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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 5, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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right now at 11:00 freezing temperatures putting a big chill on the bay area leading to two rare sights. black ice on the roadways and crews de-icing planes. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. let's get right to meterologist christina loren with a look at frig ed temperatures. >> hey, good morning to you, laura. now, traditionally we don't even see lows this cold, but year now at 11:00, and temperatures are still in the 40s. san francisco at 45 degrees. 45 in livermore. 44 in san jose. napa has climbed to 45 degrees after hitting 19 earlier this morning. it is going to be a frigid day. we're going to see another freeze warning in place for
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tonight. count on another round of that damaging frost. you still have time to turn those -- the windshield wipers. make sure your windshield wipers are ready to go, i should say, and you still have time to turn off your sprinklers. this is a big one, because all that frost could really damage your lawn. dress in layers. protect your pets and sensitive plants. throughout the day today, it's going to be cold. the big story is a chance for some rare bay area snow. we'll show you where and when and if your city is included up. right now, back to you, laura. >> that's great to know. thanks. we continue our coverage of the cold temperatures with nbc bay area's chase cain, who is life at oakland international airport where crews did something they haven't done in a long time. >> yeah, they had to de-ice some planes. it's been likely months, maybe even since january since they've had to do that, but i have to tell you, the nightsest thing about this hour is that it's great to be able to stand outside without needing a scarf and some gloves. it almost feels summertime-like after that truly freezing start this morning, and everyone we ran into this morning was saying
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they were just surprised how intense and how early this sort of winter arrived. >> despite the warnings, at least one driver spun out on 208 and san mateo county after hitting a patch of black ice. the often invizquelible danger proved quite visible by day break in walnut creek where an extensive strip of black ice there formed lane closures. slowing the morning commute and surprising drivers. >> no, i never expected this. >> how often did that happen in the bay area? >> not very often. you know, a little bit now and then in the winter time, but a little early. >> with this swamped start to winter, freeze warnings in effect. the ace hardware in concorde seeing customers stream in yesterday to stock up on wood to keep warm. >> it's a very good -- they like to buy a lot of the christmas lights. it's a busy time of year, and
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there's also a lot of things they have to do to protect their homes. >> protecting travellers also took top priority at bay area airports with some early morning flight delayed while ground crews at san jose international had to de-ice planes before takeoff. two southwest jets here at oak labor day also had to be de-iced. overall, there were a handful of planes that had to go through that procedure before they could take off early this morning. nothing unusual. that is kind of standard this time of year. the folks with airports here around the bay area say if you have a flight coming up early tomorrow morning or really early in the morning any time over the next few days while the cold weather sticks around, they say the best thing to do is get up a little extra early, check on the flight status because it may well mean that you have an extra 30, 45 minutes before your flight can take off. that's the latest live here at oakland international. chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, chase. part of interstate 5 in stockton is shut down right now after a police officer shot and killed a man wanted for
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attempted murder. police say they were tracking the suspect from san jose when his car broke down on the freeway. he allegedly brandished a knife and that's when he was shot. that portion of i-5 expected to be closed until noon. 75 people were forced out of their homes after an early morning apartment fire in san leandro. this happened at the bancroft apartments across the street from san leandro high school. two people were hurt, but their injuries are considered minor. no word on a cause. crews spent the morning clearing a big rig that crashed into a construction site in san jose. this is a scene this morning on the site of southbound 880 near the stevens creek boulevard off ramp. it's very close to valley fair mall. the big rig was not blocking any lanes, but it was a visual distraction for drivers during the morning commute. authorities say the driver fell asleep at the wheel. he was not hurt. los gados police are checking surveillance video. the first incident happened on
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robert's road near highway 17. a woman says ae strange man approached her car, opened the driver's side door, and asked her if she knew how to get to a bridge. the woman says she thought the man was about to attack her, so she closed her door and drove off. >> it's not fun when somebody approaches you like that, but luckily she came out okay. >> 24 hours later los gados police say a waitress from the downtown area was held up at knife point in a back parking lot. the waitress screamed, and the would-be thief took off with nothing. investigators are trying to see if there is a connection between the two incidents. los approximates gados police are -- >> no! >> ma'am. >> an ac transit bus recorded the encounter around 6:00 tuesday night. police say the driver had just pulled over for a stop on east
