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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news this morning. massive flames as a brush fire burns near lake berryessa and smoke reaching all the way to the bay area. >> we have dramatic video in from overnight as a tree smashes right through this truck's windshield. narrowly missing the people inside. >> a house goes up in flames in the south bay. we have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you the latest in a live report. >> right now we take you live outside, that is a picturesque shot from the south bay. not a bad start to the day. the temperatures start to rise on this friday, october 4th, this is "today in the bay." yes, it is. it is just about 4:31. good morning on a friday
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morning. happy to see you. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in napa county. a fast-moving brush fire burning near lake berryessa. massive flames whipped around by strong winds. fire officials say it's about 375 acres and about 75% contained. it's a remote area so right now no structures are threatened, so far no evacuations have been ordered. smoke from the fire making its way as far south as san francisco. san francisco fire stations being flooded with calls from people concerned about the smell of smoke in the air. >> 4:31 as i said earlier so we haven't gotten too far in the day. it's warmer out there. we can feel it. a lot of wind going on causing major problems across the bay area. >> not only fires but downed trees, power lines as well. we have team coverage.
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meteorologist christina loren tracking the changing conditions. we begin with "today in the bay's" chase cane live along the embarcadero where the wind is causing problems. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning. all sorts of problems, you can probably tell the wind is strong, it's constant, it's blowing the flags here at pier 39 flat. and they have been staying that way since we got out here. check out video from not far away near the panhandle. a tree blew down onto the street. crews spent a couple hours trying to chop that up and cleaning that up. in the last half hour or so they were able to get the tree out of the road. and over in potrero hills problems where wind blew construction scaffolding into power lines near 20th street there. farther north in napa county incredible video, a tree blowing down onto a truck, just north of napa off highway 29, of course
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it took more work there to chop that tree up as well, get that out of the way. chp was out there for a while helping with that mess. there is the wild fire that we showed you at the top of the show burning along the eastern shore of lake berryessa. at one point this fire reached more than 500 acres, the good news this morning is firefighters have been able to get that contained and even brought the fire down to about 375 acres. it took them -- took the efforts of ten fire engines, two bull dozers working all night long to even make that much progress on the fire. we were able to catch up with one firefighter earlier to talk to us about how these winds are affecting that wildfire. >> right now we're under a red flag warning for critically high winds and low relative humidity, combined with the seasonal drying of the vegetation, this
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does make it a critical time for fire control and fire behavior for us in the north half of the state of california. >> reporter: you see those winds blowing pretty much out of the north in san francisco, which is why as you mentioned earlier that a lot of people in the city have been reporting that they smelled smoke from the fire. on that note bay area firefighters say it is so incredibly important to let them know if you smell smoke especially if you see smoke because if there is a new wildfire that breaks out of course the sooner they get to it and tackle it the better off for everyone as this red flag warning continues into tomorrow. that's the latest live in san francisco. chase cane for "today in the bay." >> thank you. appreciate that. now over to meteorologist christina loren. she has been busy back in the weather department. how is it looking? well, we're getting into the windiest time frame for the next six to seven hours winds at
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their gustiest. right now i want to show you your sustained wind speeds between about 11 to 24 miles per hour. straight out of the north, very dry. as we head throughout the morning hours we're going to see these winds intensify even more so. you see all of the arrows pointing straight down, that's bringing the fire, the smoke drifting into the area. it's that wind direction that's bringing it our way. as we head throughout the next 48 hours winds are going to shift that means we're going to see pretty good improvement when it comes to our air quality. but you want to keep in mind if you have asthma, respiratory issues limit your outdoor activity as much as possible especially if you are waking up with us the north end of the bay area. north of the golden gate bridge could be specific. for the next 48 hours we'll keep this red flag warning going, we have high fire danger through tomorrow morning in fact we're going to see this warning in place. it should start to expire, we
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should see conditions improve as we head throughout probably sunday. for now you want to keep in mind outdoor burning a really bad idea. we're going to keep you updated, talk about the highest wind gusts, you might be blown away when i show you that. a look at the morning drive. >> good morning. welcome back. we're looking here, talking about the wind advisory, that's extended by chp over the bay bridge t richmond/san rafael bridge. the dumbarton gets it. here the cam rain oakland trembles a bit. we're looking at the taillights heading away from the coliseum. you do see there is traffic all the way in there and we don't have a lot of slowing just through the construction off 980 into downtown as they move the crews. there is a crash out past 238 around the area of a street, a hit and run issue there. there is only one car and two vehicles over to the shoulder as you head down to 92, the san mateo bridge, watch the winds, could be an issue over the bay.
