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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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investigation ahead in a live report. >> and the coldest morning since january. look at these numbers. 28 in atherton, 29 degrees in la honda. how much longer this will last and when we could see low level snow. >> extremely cold out there. we also have the backup at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. we'll show you what's going on. >> a live look outside at a cold morning and the bay bridge, it is thursday, december 5th, this is "today in the bay." a very good cold morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. updating our breaking news a big rig goes off a major south bay freeway spilling fuel on a construction site. the rig crashed a few hours ago landing on construction
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equipment next to interstate 880 at the stevens creek off ramp that's close to valley fair mall. bob redell is live on the scene. when do you think they will have things cleared up? >> reporter: it's going to take longer than estimated now. first off, all lanes ever southbound 880 are open here just before stevens creek and the 280 interchange. this vehicle, this big rig, went off to the right side of the road in a construction area. they are trying to remove it. it could be a visual distraction once you see more cars show up. an officer with chp here, what's the new estimated time of getting this removed? >> according to the tow truck it sounds like we're going to be a couple more hours due to the extensive damage caused by the collision to the tractor-trailer and also to the trailer itself. it's taking longer than expected. >> reporter: lost axles and the diesel fuel spill. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: as far as your experience you think this will be a huge problem as far as
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visual distractions? >> could be. it's possible. it's common to have construction in here. it is a construction zone where we're at so hopefully we can just assume people are used to seeing something. need to make sure the motorists are patient and to people in front of them and we don't have problems with traffic. >> you spoke with the driver. he's okay. what did he tell you happened? >> we did speak with the driver, he was alert and awake when we did make contact. he thinks he may have fallen asleep. field sobriety tests were performed. he was not under the influence of drugs orbbdñ alcohol. so a good reminder to stay aw e awakened alert. >> get a good night's sleep. >> right. >> officer, thank you for abing out here with us. so there you have it. now instead of the eta, maybe it's closer to 8:00 which unfortunately is in the heart of the commute. and this is southbound 880,
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before the stevens creek overpass it does back up normally and the visual distraction maybe they can keep with the flow and not get caught up with what's going on here. this is not on 880 itself. it's off in the construction area to the right. he veered off and ended up in the dirt. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> time to check the weather. not just a chilly start to the morning. it's a freezing start with freeze warnings in effect for most of the bay area this morning. the only place that's not under a freeze warning, it's actually in san francisco. >> we will check in with all kinds of people this morning on this freeze warning. we'll start with christina loren. good morning to you. >> good morning, scott. good morning to you, laura. temperatures are chilly even in
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san francisco though the temperature is about 37 degrees, i have to tell you your wind sealed shield gets 5 to 10 degrees cooler than this surrounding air so you are likely going to find a layer of frost on your windshield. people park on the street in san francisco. 30 in the south bay, the peninsula at 32, and 25 degrees out in the north bay. so definitely a cold start to the day and it's going to stay cold all day long. temperatures in the low 50s. no real microclimate separation between where we are now and where we're headed today. you can see temperatures are going to end up in the low 50s and it's cold across the bay area. even in san francisco though that freeze warning has not been issued for you, count on some krost. travel cautiously. back to you, scott and laura. >> i know one of the things they are watching are the bridges. they are going to freeze much sooner. >> be careful because that's black ice. chase cain is throughout hive now braving the elements himself.
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good morning. >> good morning. i think christina said it best, brrr. it's very cold. there is the potential for black eyes on bridges, bridges will freeze first as the temperatures are dropping as low as they are. we are on 92 on the hayward side f. you look at the pavement, it's dry. we have not found slick spots, not heard of slick spots on the highway 92 bridge. at the dumbarton bridge much the same thing there. we're hearing dry conditions, pretty much smooth sailing. may be a little traffic. no ice on the dumbarton bridge. these are places you should watch out for. across 92, across the richmond bridge or any of the north bay over passes. those are areas that should watch out for. be careful if there are watches of black ice. really any overpass or bridge you go across t bay bridge, that's a popular commute for a
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lot of people here in the area. of course that is another place you could run into small patches of ice. if you run into ice, hold off the gas, pretty soon you should be able to coast through, your tires should get a grip. don't slam on your brakes. the best news so far scott and laura, we're not hearing any reports of ice. everyone is cranking up the heaters holding on to the steering wheel to try to stay warm. >> my kids call them -- heat seaters. they get it backwards. >> we didn't have those. we were just cold. let's check the morning commute with mike. >> heat seater? and spaget the ti.