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calabaras boulevard. by the time police arrived, just two minutes later, both the man and the woman were gone. >> do you recognize this man? if so, fremont police want to hear from you. they're searching for this man who was caught on camera burglaryizing a home. it happened saturday afternoon on egers drive near fremont boulevard. as you can see, he goes from room to room searching for valuables. police say the man made off with clothes and electronics worth about $2,000. a follow-up on a deadly crash involving a bicyclist and an suv. last night a memorial was held to honor 17-year-old anthony garcia. police say garcia was killed when a driver hit him near the corner of vista park and brennan lane in san jose tuesday night. he was rushed to the hospital, but died soon after. garcia's girlfriend says everybody loved him. >> he was just friendly. he talked to everyone. he always had a smile on his
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face. he never wanted any drama. he was trying to be cool with everyone. >> the driver is cooperating with investigators. the accident brings a number of deadly automobile versus pedestrian crashes in san jose this year to 25. that's more than twice the number of last year. bart's board of directors meeting this morning to talk about a plan to bring train service to livermore. the project would develop a five-mile extension from current stations in dublin and pleasanton to reach livermore. at today's contract meeting, the board will receive an environmental update on that proposal. the contract could cost more than $1 billion. bart estimates the extension would transport 21,000 new riders daily. today's meeting will also include a closed session on labor issues. in the meantime, bartlemay skl riders to reach into their pockets to help replace aging trains. it comes after an electrical short on a crowded train caused chaos in the berkeley hills tunnel yesterday.
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emergency brake engaged on the moving train stopping the train and sending smoke and dust into crowded cars. cell phone video actually shows people trying to help out one passenger who was passing out. bart says it is 40 years old, and the trains are, and the infrastructure needs to be replaced. metropolitan transportation commissioner skon weiner says it's not spin. there is trouble on the tracks. >> we know that in the next 25 years on top of what it needs today, bart has about $6 billion or $7 billion in unfunneleded capital needs. >> he says transportation dollars will cover some costs, but bart is expected to ask voters to approve a regional bond measure to fund the rest. a sad and tragic story out of the northwest this morning. karen johnson lives near vancouver, washington. she often listens to police scanners and tweets out information to help others avoid accidents and hazards on the road. well, yesterday she tweeted about a deadly car crash on
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i-205 and vancouver. as she updated her followers, she soon realized her husband was late coming home. she urgently tweet aid trooper on the scene who realized something horrible had happened. >> she started to realize she may know someone in that crash. >> i went to her and stwartd reading what she was focussing. can't find my husband. he is not answering his phone. at that point that's when i realized that this might be something that we want to deal with right now. >> the trooper rushed investigators to her house to tell her in person. at 3:50 p.m. karen tweeted it's him. he died. she says her husband has epilepsy. troopers say his car crashed the median and collided head-on with a pickup truck. the truck driver survived but was seriously injured. he is best known for his action-packed films, and many are remembering paul walker for his generosity, including a random couple from california. a jewelry store associate from santa barbara says several years ago walker was shopping at the
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same time as a couple. the man was in the military and about to leave on his second tour of duty. they were shopping for an engagement ring. the woman fell in love with a nearly $10,000 set, but the couple couldn't afford it, so they leapt empty-handed. well, later that day the worker says walker called the store manager and bought the ring for the couple. he made the employees, though, promise not to tell the couple where that ring came from. the sales associate came forward just two days after walker died. universal pictures has stopped production on the next installment of "fast and furious" indefinitely. this is video from "the fast and furious 6" that was just released in may. the seventh movie in the franchise is scheduled for release in july, but that certainly could be pushed back. still to come, fast food workers on strike. why they are walking off the job this morning. good news is once again bad news on wall street, and a big change over twitter. we'll take a look drup in
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business and tech. >> we'll take you to the top of san jose to answer the question why many people are willing to leave this perfectly safe building to repell off the way down there? that story coming up. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks...
