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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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san francisco at 39 degrees, we'll tell you how much longer this cold will last and how low our snow levels will fall as we head into tomorrow morning. lots to go over in your full forecast. >> the bay area, don't want people to freak out. we're here in oakland. we'll talk about what is going on on the eastbound freeways. >> there will be no freaking out. we're good and calm. taking a live look, it's friday, december 6. this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> the big story locally this morning, freezing temperatures, okay, here's the cars. this is my car, in the parking lot as i pulled in this morning. 36 degrees. while mike, grab this shot on the way to work. mike has a garage. so you know what is nice? he let his cool down.
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i thought that was sporting. and then i believe you came in, laura, bat about 28. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> you know what, those are still impressive numbers. the good note is it's warmer than it was at this time yesterday. so it's not going to hit you in the face as much as it did yesterday but it's still very cold. bundle yourself up and the little ones. you might be tired after watching the sound of music here last night. sure was good. 29 in livermore. 33 now in san jose, and i can tell you if you're going to be headed out and about, you want to snap a picture please do so. temperatures are going to drop off and maybe you have a better number than laura. 50 degrees, 50 degrees on the way to fremont so. as we head throughout this afternoon staying cold, rain on the way tonight.
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a reinforcing shot of cold air and maybe even some snow on the valley floor. we'll get to that coming up. back to you, scott and laura. >> it's 5:02. the cold weather forced survivors on pearl harbor to change plans for a ceremony in the east bay, they gather on top to mark the day. and like the beacon at the summit. tomorrow they hold a ceremony at the east bay com pus and like the beacon from afar the organizer of the ceremony says it's a possibility of is nice at the top of the mountain, would be a safety concern. the beacon has been improved reechtly so people can see it. >> happening now a statewide amber alert after a teenager was abducted in washington state. bob redell in the newsroom with the details. new surveillance video.
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>> reporter: good morning. one reason why they issued this amber alert for the state of california, they believe she and her abductor might be traveling through on the way to mexico. law enforcement is looking for this girl here, she is 14-year-old elizabeth romero, that is actually her abductor, alleged, there she s. she is dating for the past few weeks eduardo flores. the last sighting wednesday afternoon outside her high school. you can she was was captured by the school. you see her cross the parking lot, there she goes. gets into that suv. chp wants you to keep your lookout for that vehicle. with a roof back, no license plate. that's an example of that kind of car. that's why they have not lit up the highway signs because the information is too gentleman nay
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irk without that number. there was elizabeth. carrying a back pack and pink purse and her alleged abductor, about 200 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. again the belief is that they are both headed to mexico. reporting lifrp in the newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> remembering nelson mandela, a live look outside mandela's home in a suburb of johannesburg, there are mourners and a makeshift memorial outside of that home. news of mandela's death happened during the british premier of mandela a long walk to freedom. his daughters were at the event and told of their father's death as the screening got under way. also there, prince william and kate middleton. >> extremely sad and tragic
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news. we're remind what had an extraordinarying and inspiring man he was. my dauts and prayers with him and his family. >> his life did not just impact the people of south africa but around the world including here in the bay area. christie smith joins us live in oakland where nelson mandela visited more than a decade ago. so many of us remember. >> reporter: good morning. people in the bay area remember this just like it was yesterday and they are reminiscing about it. nelson mandela ended his american tour here in the bay area. >> sisters and brothers. >> it was june 30, 1990, 60,000 came to see mandela at the oakland coliseum shortly after his release from prison. he came to oakland for a number
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of reasons, one is to support the people fr 40 the bay area, who had protested for him and against apart tight at ut workly and he came because congress ron dellums was the first to offer resolutions depends apartheid. >> oakland was the symbol of the city that fought and that constantly held everybody, the nation's feet the fire. >> reporter: you may also recall that long shore men at the port were among the first workers to refuse to off sil after african ships. they said they wanted to take a stand. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. for additional details on nelson mandela's visit and a look at his life visit our website >> in the meantime,
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meteorologist christina loren joins us from the nbc bay area weather center where the techs are terribly cold. here is she comes. >> high i am to tell you how cold it is. 34 in saratoga, we're at 34 to kick off the day in campbell. san jose's running 3 degrees milder than at this time yesterday. i want to take you from south to north up the peninsula. where we have plenty of cities reporting that freezing mark, foster city, redwood city, 28 in woodside. and even at pacifica on the ocean, 42 degrees so chilly. make sure you bundle up. san francisco, it's cold enough for frost. accommodate enough time to get to your destination. also mike has been pointing out. it could get dangerous. 27 degrees in is a bass ta bowl.
