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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 7, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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at 11:00 _#ring. ring in as twitter goes public. >> hash tag, twitter. i got you. all right. >> is he goofy, and i'm marla tellez. >> i like to think of myself more as donald duck. i'm jon kelley. let's get to our business right now. this is reporter scott mcgrew. a good opening for twitter. >> go for everyone to like this morning. twitter founders, employees, they made a lot of money, jon. original investors made a lot of money. if you believe twitter has growth and profits ahead of it, well, then lots of people who
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wanted to buy a share finally got in at a fairly reasonable price. twitter launched this morning on the new york stock exchange. that is the bay area's vivian there ringing the opening bell. you probably know her as the lemonade stand girl, and, yeah, that is actually patrick stewart standing to the screen right there. twitter asked four people who used twitter in interesting ways to be their representatives on the podium this morning. now, twitter started trading about 50 minutes after that opening bell and the stock took off from $26 a share. last night's ipo did just under $47 share right now. what's remarkable is how very un-facebook it was. here's twitter and facebook. twitter on the nyse. facebook on the nasdaq. twitter, four people. facebook, the entire company. there were helicopters flying overhead at facebook. to be fair, facebook could not have known at the time that the day was going to work out the way it did. computer glitches, the stock
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largely unmoved. twitter making a statement with its very small little ceremony there. the ceo was on the floor of the new york stock exchange this morning. he is now flying back to twitter and san francisco before the closing bell. he hopes to get there for a celebration. as for vivian, guys, she's not headed back to school. her parents say they're taking the whole year off, and they're world schooling her. today's lesson is in business. you open the new york stock exchange. >> very good stuff. yes. vivian, parents have to be proud of her. >> she is a superstar. all right, scott. thank you very much. we'll have more on the big ipo tonight coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. you can also, of course, always get more information on our website. that is nbc bay simply search twitter ipo. in the south bay now police in cupertino say had he they expect to take a suspect wanted for rape into custody sometime today. we are told a 19-year-old female
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student came forward yesterday to report she was sexually saumtd early monday afternoon on campus. officials say the woman was raped inside a stall in the woman's bathroom inside the media and learning center. the woman says she knew her attacker. the school sent an e-mail informing students, staff, and faculty of this incident. some of whom we spoke to this morning that are definitely taken off guard. >> i've never heard of anything bad happening on campus before. >> as a female, is this going to change anything in your day? >> no, because i carry pepper spray with me, and i have a baseball bat in the car, so i'm ready. i don't know about you guys. >> she is definitely ready. now, police say the woman was taken to a hospital, treated, and released, and she is okay. the college police department says this is an isolated incident. the man accused of taking his son from sunnyvale without permission, leading to the statewide amber alert, appearing in an arizona courtroom this
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morning. the arraignment was continued, but sde remain in custody, being held now without bond. his mugshot was just sent to us by the pima county sheriff's department. guler was found last night in mexico with his son, henry. police say he got into a fight with the son's mother two days ago and then he abducted the newborn. speaker through an interpreter, the baby's mother tells us she's very grateful. >> i'm really happy, and i'm really thankful for the police and the people that helped me to find my baby. he was really afraid that i wouldn't be able to find him again or see him again. i was really scared. >> very happy finish to a scary, scary day. that baby, we're happy to report, is safe, and now in custody of arizona's child protective services. the mother is now flying to arizona to reunite with her bouncing baby boy. >> the woman accused of drunk driving and killing a couple in menlo park is expected to enter a plea today. marjorie ritzell is charged with
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gross vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors say her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she hit and killed the couple as they walked their dog last month. meanwhile, police are trying to track down a potential witness. there are reports a man driving a white ford explorer may have seen the crash and they would like to speak to him. a san jose firefighter recovering this morning after a rough night getting burned during an explosion. this all happened about 9:00 last night when a house caught fire on south almoden road near west virginia street. firefighters say shortly after getting to that house, an explosion happened in the basement. that caused minor burns to the firefighter. he was injured. nobody else was hurt. crews there were finally able to put out the flames in less than an hour. investigators believe the cause right now does remain suspicious because the home is vacant, and right now under renovation.
