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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the morning and clear out there, as well. you'll need a blanket to keep you warm. it's a live look outside. it is wednesday, december 4th, this is "today in the bay." >> and a good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia canon. >> and fire crews will have to wait until daylight to continue searching for a man whose mobile home burned to the ground in san jose. crews still at the mobile home park near monterey and blossom hill roads. it's been an active scene for hours now. that's where we find bob redell. >> good morning. the fire department has searched roughly 80% of this double wide trailer that burned early this morning in search of the elderly man who lives here by himself. and so far, they have not found any sign of him.
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and as for that remaining area, they have to search, too dangerous right now because of the possibility of a roof collapse. they do not believe he was home at the time. based on the fact if you look to the right there, the car's not in the driveway. the next door neighbor tells us this man left yesterday as he helped him jump a dead battery in the car. but the fire department has not been able to reach this man. haven't been able to get through to him yet. that's the reason they're searching inside just to be absolutely certain he was not at home at the time. this fire started a little bit after 2:00 this morning around 2:10, 2:12. here's the picture the fire department tweeted out when they arrived on the scene. and it gives you a good sense of how involved this fire was. one neighbor tells us he heard about the fire by opening the blinds and at that point, the fire was already fully engulfed into the trailer home right here. so for the fire department, their main goal was to -- they knew they couldn't save the home.
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it was just to protect the three other homes that were on the other side of this mobile home. they took a defensive posture and succeeded. >> i hear -- like that, you know. i said get out. i call my wife. get up too. >> that was one of the people who live next to the home. the fire department was able to keep this fire from spreading to three homes. as far as the cause, they did have an investigator in here. but there's so much damage in there. right now, they have not been able to figure out what started this fire overnight here in south san jose. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you much. this morning, bundle up this morning. the winter weather moving into the bay area. we take a live look at san francisco and san jose. temperatures will take another dip. most cities in the 30s right now and the highs will only reach into the 50s. >> you're going to feel frosty temperatures as soon as you step
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outside and especially in your car. now, this is a temperature gauge in bob redell's car on his way to work early this morning showing a chilly 36 degrees. christy smith also had a chilly start to her morning with a 34-degree reading in her car as she came into work. sorry, guys, i've got bob and christy beat out. yep, check out the temperature on my dash board. 32 degrees as i was headed into work this morning. put on the seat heaters. taking a live look outside this morning, that drive up to the sierra, seeing the new dusting of snow we've been waiting for. and that means icy conditions out on the road. >> somebody snuck in and pressed play. right now. we have our your winter weather report completely covered. mike and rob are checking out your commute and your forecast, but we'll get started with christy smith live in walnut creek with a look at that winter chill. good morning, christy. >> good morning to you. i've been standing out here for
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quite a while and i was hoping we might be moving in the opposite direction, maybe bumping up a degree or two when we first got here, it was 28 degrees, one of the coldest places in the bay area right here in walnut creek. we've been keeping an eye on what the temperature is looking like this morning at 6:00. i keep hoping maybe we get 29, 30 degrees, but instead, we're seeing it move in the opposite direction. it is down to 27 degrees and holding. so this is what it's like as you step out this morning. i wanted to show you what some of the car lots looked like this morning on north main right around the corner where we' standing here in walnut creek. a little bit of frost on the roofs of the cars, maybe not as much as you might expect to see when it gets cold like this. but certainly make no mistake, very cold. maybe i was one of the lucky ones. 33 degrees, jumped to 34 degrees in my car. we ran into a delivery man this morning working out in it. he says he really doesn't mind this weather as long as he doesn't get wet. >> why would you like this
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weather? >> going up and down the ramp all day, feels good. it's good weather. >> really? >> yeah. >> you know, it's going to be cold, real cold, though, today. >> that's real good. as long as it don't rain. >> now here's a look at the park here in downtown walnut creek this morning. just a little bit of frost on the grass, not as much as you might expect. we've seen the big sheets of white frost before when it gets cold like this. the dew point is low and there's not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. but certainly, make no mistake, it is cold, cold, cold this morning. reporting live in walnut creek, christy smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. well, cool temperatures and the snowfall back up in the air. we're seeing the fresh powder as i mentioned earlier. falling snow across much of the sierra. and if the forecasts are correct, the region is in for more snow this year than the past two seasons. that's great. we need it. the drop in temperatures also means ski resorts can run manmade snow machines nonstop
