rude. >> who snaps anymore? >> frank snaps. frank whistles. frank does a woo hoo. that's how badly frank wants served. he doesn't do it -- he doesn't think it's offensive. he has no idea.
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it's offensive. when he does it to me, it's offensive! but he whistles really well. >> the bartender's busy. also have your wallet handy, like i hey, i've got money. >> that works the most apparently. >> well, no -- >> flash the cash. >> no, this is the thing that works the best is just standing there and staring at him until he looks at you. >> that's what the germans said. our italian hair dresser who was a bartender at the beach in jersey shore for ten years, she's the one i'm listening to, and she said stand there with a wad of cash and you're over there. >> think about it. i'm distracted, i'm sorry. kate cook is in our orange room. kate is one of our producers. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you, thank you. >> what is she doing? she's like adele. is this on purpose? wow. what is going on? why are you lurking in the orange room? >> she must be in a segment upcoming. >> here's the thing with our new
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set, we love it and it's really exciting and everything but there's no place to hide. >> yes, no place at all. >> no place anywhere to hide. >> thank you, kate. >> she's in a new segment coming up. >> you look spectacular. make a little more effort every day, kate, i mean, really. all right. so we have -- this is something we want to know if you like it or don't like it. there's a new trend called pedicure heel. these are some new shoes we're showing you. do you think they're fashion forward or ridiculous? >> they're worn by princess caroline of monaco who is usually a very fashion forward lady. whoa, whoa. >> that's weird. >> i'm sorry, that's -- i think that does go up there with the ugliest shoes i've ever seen in my entire life. >> can we see it up close again? >> that's just no excuse for not going and getting a pedicure. i've got a couple of broken toenails, i'll just wear my shoes.
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>> are those pricey? >> celine's very expensive. i don't think we need to know what you all think of this. a great question in this week's "new york times" social cues column. >> it was about friends and boyfriends. here's the question. you are boo-hooing because your boyfriend and you have broken up and you are confiding in a friend and talking about it. this friend says, you know what, i never liked him. he was a loser, he was terrible. >> they never said it at the time when they were together. >> lo and behold, the girl gets back together with the boyfriend. now the friend's secret feelings are now all out there. the friend and the boyfriend decide not to socialize with the girl who can't stand the boy. >> i say -- i don't know what phillip says. say what phillip says. >> well, phillip says, the question is, should you ever reveal what you think your friend's boyfriend? phillip says, as long as no one is being scarred for life and your friend seems happy, better to spend your energy supporting her than tearing down her boyfriend. >> that's not good advice. >> we love phillip but that's
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not the issue. >> that's really not the issue. >> if there's going to be longevity in any relationship, there needs to be truth. there needs to be honesty. i think she was waiting to see if it was going to work out. she kept her feelings to herself. it didn't work out. then she's probably boo-hooing, she's saying, you're better off. >> i never liked him. >> i never liked him. i saw him kiss a girl. i saw him -- here's what i think. i think they were never friends like she thought to begin with. if anybody's going to dump you that fast, they're not your friend. >> what if you had a guy you loved and your friend didn't like him? you had to find out on your own it wasn't going to work. you didn't need your friend telling you. your friend's job is to be your friend and pick you up -- >> you and i have always disagreed on this. i've got lots of friends. most of my friends disagree. i always say -- >> you always tell it? yes, you do. >> i do because i love my friend. >> right. >> i say, listen, this is your
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life and this is your choice to make. but this is what concerns me. >> okay. >> you're not seeing straight. you know, people are blinded by love. >> yes, they are. >> and they don't see this stuff. the point is, if she makes the choice to go back to him after you've been a loving friend, she's not a friend. listen, she should say, you and i have to get along, this is my friend too. >> okay. let's laugh. >> okay. >> a bar owner was ending a long, long night. he cleans up. he locks up his place by 2:00 a.m. and goes home to sleep. he's only been in bed a few minutes when the phone rang. he reached over, half asleep. the voice on the other end goes, what time do you open the bar in the morning? the owner replied, are you kidding me? and slammed the phone back on the receiver. a few minutes later, the phone rang again. the same voice on the other end of the line. this time, he could tell the man was inebriated.
