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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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killed over a game console.1 what san francisco police are doing this morningnbq to catch suspect who they say robbed, thvc$áru a man right in the middle of the afternoon. >> plus, protests to planned parenthood. why demonstrators -- >> and natural gas will oncet< again flow through a carlos. it is monday,çó december 2n. this isxd today in the +-.okñrñi good morning andñiñi happy monday. >>w3 first,çó3wñr let's check
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4->> good monday m%x'ing. hopefully, youçó two hadçó a fantastic thanksgiving. it's cyberxd monday. so cold out there this mornqn%9r and 40s, we're going to hit the mid to upper 60s, thebt( then t first cold snap of the season. we're going to drop from the 60s to the 40s as we head throughout the week. just keep that in mind. let's say good morning to mike. >> there's a little glow to the lights. not a problem as far as -- these drivers, they're moving just fine. the map will show you thexd approach is looking easy, a lot moreq trafficñi this monday tha last weekend and tomorrow's going to beñr tougher.
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richmond parkway.t( report of a car fire, no injuries reported. about the only thing going on on new this morning. did you feel snit some in the south bay shaken away overnightq a 3.7 magnatude quake shook near gillq roy. there are noñ reports of damage or injuries from either earthquake. also, police investigating a deadlyxd shooting overnight.çóo[rñr were called r of ñ5(coolidge and nicole avenu. right now, police say there'skoo suspect and no motetive for the in san francisco, police are on the lookout in a deadly
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cng linked to a ymrobb. it happened around 3:30 yesterday okafternoon.e1 investigators say the victim, a man in his 20ñrxds, arranged on to meet up with another man to buy another game console. stole the cobçó console, then st the victim several times. hospital where he died later. police are lookingjf into possie surveillance video from nearby businesses. policeok looking for a maneo robbed a woman while she was it happened near sacramento street yesterday afternoon. police say when she tried to stop the suspect,xd heñi grabbe her by the neck and hitñi her against the cwall.fá this is the third such robbery fá?;c nat+8çó gas will be
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through the pipeline that's been at the center of controversy. the pipe went offline at the people worried about the safety of the line in the wake of the 2010 explosion in san bruno. the line today, but in a much lower pressure. happ7n#ng today,q protester plan to demonstrate at the opening of a newfá plan t parenthood. petitionlpt(ñr opposin t fáparenthood. the clinic will offerw3 primary and reproductive healthxdq r services. +koñi the oakland teenager fire while sleeping on an ac transit bus is expected to head back to school today.ñiñi sasha fleishmajgw father says sasha has one last doctor'sçó appointment this morning. fleishman returned home from the
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spendinging several weeks recovering fromxú÷burns.r richardt( thomas is facing hate crime charges after setting sasha's skirt on fir last month.fá officials will hold a  issue of bullying. this coming after a fight between three female students and axd translp gender student week. the meetingñi is being held at e middle school on mcdonald avenue middle school on mcdonald av)@% whether the district needs to updateçó its zero tolerance policies on bullying. all of the students involved were suspended. this week,ñiñr sonoma countq supervisors will decide whether to build a memorialñrct(ñii] fo teenager killed by a sheriff's deputy. deputies say they ordered him to
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dropjfqqc his weapon, which was designed to t rifle, but was an air soft bb gun. they're expected to vote tomorrow on where to consider plans to create a park in lopez' name. a 2-year-old boy who nearly drowned this past weekendñvis expected to make a full recoverc ary. fire crews say the boy was outq fishing with his grandmother when she lost sight of him and . he was under water for up to 15 minutes before firexd crews pul edñiñiq him out. again, doctors say he's expected to make a full recovery. and new details between ae1 p' beingñi held in ñ1a-=ieu$e onc9secret operation. in a secret u.s. army unit (/%9q))mation was xd"eclassifie
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the early '90s when aq =k3tiret colonel started writing axdrfxd about it. now, this photo, courtesy of thá mercury new, reportedly showed ]5 posing witht(ce1 former gorilfágo -- what matters%/g is north korea c >> what matters they have a bargain, the governmenfó and although no one's going to say out loudzv that's whatlp it is quite certain those guys knowq exactly that's what it is. >> now, according to reuters,kok went to south ñié@korea.e1c vice president joe biden tplill stop in south korea this week. as of qnow,lp no word whether h discussq or meet with anyone ok
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reco regarding newman. he plans toc participate in ceremony honoring u.s. troops jt the korean war. over the weekend, the white house xdreleased a statement.l8& om. 4:38, a check of the monday morning forecast. good morning. >> good morning, scott mcgrew, you with with us. thanksgiving. ì& cold as where we'ree1lp headedño throughoute1i]i] this week. temperatures in the 40s. couple of 30s popping up. in the north bay, more fog out there this morning than we've d:eutti ort( so, but everything changes throughout this changes vpáu ghout this mild day with temperaturest( in the 60s. 64 for gilroy, 63 in cupertino.