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24/7. return of the snow also means return of spinouts and other accidents along interstate 80. play it safe. right now, no chain requirements on interstate 80 up in the sierra but on highway 50, chains are required on all vehicles unless you have four-wheel drive. plan ahead if you're headed up there. >> four-wheel drive and snow tires. >> right. >> you were saying that she was in maybe one of the coldest places in the bay area. >> yeah. probably as cold as we've seen off to the north. we've got 26, but truckee, zero. lake tahoe truckee will not get above freezing today. so there's some perspective for you on the cold for you this morning. 36 right now in downtown san jose. and by downtown standards, that's chilly. south of san jose, morgan hill, 32 degrees, also around the peninsula. out there at the airport, san mateo 37 degrees, 34 in redwood
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city. and as you just saw, 27 degrees in walnut creek where she's trying to keep warm this morning. and 38 degrees in livermore. enough of a breeze to keep the temperatures up a little bit. back into the 20s around petaluma and santa rosa this morning. 30 currently in navado. yesterday afternoon as the cold front swept in, brought us the dry air, is going to continue as we go through tonight, freezing temperatures for the entire bay area. then the interesting point will be friday morning is our next chance of showers. we could see snow levels, maybe briefly down into some of higher valleys here. the north bay and lake port. looking at a good chance of snow showers down to about 1,000 to 2,000 feet on friday morning. it's not going to warm up much.
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fremont, near 50 degrees, 53, one of those days. >> maybe find nice warm pizzas to sit on. i don't know. i'm not very creative. palo alto area. traffic flow smoothly. we're picking up a little more company along the stretch of the peninsula. no dramatic slowing. i'll show you on the maps, our speed sensors in the green area here northbound with the taillights from the earlier shot. past the dunbarton bridge and san mateo for 101. 280 with the warning from chp. it's actually a bridge called the duran bridge. it's a high right near the crystal springs reservoir. because it's in the open air, little colder, chp says there's ice forming or at least it feels like that. maybe a sand truck. watch for that. that's one of your warnings. we'll see more of that as the temperature is cooler. over here the tri-valley, the smooth drive -- the only
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disabled vehicle, and that would mean more traffic over the next 10 to 15 minutes. all lanes but not a big slowdown for the tri-valley. only showing a little bit of slowing and the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a typical backup as the lights turned on. that's an easy build here just past the overpass. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:09 right now. one of the oldest running bookstores may be able to stay running. they have reached an agreement with a couple who owns the property the bookstore is on. if the bookstore can raise $2.6 million by the end of february, it can buy the building from the current owners. a nonprofit group has already promised a $1.65 million loan. the bookstore hopes to raise the rest of the money through
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sourcing. san jose civic is about to get a new name holding a gala to unveil, wynona judd will be there to unveil the new name. built in '34, it's hosting the variety of events, concerts, rolling stones, bob dylan, frank sinatra, also the swearing in for citizenship. it's phenomenal to watch. >> that's right. there was a 100-year-old woman -- >> right. it's a great experience. still ahead on "today in the bay," new details in the crash that killed paul walker. and a look at why that car in particular is so hard to handle even for experienced drivers. plus, a sky diving stunt turns deadly in arizona. how a safe jump went horribly wrong in midair. why a 20-year-old tradition is
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getting a curfew. >> it's a cold start, bundle up, we'll be back in a minute.
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good chilly wednesday morning, a look at oakland where it's close to 40 degrees, but we're also seeing 20s and 30s around the rest of the bay area. i'll have a look at your chilly forecast coming up. >> and we're looking at a chilly drive, as well. folks bundled up as they get in to their cars. crystal clear view of that high-rise, but over on the san mateo side, we have a warning from chp, might be some slippery conditions. we'll explain that coming up. 6:13, your top stories. crews on the scene of an overnight fire of a mobile home park in san jose. right now, firefighters are searching for what's left of the home to make sure the elderly man who lived there was not
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inside. officials say his car is gone. they don't think he's home. but so far, they have not been able to contact him. this morning, san jose police are investigating another deadly crash involving an suv and a man riding a bike. police say the driver hit the bicyclist near the corner of vista park drive in south san jose. about 7:00 last night. this marks the 40th traffic fatality this year and the 25th car versus pedestrian fatality. nothing compared to the sierra where fresh powder is falling. right now, no chain requirements on 80. but on highway 50, chains are required on all vehicles unless you have four-wheel drive and snow tires. the boy accused of killing his math teacher in massachusetts will hear charges against him in court today. 14-year-old phillip chism is charged with the october murder of colleen ritzer, a popular teacher. investigators say the teen also raped her.
