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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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remembering a hero, how people across the world are coming together today to honor the leg goosy of former south african president nelson mandela. >> a statewide amber alert in effect after this 14-year-old is abducted from washington state. where authorities think the suspect is taking her. >> and city streets turning to a rushing river. we're going to tell you how this mess causing concern for the morning commute. >> a live look outside this morning, it's another chilly day but it's friday, december 6th, and this is "today in the bay." >> good morning.
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4:30 in the morning. i'm scott mcgrew skblxt that is early. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we start again with freezing temperatures. can't ditch them. a live look outside across the bay area. right now a freeze warning is in effect for all of the bay area except san francisco with some showers on the way we could be talking snow overnight into tomorrow morning. before you head out to work this morning want to remind you be aware of possible black ice on the roadways as well. >> one area where drivers should be extra careful is martinez. a look at this public works officials working so hard telling us the freezing temperatures likely caused the water main to break creating this mess. it's turned the intersection of martinez boulevard into a river. late last night crews spent most of the night cleaning it up. >> want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at everything going on. >> good morning. glad they cleaned it up. it's cold enough for that water
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to freeze this morning. look at your numbers. happy to report it is not as frigid as yesterday. and the fact it's friday will likely take a little edge off of the bite. but it's cold. bundle up. freeze warning expires at 9:00 a.m. and then our next weathermaker drops into the bay area bringing showers tonight and very low snow as we head thorough tomorrow morning. i'll let you know if your city could see flurries. let's check your drive. >> good morning. looking to the shot of 101 in san jose. the bottom of the screen you see from time to time a disabled car there moved to the shoulr by a crew. i saw flashing lights. then the car was left there. hopefully no one's inside because it's cold. an easy flow, 101 north of 680. road crews again for anybody who has to work in this cold weather including our reporters around the bay. a smooth drive, a light volume. it's a friday. we'll look toward the san mateo bridge, the high rise toward
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foster city with these headlights reminder in san mateo we heard of reports of ice and spin will outs on the durand bridge. likely the same case through parts of this morning. >> conditions on the roads here really nothing compared to the sierra right now. this is a look at highway 50 at meyer. if you plan to head to tahoe this weekend, here's what you need to know. a winter storm warning will be in effect from tonight through tomorrow morning. higher elevations could see up to one foot of fresh powder over the weekend. no chains are required but it's likely to change as snow starts to fall later today. of course we'll continue to follow the freezing temperatures all morning long on "today in the bay" and cold weather photos. >> people around the world remembering nelson mandela. he will go down as one of the great crusaders for human rights. mandela died yesterday in south
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africa at 95. danielle leigh has more on how people across the world are honoring his legacy. ♪ >> reporter: in south africa the country is celebrating a man who led them to freedom from apartheid. today there are tears, songs and mementos as they bid nelson mandela farewell. president barack obama said the man many called father taught him about perseverance. >> we lost one of the courageous and profoundly good human beings that maany of us will share tim with. >> mandela was thrown in prison for 27 years because of his efforts to end segregation in south africa but walked free and became the nation's first black president.
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the world embraced him and the u.s. congress gave him highest honors. >> i was in the presence of greatness. he inspired so many people. >> reporter: in london families mourned. david cameron called mandela a hero for all times. >> tonight, one of the brightest lights of our world has gone out. >> reporter: in harlem the apollo theater marked his passing. at howard university students honored by candlelight. >> we're so glad what he did. >> reporter: the world promises to remember mandela's great sacrifice. flags at the capitol are at half-staff. world leaders are expected to head to south africa to gather in memory of nelson mandela. >> and news of mandela's death during the premiere of the movie chronicling his life. this is video of his daughters ahead of the event showing mandela long walk to freedom.