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the man slurred, when do you open the bar? owner was furious and didn't even reply this time and just hung up. finally the phone rings a third time. the owner didn't even wait for the man to speak. he said, buddy, listen to me, there's no sense in asking me what time i open because i wouldn't let a person in your condition in anyway. you're not getting into my bar. the man on the other line said, well, i don't want to get in, i want to get out. >> that's a good one. >> trying so hard. >> you delivered it and you sold it. all right. our johnson's baby of the week announcement. new moms and adore be a additions to their families. cameron douglas glenny born on august 9 in queens. >> that's my birthday. >> in new york. his parents say he loves two things, the outdoors and socializing with a lot of people. he's a happy boy. >> now to a happy little lady named emma lynn rose. she was born in alabama.
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>> she's got a little gas i think. >> on august 28th. 6 pounds, 20 ounces. her parents james and michelle say she's already a big eater. >> that's what i'm saying, she has it was gastro things too. a little boy born in brooklyn. his name is marley lawrence. his mom and dad say they weren't prepared for the rush of love that came over them when he came into the world. >> our last baby of the week is elias jerome beck. this handsome guy was born august 6th in toledo, ohio. his parents say his two older siblings can't get enough of their new baby brother. >> congratulations to all of our babies. >> if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our "today's" johnson baby of the week, go to klg and for the details. >> kate, what are you doing over there? >> taye diggs right after this. >> looking good.
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"baggage game" is a flight attendant would gives herself 30 days to find a man. >> that could work, hoda. she's not trying to get into the
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mile high club, but she does use her frequent flyer status to reconnect with her past beaus. including taye diggses would kind of is already spoken for. >> montana, this is juicy. juicy, this is montana. >> she's so cute. can i pet her? oh! >> juicy, stop that, shame on you. i'm sorry. she's jealous. she likes to mark her territory. >> hi. >> you were having a little fun there, weren't you? >> fun. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> you are looking jauntily today. >> apparently i'm looking delicious. >> you're always delicious. >> you're jauntily delicious today. >> what a fan cast in this movie, by the way. >> films like this are always great because it's like a party. you get everybody you haven't seen in a while. >> it's a great cast. and paula patton, she really does her thing. >> she's great at comedy. >> she's come into her own. >> you seem comfy holding that
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little puppy. do you have a dog in real life? >> i've had dogs in the past. there's a comfort level there. >> but enough about old girlfriends. that's what you meant, hoda. >> the hits keep on coming. >> i just got a look at myself on this sofa. i think i disappear. what to you think? >> i love it, i love it. >> listen, you've got a little one now. he's now 4 years old. tell us about him. >> we got him in school and he's a world traveler so he's making an amazing adjustment. >> is he in an ad already? got milk? >> that's the only ad we allowed ourselves to allow him in because, you know, that's history, the milk ad. one of my favorite pictures ever. >> paula patton was on this show at 9:00 with al and company. >> yes, she was. >> did you see her? >> yes, i did. >> al has that way with women. >> wait. >> oh, yeah. >> that's called twerking. >> that's why it's called
2:22 am
delicious. >> did you see al's face? that was sick. >> here we go. >> come on. >> oh, the lady. go, go. he's like, i'm ready. look at his face. >> he didn't worry about the repercussions there. >> i don't mind it. >> what would happen if your gorgeous wife adina saw you in a situation like that with, say, hoda? >> she'd probably cheer me on. >> really? >> she would? >> is that the secret to a good marriage? how long you been together now? >> we been together 16 and married -- this is our tenth year. >> so this is a solid -- this is no fly in the pants kind of -- >> it's solid today, you know how it goes. >> she's an actress herself. >> she is. we relocated back to new york because she's doing a big, big musical that's supposed to be, you know, smashing called "if then." so we're on the east side now. >> taye, you've done so many films. is "stella gets her groove back" the one people ask you about the
2:23 am
most? >> my first film. i made a splash with that one. >> when you read a script, you can't know how it's going to turn out. >> no. i was very hopeful, but you never know. >> hadn't you had a modeling career before that? >> thank you very much, but i never was a model. i know it kind of looks like it. no, i tried, but nobody would have me. i was too short. >> well, they're crazy. >> that's what my mom said. >> yes, yes. >> taye, we're rooting for you. >> look at the ad with your son. you are a model now, baby. >> thank you. >> we'll see you. the next thing, you come back and see us. >> "baggage claim" opens next friday at a theater near you. >> looks so much fun. need some problem solvers for getting through the day? bobby's here. she's got your buzz. [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food.