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chp giving the advisory. no crashes on the road. back to you. >> now on to more breaking news. a house fire or a house, rather, catches fire in south san jose about 2:30 this morning on foothill court that is just south of santa teresa boulevard. marla tellez is live at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you the good news this is currently knocked down as you mentioned the call came in at 2:30. two hours later now entering the third hour, but the fire captain tells me that the crews are being let go, they are breaking it down. you can see the damage, it's a big house at the end after cul-de-sac on the hill. it's a two-story, about 2500 to 3,000 square foot estimate here according to the fire captain. most of the damage is in the second floor. i should say right away that it's a family of six who lives here and the best news is
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everyone made it out okay. they self evacuated. i want to bring in captain ron brown. thanks for your time. you said that this started in the attic and it was basically that's where most of the damage is on the second floor. it was a tough fire fight. talk about that. >> we had a lot of heavy wind conditions when we gt here, the winds were gusting. we're on a little bit of a hill. the fire originally when the crews got here was in the attic and started breaking through the roof pretty fast. as soon as that happened it started driving the fire throughout the attic. a lot of challenges, we did go to a second alarm in about ten minutes of the first crew arriving primarily for ember control. we have other houses that have shake roofs so it becomes quite challenge to make sure we don't have others catch on fire from this one. crews did a good job, they got in, got the fire knocked down. managed to get the first floor
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tarped so we protected all of the belongings on the first floor as much as we could from water damage. the second floor is pretty much a major damage and pretty good loss up there. >> you were telling me off camera how lucky this family is because oftentime when's a fire starts in theatic that the smoke alarm doesn't pick that up. someone in the house smelled the flames. >> right. yeah. one of the owners said she smelled smoke, they came out, looked around, saw they had smoke out of theatic. that's when they got the phones and called 911. pretty lucky that somebody was awake. you know, with anatic fire, the smoke is going up and the detectors at that point are below you. so you can get a pretty significant fire going on in your house and not ever know it without somebody else reporting it. >> reporter: captain brown, thank you so much. he tells me that crews are going to be out here another hour. i want to mention that the family of six includes a couple and their two young kids, 3 to 6 years old, and then also a set of grandparents and again,
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everyone is okay and we're told that they are being -- staying with a neighbor at this point. of course emotionally distressed. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> understandable. thankfully they are okay. thanks so much. also new a deadly crash involving a motorcycle and a car shut down a section of southbound 101 in sunnyvale. it happened around midnight north of lawrence expressway. the motorcyclist was thrown from the bike after hitting a palate in the road. the cyclist was then hit by another vehicle and sadly pronounced dead at the scene. officers are searching for the driver of that vehicle that dropped the palette on the highway. >> time to check back in with meteorologist christina loren. the good news it is friday, and also more good news, looks like a beautiful weekend. >> welcome back too. >> thank you. it's going to be so nice you guys. temperatures actually will be perfect for your beach plans, even inland not getting too hot as we get into this weekend.
