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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 4, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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what that number looks like coming up in a live report. and watching the 20s and 30s around the bay area, and temperatures getting slightly below zero at times in the sierra and lowering snow levels in the forecast. a look at that coming up. little extra time to warm up your car or warm up in your car. watching as this commute starts to kick in. and i'll track that one accident over in the tri-valley coming up. >> seat warmers are going to feel so good today. if you have them, get them cranking this morning. taking some time to warm up. it's wednesday, december 4th, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. 5:0 5:00. crews are looking for an elderly man whose mobile home was destroyed in an early morning fire. it's happening at a mobile home park near monterey and blossom hill roads.
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bob redell live. what do you know? anything new, bob? >> yeah, we spoke with the captain of the san jose fire department who told us they have searched about 85% of the double wide in the mobile home park and have not found the elderly man who lives here by himself. and as for the remaining area, right now, it's too dangerous because of a possibility of roof collapse. but they do not believe that the man was at home at the time based on the fact that his car is not in the driveway, a next door neighbor tells us this man left after he helped him jump the dead battery in his car. but the fire department has not been able to reach him. and they're searching inside just to be on the safe side. this is what the -- greeted the fire department when they arrived after 2:00 this morning as a picture they tweeted out. they can see that the home was fully involved when they arrived. they didn't have to call for backup. but it was a fully involved when they arrived -- the fire started
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around 2:12. they got here a little after that. they said their main goal then was to keep this fire contained just this double wide trailer and keep it from spreading to the three other homes next door. >> like that, you know. >> and i called, get up too. >> and the fire department did keep it from spreading as far as the cause. they do have an investigator on scene. but they have not been able to figure out what started this fire. part of the problem is that, again, it was so fully involved when they arrived. it's so much of this home behind me has already been destroyed. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. >> we may see more of those fires as the cold weather and space heaters and whatnot do bundle up before you head out the door this morning. >> check out this picture. i got into my car this morning, it was 32 degrees.
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it's a little blurry because i was shaking. >> it's cold. >> and that's really early, too. 3:30 in the morning as we get our day started. and accurate thermometer. you can see it's still 32 degrees in areas south of san jose, down toward santa teresa. numbers in the mid-30s over toward atherton and the east bay, the coldest temperatures, walnut creek and danville in the upper 20s and few more upper 20s and 30s in the north bay. the cold snap we're seeing now officially underway is going to take a turn even colder overnight on into this time tomorrow morning. freeze warnings will be up across the entire bay area except downtown san francisco. 20s and 30s in the forecast, goes without saying, dress in layers over the next couple of mornings. we'll talk about rare snow levels headed our way. back to you. >> all right, rob, we continue our coverage of the cold snap.
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today in the bay is in walnut creek. rob says you're in the second coldest spot. i would imagine frost out there this morning. >> reporter: i feel like i'm in the first coldest spot. good morning to you. and i have to tell you, i made a rookie mistake this morning and that is i left the house without gloves on this morning. and i'm certainly paying the price. it is very cold here in downtown walnut creek. we do this sometimes. and i wanted to show you what it's looking like this morning. i didn't think this was accurate. but this is what it's reading at 5:04 this morning. it is telling us that it is 28 degrees out here this morning. and i have to tell you, it certainly feels like. and around the corner this morning on north main of the car lots, a little bit of frost on the roofs of the car this morning that are for sale. maybe not as much as you might expect. but make no mistake, it is cold. my car temperature gauge read 33 degrees. i warmed it up and bumped up to 34 degrees. we ran into a delivery man this
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morning also in downtown walnut creek. he was delivering produce this morning. he says because he's working so hard, he actually doesn't mind this weather as long as he doesn't get wet. >> why would you look this weather? >> going up and down the ramp all day, feels good. it's good weather. >> really? >> yeah. >> you know it's going to be cold, real cold, though, today, right? >> that's real good. as long as it don't rain. >> here's grass at a park here in downtown walnut creek. just a little bit of frost. not the big sheets of white when it gets cold. i'm told the dew point is low, so not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. but certainly very, very cold this morning. reporting live in walnut creek, "today in the bay." >> appreciate your dedication this morning. it is 5:05. the couple accused of killing a san francisco man who was allegedly pimping their daughter will be in court today on a federal indictment.