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over toward the bay bridge. one of the bridges chase was talking about no ice problems. we have a lot of company there a so we'll see the backup as the metering lights continue to build. on the maze though, not a big deal. a smooth flow right here. we're talking about heading toward the bridges. a slow with the arrows. at the top as you come down, we have a crash on the shoulder there as you approach, it's off the freeway but that was enough to kick off slowing. north thereof the s-&vsq) bridge is through wine country. so it could be slippery, a large bridge, span north 28 asing over crystal brings road. we had to send the sanding truck. what locals know as the plin stone house in the mountain. no problems around the bay.
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that's good news. the south bay a slowdown northbound 101 that stretch of orange and yellow. and also south 880 speeds in toward the upper 50s as you pass by 87. the distraction, still we have a slow drive and that closure is -- the closure is cleared but the rig is not going to clear for some time. as they head through the area. we're looking at the build for 101, a live look for the headlights. a smooth flow continues past san jose national airport and the peninsula. thank you. 6:08, tell is set to announce a naming rights deal. the school says there will be a news conference to announce a long term field naming right partnership. the deal says the corporate sponsor with ties to cal is on board so.
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far no official word on the yam of the company until the financial deal. >> a store may have a way to stay. marcus book store will hold a news conference to discuss a settlement that could allow the score to stay in hits current location, it reports that the book store if it can raise 2.6 dtsds million by the end of february it can buy the building from the current owners. a noncroft group promised more than a million and a half. they hope to raise the rest through -- >> joining the ceo of regional medical center to cut the ribbon at a tower. the new tower features private rooms, a breast care center among other things. the project cost $358 million.
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the ribbon cutting only spolic but it won't ready for patients until next month. >> still ahead, nba game evacuated as smoke fills the arena. coming up conflicting reports over the cause. >> ron burgundy's hosting gig on espn canceled. the series reason why they are pulling the plug. >> a look at san jose. bundle up the kids as they get ready for school. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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coming up conflicting reports >>. >> welcome back now. and good thursday morning to you. taking a live look from high atop san bruno mountain. we not only have freezing cold temperatures but a windchill factor. bundle up this morning. bring in the sensitive plants as we're now getting into the coldest time of day. i'll let you know where we could
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see snow right here in the bay area coming up. >> a live look at fremont, show you the volume starting to build for the headlights heading south through fremont. in union city a new crash could be a problem. also the on going issue in san jose. >> we have breaking news coming from san leandro. a fire out at the chapel apartments on bancroft avenue. no reports of injury so far but at least 50 have been evacuated. red cross was headed to the scene. >> as is chase cain. he will be on the way. this is across from san leandro high school if you know the area. we'll continue to cover that. here are today's top stories. right now crews in san jose working to clear a big rig that crashed into construction equipment on the side of southbound 880. this is near the stevens creek boulevard off ramp and the mall. the big rig not blocking lanes of the highway but it could be a visual distraction for drivers during the commute.
