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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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breaking news this morning. crews on the scene at a massive fire in boston.r >> he made a distressñiçó call has not been heard from sense. the latest on a pilot and his  vanished in idaho. a transgender student involved in a fight is speaking out on how it could have been avoided. >> it is tuesday, december 3rd, this is "todayñi in the bay." >> thise1 is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody.
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>> we have a lot to get to thisc morning, let's start with that forecast. >> good morning, changes in the is shaging quite a temperatures are still middle, the coldçó front isxde1 pushing through as we speak.lp temperatures areçó going to endp in the 50s. i will take you to thatñi full forecast and tell you when a hard freed is slated to hit the area. >> we're looking over here, nothingw3 dramatic on the traff side. clouds and low fog settling in many spots. our parking lot has a lot of moisture, kind of slick in spots, keepxd that in mind. look at the maps, you will see a smooth flow of traffic. over ñihere, north of theçó 101
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transitioning on the northñi 18 you can justt( transfer over to 180 north. we'll send it back to yo5ñá guy. we have breaking news that we're following out of boston. an eightçóe1 alarm fire that ha crews on scene. it is under control atqñi this hour, but whenjf firefighters arrived, several floors ofe1 th téyuilding leaping out. they had to call for back up multiple ñitimes. it wasq t#"er construction. cre(say it was being turned %kro apartments. there is no creports of any injuries right now and the cause of that fire is still under j investigation. a desperate searchfá for a n jose family and their father is ramping up today. about gail smith, a businessman
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out of san jose.ñi some time before the thanksgiving holidayñi he and h family flew out bound for oregon. smith seen here in a photofromo his facebook page waslp flying sunda?á afternoon with four members of hise1 ñifamily. around ñi3:30 sunday afternoon radioed in thatfá hise1 engine failed. he needed the cordinates. rescuers have beenfá searching 1 them in dense forest. he is a ceo and cofounder of a hardware and software company. his business partner considers him to be an excellent pilot.t(
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>> he is one of the safest pilots i xdk g-1ñ het( is very cautious. i'm a pilot myself, eni appreciate somebody who takes as much care as him. >> the search by plane and helicopter will resume once the sun comes up. they called it off last night because of the night fall. rescuers have been focusing on an area near the grass strip. the weather has not been very helpful. there was heavy snow yesterday and low clouds. reporting live, bob e1ridell "today in the bay." a follow up now on a ñidead shooting in san francisco. police arrested açó 21-year-old man whot(jfc attacked someone o videoe1 gamew3 counsel.
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police say collins robbed and shot the victim who later died in the hospital. they had arrang-da to meet up o craigslist. a transgender student isñi talking aboutokok being bullied. the student, jules gutierrez anó other students fighting during lunch. he tells the school board she snapped after one of the other girls through gum in her face. >> just because you're name called, cbullied, taunted, harassed. she says she tried to get help,
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but the administrator did not understand the extent of the bullying.q it's 4:35,jflpqñiq sonoma c supervisors -- an ñrindependent citizensc review ofwo# ane1q of shooting. th'y supervisors will also decie onq whether or not to build a memorial. he asked lopez to drop his rifle before opening fire. and protestors plan to gather for a fundraiser for jillxd okxr atrich. the deputy has not been charged with a crime. by not chargi
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him, she's honoring her sworn oath to uphold the law. >> a thief isñi in court today r they're!é(vr'g that security guards sawq an open gate.çó when they searchedok the ground cartwright was hiding in the bushes. he dide1 notñi come out until a police dog bit t(him. the richmond city counsel will consider banning the use of electronice1 cigarettes where regular cigarettesw3 are banned. today counsel members will consider an ordinance. a similar proposalñi is being ud