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they will be in a federal courtroom this morning to answer to charges. prosecutors say they plotted to kill 22-year-old calvin sneed in 2012. sneed was allegedly pimping their underage daughter. in the search for the bay area family who disappeared while flying their small plane. authorities in idaho say they have picked up the signal of the plane's emergency beacon. now, earlier, they had gotten some pings off one of the passengers' cell phones, but in a different spot. this suggests movement. dale smith was flying a single engine plane with four family members on board sunday when he radioed in about engine failure. his wife and daughter are in idaho looking for the family. san francisco getting some very special help to celebrate its 50-year anniversary tonight. dr. maya angelou will speak at the site of the opera house. she'll be part of a musical and story that will also include san
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jose. the event will honor the 50-year epic love story between cecil williams and janice mercatani. others are including senator feinstein and so many people are proud supporters of glide and the great work they do. rob joining us with an incredibly cold forecast. >> it is chilly outside. we've got 28 degrees in petaluma, in the north bay, closer to the water where you've got more moisture in the air, closer to the 40s around san francisco and oakland, san jose now down to 39 degrees, we'll see clear skies and sunshine heading into the afternoon. both these shorter days and these very cool start to the morning highs today and cool air aloft only near 50 degrees. the weather could make a more interesting turn, we've got another freeze warning tonight. but our next chance of seeing showers coming in early on friday. and here's where things get interesting.
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the cold air trapped in some of those north bay valleys or interior valleys north of sacramento, this may come down as snow. especially up by lakeport and maybe down to slightly lower than 1,000 feet. and the weekend, blustery once again as that system clears on out. highs today, no worries about rain, sunshine but a jacket all day long is going to be fine. highs near 51 in san jose, 52 in palo alto. low 50s in san francisco and the east bay, highs near 50 in fremont. 50, as well, in livermore. do you think the folks might keep the heaters going in the car? >> it's quite possible. we are in the bay area. sometimes we turn the heater up when it gets below 60. over toward fremont, probably a lot of heaters going. a lot of folks had to heat up the windshield a bit. use the car apparatus, don't pour the hot water on there. we're looking over the maps and through the area, we're looking at mission boulevard right now
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cutting over between 880 and 680. that's it for the freeways, though. and a nice, smooth flow. we've seen speeds dip below 60. and that's traditional about this time, as well. what i'm following, though, this activity. and there's slowing past that scene where the mobile home is over on the shoulder. an early morning crash happened up there. we still have chp vehicles and sounds like we should have a medium rig tow truck. no updates from chp on closures heading north toward the dublin interchange. there's the volume coming out of the pass. typical pattern into livermore. and oakland 880, a look at the traffic flow. very light right now. toward the bay bridge toll plaza with no backups. back to you. >> thanks. san jose civic is about to get a new name holding a big event to unveil it. wynona judd will be on hand to
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unveil it. this is a spanish-style building located across the street from the convention center in san jose. it's hosted all kinds of events, concerts, the rolling stones, bob dylan, frank sinatra, and citizenships, as well. >> a lot of history in those walls. organizers with the jewish federation expect hundreds of people to attend a candle lighting event in san jose. the event will include at the same time, local community boosts and a few special surprises. more than 2,000 people showed up to last year's event. 5:10, a major recall involving a life-saving device. plus, getting through airport security about to be a lot easier for everyone. the new changes to the precheck program.
