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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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good morning. is he talking? one of al qaeda's top leaders in u.s. custody this morning after a risky raid in africa. he's on a navy warship but where is he headed? richard engle has the latest. her story, elizabeth smart opens up about the details about her abduction in her first interview. why she is speaking out now. and my oh, miley, she's the most talked about performer in music today on and off the stage. she answers questions and performs live on the plaza today, monday, october 7th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to today on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning everyone. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side natalie morales. where has al roker gone to? two words. miley cyrus. he is out on the plaza along with a few thousand of his dearest friends. they're here to see one of the biggest and most controversial stars in the world making headlines every day. al, can you hear us? how is it going? >> what's interesting is today kicks off nbc news's education nation. a lot of these kids are missing school but they'll get an education on miley cyrus. she is here as part of our concert series. #mileytoday if you want to be part of all of it. guys, back inside. >> thank you. that comes up in the 8:30 half hour but we want to begin on this monday morning with the top story.
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the daring u.s. raids and what we know about the suspect in custody. chief foreign correspondent, richard engle is here in new york with the latest on that. good to see you. >> good to see you. u.s. special forces had a busy weekend. two high-profile operations. they're conducted in secret but once you do them everybody knows. in one of the operations they managed to capture one of the united states most wanted terror suspects. >> reporter: retribution. for the masses in my roby. al shabaab took over a shopping mall in the kenyan capital and in four days killed more than 60 hostages. on saturday, the navy s.e.a.l.s paid the group a visit attacking by boat one of al shabaab's hideouts on the somali coast, a lawless haven for terrorists and pirates. there was a heavy gun fight. they called in helicopters for extra power and then with drew. they killed at least two militants but missed their
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target, the leader of al shabaab. but in a simultaneous fuss and uncoordinated operation also in africa, u.s. special operation forces did get their man, capturing abu annas al libi indicted for the 1998 bombings of american embassies in kenya and tanzania. >> they can literally run but they can't hide. >> u.s. commandos approached in three vehicles, al libi in a car in libya. u.s. forces smashed the car's windows. al-libi reached for a gun but was overpowered in a rare snatch and grab operation. >> it's vital for the u.s. to take down individuals that have deep and long standing ties to al qaeda. especially those located in places like libya. >> he's one of the founding members of al qaeda. a deputy of the late osama bin laden.
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there had been a $5 million bounty for his capture. the government in washington may be shut down, but u.s. terror operations have not stopped. richard, we know he's held on the u.s.s san antonio. where is he headed and what are they going to do to get information before any kind of trial? >> officials say he's on that warship and he is now being interrogated by the cia, u.s. military, fbi without miranda rights because they want the most immediate information. after interrogation he could end up on trial in the united states. richard engel, good to have you in new york. thank you very much. in washington, the united states is edging closer to the first ever default on the government's debt. speaker john boehner ruled out a house vote on a bill to boost the borrowing authority unless there are concessions from president obama. nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest. good morning to you.
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>> good morning to you. we are now in week two of this government shutdown and there's no indication that it will be resolved before the next significant deadline over the borrowing limit that's just ten days away. there's no meetings scheduled between the two sides meaning americans may be forced to swallow a double dose of washington dysfunction. >> reporter: back on the job, more than 300,000 civilian defense department employees returned to work today recalled by defense secretary chuck hagel, including 3,000 at the pearl harbor shipyard in hawaii. >> this is huge relief for the federal workers. >> but families are still being hurt by the shutdown. their daughter, abby, suffering from a rare disorder can't participate in a new clinical trial at the national institutes of health. >> we're angry. angry for my daughter. how can they not get along to make this work? >> in washington, president obama is sticking to his guns
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demanding republicans end the shutdown bypassing a so-called clean c.r. a budget extension without any changes to the president's health care law. but house speaker john boehner insists that wouldn't pass. >> there are not the votes in the house to pass a clean c.r. >> reporter: the white house is challenging boehner to put that to a test and the pro obama group is accusing the gop of being irresponsible. >> we're all losing out. >> reporter: a count shows as many as 22 republicans would likely vote with democrats to reopen the government today, no strings attached. that's more than the 217 votes needed. and now the clock is ticking toward another potentially disastrous deadline, october 17th when the u.s. hits it's borrowing limit, the debt ceiling, when the country runs out of money to pay its bills. on meet the press, jack lew offered this warning. >> if we cross the line, we're going to a place we've never gone. it's very dangerous. >> he said congress is playing with fire. you know if congress does
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nothing we'll be headed to the first default in this country's history. both sides insist they don't want that to happen. both sides say they're looking for a way out but at this point it's entirely unclear what that is. >> another tough week in washington, peter, thank you so much. natalie is here with the story of a 9-year-old that gets on a flight without a ticket or boarding pass. >> that's right. a lot of questions about how that 9-year-old boy traveling by himself got on a plane in minnesota and flew to las vegas. nbc's tom costello joins us now with more. tom, what happened? how was he able to do this? >> where else would you go, right? >> especially if you're 9, right? >> this happened on thursday. somehow this 9-year-old stow away got through a tsa checkpoint in minneapolis and boarded a delta airline flight, flying all the way to vegas without a ticket or assigned seat. once on the plane, he told the flight crew his parents were in the rear of the plane but the crew became suspicious and alerted las vegas
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police that met the plane and took the boy into protective custody. it's not clear how so many layers of security and screening failed in this case. one possibility is he attached himself to the family moving through the ticket screening and tsa checkpoint process but airport police have had previous run-ins with this boy and he was suspended from school recently. his parents thought he was at a friend's house and told police they hadn't seen him on thursday. the tsa insists the child was screened in minneapolis along with other passengers. the minneapolis airport says this is the first time that it happened there but the fact that he was able to fool the tsa and delta airlines raised a lot of security and screening questions this morning. natalie? >> something tells me he will be answering to a lot of questions at home as well. tom costello, thank you. new violence in egypt. a massive explosion, possibly from a car bomb hit security headquarters in southern sa nigh town. there are causalities. on sunday, clashes broke out
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between protestors and security forces leaving more than 50 people dead. in some neighborhoods street battles raged for hours. today, tensions there remain high. despite the government shutdown, the supreme court opens today for a new term. justices will consider a number of key issues including campaign contributions, government sanctioned prayer and presidential recess appointments. the good news about gas prices, they are down once again. according to the lund burglary survey, the average price of a gallon of regular dropped 14 cents a gallon over the last two weeks. the average price now about $3.38 a gallon. a frighten skeeng during a grand prix race in houston. it happened to three-time indy 500 winner who was here on the program a few weeks ago but on sunday during the last lap of the race, franchitti's car went airborne, slammed into a fence showering spectators with debris. he suffered a concussion, a broken ankle and two fractured vertebrae. at least 13 fans were hurt as well.
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the olympic flame has begun it's 39,000 mile relay through russia with a rocky start. the flame actually went out as it was being carried through a passage way -- >> whoops. >> the runner kept on going, though. this is odd. got help from a nearby man with a lighter. >> come on. >> it will will now crisscross russia, 13,000 torch barers heading to sochi for the february 7th opening ceremony. >> that can't be good. >> pass the torch, pass the lighter. just keep going. natalie, thanks. >> you had a busy weekend. >> we had all sorts of weather to talk about. let's show you what we've got going on. basically, we're talking about a big storm system. a big fire storm down in southern california. then, we've got blizzard in the dakotas. up to four feet of snow falling there. wayne, nebraska seeing a rare ef-4 tornado.
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amazing there. thankfully, nobody killed. and massive flooding in the louisville, kentucky area where up to nine inches of rain fell. here's today's top weather. part of the system pushing its way through the region, we'll be looking at the stormy east coast. a frontal system is pushing its way in. as it does, we do have a risk of strong storms stretching from new england all the way down into the carolinas. we're watching that. in fact, along this system, we'll be looking at heavy rain pushing in. the heaviest rain down through the southeast stretching from wilmington, north carolina all the way down to way cross, georgia, up to 2 to 3 inches of rain. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. have voluntarily decided to raise the bar with consistent educational standards. now, students in those states will have a better chance to succeed in college and careers
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and to compete in the global economy. which means a better future for our students and our nation. join exxonmobil in supporting the common core state standards. let's solve this. 7:12. happy monday morning to you. beautiful sunrise over the bay area right now. i wanted to show you this live picture. this is emeryville, a gorgeous start. not a lot of fog this morning. but the clouds will increase as we head throughout this afternoon. not before we reach comfortable conditions. 77 the forecasted high in fremont, 79 san jose, looking good about all week. we had tropical storm karen die out but the effects will still be felt all the way up the east coast later this week.
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>> all right, al, thank you very much. family members of miriam carey that was shot and killed trying to breach security at the white house last week are trying to find out why police used deadly force to stop her. first, let's get the latest from justice correspondence pete williams. good morning to you. >> good morning. investigators say that the shots were fired at miriam carey in her car by officers of the washington d.c. police department and the u.s. secret service. only later did they discover she had no gun but did have a small child in the backseat. so now the question, was the shooting justified? officials say both times that officers fired on miriam carey's car she was trying to get away. once after jamming her car into reverse at the foot of capitol hill, and again near a senate office building just before she crashed her car into a capitol police security booth. the secret service says the chase began after she turned her car into a security checkpoint on the perimeter of the white
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house grounds and hit temporary fencing and struck a uniformed officer that tried to stop her. members of congress applauded the law enforcement response as a prudent one in view of what happened, especially since the white house and capitol building are considered potential targets of terrorism. >> car bombs are so common in some parts of the world and we're wary of vehicles that may be used to harm innocent visitors or people that work in the u.s. capitol building. >> reporter: most police departments have rules banning the use of deadly force against a fleeing car either by ramming or shooting at it. police in washington d.c. say their rules also prohibit shooting at a moving car unless deadly force is used against the officer or another person. but the director of an organization that advises police departments he says exceptions maybe justified. >> policing in washington d.c. is a lot more complicated. they have to protect the u.s.
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capitol and the white house. they're concerned about terrorism and also they're concerned about other citizens that might be injured as well. >> authorities are promising more than a routine investigation of why deadly force was used this time and they say that will include a reconstruction of every step that officers took in chasing the car and opening fire, matt. all right. pete williams on this story for us. thank you very much. we're joined by two of miriam carey's sisters, valley carey and amy carey-jones who are looking for answers in the death of their sister and they're joined by their attorney. thank you. >> thank you. >> my condolences on the loss of your sister. it's been a few days i'm sure you've asked yourselves a thousand questions trying to put this into perspective and try and figure out how it could have happened. have you come up with any answers? >> we have not come up with any answers yet because we haven't been disclosed exactly what happened. we still haven't been properly notified and we're just trying
7:16 am
to make sense of it. there is an investigation going on but we still have a lot of questions. >> a lot of us have sat and seen footage of news breaking and tragedies occurring but for you to see this footage now of what happened, realizing it was your sister in that car, can you explain what it's like? >> it's horrific. it's horrible to actually get phone calls from reporters as opposed to being notified by police personnel and being asked to turn on your tv to see a car that your sister drives and then to see your niece on the television and knowing that the person in the vehicle could only be your sister my niece would only be with my sister. >> let me ask you about her mental health over these last several weeks, months, and perhaps years. federal officials involved in this investigation have said she your sister believed she was
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monitored by the president and her apartment was under surveillance. does any of that sound familiar to you? >> no. >> no. those things don't sound correct which is why we're speak egg out for her. that's not the miriam that we knew. >> did she ever talk about the president in a way that raised your eyebrows or raised a red flags. >> she never had disputesor political agenda. she never talked bad about president obama. she is not talking about delusional. she was not delusional. >> she did suffer from postpar tum depression. >> yes. she was. she was under treatment and doctor supervision and being tapered off her medication. >> she ended up in washington, basically at the white house, went 80 miles per hour down pennsylvania avenue. was surrounded by police as you have seen with their guns drawn, did not stop. struck a police officer and lead them on a chase. i know you have a lot of
7:18 am
questions about the use of deadly force, but would you concede that it was your who determined the outcome in some ways. >> no. not at all. >> no? >> what i do see is that perhaps maybe my sister was a little afraid being surrounded by officers with their guns drawn. if she wasn't supposed to be in a restricted area. how is she allowed to be in that area. if you hear gunshots it's like i'm afraid. i don't want to be here. i have a baby in the car. my sister was trying to figure out how to get out of there. >> even with the specktor of terrorism we live under right now in a location like the white house or the capitol, you think the police perhaps did not do what they needed to do to ensure your sister wasn't trying to bring harm on a large scale? >> i feel things could have been
7:19 am
handled differently and maybe there was some overreaction or negligence. we don't know. we're still trying to find out but we still feel that there was maybe another story than what we're being told. >> i just want to interject one thing. but that's part of what the problem is. we have this siege mentality -- we're all afraid of each other now. that doesn't excuse the police behavior. they have very specific protocols in all major cities and i'm sure the same in washington d.c. and the fact that someone may be a threat, there's certain protocols you're supposed to follow before you use deadly force. >> can i just ask quickly about her daughter. 19 months old -- >> no, she's not. >> how old is she? >> 13 months. >> how is she doing? where is she? >> we know that she is safe and we're confident that she is okay. and we'll continually be in touch with her. >> ladies, my condolences. i appreciate you talking to us and we'll follow the developments in this story.
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>> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> matt, thank you. coming up, there's new developments today in the violent confrontation between bikers and an suv driver in new york. why investigators are now taking a closer look at the actions of an undercover police officer. plus an exclusive live interview we lith elizabet because i know it's out there.