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in new york city.ñi electronic cigarettes were banned on uc campuses earlierçó this month. >> people in 24 households on to getok out to the navy and cln upw3 buried chemicals. despite the cheám1ñ it has and always has been safe to live in the unit. 4:38, those withfá airport anxiety fpr) not. officials with fso and the tca could make your next trip better from the start.e1 they're sbremting a program called the wagon brigade. they will visit terminals to
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á.ovide stress relief for fliers.w3 the dogs would will be wearing vests that say pet me. >> we could use a little puppy in the news room, maybe. bundle up the animals if you're going to be taking them out today, temperatures dropping quickly in the bay area. the cold n is expected to intensify overnight. some people are working t(outsi, boy they try everything just to stay warm. >> thisñi year we finally have littlei]q heater down here, but other than that it's a lot of jumping around.ç@r(t&háhp &hc for the next few days you want to pay attention to the three okp's,çó pets, plants,pip. >> i have neverçó heard that before. we're not to freezing, right? is we'req getting close, but no to freezing. >> we're uq 24 hours out at
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this point, scott and laura. we're going to get colder as we tra suggestion to wednesday and thursday. we could see pipeswnk burst in bay area. right now we're still on the warm ss&qand you seeñi hereq frm our san francisco cam it's getting a good shake this morning. as you head throughout the day today, it will remain breezy. it's feeling more like the 40s. make sure you bundle up the little ones. let's showok you what we're working with here.ñr just to give you anq indication of how cold it ñiis, look at al of this snowfall coming down. we just hit december, so it's a little early for this. you can see that fron tierxdññi sweeping through northern california. by the time you make yourok way
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home fromwork, don't expect mild temperatures. they will only end up in had the 50s today. 55 in foster city. san francisco registering in the mid 50s for today, and in the trivalley region, it will only be in the 50s for today. i want to show you a forecast because colder air is on the we get our first chance for valley level snowfall. that's right, i said it. comes in. first let's check your drive. >> good morning, you're talking about that snow over in the tahoe area. but we do have advisories of colder weather coming in. intersta. 80 looks veryçó clea s well.ñi looking over here toward the oakland driveq as well. a smooth, easy drive through
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downtown oakland. there are gusty winds out there, keep that in mind,ok and here i the map.#@ h(t&háhp &hc& we see that yellow streak from the bottom. not a fáconcern,t( the warriorsy tonight against the raptors, so you can expect that traffic through the area. easy drive between san francisco and the south bay. a quick look outside, guys, we'll look at the tri-valley and speeds moving here. still ahead on today in the bay, the train that flew off of the tracksw3 in new york was gog nearly three times the speed limit. we'll tell you what the train operator is saying this morning.
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good tuesday morninññr to yk 4:45 right now. the faa looking into several sights for drone testing. f1 o use of drones on a case by case basis. but the use ofxd manned aircraf isçó increasing. weuçó talked about amazon want
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uset( drones for deliveries. a huge firstt( for cyber monday+ sales. for thatçó and more, let's go le to the washington bureau, good morning. >> we have fiduciaries that are lower afterfáqw3 stocks closed on monday. we had mixes onc the start of te holiday shoppingçó season. european markets are firmly in the red this morning. the dow closed at6z 1609, the close at 4045. it looks like pointing and clicking may b%(b theçó preferr way to shop this holiday season.