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they were there with prince william, the duchess of cambridge and others and those were told of mandela's passing as the movie got under way. a film spokesman says he owe throw had been talks of stopping the movie but the daughters asked that the screening continue. >> mandela lived his life thousands of miles away but made quite an impact in the bay area. >> bay area. sisters and brothers. >> this is video of a packed oakland coliseum during a visit by mandela in june of 1990. a crowd of 60,000 came to visit in oakland shortly after he was released from prison. he came to oakland because he found there was a lot of support against south africa and because then conditioning man ron dellhams the first to author resolutions in congress against apartheid. >> oakland was the symbol of the
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city that fought and constantly held the nation's feet to the fire. >> long shore men in oakland were the first to refuse to off-load south african ships and there were protests throughout the bay area. >> it's so hard to capture one lifetime but one of the memorable things is reaching into the world of sports. in 1995, mandela showed up at south africa's rugby world victory game wearing the team's jersey and hat. the team was all white, everybody in the stands was white, both the team and its fans were a symbol of apartheid. mandela's appearance changed that. >> to enable black south africans to appreciate the sport of those person who is had been their oppressors. >> so instead of trying to destroy a racist sport or team,
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he used to the bring people together. now they celebrate diversity on the field and the fans. >> much more on nelson mandela at, you'll find photos of his life plus more video from that historic bay area visit. again, that's, search nelson mandela. >> other news, a statewide amber alert is in effect after a teenager disappeared in washington state. authorities believe that 14-year-old elizabeth romero was abducted, last seen a white shirt a back pack and pink purse. hur suspected kidnapper is eduardo flores rosales, last seen driving a green ford escape with washington temporary registration. it's believed that the suspect is headed for mexico. >> new this morning police in
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vallejo searching for a suspect wanted for murder. someone shot this man, 22-year-old emeal rodriguez. there is mr. rodriguez. officers were called for reports of gun shots. they found rodriguez less than a block away near the elementary school. he was taken to the hospital where he died. witnesses led police to a couple of houses down the street. the watt team searched but did not find the suspect. >> severe weather for a missing san jose executive and his family. pause of terrain and snow only experienced search teams have been able to look for dale smith and his family. smith who is also a pilot was flying from oregon to montana on sunday when he reported engine trouble over central idaho. now with more bad weather on the way search teams are forced to stop. yesterday planes and helicopters
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surged but dound found no sign of the plane or the family. >> let's check in with christina. it will be a cold start to your day. >> it bill but not as cold as yesterday. we're in record breaking territory for this morning as temperatures are falling again into the 20s and 30s. yesterday we were waking up with more 20s on the map at this hour. look at truckee, 5 degrees, we have maybe 2 to 4 feet of fresh powder headed toward tahoe as we head throughout tonight into tomorrow morning. for us in the bay area we could be facing some pretty low snow levels. we'll get into that. keep your eyes ahead on the next weathermaker. make sure you bundle up. and bring in those sensitive plants if i have not. i want to show you this from jim. we want to make you part of today in the bay, we'll feature them on social media so send those in. on any of our facebook maj or nbc bay area facebook page.
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temperatures only reaching the low 50s, 51 los altos. and 49 degrees in pleasanton. we'll talk about who has the best chance of seeing maybe some flurries on the valley floor. we'll get to that. first good morning, happy friday, mike. >> it is happy friday. we're looking over the east shore freeway. look here on the right side. we have flashing lights, a couple of trucks looked like cantransrelated work. eastbound 80 in toward berkeley. no slowing at the scene. we see ta the arrow where i showed you with the cam remarks westbound your commute direction show as little heavier flow. the yellow only slowing past the 24 highway 13 interchange and that's because of the slowdown around that bend. a smooth drive in the commute directions. the north bay moving nicely and
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talk about the east bay. your building has not yet happened. if you head to the sierra, you'll watch because you probably have at least the chance of needing chains later on. right now 50 and interstate 80 are moving smoothly. no requirements. the south bay as well. a look at fremont. we'll wend this, with the headlights at the truck stale scales. >> the traditional baby bouncer with a high tech twist. we'll explain coming up. >> and time is contagious. the anonymous gift they received and how they plan to pay it forward. to those who've waited... worried...
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the classic baby bounce got a high tech makeover. fisher price added an ipad holder. i know. i guess it's not a joke. so kids can play with a gadget while they bounce. the company calls it the apptivity seat. many are slamming the twist
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because the american academy of pediatrics recommends no screen time for kids under the age of 2. >> when your tech guy says no, now we've gone too far, i think yeah. >> one family feels blessed after an anonymous woman paid for their christmas gifts. >> toys "r" us in san jose called her to let her know a woman paid off her $72 layaway. she was stunned. toys "r" us told her the woman comes in every year and pays off a number of layaways shext was so inspired by what a stranger did she wants to pay it forward. >> i'm going to give it to toys for tots. >> she also says she'll be buying a few more gifts for her grand children. it's a big day for the economy. the much anticipated jobs report for november is due out in less than an hour. for that and the rest of the news before the bell let's turn
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to kayla tausche. good morning. >> hey, good morning. stocks in the red after yesterday's tradings session, the fifth straight losing day for the dows. investors watch for big earnings from american eagles and a slew of important economic data, of course that includes the big november jobs report. economists expect an addition of 180,000 jobs in november, and for the unemployment rate to tick down to 7.2%. christie's is holding an auction of bob littlen member bealia. it will include paintings of lyrics and his guitar from the festival in 1965. that guitar is expected to fetch up to $500,000. back to you. >> can't do the strings per million or fast enough. let's turn to somebody who knows math. >> doesn't take a lot of calculations to tell you it's freezing out there this morning and these numbers aren't very
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high. we're at 23 degrees in the north bay. a cold start to the day and cold finish to the day as well. ending up in the low 50s. it's friday, you made it to the weekend. you know, this cold weather has been hard on people in the bay area. we have changes, a warming trend. i'll show you when. we'll get out of this cold. 51 in gilroy. richmond, 50 degrees, i have to tell you though we have a chance for snow in the bay area. 49 degrees in walnut creek, 49 in pleasanton. i think that's cool because rarely does it happen, we get this opportunity. since i have been in the bay area i have not seen a chance as promising which is why i'm coming in tomorrow morning because i want to track this. coming in. futurecast at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, you can see here this is a mix of rain and snow where you get that pink. that's down to the valley floor.
