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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 8, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," the freezing bay area temperatures have claimed the life of another homeless person. the ongoing effort to reach out to those who don't have shelter. also, an 85-year-old palo alto man is home this morning after he's freed from north korea. we'll hear from him as he's reunited with his family. and owning a piece of the stick. we'll show you how much niners fans will have to shell out to bring a seat home. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at a very beautiful start to the day. pink sky there, blue sky, some golden sunshine, but it's not going to do much to warm up the temperatures. thanks for joining us this morning.
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i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter. still dangerously cold out there. >> take a look at some of those numbers this morning. our coldest location came in an hour ago, petaluma at 16. even napa got down to 26 degrees. a lot of this cold air is across most of the bay area. i wanted to point out the north bay, most of 101 right now is dealing with some patchy black ice. so you do want to make sure you are taking it easy on the roads this morning. it's still below freezing from napa to novato. as we widen out, you can see still below freezing in places like livermore where they're at 31. even concord the 32. san jose 32 right now and sunnyvale 29 cold degrees. we are cold, and even dangerously cold. this is the kind of weather you have to take it easy in and take it cautiously on those roadways. waking up to some beautiful
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sunrises this morning across the peninsula, the east bay, even san francisco. our camera guy back there adjusting some of those shots. you can see if you look at the peninsula, just an awesome shot. just a few high thin clouds. by the afternoon hours, we'll get rid of the clouds but we're not going to get rid of the cold. we only top out in the mid to upper 40s across the entire bay today and that freeze warning, that actually remains in effect through tomorrow morning. i'll have more on that and if we're going to see major warm-up in a bit. >> thank you. the unrelenting cold claimed another victim in dub lib. if his official cause of death is hypothermia, he would be the fifth victim. at the eac life builders shelter in the south bay, nearly every bed was claimed boo by the homeless and their pets. shelter staff expanded their hours and increased bed space during the freeze warning so no one was turned away. tami martinez, who was handing
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out bed rolls says she's happy to be inside because she knows exactly what it's like to sleep on the streets. >> terrible. your bones ache, your body hurts, cold sweats at night, sometimes you break out with a fever, flu. >> teams also handed out blankets to people who did not want to stay in the shelter. now supplies are running low. they will hand out more blankets on monday to people they find sleeping outside. coming up in 30 minutes, we'll show you how you can help get the bay area homeless through this brutal cold snap. now to the kind of cold that's welcome. in this year thousands of people rushed to enjoy the first real ski weekend of the year. this is video from north star where officials say they have 21 trails open with 7 lifts running. the backside an lookout mountain are not open yet, but that is probably going to change in the next couple of days. it is cold enough there for the snow to stick around. about one degree at the summit right now. about 20 degrees during the day.
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so great ski conditions if, of course, are bundled up. at nearby squaw valley a similar scene where they have 20 inches of snow, 11 lifts are open there including red dog. bunny slope is the one i like. this has been an epic cold snap for our region but it's relatively mild compared to the rest of the country. brutal winds, icy roadways have caused hundreds of crashes. in arkansas and texas hundreds of thousands of customers are without power and temperatures are well below zero. many truckers decided to pull over and just wait it out. >> here it comes. here it comes. >> i have only seen it worse once than this once in my life. i have been driving for 37 years. >> so far at least 11 weather-related deaths have been reported. show us what the weather is like where you are. we'd like to see your pictures. just go to
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in the upper right-hand corner you will find a tab that says sends pics. you can also share with us on facebook and twitter. waking up with his family. an 85-year-old veteran from palo alto who was detained in north korea for more than a month is in his own bed for the first time since october. we were at sfo as merrill newman arrived. the newmans did not head directly to their home at a palo alto retirement community, choosing to spend their night at their home in santa cruz. mr. newman was not up to talking about the details of his detenti detention. >> it's been a great, great homecoming, and i'm tired but ready to be with my family. >> jeff newman, his son, sent us this photo showing his father and his mother enjoying a meal on the back porch of their home in santa cruz.