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the 24-year-old teacher's body was found in the woods near the school with a note that read i hate you all. the man accused of opening fire inside l.a.x., officials don't expect him to enter a plea today. ciancia accused of killing tsa agent and wounding three others last month. fbi officials reportedly found a letter written by ciancia in which he says he believes his constitutional rights were being violated by tsa searches. we could learn new details about the crash that killed paul walker. the l.a. county coroner is expected to release the results for walker and his friend rotus was believed to be driving the porsche when it crashed into the light pole and tree exploding into flames. the coroner had to use dental records to confirm their identities and who was at the wheel. now, the person that cra crashed -- the car was known as
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a difficult car to drive. top speed of 208 miles per hour. 600 horsepower has no stability control meaning it's hard to get out of the skid, sits very low to the ground, very difficult to drive on bumpy city streets. in a 2008 review of the car, top gear co-host jeremy clarkson said, quote, you need to be awake to drive this fast. the clutch is brutal, the power's savage and the handling you really are on a knife edge. the car was a subject of a lawsuit after a 2005 crash that killed two men on the california speedway in fontana. the men, rather, ran into a concrete wall after servi swerv avoid a collision. part of a multimillion dollar settlement, but the company did not admit any wrong doing. two sky divers with thousands of jumps under their belt died after colliding midair while attempting to set a record jump. investigators say it appears the jump itself was safe. but just before the group
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landed, something went wrong. >> the point they collided, it's estimated about 200 to 300 feet up in the air. once they collided, we're being told both of their canopies collapsed and they both fell to the ground. >> one was at the scene, another died at a local hospital. this happened in arizona. neither of them were from the u.s. one diver says they'll try to complete the jump to honor those killed. let's check in with rob mayeda this morning as we look at a live picture of san jose and the cold weather this morning. christina feeling a bit under the weather. >> under the blankets hopefully this morning bundled up. >> yeah. it is really chilly out there and the inland valleys of the north bay down to 28 degrees. let's take you toward oakland this morning. no clouds to act like a blanket overnight. instead, let the little heat we have the day before quickly escaping back into space so our temperatures this morning
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extremely cold. 30s around san jose. and now at freezing, down toward morgan hill, 34 in campbell, also around sunnyvale, seeing chilly temperatures in sunnyvale. 31 degrees now in atherton and around the tri-valley. up towards walnut creek and danville, 27 degrees, 30 in dublin. for those locations, if you parked outside overnight, unfortunately, you'll see an icy mess this morning. 30 in navado, 39 degrees in fairfield, and all of this is setting up for a night tonight that should be even colder. so this week's cold snap perhaps reaching its peak tonight as lows dip more into the 20s and 30s tomorrow morning. so it goes without saying, dress in layers, bring pets indoors, protect pipes and plants from 9:00 tonight. we'll see freezing temperatures setting up through the north bay through 9:00 tomorrow morning. this is a long event that we'll be looking at. again, that freeze warning up for the entire bay area exception to the rule right
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there on the water's edge near downtown san francisco where we'll see the temperatures likely in the mid-30s for tomorrow morning. for walnut creek as a guide, 50 around 3:00 this afternoon, then approaching freezing just before midnight and it'll be this time frame from midnight through 7:00 tomorrow morning, locations like walnut creek like we're seeing this morning dipping down into the 20s again maybe for a couple more extra hours. that's one thing we're watching. another item late tomorrow into friday. we'll see clouds coming in from the north, a chance for some lower than usual snow levels. especially for some of these north bay interior valleys where snow levels will be low enough to get snow, snow in the sierra at least down to 2,000 feet as the system goes on by. most of the showers shutting down by friday night. so the timing is very interesting with this. notice friday, 5:00 in the morning, this would be a time where you could see some snow at lower elevations. not much moisture just yet. and the cold, dry air in place really going to take some time before the rain gets started.
