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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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changed the world. we'll tell you about the tributes pouring in from south africa and across the world as we celebrate the life of nelson mandela. >> an amber alert in effect statewide. the new surveillance video showing the last moments the teenage girl was seen. new information about where her alleged abductor may be taking her. >> raging water, new details about an overnight water main break and new concerns about icy conditions on the roads. certainly cold enough for ice out there this morning. not as many 20s on the map, a touch milder. it's going to be cold all day long. our next weathermaker moves in tonight. it could bring a dusting of snow to low levels. we'll show you where coming up. >> it was a pretty calm friday. suddenly i'm getting a number of reports of something popping tires in the east bay and a crash into san francisco. we'll have those coming up. >> mike will check back in with you in that case. a live look outside. it's friday, december 6th, this is "today in the bay."
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>> a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we're going to begin with the death of nelson mandela, a man who changed the world, this morning many gathering outside mandela's home in johannesburg, placing candles and signs and memorials, some even dancing to celebrate the life of a man many called the father of their new nation. flags are lowered at half-staff this morning in south africa, the government preparing funeral ceremonies that will draw leaders and other dignitaries from around the globe. and just moments ago south afri africa's current president announced a state funeral be a week from this sunday in the city where mandela grew up. >> nelson mandela's life did not just impact the people of south africa. it also affected people around the world including here in the bay area. christie smith is live in oakland where nelson mandela visited more decade ago.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. nelson mandela came to the bay area shortly after his release from a south african prison. at the time the bay area was active in the anti-apartheid movement and as you can imagine, welcomed him with open arms. >> bay area. sisters and brothers. >> reporter: nelson mandela visited the oakland coliseum and made a huge impact. 60,000 people packed the coliseum just for a chance to hear him speak. the bay area of course supported mandela for years to try and dismantle apartheid in south africa. anti-apartheid protesters staged campus protests nationwide. some of the largest at uc-berkeley, in 1986 california became the largest government in the u.s. to divest of south
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african investments. paul cobb was arrested at a berkeley protest, and deputy mayor swanson was a staff member for ron dellums. >> oakland was the symbol of the city that fought and constantly held the nation's feet to the fire. >> with his passing, we can't help but celebrate his life because it was one that embodied the spirit of gandhi and a martin luther king. >> reporter: mandela was also impressed and aware that long shoremen in oakland refused to unload a south african ship and did that in 1984, as you mentioned t south african president zuma announced that a state burial is planned for december 15. reporting live in oakland,
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christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we of course will have much more on nelson mandela's legacy on air and on line at you'll find photos of his life plus more video from his amazing visit to the bay area. again that's, search nelson mandela. >> happening now, amber alert in effect state wide for 14-year-old elizabeth romero who is missing more than 36 hours after her abduction. she disappeared in washington, now investigators say she and her abductor may be on the way to mexico. bob redell sin our newsroom with details. you got some new surveillance video of the abduction. we're calling it abduction because this is a 14-year-old girl. she may have gone willingly. >> reporter: right. elizabeth's family believes she is traveling with her 19-year-old boyfriend seen in that photograph. according to her family romero has been dating rosales for a
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few weeks, the last reported sighting wednesday afternoon around 2:30 outside her school in washington. she was captured by the school surveillance camera, you see her walking into frame from the left, crosses the parking lot, then gets into that parked suv. chp wants you to keep an eye out for that vehicle, they tell us that it's a 2001-03 green ford escape. you can see a roof rack, has custom wheels. it has no license plate. chp tells us that's why they have not lit up the highway signs for the amber alert. the information is too generic. there is another look at elizabeth romero, 5'3", 130 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, last seen carrying a back pack and pink purse. and eduardo rosales, 5'9", 200 pound, black hair, brown eyes, her family believes the pair is headed to mexico and possibly heading through the bay area.