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one of the coldest is petaluma. as we head throughout day temperatures will remain cool. we have rain and snow on the way tonight. we'll get into that forecast coming up as promised here is mike inouye. >> you're talking about the black ice. that's the very thin sheet of ice so it's transparent and looks like a shiny roadway. we had spinouts, san mateo, also walnut creek. any type of moisture could freeze with the conditions as they are now. the freeway shows no major problems a. smooth drive. those conditions are pretty distinguish. keeping the black top warm, this is the area with the arrow. we saw some speeds change that was on oosh by and that started to ramp up the follow a little bit. let's head to cal, university of cal berkeley. the arrows mark the commute for 24 and the east shore freeway no. delays there or through the north bay.
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novato to central an rafael. just starting to see the speeds come down into the upper 50s out of antioch, pittsburgh, even on a friday at 5:09 is too early for that. there is a nice move through the tri-valley and a few cars. and the alto area, the peninsula moves smoothly. 101 past -- easy drive from 101 for 280. back to you. >> thank you. not so easy as the cold weather could be to blame for water main break in the east bay. look at that. a water fall flooding the spreet below. case, trying to get it capped. good morning, chase. >> good morning. they were able theget that main fixed several hours ago so things have dried up here just as the temperatures sort of plunged. you see behind me, this is
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pachecko boulevard. dp there was water left that that did not refreeze for drivers but let's take another look at the video from a few hours ago, water was nushing there. through. public works says they can't be sure what caused the break but of course with temperatures as cold as they have been over the last couple nights that is certainly the most likely pull brint. shouldn't have problems with your -- yesterday morning south in san jose people were waking up to icicles hanging from a tree outside of a school. that was a visible sign of how cold it was as we were setting record lows all across the bay area christina was telling us. on the north side in napa in wine country, a fountain, the entire fountain froze right up. people in napa we're talking
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about the record lows they set which i think were 7 or 8 degrees below the fref winter low. that was a shock for the morn end, even saw on twitter a couple saying at their house it got down too the single digits and the farthest northern part of our viewing area, but back live in martinez it's cold, it's near the freezing mark. i'm a little thankful because yesterday morning we were talking about the danger on bridges and it was even tolder. temperatures are on the way up. the latest in martinez. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> i could tell you didn't look as bundled. >> warm here in the studio. >> that's me. 5:11. a south bay couple under house arrest accused of orchestrating an international car scam. >> the investigation into google's barges on the bay. >> and federal charges could be
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filed against a hunter who started one of the largest wild fires.
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good friday morning to you. 5:14. time will release the name of the person of the year next week. this morning they release who won the public poll for person of the year. the egypt general topped the government. he had 26% of the vote beating out turkey's prime minister. until a few days ago miley cyrus was leading the poll but she ultimately finished third. people vowed -- voted rather, not to skrot for her. they voted via twitter and on
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time's website. >> i can't imagine it's not edward snowden. a new wrinkle to open a fancy showroom for products on the san francisco bay. ork on the google barges apparently on hold. there is a formal investigation into whether google has the proper permits needed to build those barges. the u.s. coast guard also seeing if the owner of the treasure island pier where the barges are moored has his permits. it is standard practice to inspect new construction to assure safety, security and environmental protection. google hasn't commented on this. check the markets. we are 15 minutes from a big number. kayla tausche is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. a slew of economic data could turn around a five-day losing streak. investors watching for important
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indicators in the november jobs report. economists will expect addition of 180,000 jobs in november, and the unemployment rate to tick down to 7.2%. we'll get that shortly. back to you. >> kayla, thank you much. >> much of the midwest and south hunkering down bracing for a deep freeze. governors in at least five states declared emergencies, threatening 32 million people. an ice storm from texas through arkansas could snap tree branches with an inch of life. inches plummeting by at least 50 degrees in one day. in the meantime, to the north temperatures in montana and idaho have fallen below minus 25 degrees. we can't complain. >> you see the fountain in napa, frozen. that is cold. >> yeah. picture from jodi hernandez. we love your pictures, they help us so much. it is that cold again.