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snow levels may stay up closer to 1,000 to 2,000 feet. today, chilly, sunshine, highs in the low 50s. into the north bay, highs near 50. 50 around livermore, and if you think that's chilly after tomorrow's 20s and 30s, highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 40s -- >> we're watching for the changes. they're feeling those changes as well. we're seeing a little slowing now northbound 101, really from 680880 the traditional spot. we see that slowdown, 87 northboun northbound. more folks hitting the road, we'll see the slowing over the next half hour. over here, this warning and now we see slowdowns north 280
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toward the crystal springs overpass there, it's called the duran bridge officially, but really that stretch of road that extends over a little valley there. there was some ice forming and that's how cold it is out there. that's an unusual spot. showing a slower drive, but smooth still. disabled vehicles reported. nice drive, that commute's kicking in as you head down to the south bay out of the tri-valley. we'll look at foster city as you cross over and approach the peninsula side. debris reported this morning, but a smooth flow there. no problems on the heyward side and a live look at the bay bridge -- back to the maps, sorry. there's that slowdown we talked about starting toward the dublin interchange. nice drive, the east shore freeway a little slow through berkeley. that's going all the way back past west grand avenue.
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no surprises, but the bridge commute is on in towards san francisco. back to you. time now 6:21. still ahead on today in the bay, chilly reception for heartwarming display. a southern california city with a strict curfew.
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welcome back, everyone. and a good wednesday morning to you. taking you live to new york this
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morning. this is a look at the holiday tree, rockefeller center. we're actually counting down the hours now until that tree is officially lit tonight. during a star studded ceremony. you can see it right here on nbc bay area. >> the first formal tree lighting took place in 1933, and it grows bigger every year. no exception this year. a huge performance with a huge list of celebrities leading up to this big moment. the tree's going to stay up until january 7th. and they ever then after that, it'll be taken for lumber for habitat for humanity. you can check that out at 8:00 tonight right here on this tree channel. >> it's nice it finds new life too building a home. southern california city hitting the off switch on a massive holiday light display. thousands of visitors are drawn to this neighborhood every year to check out that huge light display. neighbors there have put up those displays now for 20 years.
6:26 am
but now the city is imposing a new rule, a curfew for visitors. closing traffic at 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, 10:00 p.m. on weekends. they're being encouraged to turn off their lights to stop any late night traffic. opinions are mixed about the new rule. >> if we did have an emergency, how would anyone be able to get to us? we don't have sidewalks so people are forced to be in the street. >> i don't know why people can't cope with the holiday season and enjoy it. >> it's sad when the grinch has more of a heart than the city. >> deputies are going to start enforcing that new curfew on december 13th. look at all the -- look at that. >> on grasher drive in san jose, the san jose police, you cut off a lot of the traffic. and you've got to be careful crossing the street because everybody's looking at -- >> that's right.
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>> it is a lot of holiday cheer. >> gorgeous. 6:26 right now. >> still ahead, tech titans teaming up. why mark zuckerberg is partnering with bill gates. plus, will the new development at san jose stadium be ready for the super bowl? and breaking news in san jose, search continues for an elderly man. we'll be live at the scene coming up. and we are awaiting the sun's arrival. and look at that off into the horizon there. it's going to come up but it's not going to warm things up. it is a cold day ahead. dress in layers. rob mayeda's in for christina with a look at our forecast. stick around. a lot more ahead. [ wind howling ]
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>> live look this morning at the opening bell. there's the nyse. today is december 4th, and there's the nasdaq. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone, 6:30. >> an update now to breaking news we've been following for you overnight. five crews trying to get ahold of the man who lived in a mobile home that burned to the ground overnight. it happened at the mobile home park near monterey and blossom hill roads in san jose. that's a live look at the scene this morning. it's been very active since that fire started just after 2:00 this morning. bob redell is at the scene right now gathering information. he's going to bring it to us in a live report. coming up in about 20 minutes. starting today, anyone can apply for the tsa precheck program allowing them to speed through airport security.