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merrill newman, who is a veteran of the korean war, has refused to answer any questions about his treatment during his 42 days of captivity. his son says if that changes, he'll let us know. merrill newman's homecoming gripped much of the bay and the nation. we have more online at new this morning, south africans flock to the houses of worship for a national day of prayer and reflection to honor former president nelson mandela. ♪ president jacob zuma join eed mandela's ex-wife winnie and members of the family at a church service. the national day of prayer and reflection was called for south africans to celebrate the life of mandela and his legacy in places of worship, homes, and in their communities. >> i came here to say i'm not mourning him, i'm celebrating
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his life. >> for me being here is a very special moment today because nelson mandela is really that symbol of unity. he's a symbol of peace and hope. >> the church and prayer services are the first of many planned officialed events commemorating machi commemorating mandela which will culminate in what is expected to be one of the biggest funerals next sunday. the president will be there on tuesday. san francisco honoring him with a celebration later this week. the 49 erfaithful are getting out their checkbooks. the stadium's old seats go on sale monday to the general public. a pair of seats will set you back more than $700. 70% of the proceeds though will benefit san francisco parks. but buyers will not be able to sit in their candlestick seats until december 2014. >> well, you know, it's very
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emotional for all of us. we want fans to respect the niners and respect the stick. you know, there's going to be a lot of desire to take seats with you. don't do that. you can buy seats next week. >> all right. so he says don't take them on your own, pay for them, it's for a good cause. the niners will play their last game at candlestick on december 23rd against the falcons before moving to levi stadium next year. can you believe it? time flies. for today's game against the seahawks, more decoy officers dressed as seahawks fans will be at the game because of this fierce rife vvalrrivalry. they are warning fans to avoid taking home a piece of the stick. the parks department folks also saying the same thing. reports this morning say the oakland a's bid to move to san jose was officially denied by major league baseball quite some
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time ago. according to "the san jose mercury news" bug selig informed the team on a letter back on june 17th. that letter turned up in a federal court filing friday night. all of this stemming from a lawsuit between the city of san jose and major league baseball. the team's owner says he's still fighting to move to san jose. still ahead on "today in the bay," we'll show you a look at the san jose mayoral race. we'll show you what's happening in this election that we haven't seen since 1971. and he's about to take over "the tonight show," but before he does, jimmy fallon talks exclusively with us about the big transition. good morning nelly! woah.
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you are watching "today in the bay." good morning to you looking live from our camera in san jose this morning. chilly temperatures and temperatures close to 30 degrees means black ice on the roadways possible. so if you're headed out, do be
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careful or maybe stay with us until 8:00. we'd love to have you. the mayoral race in san jose is officially on and plenty of candidates are jockeying for position. campaign money, of course, will be one factor in who wins, but "today in the bay's" damian true hi yo shows what it will take to be the next mayor. >> reporter: with almost six months left, the field of candidates looking to leave california's third largest city is already very crowded. >> i think we're going to have the most candidates we've had since 1971 when norm mineta ran in a field of 14 candidates. >> reporter: dr. terry christensen has studied san jose politics for more than four decades. he's savoring the battle ahead. insiders tell me council meetings might get a little more political and testy now. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be a year-long battle.