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low 60s there,fá north bay wille nice and warm. 62 in fremont and 66 in the trivalley. the coldest air of the season so far is on its way tonight intoñ tomorrow. these numbers areñi going to crh byfáçó about 10 to 15 degrees. i'll show you how that lookokñr let's say good morning. >> we're looking overxd here towards the northq bay. of q101. no big dealt( here through san rafael toward the golden gate bridge. south of here, thexd maps are showing green as far as those sensors are concerned. slowing and reports of axd fend bender. may see a traffic break over the may see )jt towardlpe1 daley the
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wec will look at the hayward side. things will pick up in about an hour. >> thanks so ñrmuch. still ahead, federal investigat?$bruju onq the scene of a deadly train derailment in new york. the key piece of evidence recovered thisxd morning ando7o they hope to learnñi from it. dozens of young." ñrathletes. and taking delivery to new heights. literally. could get your packages took yo door in just minutes. something they're working on.
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welcome back and a very good monday morning to wrou.çó cyber mondayq xdmorning.i]q live lookw3 over san francisco. ter dealsxd continue on cyber monday.çó expegting to bring all kinds of online shopping records withi]k retailers pulling out allñr the stops today,lp salesfá expected hit a $1.5ñiko billion mark.
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25% jump from last year's 1ñi . billion. angalysts say the deals are goo or better than the black friday discounts. a new meaning this morning to special lpdelivery. testing delivery by drones. it's calling the project primee air. now, goal is to have small xd unmanned aircraft deliverqe1ñi minutes or less. the company posted this video on its official youtube page. the ceo says the measuring ini helicopters could carry packages ì& represent the majority of the stuff the company delivers now. amazon plans on asking the faa for permission toçó use the r%'s re years. a a traveling medicalxd technician who gaveñiçó dozens çó . he admitted he stole painkillers
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and replaced them with sirnlg with his blood. 46 people in foure1 states and hospitals where he worked got the samefálpok strain of hepati. a patient in kansas ñidied. he could be sentenced to 40 years behindqe1xd bars. the health department in santa monica working to confirm a group of young athletes wereç sickeneded by the nor o virus. the teens went to las vegas to eñ half:!ñr got sick.ñi nearly a dozen got so ill they had to be taken to the hospital the team stillçóñi managed to t home second place. people koacross thexd coun recognizeq the progressokñ bein made against hiv during worldñ$c
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but ac there's still moret(<  work to. about ñi600 peoplejf gathered a golden gate park yesterdayxd marking the 25th annual world aids day. people also attending a showing here." >> wonderful thing is that in places where people have access to health care, there are treó4'ents now thatw3 keep peop from being sick and die, but people are still dying from aids all over the world. worldwide living with xdhiv, bu it's only estimatedlp a third o those who could benefit from the drugs actually receive them. çó my4:46.jf it is december and cold weather morning to t(you.çónb >> good morning to you, scott and laura, yeah, not yet wintertime. old man winter islp going to be here tonight, marklúqv é@ó[wo. north bay, 37okc degrees.
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48 in san francisco. 40s.e1 really want you to embrace the day. seize it if you can because asw we had to tomorrow, going to losepa?=uq 15jfe1 degrees of wó you lose ten degrees and that's a pretty significantçó differen. we have a powerful cold front that's going to sweep across the bay area.ñii] we could see light showers up in the north bay, but the biggest air and if you are someone who works in agriculture or have those interests, you want to "q=e1ñxd 67, tomorrow,ñijf 52 d. breaking into the upper 40s. week. just want to make sure you're
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ready for that and if you workop outside, be prepared for the cold. it'q3fáxd been quite some time temperatures likejfjfi]çt. well over eight months. lows are going to be very, veryd frigid. we're expectingt( widespread frost. on wednesday morning, thursday, de and then saturday into sunday finally getting relief and still cold in the up coming weekend. just around the corner.jf back to you. we've got% bundle okñiup. crews are still working to right several cars of a derailed commuter train in new york. they've beenñi workingi]ñi over using a crane to lift several of the cars. this is a look at several of the cars. in the meantime, thee1 ntsb investigators carrying outlp th p t.
