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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 3, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. there are man's to name a park after a 13-year-old was killed by a deputy in sonoma county. christie smith is life in santa rosa with more on the efforts to honor the teen. good morning. >> supervisors are talking about a number of steps they can take in the wake of the shooting. one of them being renaming or naming a park after andy lopez, a memorial park. the supervisors will vote on it a little later this morning, but
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we did have a chance to speak with the one supervisor outside who said that that area of the neighborhood is already underserved and certainly needs a park or activity so young people can be there. at moreland avenue which is basically now a -- where neighborhoods have put slides and they've put a christmas tree out there. this is where andy lopez grew up in the neighborhood where she was shot by sheriff's deputy eric gahas in october. he recordly took the replica gun he was carrying as the real assault weapon. he says he told lopez to drop it. the aftermath that sparked a series of marches and rallies and the supervisors are discussing replica weapons control, also possibly creating a community law enforcement task force. law enforcement training. many believe that the park, that may abe good first step. >> many things bubble to the surface after the events took place, and this is just one of many different things that could be looked at that should be looked at, and i think today
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what you'll see is really a direction for staff to go back and investigate further. what would it take to make that a park? you know, obviously have to -- there's a private property owner. we need to negotiate a price. who would develop it? what would those costs be? there's a lot of logistic questions to ask and get answers today. one woman told me outside that she really wants them to focus on police officer training. that deputy is on paid leave while the shooting is still under investigation. many are calling for charges to be filed. another demonstration -- cris heeye smith, nbc bay your news. to a story in arizona where five members of the san francisco giants minor league team were hurt in a crash this morning. it happened in scottsdale where the giants train their minor league players during the offseason. four of the five players were taken to the hospital for
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injuries suffered when their van crashed into a car. they won't say who is involved in the crash. bart's two largest unions are filing a lawsuit over the disputed new contract with bart. representative to the agencies say they're upset about the bart board of directors recent vote to remove the family medical leave provision from the agreed upon contract. bart says the provision was accidentally will youed in the signed agreement, and could cost the agency as much as $10.5 million per year. the unions also have the option of striking for a third time this year. the desperate search for a missing san jose family is ramping up this morning. their small plane suddenly vanished while flying over idaho. nbc bay area's bob riddell is at regional airport this morning where that flight first took off. >> rescuers in idaho are looking for san jose businessman dale smith and four members of his family who are on board a single engine beach bonanza aircraft that he keeps here at hillview
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airport in san jose. that plane disappeared sunday afternoon around 3:30 near a town of yellow pine idaho. it's a dense area in the central part of that state. smith had been flying his family from oregon where they had spent the thanksgiving holiday to butte, montana, when smith, seen here in a photo from his faith facebook page, radioed in engine failure. that's a grass strip about 125 miles northeast of boise. all members of the smith family apparently never made it to that airstrip. what is not clear is whether or not smith was able to put the plane down safely elsewhere. so far there's been no signal from an emergency beacon, but rescuers have been able to detect some cell phone activity on a ridge near that airstrip, which is where they're focussing their search by helicopter and plane. >> i would be very wary. they haven't heard from him. he stays in touch. he goes on these trips and stays in touch with everybody. >> he is smart. he is talented. he is good at what he does.
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there's good reason to think that -- to hope that there's a happy ending to this. >> just praying for a safe return. a lot of cell phone activity there, and we're hoping that they'll be able to zero in on the cell phone activity and find everybody on board and bring them home to us. for rescuers it's bin difficult. on monday there was a lot of snow and low clouds. here in san jose at reid hillview airport, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. now to a developing story in boston where flames tore through a massive five-story commercial building early this morning. the fire started on the first floor and moved upwards quickly. the fire was so strong, in fact, firefighters called out an eight-alarm response. the fire broke out under a
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building in south boston not far from boston children's museum. the building was under construction and was reportedly being converted into microapartments. no one was apparently inside the building as it burned down, but the fire chief says at one point the flames were so strong they got all the firefighters out just as a precaution. >> heavy, thick black smoke. we had to evacuate the building. we had to set up a collapse zone and show us the building and there was plenty of room for the firefighters. >> the fire was eventually knocked down. there are no reports of any injuries. no damage to neighboring buildings as well. the cause is under investigation. new details about that deadly train derailment in new york. investigators say the train was going 82 miles per hour when it hit a curve and overturned killing four people. the speed limit on that curve? just 30 miles per hour. investigators say the brakes worked, but were only engaged five seconds before the crash. experts are blaming -- examine,
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rather, two black boxes that were recovered from the train. they're even looking at the engineer's cell phone to see if he was using it. the engineer claims the brakes were not working. an east bay transgender student is speaking out after being bullied, taunted, and harassed days before a fight. she described her experience to the local school board. this video posted on youtube showed student julius gutierrez and three other female students at berkeley high school fighting during lunch on november 15th. the 16-year-old sophomore tells the school board she snapped after one of the girls threw gum in her face. >> ju because you're different, you'll get picked on, name-calling, bullies, taunted, harassed. >> gutierrez says she tried to get help from the vice principal days before the fight, but the administrator did not know the extent of the bullying.