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for so much less. it's the best feeling ever. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista wait 'til you see the designers people are scoring. t.j.maxx. let us head into the orange room. carson is off today but that doesn't mean the orange room is empty. no, tamron hall is there. >> happy miley, i mean, monday. it's all about miley cyrus this morning after her snl performance, the twitterverse all lit up with rave reviews for miley. just in case you missed it, take
7:23 am
a look. >> okay, you're really the old me, then what do i say every single morning when i wake up. >> oh my, god, it is like total the morning and the birds are chirping and stuff like that. >> guys, i just don't think we should do that wrecking ball sketch. >> what? come on. >> it's our party we can say what we want. >> and we did stop. >> that is miley cyrus and michelle bauchmann. she might become a member of the five timers club. but i love this. after her performance sunday, this is what miley sent out to her fans. a little video there to show she is actually in on the joke and people received it well. look at this facebook entry i just got. carlo says raunchy but hilarious. proof positive the fans are in on the joke and don't forget
7:24 am
miley cyrus coming up in the 8:00 hour. she is pretty much unstoppable. >> i'll never look at the government shutdow [ rob ] our daughter is all kate. same grin, same walk. and the same beautiful hair. [ female announcer ] nice 'n easy. in one step get expert highlights and lowlights. for color they may just think you were born with. [ rob ] i'm a lucky guy. [ female announcer ] with nice 'n easy, get the most natural shade of you. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
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good morning. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. investigators are looking into the cause of an early morning house fire in palo alto. this broke out not far from the intersection of el camino real and page hill road. nobody was living in the house at the time when the fire started and that it looked like the homeowners were preparing for some sort of renovation. crews say it's a couple hours before they move an overturned tanker in richmond. there is a small leak in the propane gas tanker. an america's best value inn has been evacuated and the off ramp from interstate 80 at carlson boulevard are closed until the area is cleared. congratulations to two bay
7:27 am
area scientists for jointly winning the 2013 nobel prize for immediate sane. randy scheckman is a professor of molecular and cell biology, thomas sudhof hails from stanford. this helps researchers gain a better understanding of diabetes and other dysdisorders affecting the immune system. congratulations. meteorologist christina loren, we congratulate you on a great forecast on this monday. >> thank you very much. i'd like to take credit. good morning to you. i can't take credit for this. this is a spectacular start to the day especially as we kick off a monday. a few mid level clouds, temperatures comfortable. we're talking about the mid 80s in the warmest cities, plenty of 70s around the inner bay. 78 not a bad day out in los gatos. we have changes headed our way especially into wednesday. a stray shower possible, thursday we're going to clear you out, warm up a touch.
7:28 am
hey, we'll level off as we get into the weekend. >> good morning. looking to the south bay, 101 is bogging down. north 101 approaching 880 the crash on the southbound side out of lanes, 280 and 85 look at that, the red and orange streaks there, so 20s and 30s. but not a big deal for the south the northbound commute. we have southbound 680 slow through pleasanton and sunol and 580 with the build. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back at 7:56. what can you score at t.j.maxx?
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ this is the 7th day of october, 2013. you're looking at a large miley cyrus crowd. five years ago, she was a teen sensation playing hannah montana much to the delight of two of my kids. and now, at 20, miley cyrus changed her imagine considerablf and even had some controversy. we'll have a live concert and talk to her about her transform aches. inside the studio, i'm matt lauer along with al roker, natalie morales, and savannah guthrie. >> in the news, u.s. special forces carey out high risk raids in africa and libya capturing h one senior al qaeda leader. the united states is edging closer to the possibility of the first ever default on the dpoft
7:31 am
government's debt. and americans dealing with wild weather from coast to coast. fires in california, snow in south dakota and everything in between. >> still to come this morning, elizabeth smart opens up about o her nine-month ordeal after being abducted. she is here for her first live interview. we'll talk with her in just a bit. and then tom hanks will be in the studio. w he has a great new movie. captain richard phillips that was taken hostage on the high seas in 2009 by somali pirates. >> we got the first interview with captain phillips. after he was, i guess, rescued. so you know the ending and what's going to happen. i watched it and i had my heart in my throat. >> inkrcredibly intense and i he to say the final ten minutes will take your breath away. it's an amazing movie. can't wait to catch up with tom hanks. first, an update on the violent confrontation between the bikers in new york and the suv driver. >> that's right. there's new developments
7:32 am
including new questions surrounding the role of an undercover policeman. did he witness the encounter but fail to report it.t. stephanie gosk has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. residents in the neighborhood are still rattled by what they saw on the street corner. prosecutors have video of the final moment and told the court that it shows five or six men surrounding alex lien as he lay on the ground kicking and stomping him in the head. the nypd is asking for the public's help in finding two persons of interest seen in these photos released overnight. this as the biker using a chrome helmet to bash in the window of alexian lien's suv. was in t court sunday. 37-year-old reginald chance showed tis regard as he was arraigned on first-degree assault and criminal mischief
7:33 am
one week after the infamous altercation and beating. but his attorney says he never actually hit lien. t >> my client obviously overreacted and smashed in the window. but beyond that, he was not a participant in any assault on that victim. >> reporter: 35-year-old robert sims was also arraigned and faces charges of gang assault and felony assault. his lawyer says he is cooperating with police but worries simms may not be fairly treated. ic >> they need a fall guy. they need somebody to take the weight for this. >> reporter: but while the investigation moves forward, the police are now coming under fire. senior nypd officials tell nbc news an undercover officer may have been on the scene as well during the final moments of the attack but that he didn't intervene because he was worried about blowing a sensitive operation. there may have been as many as five other off-duty police officers who took part in the unauthorized rally as well.
7:34 am
in the end it was residents of this uptown manhattan neighborhood that stepped in to help the family before on duty police got to the scene. >> this family was in clear and present danger.y they could have been both killed. not just the man, the driver. but they wanted to get after the wife as well that was holding on to her child, unacceptable. >> reporter: internal affairs is investigating the possible role of off duty police officers in that rally. they are specifically looking at why that off duty undercover officer took three days to come forward. back to you guys. >> all right. stephanie gosk, a lot of questions there. thank you. al has a look at the remnants of tropical storm karen and it may have an impact on millions of americans.m >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by edward jones. nearly 7 million investors already know face time makes a difference. >> and as we look, we can see we have showers now off the florida coast. what's going to happen, this is
7:35 am
ba basically the remnants of what we're calling tropical storm karen. it fizzled out. not a big deal. it's going to reform off the southeastern atlantic coast and as it does we look for it to hang out in the southeast and it will eventually make its way up the coast. it may affect new york as we get on into friday. but in the meantime, look for wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast. today temperatures are mild in the northeast but kind of cool out west. that's going to switch as the jet stream changes a bit and moves up to the north. chicago up to 72 by tomorrow whereas we drop down to 70 in new york city. temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees cooler in the northeast tomorrow but warmer in the midwest. 7:35. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are going to be comfortable but cooler than where we ended up yesterday. i want to show you this live picture, our bay bridge. a few mid level clouds, no fog
7:36 am
to report but it will roll back in as we head throughout tonight. 77 degrees in oakland and fremont. 84 here in san jose. and in the next couple days temperatures are going to continue to drop off. down to the low 70s with a stray shower or two on wednesday. weather, savannah. >> al, thank you so much, it has been ten years since elizabeth smart was rescued. her story captured the country after she was abducted at the age of 14 at knifepoint. she was held captive for nine months. since then she has become an advocate for kidnapping victims. she has never publicly spoking about the details about her abduction until now. she is breaking her silence in a book called "my story." she is here this morning for an interview. good morning, it's so nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> this book is called "my story" and i thought it was apt because a lot of people may think they know what you went through but this is the first time you told it. >> this is my story and i share as true to my story as i possibly can and i want to go
7:37 am
into a lot of detail about it because i want other survivors out there to know that they're not alone. to know that these things, they do happen but that they can move forward. that they can be happy. that they can come back and have a wonderful life. >> that's one of the things that's notable about this book. you don't dodge any of the ugly details. was it difficult though to relive it? >> it was really interesting. i'm really glad i did it and, fortunately, i know my outcome. i know how happy i am right now. i have a wonderful life right now so going back and writing it, it was okay because i knew my ending and i knew how happy i am right now. >> let's talk about the beginning. that night, you were asleep in your bed. you're 14 years old. it should be the safest place in the world. what do you remember? >> it was the scariest moment of my life. as far as 14-year-olds go i
7:38 am
probably was on the naive side. i had lived a very sheltered life. so when i woke up in the middle of the night to see a strange man standing above my bed holding a knife at my neck. i couldn't believe it was real. i couldn't believe that this was happening to me. it was the scariest moment of my life. >> he lead you out of the house. rugged terrain and there you were in captivity, in a camp, out in this desert area for several months. can you describe what life was like there? >> it was really, really hard. i mean, every time i thought, oh my goodness i have hit rock bottom. life can't get any worse. i thought being forced to give up my pajamas that i had been kidnapped in and forced to wear a robe was as bad as it could get. but then as soon as we got to
7:39 am
the robe wearing, he'd say, well, you're going to go naked tomorrow. somehow every time it would get worse. when i thought it was bad enough that i had been forced to drink alcohol, he would force me to drink it so much that the next morning i'd wake up and my face and hair would be crusted to the ground in vomit. bad to worse every time. >> horrifying for anyone. but you were 14 years old and a girl of deep religious faith. it's as though he took everything that mattered to you so deeply. >> he did. at least he tried to. >> he tried to. >> he tried to. >> well as we learn in the book he most certainly did not. i mentioned that it is very graphic and you talk about very openly being raped every single day. what does that do to a 14-year-old girl? >> to me, that was the worst thing that could possibly have happened to me. i felt like death would have been better than being raped every single day. that was my perspective as a 14-year-old.
7:40 am
now that i'm 25, i can look back and say, yeah, that's -- i can overcome that. i can get over that but at 14 i couldn't and it seemed like everything that my two captors did, they got away with and it seemed like i couldn't get away with anything. so it made me want to survive. it made me do whatever i had to to survive which was a lot of the time things i never wanted to do. >> well, we're going to tell the story of how you were rescued and you had a lot to do with how that happened. elizabeth smart it's a pleasure to talk to you. stand by and we'll be back right after this. elizabeth smart it's a pleasure to talk to you. stand by and we'll be back right after this. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy. if you believe in the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors
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mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. it's 7:44 and we're back to talk to he lelizabeth smart.
7:45 am
there were times when you came very close. there was an installed denlt in particular where a detective walked up to you and you were in a veil and your kidnappers were right there. if you can explain to people how afraid you were that you weren't able to cry for help because i think people need to understand what it was like to be in your shoes. >> it's really important to realize that i was just 14 and, yes, looking back you think well why didn't she run? why didn't she say something? there was a police officer right there. i mean, that is very easy to say looking back and not being in that situation right now. but 14 years old. i had only ever seen him be successful. >> he didn't just threaten you. he threatened your family. >> yes, he told me if i ever screamed, if i ever yelled, if i ever did anything they didn't want me to do or say they would kill me and if they didn't kill
7:46 am
me they would kill my family. what a perfect target my family would make because one tragedy already happened to them. >> he knew where they all lived. >> what would stop them from a second. >> there were months when he moved you to california. you outsmarted him and through a series of -- i don't even know how to explain it. you have to read the book but you were able to convince him to go back to salt lake because you knew that was your best chance of rescue. >> i hadn't been found in california. and they started talking about new places to go likeew york and boston and all i could think about is if i wasn't found here there's no way i'm going to be found anywhere else. i have to get back to salt lake so i thought about what he did and how he got away with what he did and i decided to try it myself. >> so you got him to go back to salt lake. there you were in the walmart. you had just looked at some missing children's posters. this got me. you said he told you they're not
7:47 am
looking for you anymore. you walked outside and tell us what happened next. >> i remember walking upstate street when all of a sudden all of these police cars drove up and jumped out of their cars and came and surrounded us and they started asking all of us questions and i was really, really scared to answer because i had lived with threats every single day and i can tell you that words are stronger than physical chains and i've had both so i know. but they were asking me questions but i was just too scared to answer until finally the police officer separated me from my two captors and they started asking me are you elizabeth smart? well, if you are, do you know that your family misses you so much and they love you so much and they have never given up on you. don't you want to go home? and it was only at that point i could finally tell them i was elizabeth. >> the book tells the story of the sweetest reunion with your family and then years later you
7:48 am
had to confront this man and this woman who was just as much a tormentor in court. what was it like to look him in the eye one last time? >> it was -- because i didn't know how i would feel looking at him again, being around him again -- but looking at him again and realizing that he no longer has any part of my life and he will never control me ever again or make me feel bad ever again that he no longer exists in my life and i never have to let him. >> your mom gave you a wonderful piece of advice that has really helped you. can you share it with everybody. >> yes. it was the best piece of advice i received. so i'd love to share it. she said the morning after i was rescued this man has taken so much from you. there aren't words strong enough to describe how wicked and evil he is. he has taken nine months of your
7:49 am
life from you that you will never get back. the best punishment you could ever give him is to be happy and to move forward with your life and do more than you want to do. by feeling sorry for yourself that's only allowing him to steal more of your life away from you and he doesn't deserve another minute. >> you're married and back at home and playing your harp. >> yes. >> how did you heal? >> healing takes a lot of different forms and it's different from everybody. there's not a wrong way. there's not a right way. for me, i've had lots of different therapies or healing. i mean, music has played a huge part in my life. i've played the harp since i was 5 and if you have ever listened to the harp it's about the most relaxing instrument so that's been a huge part. my family. i couldn't ask for a better family. i have the best family in the
7:50 am
world, and i have loved horseback riding my whole life. my grandpa smart and i were very close and we used to go out riding a lot and although he has passed away riding is still a part of my life. >> well, elizabeth smart such a joy to talk to you. i'm glad your story has such a happy ending and you have been a wonderful advocate as well. elizabeth smart foundation. you're helping others. thank you for being here. is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. over the age of three have gum disease? but not happy. happy eats dentastix® as part of her oral care routine. dentastix® treats are clinically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar buildup. smile, it's dentastix® time! to prove the skeptics wrong. hi. are you karen? [ karen ] yes, i am
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good morning to you. 7:56. i'm marla tellez. former president jimmy carter is waking up in the bay area this morning, set to visit a habitat for humanity site in soak 2dlan. president carter, his wife and moo music stars trisha yearwood and garth brooks will help build 12 homes. officials are in the process of shutting down a natural gas pipe line in san carlos officials believe could be unsafe. that pipe line known as line 147 runs along britain avenue between 101 and 280. the worry is it could fail and explode like the pipe line that exploded in san bruno in 2010, killing eight people. city leaders requested the shutdown citing an internal e-mail from a pg&e engineer that raised concerns about safety. the sun is out, looks to be
7:57 am
a nice day. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. i want to show you this live picture, beautiful san jose. this flight leaving on time. for a back to business monday. temperatures comfortable across the board. we don't have delays out of sfo, no fog. 83 in livermore. 74 in san francisco today. the low clouds will be rolling back in as we get into the second half of the day into tonight. tomorrow morning we'll have widespread low cloud cover. by wednesday maybe a stray shower. beautiful conditions persist. >> beautiful but there is a slow drive as far as the traffic goes. look at that where the rig is, that truck, just as it clears we have the person on the shoulder. we do have a slow westbound commute direction. that's really been the case pretty much every morning across 92. the dumbarton bridge, slow down the peninsula in san mateo and here is a slow 880 drive into fremont. >> thanks so much.