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reporting live in the newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it's another chilly start to the morning. really has been all week. here is a live look outside. oakland and san jose. most of the area is under a freeze warning with temperatures in the low 30s. the only part that is not under a freeze warning is still san francisco. but just because it's not freezing doesn't mean it won't feel like it's freezing when you head out the door. >> this morning we have team coverage in place. we'll check with christina loren and mike inouye. let's start with chase cain live in martinez where an overnight water main break could mean icy conditions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i heard you guy sas that san frano is the only part of the area not under a freeze warning. i noticed because i live in san francisco and it does feel much warmer there than here in martinez where we are at the freezing mark. that is likely why public works officials say a water main busted last night. check out this video from a few
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hours ago. late yesterday evening, water was gushing down the avenue here near martinez boulevard. it took a couple hours to get that water turned off and the pipe patched up. that meant there was water in the road. they had to spread stand. further to the south people woke up yesterday in san jose with ice kels from the trees. that was a clear sign of how cold it was as records were broken across the bay area. s in san jose they had to de-ice planes before they took off. back to the north in wine country napa set a record low, we're hearing they may set another this morning. that was cold enough to completely freeze a fountain there in wine country. back in martinez on the road you'll see it's dry, there is no ice. did a good job of getting the
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sand and the salt down on the roads so cars are able to move through. if you are heading out, traveling across the major bridges or overpasses here in the bay area, please do take care, there were inches of clack ice out yesterday. that means the potential is there for there to be more black ice on your commute. the latest live, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> watch out for that black ice and if you're headed to the tahoe area. this is a look at highway 50 at meyers, if you plan to head to tahoe here's what you need to know. winter storm warning in effect from tonight through tomorrow morning. higher elevations could see up to one foot of fresh powder. right now no chains are required but it's likely to change as snow saturdays to fall later today so. always keep them with you if you are headed up there. snacks, a blanket. >> it can get serious.
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christina loren volunteered to come in to work tomorrow. >> good morning. you :xkknow, it's rare when we an opportunity to see snow fall down to 500 feet. we mostly expect a mix of rain and snow. we have a complety good chance tomorrow morning. if you are going to be headed to tahoe you want to keep in mind we have snow levels down to 500 feet. they are going to be dropping very low. we could see road closures. you want to stay tuned to the weather conditions. we're at 39 in san francisco. not as cold as yesterday. 25 degrees, cold enough across the part. throughout the day it's going to stay chilly. but chase loves records, our reporter out on the field, i wanted to give you an idea how many cities across the bay area stand a chance of breaking temperature records. these are where we expect the temperatures to fall the next couple hours. and just about every hajer city across the bay area has a chance
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of seeing those possible -- we've gone ahead and marked them. so that's what we're watching. i hate to say it. this isn't even the coldest morning as we head through the next four days. showers start to move in, our temperatures are going to stay cold as a result. as we head through about 8:00 p.m. tonight, santa rosa some activity, it moves south as we head through saturday morning. i'm going to let you know what this means. i wanted to show you quickly between san jose and gilroy. what's this, 101. that could be dangerous tomorrow morning. >> right now it's not pink. it's not snowing. highway 50 is okay. we're watching that to change over the weekend. the potential for snow. bay bridge toll plaza, a look and the cash lanes are backed up. metering light are not yet on. the volume off of the east shore freeway not presenting a problem right now.
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you have the wait there but there is a new fender-bender in 185 at the toll plaza.%./ it should move quickly. a look at the maps, an issue that might be affected by the weather. we talked about the cold weather. we've seen ice reports of ice and spin-ups on the durand bridge north 280 north of 92, as you head over the open space at crystal springs road. reservoir is to the west. that's where we've had ice the last few days. no reports this morning but use caution through the area. south 880 at marina boulevard reports of debris, a big rig reported hitting it but the cars reporting they have flat tires so watch for slowing out of downtown oakland no. problems in the commute direction as well. a look to the tri-valley, the build is on for 580 through the tri-valley. and san jose, we'll end with this shot of 101 northbound at 680. back to you.
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>> thanks so much. still ahead on "today in the bay." new video as flames burst through the sidewalk in dallas. how it happened and how firefighters got a handle on the fire. >> and severe weather is spreading throughout the midwest and the south. we'll tell you which states now declaring a state of real emergency. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life.