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>> reporter: also on the ballot, county supervisor dave cortezi. several other perennial candidates have also filed. ready for the mayor's race? >> who is running? >> reporter: half the city council. >> half the city council. >> could we keep reed? >> reporter: those we spoke with in the willow glen neighborhood concede they need to study the race a little better. >> i have heard about that on the radio. i just moved here from los gatos so i haven't checked into city politics yet. >> reporter: are you ready for the mayor's race? >> no, not yet. not looking forward to another election. >> reporter: to increase their name recognition and to legitimize themselves with potential supporters, dr. christensen says the candidates will have to raise a lot of money quickly. >> the more money you raids, the more credible you are? >> money is a big factor. you have to raise a million bucks to be a winner -- winning candidate for mayor in san jose. it's a big city. >> reporter: a city that should expect to see more than a few
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political sparks between now and the june primary. >> things are going to get interesting. still ahead on "today in the bay," a big contribution, a very small thing. how a bay area woman called on car lovers to help her help others. and their efforts will make you "bay area proud." and he's back to kick off a very special fund-raiser. and this morning waking up to a few high, thin clouds but a very chilly start in many locations near or below freezing. black ice definitely a threat this morning. when you head out, take it easy. those chilly details are ahead.
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> it is chilly and it is breezy in san francisco, but believe it or not, that is the warm spot about the bay area as the temperatures there a little higher than the rest of the cities around the bay. the little boy who turned san
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francisco into gotham city for his wake-a-wish dream returned to the bay area. he's known as bat kid but his real name is miles scott. he kicked off the 5 kk run at aquatic park in san francisco yesterday. of course, he was not without his trusty mask and cape. the cancer survivor helped raise more than $80,000 for the bay area's make-a-wish foundation surpassing last year's $70,000, and he didn't have to take a plunge in the bay to do it, just him being there was cute enough. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with a look at the weekend forecast. anthony, when you took over san francisco, the weather was gorgeous. he's probably like maybe he could save the day another day. >> he probably has on a few extra long johns but he probably has a few extra powers to handle that. maybe he can do something about this weather. you know, this morning we're waking up to some beautiful sunrises across the bay. you can pick out your location.
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wherever you're at this morning, really spectacular sunrises, and this is really what we're going to be looking at for the rest of the day, just a few high, thin clouds as they continue to move on through. today's highs will be cool. we're only talking about highs in the 40s, and that's below average by about 10 to 15 degrees in some locations. it's going to be very chilly across the bay area. want to make sure you keep the heavy coats, scarves, and gloves all day long. you will definitely need them as we're waking up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. that freeze warning that was in effect, that remains in effect for tomorrow morning as well and this will be the eighth consecutive day that we're going to be waking up to temperatures at or below freezing. so you definitely want to make sure that you're doing what you can to take care not only of yourself but, of course, your pets and your sensitive plants if you have those out on the porch. definitely want to make sure you keep those inside. look how cold it is still across the bay area. the north bay one of the coldest right now. 28 in napa.
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petaluma got down to 16 degrees this morning. one of our chilliest spots all week long. napa was down to 19 a couple mornings ago. livermore at 31 right now. even in the silicon valley, san jose at 32. sunnyvale at 30. with temperatures below freezing or near freezing really for the next hour or so, the threat of black ice going to be on the d roadways. we have all this cold air in place because we had a cold front move through from canada and alaska. we're looking at an air mass that typically sits across the north pole and it's right here across the bay area. 21 tonight in napa. even in san jose it will be another chilly night. as you head out once again tonight and tomorrow, be sure you are using caution. here are some high-risk areas we're likely going to pick up on the ice first. route 17 through santa cruz mountains. skyline boulevard. route 84 and the pacheco pass
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expecting to see ice develop first and eventually some other bridges and overpasses will start to glaze over. the thick to note here really after about 9:00, 10:00 tonight, you definitely want to make sure you're paying attention to any wet looking pavement. that's the black ice you could run into and you only want to slightly pump your brakes or apply your brakes. you don't want to pump them actually if you run into plaque i -- black ice. we always say it was never our fault, right, kris? >> never my fault. >> let's get your microclimate forecast. south bay, peninsula, and san francisco today all looking very bright once we get rid of the cool snap. we will eventually turn over to mostly sunny skies but it's going to remain chilly all across the bay and look at this. napa tonight expecting to get down to 20 degrees. even the tri-valley going to be very chilly with low 20s across the board. so bundle up. we just have a little while to go. you will notice on that seven-day ticker at the bottom of the screen, warmer temperatures on the horizon, but we have to wait until thursday
7:21 am
or friday. so just hang in there. we'll get through it together. kris, back to you. >> thanks, anthony. are you the type of person who always brings small soaps and shampoos home from your hotel visits? i am. many people say don't feel guilty about it because that's what they're for. a woman who says she doesn't feel guilty because she's doing it for a very good reason and she wants you to help her. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas has her story which makes us "bay area proud." >> reporter: this is a story about classic cars and miniature soaps and how one foster city woman managed to combine such an unlikely pairing into a holiday gift giving tradition. >> it makes me feel good to know that we've helped somebody. this is the final step. >> reporter: it started about ten years ago when jill schwab decided to cobble together a few dozen holiday gift baskets of goodies for people in hospitals and hospices, homeless shelters, and nursing homes.