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they believe a group of squatters were inside the home. repairing broken bolts will take longer than expected. the $23 million project took longer to make than officials first thought. they were supposed to be done, the new bolts, in about a month on december 109. now "the times" reports they will be fully operational by january 8th. 32 of the 96 large steel rods snapped in march. a team hired to find blame pointed fingers at an outside design and engineering firm, and also cal tran. wee wer move to college football. this is one of the games. a marquee matchup on the schedule. a great one set up here. it's a day that they've been dreaming of and marking on their calendar. number six, the cardinals, number six, oregon, ranked number two. that battle goes down tonight. >> it is expect to be a packed house with more than 50,000 fans going to the game. i know some people that are already out there tailgating. >> they started early. nbc bay area's christie smith is
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in palo alto with more on the gridiron gridlock. christie, good morning. >> good morning to you, jon and marla. this is the street, the intersection, that palo alto police are saying avoid, avoid, avoid this afternoon and evening. if you can pan over, this is why they're saying that. college football fans have set up a small city here at stanford, and those over there, those are duck fans that drove in from oregon yesterday. if you can pan over, you'll see they're set up right next to cardinal fans ready to take their seat for the big showdown. levi finch may have the best mouth-watering tailgate menu in the west today. >> we've got briscuit, pulled pork, and chicken wings. >> he set up his smoker at 3:00 in the morning. or. >> there is a conflict of interest, but i went to school there. been here for a few years, but ready for a great game. >> tonight two college football teams in the top ten nationally
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are facing off. in palo alto, the blinking signs tell what's expected on the streets around campus. 50,000 fans are expected to start arriving during rush hour. a recipe for gridlock. >> not to mention, palmo althougho high school which is right near embark dario will be being let out of school about 2:00, 2:30. if you can avoid the corridor, please do so. >> reporter: stanford is allowing some employees to leave early. espn is broadcasting in the center of campus. >> let's go, ducks! >> it's definitely the biggest game of the season for the pac-12 even. just like -- this is a matchup that everybody has been anticipating since last year at oregon. >> it's way more civilized than you would expect. it's not a lot of animosity between the two teams, other than the fact that we deny each other opportunities at a national championship the last couple few years.
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back here live, i wanted to show you how serious these fans are. this gentleman has a tv set up. some have big screens. a lot of the fans say they're excited about the halftime here when a former denver bronco john elway will have his number 7 jersey retired, 47 years after he graduated. the gates open at 4:00. kickoff at 6:00 p.m. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> elway. >> yeah. he should be. he is a legend. >> he walks around on campus quite a bit. >> that's the kind of bash i want to go to. pregame bash starting at 3:00 a.m. moving to the nfl, you and the allegations of bullying in the miami locker room. the dolphins, that is. it involves a former stanford star. nbc's kerry sanders at the dolphins training facility, and she has the latest. >> reporter: this morning pro football is reporting that the dolphins' general manager was made aware that one of his players, jonathan martin, was allegedly being bullied by
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another player. that being richie incognito. the advice that the general manager gave arks coringed to the report, was that martin should fight back, that he should punch incognito. the dolphins have had no response to this report. >> reporter: this morning while the miami dolphins tried to stay focused on their game, the nfl has hired an independent investor, prominent attorney ted wells to look into allegations that guard richie incognito bullied jonathan martin, reportedly leaving him hate-filled phone messages that included the n-word. >> if the review reveals anything that needs to be corrected, we will take all necessary measures to fix it to insure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: and with reports surfacing that dolphin coaches stressed incognito to "toughen up martin" head coach joe philbin fended off questions
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about the scandal. >> everything we do here is based on the best interest of the player. >> reporter: as for the two principle players, martin remains out of sight. incognito was seen driving his new ferrari wednesday. he wasn't answering questions, but his glendale, arizona, high school football coach described him as a hard-working kid. >> he wasn't a boy scout by any stretch of the imagination, but we never saw anything like this coming down the road. >> reporter: dolphin teammates saying they didn't either. >> no. >> at the dolphins training facility in florida, kerry sanders, nbc news. >> kerry, thank you very much. still to come, the fda targets obesity. the big move by the government to ban something they call a threat to your health. plus -- ♪ this is awesome, ladies and gentlemen. worth sticking around for. a bay area woman behind this latest swrirl video.
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we'll let you know how she got this group of nurses to get down and get funky right before major surgery. it is the greatest. >> that's very uplifting. good morning to you. unfortunately, our temperatures are dropping off. as we head throughout the mechanics 72 hours, some significant changes, including showers. i'll time that system out to your doorstep when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. so what can i get you?
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we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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eventually you won't be able to find food at the supermarket or restaurants containing transfats. nbc bay area's bob riddell live in san jose right now where he is just talking to the santa clara county public health officer about this new proposed ban. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. this is coming from the federal drug administration. what the fda is proposing what it wants to do is declare that
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partially hydrogenated oils, basically trans-fats in things like frosting. this one right here has two grams of it inside or microwave popcorn, this one has five grams. they want to declare this substance is no longer safe. companies who put these partially hydrogenated things in food because it improves texture, stabilizes flavor, and it prolongs shelf life. it has been proven unhealthy. if the fda gets approval to deem trans-fats unsafe and there are companies who still want to include this in their food, they would then have to prove that it is safe to do so. that could be a huge challenge because of a lot of research that shows that partially hydrogenated otherwise increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol. they're attributed 20,000 heart attacks and deaths each year.
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>> this makes it easier on consumers. this has the potential to make it easier on consumers so we don't all have to grab our reading glasses and pour over labels, but we can just than the food that we're eating is going to be healthy and good for us. >> reporter: now santa clara county's new public health officer, dr. sarah cody. she said if you could put in a plug for good fats, like olive oil, avocado, seeds, nuts, and olives. again, this is just a pre-proposal coming in from the fda. it goes through a 60-day common period. reporting live in san jose, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. sdwlooirchlgts the project designed by a south bay high school student for his eagle scout project is getting a whole lot of attention. caleb levine is in high school at san jose. he created and built raptor traps, and now the u.s.