7:58 am
we'll be back with our next local update. so what can i get you?
7:59 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a tiger mauls an oklahoma zookeeper. an argument over what went wrong. and tom hanks stops by to talk about his pirate tale. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> and miley cyrus hits the plaza for a concert today, monday, october 7th, 2013. >> miley! >> we're miley's biggest fans.
8:01 am
>> i came to see my favorite girl ever. miley cyrus. >> i'm the only grandmother rocking it here. ♪ we won't stop >> we're back on this monday morning. you think something's happening out here. some little event. miley cyrus will take to the stage in a half hour. big crowd. >> a lot of miley-inspired styles. we will talk to miley and get a concert from her in a few moments. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie morales is at the news desk. >> good morning. we have the information on the raids. u.s. commandos tracked down anas al libi. he was captured and taken to a u.s. ship for interrogation.
8:02 am
he was responsible for the attacks on africa. and the group behind last month's siege was also out there, but he was missed. and elizabeth smart is sharing her story of abduction and abuse and rape. she wants to let others know they can overcome abuse. she talked to us this morning over how she would face her abductor in court. >> i don't know how i would feel looking at him again, but realizing he no longer has any part of my life and he will never control me ever again or make me feel bad ever again. that he no longer existing. >> kidnapper brian david mitchell is now serving two life terms. and an oklahoma woman is in
8:03 am
the hospital recovering from a tiger mauling. we have kerry sanders with more. >> reporter: the zookeeper let her guard down. the tigers are in cages and you can see the fences here. apparently, for reasons not explained, she reached through with her left-hand and she tried to pull it back and it got caught on a jacket or glove and that's when the tiger attacked. the tiger that attacked the zookeeper is no quarantined. ordered by the local sheriff. >> even this morning shows no aggression. never ever has shown aggression. >> reporter: the zoo owner says the tiger is one of more than 150 big cats here at the 46-acre exotic animal park. the humane society issued a
8:04 am
statement calling the park a reckless tiger petting zoo that endangers the workers and public. >> i have no fear over the government trying to shut me down. we have done nothing wrong. >> reporter: he is able to work closely with the cats because he has 30 years experience. the zookeeper has only worked here one year. >> we are open for business. as of right now, we don't have a usda. so -- because of the government shutdown. there is, you know, nobody that's governing the animal welfare act. >> reporter: doctors were able to save the zookeeper's arm, but infection could be a problem. >> kerry sanders, thank you. we have sad news this morning. we lost a long time member of our "today" show family.
8:05 am
linny boyette. he suffered complications from a heart attack. here are some videos from him. >> linny boyette has been part of the "today" show for 30 years. >> how you doing, linny? >> such a fixture on the plaza, he was known as a super fan. >> linny has his first sign. look at that with his picture on it. >> to us, he was part of the family. >> linny and i pondering the question if kate middleton is better equipped. >> linny would wake up 3:30 every morning to take his post. he would take the subway to watch the broadcast and wearing the hat and sunglasses. >> it is something i like doing. >> despite offers from the crew to come in from the elements, linny preferred to watch the show from the plaza until last year when he was finally coaxed
8:06 am
inside studio 1-a. >> bring linny. >> i will. >> he's coming in. >> a member of the u.s. military, linny served in str t vietnam and europe and korea. he became a fan of show the watching via satellite. fans lined up for photographs and autographs. he was profiled by the "times" twice. >> he is more than a person in the audience. he is part of the show. >> he is like a good luck charm. linny. >> a good luck charm now gone leaving a space on the plaza that will never been filled. linny boyette was 71 years old. >> and we actually get more viewer mail about linny than any of our on air team because we understand and we love linny too. we will miss him a lot.
8:07 am
i'll send it out to you. >> so many years, he is the first person we saw. he would be there and he would give you the finger point or fist pump. >> when he wasn't there, you have people asking where's linny. >> people have been asking that for months. sad to see what happened here. so many people are loving him. on twitter, we got responses. meredith who adored linny, saddened to hear of linny's passing. he had a wonderful smile and so sweet. >> from mayor grant. he left a remarkable legacy of love and life. we will miss his presence on the plaza. our condolences to his family. we will take a turn now and get a check of the we 8:07. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are going to be comfortable this afternoon.
8:08 am
still kind of chilly out there. you might want to grab a light sweater or jacket on your way out, something you can peel off later on today as we reached low 80s. we're talking about 82 for concord. 83 in livermore today. around 73 in san francisco. tomorrow, temperatures tumble even more, and it's going to be a cool, cloudy day on wednesday. maybe a stray shower or two. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, coming up, it may be one of the hottest movies on the planet right now, we're talking about gravity but not everyone is impressed. an astrophysicists picks it apart a little bit. >> and then tom hanks on captain phillips. >> and the woman everyone is talking about. miley cyrus takes to our concert stage. her fans are out in force. but first, these messages. about buying the latest windows touch laptops with intel inside on layaway. here's what they say. i do love the touchscreen. i find it much easier to use.
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8:13 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. all right. we're back now at 8:13 with what's trending today. let's go right to twitter. the movie gravity starring sandra bullock and george clooney earned $55 million. it's getting rave reviews but one notable movie goer had others. he took to twitter to question the science in the film.
8:14 am
here's a look. mysteries of gravity. why bullock a medical doctor is servicing the hubl space telescope. >> she's a doctor. >> here's another one, mysteries of gravity, why bullock's hair in otherwise convincing zero-g scenes did not float freely on her head. >> it wouldn't look good. come on. >> it is hollywood. >> we should point out he actually really did like the movie. my tweets hardly ever convey opinion. mostly perspectives on the world but if you must know, i enjoyed gravity very much. >> end of story. >> we do love that. trending on esquire, the magazine is revealing it's sexiest woman alive for 2013 today. any guesses? none other than scarlet johansson as you see on the cover. the 28-year-old actress on the cover of the november issue. it's the second time the magazine has chosen her. the last time was seven years ago. on a roll with don jon out right
8:15 am
now. she was on broadway earlier this year. >> really good. >> and then tom hanks is here to talk about his new film captain phillips. but in a reddick chat he was asked about forest gump and if there's a scene that always gets to him emotionally. so which scene is it? take a look. >> you got new legs. new legs. >> yeah. i got new legs. custom made. titanium alloy. it's what they use on the space shuttle. >> magic legs. >> wow. such an iconic movie and character. hard to believe it was out almost 20 years ago. >> i know. i know. >> mr. hanks is sitting there in our studio. >> tom, other than forest gump is there a movie that makes you cry every single time?
8:16 am
>> gravity. >> oh my gosh. >> as soon as that hair didn't float up. >> you lost it right there. >> i thought we were going to get a buddies joke. >> that makes me cry in different ways. >> we'll talk to tom about ♪ as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan.
8:17 am
tom hanks has a brand new movie out that's getting tons of buzz. it's called captain phillips. it's based on the 2009 hijacking of the u.s. cargo ship by somali pirates. hanks plays the title character that has to prepare his crew when the pirates come on board. >> we stay locked down until help arrives. no one comes out until you hear
8:18 am
the password. if the pirates find you, remember, you know the ship, they don't. make them feel like they're in charge but keep them away from the important things like the generator and the engine controls. stick together and we'll be all right. good luck. >> hey, tom, welcome back. good to see you. >> words for wisdom all across the board. stick together. good luck. >> don't get ahold of the engine room. did you follow this story closely as it unfolded in 2009. >> other than a quick couple of headlines. it seemed to be over pretty quick but i wasn't hanging on every word. it was like that happened fast, didn't it? they got them. okay. >> when you decided to play this part, you went up and met richie phillips. >> yeah a couple of times. >> what stood out about him? >> he was wearing socks watching an ncaa basketball game.
8:19 am
my kind of hero. i'll take that. he is very happy go lucky. he is very grounded. he's kind of goofy almost when he's not working and when he's on board the ship, even his wife doesn't want to see him then. he's all business. >> to bring home the reality of what he went through in that lifeboat for those days you have to take people in that boat. you have to convey the heat and the fatigue and the thirst and the pain, how did you do it? >> well we had a small little lifeboat that we shot in. it was actually a couple of days literally at sea. it smels horrible in there. it's got the worst lighting on the planet earth. it became trashed instantaneously. the other guys, you know, we were living close enough in order to see the pores on each others faces. so it became a very tactile experience for us all. >> you mention your costars in this movie and i want to mention
8:20 am
a couple of things about this, first of all, they're not trained actors basically. >> they're not trained actors but story telling type guys. >> they were found in minneapolis and answered a casting call to be in a movie with tom hanks. >> that's right. >> i have to tell you i thought they delivered an intense performance in this. >> the first time i met them was the day -- the scene, the take where they stormed the bridge. we had never -- we were kept -- we had kept separate and they were the skinniest most terrifying human beings i had ever come across. it was wild. and once -- i finally saw the movie, we never knew what they were saying to each other. it wasn't necessarily in the script. there was so much other stuff going on so hi to wait until i could read the subtitles in the movie. >> and you talk about not meeting them until the scene where they stormed the bridge. that's coming up with what i thought was an interesting piece of strategy. he didn't want you guys to get buddy buddy before that scene. he wanted you to see them for
8:21 am
the first time when you were confronted with them. >> that was a tactile experience. he never made an announcement. we just figured out we're not going to see these guys. he was working them like crazy. they were there five weeks before we showed up. >> we talk about the physical side of this. the heat and the pain of being in that lifeboat. there's also the emotional side and in talking to captain phillips, he said he was sure he was going to die. >> yeah. >> and at times he said i almost wanted to die. >> yeah. >> so you're an actor and you're trying to bring people to that level. at night you get to go home and have a nice meal and maybe a glass of wine. how do you jump back into that emotional place the next morning. >> i'm a professional. that's one thing. it does hang with you. you get a sense of a marathon. there is no breaks. you pick upright where you left off the day before. it's almost in real time. it takes about five days. you ride an easier life. you keep your life more simple
8:22 am
than it might be otherwise and you're always having this interior dialogue going on with yourself that is always reminding yourself of where you got to be the next day. >> the movie starts in somalia and you get to meet the pirates, the would be pirates before they actually take over the ship and i think people might think it's funny for me to say it this way, do you think there's almost more of a sympathetic view of these pirates, keeping in mind they commit crimes, but after you get to meet them in their home. >> i wouldn't call it sympathetic. i would call it comprehensive. i think you can understand a bit more of the hopelessness of the place. and when you realize that they are hungry. that they are surrounded by corruption and there's nothing but poverty and hopelessness you might almost begin to think well what would i do if i lived in somalia as opposed to where i live now. >> it's an extraordinary movie. having followed the story for a long time, it's amazing to watch it come to life.
8:23 am
>> you had richard on the show at some point. >> we were the first to talk to him when he was freed up in vermont. >> he was dizzy. >> it was probably awhile before he got his feet on the ground. you're fabulous in this, tom. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> i got to spend three months on a gorgeous cruise ship. >> luxury cruise liner. >> always good to see you. captain phillips hits theaters on friday and the real captain will join us on that day on today. >> thank you so much. well, he garnered millions of fans by turning conventional wisd wisdom on it's head and now he's out with david and goliath, underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we all thought it was david's faith and a miracle that helped him prevail. you see something different in that story. >> the story is much more complicated and interesting.
8:24 am
i think we underestimated, for example, just how powerful a sling is. the weapon that david chose is a devastating weapon. and also we -- i am not going to give it away but there's a secret to goliath that many medical experts have been speculating about in recent years. so i start the book by retelling that story and it makes you understand, wait a minute, it's not this improbable victory by a one in a million chance. underdogs actually have a real chance against goliaths. >> if i could sum it up that's the thrust of the book. sometimes something that appears to be a disadvantage can be an advantage. you give a lot of real world examples of that. can you give me one right now? >> sure, i have chapters on education. i have a big chapter on class size that says we have a -- the conventional wisdom that says the smaller the class the better it is for a child and i say that's true but only up to a
8:25 am
point. when classes get too small, the affect starts to reverse and your child may have been worse off than they would have otherwise. so there's a case where spending more and more money and hiring more and more teachers doesn't always create the advantage we think it's going to create. >> you have the theory of desirable difficulty and tell stories of people that suffer with dyslexia and went on to enormous success. >> yeah, if you look at successful entrepreneurs and innovators a hugely disproportionate number of them suffer with disabilities. i sat down with incredibly successful business men and asked them what did that mean and they think they did as well as they did not in spite of their disability but because of it. that in learning to cope with it and work around it they learned things they would never have otherwise figured out. >> it's a very interesting insight. makes you look at difficulties you might encounter in your own life in a different way.