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good morning to you. here are today's top stories. people across the world are honoring former south african president and anti-apartheid leader nelson mandela. right now mourners stopping by his home in johannesburg leaving flowers and lighting candles. mandela died yesterday. he was 95 years old. >> a statewide amber alert is in effect for a 14-year-old girl
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from washington state. now missing for three days. the family of elizabeth romero thinks the girl could be with her new boyft eduardo rosales. 3 think the two could be headed to mexico. >> drivers throughout the bay area should keep an eye for black ice especially in martinez, the freezing temperatures may be the cause of this massive water break that sent water rushing through the streets near martinez avenue last night. crews spent most of the night cleaning that up. >> new video out of dallas to show you this morning. firefighters battled a raging fire that blew through a sidewalk grate. look at that. the flames burning close to nearby high rise buildings on main street in downtown dallas. right now the fire is contained to an electrical vault. several blocks in the area remain closed as well as the city hall building. >> also new this morning, planes having a hard time trying to
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land in extremely high winds at the birmingham airport in the uk, this was posted on youtube. pretty amazing. the plane coming in for a landing but the winds pushed the plane, the nose of the plane side ways andite before the wheels touched down. the plane had to head back up. this is a smaller plane swaying from side to side as it tries to land. the innews, no one was hurt. a lot of rattled nerves. >> this morning we continue to watch the weather. we're looking at a live pick dur of san jose. there is a freeze alert there. and for most of the bay area, nothing though compared to the weather in the midwest and the south. >> texas is seeing a dramatic drop in temperatures. an ice storm causing problems including a big rig that jackknifed sliding down on an icy covered bridge. >> the governors of tennessee and arkansas declare states of
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emergency because of that storm. let's get an update from jocelyn live in little rock. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's freezing temperatures out here as you can see. what started off as cold rain quickly turned to sleet. you can see it coming down, basically like little pieces of ice. covering the roads out here making it a very dangerous commute for the people who are unlucky enough to have to head in to work. we did treat these streets with sodium chloride, crews preparing for the storm so there is just sort of slushy messes on roads here. not so much ice which of course is very dangerous for drivers. last christmas little rock saw a storm that had power outages across the state for upwards of 70,000 people. we are seeing thousands of people who don't have power from this storm, but largely people prepared for this storm much more than that christmas day
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storm. supplies were flying off shelves in stores around the arkansas area. so hopefully people are hunkering down and ray staying off the roads and not getting out here in this mess. that's it for us here in little rock. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. that is a reminder. for all of the complaining we do. >> they have looks so cold out there. >> yes. good morning, christina. >> i feel terrible. in this heated studio. 23 degrees is cold but yeah, it is not snowing. we don't have precipitation yet. things are going to change into tonight. 37 degrees in the east bay, the peninsula at 35 degrees, 34 in the south bay, so cold enough for frost but not as cold as yesterday. we had a lot more 20s that the time yesterday. microclimate forecast shows you just about every city across the bay area. the upper 40s to low 50s. 52 in mill valley, 50 in fremont, 52 in oakland.
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bundle up. it's going to be a cold one across the bay area with hazy sunshine. i'm happy to report it is not a spare the air day. we could be looking at that sunday into monday. actually likely. that's going to be a cold time for us. this is what we're looking at. showers start to move into the north bay, very slight chance for low level snowfall at that time. a lot of the models are starting to agree on this. the best chance is around the eastern facing slopes, we're talking about the foothills about 33 degrees tomorrow when the system comes through. morgan hill at 34 so. there is the area we're watching for the east bay and the south bay tomorrow morning. i'll be in watching that for you because it could get to be treacherous. slick conditions, stay off the roads tomorrow morning. i want to show you your seven-day forecast.
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not a lot of relief from the cold temperatures. remain in the low 20s for sunday into monday. both of which could be spare the air days. tuesday into wednesday your inland valleys, temperatures starting to thaw out. then we'll be back in the mid-60s. we have a slight chance tomorrow morning, not so much around the bay. it's going to be blustery and the rain and wind will likely wake you up tomorrow. so don't count on sleeping in, mike. it's nice to be woken up by a little wit of pitter-patter of raindrops. >> pitter-patter of the raindrops, not the clunk, clunk of the feet. we have a little pitter-patter, fender-benders, lane 5 in the cash lane, should clear quickly, haven't seen a lot of drama. the cash lanes have the backup. the fast track lanes are clear. no metering lights, the management center thinks that the volume is manageable.