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i hate to say it, remember yesterday, we're headed back toward those levels as we get into this weekend. i'm going to talk about with  why. the reason why it's a touch milder this morning is because we have added a few clouds, also some of the cold air was able to mix out so we're starting out a couple of degrees warmer in san francisco at 39. though i hate to use that word warmer. in reference to 39 degrees. as we head throughout the day, things are going to change. north bay is going to get shower activity. into the evening hours, and the showers spread to the south as we head throughout tomorrow and that means we could see some snowfall at low levels. we'll talk about that. i'm going to show you where. 50 in cupertino. foster city 50, 49 in san francisco, so your microclimates not showing much variance. 49 degrees in pleasanton. let's get to the good stuff. this is a very rare occasion in the bay area. what's going to follow is even more rare. i'll get that in a second.
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we stop the clock, showers start to spread to the kout. for the most part north of the golden gate bridge. this is going to come through quickly. it's cold, there is a lot of cold air out there and at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow this is what we're looking at. a slight chance for a mix of rain and snow, especially around the eastern foothills of the mountains. for the east as well. i want to make sure you're aware of that if you are traveling tomorrow. really want to take it easy on the roads. highest, mt. hamilton on sunday should be covered in the white stuff. that's going to be cool. here's what i want to draw your attention to. sunday and mon morning, look at these lows in the low 20s. then as woe wake up on tuesday morning olding on to the mid-20s. warming up wednesday into thursday. not only is it cold sunday and monday, we're looking at spare the air days as well so. you want to put that on your
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radar. good morning to mike. >> we'll take you out here looking at the bay area, light volume as you would imagine at this time of day. also you know it's friday so we see a later build for much of 4 commute. where the crews are starting to -- keeping the roads working nicely, a smooth drive and no problems as a result of those drew crews. move over if there is space. for the dumbarton bridge, an easy flow. the san mateo bridge over to the peninsula. we like to point out we had ice across the durand bridge, so that may be the case again though it's a tad bit warmer and a shift that subtle could mean no black ice. the smooth drive to the bay, let's pick out some live shots.
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fremont southbound past the truck scales no problem. the volume in both directions an easy live. continuing as the limit through oakland and the bay bridge where we showed you the maze. we're starting to see a few cars off the berkeley curve. the seech shore freeway moves freely. an easy drive into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. the person officials say the responsible for the destructive rim fire could face federal charges today. the district attorney declared their intention to prosecute the hunter they think set an illegal fire that got out of control. the rim fire was one of the largest on record in california, caused 54 merchandi$54 million .
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>> a scheme to send stolen cars to asia, eugenea clen reportedly used their car business to fraudulently lease luxury vehicle, then abroad. they had their friends lease cars on their behalf promising to make the payments, then exported the cars without paying the lease. the couple made $3.3 million in that scheme. but they could face 20 years behind bars. >> time 5:21. the big decision facing lindsay von this morning.
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a very good friday morning to you. what a beautiful vista this morning looking down toward the bay bridge there in the distance. pretty clear morning means another cold one. christina will look at the forecast.
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5:23. sharks will be back in action tonight as they continue their trip to the east coast. san jose plays the hurricanes at 4:00. looking to rebound after a tough loss to the pittsburgh penguins. the sharks scored one goal. they lost 5-1. >> we are less than 65 days away from the start of the winter olympics in sochi, russia and skier lindsey vonn is doing everything to get back in olympic form. she will decide whether to compete in today's downhill races at the world cup. she's also weighing whether to race in sunday's super g, now vonn is trying to return to competition from a brutal crash she had in february, there it is. she re-injured her knee against last month. she wants to defend her gold medal in the downhill in sochi before she has surgery on that knee. >> here at home the cardinal team getting ready for a make or break game in arizona. >> the winner takes home the
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pac-12 title and ends up in the rose bowl. the loser has to settle for the lesser known bowl. the cardinals ranked seventh in the nation. in a previous meeting this season stanford did win handily, 42-28. >> let's go cardinal. >> let's check in with christina loren. give us a football forecast. >> it's going to be perfect for all of the heavy pads later on today. whatever it takes to keep you warm. 25 degrees in the north bay. 39 in san francisco, sunday is going to be very cold. want to make sure you're aware of that, temperatures in the 50s just about all weekend long. between today, tonight and tomorrow morning we're bringing in showers, a very low level snow chance. i can't wait to show you if your city may or may not get some flurries tomorrow morning. first we'll check the drive. good morning to mike inouye. he is a football fan.