6:31 am
right now at sfo, oakland, san jose, they're offering pre-check to flyers. brian mooar live from washington, d.c. this morning with more on how to sign up. good morning, brian. >> reporter: yeah, scott. there's a little bit of a catch here, anyone can sign up for this program today as long as you don't mind going to indianapolis to get processed. yeah, that's right, indianapolis. right now, that is the only walk-in center to do the second part of this sign-up. and you can't even get past the sign-up page unless you click that on the dropdown menu. within the next 30 days, it'll be expanding to washington, d.c., thank goodness. new york and los angeles if you don't mind driving to los angeles to get processed and fingerprinting. it's a two-part thing. you pony up the 85 bucks, put in your passport number or something like your birth certificate or your driver's license and make an appointment and wait and you go in and get
6:32 am
fingerprinted and all that fun stuff. what's the payoff? you get to go to the airport and get in the fast line. don't have to take off your jacket anymore or your belt or your shoes, you can leave your laptop inside of your briefcase, craziness, i know, you don't get treated like a terrorist anymore for the low, low price of $85. if you live in indianapolis, you can sign up today. and i'm going to quote william shakespeare here. seriously, seriously? >> brian mooar, thank you very much. and i have to admit, every once in a while i paid a little extra for the upper class ticket. not first class, i can't afford that. to get you through the line faster, as well. >> i want to keep my shoes on. >> right and, $85 seems reasonable. >> you boys need to pack your patience. well, new this morning, mark zuckerberg and the gates foundation will announce their participation in a new company designed to bring updated technology to schools across the country. zuckerberg's foundation called
6:33 am
start-up education and the gates foundation are the major backers of education superhighway. along with other foundations, the two groups raise $9 million to support the country. education superhighway's goal is to update technology in every school nationwide. 70% of schools have the equivalent of an old dial-up cable modem. we're getting a clearer picture on the future of two planned develops next to the levi stadium. last night, they considered combining those two proposals into a single development. this includes the one by joe montana. the city manager says combining the projects will make sure everything looks similar. both would be built across from the stadium slated to open next summer. but the developments are still in the early stage of the approval process. >> we're going to work as fast as we can to meet certain time frames and objectives of the
6:34 am
development -- developments overall. we'll make every effort to do something to get a portion of that project underway. >> levi stadium will host the super bowl in 2016. montana's proposal includes two large hotels along with retail, restaurants and office space. the city council gave its thumbs up to the new mega office park project with one small addition, they approved the project last night but wanted to add a shuttle service when the businesses reached 75% occupancy. the proposed campus will spread over 55 acres near moffett park drive and highway 237 consisting of six eight-story buildings. companies including microsoft, hewlett-packard and amazon currently lease space at a nearby office space. >> sometimes a meteorologist can feel under the weather and rob mayeda is with us this morning. >> 40s closer to oakland and san francisco, san jose, pre-sunrise
6:35 am
view, you can see clear skies, no clouds. one of the reasons why, things are so cold, we don't have the marine air which acts like a blanket overnight and our normal air has been replaced by canadian air-conditioning that came in late yesterday. and that's the reason right now if we take you into san jose, an area south of san jose, you're probably having to scrape your windshiel windshields. sunnyvale down to 33 degrees around the peninsula, 35 in foster city. and out towards the tri-valley and the east bay, 27 in walnut creek and danville. not too bad near the water. 29 degrees currently in santa rosa and petaluma, 39 in ferry fie ferryfield. over the next 24 hours, freeze warnings for locations except for san francisco. friday morning could get interesting with the showers coming through, snow levels at least early in the day friday will be extremely low, low enough to get lake port some snow and interior valleys of the north bay. snow levels below 2,000 feet
6:36 am
around the sierra, another foot of snow coming down in the high country as we get over toward the start of the weekend. the south bay today, chilly start, low 50s for the afternoon around morgan hill. should see highs in the low 50s into the north bay, near 50-degree temperatures around navado, and hayward, 52, over in dublin and alamo, 51 degrees. you may be scraping your windshields this morning and i think keeping the heater on in the car all day long. >> we're going to see some steam coming out of some cars because people insist on keeping the top down in california. we're looking over toward the 880 interchange, north of the 880 interchange at mission boulevard and a smooth drive on the approach. you see the volume starting to build for fremont. look at the map and you don't see slowing on our sensors on the right side of the screen. some here at alvarado boulevard. reports of a crash here. two vehicles involved there and
6:37 am
no injuries. another crash reported. but the details similar to these. we consider that the same through the stretch in union city. more volume coming in out of hayward. we're expecting more slowing even though this is off of the roadway as you pass through the area. across the bridge, a smoother drive now that the debris has cleared. northbound 280 north of 92. still reports of the sand needing to be spread out there across that bridge, the duran bridge over the crystal springs roadway, but we have seen earlier slowdown clear up. looks like the crews probably have moved out of the area. we're looking at the smooth drive through the south bay with the north route starting to build. and a quick look at the toll plaza which has the metering lights on. it's 6:37. stolen cargo, where thieves made off with a truck carrying radioactive materials and what's being done to get it back.