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department of agriculture uses his invention to catch and relocate red-tail hawks that are attracted to the errant where were. >> congratulations. meantime, elementary students in gilroy are getting the unique honor and opportunity of being among the very first in santa clara county to strooi try out the new salad bars today. elliott elementary school launching the latest pilot program for team california for healthy kids. that campaign aimed at promoting healthy eating and physical activity. the trickle-down effect of the first lady's let's move initiative to try and fight childhood obesity. well, right now, did you see this one, the big flash of light? it happened over the sky in southern california. a lot of people talking about it this morning. >> some describe whatting they saw as a fireball streaking across the sky. judge for yourself. this video was obtained by our nbc affiliate in los angeles. you see a flash of light as it goes across the screen. the national weather service
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says it's most likely a meteor linked to the south meteor shower that is especially active in early november. people on twitter had other ideas. for instance, comedian eli braden tweeted out "just saw an absolutely insane meteor in the sky above glendale. either that or the alien invasion has begun." >> phenomenons like that are fascinating to watch that happen in the sky. >> we'll see if we see green men walking around. >> we'll see what's happening weather-wise. christina loren talking about our friday-eve forecast. >> isn't it nice to be this close to the weekend? good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. now, temperatures are actually running a little bit cooler at this hour. can you see we have a fair amount of cover as well. same sky over san francisco right now. we don't have any fog. that will roll back in as we head into the second half of the day. make sure you are aware of that.
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temperatures are going to get cooler as we head throughout the next couple of days. enjoy 74 degrees in livermore. 65 in san francisco. 72 degrees in los gados. looking good for stanford taking on oregon. if you will be headed out to that game, i do want to warn you, if you're not already tailgating, temperatures are going to drop off significantly between your tailgating time and kickoff, which is 6:00 p.m. keep that in mind. bring a coat for you if are you headed out there. let's go, cardinals. storm window opens on sunday, and then we have a pretty good shot for rain not just late sunday. monday and tuesday as well. right now, guys, i'm pinpointing tuesday as the day for the greater bay area. kind of a wash-out day. overall, temperatures will drop off. it's going to be kind of winter-like for a couple of days. back to you. >> all right, christina. thanks so much. still to come this morning, just a blast. the latest viral video starring a local cancer patient. >> oh, makes you want to dance. we'll give you the story behind this moving and grooving video.
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despite leaving last night's game with what appears toob a sprained ankle warrior star steph curry says not to worry. he thinks he will be ready to play tomorrow. curry had to leave that game when he rolled that ankle in the third period. he didn't play for the rest of the game. a painful moment. the warriors, however, still had the winning imagine sxik went on to beat the timberwolves by a score of 106-93. from hockey, a lot of buzz. a crazy play. crash action play during last night's chicago blackhawks game. >> hardy was checked to hard in the boards the glass popped out and on to some fans. >> it gets crazier.
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>> the fight ensues, and one fan takes the opportunity -- did you see that -- to snatch his helmet off the top of his head. >> a little smash and grab. canadian sports network tsn gets a shot of that fan there. the one that took the helmet off. he just went on as if nothing happened. threw the hat on. got my beer. we're good. >> after the game party was a good enough sport to laugh about it. to add insult to injury, a beer was dumped on his head after the helmet was -- >> that's not cool. >> he says his stick was also stolen while he got the helmet back, his stick never reappeared. >> chicago fans -- >> between the soyuz spacecraft and the space station station. we are watching history. the olympic torch carried by a three-man crew, including one american. they hook up with the international space station. they'll take the storch on a space walk on saturday before returning on monday. for safety reasons, the torch's flame will not be lit on board the spacecraft.
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you can watch the winter games right here on nbc bay area. we're about 90 days or so. >> the countdown is officially on. still to come, it's the video that is going to warm your hearts. ♪ >> we tease it a lot, but it is well worth it. worth sticking for. we'll let you know why a local cancer patient, she got all these nurses up. a little bit of a flash mob right inside the operating room. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one.
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[niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? all right. a big finish today. we finish with the video that proves beyonce goes beyond bootie-licious. she makes everything better, even for a bay area breast cancer patient. ♪ >> can you find this on youtube. this is debra cohen dancing in the operating room with her doctors and nurses before
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undergoing a double mastectomy. right before surgery. >> she is owning it. >> this is local. she had surgery on tuesday at uc if sf medical center. cohen's idea was to have a dance party before her surgery because nothing brings her greater joy than dancing. by the way, she has backup dancers. i love how into it everyone gets. cohen is also an ob-gyn at the hospital. >> can we bring that up full again? >> it's so great. she's got such a wonderful spirit. you can't help but just love it. >> that is the feel good one of the year we've had for closing. >> it's about six minutes long, and it's worth every second. it actually brought tears to my eyes in the very end. she hugs all the nurses and doctors. >> positive energy going in for a day like that. it is beyond special. >> thanks for being with us. >> yes. >> our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. have a great day, everybody.
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