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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning, everyone, it's 4:30. >> breaking news is in san jose this morning where crews are on the scene of a fire at a mobile home park. happening at the mobile home park near monterey and blossom hill road. just arrived on the scene, what can you tell us? >> that fire is out. a fire was in that double wide home as you can see right there. it started after 2:00 this morning. fire department had it out within 45 minutes. within the past 30 minutes or so, the inside of that space has cooled down enough for firefighters and investigators to get inside to do two things. one, to verify that the man, an elderly man who lives here was not inside at the time. they don't believe he's at home
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because, one, the car's not there and based on what the neighbors have been telling me, they believe he's been out of town vacationing. but they want to verify he's not inside, and they wanted to figure out what caused this fire. the fire department tells us when they arrived on the scene. this is what created -- this was a photo tweeted out. this was around 2:10, 2:12. their main goal was to keep this fire contained to this structure and not let spread to other homes on the surrounding perimeter. they succeeded in that. but obviously this home back out here live is destroyed. again, they believe that the elderly man who lives there by himself according to neighbors was not at home at the time because there's no car in the driveway. but things do happen. they are going to go inside just to verify that. reporting live here in south san jose, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. our other top story of the morning. the cold weather most of the bay area will be under a freeze warning later today.
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temperatures already cold, brave families last night had to bundle up, carry on holiday traditions like getting a christmas tree and seeing the holiday lights in san francisco. now, yes, speaking of that, animal care and control reminds us, we can add layers to stay warm, but pets can't. >> that's right. >> that's normal. >> yeah. but the rest of us doing it this morning. 30s and 40s outside right now. san jose in parts of the south bay, numbers south san jose cold enough for frost around morgan hill, 37 degrees, up in the peninsula, mid-30s around redwood city, tri-valley, 680 corridor, some of the coldest temperatures we're seeing, upper 20s around walnut creek into danville. 20s and 30s there too around santa rosa. so the cold snap we're seeing this morning is actually going to get a bit worse into tomorrow as we see the cold temperatures
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setting us up with the freeze warning for tonight. all locations except right along the water in san francisco as temperatures tomorrow morning will be dipping into the 20s and 30s. afternoon highs today, even up all the sunshine 50 degrees, low 50s into the south bay and tri-valley. >> we're going to have to get in line, especially for the north bay. thank you for filling in for christine that. >> we're looking at a cold drive with a lot of activity over at the truck stop. look at the roadway. the maps through the area. that's fine out of the irvington district. look at 680 heading north out of the south bay and in toward the tri-valley. we have a crash, reported as a hit-and-run. there's still paperwork going on. sounds like a larger vehicle. maybe a mobile home on the shoulder no major issues or
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distraction and we'll watch as this develops, very cold along the 680 corridor. >> the cold temperatures have people very eager to get to the snow. many are rushing to ski and snowboard. stocking up on gear and warm clothes. >> they're very excited. a lot of enthusiasm. they want to go to the mountains and want to get the equipments and head up and have a great time. and they want to see the latest and greatest of what's out and available. >> ski resorts are waking up to 1/2 foot of fresh snow this morning. and all that new snow means the roads could be dangerous if you are planning to the sierra. this is a live look this morning, highway 50 near the 89 junction in south lake tahoe this morning. right now, not surprisingly, chains are required on all vehicles on highway 50, except four-wheel drive vehicles with
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snow tires on all wheels. the chains are not required if you're traveling on interstate 80 at this time. >> resorts do need some help with the drop in temperature. they can now run all that manmade snow making equipment, as well. resorts say this almost guarantees they'll be open in time for the christmas holiday. our coverage of the cold weather continues all morning long, both on-air and online. visit our website, this morning at 4:35, san jose police are investigating another deadly crash involving an suv and a man riding a bike. police say the driver hit the bicyclist in south san jose. happened before 7:00 last night. the cyclist was taken to the hospital where he died. right now, police say it's unclear who had the right of way. but the driver of the suv stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. the crash marks the 40th