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>> i am. not a player, but a fan. looking over to the san mateo bridge. we're not seeing problems for the commute. no major incidents. no crashes but mooth over to the peninsula. a look at the maps, we'll see what's going on. there are the bridges, the dumbarton and the san mateo bridges. southbound 880, reports of a car in lanes. one of those you push around, fancy restaurants, we don't go to those because we have kids. a smooth drive as well and west 580 starting to show more slowing than we typically see on a friday. maybe an early start but we'll track that and see the tend. no problems for dublin or pleasanton. a smooth drive, live view, chilly commute. still have a chance for black ice. especially the off ramps.
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there are reports of that. >> 5:26. a new job report in less than four minutes. right after the break. >> remembering a hero. how people across the clob coming together to honor the legacy of nelson mandela. >> and the state wide amber alert in effect after a teenage girl is abducted from washington state. the new video just in. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need.
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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>> there are freezing temperatures all over the bay area. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the only place apparently not experiencing the freezing weather this morning is san francisco. meteorologist christina loren joins us with the details. >> hey, good morning to you, laura and scott. good did morning to you at home. happy friday. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, warm up your vehicle. if you did park on the street count on a round of frost to start. 30 degrees in santa teresa. 27 in morgan hill.
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foster city at freezing, 32 degrees, for redwood city as well. woodside at 28. into the city we're a touch milder here in san francisco. 38 in the presidio, and 41 degrees in the mission. these temperatures are going to continue to drop off as we head through the next few hours so make sure you're ready for that. i'll show you the north bay. the coldest region across the bay area. 25 for petaluma and 26 in novato. highs only in the 50s. another reinforcing shot of cold air. we're going to deal with number like this in the morning for four to five more days. we'll show you why and finally when we're going to warm up. back to you, scott and laura. >> thanks so much. public works crews in martinez think the freezing temperatures are the reason this water main broke last night, sending a cascade of water down a nearby hill. chase cain is live at the scene where once the leak was capped crews had to deal with the
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water. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that was a lot of water. if they didn't get it cleaned up when they did i'm sure it would be ice. fortunately they got the water main break turned off, shut down and now cleaned up. you can see only remnants of the sand that they spread on the road to make sure if there was water it did not refreeze. look that the video from a few hours ago. it sent water gushing down the avenue, or boulevard, rather, here in martinez. public works cannot be sure what caused the break but of course the main culprit, the suspect for that are these freezing temperatures that we had for two nights in a row as it hover mears the freezing mark. to the south in san jose you were no exception. it was also freezing down there. some woke up toisticle hanging from a tree. also at the san jose airport,
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planes had to be de-iced. in napa, record lows set last night maybe record lows will be set this morning. christina loren will keep us filled in on that. when you have it cold enough to freeze a fountain like that, that is cold weather last night. and no doubt again tonight. back live in martinez, this road has cleared up. we should warn you if you are driving across many bridges and overpasses here use caution, slow down and be aware that there may still be patches of black ice. yesterday morning that black ice spun out a couple of cars. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thanks, chase. severe weather in idaho will likely postpone the search for an exclusive and his family. because of rain and snow all of the experienced teams have been
5:33 am
able to look for sail smith and his family. smith who is also a pilot was flying when he reported engine trouble. now with more bad weather on the way search teams are forced to stop for the time being. yesterday planes and helicopters searched but found no sign of the plane or family. >> the november jobs report just in. the american economy gathered 2003 thousand shaps. 2003 thousand jobs. the new rate at 7%, that's enormous drop and a 5-year low on the unemployment rate. it's a spectacular number. 203 thou sand jobs in off. happening now, a statewide amber alert after a teenager was taken in washington state. bob redell is live. authorities think she may be headed to mexico. >> that's what her family called
5:34 am
law enforcement. they believe she is with her new boymt and that the pair may be traveling through california possibly the bay area on the way south of the border. there is who law enforcement want you to be on the lookout for. we should have a photo. 19-year-old eduardo flores rosales and romero, captured about which a surveillance camera around 2:30. you could see her walking in from the left. goes across the parking lot, then gets sbo that parked suv on the right. that's the vehicle chp wants you on the lookout 4. it's a 2001-2003, green ford escape with a roof rack. there is no license plate. they have not lit up the highway signs. they tell us it's too generic.