6:21 am
that's what we see because of the mild backup at the toll plaza. let's look at oakland. we have an increased volume coming northbound. no major drama. still at the limit through downtown oakland. southbound away i want to show you the maps. the bay area looks good. we'll zoom in to south of 880, a better angle on this. there is debris here around that off ramp. then a couple of cars reported flat tires. so crews are heading out to address it. the fast lane is cleared. watch for activity and freezing lights. they may need to send a sweeper. tri-valley, no problems for 580 and 84, easy drive into the south bay, sunol moves clearly. the northbound route only mild from 680 to 880. not a major concern. a live look outside as well. or south to central san rafael.
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no drama and an easy drive into the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> time 6:22. still ahead, bat kid the sequel. why the pint sized caped crusader is coming back to the city by the bay.
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welcome back everyone. a very good friday morning to
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you. taking a live look outside. downtown san jose with interstate 280 where you see folks zipping around. likely got the liters on. a cold start to our morning. 6:25. >> a california couple who bought the home where walt disney was born plans to turn the house into a museum. >> take a look. walt disney born in the chicago home 112 years ago. according to the couple's spokesperson restoration will start in january and they hope it will be completed by december 5th of next year which would have been disney's 113th birthday. the home is said to be built by disney's father and designed by his mother. creative duo there. walt disney lived in the home until he was 4. >> get ready for bat kid the sequel. after the make a wish adventure came true he is returning. last month miles scott played bat kid fighting crime across
6:26 am
the city. thanks to the help of thousands of you who just joined in on the fun. this weekend he'll be playing fund-raiser by kicking off the brave the bay 5k run at aquatic park that benefits the make-a-wish foundation. >> the world's largest toy train will visit eight caltrain stations between san francisco and san jose. the train will be decked out in more than 60,000 lights. this is a video of last year's train. santa, mrs. claus and their family will get off to pose for pictures and check win the kids. the event is free, toys for tots and salvation army will be at each stop to collect toys for children in need. >> 6:26. still ahead remembering nelson mandela. >> how the world is coming together to celebrate the life of a man who changed the world. >> plus, will criminal charges be charged against the man who allegedly started the rim fire? we'll have details next.
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>> will criminal charges be fired against the man who allegedly started the rim fire. what prosecutors are saying. >> strict new gun laws in effect in sunnyvale. we'll tell you what is different for gun owners. >> a live look at the sun rise this morning in san jose. today is a chilly friday, december 6, and this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we're going to get to this morning, new this morning the u.s. department of labor a short time ago releasing november jobs reports. it is good, good, good news here are the numbers. the american economy gained 203,000 jobs last month, that brings the unemployment rate way down to from 7.3% to 7%. that's a five-year low.