8:26 am
it's always good to have you here, thank you. the book of course is called david and goliath. coming up we'll have 8:26 now. the california public utilities commission is releasing a new photo of that deadly limb seen fire on the san mater bridge. it's hard to see, but take a look at this. this is the burnt-out limo showing the small opening the survivors had to crawl out of. the cpuc says it will release its full investigation soon but says there's not enough evidence for criminal negligence charges to be filed. five women died when flames erupted in the back of that limo in may. let's check the morning commute now. how's it looking, mike? >> good morning. we'ri we're looking toward oakland. it bogs down around high street.
8:27 am
west 580 slow passing highway 13. everybody wants to get to the bay bridge. tougher down the upper east shore. an earlier issue there. we're looking a the a slower drive south 880 towards the bridges. the bridges themselves westbound starting to ease up. north 101, still a disabled vehicle there. >> all right. thank you very much. another local news update coming up in half an hour. hope you have a good monday morning. really special.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 now on this monday morning. it's the 7th of october, 2013. the crowd is getting more and more excited because we're just moments away now from the concert of one of the hottest stars in the country. >> we think she has been a little busy lately. she hosted saturday night live over the weekend to really strong reviews. she had the most talked about performance at the vmas. a new album out and the music is burning up the charts. we'll talk to her and listen to
8:31 am
her coming up in a little while. >> that's right. because she is taking over our concert stage in just a few minutes. we know how excited everybody is here. lots of buzz where miley is. so you can help power our buzz meter by tweeting with the #mileytoday. >> al, a check of the weather. >> we'll show you what's going on for our week ahead. we talk about showers and thunderstorms moving into the northeast during the week today. we're also looking for more wet weather making it's way into the pacific northwest. as we get into the midweek, we're expecting to see more wet weather along the east coast. above normal temperatures in the central part of the country. and then the latter part of the week, rain in the northeast and below normal temperatures for a good portion of the wes 8:31. good monday morning to you. we're the envy of the nation weatherwise. there's a potent storm system moving into the northeast. for us, a beautiful blue sky
8:32 am
over the bay bridge this morning. temperatures you yearn for in the summertime. 79 degrees in san jose. 74 degrees on way to san francisco. staying warm even in the beach cities today. we have some changes ahead. temperatures will tumble. maybe a few showers. best chance looks like wednesday. don't forget, you can keep track of your weather any time of the day or night go to the weather channel on cable or weather -- >> weather whatever -- >> online. savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so much. as part of our education nation initiative we sent jenna bush-hager back into the classroom to learn about some of the issues today's teachers are facing. always good to send a teacher herself. good morning. >> good morning. i liked being back. having been a teacher myself, i know it's a constant juggle between lesson plans and bigger policy issues. i met up with a brand new teacher and a veteran to get their take on some of the
8:33 am
challenges. >> reporter: over 3 million public schoolteachers stepped into the classroom this year armed with study aids, signs and smiles. like samantha, over 300,000 are new to the profession. >> today is my first day in my own classroom as a head teacher. i'm feeling realdy excited. >> reporter: others are veterans. she has been in front of a class for 25 years and is still as enthusiastic as ever. >> this is that part of the year where anything is possible. >> reporter: along side the reading, writing and arithmetic, teachers this year are planning for reforms. policies that will impact classrooms across the country. one receiving the most attention, the common core standards. a set of consistent academic goals for all students.
8:34 am
so far 45 states and the district of columbia adopted the benchmarks. they're endorsed by the department of education and both teacher unions. but teachers have mixed feelings. >> there's no discussion about are they appropriate and do they engage all students. >> the politicians don't know what's best. the people that know what is best are the people in the classroom. >> reporter: it will go hand in hand with testing. results which will impact teachers evaluations. >> providing a rigorous curriculum was always my goal and i didn't need the state coming in and telling me that. last year, i had a child who said to me if i don't pass this test are you going to get fired? and i thought to myself, no 8-year-old should have that burden on their shoulders. >> reporter: while the year ahead may present policy challenges, selena and samantha insist their passion in the classroom won't subside.
8:35 am
>> what do you love about your job? >> i love the fact that after 25 years i still have so much i need to learn. >> what about you after two weeks? >> being able to transfer the passion that i have and share with my students, it's the most amazing thing. >> it doesn't get old. >> i know, i love it. >> so neat to see you back in the classroom. there's an initiative called 30 million words. i was fascinated to learn about it. >> we're rolling this out at education nation today and basically what we found is that kids that are entering the classroom from more marginalized neighborhoods have a vocabulary less than their peers by 30 million words by the time they're 3 years old. so early childhood education is key. reading to your kids is key. even as little as my baby. we read to every day. it's important. >> it's an amazing work you're doing. great way to kick off education nation, jenna, thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll have more on it all week on all the platforms of
8:36 am
nbc. coming up next, the moment our crowd is waiting for. miley cyrus live in concert. but first, this is "today" on nbc. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms, jalapeños, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:38 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> our crowd is ready, miley is ready with the hit off her new album we can't stop. ladies and gentlemen, miss miley cyrus. [ music playing ] ♪ it's our party we can do what we want. it's our party we can say what we want ♪ ♪ it's our party we can love who we want ♪ ♪ we can kiss who we want ♪ we can sing what we want ♪ red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere ♪ ♪ hands in the air like we don't care ♪ ♪ cause we came to have so much fun now ♪ ♪ bet somebody here might get some now ♪ ♪ if you're not ready to go home ♪ ♪ can i get a hell no?
8:39 am
♪ ♪ cause we're going to go all night until we see the sunlight all right. so la da di da di ♪ ♪ we like to party, dancing with molly ♪ ♪ doing whatever we want ♪ this is our house ♪ this is our rules ♪ and we can't stop ♪ and we won't stop ♪ can't you see it's we who own the night ♪ ♪ can't you see it's we who bout that life? and we can't stop ♪ ♪ and we won't stop ♪ we run things things don't run we ♪ ♪ we don't take nothing from nobody ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ it's our party we can do what we want ♪ ♪ it's our party we can say what we we want ♪ ♪ it's our party we can love who we want ♪ ♪ we can kiss who we want ♪ we can sing what we want ♪ to my home girls here with the big butt shaking it like we at a strip club ♪
8:40 am
♪ remember only god can judge ya ♪ ♪ forget the haters cause somebody loves you ♪ ♪ everyone in line in the line bathroom trying to get a line in the bathd room ♪ ♪ we all so turned up here ♪ getting turned up yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ so la da di da di ♪ we like to party ♪ dancing with molly ♪ doing whatever we want ♪ this is our house ♪ this is our rules ♪ and we can't stop ♪ and we won't stop ♪ can't you see it's we who own t the night ♪ ♪ can't you see it's we who about that life ♪ ♪ and we can't stop and we won't stop because we run things things don't run we. we don't take nothing from nobody ♪ ♪ it's our party we can do what we want ♪ ♪ it's our party we can say what we want ♪ ♪ it's our party we can love who
8:41 am
we want ♪ ♪ we can kiss who we want we can sing what we want ♪ ♪ it's our party we can do what we want to ♪ ♪ it's our house we can love who we want to ♪ ♪ it's our song we can sing if we want to ♪ ♪ it's my mouth i can sayhat i want to ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ we run things things don't we ♪ ♪ we don't take nothing from nobody ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ we can do what we want ♪ we can do what we want to thank you. >> miley cyrus. thank you. we won't stop either. more music from miley in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
she has a country music singing father, a mom who is in talent management and what every girl wanted, a fairy god mother who was dolly parton and now at 20 years old she is in a new area of her career. a new album called bangers and music on the top of the charts and a great showing on saturday night live. how did you do? >> it was awesome. it's two very opposite things. we went on a little late because of the game so now i'm up very early. it was very late to very early. >> were you nervous? >> no, i'm excited to be there. this is what i'm born to do just from doing sitcoms and balancing both. it was a dream thing for me to do it. it was fun. >> we started promoting you were going to be here. >> did people start sleeping here already. >> they started sleeping here
8:45 am
but i had people come up to me and say i know what i want to hear. are you surprised by the attention you're getting right now? >> not really, i mean. it's kind of what i want. i'm an artist so i'm hoping i get a little attention otherwise my record sales might be a little sketch. >> you talked about the vmas and you said people called it a hot mess but it was a strategic hot mess. did you go there and say i'm going to do something. some people are going to love it. some people are going to be offended by it but people will be talking about it the next morning, was it your plan? >> i don't ever really plan to offend people but sometimes that just happens because i think people, they're not open to what they don't understand but that's why what i'm doing is for my fans because they're all really young so they understand what i'm doing. >> did it go exactly as you planned? >> it went exactly as planned. it's a month later and we're still talking about it. >> it's amazing. a lot of it was very provocative. i'm never going to go to a sporting game and seeing a foam
8:46 am
finger. >> without doing this with it. >> i probably won't do that but i'll be thinking about it. add to that the naked shot on the wrecking ball for your video, it's very clear that you are navigating. >> that also you can't help but every time you go by a wrecking ball you want to get naked and get on top of it. >> i don't pass a lot of wrecking balls. >> i've seen a trillion. >> that's true. >> you're navigating tricky territory between child star and adult performer. is it harder than you thought it would be. >> no. because this is just like who i am. i think it's only hard if you're trying to be something you're not. being who you are is really easy if you're really true to that. >> is it a phase? is this a phase? is the sexual side of you that we're seeing a lot of something that's going to be here for awhile and move on to something else. >> i heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual. so probably around 40, i heard that's when people don't have
8:47 am
sex anymore. i guess maybe around then. >> do you know how old i am? >> i'm going to guess 40? >> i love you again. >> 55. >> 55. oh, well, then you're really definitely not sexual. >> any do overs? terms of your career right now? is there something you would like to do differently than you have done. >> i can't change anything. i can't go back. i can do a lot of things but i can't change the past. nothing. anything i can't control i don't really think about. i just live my life the way it is and i don't really regret anything. >> one of the things you have done is you have answered some of your critics. one comes to mind in particular, sinead o'connors. your thoughts on her. >> i think she is an incredible artist and i was inspired by her for my wrecking ball video which started the whole thing. i don't know how someone can start a fight with someone that's saying i respect you and
8:48 am
love what you did. you suck and i don't like you. that was crazy but i'm a big fan of hers. so it doesn't really matter. >> do you wish you would have stayed out of the fray. you did fire back. >> it's all good. you can write as many open letters as you want. that's what blogging is. i get open letters every day. it's nothing too new for me. >> what are you going to do next? do you have a five year plan? you said you don't plan things a second ago. i think you meant overnight but do you have a five year plan? >> not really. i'm focused on when i get to go on tour which is going to be next year which i'm really excited about so that's really my focus. my plan is focussing on right now and continuing what i'm doing. i'm the happiest i've ever been in my whole life. i'm happy to be here. >> you're getting a lot of attention. everybody i talked to about you miley says this young lady has real talent. do you ever worry that some of the things that go on around you
8:49 am
draw people's attention away from the talent. >> i don't worry about anything because i know who i am and i know that i'm an artist and put this time and effort into my record and my record is proof of really who i am and, you know, i said something before where for me the most important thing is being a really good person and that doesn't depend on what you do on stage. that depends on how you treat people when you're off stage and i know how i treat people so i'm not too worried about it. >> talk to me about your parents. >> my mom is over there somewhere. there she is. so that's pretty awesome. >> do they still have influence over you at 20? the same kind of influence they may have had over you at 14? >> yeah, for me my parents have always been about being really who you are and figuring that out and what's good about that is as i trust them a lot so i can go to them with pretty much anything than a lot of kids that have to hide things from their parents that i don't have to. my parents are accepting. that's what real love is is
8:50 am
unconditional and that means it doesn't depend on what you're doing. it's just that means they love you no matter what and that's what parents are supposed to be. >> you're going to stick around and sing another song. we're going to hear "wrecking ball" next. >> yeah. >> ladies and gentlemen, "wrecking ball" from miley cyrus in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. dale: we're from oregon, and we have brought our cheese for you to enjoy. dale: we have a ship on our packaging, not a cow, or milk, or you know, cheese...
8:51 am
luke: you see back in the day it was easier for us to ship our cheese up and down the rugged oregon coast by ship, rather than by wagon or baby loaf bus. dale: we know you know this as it is told and retold by cheese-loving people around the world, but the farmers asked us to mention it. luke: enjoy tillamook cheese. dale: eat all you want. luke: we make tons. here she is with her number
8:52 am
one hit off her new album bangers, miley cyrus and wrecking ball. [ music playing ] ♪ we clawed we chained our hearts in vain ♪ ♪ we jumped never asking why ♪ we kissed, i fell under your spell ♪ ♪ a love no one could deny ♪ don't you ever say i just walked away ♪ ♪ i will always want you ♪ i can't live a lie running for my life ♪ ♪ i will always want you ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i never hit so hard in love ♪ all i wanted was to break your walls ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck
8:53 am
me ♪ ♪ yeah, you, you wreck me ♪ i put you high up in the sky ♪ and now you're not coming down ♪ ♪ it slowly turned, you let me burn ♪ ♪ and now, we're ashes on the ground ♪ ♪ don't you ever say i just walked away ♪ ♪ i will always want you ♪ i can't live a lie, running for my life ♪ ♪ i will always want you ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i never hit so hard in love ♪ all i wanted was to break your walls ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck me ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪
8:54 am
♪ yeah just closed my eyes and swung ♪ ♪ you left me crashing in a blazing fall ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck me ♪ ♪ yeah, you wreck me ♪ i never meant to start a war ♪ i just wanted you to let me in ♪ ♪ and instead of using force ♪ i guess i should have let you win ♪ ♪ i never meant to start a war ♪ i just wanted you to let me in ♪ ♪ i guess i should have let you win ♪ ♪ don't you ever say i just walked away ♪ ♪ i will always want you ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i never hit so hard in love
8:55 am
♪ always i wanted was to break your walls ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck me ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ yeah i just closed my eyes and swung ♪ ♪ left me crashing in a blazing fall ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck me ♪ ♪ yeah, you, wreck me ♪ yeah, you, you wreck me >> thank you guys. >> miley cyrus, thank you so much. the new album is called bangers. and we're back with much more of today after a check of your
8:56 am
good monday morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm lauer ya garcia-cannon. san jose opening its doors to the newest high school campus this morning. it's located near highway 85 in south san jose. the school is designed for students who need more academic help. the campus is small. about 300 students are enrolled. let's hand it over to meteorologist christina loren with a look at the forecast.