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authorities say they think the driver fell asleep at the wheel. >> sentencing is scheduled for the man who pleaded guilty murdering a 22-year-old campbell man 18 crime spree. 27-year-old jonathan wilbanks is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> los gatos police check video after two women report frightening encounters with a man, one of the women says she was held at knife point in the back parking lot of a restaurant downtown, right now it's not clear if that is related to another incident in which a man opened a car door after woman. >> a sad story out of the northwest. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington, she often listens to police scanners and tweets information to help others avoid accidents and hazards. she tweeted yesterday about a deadly car crash in vancouver and updated her followers, she
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soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweeted a trooper on the scene who realized something horrible happened. >> you started the realize she may know someone in the crash. >> yes. i started reading what she was posting. can't find my husband, not answering his phone, at that point i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with now. >> the trooper wushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. in fact, she had tweeted as well it's him, he died. she says her husband has epilepsy. his car collided with a pickup truck. the truck driver survived. >> rescue crews found the body of a mill worker buried under corn. they had been looking for the body since a silo collapsed in washington on monday. that's east of olympia. since then t the two crews have
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vacuumed up more than 400 tons of corn, that's when they found the man's body. he was reportedly in a building near the silo when it collapsed, then the room he was in was filled with corn. no word on what caused the original collapse. >> mayor of toronto may have offer add cash bribe. it claims rob ford offered $5,000 and a car to suspected drug dealers. the information is contained in police wire taps of gang members who spoke about delivering drugs to ford and having pictures of him using drugs. one is heard saying he rejected the offer and planned to ask the mayer for 1$150000. >> to have ron burgundy has been canceled. espn says ron burgundy's sports smer appearance has been
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canceled in light of news out of florida state regarding winston. the star quarterback. the state attorney general will announce whether his office will charge winston with sexual battery in the alleged rape of another student. if winston is charged he will be immediately suspended from the team until that case is resolved. >> 6:17. new details to tell you about, about smoke that filled a mexico city arena forcing the cancellation of an nba game. the arena says a generator malfunctioned 45 minutes before tip-off which sent smoke into the building. police say there was a fire in the generator room on the fourth floor of the arena. the game will be made up in minnesota at a later date. the arena says that fans that went to the game will be reimbursed. >> workers in florida will try again to lead dozens of pilot whales out of dangerously shallow wadders. 51 whales were discovered in a
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remote area of the everglades on tuesday. ten have now died. six died on their own, four had to be euthanized. pilot whales tend to stay in schools. if one dies they won't leave it behind. today will be a pivotal day but they may have to euthanize more whales. >> talking about a freeze warning. but we're babies, it's really nothing compared to other parts of the country. north dakota where today's high is minus 6 degrees. that's the high of the day. saturday's predicted high, minus 10 degrees. the blast left more than 100 inches of snow for the season. temperatures in denver expected to drop below zero through tomorrow. the temperatures will remain below 20 in denver through next week. >> we;or may get snow here.
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up on the peaks. >> up on the peaks, possibly down to the foothill level. maybe in some of the higher elevated valleys like 500-800 feet in livermore. we could see snow fall. so that's what we're watching for. this morning it is cold. hey, they are used to that in denver and north dakota. this is california and we're waking up with 33 is the warmest city on the map, that is campbell, 27 in santa teresa. 25 in morgan hill. though you are just above the freezing mark in campbell i left there, drove down my street and every vehicle outdoors was offered in frost. love to see your frost pictures. send us the thermometer. we might feature it. 28 in foster city. 32 degrees at freezing in mountain view. the city by the bay it rarely hits 36 degrees. make sure you're ready for that.
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it's cold enough for frost. the presidio area, just about everywhere your windshield gets much golder. highs only end up in the 50s with full sunshine overhead. looking pretty to start the day out in oakland. make sure you look at that shot from inside your car with the heater cranking. a pretty sun rise. travel cautiously because it's cold enough for black ice and we're also seeing the lanes getting desised so check ahead. this is what we're in for tomorrow, freezing cold temperatures. then things get interesting. let's talk about the showers and chance for low level snow. we set futurecast in motion. right at 5:00 p.m. you can see at this point it's going to be a little dicey. starting to see showers, we're going to be hostly dry, then 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow we have a pretty good chance of
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seeing the low level snowfall. i want to show you san jose. we set this in motion. 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. that gets better and that is our window to see low level snowfall. as we head through the next couple days it's going to stay cool, tuesday and wednesday next week a gradual warm-up. >> we're looking at the warming commute. warming for me means more cars on the roadway but you'll have to use the heaters. look at the flow around the bay no big surprises. we're talking about the south bay. the north bound routes build in typical pattern. southbound is a concern. a message back and forth, bob is on the scene south 880 and stevens creek and says traffic looks like it's going at the limit. the volume is increasing but still looking at 60 miles per hour as you head south of there. where the big rig is off to the shoulder. they have to clear it.
