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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. that is out of san jose where a big rig has crashed and landed on construction equipment. it's happening on southbound interstate 880 at the stevens creek boulevard off ramp. it's close to valley fair mall. bob redell is live at the scene. what does it look like out there? >> reporter: we're trying to figure out how much impact this is going to have on the morning commute. here is is the big rig, a driver fell asleep heading south on 880 this morning, around quarter to 3:00. and what happened instead of continuing south on 880 he diverted landing in this construction area. the problem is there's a couple problems, one of some of the
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fuel leaked so they need to clean that up. two, some of the axles have come off the truck. if you look to the left they have a wrecker out here. one is off. that's going to complicate the effort. chp telling us they might have this removed in probably around two hours, looking at the 6:00 hour. again, that is during the commute but this is not on 880, it's to the right of 880 but they do have the number 3 lane t slow lane shut on 880 if you look to the left. that's what they have shut down so they can get the wrecker in and it's going to be a visual distraction. that's what we're trying to figure out. is it going to be a problem for the commute because this is before the 280 interchange, this gets heavy or will they have this out in time or will the 6:00 hour be enough time for people to get this out in time and not be a problem for the commute. reporting live in san jose, we're at 280 before the stevens creek overpass. >> thanks so much, bob.
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especially clarifying where it is. it's a cold one out there. we're keeping a close eye on the freezing temperatures this morning. we've got a live look outside right now. bay bridge and the san mateo bridge this morning. before you head out to work this morning we want to remind you that the roadways especially bridges, overpasses, they could be icy. and remember that black ice, you can't see it. it's so hard to see so best to keep your speed down, allow extra time this morning. look at this. this is a photo that our bob redell snapped on the way to work, his car temperature gauge says it was 24 degrees. >> i think he's going to win this morning's competition. i didn't take a picture. i didn't know it was going to be a thing. meteorologist christina loren feeling much better this morning. good morning. >> good morning. love your competitive nature. temperatures are looking really chilly this morning. i do want to advice you if you parked on the street you're probably going to wake up with a
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thick layer of frost on your windshield. give yourself time to warm your car up. temperatures are cold. your windshield gets 5 to 10 degrees colder than the surrounding air so count on that. a lot of people do park on the street in the city by the bay. so let's look at your city by city highs. it's going to be very, very cold, a round of damaging frost, then this freeze warning going until tomorrow as well. i'm going to talk about our next weather event. before it gets better we've got rain and very low snow levels possibly at the valley floor level. i'll get into that in my next report. let's check your drive. mike, it's busy. >> bob was talking about that incident. we stay with the truck off the roadway. this is the 280/880 interchange. so yes, these are two freeways coming out of north 280 across the screen the black line, once in a while a car, that's 17 north toward 880. look at the maps. the center of the screen, that's
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the one bob was talking about. southbound 880 toward the scene of that rig that went off the road, that slow lane is blocked and i did see slowing the last few minutes. speeds just dipping down. one lane of the off ramp has a slowing and that will abdistraction. so that may be a problem as you approach the 6:00 hour. if you want you can head down, go toward winchester or bascom. they take to you 280 back over to 880, just one exit away. it should be an easier drive. we hope they can clear that up quickly. if it lasts past 6:00 it will be a problem. you should be okay through the south bay. we'll follow this. and the toll plaza, that will be crowded around 6:00 as well. >> mike, i know you're looking at this, this is highway 50. and ski run boulevard in the sierra at the base of heavenly valley in south lake tahoe, 15
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degrees there. good news is you can probably see here, no chains required on highway 80 or 50 as well. >> i love it because the snow continues to fall overnight in lake tahoe at the boreal resort. many of the people played hooky from work to take advantage of the fresh powder. >> you can stay with "today in the bay" all morning long for the latest on the cold conditions and you can post your own photos on, search for weather. >> it's 4:35. sentencing is scheduled today for san jose man who went on a crime spree that ended in murder. jonathan wilbanks is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. he pleaded guilty ten felonies committed between august and november of last year. during the spree wilbanks along with an accomplice killed a
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22-year-old man during a carjacking. they also wound add police officer and robbed four businesses. >> los gatos police are checking video after two women reported frightening encounters with a suspicious man tshs first happened on roberts road near highway 17, a woman says a strange man approached her car, opened the car door and asked if she knew how to get to the bridge. the woman says she thought the man was about to attack her. she closed the door and drove off. >> it's not fun when somebody approaches you like that. but luckily she came out okay. >> 24 hours later police say a waitress in downtown was held up at knife point. the would be thief took off with nothing. investigators trying to figure out if there is a connection between the two incidents. >> milpitas police are looking for the man or woman involved 18 scuffle caught on camera.