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welcome back. dozens of people are doing a couple of brave things right now in the south bay. first, they're outside in this cold weather, and they're also scaling down a 26-story building. nbc bay area bob riddell is at the san jose marriott for the reason for their repelling. >> you're looking down 22 stories from the top of the san jose marriott hotel here in downtown san jose. a very, very long distance, and we're from a very perfectly safe perch, and, yet, you have people like this guy right here. his name is alex. hey, how is it going? >> oh, baby, this is great! >> him and about 45 other people are repelling from the side of e building for charity this morning. we've got gary and greg mendell.
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they just went over, father and son. first time you repelled. how was it? >> actually it was out of body experience. it was really peaceful. it was -- it felt great. >> how about your son and brother in mind, i'm assuming? >> absolutely. >> that reason, of course, being for your son, brooirn, who died two years ago with a drug and alcohol addict and this organization shatter proof you're raising money is to to help with treatment ask & presinges, right? >> just to finish that last sentence. i had brooirn on my mind the whole time. yes, the addiction to alcohol and drugs, it's a disease. we're doing this to raise attention to those so people will know that after 25 million americans like my son brian who are suffering from this disease, and we are 15 people like brian that die every hour of every
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day, of every hour of every day. maybe 80,000. maybe -- that money will be used for three areas. there's money that needs to be reallocated more for prevention and treatment and less for crime and we also need to take existing programs and prevention that are sitting in academic journals improve them slightly and spread them out to the country in our communities where they belong. >> thank you very much. here top of the san jose marriott, i'm bob riddell, knowns bay area news. >> thanks, bob. for more information on gary's organization, go to shatter happening today, fast food workers in the east bay plan to
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walk off the job in less than 30 minutes. a rally in march is planned at the mcdonald's on jackson street in oakland. workers are already striking in dozens of cities across the country asking to be paid $15 an hour and to be able to start a union. the east bay alliance for a sustainable economy says fast food workers make an average of just under $9 an hour, half of them have to use public assistance just to make ends meet. fast food restaurants say if they raise workers salaries, customers will have to pay more for their meal. some good news about the economy. economists double-checked their numbers and decided business in america was better in the third quarter than they first thought. scott mcgrew, good news for the economy, though. doesn't necessarily mean good news for wall street. >> no, it doesn't, laura, because investors worry perhaps the fed will taper off easy money nor quickly, right? it's been all that easy money, the quantity takive easing, which has been supporting the markets. now, add to that more good news.
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first time jobless claims fell in its weekly report this morning. tomorrow morning we'll get the monthly jobs report. twitter has appointed a woman to the board of directors this morning. now, normally to be honest, i don't pay that much attention to gender of people, but twitter has been under some criticism for not having any women on the board. now, the problem with this sort of criticism is now people are going to point out that marjorie scardino is a woman and maybe less than a fact she ran a major media company and sat on the board of nokia. whatever her gender, though, she's not much of a twitter user. she's tweeted a total of one time. >> all right. thanks a lot, scott. well, tonight a beloved classic gets a major update as nbc gets ready to air "the sound of music" live. ♪ so i need a pulling thread ♪ la, a note to follow sew >> carrie underwood plays maria in the beloved musical, and true blood actor steechb moyer plays
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captain von trap. the stars tell us they feel ready even with just six weeks of rehearsal in all. >> i go home. i'm, like, dreaming about the lines and the songs. i wake up in the middle of the night and going through scenes in my head. >> sewing buttons. >> i am. i do. >> the original maria, of course, julie andrews, has nothing but praise for carrie underwood. "people magazine" quote andrews as saying, "50 years later it's time somebody else had another crack at it. i think it's great that it's being done again, but doing it live must be so daunting for carrie." you can catch "the sound of music" tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. i certainly have watched the original so many times, christina. what about you? you know all the words too? >> all the songs by heard. who knew vampire bill was a singer. i'm kich shocked myself. really looking forward to that right here on nbc tonight. 25 degrees this morning. this picture came in from jim vega of gilroy. he says merry christmas.