7:22 am
anyone who might need a little pick-me-up on christmas morning. >> that makes my heart hurt when i think about people like that. >> reporter: it all went so well though that soon jill was filling 100 baskets a year and was feeling overwhelmed. >> okay. >> reporter: which is when jill decided to call in the calve valerie. each one riding 200 horses. jill and husband jerry, you see, are part of the santa clara valley thunder birds. 100 families either owners or admirers of t-birds. the whole group was soon collecting miniature soaps and shampoos on their many overnight trips around the state. it got to the point jill thought it only fair to warn the hotels first. >> i told them, i said, i want you to know we're going to wipe you out. >> reporter: and wipe them out they did. this year they are packing
7:23 am
jill's home to pack 1,200 gift bags. once filled the bags are out the door and into nonclassic delivery vehicles. for if there's one thing you can say for sure about these people, their hearts are clearly bigger than their cars can handle. v garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> still ahead on "today in the bay," he will soon take over one of the most prestigious jobs in tv history, but before he does, he talks with us about fame and family. the exclusive interview with jimmy fallon just ahead.
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> late nights are about to get earlier for funnyman turned talk show host jimmy fallon. in just two months the form er "snl" alum will take over "the tonight show." fallon paid a visit to our nbc studios to talk about his bay
7:26 am
area connection and why he's ready to head into tonight show territory. raj mathai with the interview and jimmy fallon. >> the national broadcasting company presents "late night with jimmy fallon." >> reporter: this was not a red carpet event, instead a simple visit to our studios, but for jimmy fallon there's no such thing as simple. >> my dream job was to work at ibm and -- >> like your dad? >> like my dad did, absolutely. that was my actual dream job. i thought that's the type of job you could get. >> reporter: the 39-year-old fallon is a rare breed of funny. his disarming style behind the scenes translates into ratings gold on stage. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: no backstabbing, no crazy things. leno calls you one night and says this is the call, are you ready? >> the voice was much higher but very close. i think after the whole
7:27 am
conan/jay thing went down and jay came back to "the tonight show" and i called him up and i said, you know, i'm not gunning for your job. i just want to let you know that. i appreciate you. i have been friends with jay before i was doing talk shows. i said let's do this the right way. i'm happy being here at 12:30, 7:00 a.m., whatever time slot i'm at. i'm with my wife in new york and no one is bothering us. we're fine. he goes, thanks, i prert it. he goes it's going to be fine. i said when you're ready to step down, let's do it the right way. >> reporter: whether it's dancing with the first lady or an egg smash with tom cruise, fallon has a way of getting people to do things they normally wouldn't do. >> that was just surreal. surreal. we're doing a comedy sketch with the president and it's called slow jam the news where we take serious news stories and just make them like into an r&b slow jam. >> you should slow jam here one
7:28 am
time. >> i will. i'll slow jam for you whenever you want me to, i will. at the end of that bit normally we finish it with -- i go and that's how we slow jam the news and whoever i'm slow jamming it with goes "oh, yeah." so the president is there and he goes and that's how we slow jam the news. i look at him and he goes "oh, yeah." he goes i'm not. that was the end of that. the secret service guy whisked me away. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: you're a new yorker born and raised but your wife is from here in the bay area so you're kind of one of us here. >> she would talk about marin county all the time. anytime we see anything on tv, a movie, she's like right there, okay i used to go there and hang out. marin academy high school. she loves it so much. you mention anything. even if it were the rise of marin.