6:22 am
not looking until 8:00. and between 7 and 8, more slowing through the area. we're going to stop with this map. talk about the crash at wiple causing the backup out of hayward. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:22. we're going to have a sneak peek at a classic that is coming tonight. the south of music. we're going to tell you how the stars are feeling about continue's live show. the relawn. of the classic that made her famous. [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
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what's your color? orchid is growing on us. a version of the purple hue now the 2014 color of the year. it follow this is yore's pick of emerald green. what do you think? yeah. the color institute picks the shade known as radiant orchid. a spokesperson with the company says the color is flattering to many skin tones, describing it as an invitation to innovation. >> it's purple. >> tonight a classic gets major update on nbc. we get ready to air "the sound of music" live. ♪ sew a needle pulling thread >> country star carrie underwood
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plays maria. and steven moyer captain von trap. they feel ready after six weeks of reversal. >> i go home like dreaming about the lines in the songs. i wake up in the middle of the night going through scenes. >> sewing curtains. >> right. i do. >> the original maria, julie andrews has nothing but praise for carrie underwood. "people" quotes her saying 50 years later it's time somebody had another crack at it. i this it's great but doing it live must be so daunting for carrie. you can catch it tonight at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. it's hard it new sing along. >> 6:26. a police badge stolen in the stout bay. how it happened just ahead. >> the mayor's race gets under way in san jose. we are going to tell you who is challenging chuck reed, next. >> plus fast food workers on
6:27 am
strike here in the bay area as well. we'll tell you why many chain restaurants say the workers' demand could price them out of a job. >> a live look outside. i think it's safe to say the toll lights are on. look at the sun rise though. we need the sun to warm things up across the bay area. most of us experiencing those freezing temperatures early into the morning. a clear view out there. don't have the blanket cover of clouds to keep us warm. could there be snow in the hills, in the south bay? we'll find out the full report from meteorologist christina loren coming up in a bit.
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6:29 am
in san jose after a big rig crashes. we'll tell you how it could affect your commute. >> fast food workers on strike. why some chains say their fight for higher wages might price them out of a job. >> a live look at the opening bell. third quarter gdp revised
6:30 am
upwards. it's a shocker. we'll talk about it later. there is thursday, december 5, this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we had breaking news out of san leandro. a fire at the chateau blu apartments. one person has been injured, 50 residents evacuated. we have chase cain on the way to the scene. he'll give us an update as soon as he arrives. >> more breaking news in san jose where crews in san jose are working to clear a big rig that crashed into a construction site. it's happening on the side of southbound 880 near the stevens creek boulevard off ramp. a live look at the scene. big rig not blocking lanes but it could be a huge visual
6:31 am
distraction during the morning commute. authorities say the driver fell asleep at the wheel. he was not hurt. bob redell is talking to investigators there. he's going to join us for a live report in about 20 minutes. >> also happening, fast food workers across the country walking off the job demanding better pay. 100 cities expected to participate in today's strike, that includes oakland. tracie potts is live in washington where corporations like mcdonald's say higher pay could actually put the workers at risk. good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. it's at a mcdonald's in oakland the bay area is going to see its part of this protest. washington's got a protest, in fact, federal contracted workers say president obama could end it all, fix their paycheck problem issuing an executive order and not waiting for congress to raise the minimum wage. all over the country the fast food workers say they need $15 an hour beyond the $7.25 wage to get by.
