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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> why a fire chief made the call to pull off of theçó firefighters out of a burning building. a decision just hours away for the santa r)kp city counsel. >> live for the on going search for a south bay family on a small plane that vanished midnight. and a cool front moving into the 3 will be just asi] let you know when the frost settles in and when we could see a hard freezeñró[ in the area.q the bayxdññiçó brej, the wind a tire, it's all coming ñiup. >> a live look outside atçó san francisco, tuesday, december third, and thisok is today in t bay.çó >> thisñi is "today in the bay."
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thank you for joiningxd us. i'm laura okgarcia-cannon. we have a eight alarm fire. it quickly moved up through the rest of thep, building. you see the video there. th building is in south boston not far from the bosdn8 children's museum. theñiq building was under construction, reportedly beingi converted into micro apartments. it appears that nobody was in thelp building at the time, but the fire chief said at one point theó[ flames were so strong th had to get all of thexdoo: firefighters out as a precaution. >> heavy thick black smoke, we had to evacuate the building an1 build a collapse zone. >> now the fire is =uk at this point, but firefighters still making ai sweep to see if the ring in fire investigators. no reports on injuries on this
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eight-alarm fire. cause still under investigation. a desperate search for a san jose family is ramping up this morning. their small plane vanished while flied over idasñ we're life in reidçó hill view ose this morning where that flight first took off. good morning, bob. ÷(good morning, laura, once the sup comes up, rescuers will resume their search inlúp"aho f1 dale smith and the four members of his family one1 board his plane. it disappeared sunday qafternoo. it's a dense forested area. smith had been flying his family from oregon where they spent the when smith, seen here in a photofrom his facebook page radioed in an engine failure.e1
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it's a grass strip about+ 125 miles northeast of boise, idaho. they never made itzv to the airstrip and it's not clear if he was able to put the plane down safely elsewhere. emergency beacon, but they have detected cell phone activity on a ridge near that airstrip. >> just praying for a safe return. they got some cell phone activity the4%b and hopefully they will be able to zero in on that activity and lpó[hopefully can bring them all home to us. >> dale is smart, talented, and good at that he does. there is goodzroason to think and hope that there is a happy ending to e1this. >> ie1?; would be very worried they have not heard from him. he stays in touchxd when he goe on the trips.
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>> dale smith is ae1 ceo of cordless communications and a co founder of southeasterly trek. they will resume the search when the sun comes up in idaho. rescuers had a hardfá time yesterday, they had to ground aircraft for a period of time because of snow and low clouds. today in the bay. >> 6:04, sonoma countyt( supervisors working today, they're considering naming a park aftert( lopez neart( moore avenue. we have more on thee1 efforts t honor the teen. christie? >> good morning to you, scott. ut taken action at thee1 site where the 14-year-old was not and killed. they planted a tree, they pute1
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toys out there,e1 flowers and candles, but they want to make it official when they meet here at t(8:30 this morning. he was shot and killed in ÷pt(ujtip r(t&háhp &hc the deputy thought the fake gun lopez was carrying was a real assault e1rifle.e1 online at, hundreds of people havñ' gone there and signed on saying there really needs tonn be a park on morelan after to help heal the the days and weeks have sparked a series of protests in the streets. today they take up that park issue and a number of other issuesfá including local law enforcement task force and an independent reviewt( of auvs involved shootings. he is currently on paid administrative leave while the shooting isjf under investigati. tonight we may seeó01 another
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protest all together. many say they want charges filed against that deputy.e1 reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith is bundled up out there and that's a good idea because the cold whether is o areas and certainly more on thefá way. temperatures will be dropping quickly in the bay area. holiday shopperse1 should prepa to bundle up as well as the cold snap is expectedxtbo intensify ( overnight. for the nextxd few days, you certainly want to pay attention to the three p's pets, plants, and pipes. >> coming up,i] stick around, christina loren joins us with more on thelp cold weather. >> definitely we'relp tuning in. we have a good looking day shaping up.e1 temperatures right now in the 50s. it will be brutally cold in some
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cases. not everybody has a heater here in the bay area. we're in the 50s, if you're using a space heater, just make sure you turn it off before you leave the house. i can't tell you how many times here we have seen fires rehportedly started by spaceheaters. this is what we're looking at temperatures chilly, not that bad, not nearly as cold as where we're headed, but we have to factor in this windchill. these winds will pick up, they're looking to be the stronges4ñá between 10:00 a.m.e1 4:00 p.m. and we've been telling you about 8soe1 it ise1 sweater weather, whatever it takes to stay nice and warm out there. 59 is the high ine1 santa rosa, and temperatures in the trsó-valleyok reaching into thed 50s. overnight. so i will detail that on the
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next report. if you want a e1forecast, you don't have to wait for it any more, it's at thei] bottom of t screen. a wind advisory for chpe1 f the bay bridge saying it's gusty here so warning the drivers, this is not like what christina deals with for the national weather service. right hereq the bay bridge toll plaza is filled in and the the meteringñc3 lights are turned o. let's look at the maps, the traffic flow approaching the area. the wind avie zero for the bay bridge. look at the high-rise as well. we have a brush fire reported just off of 580 and reported smoke in the area as well. we heard oflp no homes threaten right now but we're tracking that in the news center. crews will have to arrive on team if necessary.e1
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looking here twa 238. typical build starting to build átju now for +! the toll plaza after it went intownke1 one of the cement di1 looking at liver more, 680 a tad bit. down to the south bay with northboutei101 showing a slow down.w3 the green highlighted around the area,q damp roads from fog and clouds, drying out here. ) freemont wee1 do have an iss. a stalled big rig, i will move it. residents told they have to move out ofq their treasure island homes will meet to talk people were told they have to buried chemicals.