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frightening. you feel for the woman. a bus recorded the encounter around 6:00 tuesday night. police say the driver just pulled over for a stop. the driver says she saw the man drag the woman into the bushes but when police arrived two minutes later both the man and woman were gone. >> do you recognize, well, i thought we were going to see a picture of a gentleman there but we are not. this is actually video that fremont police want you to see. they are fishing for that man there, he was caught on camera burglarizing a home near fremont boulevard. he actually was going room to room searching. police say that man made off with clothes and electronics worth about $2,000. >> a follow-up on a deadly crash involving a bicyclist and suv.
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a memorial to honor 17-year-old anthony gar see yaxt police say garcia was killed when a driver hit him in san jose tuesday night. he was rushed to the hospital but died soon after. his girlfriend said everyone loved him. >> he was just friendly, he talked to everyone, he always had a smile on his face. he was trying to be cool with everyone. >> the driver is cooperating with investigators. the accident brings the number of deadly automobile versus pedestrian or bike crashes in san ha jose to 25. more than twice the number last year. >> 4:38. bart's board will meet to talk about a plan to bring train service to livermore. it would develop a 5-mile extension to reach livermore. at today's meeting the board will receive an update on the proposal. the project could cost more than $1 billion. b.a.r.t. estimates the extension
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would transport 21,000 new riders daily. today's meeting will include a closed session on labor issues. >> b.a.r.t. may ask riders to reach in to help replace aging trains after an electrical short on a crowded train caused chaos yesterday. the emergency brake engaged on the moving train, that stopped the train, sent smoke and dust into the crowded cars. cell phone video shows people helping as they were -- a passenger was passing out. b.a.r.t. says its 40-year-old trains and infrastructure need to be replaced. the commissioner says if not there is trouble down the tracks >> in the next 25 years on top of what's needed today b.a.r.t. has about 6 or $7 billion in unfunded capital needs. >> he says transportation dollars will cover some costs.
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b.a.r.t. is expected to ask voters to approve a bond matter. >> people are going to wait as they do but it's a cold morning. time to bundle up and move around. >> definitely. if you're riding a bike count on a very heavy windchill factor. temperatures are very cold, 24 in petaluma. we haven't seen this this cold since last january. almost a year since we've seen these temperatures at these levels. there is the north bay. i want to take you into the city by the bay. look at the san francisco numbers, 36 degrees in presidio, 41 degrees in mission and look at this, 36 degrees. temperatures are going to be cold. we're not going to thaw out until 10:00, 11:00 a.m. bundle up. dress in layers and keep those on most of the day. temperatures are going to climb from the 20s into the 40s and 50s for today. in the south bay, cold in
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campbell, 27 in santa teresa. 27 in morgan hill. so count on frost if you parked outside. temperatures are going to be cold all day, 50 in cupertino. mid market of san francisco 51. only 48 degrees in fremont and 49 in pleasanton. we have more weather headed our way as we speak. showers in northern california start up tonight. then if we get showers overnight friday into saturday morning, we could see a rare dusting of snow at some low levels. i'm going to get into that. right now, though, let's check on the traffic alert with mike. >> good morning. 880 down in san jose, that is an issue as you head southbound. one of the lanes is closed. the off ramp is open. 880 up here in oakland moves smoothly. we have crews north of the coliseum, looking here past high street. we have a smooth drive, through the construction zone.