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traffic fatality this year and the 25th carver sus pedestrian fatality. that's compared to 12 in all last year. just seven back in 2010. a memorial is planned for sunday for the popular television host killed while riding his motorcycle monday night. this morning, friends and family are mourning the death of bill be beckweth, host of "curb appeal." he also owned a construction business. he love d motorcycles and was a member of the piston and chain motorcycle club. members there say he was cheerful and adventurous. he was riding his motorcycle when he was hit and killed by a car monday night. the driver of that car is cooperating in the investigation, as well. police on the peninsula are trying to track down three armed
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men who helped rob a fast food restaurant. they robbed customers and employees at gunpoint. they then ran off. right now, police are not saying how much money or other valuables the gunmen got away with. there's renewed hope this morning a missing san jose pilot and his family will be found safe. dale smith was flying his single-engine plane from baker city, oregon, to butte, montana, when reported engine trouble. now, while searching for the plane yesterday, authorities say they did pick up the signal of the plane's emergency beacon. and it was in a different area when the last cell phone pings came in, this suggests some kind of movement. smith is the ceo at cereal tech. this morning, pleasanton police are asking for your help finding a missing 14-year-old girl. friends and family say they have
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not heard from ana since sunday. she was last seen riding in a car with three men near first street in downtown pleasanton. while she left home willingly, she's considered at risk because of her age. her family are handing out fliers and say they just want her home safe. the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his play station 4 is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. investigators say ronnie collins killed her on sunday. the men reportedly arranged online so he could sell his play station 4. instead, police say collins shot him and stole the game console. the victim's brother said he had attended santa monica college and was home for the holidays. also in court, the man convicted, rather, of raping dozens of women in california will find out if he's released from a mental facility today. in october, a judge ruled
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christopher hubbard also known as the pillow case rapist could be released to a home in palmdale but didn't say when. he's being let go on a conditional release and will have to wear a gps monitoring device. hubbard admitted to raping about 40 women in l.a. and the bay area in the early '70s and late '90s. christina is out, so we've got a new weather guy with the same old forecast. >> yeah, i wish i had a different forecast for you, but we don't. 48 degrees, that's the number on the right, your seven-day forecast, daytime temperatures are running quite cool, as well. out of the 30s and 40s for most of the bay area with highs with nothing but sunshine, close to the low 50s into the afternoon. a cold start to the morning and coldest temperatures around the south bay. south bay, 38 degrees, low 30s
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further south toward morgan hill and the peninsula. numbers near 32 in atherton. 42 in pacifica, and over towards the east bay, walnut creek, danville, dublin, all below freezing this morning. and more of that as you get into the north bay, temperatures in the mid-30s. so you've got clear skies during the day today, clear skies heading into tonight is going to give us these cold temperatures, colder temperatures tomorrow morning that we're seeing today. we'll see those temperatures slowly climbing close to 50 for highs today. sunshine and 51 in san jose, 52 in palo alto. san francisco, seeing low 50s, and the north bay, only near 50 near the afternoon and santa rosa and 53 in pleasanton. and the next weather forecast, talk about lowering snow levels heading toward the weekend, mike, i know that's going to cause issues on the roads later on. >> definitely. definitely. we'll talk about that on our
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report, as well. we're looking at the south bay where we have a good flow of traffic. very light, here's your map of the entire south bay region. we have sunnyville. let's see if we can pull that up. that could be my fault this time of morning. we did have slowing, showed up on our sensors. as you saw from that camera as you approach 101 and 680, there's no slowing and that has cleared up over the last few. bob redell's over here, and that's where there's the fire at the trailer home park. and we have word that all the lanes are open. bob said the two major roadways are clear of that activity. that's good news if you're heading through the area, 101 or 85, and look at -- temperatures near 30s, in the lower 30s in the north bay. watch the smaller bridges and the beautiful wine country because even though overall it's above freezing, you may have ice or frost potential there and
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definitely for tomorrow morning, could be slipperslippery, guys. two sky divers collide in midair. what else went wrong. coming up. jailed for taking electricity. hear from the man arrested for charging his electric car in a school outlet. and teaming up for technology, mark zuckerberg and bill gates announce how to improve schools across the country.