6:32 am
they say that the $200 billion industry can afford it. but the national restaurant association says they could actually be endangering their own jobs. they wouldn't be able to pay everyone $15 an hour and not everyone could qualify for jobs that pay $15 an hour. the protesters expected to be all over the country today although we got the list this morning, several sites throughout california, and some states are taking action dealing with their own minimum wage, at least four states planning to vote on it next year. >> thank you. in fact, while california has one of the highest minimum wages in the country a push to $15 would attack businesses here. california's minimum wage is $8 an hour and thanks to a recent bill signed by governor jerry brown it will go up to $9 an hour next year, $10 an hour in 2016. here in the bay area oakland currently pays the state minimum wage 8 bucks an hour.
6:33 am
it will increase when the state does. but san francisco is already above that minimum, its minimum wage will rise 19 cents to $10.74 at the start of the new year. and in san jose, a new minimum wage that is $10 will go to $10.15 january 1. >> it's 6:33. this morning san jose police are on the lookout for a badge stolen from one of its officers. the off-duty officer was at alum rock park when someone broke into the officer's personal car and stole the badge. officers say no weapons were stolen. recovering the badge is top priority so no one passes themselves off as a police officer. >> the race to become the next mayor of san jose starts today. mayor chuck reed turns out next year so that leaves the field wide open. candidates to replace him get to start campaigning and raising money today. 180 days from the june primary. there are at least half a dozen politicians fighting for the job
6:34 am
including supervisor dave cortesy, vice mayor madison nguyen and four other council members, sam liccardo and pierluigi oliverio and rose herrera. >> happening now planes de-iced at the airport. this is a live look at one of the gates this morning where the de-icing will take place. the airport tells us the planes will be de-iced throughout the 6:00 hour this morning all because of the freezing temperatures across the bay area. but this is the ironic -- >> where the is that plane going? >> it's going to maui later this morning. >> so there is time. >> there is. can you imagine they have to dress in the parkas to get on but shed those. >> you can. 9:00 plane. it's right across the street. we can make it.6s] >> hey, i'm all aboard for that trip. good morning to you. this is why. look at this. this came in from here in san
6:35 am
jose. somebody can clearly write "brrr." and tina from san ramon, i think my pipes are frozen because i have no water. you're in the 20s so it could be the case. remember, you still have time to wrap those pipes this morning. temperatures now in the 20s and 30s, it's a cool start, we'll end up in the 50s. 51 in santa rosa. 49 degrees for pleasanton. stick around if you can, my next report reveals when we could see a dusting of snow here in the bay area. right now, though, thanks for sharing that tweet. i love getting the viewers involved. >> great information. at least no one was hurt. i hope her water turns on. the san mateo bridge, this bridge, with the larger bridge it has no problems now. but on the san mateo side remember yesterday i told you about the durand bridge, 280 stretch, just got word of a spin-out. blaming black ice.
6:36 am
that's the very thin sheet that it blends in. it's ice. durand bridge, black ice and a crash over crystal springs road. the east bay side we see red for south 880 on the east bay side. should start to roofer bit because the crash at whipple road has cleared. but look at the slow stretch. off 238 and toward the area it's going to spread out. speeds slow passing 92. slow also for south 680 and 84 through livermore and pleasanton toward the merge. a slower drive. the volume don't continues. no big surprises. in the south bay you have the northbound routes, the bottom of the screen, 85 starting to show the slowdown. the top, 101 shows the slower drive. maybe some folks are trying to head. southbound 880 at stevens creek boulevard. no major slowing t crash on the
6:37 am
shoulder. 8:00 a.m. they hope to remove the big rig. the peninsula a look at palo alto, easy flow of traffic. no problems for 101 or 280 except for the bkyice. durand bridge. back to you. >> 6:37. coming up a suspect wanted for mass killing in mexico turns up in sacramento. how investigators tracked him down. >> and look at that. what a beautiful sunrise this morning over the bay area. the heat of that sun not helping us out much. freezing temperatures across the bay area. we'll have continuing looks at the forecast this morning. ♪ yeah her gift
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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>>. >> welcome back everyone. it's 6:40. whoever stole radioactive material and removed it from its container may not have long to live. scientists in mexico say people who come into contact with cobalt 60 can only survive between one and three days. thieves stole the substance along with a truck at a gas station earlier this week. the missing truck was found in central mexico yesterday. the truck driver told investigators he was sleeping in the truck when two men with a gun approached him and made him get out. investigators say the thieves probably wanted the truck, not the cobalt 60. >> federal agents say they arrested a man in sacramento accused of killing eight city