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for today, we still have to deal with the dry northerly winds. like i said before they are strongest this morning so you want to keep that in mind especially traveling through any of the local mountain passes. very blustery later on this morning. this is what we're working with, wind straight out of the north between about 6 to 24 miles per hour and the breezes of picking up and dying down, and then pick right back up again. but i want to show you what this does to your temperature. look at these numbers. you're at 67 degrees right now in san francisco at 4:41. so temperatures this morning are running between 15 to 20 degrees milder than 24 hours ago. 64 degrees in san jose. 44 in gilroy. why the temperature contrast, they are not getting the strong northerly winds in gilroy, not for now. those will pick up. i want to show you on your futurecast the winds start to die down as we head throughout the second half of the day and then they will really die down as we head through tochblt hey,
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if you wanted to go to the coastline it's going to be crystal clear. 81 degrees in santa cruz, 77 san francisco and 84 in san jose. i'll show you the weekend numbers coming up in a minute. first want to check your drivend say good morning to mike inouye. >> one of those days going to the coast and the hand gliders might be a little extra activity. looking to the bay bridge, traffic at the toll plaza not a concern, it looks calm. be careful because there are high winds across the deck. there we go look at the camera trembling. that's the incline close to us, both directions, there you go t auto focus messing up because of that. drive throughout the maze and the approach. watch the east bay hills for gusty conditions. richmond/san rafael bridge moves smoothly but slowing as you pass through the construction over to the toll plaza, that's the red blip you see and watch the wind across that span. san mateo bridge, i have a correction that was not given a wind advisory but the dumb b.a.r.t. tune the south, 84,
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it's gusty over that high rise. 92 at the top, a live look, we see traffic smooth and on the right no sign there, it's not lit up. if it was it would say wind advisory. we'll watch that high rise. in fremont heading to the south bay, an easy drive, look at the flag perpendicular to the flagpole so. we see gusty winds through the area. though it's not a problem for drivers. >> good deal. >> we don't need illuminated signs with mike inouye. you're here to tell us. >> crystal clear, my friend. still to come, a car chase on capitol hill ends in a deadly shooting. what we're learning about the woman who started it all. they say no good deed goes unpunished.
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to go with your coffee here's something to tweet about. at twitter #going public. for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn things over to cnbc world headquarters g. morning. >> good morning. futures -- that's all right. futures are lower after stocks dropped sharply thursday. the markets starting to feel the strain of the government shutdown on growing anxiety the budget impasse will extend to the next fiscal fight over
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whether or not to raise the u.s. debt ceiling. a long shutdown and potential debt default could have a greater impact on the economy. the treasury department warns that the default could plunge the u.s. in a worse recession than the one from 2007-2009. there is no economic data today. we were expecting the monthly jobs report but that's been postponed indefinitely because of the government shutdown. the dow dropping 137 to 14,996. the nasdaq losing 41 to 3774. and twitter takes the wraps off the details of its anticipated ipo, social media site looks to raise $1 billion and will use the symbol twtr though it won't say whether it will trade on the nysd or the nasdaq. it has 218 million monthly users and gets the bulk of ad revenue from mobile devices. twitter is still in the red. facebook is introducing ads to
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instagram. the photo and video sharing site it bauxt users will see ads occasionally and be able to hide ads after they watch them and provide feedback on why they didn't like a particular ad. but everybody loves ads so i'm sure that won't be a problem. back to you. >> exactly. we like nothing more than a bunch of ads. got to make money. thank you. >> only on "mad men." >> because you got jon hamm. >> i don't mind. his little dog draper. let's get to the forecast. wind. >> it's breezy. this is the windiest timeframe of all of the wind events we've had so far this summer. this is going to be the big one. we want to make sure you're ready. we've seen gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour, highly unusual here in the bay area. that's a tropical storm force wind through the mountain passes. i want to show you what happens
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when we get these because they drive our temperatures way up. we're 19 degrees warmer this morning in napa than 24 hours ago. temperatures look at these numbers. 67 degrees right now in san francisco, 66 in livermore. and then you notice gilroy, right at the bottom of the screen at 45 degrees. the reason why, gilroy's pretty wind prone area but they aren't getting the strong gusts. they are nice and cool. up 101 into san jose and you're at 64 degrees. actually feels pretty nice for most of the bay area now. it's comfortable. the reason why is the wind. you can see from your wind arrows coming out of the north we have no marine influence right now. this is all land, so we have all of this warm wind moving into the bay area, getting gusts at about 45 miles per hour, and frequent gusts and this morning you really want to take it easy in your high profile vehicles. throughout today, this afternoon, wind will be 15 to 30 miles per hour.