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in a letter sent to residents, they sed despite the chemicalsi it is safe to live in thosexd units. itokñr is part of the effort to clean up the island. >> a program beingñi implemente that cou make your nextxd trip better from the start. it's dined to helpñr people wit airportk anxiety. volunteers and their sere if ied terminals to provide stress relief for fliers. they are identified as wag brigade volunteered. 6:10, still ahead today. we'll show you a college football fan's homemade sign that made him so much monñ28 in that short period of time. that made him so much monñ28 in that short period of time. >> did tomq brady get a s guard fired? and i promisedçó him to you here is the puppy in the pipe. how he got there and how he gotx
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from the south bay this morning, traffic moving along there.jf temperatures, they're going to drop and we'll really feel it especially with the nice temperatures we've had lately. christina will tell us when where and why coming upñ; we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good.
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today's topxd stories for y, a massivefá fire in boston unde control this morning. floor and spreade1 to the rest the building. no injuries, thet( buildinge1 w underfá construction. >> todaye1 sonoma county supervisors are deciding whethe1 to build a memorial park for andy lopez. he was shot and killed ine1 october. the deputy says before opening fire, he asked lopez to dropt(
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rifle. the search for a missing san jose familye@/esuming this morning. their small plain vanished over idaho after the father made a distress e1call. s[!t(r and rescue crewse1 will have t(atcs and snowmobilesok oe ground and helicopters in the air looking for them. >> a key ruling for a judge in detroit today that will determine where whetherp+-s the city's bankruptcy can proceed. ) arexd eligible for bankruptcy, the city will work on a plan to e1 than ñ½e1 billion debt. if not they have to reach an agreement with creditors outside of court to meet federal eligibility requirements, they muts prove it cannot pay it's debts. >> today sunnyvalexd city couns
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it will include six separate 86 more than 1.75 million square feed.xd tpet site is not far frome1q mo towers. >>lp apple making a purchase buying topsy. they reportedly paidfá more tha $200 million for the firm. apple will not say what it plans to use topsy for, butó01 some tk apple is dipping it's toes back into the social mediae1 field. it created ping in 2010 that folded after a flat performance. a college student made about $24,000 after a sign he waves oá espn's college game day. he is waving a sign this says l.
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send bit coin, and then there is a qr count. people got the logo to access has 22, he made over $24,000. this morning we'ree1 hearin from a security guard fired for taking a photowith tome1 brady. they were working at reliant stadium in hoouts when they posede1 for a quick picture wit brady. williams says the two were fired almost immediately. he says this is not the first time he posed with athletes maé9&g their way through the venue. >> i was not threateningt;/s anybody, the sideline experience and the game was over. i was really just congratulating the winning team. i have taken pictures with other people who were not tom brady. it wasjn1 perfectly okay.
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>> they released a statement saying it is strikelyxde1 again pols fore1lpxde1qok it's-- polis to get pictures and autogra0rc from athletes. coldest part of the day, correct? >> a student of meteorology -- good morning to you,fáe1 you're exactly right. ñ coldest point of the day. temperatures are not going to warm up by much as this cold front comes through. right nowfá we're in the low 50. as this cold front comes through behind it, later this afternoon, up to aw3 whopping 56 degrees.