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a yellow you see here and scattered throughout maze and approach, just below 60. the areas marking the commute direction. also the north bay down to san rafael. that's the commute direction there. no major issues. very cold roads for the north bay. charming but slippery at times. we're looking at the tri-valley. livermore, talking about possibility of extending b.a.r.t. we talked about that story. this is where the arrow is s where the backup will form early in the morning. fremont as well with its drive of traffic. not a problem at the limit down in san jose. >> thanks, mike. still ahead, he's known for his action packed movies. many remember paul walker for his generosity. what he did for a southern california couple.
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>> welcome back everyone. good thursday morning to you. historic stosh may have found a way to stay. market book store workers will hold a news conference today to discuss details that could allow the store to stay at its current
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location. if the book store can raise 2.6 disease million by the end of february it can buy the building from the current owners. a nonprofit group has promised a $1.65 million loan. the book store hopes to raise the rest of the money through crowd sourcing. >> officials join regional medical center to rib in on the new tower at the hospital today. the new four-story tower features all private room and emergency room expansion, breast care center, intensive care center. it cost $350 million. the regional -- the ribbon cutting is symbolic. they are putting the finishing touches on the tower. won't be ready for patients until next month. >> investor carl icahn announcing a new proposal to apple shareholders. for that and the rest of the news before the news we turn to kayla tausche.
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good morning. >> good morning, scott. invest terse look at key earnings and economic reports coming out today. we'll hear from dollar general and ullta salon. jobless claims and a gdp revision. general growth properties street join the s&p 500 replacing electronic company molex. the stock popped 5% in after hours trading on the announcement. and a proposal to apple shareholders for $50 billion stock buy-back program. it's less than the $150 billion program he had been advocating for. we should be interested in seeing what apple respond as to that. >> thank you. carl icahn always making news. >> seems to be. it's 4:47. the cold weather certainly a
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headline this morning. want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> typically once a year we get this cold, right you know, you've been here a while. it really is unusual to wake wake-up a thick layer of frost on your windshield which is highly possible if you wake up in the south bay, peninsula, san francisco chance not as great but the north bay as well if you parked outside so keep that in mind. we're looking pretty good now. it's cold out there, it's going to be cold today. we're not talking with rain just yet. that moves in later. highs in the 50s, make sure you bundle up. the scarf, the gloves, whatever it takes if you have sensitive ears protect those ears with muffs later on. it's going to be cold and the winds are going to pick up. could bring us showers as we get into the next couple days so i want to stop the clock for you on the futurecast at 8:00 p.m. through tomorrow night we're going to get shower activity. you can see at that point it's going to be mild so a lot of this is green. you are watching for the pink, for the blue.
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that's where we expect possibly some very low snow levels and you'll see here i want to show you in reference to san jose, look at all of this pink, this is a mix of rain and snow coming down to the foothill level. so yeah, mt. hamilton is likely going to pick p up an inch to two inches. we could see dusting at the 500, maybe 400-foot levels. so it's not looking likely for areas north. along the east bay and san jose. could see a little bit of the white stuff. it's not even wintertime yet. the whole thing clears out as we get into lunch time on saturday. here's what we expect. these are the temperatures on saturday morning. 34 degrees, so you could get a dusting, maybe flurries in livermore. the tri-valley seven-day. i want to show you the trend. temperatures are going to slowly warm up. we'll be in the 60s by tuesday into wednesday. but that chill will remain and these temperatures are well below average for this time of year. back to you, scott and laura.
