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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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firefighters forced to take turns as they fight the flames. chase cain on the scene talking to the fire chief. >> it's another freezing cold start to the day with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we'll let you know how you're keeping warm could actually be contributing to bad air quality. your full forecast in a few moments. >> plus, looking over the bay, the bay bridge moves smoothly. problems getting to the east bay from san francisco for the b.a.r.t. line as well as a car fire for 580. we'll show you the update for that as well. >> a beautiful shot of the bridge there, mike. another shot, not as beautiful but it does tell you something, traffic is flowing on this chilly tuesday morning. it is december 10th and this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. breaking news now, the ntsb has postponed this morning's hearing
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into the asiana crash. it is supposed to look into whether the pilots were overly relying on computer systems. flight 214 came in too low and struck the sea wall before it tumbled. three people died, hundreds were injured. christie smith live in burlingame where many of the people affected by the crash were going to gather to watch the hearing. do people know that hearing was canceled? >> reporter: good morning to you. i did just hear from one family and they had planned to be here to watch this ntsb hearing, but they already got word this morning of the cancellation so they won't be here. i did walk into the crown plaza hotel and speak with a gentleman at the front desk. he said he, too, had gotten word of the bad weather in washington, d.c. as the reason for the delay. he wasn't sure what would happen next but there is a sign in the lobby about the viewing for the ntsb hearings. what it does -- when it does
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happen this will abtwo-day fact finding hearing in the crash of 214 at sfo on july 6. as you said, it killed three people, injured dozens more. now, a complaint was filed after the the crash on behalf of 12 passengers with accusations of inadequate pilot training and poor aircraft design. in the hearing witnesses may include reps from boeing t faa and of course asiana airlines. shortly after the crash the ntsb said the board will look at why the plane was going below the recommended speed coming toward the runway. the ntsb may also be looking into whether there was too much reliance on auto pilot technology, a final report is expected some time by mid 2014. that's the latest from here reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. our investigative unit is in washington, d.c. for today's hearing. steven stock is talking to officials about when that
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hearing could resume. we'll have a live report at 6:00 this morning. >> at 5:02, the world pays tribute to nelson mandela. we have a live look where mandela's body will lie in state for three days following the memorial service. ♪ that service in johannesburg drew world leaders, celebrities and royals and tens of thousands of south africans. despite the rain the atmosphere was celebratory. the service was attended by every living united states president except george h.w. bush who cannot fly because of medical reasons. the president and mrs. obama arrived to loud cheers along with george w. bush and laura bush and hillary clinton. >> there is a word in south africa mbuntu.
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a word that captures mandela's greatest gift. his recognition that we are all bound together in ways that are invisible to the eye. >> for family members it was a funeral for a loved one. mandela's widow and ex-wife shared an embrace before the service. starting tomorrow mandela's coffin will be carried through the streets every morning to give as many people as possible the chance to pay their final respects. a state funeral will be sunday. >> happening now, crews are on the scene of a stubborn smoky trash fire. it broke out about 9:00 last night in a warehouse in san francisco. chase cain live at the scene near candlestick park. what's it look like now? >> reporter: there's still smoke coming out of the building. we're near candle stick park. i
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trash pile that was the length of a football field and eight feet deep. that fire did break out around 9:00 and it's still smoldering. it was inside a warehouse here at essentially a garbage dump for building supplies. so lumber, sheetrock, things like that piled in this warehouse. it was also a very thick, dense pile of trash. so san francisco firefighters had a difficult time battling the fire, getting to the source. because of that they rotated crews every 20 minutes. >> i was advised by the company there should be no hazardous material in this pile but with the concern to our members in there is the smoke and that's why we're wearing our scva a's and rotating so many crews in and out of this building. >> as you heard the firefighters
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say that they do not believe there was anything dangerous in this pile of trash. because of that they did not order evacuations for the nearby neighborhoods. we can tell that you no one was hurt despite the difficulty of it. and you may be able to hear the trucks coming and going because the facility is back open for business even though there is still part of the fire that is smoldering inside. live in san francisco, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> it's 5:06. san jose leaders considering rules to cut the number of medical marijuana clubs in city limits. bob is live with more details on the plan. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. right now there are about 80 medical marijuana dispensaries here in the city of san jose, too many for mayor chuck reed look for reduction. that could happen with new rules that the city council will debate. under consideration banning dispensaries within 1,000 feet