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they're now working on the bullying policy. another meeting is set for late january to implement a new code. sunny jail e veil -- how the 49ers new stadium -- today's meeting will give aun update to look at traffic, parking, and public safety surrounding the new levi stadium in santa clara. there will be room for public comment at the end of the meeting. the sunnyveil -- the stadium is set to open in time for the start of the 2014 season. today is the day charities are hoping you'll open up your wallet. it's giving tuesday. there's one charitable group in particular that's hoping you'll give generously to them. here are the details from nbc bay area chris clackum. >> reporter: traysy williams is getting a larger than normal -- for the larger than income in her hometown -- >> we have like a 14%
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unemployment rate, so we have a lot of people that's out of work. >> nagging unemployment is but one reason, but what's expected to be record run on food banks across the country. three years ago 37 million americans were served by food banks like this one. this year it's expected to top 40 million. >> also behind the bustle at food banks, cuts in the federal food stamp program. removing assistance an average of $36 air month like the families of the -- >> $36 goes a long ways, actually. we could probably eat three days on that at least. >> local food pantries and organizations to help those in need are starting to feel the impact of the -- >> it could linger for months. >> they'll be sustaining food pantries where families are making ends meet by actually going a food pantry once a month to get groceries. >> food officials say demand could also grow if winter weather means more money set
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aside for food is spent instead on staying warm. chris clackum. still to come, a cold blast blowing across the country. a snowstorm heads east followed by bitterly cold temperatures. and old man winter, he is moving into the bay area. about three weeks above schedule. i can tell you right now the coldest air of the season so far is right now settling in. it's mostly cloudy. tonight we're talking 20s and 30s. even colder days ahead. might even see some very low level snowfall. lots to talk about in your full forecast. >> engineers give a vote of confidence from tesla. we'll take a look coming up in business. plus, stuck in a tight spot. what this dog was chasing down leading to his head getting stock market in a pipe.
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>> she had to be rescued by firefighters after she fell between two buildings and got stuck in an 18-inch wide space. take a look at last night's dramatic rescue all caught on camera. officials in orange county say the 28-year-old woman fell 29 feet between the two buildings. she told them she tried to jump one room to another. she didn't say why. she was seen speaking to the firefighters. firefighters did put her on a stretcher as she was lowered on to the ground. another rescue to tell you about. a dog got his head stuck in a pipe while chasing a squirrel. the jack russell did not make it through the pipe. the squirrel did. the owners tried to free him using grease. they had to go to an animal hospital where the dog was sedated, and she had to
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surgically remove the pipe. german safety officials have ruled the model s is no more likely to catch fire than the other car. >> tesla shares jumped 13% this morning on the german news. none of it occurred in germany, but teslas are sold in germany. therefore, the investigation. how popular is bid coin? this kid held up a sign at a college football game broadcast on espn over the weekend they
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sent him money. you can use actually the scan number to look at his wallet. he got more than $22,000 in bid coin. on a side note, a site that deals in bid coin was, for lack of a better term, robbed this morning. some reports say millions of dollars was stolen. now, laura, all bit coin transactions are recorded, so it's kind of like stealing marked bills. it's not as anonymous as you think. i'll be honest with you, it's a complicated geeking story. i bring it up because it's kind of history m making. >> right in front of our eyes. thanks, scott. this morning we hear from a security guard fired for taking a photo with bay area native and nfl star tom brady. joe williams says he and another employee were working at reliant stadium in houston when they post posed for a quick picture with brady after the patriots win on sunday. williams says the two were almost fired immediately. but he says this is not the first time he has posed, making their way through the venue.