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so it will be cold, andfá we're talkinge1 about a windchill facr out there. a cold snap really kicks into high gear tonight and tomorrow. all of the bay area is talking about lows in the 25 to 32 degreexd range and that is real cold. protect your pets and plants and always remember there are people out there in need of warm winter coats. if you have an extra one around1 the house, donate it, it's a good time of year to do so. temperatures in the 50s and in the 40s. #hrrá you in the will i want to show you a silicon valley forecast. a, because temperatures will be1 frigid, and saturday, another storm system comes through. take a look at this.e1 if this system comes through during the coldest point of the we could see flurries. if it doesn't happen on saturday
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we have another chance on monday. stick with us and we'll keep you let's say good morning to mike. traffic tuesday. volume really built up compared to last week and ramped up from yesterday as i]well. here is south 80.e1 i scanned theok area with ae1 l camera, i don't see it. andñi a look at the mab as wexd a little slowing. so it is not a big inferno. we'll track the flow of traffic on the 680 as well. slowing for north 101, north 87, and 17 up here as well. it could be slicki] as you go or
6:20 am
to the sypnta cruz summit. maybe some damp roads. travelled through the area earlier, not a big issue. it ist( tied into our weather system. looking over to the trivalley, a smooth drive and the commute starts to build now.?; nothingq dramatic for 580. a smooth drive north of there through walnut creak in dougland. there is a e1disabled vehicle reported and debris through this stretch and that might beñi par of the reason why going throughi livermore. some rain maybe had fallen !a%uáuháhe area. not a majore1 concern through ok route. aq fire has been put out. metering lights are on. coming off of the berkeley curve, and through the
6:21 am
overcrossing there. and even over here in oakland it is shaking. keep thati] in mind as well. >> thank you,ok mike. >> we have new pictures this morning. a dog got it's headjf stuck in pipe. his owners triedt( to free him using grease, butok they had to take him to a clinic and have r(t&háhp &hc >> but itokxd isq still on, tha squirrel. a controversial campaign, we'll tell you about billboards that tell people you're good without god. [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
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a new billboard campaign is parking debate in xdsacrameçeipc these billboards just popped up atfá the state capital. campaign of free from religionx foundation. they're meant toxd conveyt( the message thatlp atheists can be 1 good, moral people too and it's okay to be anq atheist even att christmas time.
6:25 am
one monsignor says it's a good way to remind the faithful to, (t&háhp &hc& americans spent billions over the weekend but today charities hope you will open the pocketbook to help those in need. it is giving tuesday and charities have a larger than normal load this year. officials blame the bustle atxd food banks on nagging unemployment and cuts ate1w3 fo banks. >> $36 goes a long way, we can protoeat three days on that, at least. >> emergency food pantries are becoming]/> sustaining food pantries. they're going to a food pantry once a month to get a free week's worth ofxd groceries. >> this year foodbanks expect that number to be more like $40 mio6eion.
6:26 am
an embarrassing mistake is coming back to the post office. the artist is suing for copyright infringement. the stamp wasñrxd supposed to b based on lady liberty in new york harbor. a symbol of america that's been around since 1886. but theçó u.s. post office accidentally based on thisw3 statute outside of the new york new york hotel in las vegas. feminine. when the postal service wase1 alerted to the mistake it pushed forward alreadyñr having alread printed fá$5 -- five billion copies. a end to the overnightfá dey coming up. and a update own breakinge1
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news that we have been following all day for you.t( we're going to tell you whyt(e1 firefighters had to make a sudden scramble to safety get out. >> are drones on their way to the bay area? is what localxd spots the feder government is consideringfá for the calm before the cold. hoping you got a cyber monday deal on a good, thick t(parka. how low those temperatures will dip and when. and moments away from the ájj @(t&háhp &hc& for a lower opening.
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6:29 am
breaking news in boston, flames pour out of a building. why firefighters had to rush out so suddenly. >> will the bay area become the test nate for droneñre1oke1 tes sites? we're awaiting the opening bell.
6:30 am
even there is the bell this morning. decker bringing in the official start to this tuesday morning in we'll have all of the latest numbers on tuesday, december 3rd, this is "today in the bay.] we are following break.a news overnight in boston where an eigiú alarm fire burned throughq a five story commercia building, the flames were so strong that at one point firefighters had to rush out. it is located on summer street in south boston firefighters say it appears that no one was in the building as it burned down.( the building was under junction andçó parts of it were wid+p op.