5:35 am
here is leert look a look. she's 14 years old, 5'3", 130 pounds, last seen carrying a back pack and pink purse. again, the belief is that this pair is headed to mexico. reporting live in the newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 5:35. sunnyvale's strict new gun laws take effect. gun owners who lost their firearms or had them stored will have to call police within 48 hours. the city will start tracking the sale of ammunition. the nra promised to fight that new law in court. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. she has been delivering some ugly numbers but it's going to get better. >> little bit better. we have to wait, though, to thaw out. our morning temperature is today is one of the milder days. that we're expecting. we're under a freeze warning.
5:36 am
23 in the north bay, san francisco 39, 37 in the east bay as we get into sunday and monday looking much colder. we could be smashing potentially all-time records here in the bay area. so it is unusual to thb cold especially for a prolonged period. today's highs only in the 50s. we're koychbting on showers, you can see this on the north bay ram. 52 degrees. showers will roll through. tomorrow morning the showers are going to be turning over to a mix of rain and snow, you can see that here. futurecast is picking that up. mostly around the south bay and the east bay mountains. all the way down to the foothill level. potentially 500 feet we could see flurries. >> a mix of rain and snow down to 500 feet. santa rosa at 33 degrees tomorrow f. showers are coming through that puts a mix of rain
5:37 am
and snow. livermore 34 degree, 33 in the east foothills and morgan hill you could see a dusting of the white stuff. it's not going to stick around but i want that on the map. to let you know what we're headed for. once the system clears out of here, much cooler air is behind it. when we expect the low 20s in the east bay and the south bay. let's check your drive. pretty dangerous. >> potentially, chase was telling us there is potential for water on the road to freeze, that includes a chase, that fountain which did not touch the road by the way. toward the south bay. the maps show you close to the limit around the bay area. it's early especially on a friday. we have a crash here, it's on the north end of the airport. there you see it. no big deal. we see slowing approaching the
5:38 am
laugh ramp. if there are flashing lights i'll let you know if you have to close anything. just a distraction. the south bay, the blips of level. here we have the upper 50s as you enter the area. also coming up closer to the dublin interchange we see this slow down a bit over the last 10 to 15 minutes. the traffic is starting the 0 get more crowded. the interchange with 680. over to the bay bridge, no problems through oakland. a live look shows you we have the cash lanes, the build off the berkeley curb. we'll see that build until we turn the metering lights on. we'll see how the volume goes. >> 5:38. new word just in on funeral preparations for nelson mandela. how his leg gassy is being remembered. >> it's not just us feeling the freezing central valley farmers say the cold is impacting their
5:39 am
citrus crop.
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this morring people all around the world are remembering nelson mandela. he will go down as one of the greatest crusaders for human rights. we have a live look outside mandela's home in south africa, there are mourners and a makeshift memorial outside the home. i can tell that you mandela died at the age of 95. a few minutes ago new details about the funeral. danielle leigh is live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: scott, good morning. we're learning that the funeral will be on december 15 in the place that he grew up. to many nelson mandela was called madiba which means father. also for the fight for equality. his legacy lives on.
5:42 am
in south africa the country is celebrating a man who led them to freedom from apartheid. today there are tears, songs and mementos as they bid nelson mandela farewell. president barack obama said the man many called father caught him about perseverance. >> we lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> reporter: mandela was thrown in prison for 27 years because of efforts to end segregation in south africa. but he walked free and became the nation's first black president. the world embraced him and the u.s. congress gave him highest honors. >> i was in the presence of greatness. he inspired so many people.