8:57 am
>> good morning. a beautiful week ahead. we do have a very slight chance for showers, but not until wednesday. otherwise, 83 degrees inland for today. we're going to drop down to about 79 for tomorrow. coolest day of the week will be wednesday. we're going to start to level off, holding on to beautiful weather for the rest of the week. hope you have a great day. what can you score at t.j.maxx?
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on this monday morning, october 7th, 2013 inside studio 1-a. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales. >> miley monday. >> miley mania on the "today" show. rock it out there. >> it was great. >> some of the interview with matt was fascinating wasn't it? >> wow, yes. >> let's just start with sex after 40. >> should we set the record straight on this. >> you're not quite 40 yet. >> what's it like after 40? >> how many years do you have to go? >> i have two more years. >> enjoy those two years. >> it's the greatest 30 seconds you'll ever enjoy. >> it's wrong.
9:01 am
that's not true. >> i'm kidding. >> wrong, not true. >> not true. >> she talked to matt about the sinead o'connor. she attacked me but i'm used to it. >> the foam finger thing came up. we'll never look at foam fingers the same after this. >> you put snl together with her performance out there, through all the smoke and mirrors and everything she is really talented. she can sing and she can perform. >> and we're talking about miley cyrus. >> she will last because of her talent. >> it's part of the strategic hot mess plan. we're still talking about her a month later. >> we'll hear more from miley cyrus later in this hour. she will do a song from us as well. >> terrific. >> early on today savannah talked to elizabeth smart, this after friday when meredith did the one hour special. elizabeth was the kidnapping victim. the nine month ordeal.
9:02 am
she has a book called "my story." she was 14 years old taken from her salt lake city bedroom in 2002. she described her experience to savannah. >> it was the scariest moment of my life. i mean, as far as 14 year olds go, i probably was on the naive side. i mean, i had lived a very sheltered life. so when i woke up in the middle of the night to see a strange man standing above my bed holding a knife at my neck, i just couldn't believe that it was real. i couldn't believe that this was happening to me. it was the scariest moment of my life. looking at him again and realizing that he no longer has any part of my life, and he will never control me ever again or make me feel bad ever again. that he no longer exists in my life. >> yeah, and the other thing she
9:03 am
said was -- >> so incredible. >> talking about the idea that the greatest punishment for her abductor is that she is happy and living a fulfilled life was his life is over. >> and she wanted to speak out now and she wrote this book just so that victims of these kinds of crimes realize that there is happiness. that you move forward. you move on in life and what an incredible young lady. it gives me goosebumps. >> she is 25 and she is married and meredith went back with her to the place where she was taken when she was snatched from her bedroom and meredith said she was struck about her poise and her strength to be able to go there. didn't shed a tear. wanted to show how strong she was. she is an incredible young woman. >> she doesn't want to remain a victim. she's a survivor. >> she's more than a survivor. >> incredible young woman. shutdown continues today. old story. 7th day of the shutdown. let's look at the bright side, the snl side.
9:04 am
>> there you go. >> weekend update had an interesting take on the shutdowns winners and losers. >> loser, john boehner, i feel sorry for you buddy. it's exhausting watching you trying to maintain your dignity while wrangling the tea party maniacs. >> loser, the obama care website which had technical issues all week because of too much web traffic. you can't campaign on the fact that millions don't have health care and then be surprised that millions don't have health care. how could you not be ready? that's like 1-800-flowers getting caught off guard by valentine's day. >> winner, canada, senator ted cruz was born in canada. so while we were worried about iran, china, and north korea, a canadian shutdown the u.s. government. well played, canada. >> i love the 1-800-flowers line. that's a great line.
9:05 am
>> by the way, the pentagon on saturday said it would call most of it's 350,000 furloughed civilian workers back to their jobs saying they're allowed to consider them critical to protecting national security. a lot of them are going to get back pay. congress did the right thing and voted for that. >> which brings us to the next story. talking about security. >> what on earth -- did you hear about this, a 9-year-old kid, 9 years old gets through security at the minneapolis st. paul airport on to a delta flight, flies from the twin cities to vegas. >> vegas, baby. >> without a ticket, a boarding pass, gets through security gets through the gate and on the flight and arrives in las vegas. finally questioned and stopped in nevada because on the plane the flight attendant started to wonder is this kid. >> he said his parents were toward the back. >> couldn't find the parents. tsa said the child was screened along with other passengers to ensure he was not a threat to
9:06 am
the aircraft. delta says we're investigating the situation and working with the authorities involved. >> on the upside he gets frequent flyer miles. >> can you imagine the phone call the parents got on that one. we have your 9-year-old. i can't imagine. i have a 9-year-old. he wouldn't even know what to do and certainly not think to go to las vegas. >> yeah, maybe orlando. >> the kid showed smarts going to vegas. i guess he took light rail to the airport. went through tsa. that's where it begins. you have to have a boarding pass. >> i bet it was like a reverse of home alone. he probably got in with a family, you know, as they're going through. and of course you never check everybody and boom the kid is through and then probably sneaks on. >> and i guess at the gate he said he waited until the attendants were distracted and said my parents were on a flight already. lots of questions still on this one for sure. >> yeah. >> and he won 50,000 at the tables. >> yes he did.
9:07 am
he paid for his flight home. >> mike tyson is still looking for the tiger. >> it's the next hangover movie. a little less edgy. we're excited about sochi. february next year. it's going to be great right here on the nbc family of networks. >> february 7th. >> got off to a rocky start. the olympic flame relay starts today but it arrived sunday morning where a ceremony was held. you notice there is no flame there. that's tun official torch relay. >> a little wind gust coming out of the tunnel. >> wait for the best part. he is looking at the crowd, does anybody have a lighter. >> watch the guy come out with the zippo lighter. >> got to have a light. >> just the way the greeks imagined it all the years back. >> there you go. thanks boris. >> and flame back on. >> flame on. >> that's not the official flame, flame then if it went out. they had to relight it.
9:08 am
>> no, it's the lighter flame which will be forever remembered. >> is that bad luck? is that a sign? >> it goes out all the time. >> still not when you're going into the stadium. that's just not good. >> you have to have one of those standing by. >> i like the guy that's carrying it. he just keeps moving. >> waiting for somebody with a lighter. >> good thing that lighter was handy. >> here i go. oh, epic fail. >> he thinks it's coming back on at this point. is it there? no. anybody? >> he's looking around. >> i need a light. >> come on, look, it's out. come on, no, seriously. come on. >> anyone? >> that is fantastic. >> and so begin the sochi games. >> oh, man. >> it will go off without a hitch for sure. >> that's what you need. >> what's going on with the weather, al. >> it was a wild weekend. things have come down. let's show you what's going on right now. storm system coming into the pacific northwest. we're also looking at a beautiful day in boulder, colorado. lots of sunshine curtesy of our
9:09 am
friends at earth cam. we do have a risk of strong storms later today in the northeast. wet weather along the mid-atlantic states and into the southeast. reminisces of karen that fizzled out. windy conditions in northern california. plenty of sunshine all the way down into texas where temperatures will get up 9:09. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are going to be comfortable. feeling like fall this morning. mostly sunny along the bay bridge. the entire coastline at this point is crystal clear. those low clouds will roll back in throughout the evening hours. tomorrow we have a cooler day on tap. 77 degrees in fremont for today. 79 in san jose. 74 in san francisco. temperatures continue to tumble not just for tomorrow but wednesday as well. maybe a stray shower wednesday afternoon. how excited are you for the tom hanks movie captain phillips. i can't wait to see that.
9:10 am
we've got this month's big entertainment dates to circle on your calendar right after this. entertainment dates to circle on your calendar right after th ♪ [ male announcer ] when ziggy appeared at their door, he opened up jake's very private world. jake's family thought they saved ziggy, but their connection has been lifesaving.
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it's a very good reason to enjoy something sweet with the ones you love. think sugar, say splenda™ ♪ we're a week into october and it's a good time to mark your calendar for the biggest dates in music, movies and tv. >> from miley cyrus's new album to series premiere and book releases, a lot to keep up this with month. >> making sure we know which dates to circle, jessica shaw is back with us. jessica, good morning. >> good morning. let's jump in. we watched miley cyrus on the plaza and her album will be released october 8th. >> yeah, now i wonder if sometimes her craft and her singing and song writing is
9:14 am
overshadowed by the performing and twerking with teddy bears, tongue sticking out. the fact is this album is really good. we just saw her perform two songs off the album and they're great. our music critic gave it an a-minus. >> today twerking with mushrooms. a whole new category. >> yeah. >> another big guest on the "today" show was tom hanks. can't wait to see captain phillips. >> absolutely. i was listening to him talk about it. he plays a captain taken hostage. tom hanks is pretty much a lock to get an oscar nomination for this. it's a theme we'll see a lot at the oscars. survival stories. gravity which opened this past weekend. we'll see that a lot. >> and then the walking dead coming back. >> are you excited? >> okay. so last season there were a lot of human problems. there was the governor, this season we're back to zombies. all zombies all the time. so many of them. hundreds and hundreds. >> wow.
9:15 am
>> looking forward to that october 13th. >> october 18th two big movie releases, first "all is lost". with robert redford. >> we were talking about vsur striefl stories. >> yeah, he plays a man lost at sea and that's it. there's very little dialogue. there are no flash backs with other actors in it. it's just him. >> like castaway but at sea. >> there's no volleyball. >> no wilson? the interesting thing about redford, he hasn't been nominated for an acting oscar since the sting in 1974. >> is that true? >> yeah. it is. are you questioning my facts? >> i just like to call you out sometimes and make sure you tell us the truth. >> he'll get one for this. >> carrie is another one. >> yes, the remake of the 1976 classic horror movie. perfect timing around halloween. chloe grace more et cetera plays the role. julianne moore plays her bible quoting mom who throws her in in the basement. >> i cannot wait for a new book
9:16 am
by john grisham, coming out on the 22nd, actually a sequel to "a time to kill". >> it's interesting because he could not find a publisher for this book. no one wanted to. he would shop it around from publisher to publisher and everyone was like no and then he became big later and they published it. this is a sequel to it and he deals with another case. with racial tension. >> called "sycamore row". >> and katy perry also releasing her album. on the 22nd. >> there's big expectations for this album. her last one had 5 number one singles. she tied michael jackson. >> wow. so this is a little more mature katy perry. she won't be shooting fireworks out of her boobs anymore. >> roar has already been number one. >> yes, she performed it at the mtv movie awards. great song. nbc has a big, in two weeks from friday, the 25th, a couple of shows coming out. "grimm" is back and the premiere of dracula". >> i know. i'm excited for dracula.
9:17 am
he has perfected that creepy sexy thing. it's from the executive producers of downton abbey so there's costumes and balls and forbidden romance. the walking dead only have zombies but grimm has zombies and mermaids and sewer gators. >> it's like sharknado. >> i know. >> fantastic. >> friday nights on nbc. one more. >> j.k.rowling, new book. october 29th. >> this is the hogwarts library. this is nothing new. you can't wave a magic stick and get awe new harry potter. this is a collection of the magical beasts and thing just repackaged. just another way to repackage and maybe make more money. >> like she needs more money, right? >> yeah. >> as we look forward, so much is coming out in october, is there anything else for november? plenty left for november. a lot of the oscar movies come out in november and december. even though there's big things
9:18 am
coming out, robert redford, tom hanks, there are huge things coming in november and december. >> yeah, always around thanksgiving. count on that. jessica shaw, looking forward to it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, all the news you need before you are leaving your house this morning. we'll get to all of that, but first, these messages. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... leaving your house this morning. eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion. and i believe it's doing a good job. well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ must be the honey!