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welcome back, everyone to wednesday morning. as promised, one southern california woman fighting her traffic ticket for driving with google glass. she has pleaded not guilty after receiving what is believed to be the first citation issued to a driver using google glass. her attorney says she plans to argue the glasses were not on while she was driving and they turned on when she looked up at the officer. google glass wakes up when a person tilts their head. in october, she pulled over for speeding on the san diego freeway. the officer cited her when he saw she was wearing google glass saying it's a distraction. one of the country's oldest run bookstores. they have reached an agreement with a couple that owns the property the bookstore is on. if the bookstore can raise $2.6
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million by the end of february, it can buy the building from the current owners. a nonprofit group has already promised a $1.65 million loan. the bookstore hopes to raise the rest of the money through crowd sourcing. it will release more details tomorrow. some of the smartest, most influential women in the world are going to gather in san francisco tonight for the start. this event will feature speakers, such as a documentary film maker and one of the founders of the webby awards. it'll include talks on technology, invasion, new solutions to poverty and new expressions of art and music. the conference is sponsored by t.e.d. you probably know them for a series of talks. they address wide range of topics including science and culture. started in monterey in 1990 but grew so big. the main conference is now held in long beach. past presenters include the google founders along with
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president bill clinton. now for a look at the markets. live at cnbc world headquarters. >> the dow closing down 94 points on tuesday. and after three straight days of losses, investors may get a break today, futures pointing to a higher open across the board this morning, european markets are also gaining. the keyword today, cold. >> yes, and bundle up as you can see the temperatures around the bay area, 20s, 30s to near 40 closer to the water. but taking in the cold spot around the area. you can see out toward the sierra, zero this morning, san jose, 39 degrees right now. and parts of the south bay as you head south of san jose, temperatures at or close to freezing. and around the peninsula, temperatures also in the low 30s and atherton, 34, in redwood
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city, and san mateo near the airport quite cold. coldest temperatures so far, our own christy smith where it's 28 degrees, danville, 28, 31 in dublin, 37 in livermore and the north bay valleys, this time tomorrow morning, i think you'll find some temperatures here in the mid 20s as things turn even colder for tomorrow morning as the cold snap that's underway is really going to be something that follows us into the start of the weekend. so tonight, we will have freeze warnings up for the entire bay area from 9:00 tonight through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with lots of 20s for interior valleys, except for san francisco but even downtown san francisco i think is going to find mid-30s for the morning. cold there too, right near the water, coldest temperatures in the tri-valley in and around the north bay. if you take a look at the conditions hour by hour in napa, what you're going to find starting at midnight through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, will be staying below freezing, six to eight hours time below freezing. and tomorrow in the 40s, you can
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see the cold change in the seven-day forecast there at the bottom of the screen. the other interesting part of the forecast comes in friday morning. we're going to see another weather system that might have more moisture than the one we saw yesterday that could bring some snow showers, certainly down to at least 2,000 feet in the sierra we have a winter storm watch. but for lakeport and some of those cold air trapped valleys, we could see snow showers mixed with some of that rain at times. early on friday and then that system starts to clear on out. now, in the sierra, certainly going to see the snow. as you can see the totals, not just for the high country which will see a foot of snow out of this system. even down to the sierra foothills. imagine if you're traveling interstate 880, chaining up at auburn or placerville, things will be cold in the area. we might see a rain and snow mix on friday morning. so stay tuned to those low snow levels. during the day today, we'll see highs in the low 50s. sunshine all day long, but
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you're going to think you're in canada instead of the bay area today if that sunshine, low 50s outside around the east bay and the tri-valley. looking pretty good. low 50s for the highs today, tomorrow, looks like we'll see the highs only in the 40s and then stay tuned friday morning to see maybe some of those low snow levels in parts of the bay area. watching your morning commute, we'll see how chilly things are on the road with mike. >> we've seen your forecast, rob, and your current temperatures. we're looking around the bay. it's a nice, easy drive, as well. plenty of time to make sure you warm up that car and get that heater going if you can. a smooth drive along the peninsu peninsula. in the santa cruz mountains, overnight maintenance, but sounds like things are clear now at the summit. that's good news. for west 580. as you come into livermore, 84, mild and light and no problems down toward isabelle. right there, 680, the northbound side which still has activity,
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no more slowing shows up. with regard to the mobile home on the shoulder, an early morning crash happened there and paperwork and they're waiting for a tow truck to pull that mobile home out of the area. your commute southbound not a problem, and moving smoothly through the area. castro valley, no delays and the dunbarton, 84, and the san mateo bridge, moving smoothly toward the peninsula itself. we'll see how things shape up for palo alto. 101 northbound with the headlights with an easy drive, sparsely populated freeway, and all the way into san francisco and out of it for 101 and 280. the bay bridge from the oakland side, no delays down the east shore freeway, the berkeley curve, starting to see the volume start to build a tad bit at the toll plaza itself. and the north bay, smooth drive southbound, 101. it's cold up there, watch the smaller breezes over the little rivers, possibility of frost. back to you. >> thank you so much. it's 5:19. the engineer of the new york city commuter train that derailed sunday reportedly zoned
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out at the controls just before the wreck. the engineer's attorney said his clients experienced a hypnosis like daze and by the time he caught himself, it was too late. the attorney says the daze was almost like road fatigue. the train derailed after speeding around a curve. going nearly three times the speed limit. four people were killed, dozens injured. this morning, the fda is warning some defibrillators may not deliver the life-saving shock needed in an emergency. phillips are recalling three models of the heart start devices, including heart start hs1 seen in this demo video. they were recalled because of an internal electrical malfunction. this new recall affects about 7,000 defibrillators sold between 2005 and 2012. the company does recommend you keep the recalled device in service. keep it around until a replacement arrives. starting today, anyone can
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apply for a tsa precheck program allowing them to speed right through airport security. until today, precheck was only available to frequent flyers on certain airlines as well as members of the military. they could also leave their laptops in cases. if you want to do a precheck, submit an application, verify citizenship or immigration status and you'll be asked to provide fingerprints and an $85 fee. it is 5:21, coming up, the bay area showdown with our neighbors to the north and the special celebrity that appeared in the sharks game.