6:30 am
>> now to the death of nelson mandela. a man who changed the world. this morning many south african are gathering outside mandela's home placing candles and signs. some even dancing to celebrate the life of a man many call the father of their nation. earlier this morning the announcement that the funeral will be december 15. danielle leigh joins us live with details about the rebound branss pouring in. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned to many nelson mandela was known as madiba, meaning father. he was also a father to the fight for equality and today that legacy lives on. ♪ in south africa the country is celebrating the man who led them to freedom from apartheid. today there are tears, songs and
6:31 am
mementos as they bid nelson mandela farewell. man many called father taught him about perseverance. >> we lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> reporter: mandela was thrown in prison for 27 years because of his efforts to end segregation in south africa. but he eventually walked free and became the nation's first black president. the world embraced him and the u.s. congress gave him highest honors. >> i knew when i first met him that i was in the presence of greatness. he inspired so many people. >> reporter: in london, families mourned, david cameron called mandela a hero for all time. >> tonight one of the brightest lights ever our world has gone out. >> reporter: in harlem the
6:32 am
apollo theater marked his passing and at howard university students honored mandela by candlelight. today the world promises to remember mandela's great sacrifice. in addition to the funeral on the 15th this sunday there will be a day of prayer in mandela's memory. on the tenth his official memorial. laura, back to you. >> thank you so much. >> the person officials say is responsible for the destructive rim fire could face federal charges today. the district attorney announced that the federal prosecutors privately declared their intention to prosecute the hunter they think set an illegal camp fire in the national forest that obviously got out of control. the rim fire was one of the largest fires on record in california, caused more than $54 million in damage. the hunter's name has not been released. >> it is 6:32. the california public utilities
6:33 am
commission has joined b.a.r.t. in an investigation into wednesday's commuting nightmare. it comes after an electrical short on a crowded train caused chaos in the berkeley hills tunnel. a train traveling 70 miles per hour stopped when its parking brake engaged on its own. smoke and dust filled the cars leading to medical treatment for nine passengers. the scary mishap is the latest in the series of problems that plagued b.a.r.t. in the past month. >> sunnyvale says strict gun laws take effect. gun owners who lost their firearms or had them stolen will have to call police within 48 hours, the city will also track the sale of ammunition. the nra has promised to fight the new law in court. >> 6:33. time to check the weather as we give you a live look outside. look at the beautiful sunrise over the bay this morning, nice if the sun would warm things up. there is talk of snow this weekend. >> yeah, and rain at the very
6:34 am
least, all across the bay area. we're really tracking the timing of this area of low pressure. it comes through during the coldest point of the day and now looking likely, we are going to see low snow levels tomorrow. temperatures are mostly in the 30s, a couple of 20s. milder start to the day. i want to take you through your forecast, san francisco at noon up to 48 degrees, you don't have to worry about frost between 10:00 and noon it's going to melt. 49 in the heat of the day, not climbing by much. deceptive sunshine again. show you the south bay real quick. same deal, difference is we're going to climb into the low 50s in the south bay around 51 degrees at 4:00 p.m. here's where we head throughout the day today. city by city, the microclimates tell the story. upper 40s to low 50s, no major separation in the daytime highs, then things start to change. we're going to show you which areas across the bay have the best chance of seeing the white flakes tomorrow morning. but hey, mike, i want to show you a viewer pick. this was sent in from anthony. he's showing us here what not to
6:35 am
do when you get in your vehicle. you see that frost. >> you know what, but that's very thin sheet of ice that's what we talk about when we say black ice. you can see it barely but you can barely see it on the road. any moisture there even the spritz from the wiper. looking to the bay bridge, i turned the camera in emeryville toward the toll plaza in the middle of the screen back up on the approach and past it. they turned on the metering lights. i was looking for the crash. look at the backup at the toll plaza. we still have reports that there are four cars 18 fender-bender. they have not reported it cleared but we have the metering lights turned on so the backup back to the end of the parking lot barely filling in the screen. this is very hild for this time on a friday. we'll watch it, we'll continue to build as the metering lights orin. so waiting for updates on the
6:36 am
crash. no injuries and did it look like all lanes are cleared but we'll track that again on the approach to the bay bridge. you have slowing out of the maze. south 880 woe now see the slowing around marina boulevard. the debris still reported in lane, only the fast lane is clear. scrap metal across the other three lanes and some cars, a couple have flat tires. that's heading in toward the backup as you head south past 238. you have the most significant slowing. but then a little more build out of hayward and into union city for south 88 o. the trifal val, a little slowing into sunol. not a big surprise but we have that volume starting to build and shift heading to the south bay, northbound route through san jose are the issue. 101, the only spot with orange and the red or the yellow i should say. speeds down to 50 at the worst. that's not a bad deal. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:36. still ahead an arrest at the site of that crash that killed paul walker. one man accused of stealing from
6:37 am