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of schools, parks, libraries and churches. 150 feet of homes and 500 feet of drug rehab centers. these restrictions should be noted are much stricter than state law. california lets clubs be 600 feet from schools. under the proposals only about 1400 parcels of land in the city that could qualify to house medical marijuana dispensary which would limit theme 1% of the city. mayor reed proposed these after a state supreme court ruling this spring that gave cities more power, more say over how they regulate pot clubs in their boundaries. there are no zoning laws regulating these businesses which makes them technically illegal but there is also no city law banning them, hence the reason they are able to exist. medical marijuana supporters said in the past these tor tough and promise to gather enough signatures to put this up for a
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vote. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. san jose council will also street approve an insurance claim settlement of $2 million from a fire at a historic vir torian home in kelly park outside of happy park and zoo. kelly house was damaged by a fire in february 2012. it belonged to one of the city's pioneer families. the money will be used to demolish the house. the remainder will go into the future deficit fund. >> meteorologist christina loren says it's cold this morning. >> i could have told you that. >> but she also can tell us what it's going to be like tomorrow. >> she's more scientific. >> opportunity clicker? >> good morning to you. it is cold out there. i can tell you right now not as cold as it was this time yesterday. truckee right now at negative 4, they were at negative 20 at this
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time yesterday. and temperatures are cold here in the south bay and in particular but 3 degrees milder than this time yesterday. we're it two 9 in san jose, i want to show you the rest of the south bay. 29 in campbell, 28 in santa teresa. so it's cold enough for black ice and if you did leave your sprinklers on you didn't turn them off last night count on frost on your lawn. and really want to take it easy as you walk around your yard because you could slip. we have reports of that. want to make sure you're safe. temperatures are going to climb. i wanted to give you an example with oakland. tomorrow 36, 38 by thursday and then friday back to average in the 40s. that's where our highs have been so it's going to feel more comfortable as we head throughout this afternoon. temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 50s in most cities across the bay area. this afternoon, 56 degrees along
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the peninsula, it will be hazy, spare the air day. what i can tell you is with all that particulate matter in the atmosphere it's going to be a spectacular sunrise. we'll show you those shots live here on "today in the bay." >> we're looking toward the bay bridge. i'll give you the update four the b.a.r.t. system no. direct service from san francisco over to dublin because of mechanical and power issues but it looks like bart is making progress. we'll bring you those once we talk to them directly. the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco out of oakland. that drive is fine, no problems here. a smooth drive going east 580 though the earlier reports the truck fire and the second fire for that, haven't seen slowing, this may be off of the roadway at this point. we're waiting for confirmation. here we're looking at 4 where we see from the sensors as well as the reports they have cleared the pickup trucks from the
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roadway. still activity on the center divide just as the commute starts to build out of antioch, and then you'll see more traffic toward pittsburgh and bay point as is on schedule for those to see backups. a smooth drive including the tri-vall tri-valley. sorry, they are taking trains from where? from the bay, adding more trains helping to relieve that backup so b.a.r.t. making alternate plans. just got word from our producer. >> just in. >> way to go. >> brazen theft in san francisco. a couple pepper sprayed by a man pretending to be a police officer. then stealing their puppy. >> freezing temperatures lead to a search for a nevada couple and four children.
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welcome back everyone. a very good tuesday morning to
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you. isn't this a beautiful live look outside. >> it is. >> i love the illuminated span of the bay bridge. we're going to have a look at the forecast and of course the all important morning commute, help you get out the door. it's 5:14. san francisco police looking for a man they say pepper sprayed two homeless people and stole their puppy. investigators say the victims were sleeping in a van parked when someone banged on the door claiming to be police. the victims opened the door, the men pepper sprayed them and grabbed the puppy. the man ran off, the victims told police they were temporarily blinded and could not see where that man went. >> the san jose veteran police officer accused of writing phony traffic citations is expected to be back in court this morning. the 51-year-old is expected to be arraigned in san jose superior court. prosecutors say he cited two people in a civil lawsuit filed against him five years ago.