7:29 am
she had so many great memories. we have a lot of friends, family friends, in the bay area. >> reporter: you're a new father. you look good in terms of sleep deprivation. >> a lot of botox. can i show you the photo. she's almost 5 months old. her name is winnie. winnie rose. this is -- we had her passport photo taken. >> that's a passport photo? >> she's getting ready to go to the olympics. she's like i don't want to leave this country. >> reporter: obviously you're a proud dad and so much success has come your way. i know it was hard though. you haven't been shy about talking about the conceiving. >> we tried to have a baby for five years, and -- 5 1/2 years, which is -- it's just tough, not easy at all. and there's probably people out there that tried longer than that or are still trying and to them i say have hope and hang in there. whatever way it happens, it's so
7:30 am
worth it. >> reporter: when you retire way down the road, what are you going to be doing? >> well, i always wanted to be a mailman. i just like -- i think that job is -- they get to wear shorts. they get to drive in that weird car that doesn't have a door on one side and you have the wheels on the other side. what, do you think you're in england. they have no rules. these guys have no rules. it's a rebellious job. that's probably where i'd end up. >> mailman fallon, thank you for your time. >> thanks, raj. >> genuinely nice guy. look for jimmy fallon to take over "the tonight show" desk on february 17th right after nbc bay area news at 11:00. still ahead on "today in the bay," a delta flight made an emergency landing just minutes after takeoff. the latest on a teenager who died midair. plus the anniversary of pearl harbor. we'll show you some of the ceremonies. and volunteers worked hard to make it a brighter holiday for some kids. we'll show you how.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live at san francisco, and yesterday the flag was flying all over the place. this morning it looks like perhaps the breeze has died down just a bit, but the temperatures not quite rising yet. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter. you were out in the cold yesterday. >> i had on four layers. when i got home, i was sweating because i just was so warm. but, yeah, nonetheless, i digress. let's talk about how cold it was this morning, and even though we don't have that wind and the snow we had yesterday at this time across our higher elevations, we still have that very cold 16 in petaluma. that was the lowest temperature this morning. santa rosa at 25. novato at 26 as well.
7:34 am
most of this is concentrated across the north bay but we still have to give an honorable mention to san jose, 28 degrees across the east foothills. downtown, 32. still very chilly across the south bay as well. even the east bay chilly. livermore at 31 right now. concord at 32. oakland 33 degrees and san francisco, downtown 38 degrees. that does not happen too often. even gilroy right now at 29. let's look at our live cia camera network. a few high, thin clouds but we'll see a bright day. look how cold it still is. 32 degrees in the south bay. as you make plans to head out, you want to pay attention to those roads because the potential for black ice is going to be out there and it's something you really can't see other than just looking like a glazed over pavement. so take it easy on the roads. both hands on the wheel and you're going to need about two, three layers today. i don't know, i'm a baby, i'd go with four. kris, what about you?
7:35 am
>> maybe face-to-face. thank you very much. the cold snap has been deadly for many people in the bay area. overnight a homeless man was found in dublin and if his official cause of death is hypothermia, he would be the fifth victim in the bay area. four homeless men died in santa clara county. at the ech shelter, staff expanded their hours and increased bed space during the freeze warning so no one would be turned away. tammy martinez says she's happy to be inside because she knows what it's like to sleep on the streets. >> it's terrible. cold sweats, your bones ache, sometimes you break out with a fever or flu.