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>> thank you very much. 4:49. sad and tragic story out of the northwest. care a van -- karen johnson lives mere vancouver, washington, often listens to police scanners. yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on i-205 in vancouver. she updated followers that she realized that her husband was actually late coming home. she tweeted a trooper on scene who realized something horrible happened. >> you started to realize she may know someone in the crash. >> yes. at that point i went and started reading what she was posting. can't find my husband. he's not answering his phone. that's when i realized this might be something we want to deal with now. >> the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person and at 3:50 she tweeted it's him, he died. she says her husband has epilepsy and troopers say his
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car collided head on with a pickup. the driver survived but was seriously injured. last night she was still updating followers tweeting my boys are finally asleep, i feel like a block of cement fell on me. then both my mom and mother-in-law left. tomorrow i'll have family over, tomorrow will be hard. i'll hear from the medical examiner, then thoughts went through my mind with hubby wearing holy undies. she has a little sense of humor. >> the saddest story ever. he is known for his films, this too is sad but many remembering paul walker. a jewelry store associate from santa barbara says several years ago walker was shopping as a man in the military about to leave on a second tour of duty and they were shopping for an engagement ring. the woman fell in love with a $10,000 ring, but the couple couldn't afford it. so they left empty-handed. later that day walker called the
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store manager, bought the ring for the couple. he made the employees promise never to tell the couple where the ring came from. the associate did come forward, though, two days after walker died. universal pictures stopped production on the next fast and furious. this is video from fa"fast & furious 6". the seventh movie is scheduled for release in july but that could be pushed back. there was another after that. they quit filming on that. >> what a remarkable story though what he did. 4:52. no more struggling to get the christmas tree. >> a local company promising a fresh tree delivered by app to your door. >> i may have to try that. an easy drive right now. a chilly one. we'll talk about what's going on in the south bay that could throw you down coming up.
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getting a christmas tree can be a fun family experience. it can be stressful sometimes getting it home. >> that's what husbands are for. uber offering to do heavy lifting for you. we're talking about a christmas tree on demand. today only, the ride sharing service teaming up with home depot to deliver trees throughout the city. between 11:00 this morning and 8:00 tonight you can use the uber app to order a 7 to 8-foot tree. brought to your door in minutes.
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it will cost $135 for the tree, a stand and extra uber gift. >> so there is your chance. it might have holes in it though. we'll see. fwl let's check in with mike. mike not afraid to throw a tree on his car. >> that's right. i throw a tree on my car. san jose, traffic moves smoothly and we have this northbound route for 101. the maps show you the south bay is the same thing, green as far as the speed sensors go. that construction marked dead center of the screen, southbound 880, we still have the big rig crash going on. we'll give you more details. bob will have the live report coming up. here across the bay the dumbarton and the bridges smoothly to the peninsula. and we'll look at the bay bridge, look at that no problem,
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no backup, sparkling lights twinkling holiday-ish. i have to put up my lights. goodness. i got to do it. >> don't want to leave your bridge bare. >> right. >> still ahead, we're following breaking news out of san jose where a big rig overturned at a construction site near valley fair. we'll have a live update. >> we have a live look outside this morning, san francisco, most of the bay area under a freeze warning until later today.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at we are following breaking news. a big rig crash in the south bay after the driver falls asleep at the wheel. bob redell is on the scene. he'll have a live report. >> the free for all starts today, at least a half dozen vying to replace chuck reid as the next mayor of san jose. >> we're waking up with the coldest temps since last january. 25 degrees in the north bay.
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san francisco at 36, 30 in the south bay. i'll let you know how much longer the cold snap will last and when we could see a dusting of snow at the low levels. >> while bob talks about the big rig crash i'm following an issue by the san francisco international airport, what's up for highway 1 coming up. >> a live look outside, look at the beautiful bay bridge illuminated. they are going to add more lights to that span. could it get better on this thursday, december 5th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update to breaking news we're following in san jose where a big rig has crashed and landed on construction equipment. it's happening on southbound interstate 880 at the stevens creek boulevard off ramp close to valley fair mall. bob isiv


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