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at 6:40, new this morning, the united nations nuclear agency says mexican authorities are looking for a stolen truck carrying radioactive cargo. the international atomic energy agency says the truck carrying an extremely dangerous radioactive substance was stolen monday near tijuana. the substance is used to treat cancer. it was headed to a waste storage
6:41 am
center. a 911 call made from the sandy hook elementary school will be released today. made on the day of the mass shooting that left 20 students and six staff members dead. a total of seven land line calls were made to newtown police. they're expected to be released. calls made from cell phones were routed to state police. those will not be released today. the prosecutor in charge of newtown investigation had argued against the release of these tapes. but a judge dismissed those arguments last week. 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking news in san jose where a man is missing after an overnight fire. live at the scene with new details on the search next. and perhaps a glimmer of hope for a missing south bay pilot and his family. the new evidence that has those close to them feeling cautiously optimistic. plus, fresh snow, icy roads and the sierra, we're going to tell you if you need to bring chains if you're heading up to the slopes. and here's a view of oakland
6:42 am
this morning where 41 degrees is relatively warm this morning. we'll talk more about 20s and 30s and the freeze warning in the forecast when we come right back. ♪ yeah her gift
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday breaking news overnight, firefighters on the scene of a mobile home fire that burned one unit to the ground. crews had to evacuate four people from another home but ultimately able to save those surrounding houses. they are still looking this morning for the owner of that mobile home. "today in the bay's" bob redell talking to firefighters and neighbors and he'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. we don't have to tell you it's cold outside, but you better bundle up. this morning, winter weather
6:45 am
moving into the bay area. taking a live look outside from the east bay in oakland and in san jose. temperatures taking a dip as the sun is coming up this morning. most cities are actually in the 30s right now. the highs will only reach into the 50s with most of the bay area bracing for a freeze warning. and cold temperatures and snowfall in the sierra. there's fresh powder, falling snow across much of the area. and if the forecasts are correct, the region is in in for more snow this season than the past two seasons. the drop in temperature also means the ski resorts can run manmade snow machines nonstop now 24/7. the return of snow also means icy conditions on the roads right now no chain requirements on 80 in the sierra. but highway 50, chains are required on all vehicles unless you have four-wheel drive. right now, your winter weather report completely covered. mike and rob checking out your commute and your forecast. let's start out with christy
6:46 am
smith. all right, not completely covered. you forgot your gloves this morning. >> reporter: i did. they say walnut creek is one of the coldest places in the bay area, it certainly feels like it. i did not have my gloves with me. thankfully the camera man lent me his and you're going to need it this morning. we've been watching the temperature this morning in walnut creek. first it was 28, 27, now it has dropped down. here it is 6:46 this morning and it is reading that it is 26 degrees. and i have to tell you, it feels just that cold. and if you head out, your cars might need to be scraped because the frost is on the roofs this morning and some of the windows. it's the car lot we shot on north main street this morning. maybe not as much as the frost as you're used to seeing. there isn't much moisture in the air. make no mistake, it is very cold and you will feel it. i caught up with one man delivering produce this morning
6:47 am
and he said he didn't really mind. >> it feels a little colder to me. it's got to feel a little colder to you. >> feels good to me, though. >> really? >> yeah. >> did you notice anything different when you stepped out of your house this morning? >> just that you can see your breath a little bit more. yeah. >> that's it. >> they didn't bother you? >> didn't bother me one bit. >> no, ma'am. >> so once again, it is getting colder and colder and it feels like it. you want to grab everything, the scarf, the hat, the gloves as you head out this morning, it is cold. reporting live in walnut creek, "today in the bay." >> thank you. and always a gentleman. let's play the who was coldest. frosty temperatures as you step outside. this is from earlier this morning. and keep in mind, it was warmer in the middle of the night. this is the temperature gauge in bob redell's car. he was on his work -- on his way to work this morning. 36 degrees, she had a chilly start to her morning. she photographed 34 degrees as she went into work.
6:48 am
but laura has everybody beat. check out the temperature on her dash board as she went into work, 32 degrees and a little freeze warning light on there, as well. >> i don't know what's more shocking, the temperature or the time. >> right. >> it's early and cold. but bundle up. rob mayeda is in for christina this morning. >> yeah. >> under the weather herself. >> yeah. and hopefully she's bundled up this morning. we've got the chilly temperatures. now at the coldest point of the morning just before sunrise. now seeing those numbers in the mid-20s in some of the coldest spots of the east bay. 36 degrees in san francisco, 28 in petaluma. as we take you on a tour of who is the coldest right now, nobody's got anything on truckee at zero. areas south of san jose, where we're finding low 30s this morning, south san jose out towards morgan hill around campbell, 34, sunnyvale 33 degrees, los gatos about 35.