the wreckage itself. >> and taking a live look outside again, sun coming up over the bay area. cold temperatures continue. a peek at the weekend forecast as well. a lot more news ahead. [ wind howling ]
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nature at its most delicious. a happy and good morning to you. it's friday, it is a chilly
6:40 am
friday. bundle up the kids and yourself this morning as we watch the sun rise over the bay bridge. 6:40 we could learn today whether charges will be filed against a man accused of stealing some of the wreckage from the crash that killed paul walker. authorities say 18-year-old jamison whitey stole a piece of that as the gt was being towed from the crash scene saturday night. he was arrested yesterday after detectives served a search warrant saying they found part of the car's roof in his home. authorities say a second suspect is expected to turn himself in as well. >> now we should point out that suspect not the only person who get a hold of the wreckage. this is a photo shared on facebook from walker's co-star showing the actor holding part of the wreckage there in his hand with a caption that says i will keep your energy with me forever. as far as we know gibson hasn't been arrested but to be fair we're not sure if the actor
6:41 am
actually removed the debris from the scene or if he held it and then put it back. >> no
6:42 am
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good morning to you. it's another chilly start to the morning. a live look outside. oakland and san jose this morning. most of the bay area under a freeze warning today with temperatures in the low 30s. the only part of the bay area that's not is san francisco. but just because it's not technically freezing doesn't mean it won't feel freezing when you head out the door. >> this morning we have a team in place keeping an eye on the weather. we're going to check in with christina loren and mike inouye shortly. let's start with the guy who is outside in it this morning. chase cain live in martinez where a water main break could mean icy conditions on the roads. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning. if i learned anything from christina it's coldest right before the sun rises. and i think that's where we are right now. i believe it is really cold out here in martinez.
6:45 am
and because it's been cold for the last couple nights that's why public works crews believe a water main broke. check out video from a few hours ago. we were here along pa chako boulevard. there was water gushing down the streets. they had to shut the water off and fix the pipe, then try to get the water out before the temperatures dove overnight because they knew that would be a mess. fortunately they were able to get that all cleaned up before this morning drive. furthest to the south people have woken up yesterday morning to icicles hanging from branches in san jose. that was a visual sign of what they felt when they walked out the door which was cold. record breaking cold, in fact, for many. planes had to be de-iced across the bay area yesterday. also in wine country, in napa, look at this. a fountain frozen solid. no water running on that as napa set a record low down in the teens last night. and likely almost as cold this
6:46 am
morning as people are waking up all around the bay area. back live in martinez, you can see there is still some sand on the boulevard, cars are able to drive through with no problem. they were able to prevent ice from forming. but there is the definite possibility of ice, black ice, the most dangerous kind, on the bay area roadways and bridges, yesterday morning a couple of cars spun out when they hit patches of black ice. so take care as you cross any of the bridges over the water or even overpasses over the freeways because you could run into some trouble spots there. that is the latest live in martinez, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> good advice. thanks. you know the cold weather has forced survivors of the attack on pearl harbor to change plans for an annual ceremony in the east bay. usually they gather at the top of mt. diablo to mark the day and light the beacon at the summit. however, tomorrow they will hold that inside at the east bay
6:47 am
campus and light that beacon from afar. the organizer of the annual pearl harbor ceremony says the possibility of snow and ice at the top of the mountain would be a safety concern. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren about about what's ahead for us. >> hey, good morning to you, scott and laura. we talked to chase cain. he described the coldest point of the day around sun rise. right on point. we're at 18 degrees. 18 degrees in the north bay. that's cold enough for frost and it's going to take a while to thaw out up there. so make sure you're ready for that if you are leaving at 10:00 a.m. count on frost on the windshield. temperatures in the 30s across the bay area, most of these running a couple degrees milder but it's still going to be a cold day, temperatures only climb in the low 50s, then showers move in as we head through tonight. bundle up the little ones before walking out the door. let's talk rain. through about 8:00 p.m., santa rosa a little bit of rain. you can see here this pink is a mix of rain and snow dropping in
6:48 am
at the low levels even at 8:00 p.m. tonight. then 3:00 a.m., the pink starts to spread south. to the north of santa rosa, northern is a no pla county could look at a mix down to 500 feet. then all of the activity presses in the south bay as we head through about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and look at this. gilroy, morgan hill, and the east foothills have a pretty good chance of seeing the white stuff. we'll be tracking it for you. reporters across the bay area. i'll be in here live tomorrow morning because this is a rare occasion. it could be dangerous out there. valley floor hazards, we could see slick roadways, you want to keep this in mind and travel cautiously. the highest accumulations above 2500 feet. one to three inches there. and mt. hamilton likely to wake up with beautiful white caps on sunday. it's still going to be cold. the inland valleys, 34 on saturday mornings, 48 as the high and 50 monday and tuesday.