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he could clearly write on his hood this morning. it's going to be another frosty night. temperatures are starting to thaw out across the bay area. we're actually climbing in the 40s. 45 degrees right now in livermore. 46 for oakland, and 43 degrees in san mateo. here is where we're headed. as we head throughout the day today, just want to show you where we are right now, and how much warmer it's going to get. you might not be all that impressed. temperatures will only climb right now from the mid 40s into the upper 40s in san francisco. san jose looking good at 50 degrees. lots of sunshine here. it's deceptive sunshine that we've been telling you about, and it will continue for the next couple of days. then things start to get really interesting. we start the lock on your futurecast. we have a slight chance for some snowshowers. starting about 6:00 a.m. on saturday, and that will continue and actually get better between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. look at this. this is completely computer-generated. this is coming in from our computer models, and they're actually forecasting a light dusting of snow around the
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eastern foot hills. let me give you an idea of where it could snow. sanity rosa, at 33 degrees. possible there, livermore as well. the chance is -- mix of rain and snow. down to 500 feet. kind of getting into that time of year. not even wintertime yet. you can find your own seven-day at the bottom of the screen, but your tri-valley seven-day tells the story. livermore, saturday morning, lows at 34 degrees. highs at about 46 degrees. that is cold enough for snow. back over to you. >> okay. we better bundle up. may navy may be the in color of the year in fashion. we'll tell you what it is. >> ♪ yeah her gift
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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. welcome back. well, or kid is certainly growing on us. a version of the purple heu is the 2013 color of the year. the color institute picked the tropical shade known as radiant orchid. they describe the color as an invitation to innovation. the company says that's what pop culture wants reason, an opportunity to do creative things. today ford plans to take the wraps off its 50th anniversary mustang. here's a sneak peek at what the 2015 mustang looks like. the design is a little different from the 2014 model. the rear wheels pushed out. the roof a little lower. ford will reveal the new mustang during its events in the u.s., shanghai, sydney, and barcelona. the car was first launched on april 17th, 1964. the newest version goes on sale
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next fall. new details to tell you about this morning about smoke that filled mexico city arena forcing the cancellation of an nba game. the arena says a generator malfunctioned 45 minutes before tipoff which sent smoke pouring into the building. mexico city police say there was a fire in the generator room on the fourth floor of the arena. the game will be made up in minnesota at a later date. the arena says fans will be reimbursed. still to come, a rare set of triplets born in sacramento. we're going to show you what makes them so special after the break. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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christina, most people have a baby one at a time. >> most. most people. >> there's a sacramento couple proud parents of very rare identical triplets. >> oh, my gosh. >> what's more amazing is that the triplets were conceived without the aid of fertility treatments. a single egg fertilized split
11:27 am
three ways making babies that look identical. doctors say identical triplets are so rare that it's actually so hard to calculate exactly how often it occurs. look at the little bundles of joy, and it's good because the babies are healthy. abby, laurel, and brindabella will remain in the hospital until they can gain its weight, fat on them and eat properly, but they look great. they're not on any kind of air equipment or what not. the father of the triplets kidded that he might bottle the water from their hometown and offer it as a fertility treatment, which would save a lot of people a lot of money. as a mother of triplets, let me tell you, they have their arms full, literally. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know how do you it every day. >> i don't know either. >> thank goodness you make it. >> that we do, and i love it, and i love being here as well with you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. can you also get the latest information at nbc bay have a good one.
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