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>> i wasn't threatening anybody. the sideline experience was over. the game was over. i was just really congratulating the winning team, and i was, like, there have been times before where i had taken pictures with other people that weren't tom brady and weren't winners or people who just defeated the texans, and it was okay. >> it waept okay with contemporary services corporation. they released a same time it's strictly against the se policy for them to -- csc stands by its position to terminate the two employees that violated this policy. new parents are going old school when it comes to choosing the names of their babies. the list of the most popular baby names, the 2013, is now -- and most parents are choosing more traditional names rather than their favorite celebrity. baby says the top boys' name is jackson followed by aden when which has led the les for the past eight years. liam, lucas, and noah round out
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the top five. sophia is tops followed by emma, bella, elizabeth, and mia. i think i know little girls with all those names. >> mass i cold waves. dropping temperatures into the teens and below. weather channel's mike seidel is in duluth, minnesota, where it's cold and getting much colder. >> this is a big storm covering a lot of territory. in fact, parts of nine states under winter storm warnings this morning. let's take you back to yesterday. montana, big sky country getting dumped on some of the mountain reports. as much as 15 inches. still snow this morning. east of fargo, a town in north dakota knows we're still cold, but not too cold this morning by early december standards. in the low 20s. by the weekend it will be in the low 20s below sfwler. here in duluth, the storm totals so far nine and a half inches. some spots northeast of town have had over 14 inches of snow, and, again, we're going to get another round. we could get another foot of snow here later tonight into
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wednesday, and that's the warning that continues. then the wind will pick up and drive in the coldest air of the season. we're talking about dangerous wind chills across the dakotas. parts of the midwest. we could see wind chills as cold as 30 below zero. temperatures down to 20 below zero, and afternoon highs may not get above zero. when afternoon highs stay above zero, even in duluth, some of the locals are complaining, and the real concern that cold air driving south. texas, parts of texas, into arkansas, even into oklahoma and even the tennessee valley will be susceptible to some significant icing, and ice storms which could knock out power to thousands late thursday and friday. meanwhile, duluth, not bad this morning. snow, but it's 32 degrees. relatively balmy. i'm weather channel meteorologist side side for nbc news in duluth. >> compared to california. well, cold weather, though, is on its way here as well. temperatures will be dropping quickly in the bay area. holiday shoppers should prepare
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to bundle up as that cold snap is expected to intensify overnight. winter shelters are opening up to help get the homeless out of the dangerous weather, but some people working outside may try everything they can to stay warm. >> this year we finally have a little heater down here, but other than that, it's a lot of just jumping around. >> got to keep warm any way you can. for more on the cold weather, let's go to a specialist with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at it. >> hey, good morning to you. yeah, we told you it was coming, and now the front has arrived. we're actually getting such descriptive satellite imagery, you don't have to draw the front on. you see it. you see the clouds. this is your trough of low pressure right now. concentrated right over the bay area. this is what's bringing in the clouds. look at this. a little clairing around the bay. we're actually picking that clearing up now from our san francisco camera. it was mostly cloudy. now that sky is starting to clear out of that front coming through, and it's behind this front where we're going to see the coldest air of the season move into the bay area.
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want to make sure you are aware of this because it is going to be very colder. much colder than it has been over the past six to eight months. get ready for a big chill. now, temperatures are only going to end up in the mid 50s. gillmore, 55. foster city today, 59 in santa rosa, and fremont will hit about 58 degrees. make sure you bundle up out there. this is not even close to the coldest that we are headed into, though. that will be tonight and tomorrow night. 25 to 32 degrees. even in places like san jose, it's going to be very cold out there. you want to protect your sensitive plants, make sure your pets are indoors, and warm with you, and, yeah, if you can, donate an extra heavy coat, this is the time of year where people really need that sort of thing. as we get into tomorrow, this is what we're expecting. the cold front comes through. want to show you where our low temperatures are headed. tomorrow morning, we're talking about the 20s. getting into your thursday morning, it is going to be down right frigid with these numbers falling into the low 20s in places like sanity why rosa and napa, and then, of course, on
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friday it's going to be another cold morning. another round of the 20s for the bay area. we'll be about freezing in san jose. then more interesting. the weather keeps on coming, and we could actually see some showers at the time when it is the coldest of the day. that means even right here in san jose. there's a very slight chance of some low level valley snowballs. it's not even winter yet. back to you. >> it's going to look and feel like it, though. thanks. sflirchgts well, still to come, we may be far from baseball season, but the oakland a's are wheeling and dealing. who is in and who is out? coming up next. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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crutches. the bad news, the pro bowler will not take the field for this sunday's crucial matchup against the division leading seattle seahawks. he is expected to miss, though, a couple of games. oakland a's are feeling a big hole many their bullpen with one of the most successful closers in the game. jamal weeks for baltimore. to baltimore, rather, for jim johnson. last season, the 30-year-old notched 50 saves in 59 opportunities. a's also bolstered their starting rotation by signing lefty scott tasner to a two-year, $22 million deal. meanwhile, we just received word they have pulled off another trade. they acquired outfielder craig gentry for a minor league prospect. still to come, usually hockey fans toss hats to the ice to celebrate a big goal. why would thousands of teddy bears fly at this hockey game?
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you a hockey fan? not so much. maybe after this one. calgary hit -- they have a pretty menacing name, but they could also go by the monday abbinger teddy bear kings of the world. that's because the teddy bear toss tradition has been around 20 years, benefitting local charities. a crowd of more than 17,000 were ready to toss those teddies, teddy bears, as soon as they scored their first goal. they didn't come until the second period, but there it is. more than 25,000 furry friends just poured to the ice out there. eventually i think they donated all those to local children's charities, which is really nice. look. they're so excited. teddy bears away there there. >> what a score if you get to pick from that bunch too. >> that's a lot of cleaning, isn't it? >> oh. hey, thanks for joining us this morning. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00 tonight. you can also get all the latest information all day at nbc bay have a great one.
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