6:31 am
>> i believe it was being reconstructed for micro housing units, i have to check our records. nocked down at still making a week to see if it's safe enough to bring in investigators. thexd cause is still under information. >> this morning the faa says it's close to choosing six new test sites forfá drones. today we're joined by tracey potts. >> yeah,ñi california wants to one of the sites, they will make that decision by the end of the mon month. take a look at this site. the faa is going to look into
6:32 am
making a decision by the end of the year, and they're going to look at how the drones can be used. california has a number of sights that have been testing these drones. páráy of california ate1 davis, cal state, fresno, and ut there. amazon, just yesterday, announced they're going to try to use these dronese1 for deliveries. 30e1 minutes from the time you deliveries. 30e1 minutes from the time you it will be 2015 before any of this gets approvede1 for commercial use,>dscott? >> tracey potts, thank you okmu. drones are a study topic at uc berkeley. this video was posted on their  iing the spring semest eight students startedok a so
6:33 am
called drone lab on campus. they say they'ret( reimagining e possibilities of drones, so they're used for good. the stulóás developed software for theirt(jf drones and they t them out in and around the south hall on campus. >> still trying to figure that out, if you're a kid in a park, you can legally, we can'txdxd f news, evens ifw3 it's the same drone. christina, maybe some daye1 you will have is aqe1 whether drone1 two. ave balloons right now. there are two sides to every cold front and we're still on the warm side. once this thing comes through behind this front, very, very cold air is trailing behind. it will settle into the bay area. all the way throughout the
6:34 am
remainder of the week and we have a hard freeze watch in place for most of the b,y area.1 that wille1 extende1 into your thursday.ó01 right nowe1t( plenty ofe1 snowf tahoe. i want to ÷dpoint out that we he light showers on the radar this morning so travel cautiously ouq there. the cold front comes through and it willt( stir up very gustyt( . keep that in mindlp as well if o drive axd high e1profile vehicl. ááñ tells the story. that front is starting éov push through santa rosa. there. typically the coolest point of we're going to continue to drop for the next few hours, keep highs will not be that warm today.
6:35 am
oakland showing you that mostly cloudy sky. highs in thee1 mid to upper 30s. andxd and head throughout the d and that frigid air starts to settle in. if you want to look at your seven-day forecast, it's at the bottom of the screen, but the scientific analysis you will have to wait for. we're looking over here towards the taillights andfá wee showing traffic flow past the coliseum yum. hayward where there are retú)ts of vehicle inplalanes there. northbound with the t(headlight a smooth flow of traffic, no problems up toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we have thets7ç lanes off to th right, the fast track lanes ast look at the lanes to the left next to hov, those aree1 thinni&
6:36 am
out. this is the pattern that we've been seeing.e1 we have a nice drive on our maps. and down in toward the 50 miles per hour mark around university aver, añr typical pattern. so folks are easing back into the workweek, i guess. southbound nn680 with congestio continuing to build there. we have good volume here and slowed aroundq allen, rock, and mckey. >> we're talking about relief for late night commuters. they have completed work on the transbay tube. plaits to thee1 inside of the te to strengthen it in case of an earthquake. they thought it woulwáp()q 14
6:37 am
months but it onlyt( took eight. it caused ten to 15 minute tpde. still ahead,e1xd buried ben 50 tons of grain. a farm worker that might be >> and a woman stuck between two buildings. how she got stuck and the rescue as well. >> let's look at the south bay this morning, cloudy overhead, sprinkles on the car this ó0s@(& morning, dropping temperatures on their e1çóway, we'lle1 check with christina and mike has a commute. [ laughter ]
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new video of açów3 dramatic rescue overnight. a woman was stuck between two buildings. you can see the 28-year-old stuck inçó an 18 inch wedge. she was talking to firefighters. she fell 25 feet trying to jump across two buildings inñi santa ana. it's not clear why she was on the roof or trying to jump to another one. shee1 is recovering from minor r arm and leg. >> rescuers are trying to figure
6:41 am
hc collapse. lighting issues they won't be able to search the area until after the sunu comes÷ up. it collapsed yesterday afternoon. the missing 50 yard man was in a building filled with corn following the collapse. breaking news, thick ♪ ♪ and flames pour out ofxd a bo@lding in boston overnight. the quick decision that mayfave helped save firefighter's lives. a san jose man and his family missing when they're plane vanishes midair. and old man winter is moving into the bay area about three bitter cold semis, potential for a hard freed, and very low snow levels. we're going to detail all of it when "today in the bay" comes back.t( [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
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an updatesn now to breaking news in boston where flames tore through a massive five story commercial build/. ea morning. they started on the first floor and moved upwards. it was so strong firefighters called out to an eight-alarm response. the fire broke out at a building boston not far from boston theñr building was under construction and reportedly beinglp converted into micro hr(t&háhp &hc it@ a(ears no one was in the building as it burned down but the fire chief says at one poinq the flames were so strong,q the pa#"uz get out of the way as a
6:45 am