6:49 am
i want to draw your attention to the lows, it's going to be cold and sunday into monday we're looking at poor air quality. we're looking okay around the bay. you might be woken up by rain and wind. saturday into sunday we've got showers coming in. temperatures around the bay are too mild for the snowfall. it's still going to be rainy when we kick off saturday. the end of next week, a little bit of warm-up headed our way. will it is check your drive. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza. if we can take that camera if we get a chance, show folks what's going on here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we found flashing lights and there was a crash reported. i told you about four vehicles. the flashing lights arrived off of that berkeley curve passing the maze, the merge off 880. that caused a shift. now cash lanes show that backup over as you approach but nothing dramatic here. we did see flashing lights on the other side. they loop around and come back as well. so that looks like that's where the four-car crash is and now
6:50 am
look at that, they cut across the fast track lanes and make their way to the parking lot. safe haven for these folks. a slowdown on the approach. no major drama because of the lighter volume. back to the maps, we'll show you how traffic flows down the east shore freeway. 880 northbound shows a bit of slowing but the southbound side, that's the one that's the concern. you pass by, still reports of that scrap metal and slowing, a couple of flat tires so general slowing south toward hayward out of san leandro. we have a slower drive here starting to build, no drama there. down into fremont, typical pattern, lighter volume because it's a friday. the tri-valley moves smoothly. it's san jose which shows the dramatic change. north 101, north 87, coming into downtown, those speeds in the orange that means they are around 50 miles per hour. and in downtown we're getting word an earlier crash, we did
6:51 am
have a crash near the broadway san jose theaters there. now reports of police activity still in the intersection. we have a crew heading out. you're going to watch that local commute. back to you. >> thank you. now to the death of nelson mandela, a man who changed the world this morning many south africans gather outside mandela's home placing candles and signs at make shift memorials. flags are lowered at half-staff and the government is preparing funeral ceremonies that will draw leaders from around the globe. earlier this morning the announcement was made that mandela's funeral will be december 15. >> nelson mandela's life did not just impact the people of south africa. it affected people around the world including here in the bay area. christie smith is live in oakland at the place where nelson mandela visited nearly 25 years ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. nelson mandela ended an eight-city american tour right here in the bay area.
6:52 am
he had a good reason to do so. that's because people in the bay area showed widespread support for the anti-apartheid movement and welcomed him here with open arms. >> bay area. sisters and brothers. >> reporter: it was a packed house, 60,000 people came to see nelson mandela at the oakland coliseum on june 30, 1990. the visit was shortly after he was released from 27 years in prison. student activists from berkeley and other colleges supported him and the struggle and so did congressman ron dellums among the first to offer resolutions in congress against apartheid. >> oakland was the symbol of the city that fought and constantly held the nation's feet to the fire.
6:53 am
>> reporter: longshoremen also took a stand, the first to refuse to off-load south african ships. he was 95 years old. nelson mandela will have a state burial on december 15. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:53. happening now an amber alert in effect state wide for 14-year-old elizabeth romero who is still missing more than 36 hours after her abduction. she disappeared in washington and now investigators say she and her abductor may be on the way to mexico. bob redell is live in the newsroom with details with new video taken minutes before the abduction. >> reporter: correct. her family said they believe she is with her new boyfriend and that the pair may be traveling through california possibly leaded to south of the border. he is 19-year-old eduardo flores rosales and 14-year-old elizabeth romero.