6:41 am
officials in mexico. agales was deported after his arrest. 13 years ago he killed a commissioner and seven other city officials. federal investigators do not know much about that incident only that heavy weapons were used. >> it's 6:41. an update to breaking news in the south bay as a big rig crashes into a construction site. was the driver asleep at the 7"ñ new details on the investigation ahead in a live report. >> and, our coldest commute contest, we'll tell you which one of our staffers had the chilliest drive in to work. >> competition still on. you can enter. send in your picture of the temperature in your vehicle, we might feature it here on nbc bay area. pretty start to the day in oakland. it's frigid. we could see snow, that's what we're focusing on next in the weather department. we'll detail that in moments. [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
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at 6:44, a big rig goes off of a major south bay freeway spilling fuel onto a construction site. the big rig crashed a few hours ago landing on construction equipment next to interstate 880 at the stevens creek off ramp close to valley fair. bob redell is live on the scene. when do they think they will have lings cleared up. this was southbound? >> reporter: correct. southbound 880 approaching the 280 interchange. good morning to you. the crew has been working for the past 2 1/2 hours trying to remove this rig. they think it could be another hour so. probably close to around 8:00. that's the big rig, the problem
6:45 am
is the axles were knocked off. it's going to take longer to remove this. it was around 2:45 the driver was coming down southbound 880, when they clipped this rail and then ended up veering to the right off the road into the construction area, chp caught wake-up the driver, the driver is okay. >> they went ahead and administered some field sobriety tests. did not find him to be under the influence with drugs or alcohol. according to the driver of the big rig he may or may not have fallen asleep. >> reporter: as far as traffic is concerned you are seeing slowing behind me, but it's not congested yet. it's slowing all three lanes are pretty much moving at the limit. this could change as we get further into the commute. you'll have the backup from people trying to get on 280 and could have the backup from the chp and caltrans and looking at
6:46 am
this big rig. their estimated time of removing this about another hour. reporting live southbound 880 just before the stevens creek overpass, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. the other big story is the weather. it's not just a chilly start to the morning, it's a freezing start to the morning. with freeze warnings for most of the bay area as we give you a live look at oakland and san jose and san francisco. that's the only place that's not under a freeze warning. we've had in san francisco. >> where is our cloud cover to keep us warm. so cold tib south bay, a layer of ice on windshields outside this holiday inn with stn stating the obvious. it's so cold in sj. it really is. >> planes are also being de-iced at san jose international airport. this is a live look at one of the gates where the de-icing will take place. the airport tells us the planes will be de-iced throughout the 6:00 hour.
6:47 am
we were saying how ironic, that plane there, going to maui. >> 9:00. >> warming up there. >> has to abtradition, oh, i didn't do it this morning figuring out whoogs commute is the coldest. we have a shot at chase cain's car. he came in this morning. 36 degrees. >> you know what, it was 26 degrees as i drove in this morning. certainly a cold one. >> so today's coldest commute belongs to bob redell. he comes in with the winning 24 degrees. bob redell, the big winner this morning but i'll remember to take a picture tomorrow. >> are we going to have it tomorrow? >> maybe 2, 3 degrees so that means we'll jump from 25 to 27 in the north bay. so it's going to be pretty cold for the next few days. we'll see a warm-up. i'm going to show you when or you don't have to wait, check it out here where you live on your seven-day forecast.
6:48 am
let's talk about what we're experiencing right now. mostly clear start to the day. i want to show you a little bit of cloud cover coming in from the san francisco camera. we're looking good across the board. it's freezing out there. this picture sent in from alex 27. that's a cold beamer this morning. it's going to take a while to get that ice off your vehicle. give yourself ample time to warm it up this morning. i know from experience bad idea to try to turn on the windshield fluid. it will just freeze over. temperatures are looking cold. look at napa, 19 degrees in napa. we have fallen into the teens, 28 in san mateo, it two 8 in livermore and 30 degrees here in san jose so it's cold out there. as we head throughout afternoon temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. temperatures are going to be really chilly in walnut creek. 49 in pleasanton. bundle up the little ones.