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welcome back, everyone. very good, cold morning to you. taking a live look outside. this is from new york city.
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that is the famous rockefeller center tree. and you know what, they're going to light it up tonight. nbc, you can see it all right here. special performances from -- there's a lot of people coming out. i believe it's -- i'm trying to check the time right now. >> it's going to be warmer there. 52 degrees, apparently. >> a heat wave in new york. >> yeah. >> huge one out there. >> you know, the warriors instantly rising high after one of the biggest wins in ten years. >> oracle fans in the arena there treated to an historic comeback. looked like it was over for the warriors. they climbed back three shots, three players, including that one, golden state down by a single point. here comes another one, curry and the warriors are leading it. to go on to win 112-103.
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>> really, last night was a double-header showdown between toronto and the bay area. san jose sharks were playing the maple leafs. check out who's in the crowd here. recognize that guy? shaking some hands, he's been making the rounds after being stripped of his powers after admitting to smoking crack. on sunday, he was at the bills/falcons game. as for the sharks, they helped make it a bay area sweep. beating the maple leafs 4-2. after the game, some fans blamed ford. one tweeted he attends the bills games equals bills lose. they don't want him to go to the games anymore. >> that guy continues to make news. >> yes, he does. >> let's check in with rob and mike. good morning. >> good morning. we're watching chilly temperatures, almost somewhat canadian-like. we're seeing numbers in the 20s and 30s around parts of the northbound this morning. and hour by hour with your
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temperatures by the afternoon. 1:00, getting close to 50 degrees, mostly sunny skies as you see low 50s around san francisco. out toward the tri-valley. 40s tomorrow and possibly lowering snow levels as we approach the weekend. the san mateo bridge coming off the high-rise. winds much calmer than yesterday. a smooth flow of traffic and an easy drive right now. it's only 5:26 as we look at our maps and the peninsula side, highway 92 westbound. just past the bottom of that shot. we couldn't quite catch it with the camera. but reports of a stalled vehicle somewhere around that as you're getting off the bridge into toward foster city. watch for flashing lights, i'll let you know if you have to block any lanes there. tri-valley moves smoothly. we do have another disabled vehicle reported into livermore starting some slowing. and here the south bay. san jose was very smooth. you see the light volume of traffic. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:26, learning more this
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morning about plans for a new development near the stadium. plus, the disgraced politician returns to court to face new charges. and breaking news as a mobile home catches fire in san jose. we've got bob redell with the latest and the search for the homeowners.