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we are back and it's time for our girl bobbie and bobbie buzz. >> from balancing your wine, which is important, to the way to wash and dry. bobbie thomas has a few create creative solutions for home. >> these are problem solvers. the items you never knew you needed. when you think about working on a computer, you're always, you know, having a drink nearby, and one thing i have witnessed firsthand is a computer getting fried because of the spill. now while this may not be the most secure use, this is call a stink. it's a cup. inside, you'll see that it has this little lever that helps you suction it down. and then you put your coffee. and it won't move. because this might be a better investment than apple care. >> that's actually a great gift. >> this is so cool. i actually put this on my face book page. i wasn't sure how many people knew about this already.
2:29 am
it's a bag that hangs on the door of your drier or you could use this in the washer. it helps keep your shoes you dry from banging all around and waking up the neighborhoods. >> genius. >> i also love this for lingerie. and last but not least, who wouldn't want a cuddle pillow? this has arm holes for side sleepers. when you turn it the other way, if a guy's spooning you, your husband, then you spoon this way and then on the other side -- i'm not doing this backwards right. but we have to turn it over. oh, my gosh. you put your arm on the underside like this. >> this is so sad, we don't know what we're doing. yes, it's backwards. >> i don't care, it was fun. >> before we run out of time, washable pillows. what's lurking inside your
2:30 am
pillow is gross. washing your pillows. and i want your pictures, if you're watching at home, i am offering you a pain free makeover. send me your photos and i will turn you from good to so good. >> jason kennedy with all the buzz. >> he's here? >> we're going to see him in just a bit. ♪
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♪ we're back on this try day friday with more on your weekend chatter. keep you ahead of the game when it comes to all of the entertainment just so you're ahead of the game when it comes to the entertainment to look forward to. >> it is e! news correspondent jason kennedy. >> our brother, we love him. >> thank you, i love the new digs. >> taye diggs was here but this is the other digs. >> she's on a roll. >> certainly is. take us to the movies. >> "enough said" is coming out. i've not heard a bad review.
2:33 am
romantic comedy. julia louise-dreyfus. she plays a single mom. james gandolfini plays her man. this is one of his last films before he passed away. we've also got "prisoner," everybody's favorite. hugh jackman. >> saw it yesterday. it is a tough movie. >> he goes to a dark, dark place. his daughter gets kidnapped. you've got jake gyllenhaal as the detective. >> a lot of violence. >> it's so well done. the cast is amazing. viola davis. we had terrence howard yesterday. >> what about the violence level? who will be able to handle this movie? >> i don't think it's a kid's movie. leave the kids at home. if you want to stay at home, you've got "behind the candelabra" out. liberace and his lover. michael douglas, matt damon. incredible performances. >> i haven't seen it yet but i hear it's unbelievable.
2:34 am
are they nominated for emmys? >> they both have an emmy nomination. >> "game of thrones" leads the pack. 16 nominations. i think it's going to be a big night for "breaking bad." people cannot get enough. >> knowing it's coming to an end, everybody's showering it with all the acclaims. >> aren't they doing something at the end there? through 2015 or something? >> they're going to continue it. >> bryan cranston's not going to be in it, aaron paul will not be in it. >> they're the heart and soul. >> they do have emmy nominations. neil patrick harris is hosting. >> i love him. the best, the best. >> he's going to start hosting parties at my house because, you know, why not, he hosts everything. >> his second time hosting the emmys. so something special will happen out there. >> always good, always professional, always delivers. >> we got to mention "30 roc." it's their final season. alec baldwin, tina fey. >> i thought it was done. >> they're done but they're nominated for emmys so we can't forget about them. >> they won't go away. >> it's never over.
2:35 am
all right. >> i love that show. >> there's a premiere next week coming up. >> big week for nbc. "the black list," james spader. >> which is getting great, great, great buzz. >> that's going to be on monday. he plays a guy on the fbi's most wanted list. he suddenly turns himself in to the fbi and helps them find a terrorist. but he's trying to negotiate a deal. >> all for a woman, right? >> he's trying to negotiate a little deal through the whole thing. and then of course "the voice." hoda's very excited about this. blake's going to be back on television. >> and carson. we can say our carson now. >> and christina aguilera and cee lo are back. >> it was genius removing two judges and flipping it and then adding two. the anticipation is building now for a new season. >> if you're a fan of shakira and usher, they're going to be on next season so they're kind of switching them out. >> who's going to go the season after, not blake, blake stays? >> yeah. you gonna be all right? >> i think so. >> it could be an international incident if blake goes. the music world. >> cher.