5:43 am
>> reporter: in london families mourned and david cameron called mandela a hero for all times. >> tonight, one of the brightest lights ever our world has gone out. >> reporter: in harlem the apollo theater marked his passing and at howard university students honored by candlelight. today the world promises to remember mandela's great sacrifice. here at the capitol and also the white house flags are at half-staff, world leaders are expected to travel to south africa and gather together to honor nelson mandela's memory. scott, back to you. >> thank you. >> he lived his life thousands of miles away but made quite an impact here in the bay area. >> bay area, sisters and brothers. >> this is video of a packed oakland coliseum during a visit by mandela back in june of 1990. a crowd of 60,000 people came to
5:44 am
see mandela in oakland shortly after he was released from prison. he came to oakland because he found out there was a lot of support from student activists against apartheid in south africa. he came because of then congressman ron dellums. >> oakland was the symbol of the city that fought and constantly held the nation's feet to the fire. >> reporter: long shore men in oakland were the first to refuse to off-load south african ship tins 1980s and there were protests by students and civic leaders. coming up at 6:00 christie smith will be live outside the coliseum where mandela once spoke, with more on his impact on the area. we'll have much more on nelson mandela's legacy, on air and on line at, you will find photos of his life plus more video from his visit to the bay area. >> citrus farmers in central
5:45 am
california fighting for the crop as frigid temperatures threaten to destroy the fruit. north of bakersfield, ice clings to the tree, workers trying to pick what they can but there is not much they can do. the cold weather left burns on a lot of the fruit. this trickles down, less fruit means less work and smaller paychecks. >> i wish i was a millionaire so i could help them. but i'm not. i'm trying to survive the same as they do. >> it is indeed good reminder that what we complain about is trivial. >> that's so tough on the farmers down there. i grew up in that area. they do so much to try to fight the freeze. mother nature kicks in. meteorologist christina loren, our own freeze of our own. >> freezing up here. when we see damage to the wine crop, that typically happens in the spring so a lot of people have been inquiring about that. 39 in san francisco, north bay at 23, it's cold all across the board as we head throughout the
5:46 am
day. temperatures are going to remain very cool for this time of year. we're talking about record lows for today. and even colder mornings headed our way. so low 50s across the board. foster city, 50. 51 in mid market. not a lot of microclimate variance between the daytime highs. that's going to be the case for the next move days. 52 degrees in mill valley, 50 in fremont, about 48 degrees today in san ramon. i'm forecasting about 49 degrees in san francisco. let's get to the next weathermaker because that moves in as early as 9:00 p.m. tonight. you see the showers coming into the north bay. we continue this, stop the clock into tomorrow morning when the cold blast comes through. that's when we have a slight chance of seeing low level snow, that could be the case in gilroy and morgan hill. that's looking the most promising in addition to the eastern foothills around san jose. we could see a little bit of this activity in the east bay,
5:47 am
especially the higher elevations. we'll see a mix down to 500 feet. that could make for hazardous driving conditions tomorrow morning. you want to make sure to stick with us. i'll be in tomorrow morning, i want to make sure everybody is safe. we'll track this, having live reporters across the bay area. this is a rare opportunity for us. and it's early. we're not in winter yet. it's 18 days before christmas time so this is what we're looking at. inland valleys, a slight chance for the snow getting into the saturday morning. sunday into monday, i want to draw your attention to lows because in a i digs to the cold air we're going to see poor air quality at that point so we could be sparing the air sunday and monday. tuesday into wednesday, temperatures start to creep up, then 63 degrees has never looked so good. not till next thursday, mike. but it is on the way. there is warmer weather on the way. it's going to be cold between now and then. >> till then we rub our hands together. looking here, cars moving smoothly, both sides of the freeway here.
5:48 am
880 past the truck scales, an easy drive, you're getting company, no problem for the sensors. toward san jose and the south bay, the map and these sensors slow a little bit. 101 up toward 880, then north of the airport there is an issue. just on the north side of the airport, this is the transition the name on the roadway, that is what's going on at jpd, traffic control until they get out of the way no. problems as far as major injuries. want to point that out. the earlier slowdown here the off ramp has cleared up and a smooler drive into the area. we're looking toward the peninsula side. northbound 280, there is a high rise roadway over crystal springs road. you might not know the name. it's the flint stone house. that's what we've seen ice on the last couple days. that may be the case again. we'll track that but so far no problems through the area. again, watch it north of 92. 92 is the san mateo bridge.
5:49 am
see our camera on the hayward side. a smyth drive no problems. on the east bay side we still have south 880 reports of the cart getting cleared to the shoulder. they need a crew to do the traffic break. no slowing, watch it may be in the middle lanes as you travel south down toward the san mateo bridge. the gentle build continues west 580 through livermore, speeds into the 50s, down to about 50 miles per hour itself at the dublin interchange. typical pattern for 580 and slowing out of antioch for highway 4. the commute for the east shore and highway 24 no problems. we head to the bay bridge toll, no fast track issues right now. >> thank you much. get ready for bat kid the sequel. after the 5-year-old's make a wish adventure came true i think everybody in the world stood still to watch this. he's coming back to san francisco tomorrow. last month miles scott played
5:50 am
bat kid fighting crime thanks to the help of thousands of us across the city. this weekend he'll be playing fund-raiser by kicking off the brave the bay 5-k run. it benefits the make-a-wish foundation. >> one san jose family feel blessed after an anonymous woman paid for their christmas gifts. >> the toys "r" us in san jose called to let her know a woman paid off her $72 lay away. she says she was absolutely stunned. toys "r" us says the woman comes every year, pays off a number. she was so inspired what a stranger did she says she wants to pay it forward. >> i'm going to give to the toys for tots at my church in fact. >> toys for tots. she will be buying lots more gifts for her kbrand children. >> i love that.