7:36 am
> staff could use some help themselves. coming up in ten minutes, we'll show you how you can help get the bay area's homeless through this brutal cold snap. and now to the kind of cold that's actually welcome. in the sierra thousands of people rushed to enjoy the first real ski weekend of the year. this video from north star resort and official there is say they now have 21 trails open, 7 lifts are running. the backside and lookout mountain are not open yet but by the pictures, you can tell it's not going to be long. it is cold enough there for the snow to stick. about one degree at the summit. right now 20 degrees during the day so great ski conditions. if, of course, you are you will bundled up. squaw valley, a similar scene. resort officials say they have 20 inches of new snow, lots of smiles as well. 11 lifts are now open, including red dog. we want to know what the is like where you live. send us a picture of what you see. go to and in the upper right-hand corner of the screen you will find a tab that
7:37 am
says send pics. again, that's you can also share on facebook and on twitter. new this morning, south african's flock to houses of worship today for a national day of prayer and reflection honoring former president nelson mandela. ♪ >> president jacob zuma joined mandela's ex-wife winnie and members of the mandela family at a church service. the national day of prayer and reflection was called for south africans to celebrate the life of mandela and his legacy in places of worship, in their homes, and in their communities. the church and prayer services are the first of many planned official events commemorating nelson mandela which will culminate in what is expected to be one of the biggest funerals in modern times next sunday. a delta flight leaving seattle made an emergency landing after one of its passengers died midair. an airline spokesman says a
7:38 am
teenager died shortly after the plane left the runway yesterday. the pilot diverted the plane to spokane because it was the closest airport. the teenager reportedly died of natural causes. >> so i saw a flurry of activity, and they had oxygen -- not masks, but oxygen like caniste canisters. and then we see a teenager being carried to the back. >> once in spokane, some passengers took other flights and delta brought in another flight crew to fly the remaining passengers to atlanta. it was deemed natural causes. people all over the area observed the 72nd anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor yesterday and the number of survivors getting smaller by the year. about 50 survivors and their families attended a service at the "uss arizona" battleship memorial. the arizona was bombed and sank. almost 2400 service members were
7:39 am
killed in the early morning surprise attack that drew the u.s. into world war ii. the san jose gun buy back is less than halfway toward its crowd funding goal of $10,000 and they only have two days left. according to the hosting site, gun by, the city has raised less than $4,500 with 36 backers. organizers say every $100 will take one gun off the streets. the december 14th gun buy back is backed by a number of officials, including the santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen, congressman michael honda and assembly woman nora compose. it will be the first gun buy back in san jose since 1995, believe it or not. if you'd like to donate go to thousands of bay area kids are enjoying a happier and healthier holiday thanks to volunteers from some of kill n silicon's valley's biggest
7:40 am
companies. they built 2300 bicycles in just 5 hours. the bikes and helmets will be given to bay area children from low income families. we'll just say riding a bike makes children for physically fit and helps them develop a life long habit of regular exercise. >> you know, we live in the heart of silicon valley, electronics, game boys, and that's not what the kids want number one. what they want number one is a bike. >> that's true. turning wheels for kids is the sponsor of this event and we are told that since 2003 volunteers have built 23,000 bikes for local children. i like that one with the little tassels. still ahead, stanford punches its ticket to the rose bowl and accomplishing something the team has not done in nearly four decades. and it was a record-setting performance as the warriors end a drought of their own.