2:36 am
monday's the big day. how about -- ♪ if you could turn back time ♪ do you believe in love whoa. that was weird. do we have to pay for that? >> it's not his fault. he is going through puberty. >> weird. changes are happening. but it's her 26th studio album. >> she's amazing. >> she went blonde for this album. for the video. she said it's her best album yet. i don't know what that is. there it is right there. for her to say it's her best album, i know they always say that, but she was very adamant about that. >> this kind of music, this kind of effort, left in her. not even left in her. you know, she hit marks that she never had done before. >> and she does. monday, she'll be here. >> we're looking forward to it. jason, we love you. all right, sweetheart. how to look like a million bucks. >> yes, for just a few dollars.
2:37 am
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all right, spending a ton of money on your wardrobe isn't realistic for most people but that doesn't mean you can't look like a million bucks. >> here to share her tricks on how to look expensive is eve michaels. author of "the dress code, ending fashion anarchy." >> you are sensational. >> thank you. >> you're talking about small subtle changes, inexpensive, that can change your look? >> all right, buttons on a jacket. let's begin with that. >> this is a blazer i think every woman in this country owns. we get tired of it, we got bored. so -- >> look at vanessa who works in finance. >> we spent $10.50 and we bought new buttons. >> let's show them the buttons. >> huge difference, huge. >> we bumped it up with a $30 necklace and inexpensive earrings.
2:42 am
she looks much more chic and expensive. >> i love the braid in the back. very pretty. >> very easy trick to look more expensive. >> shoes are always important. >> shoes are important. i know you ladies know the importance that they should polish your shoes and keep them well heeled. >> i never polish them. >> whether you have flats or heels, shoes really make a statement about who you are. this is a big kept beverly hills secret. it's called dancer soles. they can put this on in any color. red, black, cream. >> who does that? >> a shoe repair place. >> for $20 something. it will keep you from slipping. some of these shoes have been worn for seven years and they look like new. >> tailoring is a big thing. sometimes you have things that are ill fitting and you wear them anyway. >> we have kay. let's see her before. most women fit the bust and the widest part. with kate, it's the bust and the hips.
2:43 am
and then they just wear it like that. so we just shortened the sleeves. a little bit of tailoring. shorten the sleeve. it's going to do a fake clip here. we're going to take that in. lastly, you'll see why in a second. then we're going to put on the belt. go ahead, put on your belt. >> all right. >> keep talking to us, a des. >> so then we get to accentuate her waistline. then we go from ordinary to extraordinary with a little tailoring. always fit the widest part and then take in to show the narrowest part. whether it's your sleeve, your waist. >> i love kate. >> you look like christina hendricks now. >> adorable. >> thank you. >> is this claire? >> this is claire.
2:44 am
>> look at her before. >> okay. >> what a difference a little grooming makes. >> let's see the after. we had her hair blown out. >> a lot of people think if they're casual they can't look glamorous and that's not true. even if you're in sweaters or t-shirts, what an amazing difference, getting a blowout. i'm going to bump her up. let's hold your hair out real quick. we put on a little necklace. whoa. okay. got it? okay. look at the difference. a blow out and a necklace. >> $15 for this necklace. >> okay, now, statement jewelry. do most of the pieces you're seeing cost anywhere from $10 to $30. >> big range. >> but they're all affordable. amazing. taking a statement piece, putting it on you, will bump up your entire look.
2:45 am
grooming and grooming. little tricks of stylists. washing your dark colors with vinegar, white vinegar, will keep your darks dark. if you didn't do that, a lot of us think when we have black t-shirts or denims we need to get rid of them when they fade. buy rit dye, bring the color back, they look like new. >> thank you so much. cooking with caramels. >> smooth and creamy desserts. just in time for the weekend. right after this.
2:46 am
>> when they hit the water, game on. >> ten minutes. go! >> underwater. go! >> the reason why we all do this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. >> when he's out flying, i do pray. >> wahoo! >> hi, daddy. >> everything they throw at us, we do.
2:47 am
>> fall is finally here. >> for every season there he is a reason. wake up with al. >> it's all just right. >> travel and your top stories. >> the front will move through, that will change the temperatures. >> you can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. >> going to the big picture. >> we're sort of like a killer app in the morning. >> tap-in to us. >> "wake up with al" weekday mornings at 6 and 10. that trubioticsnd did w is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today. oh. ♪ [ female announcer ] stress sweat smells the worst. and secret clinical strength
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gives you four times the protection against it. secret clinical strength.