6:49 am
and notice the temperatures on the 680 corridor from walnut creek into danville and the upper 20s, 26 degrees briefly there and walnut creek. 30 in concord in the north bay, you're seeing the same story playing out. but this will be the coldest spot again in the bay area tomorrow morning. upper 20s to low 30s right now. and all this sets us up for the cold snap that will likely reach its peak overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. all the entire bay area now from 9:00 tonight through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning except for the city of san francisco. we'll have that freeze warning going with those temperatures starting as early as 9:00 tonight in the north bay dipping below freezing and not warming above freezing until 9:00 tomorrow morning. that is one component of the forecast we're watching. the other comes in late tomorrow on to friday as we get another cold system here dropping in out of the north that could briefly on friday morning toss some snow showers at relatively low elevations, especially in some of those north bay valleys where the cold air may be trapped underneath that precipitation as that begins.
6:50 am
low snow levels to start on friday morning. getting closer to maybe 2,000 feet during the afternoon. that kind of tells you how cold the system is as it brings more snow to the sierra. in terms of the bay area. looks like most of the measurable rain is going to come in during the day. and if that's the case, we're probably not going to see too much in the way of low elevation snow but hill top snow. and you could see less than 1/10 inch. in the sierra, we should at least see about a foot of snow coming in during the day friday and down into the sierra foothills. think of the driving distance of being three times the driving distance now to be in the chain controls. looks like that snow's going to get started maybe slightly below the sierra foothills tomorrow. today, despite the chilly start, decent temperature recovery. when you warm up 20, 30 degrees from the morning lows, only puts near 50 around the bay area. 51 in san jose, 50 in foster city. and for the north bay, 50 in santa rosa, fremont also 50 degrees. 50 in livermore.
6:51 am
tomorrow, looking like highs in the mid to upper 40s. quite chilly outside and it's a good reminder for those of us lucky enough to order the cold weather package in your car. >> cold weather package for some folks, it's going like this. that's what it was in one of my first cars. we have a smooth drive right now. these folks cooking along on the freeway. 101 through palo alto. as we look at the map, we do have ice reported on the duran bridge. crews reportedly went out there, spread some sand out. use caution over that open air span north of 92 for 280. smooth drive along that stretch. the south bay we have that build kicking in now. north 101, capital expressway, 101/680. and building into downtown, 85 shows orange, as well, speeds in the 50s with 280 starting to build. there's your south bay, no big surprises there, or for the tri-valley. we have a crash there. should be on the shoulder by the
6:52 am
progress we've heard in the area. a slower drive approaching. no problems towards the dublin interchange. southbound 680 has that build through pleasanton. more traffic out at hayward down in toward union city. an earlier crash, sounds like everything's off to the shoulder and haven't seen any dramatic slowing, but a distraction toward the dunbarton bridge. the bay bridge itself, we have the backup there, as well, the metering lights have been turned on at 6:00. we had all lanes backed up and now the lanes are clear for cash payers and the north bay, no surprises. and a lot of company. at 6:52, we are continuing to follow breaking news overnight. fire crews waiting for more daylight to finish searching for a man whose mobile home burned to the ground in san jose. crews still at the mobile home park near monterey. it's been a very active scene now for hours. we find bob redell. you talked to a man who actually
6:53 am
witnessed that fire? >> yeah. we did. good morning to you, laura and scott. this is a double wide home that caught fire just a little bit after 2:00 this morning. the fire department has not been able to reach the elderly man who lives here by themselves. what they did, they were able to search roughly 85% of it. it's this section over here they weren't able to take a look at. it's the section here on the side that it's got the collapsed roof. well, just within the past few minutes, now the sun is starting to come up, they have been able to take a peek in there. so far there's no sign of him, but they have not been able to do a thorough search. they're in the process of doing that right now. their gut is telling them he is not here because his car -- if you look over here in the driveway, his car's not here. we spoke to his next door neighbor who told us that yesterday he gave the man a jump for his dead car battery and took off. and they haven't been able to reach him by phone. >> looks like we lost communication with bob there.