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9:22 am
taking a look at the headlines, a new analysis of crime in the united states indicates the most dangerous state in the country is tennessee. the study by 24/7 wall street looked at fbi statistics on murder, robbery and aggravated assault and tennessee had the highest rate of violent crime followed by nevada and alaska. rounding out the top ten, new mexico, south carolina, delaware, louisiana, florida, maryland, and oklahoma. >> there is help for military families effected by the government shutdown. sams club is offering free temporary passes to all military personnel retirees and their families until domestic commissaries reopen. customers need to show a military i.d., proof of fast or present military service. >> a new study is suggesting that athletes including la lebron james, serena williams and peyton manning have a big
9:23 am
influence on teens. the study looked at more than 500 brands associated with sports figures and find some of the biggest names star in campaigns for unhealthy foods and athletes that promote junk food maybe sending mixed messages. >> gas powered leaf blowers do more than clean lawns. they can worsen allergies and pollute the air. they are dirtier when it comes to emissions than large pick up trucks. they say you may want to consider other cleaner alternatives such as electric leaf blowers. >> the new drama "gravity" soared to the top of the box office over the weekend taking in more than $55 million. it was the best opening for any film by bullock of clooney. cloudy with a chance of meatballs in second and runner runner in third. buckingham palace is hosting a
9:24 am
soccer match to mark the 150th anniversary of the english soccer association. prince william is hosting the group and warned a player don't break a window or you have to answer to my grandmother. let's send it back over to willie and al. >> natalie, did you know that al roker came in second at the box office this weekend. >> that's right. cloudy with a chance of meatballs. >> in your face afleck. >> there he is. >> behind hainnks but ahead of afleck. >> cousins undercover here. ♪ na na na na na ♪ i woke up to a new day ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our natural shredded cheese so you can bring a creamier melt to any morning. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪
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9:26 am
good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a new photo of the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. it's the burnt-out limo showing the small opening the survivors had to crawl out of just to avoid the flames. the cpuc says it will release its full investigation soon but says there's not enough evidence for criminal negligence charges to be filed. five women died when flames erupted in the back of that limo in may. investigators are looking into the cause of an early morning house fire in palo alto. it broke out not far from -- no one was living inside the house when it started and it looked leek the homeowners were
9:27 am
preparing for some sort of renovation. congratulations to two bay area scientists for jointly winning the 2013 nobel prize for medicine this morning. randy schekman is a professor of molecular and cellular biology. thomas sudhof hails from stanford university. they helped researchers gain a better understanding of diseases. quite impressive. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic after this break. [ phone ringing ] [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great,
9:28 am
very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year! you could be playing bingo right now! woooo! and there's movie night -- you love movies! [ laughs ] sorry honey, can't hear you -- bad connection. love you! [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] available at walmart, for a low price every day. welcome back. good monday morning. beautiful blue sky here. we're going to check on your drive with mike in just a moment. want to show you the same blue sky over san francisco. it is clear out there. temperatures are going to be really comfortable today. plenty of 70s around the inner bay. 79 degrees in san jose today. 83 for livermore. 74 degrees in san francisco. staying nice and comfortable as we head through the week. we have a very slight chance for a stray shower on wednesday.
9:29 am
overall, temperature aren't going to drop off by that much. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> looking over here towards san jose, which was looking good until a few minutes ago. look at this. things are bogging down, north 101 toward north mckey because of a crash. things are thinning out as far as your commute. the earlier crash has cleared, but a new crash is bogging down from tulley once again. southbound direction of 880 slow. peninsula is fine. back to you. >> sounds good. we'll have another local news update for you on this monday morning in about half an hour. enjoy your day. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99.
9:30 am
real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. welcome back to today. it's monday morning, october 7th, 2013. i'm willie along with al and natalie. tell me what you would do in this situation. a bar tender gets a tip from a regular customer that leaves her with keynote tickets which is essentially this is nothing. this is a piece of paper. in this case, one of the two tip tickets won $17,500 in the oregon lottery. the bartender said the look on the guy's face was incredible. i automatically handed it back to him and said this is your ticket keep it. but he insisted she keep the money but she did end up giving him a little cut. >> that photo we showed you, that's not the patron. that's another patron at the bar. but that was the bartender.
9:31 am
so the question is would you give the ticket back? would you take it back? >> i would offer the guy the cut. they did the right thing. >> she gave him a little bit of the percentage of the commission. >> i'm going to start tipping at restaurants with keynote tickets. >> that's how it works. >> here's a scratch off. good luck. >> here comes geist. >> al, you're moving, aren't you? >> i am. we have breaking weather news coming up here for the northeast. come on with me. let's show you. we've got a tornado watch now. this is unusual for this time of the year. from syracuse new york out to albany all the way down to washington d.c. new york city on the fringe of that. we'll be keeping an eye on this. we have the risk of damaging winds, a few tornadoes possible. we'll be looking at more showers and thunderstorms. we've got the slight risk stretching from new england all the way down into the peninsula. so those showers and thunderstorms will be hanging around. rest of the country, we've got a beautiful day on tap. 65, some showers and thunderstorms in chicago but you
9:32 am
get down into the mid-section of the u.s. looking good. 86 in brownsville texas. beautiful day in los angeles. another storm coming on shore in the pacific northwest with temperatures mid to upper 50s. again, the tornado watch in the northeast in effect until 75 in santa cruz. 79 in san jose. it's going to get interesting as we head through the midsection of the week. wild card is wednesday. will we see showers? about a 10% to 20% chance. overall, cooler weather. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks a lot. you had a sofa delivered and it was too big for your space. maybe you have a coffee table
9:33 am
with so many scratches on it you're thinking about getting a new one. we have just the guys to solve those problems. >> every week, hgtv's cousins under cover set out across the country to give the surprise of a lifetime, a home make over to a small town hero. they're here to help us solve your decor dilemmas. >> we should point out, there's a lot of jersey up here right now. >> there is. >> between the four of us, this is a lot of jersey. >> we're taking over the city. >> what are the common mistakes -- you solve a lot of problems -- but what are the biggest mistakes people are making. >> people are coming to us and just recently in an episode that we are doing on cousins undercover, you know, families, they don't know where to position any of their furniture and we tell people all the time you have to be able to float your furniture. floating furniture actually makes the room look larger. by pushing it up against the wall, a lot of times that makes the space not look as large as
9:34 am
it really does. we saw that. >> yeah, i think the biggest thing between floating or putting it against the wall is scaling. before you buy furniture, measure your room. it really helps. the scale of things is really what matters. so take your length and take your width and then, you know, what we like to tell people is don't buy the couch the first day. go to the store, measure the couch, go home with painters tape and tape the lines on the floor in your room. step back. does it feel good? if it feels good in tape, it's going to feel good once it get there is. if it looks large in tape, it will be way big. >> make sure it can fit through the door too. i don't think a lot of people think to measure their doorway. >> and i'm going to tell them, we have made that mistake. >> yes, okay. glad to know i'm not alone. >> we did it with a 15 foot counter top. so it got a little interesting. >> saw it in half. let's look at examples. the sofa that was too small. we have a before picture of what that would look like. you eye ball it at the store and
9:35 am
you get it home and it's a little too small for the room. >> the otolaryngolotoman is big the sofa. >> they would take it and throw it against a wall or a corner. you have a huge void in your house. that's unused space. >> right. >> so it actually makes your space look smaller. for example, if you are going through an open house and there's no furniture in the house, it doesn't look as big as when furniture is actually in. it looks totally dirgefferent. that's why we say move it away from the wall. use an ottoman and put in in there. >> that's what you're talking about floating space. >> yes. >> the one that's too large, what do you do about that. >> whoa. are you serious? >> that's a really big couch. >> that's not a real picture. >> you doctored that. >> i don't think anyone would put a couch that big but if the couch is too big then you can
9:36 am
throw it against a wall but make sure that you're having something in front of it. have that coffee table. have an ottoman and side tables. don't leave it alone by itself. make sure you're putting other elements around it. >> let's get tour fixes here. we have this coffee table, one of the most used pieces of furniture in a room. what do you do when it's scratched on the top. >> first, this is a real wood coffee table. when you have real products you can fix them. if you have a table that's a lament type of material it's hard to get scratches out of them. >> right. >> you can use marker pens and others to try to hide them but you can't get rid of them. >> okay. >> with a real wood surface you can sand out scratches. a palm sander is great. it take ace long time to sand things out by hand. you do need to use sandpaper by hand when you're on the edges
9:37 am
because you don't want to flatten anything out and make sharp edges but you want to step through your sandpaper. start at 80 or 100 grit is what we have here and work up to a 220 grit which is finer and gets you finished. >> what do you do with the nuts? >> we -- that's not bad. they're pretty good. they taste good. >> distract people from the scratches, that's nice. >> we have pecans and walnuts here. >> if you have a walnut table use the walnuts. >> you can fill the scratch. you can see the brown starting to come off and it covers it in. >> did you guys invent that? i'm impressed. >> that's a cheap fix. >> a very cheap fix. >> let's go to the wall quick. >> so feature walls is something my cousin and i both love doing a lot in different homes but it doesn't have to be just for
9:38 am
esthetics. you can use it to cover up holes and problems. rather than go through the mess of resheet rocking and spackeling, you want to make sure you're not covering up major problems. this doesn't fix leaks, for example. you can't cover up a problem like that. but if you do have a hole in the wall, reclaimed planks are great. they're going to be a little more expensive. you'll have to hunt for those but if you go to your local hardware store you can pick up -- we did a tongue and groove pine. it's economical. >> we're running out of time. >> cousins undercover on hgtv.
9:39 am
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♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's so groovy now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ ♪ i think it's wonderful now ♪ that people are finally getting together. ♪ >> announcer: today's education nation is brought to you by exxon mobil. >> on education nation, how some young girls are getting excited about stem, science, technology, engineering and math. >> i caught up with these bronx students as they discovered they're just as good as those subjects as the boys. >> i can sit here and just create and create and carreate. eporter: at a pilot school bringing computer science and software engineering classes to
9:43 am
youth girls can learn about producing beats and songs. >> this is actually the actual game control. >> reporter: and the basic language of code to create video games. >> you lost me at electricity starts when -- >> sorry. >> i'm confused. >> reporter: meet cynthia, clarissa and geneva. >> how many of you when you thought about coding or video gaming or music said that's something i'm interesting in? you did? was that scary or intimidating at first? >> that was more of a guys thing. i was skeptical. >> when i came to the school at first i was like i don't want to go to school but people that want to make the video game that's not what i want to do. but now i learned it's fun and relates to real life. >> we found that given our population of students that bringing in the element of art and integrating it across science, technology, engineering and path that it provided more entry points and got students
9:44 am
more excited about typical stem learning. girls do a 360 and by the end, they're sharing with the boys how to complete projects. >> i could speak to a guy and like, you're doing that wrong and then i'll fix it and help them. >> reporter: it's giving you confidence to the point where you're correcting the guys? >> yes. >> reporter: yet the national center for women and information technology tell us that most girls study science, just not computer science. and while girls are avid users of tech, women are significantly underrepresented when it comes to being creators in the tech field. so you're going to show me simple code here? >> yeah, so this is scratch. >> reporter: 22-year-old rebecca garcia, a white house honoree is a role model. she offered free computer science skills to a nonprofit she cofounded. >> you can use coding and computer science and like analytical thinking combining with your creativity, you know,
9:45 am
for any job that you're taking now. it doesn't mean you have to become a programmer and engineer but knowing that you can build something and how much work goes into the things that we use every day is pretty important. >> you never know. we could take what we're doing now in high school and pursue it when we get older. >> it makes me feel pretty comfortable. like i'm conquering the world and things like that. >> and programs that emphasize stem learning are hoping to make a difference. also of note, michelle obama is putting emphasis on the importance of women and technology and is meeting with them in silicon valley this weekend. >> coming up next, it's a party weekend. >> coming up next, it's a party on the plaza with acso 45 states and then district of columbia have voluntarily decided to raise the bar with consistent educational standards. now, students in those states will have a better chance to succeed in college and careers and to compete in the global economy. which means a better future for our students and our nation.
9:46 am
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series brought to you by "today." >> miley cyrus has taken over your stage. >> her album bangers hits stores tomorrow. >> and here she is singing "party in the usa." ♪ i hopped off the plane at l.a.x. ♪ welcome to the land of sex ♪ i jumped in the cab and looked to my right and see the hollywood sign ♪ ♪ this is all so crazy
9:50 am
♪ everybody seems so famous ♪ i'm feeling home sick and jacksons on the radio ♪ ♪ and the jay-z song we love ♪ i put my hands up ♪ playing my song ♪ i got it in my head like yeah ♪ ♪ moving my hips like yeah ♪ hands up, playing my song ♪ you know i'm going to be okay ♪ ♪ it's a party in the usa ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ it's a party in the usa ♪ get in the taxi tab and everybody's looking at me now ♪ ♪ who is that chick ♪ she's got to be from out of town ♪ ♪ it's horrible my girl's around me ♪
9:51 am
♪ it's a nashville party ♪ i guess i never got the memo ♪ and i'm feeling home sick ♪ too much pressure and nervous ♪ ♪ that's when the dee jay drops my favorite song and it's a britney song we love, a britney song we love ♪ ♪ and i put my hands up ♪ i got it in my head like yeah ♪ ♪ i'm moving my hips like yeah ♪ hands up playing my song ♪ you know i'm going to be okay ♪ ♪ just a party in the usa ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ it's a party in the usa ♪ back in my hometown tonight ♪ something stops me every time ♪ ♪ the dee jay plays my song
9:52 am
♪ and i say all right ♪ so i put my hands up playing my song ♪ ♪ i'm got it in my head yeah ♪ and moving my hips like yeah ♪ i put my hands up playing my song ♪ ♪ you know i'm going to be okay yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ party in the usa ♪ it's a party in the usa ♪ hands up ♪ playing my song ♪ i'm got it in my head like area ♪ ♪ moving my hips like yeah ♪ you know i'm going to be okay ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ it's a party in the usa ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ it's a party in the usa ♪ yeah, ♪ it's a party in the usa
9:53 am
>> miley cyrus rocking the plaza. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. . >> [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
9:54 am
i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex.
9:55 am
coming up on kathie lee and hoda. we talked to elizabeth smart and her story of resilience. and a lucky viewer will win a new room. and they also have foam finger. first, your local news.
9:56 am
good morning to you. it is 9:56. former president jimmy carter is in oakland this morning. he's visiting a habitat for humanity site. president carter, his wife, and country music stars trisha yearwood and garth brooks will
9:57 am
help build 12 new homes in east oakland. we'll have an update on their progress at 11:00. this morning, pg & e officials are in the process of shutting down a natural gas pipeline in san carlos that city officials believe could be unsafe. that pipeline known as line 147 runnings along britain avenue between highway 101 and interstate 280. the worry is that could it fail and explode like san bruno back in 2010. city leaders requested the shutdown, citing an internal e-mail from a pg & e engineer who raised concerns about safety. it's a nice day in store for us, but it's going to get cooler. let's look at the forecast. >> thanks, marla. we're talking about tumbling temperatures this week. with temperatures dropping by about 2 to 5 degrees from yesterday's highs as of this afternoon. plenty of 70s, though. it's going to be comfortable. yesterday was pretty warm. 83 degrees on the way to livermore. 84 in san jose.