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good morning to you. we start out with our breaking news happening in san jose. crews looking for an elderly man whose mobile home was destroyed in an early morning fire at the mobile home park west of highway 101. bob redell is there. he spoke to a neighbor about what he saw. >> yeah, good morning to you, laura and scott. we did speak with one neighbor who knows this elderly man who lives in the double wide mobile home that burned a little after 2:00 this morning. and the last time he saw him was
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yesterday. he was helping him jump the dead battery in his car. his car is still not here. that's why the neighbor and the fire department believe that he is not at home. was not at home the time his place caught fire they have gone through the house to do a search to make sure there's no body inside. they've gotten through about 85% of the home. they can't go through the remaining area because it's too dangerous. again, fire department does not believe he was home at the time but they need absolute confirmation before they come out and say he's safe and sound. this fire started after 2:00 this morning. you can see the tweeted photo as far as it gives you a good idea what greeted them when they arrived here. the mobile home was fully involved as the way they describe it. they did not need backup. it was fully involved. so once it was fully involved and they knew they couldn't save
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the home, their main objective was to protect the surrounding structures. three homes on -- two on one side and one on the other and they were able to keep it from spreading to those places. >> well, i was woken up by a phone call from my brother. he's a glass deliverer and he's on the freeway. he called me up. he says you guys okay? i said, yeah, why? there's a big fire. and i opened up my blinds and they were all in flames. the whole house. >> we spoke to another man next door who heard at least two boom sounds the way he described them and then the fire started. as far as what caused the booms, what caused this home to go up in flames, the investigators still trying to figure that out. reporting live here in south san jose, "today in the bay." >> thank you. the other issue this morning, freezing temperatures in the bay area. though, nothing compared to the sierra. look at this, snow up in the tahoe area where temperatures are expected to be, indeed, in
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the single digits. rob in for christina tracking this cold area sweeping through the area. good morning. >> right now, zero, that gives you idea of how cold it is there. some of our south bay temperatures have been dropping to near freezing, especially south of downtown where all the buildings downtown act like a heat island. you're going to see the cooler temperatures. you're looking at mid-30s this morning, around the peninsula, numbers also in the mid-30s. half-moon bay, dropping temperatures at times down close to freezing there too. 37 in san mateo, and it's the east bay and tri-valley. in the low 30s and you see danville, 28 degrees, and right there in walnut creek, 28 degrees, and that is where we have sent our own christy smith this morning is out there live letting us know how cold this feels like out there around walnut creek this morning. >> it feels very cold.
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few people. they're kind of bent over. looks like they're in a big hurry. when we last checked in, 20 degrees, we've been keeping an eye on the temperature this morning at 5:33. and it looked like it dropped one degree to 27 degrees. i have to tell you. standing out here this morning, it certainly feels like it's that cold. at the car lot on north main and they have frosted over on the roofs. maybe not as much as we've seen in the past when it gets cold. but it certainly is very cold out there this morning. when i jumped in my car, it was 34 degrees this morning in the east bay. and there are people out working in it. even at this hour. we caught up with a guy delivering produce to a restaurant this morning. he said he felt the cold when he stepped out to work, but overall doesn't mind. >> it feels colder to me. it's got to feel a little colder
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to you. >> did you notice anything different when you stepped out of your house this morning? >> just that you can see your breath a little bit more. that's it. >> now, often times when it gets really cold like this, you can see the frosted over grass, not that much this morning. when we went to the park across the street here. i'm told there isn't that much moisture in the atmosphere. you want to protect your plants and animals and that sort of thing. when you step out, it is awfully, awfully cold. reporting live in walnut creek, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christy. the man convicted of raping dozens of women in california might find out, rather, when he will be released from a mental facility. in october, a judge ruled christopher hubbard also known as the pillow case rapist could be released to a home in palmdale. that announcement might be made at a hearing today.
5:35 am
he's being let go on a conditional release and will have to wear a gps monitoring device. admitted to raping about 40 women in l.a. and bay area, including one on the campus of monroe middle school in san jose. the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his play station 4 is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. investigators say ronnie collins killed owaka in san francisco on sunday. men reportedly arranged online to meet up in the bay view district so he could sell his play station 4. instead, police say collins shot him and stole the video game console. the victim's brother said he attended santa monica college and was home for the holidays. also in court, the supervisor at the center of a political scandal accused of sending out mail orders that insinuated in 2010 san jose city
5:36 am
council candidate was connected to communist vietnam. a former friend of compos, indicted after his dna found on one of those mailers. he is currently in jail serving a year for unrelated charges of misusing public funds. it's 5:56, and there's renewed hope that a missing san jose pilot will be found safe. dale smith found flying his single-engine plane sunday when he reported engine failure over central idaho. smith's daughter, her fiancee, as well as smith's son and daughter-in-law were all onboard. while searching for the plane yesterday, authorities say they picked up the signal of the emergency beacon. it was in a different area than where the last cell phone pings came from. this suggests some movement. smooth is the ceo in san jose and his colleagues say they are cautiously optimistic.