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live at palo alto and i can tell you that anthony slaughter says those clouds are going to go away, but the temperatures will remain just about the same. the stanford cardinal smelling like roses again. the sun devils hosted the cardinal. they earned the right to play in the granddaddy of them all, the 100th rose bowl. tyler gaffney led the way with three touchdowns. stanford facing michigan state in pasadena on new year's day. this is the first time stanford has been to the rose bowl in back-to-back years since the 1970s. basketball now and the warrior ending an 11-game losing streak to the grizzlies. it began back in november 2010. seth curry led the way with a big game including his 701st
7:44 am
three-pointer of his career. the warriors beat memphis 108-82. looking humble. still ahead on "today in the bay," rain ponchos, socks, some of the ways you can help the homeless. [ laughter ]
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> the cold snap that's gripped the bay area is hitting the homeless community very hard. as we mentioned earlier, four men died of hypothermia in santa clara county and there may be one more victim in dublin. homeless advocates say this doesn't have to happen in our area. jennie nicholas of ea c joins us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> it's been a very busy, busy cold snap for you all. >> it really has been. the people that are the heroes of this are the ones that are going out to the camps and passing out blankets until late in the evening. our staff doing the outreach and valley homeless health care, they ever been amazing.
7:47 am
>> when those four men died in santa clara county, people might be surprised to here that there was room at the shelter. >> we had just opened. for people that are living in encampments and different locations, they have a home that they've established in that place. they have pets. they have a tent. they have belongings, and it's really hard sometimes to convince them to leave all of that and come inside and so that's sometimes a challenge for us. >> and one of the other challenges you mentioned is that, you know, you can't take all of the animals everywhere. and, i mean, i'm a pet owner. we love our pets. >> for our homeless, they have the same feelings about home and love and companionship that you and i do, and so they love their animals. they care for them. this concession of letting people who have animals come to our sunnyvale facility is really important to help bring people inside.
7:48 am
>> so this is the time of year where a lot of folks are looking to write that check for their charity of choice. sometimes it's the food bank, sometimes it's the soup kitchen. what do you do with the financial donations that you get? >> all of the financial donat n donations we get-go to running our business, running the operation that allows us to bring people into the cold and get them permanent homes. we need to get more permanent housing and people into homes in this community and ech along with our partners, we know how to do this. we know how to get people housed, and so people's checks and financial donations aren't just going to help during this crisis. they need to help for the long term and so when the cold snap is over, we still need that support to ensure people are permanently housed. >> because there are people who do not want to conform to societal norms and they will want to live the way they're living. however, there are people who really just need a bit of help to get back. >> there's both. but also when we were out in the camps and we say do you want a
7:49 am
home, 90% of the people say they do. so shelter isn't the solution. shelter is a safe gap for people, but when they say do you want a house? the answer is, yes, i want to live in a house. so it's very few people who don't want that. it's bigger than just had cold snap so the support people provide is really critical. >> so the financial support, of course, very welcome for the long term goal. in the short term, even if you think you don't have a lot to give, you have given us some ideas, small ways people can help. you mentioned things like blankets and coats, socks. they can be gently used. >> we prefer if you can do new socks, that's better, but all the rest can definitely be gently used and we need blankets, a lot of blankets. sheets, towels, socks, ponchos. as rain comes back protecting people from the rain is really important, too, because that can lead to hypothermia. >> you mentioned thing like coffee, cream, sugar. >> people at the shelter love to
7:50 am
drink coffee. we need coffee to be able to give out to our clients. >> and then some toiletrietoile. >> you travel, you have the tiny conditioners and stuff. those are fantastic, and we make little toiletry kits we give out and we give out thousands of those. we really need support there, too. >> you can find out how to denout at that's the website. every little bit helps, sflit. >> absolutely. and even just talking about this is important. people need to know that folks die when they're homeless, and it's a critical need, and we are in a crisis in this community. we've had an increase in homelessness from two years ago. it's a crisis and we need to be informed and understand what's going on in our community. >> all right. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> hopefully you get a little rest before you get back to helping. >> thanks so much. still ahead on "today in the bay," all aboard the north pole express. we'll show you the special trip dozens of sick bay area kids took to meet santa and some very
7:51 am
special other guests. and this morning waking up to a few high thin clouds but nonetheless, it will be a bright day but very, very cold, and that black ice threat still looms. we'll talk about that coming up after this.