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cyber mondayc sales rosexd 16%. sold out of ps 4 and xbox counsels by monday ó[ afternoon. amazon rose ñr44 pblg%, ebay up. @q floating retail stores next year. there will be three locations in san francisco, los angeles, new york. eache1 barge is built from 80 shippingt( containers. they have said little about it. back to you guys with an early look at business. have a great day. >> thank xdyou,e1 hampton. >> i'm going tnkt( the barge,
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>> better barge than bar. it is going to get cold, coffee in the morning is moree1 enjoyable when we get temperatures like this. we will only climb into the 50s, so only a five to eight degree spread. i want to make sure you'ree1 prepared for the cold day ahead. also we wante1 to remind you it will be colder tonight and tomorrow morning. winds are pretty strong, so even though we're in the 50s, it feels like the 40s. right now you're at 60q miles pr hour. uyñe as fierce. keep that in mind. cold frontoke1 comes through, a between about 10:00 a.m. and between tr txh we're m. and
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going to see veryjf cold temperatures. windchills showing you we're mostly in the 50s. i want to show youok the north vapors for two reasons. a, it is the coldest up there, thursday morning,t( look at tha 26 degrees. then it gets moreçó!u ijq)estis the next storm system comes through on e1saturday. the low is going to be at 30lpw degrees. we get another chance on monday. it's going to get pretty exciting around here in the weather department, but if you have agriculture interests, harsh breeze on the way thursday night to friday morning. first official day not until the 21st of this month. >> thank you, new detailslp abo that deadly train derailmentxd near new york city. investigators say the train was going more than 50 miles per
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and they're not sure why. the train was traveling 82 miles per hour when it hit ae1 curve d overturned killing four people. the speed limit one1 that train were 30. theqp engaged five seconds before the crash. they're examining the two black boxes that were recovered, and they're looking atlp the engineer's cell phone to see if he was using it at the time. had to be rescued after she feel between two buildings and was stuck in a space that was 18 inches wide. the 28-r-oldnne1 woman fell 25 feet. she said she was trying to jump she didn't say way.lp firefighters put her on afá stretcher and she wasok loweredo
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the ground. a dog got it's head stuckçóp a pile while chases a squirrel. his owners tried to freew3 him using grease, but not( luck. so theye1t(ñifá have to sedate . a man has been fired forq taking a picture with tom brady. they were working at thece1 stadium. they were fired almost immediately. hex&íem this is not the first time het( posed with athletes venue. >> i wasn't threatening anybody, the game was over, and i was congratulating theçó winning tt. there have been times before i
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tooki pictures with other peopl who were not tom brady, and they were perfectly okay. >> maybe it wasn't it compms r(o temporary services corporation says it is8u"hstrictly against policy for it'srqoç employees t request photos or autographs fromfá players. they stand by their decision to violated the policy. i supposefá policy is polic. bay." a significant injury forcing the 49ers to change up their game plan. san jose, a smooth drive, but a new crash on 680 coming d.
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welcome back. news this morningçó for the 49e, joe daley sprained a knee ligament in sunday's game he was walking very cm cf1 o beginningerly yesterday with af brace on hisñi knee. he was not using crutches. the pro bowler will not take the field for sunday's crucial match up against the division leading seattle seahawks.r >> the oakland a's are filling a big hole in their roster. theylp traded for jim fájohnson.
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c in 59i] opportunities. they alsoq signed a lefty to a two year $22 million deal. >> let's check inqq withjf righ mi. >> yeah,çó i am a righty. we're looking atfá a smooth eas drive, fog less of an issue this morning. we're settling in some spots and the rest of thet( bay looking vy good. not a lot of unexpected stuff, but we still have the construction north of 101 at 85, but we have reports off/i a new issue. it sounds like a fender bender but a van involved is still stuck in the second lain so there is slowing andñi flashing
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lights. use caution, they have to move to the shoulder and we want everybody to be safe.q >>w3 thanks.t( still ahead on "today in thi bay" breaking news out of boston where firefighters are battling a massive fire. >> a distress call unanswered. the latest onx#p search for a family after their plane vanished over idaho.
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we continue to follow fire and firefighters still tryinge1 to mopw3 up. a state will resume over the state of idaho for a businessman and his familyok who went missi while on a flight. that story coming up. >> i'm christina w3lorenz.
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we're going to climb into thet( upper 50s, a hard freeze is possible and valley snowfall. lots to talk abvó+ in your full forecast. w3 we have a crash. one lane is blocked as you're making your way over the bay bridge. we'll give you those two w3upda3 coming çóup. zlrngtsi] a life look outside ts morning. this is "today incoç the bay."ó very good morning took t(yo. i'm laura okgarcia. >>w3 firefighters had to rush o of a burning buivp to set up a collapse zone. this building is in south boston not far from the boston children's


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