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this morning, pleasanton police are asking for your help in finding a missing 13-year-old girl. friends and family say they have not heard from alana since sunday she was last seen riding in a car with three men near 1st street in downtown pleasanton. investigators say she didn't leave home willingly. but ana is considered at risk because of her age. her family handing out fliers, they want her home safe. 5:37 right now. want to check in with rob mayeda. these cold temperatures, we knew they were coming, but feeling them is a different thing. >> and we want the sunrise a bit earlier this morning, not going to happen. our temperatures dropping off some spots down into the 20s right now. in petaluma on the right, north bay, 32 degrees, low 40s elsewhere, closer to the water. temperatures a bit warmer this morning, downtown san jose, 31 degrees. notice the sierra, truckee down
5:38 am
to 37 this morning. mid-30s around sunnyvale, and it's been chilly, low 30s redwood city over toward atherton, tri-valley and the 680 corridor. that's where we're seeing some of the coldest weather this morning. 28 right now in walnut creek and danville. closer to 40 in oakland. and we'll see some mid-20s. right now 29 degrees in santa rosa. and this cold snap is going to get to the coldest a little bit later tonight into tomorrow morning. freeze warnings up for the entire bay area tonight starting from 9:00. that's pretty early through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, except for the city of san francisco right there on the water. mid to low 30s expected there. but 20s in the inland valleys tonight. that's the main headline for the next 12 to 24 hours. the next 48 hours, we'll be watching the system coming in
5:39 am
here late tomorrow morning. north of sacramento, out towards chico and redding, lake port, maybe the northbound valleys very briefly you may see sleet before things change over to some rain. and the afternoon on friday, that cold system moves on by and snow will continue flying in the sierra. not just in the typical spots like around king vale, but down in the foothills. you can see, you'll be chaining up possibly down placerville and auburn as we go through friday. and snow possible on some of the higher peaks around the bay area as we get into friday morning. today, chilly, sunshine, highs near 51 in san jose, 52 in palo alto. more or less, everybody in one giant microclimate today of upper 40s and low 50s for highs. chilly too. around the tri-valley, 53 in pleasanton, 50 in livermore. and the seven-day forecast has been showing on the bottom of the screen. highs tomorrow, think that's cool? mid-40s.
5:40 am
>> yikes. yikes. mid-40s, great for me, not for the temperatures. my goodness. looking at the south bay. building now for this live look. on our maps, it's not quite so dramatic. around the bay, smooth flow, traffic, bottom of your screen, just starting to see the slowing for 680, 101, right here, we'll show you the orange and red that was prominent on that map out of the pass, in toward livermore, 580 shows the slowing and we do have a disabled vehicle. i'm trying to get the update on springtown westbound 580 and you still have that big rig with the boxed trailer locking your second lane. it's in the middle of the freeway causing quite a bit of a slowdown as you're heading in toward livermore. north 680. we had an earlier issue. the early morning crash involved a mobile home. now there's a tow truck there blocking the slow lane so northbound is a little slow with that distraction. not a major concern. your commute is southbound and that's moving smoothly through that area. an easy drive across the bay. san mateo now reporting debris
5:41 am
around the high-rise. looking at oakland, smooth drive, no big issues, just a little bit more volume on the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll see this shot. there you go. back to you. >> thank you so much. 5:41, the supreme court taking on the issue of free speech today. it all centers around the california man. we'll be live with details. plus, the new details we're learning about the planned development right across the street from the new 49ers stadium in santa clara.
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welcome back. a california man getting his case heard by the supreme court today after being banned from an air force base on the central coast. he says his free speech was violated. "today in the bay" live in washington. brian, this is the first in a series of important free speech
5:44 am
cases. >> yeah, it's interesting, scott, the high court is looking at the lines of free speech by literally taking over the case of a guy who crossed the line. a regular protesters and there's a clearly marked area for protesters along a public highway he stepped over that line in one of his protests, was arrested and was banned, not allowed to come back. even though he try to stand inside that designated area. he was again arrested. and he claims that was an infringement of his free speech writes. the government says this is not about free speech, it's about trespassing. it was one of the cases the court would be looking at. looking at the buffer zones outside of abortion clinics. scott. >> brian mooar, washington, thank you. 911 calls made from inside sandy hook elementary school will be made public today. the state prosecutor in connecticut has dropped his fight to withhold the calls.