7:52 am
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all right. welcome back here on this sunday morning. waking up to a very chilly chart. we have that freeze warning in effect at least for another hour or so. so as you make plans to head out the door, just keep in mind temperatures still below freezing in some locations. that means black ice still the potential on those roadways. take it easy as you head out this morning. we're waking up to a few high thin clouds. temperatures today will warm but only slightly, back into the 40s. so that freeze warning we had this morning and at least for another hour, that stays with us through tonight into tomorrow morning once again and that will make it the eighth consecutive morning that we're waking up to temperatures across the bay at 32 degrees or below, and, of
7:54 am
course, winter hasn't even started yet. that happens next saturday. this morning still very cold. 23 in petaluma, 27 in santa rosa. fairfield 30, and you will notice that san francisco has even fallen down to 37 degrees in the last hour. san jose, 32 and sunnyvale 32 degrees. so many locations at or below freezing and that means that black ice can form on those roads and not even on the roads, but as you take your first few steps out the door, you definitely want to make sure you use caution. we picked up some rain yesterday morning and a lot of that still sitting in the pavement. so your forecast for today, it does look to turn bright. we will see full-blown sunshine and clear skies as we head towards sunset but it's going to be very chilly not only for the south bay but the peninsula as well. even for san francisco, only getting up to 48 degrees by noon. and that's going to be the same story as we head to the northeast bay and the fri v tri-valley. lots of sunshine as we head towards the noon hours and then
7:55 am
clear guys tonight. it means another round of freeze warnings. that cold air continues to sink in from canada and alaska. temperatures tonight 21 in napa, 23 in novato. some cooler air trapped down to san martine. 20 there. even san jose tonight expecting to get down to 28 degrees. again, the potential for black ice will be on the roadways and also what we're going to be finding is the potential for hypothermia as you just heard for some of the homeless folks out there. if you know anyone or if you have the chance to volunteer today, that you do your part to help out. temperatures again will be below 32 degrees. tonight at about 10:00 and that will stay that way as we head towards 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow morning. take it easy out there. that temperature range will be below freezing so black ice devil definitely a real potential. this holiday season you can help an east bay nonprofit give children is safer place to play.
7:56 am
the east oakland community play date provided families with their monthly play date. not only a safe place to play but healthy meals and lots of games. the face paint something probably a favorite. kids had a chance to make their own christmas ornaments. organizers say their ultimate goal is to provide a better future for children growing up in east oakland and families say they appreciate it. >> we're really claiming neighborhood space for our right to give our children space to run around and play. >> i think this is a good thing because in my neighborhood there is not, you know, really safe place for them to go outside and play. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long online fund-raiser. you can go to our website,, and search east oakland to find out more. dozens of sick children from the bay area were treated to a trip to the north pole this weekend. a version of the north pole that is. a kid boarded a united plane at
7:57 am
sfo, took to the sky. when they landed they walked off at a gate decorated to look like the north pole. christi yamaguchi and michael johnson, several mascots were on hand to greet the kids. each family also given a $200 gift card to target. that's so cool. and the holiday train operating by caltrans rolls into the bay area this weekend. this weekend brightening the path along the peninsula for the holidays. it's decorated with 60,000 lights, not carrying passengers. instead offering a live holiday show at several peninsula stations. caltrain encouraging people to bring a new toy or book for toy drives by the salvation army and the marine corps. 4:00 in san francisco and it will winds its way down to the peninsula. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 tonight because it is "sunday night football night in america." special edition of nbc bay area news after the game at 8:30.
7:58 am
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pillsbury cookie dough. madikizela-mandelman dedela. a special person whose world course changed world events. >> he was a president that embodied that human beings and countries can change for the better. >> his enduring power is that he showed us there is true freedom in forgiveness. >> we'll look at mandela's life, his policy, and how he handled criticism. it's all part of his enduring legacy. my guest, tom brokaw, civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson. andar


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