9:58 am
74 in san francisco. getting into the next couple days, temperatures are going to continue to drop and maybe a few rain drops on wednesday. let's look at your morning drive and say hi to mike. >> good morning. we're looking toward san jose. much better than a half hour ago. north 101 looks a little smoother from our live camera. our map still shows it's a little slow but recovering. here things are smooth, like we said. speeds coming back up. still slow south 680 coming around the bend. no major problems. there you see also eastbound 580 a little slow heading toward 680. back to you. >> very good. thanks, mike. we'll be back at 10:26 with our next update. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
[ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it's a nice fun day monday in new york city. october 7th. hoda, you know what happened five 1/2 years ago today? >> five 1/2 years ago today? no, i don't. >> i joined you on the "today" show. >> oh, gosh! >> it's our five 1/2 an variousry. >> is it really? today? >> oh. five 1/2 years? >> five 1/2 years. >> let's celebrate, celebrate.
10:01 am
>> hot halloween costumes we'll get to in a minute. we have a show filled with -- >> strong. >> strong women. >> empowered women. >> and very, very smart. >> we have, elizabeth smart is with us today. i talked about reading her book. so moving and powerful. it gives you hope. if somebody can live through what she lived through and have the grace, forgiveness and kindness and normalcy that she has, there is hope for you today, we look at life's problems, day in, day out, you listen to elizabeth's story and honestly, you think, i didn't know somebody could make it through something like that, but she is one of those shining examples. i can't wait to see her. >> and the other one. diana nyack, fresh from that swim in the seas. swimming two days straight coming up. >> in a pool! >> if that weren't silly enough,
10:02 am
she thinks we're going to get in it with her. >> they don't make enough bathing caps. >> this is a woman -- >> yeah. >> we love her. >> we love her and you are proud of her. >> on our plaza is was a big, big, big morning, because -- >> miley was here. ♪ remember only god can judge you, if you're a hater, somebody loves ya ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> lying in the bathroom, trying to get -- ♪ >> yeah. >> okay. a modern miley kind of day around here. apparently getting very good grades for her appearance as musical guest and host of "snl." did you see it? >> i saw a little of it. we'll roll the clip.
10:03 am
can you tell from our people behind the scenes you get to know hoe somebody really is. and everybody who worked with miley cyrus behind the scene said she was so kind, nice, sweet, adaptable, all of those things. >> not a diva moment and apparently donna you our wardrobe lady said the same thing. she's always like that at "snl." if that's right, the -- >> in case you missed it, here's a little bit of "snl." >> i'm not going to do hannah montana but i can give you an update on what happened to her. she was murdered. guys, i just don't think we should do that wrecking ball sketch. >> what? come on! >> sorry. >> oh, look. it's teddy. great rehearsal. >> we shouldn't be doing this! this is for kids! >> i'll see you onstage.
10:04 am
>> she had a lot of fun. >> well good for her, and she was -- wowing the crowd out there. was she wearing a diaper, though? what was that? apparently frank just called and said, i want to get you one of those. >> how was your weekend? >> yes. the halloween costume of the year is, it is hot. >> it's so tiny. >> i thought they were going to put it on. >> no. >> you left, you know what -- anyway, if you want the hot costume, you've just seen it. there it is. it's going to be everywhere. >> you went off to beautiful cayman islands this weekend. >> i'll tell you about it t. was a spectacular beautifully event. heather mclaughlin did the thing. how beautiful the room was, how great the people were. of all the people you meet at events like this, you meet a lot of people, the room was rockin'. a big party atmosphere, but
10:05 am
there was one young lady, a guy who acted like a waiter and started singing pavarotti in the room. >> is his make michael? mike? >> i think it s. is. >> he used to be a waiter at -- >> yes. they call themselves waiters. she was a transformative figure in my life and she's a breast cancer survivor. now has bone cancer that moved to her bones. she's an optimist. look in the her eyes, you can see it. she stood at the podium, doesn't have a long time to love but said i'm the luckiest woman in the room. i'm married to him and have all of these friends and people who support me. it was a beautiful, beautiful weekend. >> i am so glad. wonderful. you came back raving about everything. >> how was yob weekend? >> my weekend looked like it was going to be something, but i had to be mommy all weekend long. no, it wasn'ty cody, no, it
10:06 am
wasn't cass. >> what happened? >> that is bambino with the cone of shame. bambino i am sad to report had a bowel obstruction. very bad bowel obstruction. you know how they rub their bottoms, were you, he had rawed his little butt until it was awful. we had to take him to the vet. we take him to the vet. all weekend long i spent putting preparation h on bambino and benadryl every four hours so it wouldn't be itchy and slept with him all night. i was up all night friday, all night saturday. i thought any minute he's going to projectile bottom -- no difference between whnen i was taking care of my kids and bambino? >> what's the obstruction? >> i'm at fault. we've had different vets through the year.
10:07 am
dogs can have all the table food people have. if it's healthy food, it's healthy food. i always have given louis and lola the same -- you know, just a little tiny bit in there. >> yeah. >> and -- >> oh, no. >> he can't. too little. can't handle it. so just a warning. if you have -- yes! >> look at his cone. >> he's feeling better. i took the cone of shame off and he went right for his -- he's been drugged all weekend long. not out of the woods just yet. your heart goes out to them. you love them so much. it's timely time for our big living room reveal. >> yes, i want to see this. >> remember, vera dushy won the makeover contest. >> that's dushy. we messed it up last time. and now we remember. >> don't get it wrong again. >> vera and her husband and daughters and son here in new york. we're going to reveal --
10:08 am
>> you think you're going to say it wrong? >> what is it? >> mayapac? i know that so well. >> she's from -- [ talking together ] >> new york. >> two great brothers, you know, helping us with this from hg tv. >> drew and jonathan scott are on the scene. you guy, how did the weekend go? >> the weekend, great. where are we right now? pronounce that one more time? >> we're having a lot of fun. my team's been here working tirelessly through the weekend with the folks from hg tv home. night and day. >> they're going to be blown away. such a beautiful family. i'm excited to see how they react. >> are these the befores? >> yes. >> we're going to show the after in a segment coming up. guys, we're so excited. i saw them in "people" magazine, by the way, the recent one. they're very fancy. >> great. you guys, looking forward to that. >> we're back from the summer. we're going to be doing "every has a story" again on thursday.
10:09 am
i got a flrom a theresa sirraili believe it's pronounced from new york city. >> what city? >> manhattan. >> a singer/songwriter, struck by an impaired driver down in midtown manhattan june 11, 2002. lost her right leg and her hip. imagine that. right on impact. obviously, she was devastated. with the helps loved one, doctors, caregivers and music therapy she recovered and is now using her music gift to help others. she says the act of visiting and singing for other trauma patients, as a patient herself, many, many people freshly back from iraq or afghanistan truly transformed her. >> is she on the phone? >> she is. dedicated to her work and on the phone with us. theresa, how are you? >> hi! i'm great. how are you? >> you sound awesome and we are so looking forward to meeting you on's thursday, but what's going to happen, you're going to make history here now, theresa.
10:10 am
i don't know how many times we've done this. we're up to about 50 "everyone has a story" that we've done. you're the very first one that's actually going to sing the song david and i have written for you. we're so excited about that. >> oh, i am thrilled beyond belief and grateful beyond words and so is my family. >> glad you don't have to travel too far. looking forward to seeing you. >> me, too. >> thank you. god bless. >> favorite things, you guys. if you buy one book, one book, buy this one. "david and goliath." i saw it at the apt. picked it up. it's about how the little guy can beat the big guy, whether a ragtag basketball team that beats the big team? a ragtag little army that beats the big army or a kid with dyslexia, becomes the ceo of a company. i tore through the whole book. on the last couple of pages and don't want it to end. "david and goliath."
10:11 am
>> i have a book, too. and i read it on saturday while i was holding -- called "the reason for life's hope" by billy graham. she he is 95 years old now. his son franklin will be on tomorrow. i read the book in anticipation of our guest. >> next week. >> thank you, honey. so i didn't have to rush? anyway, billy is a dear friend, but this book -- i learned things about what napoleon said about jesus, about what all these people in history have said. it's fascinating. i'd never known that. it's $15 on >> wondering about the price of this bad boy? $39.99 at spirit $40. >> $40. could be it you? about to surprise our celebrity fan of the week. >> and, boy, this movie took the world by storm. it was out of this world. >> yeah, literally. >> uh-huh.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
tylenol®. all right. we are back now with "today's buzz" and all the celebrity new that is you just cannot start your week without. >> newest celebrities making debut. chris witherspoon, if that's his real name. >> it is. >> all the scoop. entertainment editor and host of "the dish" at >> well, well, well, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, ladies. >> start with miley. talking about her. quite a weekend. >> yes. can't get enough of her. an amazing weekend. we saw her on "snl." i think she did a great job. really went out there and performed. that's what we know her for, her performance. a really tame show, nothing controversial. that's the dress she wore to the after-party. the same as for the wrecking ball but oversized shirt that showed all. you see the bra and panties.
10:16 am
shear, with the paparazzi, you really see all. >> she's in control of all of this she knows exactly what she's doing? >> she knows what she's doing. she told matt she's the happiest she's ever been. i think this is a great start for the new chapter for miley, personally. >> great. big weekend at the box office. "gravity." >> way beyond expectations. >> brought in $55.6 million. the highest grossing film for sandra bullock and george clooney. >> word of mouth. it was huge, huge from the beginning. >> like hollywood royalty right now. robert downey jr. was also cast to possibly play george clooney's role but didn't get the part because he does too much improving. also scarlet johansson was in the runnings to play the part that sandra bullock is playing, angelina jolie. >> it's amazing we don't think of that. >> these two are meant for this role. i think sanda might be getting the oscar nomination for this
10:17 am
again. >> cate blanchett they said had it locked up until this. >> i was breathless throughout the whole film. >> the plot, what is she doing out there, floating around? >> basically. that's my whole thing. we were given legs to be here on the ground. i don't see why you need to be in space, but it's a -- >> they get untethered and -- what? 90 minutes trying to get back to the mother ship. >> it, works. it works, though. one of those 3d films and what's great about this film, it's bringing out a different demo that normally goes to see these films. it brings out an older viewer. that's great. >> we have ever intention of seeing that, of seeing -- what was the other one that came out, "captain phillips" is that out? >> yes. out this friday. >> coming. i didn't miss that. all right. >> still a great one, too. >> good news for halle berry. >> back on duty. halle berry, a 5-year-old
10:18 am
daughter. gave birth over the weekend to a boy. her and her boyfriend a hot couple. halle's had a rough year fighting paparazzi. >> but she won. >> she won. >> there's a new bill. this go-around, an easier time being a mom and also doing a new tv show with steven spielberg. working, getting ready to make a move to tv. >> hopefully found personal happiness as well. >> i think she has. she got married in july. they're both 47. they're a great couple and i think they get each other. >> good, good, good. speaking of babies, kim kardashian's swaddled little bundle. >> they are beautiful. people buzzing saying this might be the most beautiful baby in hollywood right now. >> wait a minute. my kids are out there. okay? there you go. >> instagram. what's wrong with you? saying, look at this. look at this. >> no. this baby is beautiful, and -- >> look at her. >> only the second photo. >> love that -- >> that plush background she's
10:19 am
on, that little fur thing, whatever it is. the baby's beautiful. a great combination of kim and kanye. second time we've seen the baby since kanye debuted the baby on kris jenner's talk show in june. >> she's got -- a throw. >> i want that for my house. >> okay. very nice to see you. >> thank you for the lovely job. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. all right. she swam, yes, swam from cuba to florida. now diana nyad is about to make another splash. >> and a lucky viewer is going to get a phone call. >> it may be you. because an empty pan is a blank canvas. ♪ [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. ♪ [ man #1 ] to remember my grandmother. [ woman #3 ] to show my love. ♪ [ woman #4 ] because life needs flavor. ♪ [ woman #5 ] to travel the world without leaving home. [ male announcer ] whatever the reason. whatever the dish. make it delicious with swanson.
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10:22 am
so let's talk about your bum on facebook. off to my next destination. it is fun day monday and it is fun day monday and it's time to surprise our fan of the week! >> find out this week's winner is, roll the globe. and the winner is -- >> who? >> ann marie ashdown from tennessee watches on wmc-tv. >> hey, ann marie, congratulations! >> hi.
10:23 am
oh, my gosh, i can't believe i won. >> poor child. she's screaming right in his ear. >> he likes it. so before we tell what you you've won, we want to tell everyone at home while you were named our fan of the week. first of all, you and your adorable 9-month-old son matt watch every day. drinking pineapple juice while he relaxes with a bottle of milk. >> named after the days of the week. fun done monday, boo who tuesday, wacky wednesday, booze day thursday and wacky friday. >> are you ready to find out what you have won, honey? >> yes, i am! >> you and a guest are headed to the luxurious historic inn and organic farm in albuquerque, new mexico. you get four days, three nights in a bed and breakfast at diamond collection inn. >> during your stay, dine at a restaurant for dinner, enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by 25
10:24 am
acres of lavish fields and lush formal gardens. you'll be treated to a wonderful resort property tour. now round-trip airfare for two is also included. >> hotel accommodations provided by los poblomos. and by bed and do you know who you're going to take with you? >> my husband. >> of course you are. >> someone's going to have to watch that adorable little boy. but i don't think you'll have any trouble getting somebody to watch him. >> thank you so much! >> have an awesome time. >> thank you so much. >> lavender fields. oh, my gosh. if you think you deserve to be our "fan of the week" what should you do? >> go to >> first time courtesy of hg-tv show. property brothers. and elizabeth smart's first book after her kidnapping. first, your local news.