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then getting into saturday, staying breezy, should see that red flag warning expire tomorrow morning but there is a chance, i want to keep this on your radar, that they could let that thing go, extend it through sunday. so we're going to keep you updated but wind will likely impact today's game. the oakland a's first playoff game. we'll have the forecast coming up. 86 degrees in livermore. 84 in fremont and 77 degrees on the way to san francisco. weekend looks pretty good for outdoor plans, it's going to be comfortable out there. full forecast coming up in a few minutes. i'm going to send it back to you, jon and laura. >> thank you. we have new details about the woman in the center of the lock down on capitol hill, relatives telling nbc news that miriam carey may have suffered mental issues after a fall several years ago. yesterday she of course tried to drive right through some barricades at the white house, surrounded by secret service agents she sped off toward the capitol building where she tried to ram more bearricades before
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being shot and killed by police. tracie potts in washington right now where investigators, they are looking to why carey reacted the way she did. >> does not appear to be an accident. >> reporter: that's about all we know this morning about why 34-year-old miriam carey ram add barrier near the white house with her child in the car, hit an officer, then took off speeding toward the capitol. police cornered her at one point but she got away, later crashed near a senate office building. she was killed. authorities learned later she had no gun. >> i hear boom, boom, boom, boom. >> four or five quick ones. >> that was chaos where lawmakers were in session. >> get behind this car and said come back. >> reporter: investigators say carey had mental issues. police searched her home in connecticut, a former boss said that carey was a loner.
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>> she didn't want a personal relationship with anybody in the office, somebody that kind of came in, did her job and left. >> reporter: back at the capitol an officer was injured in the chase. >> i work every river day to make sure you're safe. >> reporter: when it was over a massive show of thanks from lawmakers to the capital police who because of the shutdown, aren't being paid. that child the 1-year-old daughter in the back seat is safe this morning in protective custody. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> it was quite the scene. >> 4:52. big day for the a's. while the team hits the field tonight there is a crucial court decision to attempt to get the team to move.
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welcome back everybody on a friday morning. giving you a live look outside at the coliseum. a day for the a's both on and off the field. the on field activities. the a's start their playoff run tonight at home against the detroit tigers. both holding final workouts. bartolo colon won 18 games this year, and he will take the hill for the a's, squaring off against the tigers max scherzer. the five-game series already sold out. the first pitch tonight set for 6:37 so set your alarms. game 2 tomorrow at the coliseum. >> 4:55.
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off the field the bat tool move the a's to san jose heads to federal court. major league baseball trying to get the suit dismissed. claiming the league and the commissioner are illegally impeding a possible move by the team. lawyers for san jose say the case should go to trial. pointing out the league's antitrust exemption applies to players with labor issues but not team relocation. major league baseball's lawyers will get to make their case at a hearing starting at 9:00 this morning. >> the time is 4:56. let's check in on traffic, find out what it looks like going to work or maybe get a donut. >> donuts. focus. san mateo bridge moving smoothly now and it's the only bridge that does not have an east to west wind advisory so we're giving it to you for the high rise watch. the crash should be cleared southbound 880 around a street. we have a tree reported down southbound highway 13 at lincoln avenue.
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there are a couple of earlier trees. another situation there they have to move the remaining branches. high winds possible around the bay. then east 580 watch for that as you head away from the toll plaza. we have another possible debris in the lanes, maybe branches again. back to you. >> thank you. >> 4:57. coming up, the windy weather outside causing a list of problems out there from fueling flames during fires and knocking down trees. we'll have a live report. >> flames break out at a house in the south bay. marla tellez talking to crews at the scene. she'll have an update after the break.
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>> reporter: i'm chase cane live in can fran. people are waking up spelling smoke. we'll bring you the latest about the damage the winds are causing. >> and high winds and low humidity continues for this morning and part of the weekend. where the wind is the most
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fierce right now and when we'll finally get a break. your weekend forecast in moments. >> that wind shakes our east bay camera, the east shore freeway because there is a crash reported involving a big rig and maybe another car that might be stuck connected to it. we'll check out the details for the east shore freeway. >> mike, we'll check things out outside, that is a live look at san francisco. you know what makes this shot spectacular? the fact it is friday. that means the weekend's here on friday, october 4th, this is "today in the bay." everything feels a little bit sweeter on a friday, doesn't it. feels good. good morning. hope your day is starting great. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in napa county. a fast-moving brush fire burning out of control right now near lake berryessa. we have new video to show you from overnight. massive flames whipped


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