6:54 am
but just to finish his story up for you a little bit. they did have the man's cell phone number. they were trying to reach him but he has not answered as of yet. there's a small portion of the actual site of the mobile home park they have not been able to search. they're hoping and pretty sure that man was not in the home. once again, a mobile home fire destroying a unit there in san jose. this is at blossom hill road and monterey. we'll continue to follow this morning. 6:54, a memorial plan for sunday for the popular san francisco-based tv host killed while riding his motorcycle on monday night. this morning, friends and family are mourning the death of hgtv host bill beckwith, the host of "curb appeal." he also owned a construction business. he loved motorcycles and was a member of the piston and chain motorcycle club. members there say he was always cheerful and adventurous.
6:55 am
police say he was riding his michael vick when he was hit and killed by a car monday night. police on the peninsula trying to track down three armed men who held up a fast food restaurant. police say the masked men walked into mountain view on monday night and robbed customers and employees at gunpoint. they ran off. right now, police are not saying how much money and valuables the gunmen got away with. a 15-year-old girl in custody this morning accused of robbing and assaulting a woman in her 60s in the parking lot in san leandro. on monday afternoon, officers say the teen knocked the woman to the ground and kicked her repeatedly before taking off with a woman's purse. police found her and two 16-year-old boys in oakland later that day. they believe she was helped to get away from the crime scene. there's hope a missing pilot will be found safe.
6:56 am
he was flying his plane sunday when he reported engine failure over central idaho. smith's daughter, her fiancee as well as smith's son-in-law and daughter-in-law were on board. while searching the plane yesterday, authorities say they did pick up the emergency beacon. it was in ha different area than where the last cell phone pings came from and this suggests some movement on the ground. smith is the ceo in san jose. his colleagues say they are cautiously optimistic. as well as a 13-year-old girl that pleasanton police are asking for your help finding this morning. friends and family say they have not heard from ana since sunday. she was last seen riding in a car with three men near 1st street in downtown pleasanton. investigators say while she left home willingly, ana is considered at risk because of her age. her family is handing out fliers and want her home safe.
6:57 am
the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and stealing his play station 4 is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. investigators say ronnie collins killed owaka in san francisco on sunday. the man reportedly arranged online to meet in the bay view so he could sell his play station 4. instead, police say collins shot him, stole the video game console. the victim's brother said he attended santa monica college and was home for the holidays. 6:57, the man convicted of raping dozens of women in california will find out when he might be released from a mental facility today. a santa clara county judge ruled the man known as the pillow case rapist could be released to a home in palmdale but didn't say when. that announcement might be made at the hearing today. he's being let go on a conditional release and will have to wear a gps monitoring device. hubbard admitted to raping about 40 women in l.a. and the bay area in the late '70s and early
6:58 am
'90s. also in court, the former santa clara county supervisor at the center of a political scandal accused of sending out mailers insinuating that 2010 san jose city council candidate was connected to communist vietnam. a friend and former boss of compos. he was indicted after his dna was found on one of the mailers. now, as you probably know, he's currently in jail serving a year on unrelated charges of misusing public funds. it is 6:58 right now. we'd be lucky if the temperatures got to 68 today. good morning, 20s and 30s in the inland valleys. closer to the water, not too bad. downtown san francisco, near 40 this morning, 34 in san jose, 28 the number in the north bay. petaluma, currently, for the
6:59 am
afternoon, nothing but canadian sunshine today. highs close to 50 today and unfortunately tonight, freeze warning underway for all locations except for san francisco. 9:00 tonight into 9:00 tomorrow morning. mike? >> all right. we're looking over here toward the 101. what's all the slowing about? we have a crash, i think. look at the maps, something going on north 101 just north of that camera shot and the slowing building into the area. another crash north 87. that's a lot of activity for the south bay commute, guys. back to you. >> 6:59, a final check of the day's top stories. fire officials trying to get ahold of a man who lived inside a san jose mobile home that went up in flames overnight. it happened at the mobile home park at blossom hill and monterey. officials don't think he was home. san jose police investigating another deadly crash including an suv and a man riding a bike. this is the 40th traffic fatality for the year. that's what's happening today in the bay, we're going to
7:00 am
be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. and, of course, nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. on the stand, celebrity chef nigella lawson testifying in a new york courtroom. what she is saying about the accusations of rampant drug use. and let there be light. it's christmas in rockefeller center as we getet


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