6:54 am
romero was captured by a surveillance camera outside her school in washington. this is wednesday afternoon around 2:30. you can see her walk across the parking lot, entering from the left side of the frame. she walks across, gets into that parked suv there, that is the vehicle chp wants you on the lookout for. it's a 2001-03, in that model range, a green ford escape with a roof rack, custom wheels, no license plate hence the reason they have not lit up the highway signs for this. they tell us too generic without the license plate. here is another look. 19 years old, 5'9", 200 pounds, black hair, brown eyes and here is elizabeth romero, 14, 5'3", last seen carrying a back pack and pink purse. again, the thought is that the pair is headed to mexico. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you.
6:55 am
also new this morning police in vallejo looking for a suspect wanted for murder. someone shot this man, 22-year-old emil rodriguez. officers were called to the area on reports of gun shots. they found rodriguez less than a block away near the elementary school. he was taken to the hospital where he died. meanwhile, witnesses led police to a couple houses down the street, the s.w.a.t. team served warrants but did not find the suspect. >> 6:55. detail on the attempted murder suspect killed by police near stockton. the suspect has been identified as 43-year-old robert perry. his last known address was east of gilroy. police say perry led them on a high-speed chase. when his tire blew out and police closed in he pulleded out a knife and refused to drop it. one officer opened fire. perry died at the hospital. he was wanted for attempted
6:56 am
murder and domestic violence. >> a follow-up for you, a man aested in connection with three drive-by shootings is out of jail. police arrested the 21-year-old eric branigan and two juveniles, a car matching the one that he was driving was caught on surveillance camera after one of the drive-bys. but officials say they didn't have enough evidence to keep the man in jail. the juveniles are reportedly still in custody on weapons charges. >> 6:56. severe weather will likely postpone the search for a missing san jose executive and his family. wisconsin of rugged terrain and snow only experienced search teams have been able to look for smith and his family. smith who is also a pilot was flying from oregon to montana on sunday when he reported engine trouble over central idaho. now with more bad weather on the way teams are forced to stop for time being.
6:57 am
yesterday planes and helicopters searched with infrared equipment but found no sign of the plane or the family. >> some business, new this morning the u.s. kept of labor releasing the november jobs report. here are the numbers t american economy gained 203,000 jobs last month, this brings the unemployment rate down from 7.3% to 7%, it is a huge move, much bigger than economists expected. in fact, it is a 5-year low. >> all right. it's a pleasure to have scott mcgrew anchoring with me. doesn't mean you get out of gadget friday. >> it's very cool. this device is called a whistle and it goes on a dog collar so i have video of my dog murphy this morning. there it is. right behind his ear. the whistle attaches to the dog collar and it tracks the dog in your house, checks how much exercise he is getting, that sort of thing.
6:58 am
what you see on an iphone. here's the screen. you can see that murphy had 54 minutes of exercise that day. and that some was due to him running around himself barking wildly. 25 minutes in a 43 minute walk as well. so it's a pedometer for dogs. 100 bucks. you have to preorder. they are not on the market yet. >> see when he takes off after a cat. >> exactly right. >> 6:58. look at this. new this morning planes having a hard time landing in extremely high winds. this is at the birmingham airport. this is video we found on youtube. you can see the plane coming in for the landing but the winds pushing it so hard the plane has to lift off again. it headed back in the air to givehwñ it a go again. you can also see a smaller brussels airline swaying from side to side as it tries to
6:59 am
land. the good news no one was hurt. they managed to land safely just certainly a lot of rattled nerves. >> we're following breaking news, coming from downtown san jose. this gives you a look at the area i'm talking about this morning. san carlos street from a look at this google map. what happened there is a police officer responded, there was an officer-involved collision at that intersection. officer had stopped at a red light when a driver rear-ended that officer at a very high rate of speed. the driver attempted to flee but was apprehended by a security guard from a business down there. police took the driver into custody once they arrived at the scene. and the officer sustained moderate but non-life threatening injuries. we continue to dpol this morning. >> 7:25.
7:00 am
>> that is true. join me at 11:00. have a great weekend as well. tributes pouring in. ♪ the world remembers nelson mandela. a man who rose above hardship to free a country and change the course of history. >> we saw in him what we seek in ourselves. >> we have lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> his extraordinary life and legacy.


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