precaution.xd heavy thick black smoke, we had to evacuate the building=. d set up a collapse zone toe1 ense if the building comes downfá the is room to maneuver. firefighters are still making a sweep. no reports of any injuries andec no damage to neighboring buildings. stille1 under information. >> qxl1 have new details about that e1deadly train qderailment around new york city. a train was going 82 miles per hour when it hit a curve and overturned killing four people. the speed limit on that curve is 30. ÷brags work but were only five seconds before the crash. experts are examining two black the train. they're looking at the engineer's cell phone to see if he was using it during the
6:46 am
crash. >> autopsy results could come in asw3 early as today forok paul walker. fans and costars continue to visit the site of the deadly crash. >> a of you showing the love that you have shown paul. it is going to stay with mefá forever. i just wanted to say thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciated him. >> that wasçó fast and furious n diesel speaking to fans near the light poll where the redfá porse crashed. they are looking into a tip that a car may have been drag racing just before the c!9ñ the driver was walker's friend. he was also killed on lpimpact. we have new video for you this morning of a coast guard rescue. after reporting dehydration and
6:47 am
stomach pain. a helicopter dropped in and >> cold weather on it'stñway, temperatures droppinge1 quicklyn the bay area. holidat3 shoppers prepare toe1 bundle up as a cold snap is intended to intensify. shelters aree1 also opening up. some people working outside are trying everything to stay warm. >> this year we finally have a little heatere1 down here but other than that there is a lot of just jumping around. >> l"m's check in withe1 christa loren. >>fá it's going to take a lot. it depends on how many play layers you pile on. i want to put out a word of caution, if you have your sprinklers that come on at this time of the morning, turn them off tonight and tomorrow night as wee1 have freezing cold temperatures heading our way and all of that water will freeze on
6:48 am
your lawn. 52 in san francisco, we want to show you the easte1 bay. this ise1 oakland. we have l'red clouds here. a cold front coming through, and it's producing some very light showers, but we're still getting ar. as we head throughout the day today, this moisture will continue to push out. use your wiexs this morning, nothing too heavy, a lot of this is precipitation that evaporates before it hitsq the surface.w3 but it could be slick inq spots. highs today will be cold all day long. the in your opinions only reaching into the mid 50s. really no micro climate head throughout today. 58 in çófreemont. now let's get to the meat and potatoes. this is what we're watching for the cold snap, the coldest air of the season so far arrives. it will settle in as we headñr
6:49 am
through tonight. we're talking about temperature1 falling in the 32e1 degree rang. in place. you really want to dress in layers and protect those plants. hight( temperatures on thursday saturdayi] into sunday we get cf1 oayi] into sunday we get out in the morning hours. 30e1 ñidegrees, we could see no at the valley levels. so this is a little ways out. we're watchingi] this for you.q mic, over to xdyou. >> all right, we're looking at the map ofi] the entire bay are. the peninsula side isfá not reay any okproblems. even on the east e1bay, this traffic tuesday expected to have moreok impact up here. focusing on lh! south bay firs. really starting to build northbound on the$[101 here, 8
6:50 am
85, and çó280. and over south we got word of a crash onñi foothill boulevard. sounds like a car went into a i] house. they may have to shut down part of foothill i]boulevard.i] meanwhile the freeway coming through that same area moving smoothly. consider them as alternates if you can to get past that scene. going toward the east bay anni looks at the tri-valley build. 680, commutes are starting toxd slow. nothing dramatic here.ok 84 also shows a good flow of traffic. drive through freemont and look at that, no major problems through livermore. we have a nice flow of traffic south 880 and the earlier stall hasñi cleared up. there was a three vehicle crash
6:51 am
that hasi] moved out and everything looks okay again. we'll give you live looksçó[ñ outside and westbound, over toward the high-rise, you can see it there. watch for gusty5a conditions t are possible over there.xd here ise1 palo alto. no delays in san francisco and the city, nothing unusual there. a live look outside, oakland area, gusty winds onçó this sid of the bay could bet( an issue the metering lights are on but it backs towards that kufb, nothing dramatic. sdwlvlgts a follow up now to au police arrested a 21-year-old accused of killing a man@vl&lin1 u+kk ronny collins met a 22-year-old of daily city on sunday
6:52 am
afternoon to buy a play station dó instead police say collins robbed and shot the victim multiple times. he later died at the hospital. the twot(e1 araged to meet onli. student speakinge1 out after beg bullied, taunted, andxd harassei this video shows a studens:# gutierrez and three other students fighting during lunch on november 15th. the 16-year-old softfáq -- sophomore tells the school board she snapped. >> just because you're different and you get picked on, name calling, xdfábullying, taunted, harassed. >> she says shelp tried to get help but the as=)ájápáor did
6:53 am
now thexd extent of that bullying. they're working on updating their sexualfá harassment and bullying policies. another school district is meeting this afternoon to update policies aimed at preventinge1ó bullying on campus. it createsq clearer and stronge procedures fore1e1 handlixde ii bullying. it brings them in compliance with federal and state laws saying it should be handled at the districte1 level not individual schools. the meeting begins at 2:00 and is open to the public. ÷ ae1 suspected thief that allegedly ripped offw3 apple. notok ipads, but copper. saturday night apple security guardse1 noticed an open gate.