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he is charged with false impersonation because he allegedly signed some of the tickets using a fellow officer's name. he is now on paid administrative leave. >> an effort to get guns off the streets has received support from the community. organizers hoped to raise $10,000 on the site but we checked and they have raised almost $18,000. the sefrt set to end today with the buy-back on saturday at our lady of guadeloupe catholic church. it will be the first buy-back since 2001. >> for the first time since he was fired george zimmer is talking about what happened. best known for his catch phrase you're going to like the way you look, i guarantee it, zimmer was the face of that company. earlier this year he was fired from the fremont-based company and now is telling how he
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learned about it all. zimmer says they basically began throwing him out of his office, offering him a figure head position instead of his job as ceo. then asked him to resign as director of the board and when he didn't they sent investors with ballots on without his name on. >> the markets continue to climb as we near the end of 2013. but things could be changing. let's check in with hampton pearson live at cnbc's washington bureau. good morning. >> yeah, we've got futures that are higher after stocks posted small gains monday. the the s&p 500 closing at a record high, although the markets did pull back on comments from several federal reserve officials who signaled they could at least discuss cutting the fed's massive bond buying program at next week's meeting. that program has helped to keep interest rates low and boost the stock market. we get data later today on whole sale trade, the dow closing up
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on monday 6 points to close at 16026 t nasdaq up 6 points to close at 4069. have a great day. back to you guys. >> same to you. good to see you. >> let's check the forecast now. certainly cold but we are heading in a warmer direction. >> we're going to get so balmy. >> balmy? better than bombed. >> hey, good morning. yeah, you know after all, it is december in the bay area. traditionally we get pretty cold this time of year. 29 in the south bay, peninsula at 30, 28, good morning to you up in the north bay where i tip my hat to you. it has been frigid for the past few days. in the teens this morning, a couple degrees milder than where we have been. the good news is this should be the last morning where we have a freeze warning for the bay area. throughout day temperatures are still going to be cold, at least until about 9:00, 10:00 a.m. so count on frost until that time.
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looking pretty good, want to take you into san francisco where you have fallen toward 37 degrees. yeah, that's cold enough for frost especially forest hills area, practice diddio at 40. and this is where we're all going to be starting out as we get deeper into the week so. make sure you're ready. we're looking pretty good but we have some bad air quality to tell you b. a spare the air day. as you can see, the north bay has the worst of it. so you want to consider that if you have respiratory issues, your child has asthma, limit the outdoor activity. we could be sparing the air all week long with unhealthy levels of pollution expected across the board especially as we head through wednesday and thursday. we're going to be looking pretty bad along the peninsula and the north bay. one good thing about the haze, a pretty sun rise. we'll show you those as they come in. first let's say good morning to mike inouye. >> really like a pretty sun rise
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and green maps. the whole bay area moves as will be expected. this is a traffic tuesday. we expect a heavier flow. haven't seen that pattern so far. part of the reason is here. in antioch we have a slowdown. we had three trucks in a crash. then the backup started on the antioch bridge. they moved the center divide car to the shoulder. that caused all of this to form. it's going to get worse toward bay point. out of the altamont pass, a smoother drive. so almost shows slowing. down to the area that's where you see the build as well no. big surprises for 84, 680, easy drive. the castro valley y and the slowdown that blip up the dublin grade, that starts right about now on schedule.
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the pay bridge, i see the drive as well. two bores are open. a little slowing over toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the note here from san francisco on b.a.r.t. trains you have to transfer at bay fair. there is no direct service from san francisco to dublin. b.a.r.t. saying more trains over there we told you and help alleviate the crowd and take them toward dublin. no direct service. you make a transfer you tan make it. expect dli for the line. a little more traffic for 101 north of 680. a live look at fremont. no problems through this area into the south bay or up toward the east bay. the nimitz at the limit through oakland and downtown. the north bay as well. southbound 101 you could get a few more clouds. an easy flow of traffic. with the traffic watch the
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smaller bridges, a chance for black ice, continues again this morning. >> thank you. the frantic search for a couple and four young children missing in the freezing mountains of northwest will continue. they drove outside of reno sunday. there were four children with them. one as young as 3. all were headed out to play in the snow. when they didn't return family called police. temperatures were at negative 16 degrees early monday, and just as low this morning. rescue teams will be out on the ground and in the air this morning looking for them. they hope the couple huddled together in the car with the children for warmth. >> federal officials investigate accusations of corruption and abuse in los angeles county jails. five criminal cases have been filed against 18 current and former los angeles deputies, part of an investigation into
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civil rights abuses and corruption in the largest jail system. accusations include beatings of inmates and visitors unjustified detentions and conspiracy to obstruct a federal investigation. >> a big event that will take place in 2015.