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welcome back, everybody. 4:45, the city council gave the thumbs up to the new mega office park project with one small addition. the board approved the project late last night but wanted to add a shuttle service when business reached 75% occupancy. the campus will spread over 55 acres. consisting of six eight story buildings. companies including microsoft, hewlett-packard and amazon lease space at a nearby office park. new this morning, mark zuckerberg and the gates foundation will announce their participation in a new effort designed to bring updated technology to schools. zuckerberg's foundation called start up education and the gates
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foundation are major backers of education super highway. along with other foundations, the two groups raised $9 billion to support the company. the goal, update education. organizers say 70% of the schools have an equivalent of an old dial-up cable modem. last month, he drove his nissan, he plugged his car into an exterior outlet. an officer files a police report, the man was arrested at his home, 11 days later, spent more than 15 hours in a jail cell. >> did you ask permission to plug into the school? >> when i first got there, it was already there. >> even if it's a small amount of electricity, it's justified?
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>> a theft is a theft. >> and you'd do it again? >> absolutely. >> he charged his car for 20 minutes, probably a nickel's worth of electricity. well, rest easy, youtube will not be in the business of streaming music for a few more months. that and the rest of the news before the bell, kayla tausche at cnbc news headquarters. >> good wednesday morning to you. the dow closing down 94 points on tuesday, the nasdaq losing eight to finish at 4,057. futures pointing to ining a hig this morning. pandora and spodify can rest easy for now. youtube is delaying the streaming music service till next year. digital music website says youtube has tied up the licensing deals, the product needs some work. news of the music and video service broke back in october, there was speculation it would be available sooner than now.
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the targeted release is now rumored to be for the first quarter of 2014. and students of boston may hear the infamous "stay classy" signoff. attaching burgandy's signoff as he appears in character for "anchor man 2," the legend continues. they have to be envious of that one. >> oh, yeah, big time. the marketing on that movie. >> it's phenomenal. well, we've got enough amateur anchor men in here. let's throw it over to rob. >> good morning to you. let's show you what's going on in the sierra the last 24 hours, quite a bit of snow come down. been seeing views like this around north star. finally fresh powder hitting the ski slopes. and it's not just going to be in the sierra ski resorts. coming up, we'll see you you could see snow in the foothills and maybe the higher hills around the bay area too as another system drops in later on friday. right now, this morning, zero up in the sierra this morning, san
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jose, 38 degrees, low 30s, south of downtown san jose, down towards morgan hill and the peninsula, normally temperatures in the 40s. not the case this morning, redwood city, 34 degrees, 38 in san mateo. tri-valley, upper 20s this morning, around walnut creek in danville and 31 degrees closer to pleasanton, and in the north bay, the temperatures in the low 30s. so tonight, all locations except for right around the water of san francisco, freeze warning up from 9:00 tonight through about 9:00 tomorrow morning. clear skies overnight will set us up for this chilly night in the bay area. and we'll see our temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. we're also watching here. if you look at the seven-day forecast, the chance of showers, we're going to get another cold system here dropping down the coast. as we get into friday morning, there's a chance of some snow showers in the higher hills of the bay area. there you saw, more snow in the sierra. we should at least see a foot of new snow coming down in the sierra.