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>> announcer: today's kitchen is brought to you by werther's original baking caramel. make your own caramel creations at home. and it is time for today's kitchen delicious dessert. so get ready to have a meltdown with sweet treats made from smooth creamy caramels. if you're looking for something special to top off your meal this weekend, you're in luck.
2:50 am
here with us is the host of the food network's sweet dreams and werther's caramel chef. gail. let's begin with the pronunciation. there are caramels and i'm also heard people say carmels. >> i think carmel is a place in california that's really nice to go to. >> it's another syllable to it. >> it's a three-syllable word. it's pronounced car-a-mel. i'll start with a caramel apple tart. the thing about these new werther's baking caramels, they're soft, they're chewy and super easy to unwrap. throw it in the pot for me. >> wow, i seem to be having trouble with mine. >> here we go. >> they're a little bit bigger than other ones. >> but we like that. >> so we've got a lot there. can you stir this? we can eat after, i promise. let's get the apples ready.
2:51 am
>> a little pushy. she's sweet. >> i want to show you an easy way to core an apple. i think apple corers are a nightmare. they never go down the apple straight. what i like to use is a melon baller. >> a what baller? >> melon baller. put it over the seed packet of the apple, press down, give it a twist. now you've taken out the bit you need to get rid of. >> she's right. i like it better. very smart. >> usually cut down to earth is what people say so cut a few slices of apple here. now we'll start sauteing the apple. can you take this butter? put it in the pan. couple tablespoons of butter. give that a stir. we need to add cinnamon. about a quarter of a teaspoon. >> cinnamon lee. >> cinnamon lee with one ball.
2:52 am
such a sad story. his surgery turned out well. they found his other ball, it was in his stomach. anyway. >> if you don't know what we're talking about, you're fine. anyway, continue. >> about five minutes, until they get nice and tender. >> we've got this puff pastry we cut out. if you have time, you're going to prick it with a fork. move it over to a pan. then bake by itself for about 15 minutes. let that cool. now we're going to combine the caramel and apple. >> dump it in. >> the warmth of this will be no problem. >> come on. >> look at that. >> come on. come on. i'm hungry. some of us are hungry. >> get this thing topped off. >> this looks good. >> you know that smell in the kitchen, that's the real butter and fresh cream. >> we're going to finish the apple tart.
2:53 am
>> we need to dunk it in the werther's. >> oh, my. >> and the brownies here. those are killer. heaven, heaven, heaven. thank you so much. get your kids out that couch and up to exercise for one minute. >> just one more. >> we're going to show you some big moves but this is first on nbc.
2:54 am
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2:57 am
it's national childhood obesity awareness month. >> kids around the globe will take a minute to stop and exercise for the second annual jam world record day. >> here with some of her young friends is patty howell. she's the founder of the program. with a bunch of her little friends. >> hi, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. we're so excited to be here. >> jam stands for? >> just a minute. we provide physical activity routines at school that are designed to take a minute to do. >> are kids not doing any recess
2:58 am
or exercising? sports? what's going on? >> they're cutting back a lot of programs. >> unfortunately, a lot of that is going away. even if they do do pe, you shouldn't sit at your desk the rest of the day. you should get up and take brain breaks for the rest of the day. our program focuses on giving teachers things they can do with the kids. the best part is, the kids are leading their peers over the p.a. system. >> good peer pressure. >> is it fun or is it -- does it feel like exercise? >> shall we ask? >> matthew, are you going to show us how to do it? >> yes. >> are you sure it's easy because we're not that coordinated. >> i am, but hoda is challenged. >> oh, lord. >> all right, matthew, why don't you show us a few moves, okay? >> we're ready. are we going to copy you? raise the roof. i love it. what else? knees. what are you doing? knees. raise the roof. squeeze. up.
2:59 am
knees, squeeze, up. hula hoop. >> what are you talking about? >> take one. around. >> oh, i like it. >> freestyle with your hands. >> okay, now other way. >> other way, okay. >> get your hoda on. >> okay, next one, imitate your favorite sport. >> what is it? >> go long. basketball. >> i'm surprised kathie lee. >> touchdown. >> ready for the last one? >> last one. >> show some jamming love. >> side to side. >> thank you so much. we have a big week next week. country star blake shelton's going to be here. >> actor james spader and "parenthood's" -- >> the whole cast of "days of our lives." >> and bill hader and a performance. have a good weekend at the emmys. have an awesome weekend. get going, jam, baby.
3:00 am
>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks? how are you folks doing? thank you very much. how are you folks? thank you very much.


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