6:54 am
.men they searc they found him hiding in the bushes. he refused to comeñr out until offices arooirived and a policeg bite1 him. a special session will be held tonight to talk about how the 49ers new stadiumxl3 willxd affect the community. there will be room for public comments at the end of the y!e o meeting.xd it starts atçó 5:45 tonight at e sun sunnyvale chambers. right now there are no laws in richmond about where you can or can't use e cigarettes. today they will consider a ban of where you can and can't use them.
6:55 am
it is also being considered in new york city. electronic cigarettes were banned on uc campusese1 earlie2 this month.ñr >> 6:54, let's start with christie smith live in santa rosa wherexab memorial park coud be built where a youngw3 teen w shot and killed byúc sheriff's deputy. in about 90t( minutes they will consider. they said with a shooting there is a renewed interest. it's moorland avenue. the area that land is privately owned. andy lopez was not in october by at( deputylp thatw3 reportedly at( depu&háhp &hc&3 reportedly the gun the teen was carrying was real and he told him to put it down.
6:56 am
it sparked a series of protests following the proteslá in the days and óks after. they will also consider a new law enforcement task force. that deputy is onfáe1 paid leavd the shooting is find under investigation. a san jose family's plane disappeared inq÷idaho. >> reporter: now that the sun iq up, rescuers should be re assuming their search for san jose businessman and four members of hisw3 plane. that plane disappeared sunday afternoon around 3:30e1 near th town of yellow pine in idaho. it is a dense forestedt( area. they were flying his family from oregon where they spent the thanksgiving holiday to montana
6:57 am
when smith radioed infá enginef failure. five people on board all members (arently never made it to that airstrip. what is not clear is whether or not he was able to put the plane down safely elsewhere. so far no signal from an emergency beacon. they have detected some cellphone activity on a ridge near that airstrip. serial trek.ns and cofounder of thank you, bob,e1 it's 6:57 one final checkt( of today's to stories. firefighters assessing the damage afterok a huge fire overnight in a commercial building in boston.ñi the building was under
6:58 am
construction, apparentlyxd bein converted to micro apartments. today in the house, there is it is expected to approve thet( house proposal before the deadline. >> south korean veterans who fought in the korean war alongside merrill t(newmanok ar speaking out about the detention. he reportedly supervisored a group of south korean gorillas. 6:58 right now, anotv%t check of the forecast. good morning, temperatures right now still falling and they will continue to fall in the next fewxd hours. count on very lightxd showers. mostly cloudy to start the day. we're going to climb only by a few degrees getting into this afternoon as the cold aire1 stas to pump into the bay areae1 and
6:59 am
getting into tonight and tomorrow morning we're talking about the coldestok air of the tomorrow morning we will track those temperatures. >> i expected a heavier volume of traffic, we should still see that kicking in for this traffic tuesday. look at all of th÷ now from northbound through the south bay and a bigger issue in lost alt. we'll show you how things are at thet( toll plaza, pretty standa, no surprises. thank you very much. i think we're doing a baby story here xdnow? do we have time? not any more. we'll do it atçó 11:00, okay, that's what's happening in the bay, back at 7:25. >> that's right, can't wait. c1
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