10:25 am
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so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. good morning. it is 10:26. former president jimmy carter in is oakland this morning. he and his wife and country music stars tricia yearwood and
10:27 am
garth brooks are helping build 12 new homes in east oakland. congratulations to two bay area scientists for winning the 2013 nobel prize for physiology or medicine. randy schekman is a professor at uc berkeley. thomas sudhof hails from stanford. they earned their prizes for solving the mystery of how the cell organizes its transport system. this has helped researchers gain a better understanding of diabetes and other disorders affecting the immune system. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. nice clear sky over the san francisco bay bridge. looking really good at this hour. cam era holding steady because the winds have relaxed. 77 degrees on the way to fremont. 83 for gilroy. 75 in santa cruz. 74? san francisco. let's check your drive with mike. >> let's look toward the bay bridge. toll plaza, things thin right now. just some cash lanes off to the right. here's the san mateo bridge. very smooth here. we'll look to the map. that live picture shows you the same thing. a light volume of traffic. same for 84. the peninsula is clear. we just had the remainders of
10:30 am
the slowdown cleared. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks. much more local news coming up in 30 minutes. hope to see you then. we're back on this monday with more of "today" and story of resilience, courage and try triumph. >> elizabeth smart, kidnapped from her own bedroom and captured nine months. >> ten months later broken her silence about what happened during that terrifying ordeal. a new book called "my story." elizabeth, we're so glad you're with us, and so glad you're here to tell your tale, which we think is going to be really inspirational for so many other people who have maybe lost hope in their life. we won't go through the whole thing, because we don't have as much time as savannah had with you, but tell us why you wrote the book, first and foremost. >> i do a lot of speaking.
10:31 am
i just an incredible opportunity to go around the country and speak to a lot of different groups, and every time that i have spoken to different groups i have had at least, at the very least, one person that's come forward and said, i was raped, or i was kidnapped, or my parent tried to sell me to pay the mortgage. >> started it all. >> every time, and i -- i mean -- i hate hearing it, but when i decided, this is really a big reason why i wrote my book. i wanted to be able to reach out to these survivors and victims and let them know that they're not alone. let them know that they can move forward, and that they can be happy and that this moment in life doesn't have to define them. >> this book has, there's so much devastating news in there to read, but one thing that struck me so much, three things were going on in your life for those nine months and it was
10:32 am
hunger, boredom and rape. and for some reason to hear it boil eed down in a nutshell lik that, it took my breath away over the course of that many months. what did you say in your own head, sort of, to make it through those difficult times? >> well, the first moment i had been kidnapped after i was raped i felt shattered, broken, i felt like -- being dead would be better than being alive, but as i sat there thinking these things, i remembered how much my parents loved me, how much my mom and my dad and my brothers and my sister have always been there for me and i realized that that would never change. and that despite maybe nobody else ever liking me or wanting to be around me, they still would be. they would still be my family, and so it was really because of that realization, realizing they would change i was able to make
10:33 am
the decision to survive no matter what. >> didn't you worry that people would have forgot jn i can't only imagine being locked up a period of time, were you wondering, was someone stilling whoing for you? >> it's only voices you heard were their vaseoices. >> it was a long time, nine months. after helicopters disappeared and airplanes disappeared, after it just went silent. i thought that i was forgotten. >> a point where you were almost -- someone walked up to you, a police officer, you had the veil on. you thought this might be your moment and you describe your heart pounding and you thought, he's going to see. he's going to know, and -- >> you'd been told not to speak at all. >> yeah. >> and that near miss, almost being rescued there, must have been just another devastating blow. >> it was heartbreaking. it was just everything's hassing over again to be so close to being saved. >> right. >> so close to being rescued and
10:34 am
watching him turn around and walk away. it was just like being kidnapped all over again. >> i was very moved by the way you would describe how you would visualize your own mom, and how beautiful she is, and tell us about that. how that gave you strength? >> well, my mom -- >> she is beautiful. >> she is the most beautiful woman. i mean, i know everyone comes out, but it's wrong. >> wrong on every level. >> but i mean, she's always been there to pick me up when i fall down and, i mean -- she always likes asking elizabeth what do you do when a horse bucks you off? you get back on. that's just kind of how she raised me all through life. you don't stay down. you get back up. she's always been there for me. >> tell us briefly about being reunited? i cannot imagine, their arms around you, what that must have felt like to finally be back to the family. >> that's how i imagine heaven.
10:35 am
i felt safe. i felt loved, like nobody in the world to hurt me in that moment. >> and you're mered. >> armarried. >> what joy in your life. a beautiful young scottish man in your life. we're so happy for sweetheart. >> and god bless you. you're an angel. so good to meet you. >> elizabeth, thank you for coming to talk with us. >> okay. the segue, it's unbelievable. >> getting ready to show the dushy family what they've down their living room. >> and they're going to see it for the first time and jonathan and drew, coming up after this. the day my doctor told me i had diabetes, i remember thinking there's a lot i have to do... check my blood sugar, eat better. start insulin. today i learned there's something
10:36 am
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our highest concentration ever. revitalift addresses the three dimensions of aging. one, repair wrinkles. two, refirm contours. three, replenish facial volume. anti-aging? make mine triple power! revitalift triple power from l'oreal. we're worth it. it's time for our big contest reveal from our designer, in honor of our big studio makeover last month we decided to give one of you a brand new renewed living room. >> we received thousands but could owned choose one win around she is -- [ speaking at the same time ] >> vera dushy. >> anyway, new york. she and her family are blindfolded waiting to see their redesigned living room courtesy of hg-tv's jonathan and drew. hi, guys. >> hey.
10:40 am
>> exciting. before you gis reveal, we want them to see, let's show everybody the old living room so we can live in history a minute. this is the old living room. >> uh-huh. >> all right. and now we're going to turn it over to the property brothers for the -- big reveal. >> all right. they're excited. it's a little bit different. are you ready for this? >> yes, yes. definitely. >> on the count of three, see your new room. one, two, three -- open it up. >> oh, my god. >> oh -- >> wow. >> what do you think? >> it looks great. >> oh, my god. look at this. >> do you see any resemblance of your old place? >> none at all. >> look at this compared to what you are before. >> it's beautiful. >> ah, it's beautiful. >> the biggest problem you guys have is a problem everybody has. it was so dark and it wasn't inviting. those couches were not comfortable. want a place where you can all get together.
10:41 am
that's why we've put in all of these pieces, they're comfortable and look good. >> how did you fit your whole family of six on the old sofas? you couldn't. so comfortable and all from the influence of the "today" show. >> watching tv, it was so close together. this is amaize izing. >> what does it mean to have something like this for your family. you have a beautiful family, you're a tight family and now you have a living room you can all enjoy. >> it's very nice. it will keep us all together in one space. gorgeous. thank you very, very much. >> vera, tell us your favorite part of the whole house? what do you love the most? >> she's having trouble deciding. >> i -- you know what? i really -- every area is, is a place to gather with the family.
10:42 am
brings us closer. >> that's exactly what you want. everything before, the wrong size of furniture pieces. pieces too big or too small. all the inspiration was pulled from the "today" show set. the color scheme. you are a family with personality. >> yes. >> and we also have this, two defined spaces. dining room and living room. that's what you no today have for your family. >> right in time for thanksgiving. >> there you go. >> yes. >> don't eat thanksgiving dinner on the sofa. all right? >> that's the rule. >> all right, guys. you guy, thank you, and thank you to the brothers. >> we're happy for you. >> thanks, brothers. thanks, guys. >> bye! if there was a challenge in your life, how to raise them to be a successful student. >> talking about success, she made history swimming from cuba to florida. >> diana nyad jumps into her to florid[ baby crying ] shh, shh, shh. ♪ [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever,
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10:47 am
all right, sir. diana nyack is proof you shou--u should never give up on your dreams. swam from cuba to florida without a shark cage. something she first tried at 28. this was her fifth attempt. >> now she's diving right back into the fast lane getting ready to swim for 48 straight hours. >> a maniac. >> right here where she was born in new york city. >> we're so happy you're here, diana, and so proud of you. >> it's a pleasure, thank you, thank you. >> what you accomplished would be amazing for a 25-year-old and to do it at 68 -- >> 64. >> all right. you'll do it again when you're 68. >> when i finished, i looked about 100 when i finished. people were like, wow. i guess she can do anything. >> we did suggest a facial afterwards. what was going on? stings, bites?
10:48 am
>> mostly saltwater immersion and, also, that look, what was going on? also, i wore that jellyfish mask. the only thing we could think of to get through the deadly jellyfish and a retainer like kids waear at night, and that, for 13 hours, just rubbed. the inside of the mouth was a mess, and i guess -- >> what was -- >> i was related. singing. >> i just don't understand how you can do something like that. >> what's it like when you got to shore and people were cheering? it must have been such a moment for you. >> you know what, hoda? dear heart, because you know and you live it and you are it, but celebrity as a general role, if you played a role or people have an image of you, they want to be close by, but when you've done something that means something to them, those people were crying, and i could see even through my daze, i could feel the emotion. the authentic message that i lived out loud is that you
10:49 am
never, ever give up. you find a way to whatever your other shore is. you're dealing with cancer, you're dealing with divorce. you find a way, and you live a good life, and that's what i saw on that beach with those people. that's what i saw. >> how long has it been for you to heal up? >> until today. >> and now, why, swimming for the two days? other people would go back to havana and have a nice vacation, smoke a cigar. but, no. not you. >> you're back in the pool. >> you new yorkers, you're here. i'm a new yorker. and this sandy hit a year ago. how many thousands of people are still homeless? but have we forgotten them? that's in the back pages. who cares about hurricane sandy? we're on to the new news. i don't want to forget them. i don't want to forget any people who have been through disaster. >> you're spending 48 hours in a pool? >> getting constructed in herald square. i'm going 48 hours. all the people, who are -- the procter & gamble people, duracel batteries that honestly go up
10:50 am
and show up with the batteries, they paid for the entire thing. everybody who gives a dollar, you go e to the nyad swim for relief dotcom. everybody who gives one dollar, they get 100% goes to the sandy victims. none goes to this event. i feel very proud of that. >> you have a bunch of celebs? >> roscoe, quick. >> roscoe is a dog that survived hurricane sandy. he's coming to lay next to me, not to mention, ryan lochte and richard simmons. >> richard simmons? we've got to see that! >> i'm going to give you some money, honey. >> one thing you did promise, diana, we were going to give you a facial when you got back. so we got one. >> you know what i'm going to need. you know what i'm going to need. you are -- >> here you go. we love you. >> you are a big hero to us. >> thank you so much. so sweet. >> i got to -- all right.
10:51 am
you want your kid to have the same perseverance as diana nyad had in the water? some students share successful secrets. that's coming up. >> why am i doing this? yeah!
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we are back kicking off our special campaign called "education nation" today. if you need help keeping your child on the right track we're about to find out the secrets of successful students. >> with cell phones, facebook, twitter, it's hard for kids to stay focused especially when it comes to hitting the books. here with advice, angela duckworth, associate professor of psychology at the university of pennsylvania. >> and perspective from students who got out. >> high school students. hi. >> welcome, everybody. >> all right. so angela, distractions are a major thing now. look, any kid would rather be on facebook, twitter, anything, as
10:55 am
opposed to doing their work. it's hard to separate those two. >> absolutely. i argue self-control has been a prare parential concern. they're getting worse. algebra will never be as fun as "candy crush." one thing kids can do, they can change their physical situation. how can they make temptation easier for themself? put the cell phone out reach. make the homework the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom. >> that's what you did. right? >> you specifically made changes, right? >> in the school i'm in now, we actually, at that university, me and my roommate kept other beds kind of on the floor, to chig out when we wanted. this we're realized the higher the bed, the higher the gpa. >> i like that. >> having your bed there is a distraction in itself.
10:56 am
like a cell phone. plop down, it's comfortable. raise it high, you have to get down to turn often your alarm, get up into bed if you want to go to sleep. actually can keeps you at your desk and working. >> do parents have a big role in this? tell us? >> i think that parents might be, if not the most important, one of the most important things in a student's success. definitely my parents are extremely involved in every student that i see who's doing really well has an involved parent behind them. >> calling the teachers? what are they doing? how involved? >> well, my parents are really involved in education themselves being educators. my dad sort of is a special case. he's the head of the school board. >> oh. >> which just happened this year, but before that, they were always asking me if i'd completed my homework, what's going on in school in class? not just academically also extra curricularly, what's going on at
10:57 am
the school? things like that. >> your parents could probably help you with your homework. i couldn't help my kids with homework past the second grade. that's how much i had forgotten or never learned. what about for the parents who really -- i wouldn't know that equation if it smacked me in the face. what then? >> particularly a parent frustrated or confused when doing a homework assignment with their child. one thing that parent can do that's valuable is explain to the child that every gets confused. in fact, confusion is a necessary stage for learning. in fact -- >> i feel better. >> it's something that, kind of like learning to love the -- kids have to learn that confusion, frustration and even boredom are actually the typical emotions associated with homework and learning. >> okay. thanks. >> good luck. >> thank you. tomorrow from the new movie "romeo ant juliet" it's a broadway show.
10:58 am
orlando bloom is with us. >> tony bennett, and someone very
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning to you. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley has the day off. former president jimmy carter and his wife are in oakland right now helping to build homes for habitat for humanity. christie smith is live in east oakland. christie, the president and his wife not the only big names out there today, huh? >> reporter: no, there were quite a few. we also saw some country stars. i tell you, you could not ask for a harder worker than former president jimmy carter at 89 years old. he took a couple minutes to talk with the media, but right away he was back at it with his nail gun and saw working away. we asked him about the recent robbery here. he said he was disappointed, but then he just kept


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