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he had argued that survivors of last year's shootings deserve special protection as victims of child abuse. but he was overruled. in a report released last month, investigators say they could not find a motive for the shooting. the report did state that the shooter, 20-year-old adam lanza had significant mental issues and fired off 50 rounds during the attack. autopsy results for paul walker and his friend are expected to be released today. the los angeles county coroner had to use dental records to identify the two. sheriff's department says speed was a factor when that red porsche walker was a passenger in crashed into a light pole and burst into flames in valencia. 5:45, officials do not expect the 23-year-old accused of opening fire inside l.a.x. to enter a plea at his first court appearance today. being held in federal custody in
5:46 am
ranc irranch rancho. accused of wounding three others last month. fbi officials reportedly found a letter written by ciancia in which he believes his constitutional rights were being violated by tsa searches. the highest ranking woman i the pentagon is probably someone you're somewhat familiar with even though you may not know her name. in the 1980s movie "top gun," she plays a flight instructor, well, turns out this is an actual real life woman. her real name is christine fox. fox just appointed by president obama as the acting deputy defense secretary, makes her the highest ranking woman in the pentagon. >> that's pretty cool. 5:46 right now. cool in a different way. it's cold out there. want to check in with rob mayeda. he's in for christina this
5:47 am
morning. but the great news, new snow. >> yeah. and fresh powder in the sierra. been watching that over the last 24 hours or so. the view around north star finally looking like things are starting to whiten up around the ski resorts as we're going to see snow levels for the next couple of days not just up at the high country. not just 6,000, 7,000 feet to find the snow. maybe 1,000 or 2,000 feet. a lot of snow blowing going over the next couple of days. down to zero in truckee. getting close to the coldest time of the morning right now. low 30s around santa teresa and morgan hill. around the peninsula, temperatures in the mid-30s. likely turning a little bit colder for tomorrow morning and into the tri-valley. now you're seeing those numbers in the 30s around danville. actually 30s for dublin. 20s in danville up toward walnut creek and alamo and 20s for santa rosa.
5:48 am
36 currently in calistoga. this cold snap that got started yesterday afternoon as that cold air swept in is going to reach its coldest point tonight. 20s and 30s in the valleys, that freeze warning starts at 9:00 tonight. that means the north bay and parts of the trivalue little could get close to freezing before midnight tonight. all locations except for downtown san francisco right near the water will be seeing those temperatures. what's interesting with walnut creek, temperatures in the 50s during the afternoon today and by 11:00 at night, down to 34 degrees and overnight staying from freezing at 1:00 a.m. through 7:00 tomorrow morning. so it's these hours staying below freezing, which is the difference between having a frost advisory to something that is a freeze warning. or in the case of central valley, a hard freeze warning we're seeing here over the next couple of days. no rain in the forecast today, chilly sunshine. but friday could get interesting if that cold air trapped in the inland valleys, we may, at least, briefly see a mix of sleet with some of those
5:49 am
showers, especially in those north bay valleys as snow levels dip close to 1,000 feet briefly. and you saw the video around north star. we're certainly going to see more snow over the next 24 hours for the high country, at least another foot and a winter storm watch for the foothills. chaining up well before you get up there. those low snow levels heading into tomorrow night on into friday. we'll be seeing the low snow levels. highs today despite the sunshine, it's going to feel very chilly. and times a breeze out of the north. we'll feel a little wind chilled during the afternoon, temperatures in the low 50s here heading to the afternoon. turning even colder for tomorrow. that's a look at the weather. now back to you. >> we're going to take it over here, rob. we are looking for something weather related. chp has given the issue. typically around this temperature, around freezing, we do get word that the ice may be forming across that span happens around this time of the
5:50 am
mornings. they might send a sand truck out there. use caution north 280. it's an indication of how cold it is. smooth drive for 101, 92 coming off that bridge. also a smooth flow of traffic. although we do have reports of debris coming off that high-rise. sounds like more installation and some cardboard, a distraction there. south bay, not really showing any major problems, but we do have your northbound route showing slowing. that's the 101, a typical pattern for that area. also, pretty typical over livermore. a little bit lighter because some of the folks held up over here, that stalled big rig filling lanes, no bigger issues through the area. we'll look at the toll plaza for a quick show of the backup. that's an unusual pattern. we'll see it start to even out and track this over the next few minutes. and the north bay looks smooth, as well. a slower drive developing. 5:50, new this morning, a clearer picture on the future of
5:51 am
two planned developments next to the new levi stadium. they considered combining two proposals, this will include one by joe montana. the city manager says combining these projects will make sure the designs look similar. both will be right across from the stadium, which is slated to open next summer. the developments are in the early stage of the approval process. >> we're going to work as fast as we can to meet certain time frames and objectives of the development, developments overall. we'll make every effort to do something to get a portion of that project underway before super bowl. >> they will host the super bowl 2016. montana's proposal includes two large hotels in retail, restaurant and office space. it's 5:51. big name tech leaders trying to help bring schools into the 21st
5:52 am
century. the new plan they're introducing today.