5:51 am
speck tack you lr. >> it is. >> kind of an easy thing to do. walk up and ask. >> 5:50. amazing video in of planes trying to land at a london airport. the wind so strong it caused scary moments. we'll have the latest next.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>>. >> welcome back. a good friday morning to you. you see the memorial that is growing as we give you a live picture. this is just outside of nelson mandela's home in johannesburg south africa. we've learned that his funeral will be on december 15th. president barack obama is expected to attend.
5:54 am
u.s. flags are being flown at half-staff until monday. >> 5:53. new video just in to the newsroom this morning, a plane trying to land in extremely high winds at a airport in the uk, this was posted on youtube. you can see the plane coming in for a landing but the strong winds are pushing the plane sideways. right before the wheels touched down you saw the plane heads back up to try it again. can you imagine being on that. a smaller plane tried to land as well. no one was hurt on either flights. just a lot of rattled nerves. look. >> everybody makes it down safely we should point out. >> as we did. >> today apple is set to launch a new personalized shopping experience in 254 retail stores. apple will use ibeacon technology which tracks customer movement in the store to offer
5:55 am
information. if you walk by the iphone table you might get a message asking if you want to upgrade to the new model. the technology is opt in and will require customers to install the official apple store app on the idevices. >> having my friend scott mcgrew co-anchor with me. doesn't mean we're going to skip one of my favorites, gadget friday. >> i've got it here, a whistle. this goes on a dog collar. let me show you. i have video of my dog murphy. you can see it just behind his left ear. there it is on the collar. the idea, the fit bit, this is like a fit bit except for dogs. so on your iphone, you get to see what your dog has been up to. so for instance, the other day murphy had 54 minutes of exercise. you can see where he's jumped up and down on the grass there.
5:56 am
on the right-hand side it shows 7 minutes of that was by himself and he had two walks of 25 minutes. >> how can you tell it was by himself? >> that's a good question. the answer is, it's hooked to your wi-fi, so when he disappears from wi-fi, the computer figures he must not be in the house. that's his walk. so this does not track your dog on gps. >> that was the next. >> that would be the next cool thing, the dog is lost, where is the dog. this is more a dog pedometer. it's fun. you know what the truth is, the kids got into walking the dog which -- >> the family exercises. >> even the dog was shocked. $99. you have to preorder. it's not on the market yet but in the next weeks. it's whistle. at >> i like that. i take my dog out every day. i was searching for his sweater.
5:57 am
>> it's so cold that i don't want to hear about a sweater on a dog for the next couple days. a lot of people have a problem with that for some reason. 34 in the south bay. not me. 35 along the peninsula. it's cold out there in san francisco. we have a chance for rain and snow down to 500 feet. only one area of the bay area, i'm bulls eyeing for low level snow at the valley level. we'll talk about that. back to you, scott and laura. >> 5:57. we'll continue to remember nelson mandela. a look at how the nobel peace prize winner impacted people in the bay area. >> plus, what you might not need to know to go to the sierra snow this weekend. flakes could soon fall in the bay area. meteorologist christina loren is going to join us and tell us where that snow is likely to land.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
remembering a man who changed the world. we'll tell you about the tributes pouring in from south africa and across the world as we celebrate the life of nelson mandela. >> an amber alert in effect statewide. the new surveillance video showing the last moments the teenage girl was seen. new information about where her alleged abductor may be taking her. >> raging water, new details about an overnight water main break and new concerns about icy conditions on the roads. certainly cold enough for ice out there this morning. not as many 20s on the map, a touch milder. it's going to be cold all day long. our next weathermaker moves in tonight. it could bring a dusting of snow to low levels. we'll show you where coming up. >> it was a pretty calm friday. suddenly i'm getting a number of reports of something popping tires in the east bay and a crash into san francisco. we'll have those coming up. >> mike will check back in with you in that case. a live look outside. it's friday, december 6th, this is "today in the bay."


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