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the next system and also down into the sierra foothills, snow levels, at least 2,000 feet and very likely even lower than that. parts of the bay area come friday morning. highs today, close to 50 degrees in the south bay, low 50s around san francisco, and temperatures in the low 50s around fremont and walnut creek. bundle up again tonight, we'll see the temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s, which means everyone on that morning commute, i'm assuming, is warming things up in their cars. >> anything we can do to stay warm. thank you very much. 911 calls made from inside sandy hook elementary school will be made public today. the state prosecutor in connecticut has dropped his fight to withhold the calls. he had argued that among other things survivors of last year's newtown shooting deserve special protection as victims of child abuse. but he was overruled. in a report released last month, investigators say they could not find a motive for the shooting. the report did state that the
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shooter, 20-year-old adam lanza had significant mental issues and fired off more than 150 rounds during the attack. >> 4:51. two sky divers were killed after they collided in midair. the pair was a group of 200 people attempting to set a world record above the sky above arizona. they hoped to create a massive formation and separate and create a second formation. two of them collided, their chutes were open and the parachutes collapsed. one was killed at the scene, the other diedt the hospital. autopsy results for "fast and furious" star paul walker and his friend are expected to be released today. the l.a. county coroner had to use dental records to identify the two. speed was a factor. when the red porsche walker was a passenger in crashed into a light pole and tree before eventually bursting into flames in valencia. still ahead on "today in the
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bay," mark jackson says it was the best game he's seen since coming to the bay area. we'll show you the warriors' remarkable comeback. >> i knew i should've turned the tv on. 880 moves smoothly, we'll get the commute update, as well, and what you can expect in the tri-valley coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 4:54. the warriors are still riding
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high after one of their biggest wins in at least ten years. >> oracle fans treated to an historic comeback. in the third quarter to the toronto raptors, looked over for the warriors, then they climbed back. a series of three-pointers, golden state down, but just one point. curry follows it up with another three. the warriors go on to win 112-103. mark jackson, look at that, that's actual realtime. they were able to do that. called it the best game since he started coaching the team. well, a texas restaurant has been temporarily shut down while employees get an attitude adjustment. the owner of the deli in abilene decided to temporarily close when he noticed a decline in customer service. he said it'd gotten so bad he didn't think the problem could be fixed with a day or two of retraining. the date has been now moved
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back. so closed for attitude adjustment. >> more attitude adjustment. all they have to do is push him out into the cold like we've got. it'll affect the commute, i would imagine. >> it will. folks, watch out, starting tonight and into tomorrow morning, we're going to have that freeze warning that rob's talking about but maybe some frost in areas. and even tonight, watch the smaller bridges with the streams and the adorable wine country we have. not so adorable if you're sliding. probably not a big deal this morning. a much bigger bridge, the bay bridge, moves smoothly. no problems across and from san francisco. the tunnel has a smooth flow of traffic and we see out of the pass, just a tiny bit of slowing over on the east side there. we do have this activity and probably some cold chp officers standing by. after an early morning crash, it's out of the lanes north 680. but, again, a larger vehicle. we have a couple of chp cruisers
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and waiting for a larger tow truck through the area. watch for flashing lights and slowdowns. back to you. >> thank you, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay," lots of people waking up to this frost on the windshield. we will continue to keep a close eye on freezing temperatures in the bay area and how cold it's going to get where you live coming up. plus, what investigators are saying this morning about the operator in the deadly train derailment over the weekend. a live look outside at san jose and highway 87. 4:57. back in a minute.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at we continue to follow breaking news. an early morning fire in the south bay. crews looking for the homeowner. bob redell on the scene talking to investigators. he'll have a live update next. and if you're just waking up, it is cold outside this morning. we're in the high 20s in walnut creek. i'm christy smith, i'll show you what that number looks like coming up in a live report.
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and watching the 20s and 30s around the bay area, and temperatures getting slightly below zero at times in the sierra and lowering snow levels in the forecast. a look at that coming up. little extra time to warm up your car or warm up in your car. watching as this commute starts to kick in. and i'll track that one accident over in the tri-valley coming up. >> seat warmers are going to feel so good today. if you have them, get them cranking this morning. taking some time to warm up. it's wednesday, december 4th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. 5:0 5:00. crews are looking for an elderly man whose mobile home was destroyed in an early morning fire. it's happening at a mobile home park near monterey andlo


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