6:49 am
if you do have pets and plants outdoors try to bring them in as soon as possible this morning because we're getting into the coldest point of the day. our next weathermaker arrives through about 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. a little shower activity at that point. in the north bay, mount st. helena could see snow. throughout saturday morning it gets interesting between about 5:00 and 7:00 we could see a low level dusting of snow. our futurecast which is completely computer generated. actually agrees with me and they are bringing the mix of snow and rain bright to the valley floor in the south bay. that's something we're going to watch for, for you as we get through the next couple of days. we'll keep on tracking the changes. i want to show you your tri-valley seven-day forecast. 34 saturday morning, could see flurries in livermore and pleasanton. then warming up as we get into the end of the week. hey, warm up the vehicle this morning. right, mike. >> definitely warm it up. the seats, your hands,
6:50 am
everything. the south bay things are moving nicely along the peninsula. i have a note for that section of the roadway. here first of all, we look at the south bay, the northbound commute starting to kick in. typical for 101, 87 and 85. 2ite a smooth flow past 880. southbound 880, stevens creek, bob told you 8:00 is when they hope to remove the big rig. no major slowing. north 28 north of 92 we have right here over;u crystal spri road the durand bridge. same thing today there is ice there and now this morning a crash, reports of black ice and someone spun out. the high rise by the flynn stone house. expect sanding trucks. looking here south 880 slow out of san lorenzo past the san mateo bridge. an earlier crash kicked off the slowing though the crash has
6:51 am
cleared from the roadway the commute's kicking in. that's why we have all of this slowing through hayward and union city. no major concerns. approaching the bay bridge t east shore fray. now it smoothed out. a smooth drive through the caldecott tunnel. there is the north bay with slowing through san rafael. let's get you the live shots. we have the backup for fast track and off to the right, the cash lanes to the leftnz actually only about a 10 or 12 cars backed up here and no problems past the midpoint of the parking lot. don't expect this to continue to fill in. and here is the north bay which has filled in around the curves at terra linda. around the bend could have caused more slowing. we have that out of novato. the smaller bridges over the streams and rivers could be an issue for frost until things warm up. >> just in, a suspect wanted for an attempted homicide in san jose has been shot and killed by
6:52 am
police in stockton. southbound lanes on interstate 5 are closed near country club drive> 50 people forced out in the cold after a fire in san leandro. it's happening at the sha too blue apartments across the street from san leandro high school. chase cain just arriving on the scene. what have you learned? >> we learned that everyone is about to or i should say most everyone is about to be able to go back into their home. this is actually the bancroft apartments. this is the building here, on the outside you probably can't even tell that there was a fire inside and that is because ala me do county crews got out here quickly. they were able to contain the fire and get it put out quickly.