5:53 am
5:54 am
and a very good morning to you as we took a live look at a live picture here. rockefeller center and the big christmas tree. this will be lit on our news channel right here at 8:00 tonight. make sure to tune in. mark zuckerberg and the gates foundation will once again announce new things where the spending money, chipping in to help a new company design to bring updated technology to schools. the foundation and the gates foundation are the major backers of the education super highway.
5:55 am
the two groups raised $9 million to support the company. education super highway's goal is to update technology in every school nationwide. 70% of schools still have the equivalent of an old dial-up modem. the city council gave the thumbs up to the new mega office park project with one small addition. the board approved the project late last night. they wanted to add a shuttle service when the businesses reach 75% occupancy. the proposed campus will be spread over 55 acres near moffett park drive and highway 237 consisting of six eight-story buildings. companies including microsoft, hp and amazon currently lease space at a nearby office park. it's 5:55, can't make this stuff up. they will rename the school of communications today calling it the ron burgandy school of communications. the name change will only last a day, but it's part of a promotion for will ferrell's new movie "anchor man 2."
5:56 am
ron burgandy will be at the school today telling kids to stay classy. his own scotch will hit store shelves soon. and the marketing behind this movie has been -- >> it's phenomenal. >> and they say it could change the marketing. >> it's fun to watch. >> it's fun. great fun. >> although i've never seen the movie. can you believe it? >> what? >> i know. everyone thinks i should. >> of course you should. >> rob mayeda with an incredibly cold forecast. >> parts of the eastbound, right now, quick check of temperatures, closer to the water, at least, not too bad. peninsula close to 40 around foster city, eastbound near oakland in the 40s. 28 degrees, though, in petaluma. hour by hour, you're going to see our temperatures around 1:00. some of the warmest time of the day only in the low 50s today. clear, cold sunshine for you and then more 20s and 30s.
5:57 am
a full look at that in a few minutes. 5:56, the big-name tech leaders trying to bring more to schools. we'll talk about that coming up. good morning nelly! woah.
5:58 am
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right now at 6:00, breaking news, an elderly man missing after a fire ripped through a mobile home park overnight. new details about the search next in a live report. plus, winter weather brings fresh snow and icy roads up in the sierra. we'll tell you if you need to pack the chains headed toward the slopes. and parts of the bay area waking up to 20s. in the north bay, 36 in san jose with cold sunshine today. highs, close to 50, we'll talk more about a freeze warning coming up. and i'll tell you about an ice warning. chp, what area of the peninsula, we'll show you so you can have that warning about that crew, as well. coming up. >> cold seems to be the theme of
6:00 am
the morning and clear out there, as well. you'll need a blanket to keep you warm. it's a live look outside. it is wednesday, december 4th, this is "today in the bay." >> and a good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia canon. >> and fire crews will have to wait until daylight to continue searching for a man whose mobile home burned to the ground in san jose. crews still at the mobile home park near monterey and blossom hill roads. it's been an active scene for hours now. that's where we find bob redell. >> good morning. the fire department has searched roughly 80% of this double wide trailer that burned early this morning in search of the elderly man who lives here by himself. and so far, they have not found any sign of him.


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