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the east foothills could get flurries. we could see a messy situation if this starts to thicken and travelers throughout. you want to keep this in mind. a good idea to keep this off the road. this next storm is packing what i like to call a winter wallop. highest accumulations above 2500 feet. we could see 1 to 3 inches sticking on top of mt. hamilton. i want to make sure everybody knows that could create slick roads so we're watching for that into tomorrow morning. i want to show you the good news, temperatures are slowly going to climb. then friday into saturday next week we could see a return of the mid to upper 60s, maybe low 70s so finally getting a little taste of warm. it's been told here. back to you. >> i told my kids what you said yesterday about this snow and they are so excited.
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be sure to tune in tomorrow. 4:49. and it's not just us dealing with the cold. much of the southwest, hunkering down for a deep freeze. governors in five states declared emergencies ahead of an arctic blast. an ice storm from texas through arkansas could snap tree branchs with an inch of ice, in some places temperatures plummeting by 50 degrees in one day. in the meantime, to the north temperatures in montana and idaho ble 25 degrees. >> details about the suicide bombing that killed dozens. al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack on the defense ministry there. 52 people were killed at least 167 hurt in the bombing and subsequent fighting. the defense ministry complex houses a hospital as well. >> the state department says the
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american shot to death is a teacher from texas. he has been identified as ronald thomas smith. he taught chemistry. the school's head master, he went out without letting the school know. no suspects for the shooting. >> you think of walter reed army medical center many of us think of disneyland, disney world. chicago. >> why the crime fight ser coming back to the bay area. >> all right. good news on the peninsula as well. no traffic. not right now but it's 4:51.
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it's 4:54. your boss called. he said too cold or she said it's too cold. stay at home. >> then i'm going. >> mountaintop, got to be getting some snow, christina says, pretty soon. california couple who bought the home where walt disney was born plans to turn the house into a museum. >> walt disney was born in this chicago home, 112 years ago. according to the couple's spokesman restoration will start in january and they hope it will be complete by december 5 next year which would have been disney's 113th birthday. the home is said to be built by disney's father and designed by
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his mother. >> get ready for bat kid the sequel. after the make a wish adventure came true he is returning to san francisco tomorrow. last month miles scott played bat kid fighting crime across san francisco or gotham city. everybody fell in love with this, thanks to the help of thousands of people who participated. this weekend he will play fund-raiser kicking off the brave the bay 5k run to benefit the make-a-wish foundation. >> we welcome him back. open arms. one san jose family moved to fremont their cat ironically named dasher ran away. that was three years ago and the family hasn't seen him since. until this week. the cat was turned into an animal shelter in fremont and turns out dasher was living about two miles away. >> such a great cat, great with my kids so i mean, he's big now
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and just feels so great to just see him and bring him home. >> another homeowner was feeding him the whole time. must have been pretty good eats. the owner recently sold the house and the buyers brought the cat to the shelter and the shelter tracked down dasher's original family. >> okay. look what the cat dragged in. it's mike inouye. >> is that the cat i saw by my kid's school. we saw a cat that color. that's a big cat. >> making the rounds. >> looking toward the san mateo bridge getting across a smooth drive. the hayward side with the maps. an easy flow. it's friday, we expect a slower build for the morning commute. those are large bridges but the smaller bridges, the durand is the one we talk about, it's just north of 92 and by the flint stone house, a local landmark. it's raised so we see ice the last couple days.
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in wine country over the small rivers. back to you. >> still ahead on "today in the bay" a statewide amber alert after a teen girl is abducted. >> we continue to keep an eye on frigid temperatures. how possible snow may force a memorial in the bay to move. >> taking a live look outside, how clear it is out there. another cold morning. christina's got a look at the forecast and the weekend as well. a lot more ahead.
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an amber alert for a 14-year-old girl. i'm bob redell. we'll have new video of her last reported sighting coming up. >> remembering nelson mandela and his impact all across the world. >> it's another frigid start to the day. plenty of 20s and 30s across the bay area.
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san francisco at 39 degrees, we'll tell you how much longer this cold will last and how low our snow levels will fall as we head into tomorrow morning. lots to go over in your full forecast. >> the bay area, don't want people to freak out. we're here in oakland. we'll talk about what is going on on the eastbound freeways. >> there will be no freaking out. we're good and calm. taking a live look, it's friday, december 6. this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> the big story locally this morning, freezing temperatures, okay, here's the cars. this is my car, in the parking lot as i pulled in this morning. 36 degrees. while mike, grab this shot on the way to work. mike has a garage. so you know what is nice?


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