6:53 am
we talked to a battalion chief who says it started in a bathroom but they do not know why that fire started. it is just too soon. there were two people complaining of one of them complaining of smoke inhalation, the other having chest pain which it can be from smoke inhalation. neither one of them had to go to the hospital. and 50, maybe 75 people he said had to be evacuated taken across the street san leandro high school so they didn't have to stand in the cold. and in about 10 minutes or so they will be able to let most of those people back inside their apartment. >> we'll be out here and update you later today at 11:00 on what happened here. for now so far so good. those two will be able to get back home and not go to the hospital. that's the latest live. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> 6:53. sentencing scheduled for san jose man who went on a violent crime spree that ended in murder. 27-year-old jonathan wilbanks is
6:54 am
expected to spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. wilbanks pleaded guilty ten felonies committed between august and november of last year. during the spree he killed a 22-year-old campbell man 18 carjacking. he also wounded a police officer and robbed four businesses. >> police are checking video after two women reported frightening encounters with a suspicious man. the first incident happened on roberts road near highway 17 a. strange man approached the car and opened the door and zed her if she knew how to get to a bridge. the woman says she thought man was about to attack her so she drove off. >> it's not fun when somebody approaches you like that. luckily she came out okay. >> 24 hours later she believes a waitress was held up at knife
6:55 am
point in the back parking lot. she screamed and the would be thief took off with nothing. they are trying to figure out the connection between the incidents. >> police are looking for the man and woman involved 18 dramatic scuffle caught on camera. >> an ac transit bus recorded the encounter around 6:00 on tuesday night. the driver had just pulled over for a stop on east calaveras boulevard. the driver saw the man drag the woman into the bushes. by the time police arrived two minutes later both the man and woman were gone. in the meantime, fremont police looking for this man caught on camera burglarizing a home. it happened on fremont boulevard. you can see he goes from room to room searching for valuables. police say the man made off with clothing and electronics worth about $2,000.
6:56 am
>> the search for a pilot and his familyññ missing since sund will remoom. yesterday search and rescue crews scoured landscape looking for any signs of dale smith's plane. smith and his family were traveling from oregon to montana when he reported engine failure. authority desire pick up a signal from the emergency beacon but no sign of the plane. >> 6:56. b.a.r.t.'s board will meet to talk about a plan to bring an extension from current stations in dublin and pleasanton to reach livermore. after the meeting the board will receive an environmental update on the proposal. the project kuld cost more than a billion dollars. b.a.r.t. estimates it would transport 21,000 new riders daily. the meetings cloud a closed session. >> b.a.r.t. may ask riders to reach in to help replace aging
6:57 am
trains. this after an electrical short on a train caused chaos in the tunnels yesterday. the emergency brake engaged on the moving train. that obviously stopped the train, also sent smoke and dust into crowded cars. cell phone video shows people helping one passenger who passed out. b.a.r.t. says its trains and infrastructure need to be replaced. the commissioner scott wiener if not spent there is trouble down the tracks. >> we know in the next 25 years on top of what is needed today b.a.r.t. has 6 or $7 billion in unfunded capital means. >> he says transportation dollars will continue to cover some costs but is expected to ask for a regional bond measure. >> apple is making a deal to release china's mobile network. it gives access to the largest
6:58 am
mobile phone carrier customer baz. the "wall street journal" reports china mobile has more than 700 million subvibers. apple has not officially commented on the report but the iphones will likely be expensive for china mobile customers. the average is $649 unlocked which is now phones are typically purchased in china. >> the founder of 23 and me is specking bout the investigation into the company's dna testing property. and a fortune most powerful women dinner in san francisco ann said she did not respond quickly enough to the concerns baying we feeled to communicate proactively. the f -- a said it's marketing without government approval. the company uses saliva to analyze dna for $99. the fda wants the company to stop marketing its product
6:59 am
because the company has not provided enough evidence that the tests are accurate in federal conditions. the company facing a class action lawsuit in california alleging it misled customers. >> a check of the forecast again. >> good morning. another round of deceptive sunshine. right now in the 30s but we're going to climb into the 50s. keep the frost pictures coming. we'll feature them today in our mid kay show. >> very cold drive through the south bay, rouds still have the big rig on the shoulder off of the stevens creek off ramp. in walnut creek, at oakland boulevard, reports of black ice and a spin-out. the san mateo bridge on 280, we also have a durand bridge at crystal springs road. be careful out there. >> thank you very much. 6:59. that's what's happening "today in the bay."
7:00 am
we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> more news at 11:00. . good morning. on ice. the next phase of that major winter storm an ice storm threatening to knock out power to millions and it could last for days. massive hack. millions of passwords from some of the most popular sites on the web posted and stolen online. who were the victims? striking back. why thousands of workers in more than 100 cities from coast to coast are walking off the job today. and -- three, two, one -- all dressed up and ready to go. the rockefeller christmas tree puts on its holiday finest


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