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data from it could help explain how and why the train flew off the track, killing four and injuring more than 60. the train wasxdqc traveling and derailed whilefá rounding a8(ññ riverside curve. passengers say they sensed there was a problem as the train sped into a sharp turn. >> hit the window and all thee1 chairs came out and the woman hit me, was screami iningñi ande askingfáko for their families. transit officials sayko bu will be brought in to helpfá wi this morning,ñrzv investig say speed did indeed play a part in the fiery car crash that killed fast and furious star, paul walker. the 40-year-old actor had just left a charity event for his own disaster relief xdorganization, reach out jfworldwide, when the porsche he wasokcmz driving in
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rather was a passenger in, hit r into flames near los angeles on saturday. the driver was a friend ofe1 walkers. he was also ñwr&led. fans and friends visited the site, leavingi] flowers. walker is survivedpc< by his 15-year-old daughter, meadow. ìá& "?ñ less. cnbc's washington bureau. >> how you doing,c scott? first, we've got lower after the market ended november on a high note. úq!"ujup  and posted eight straight. december is historically, the dow and second best for nasdaq and s&p. we get data later todayrpjzok manufacturingoke1 construction spending. a dowxd slipping 11 points.
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5. the national retail federation says 141 people hit the stores this holiday weekend. up from 139 million last year. thanksgiving weekend last year. total spending for the ñrokñit( hr(t&háhp &hc billion. however, that's down about 3% for last year. onlinexd sales however rose 17. onnb thanksgiving and black amazon, ebay, walma &háhp &hc& could help tv jfnetworks genera more revenue. mostx!/ advertisers only pay@# thei] ads watched life or withi three days of a show's first
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airing. comcast will test the new ser+3r with shows on nbc. the network isq owned as well a abc. back to you guys. hope everybody hadñi a great thanks g thanksgiving holiday waend. >> we did, indeed. thank you very much.w3 still ahead, the tough task ì& to keep their playoff hopesi] çó alive. plus, getting your hands on a piece ofxdi]qc history. we're going to tell you how to become the proud new owiátááq 8& owens gold medals. >> we're looking over here towards fremont.qe1 we'll show you what else is going on in the east bay.
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îie1 grabs.ñi
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one of jesse owens' four golds3 one at the 1936 berlin gamesñi 4rowens took home the gold in t relay and long jump. the one onq the auû9 block is his world record setting 100-yard dash. that medalñi could sale for up a million dollars. mike had kind of a busy holiday weekend. thank you, mike, for what? ice skating and turkey trot? >> i told people i icefá skated. wanted to make sure i would be here monday morning. yes, and the turkey trot, silicon valley. right now, wiú%eep that theme with thei] 101, afá nice, smoot drive. great seeing everybody out. but they'll join me, trust me. it'sñr back to work. very crowded whenfájfó[ i pass
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this weekend. we're looking toward the peninsula, palo alto, you can't tell from this shot, now you fá can. 101 northbound, theko headligh an easy drive. watch for patches of fog around the east shore+vx xdfreeway. >> thanks so much.t(e1r ramping up for their fight against management over the new contract this morning. details about a new lawsuite1 i the ñiworks. and san francisco police getting another set of eyes this week. we'll explain after the break.
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new video ini] thislp mornif that derailed train in city. crews working as we speak to lift the train from the tracks. we'll have the latest on the investigation comingmy up. taking n with management over that new contract. we'll tell you what it could mean forfá/+ñ riders. >> and we'reó[ looking at a to view oflp that bay bridge tolle plaza. we're talking about the fog and
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also the back to work monday commute. be slowedfá down. >> the big story in the weatherd department. temperatures are going to reach later this week, the 40s. >> wow.ñi timei] to bundle up. at leastxd enjoy today and the beautiful live look outside of the bay bridge. it is ñimonday, thelp first mon of december. the 2nd. this is "today in the bay." ñ thanks for joining us. this morning,xdb. police i francisco are on the hunt on al& man who shot and killeded ac ma he arranged to buy a video game consolee1lp


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