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welcome back everyone. a very good morning to you. beautiful. >> it is. >> yeah. got to love new york city this time of the year. rockefeller center, the lights glistening. >> it's a great city. boy, does it get cold too. >> it does. music fans will soon have an option in the quest to see their favorite band. >> tonight the city of concord expected to consider a new 10-year contract with live nation. under the deal it would have to
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bring at least 15 large concerts per year and spend $3.7 million to help renovate the 38-year-old amphitheat amphitheater. the deal will be discussed tonight at 6:30 at concord's city council meeting. >> the official announcement will be made, levi stadium will be home to wrestle mania. expected to bring $100 million into the local economy in the spring of 2014. wait a minute. that's next year. >> yeah. get your ticket. >> it's not going to be done though. maybe they will wrestle around in the parking lot. levi stadium is also considered as a host location for college football's national championship game in 2017 and hosting super bowl l. >> i'm looking forward to the
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head locks and the drop kicks. >> get your choice. check in with meteorologist christina loren. got to do something to keep warm. >> sounds like old mcsweeney might be cruising for a bruising. better watch it, mister. we're looking good. temperatures are cold, make sure you're ready for that. we're talking about the mid-20s, 28 degrees in livermore, right now 29 in san jose. and 30 degrees in mountain view. hey mike, we got to admit we love having mr. mcsweeney with us. >> except when he drops the elbow. boom. during the commercial breaks it's rough. the bay bridge, this is a smooth drive, no problem and no delays. better news for folks into the east bay on the b.a.r.t. system. b.a.r.t. has fixed the power issue, it's resolved, there are residual delays. mostly at bay fair where they were doing the transfer but we'll see that hopefully clear quickly. we're looking at a smooth drive toward the maze and the approach
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to the bay bridge. slowing out of antioch but as they cleared that from the center divide now things are moving over in toward pittsburg and bay point. >> i have to clarify, wrestle mania is coming in 2015. it's at the superdome in new orleans in the spring. >> follower, i'm taking. >> it's google. >> 5:27. a snowstorm bringing the planned hearing on the asiana crash to a halt. when it could get back on track. >> the new plans to develop a san bruno neighborhood.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. that breaking news is the investigative hearing into the asiana crash hearing. snow is putting everything on
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hold. a storm is rolling into the area and christina, this is the same storm that hit us over the weekend? >> yeah. it raced across the nation. right now it's dumping snow along the eastern seaboard, now this might not strike you as that impressive when it comes to the satellite imagery. but what i can tell you this is the second winter storm in less than 72 hours so this kind of adding insult to injury. i want to show you your future cast. if you are trying to get there for travel also this is good news for the situation in d.c., all of this activity is moving out of here. by 3:00 our time, 6:00 east coast time, it should be out of here. so that means things should be able to resume to normal as we head through tomorrow. they have been getting hammered. back to you. >> thanks so much. word of the closure came down a few hours ago while most were sleeping. some planning to be at a viewing in burlingame where christie smith joins us live.
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has anyone shown up? >> reporter: i can tell you i heard from one woman, this is the daughter of a man who survived that horrible plane crash, they had planned to come to the crown plaza hotel and watch that ntsb hearing, the viewing, but they did get word about this so they are not coming. this is the same hotel where some of the survivors and family members actually stayed shortly after that crash. the manager at the front desk says they got word pretty early the viewing pould be postponed. when it does resume the two-day hearing to look at whether perhaps too much reliance on auto pilot increased the risk of crashes. whether cockpit complacency played a role in the crash that killed three people and injured nearly 200 more. the ntsb had said earlier the flight came in too low and too slow. the plane hit a sea wall, caught fire and skidded down the runway.
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air safety experts from boeing, asiana and the faa are expected at these hearings along with many others. we haven't seen families leaving the hotel and walking around but it is still early. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. in our investigative unit is also in washington, d.c. this morning finding out more details about the hearing. investigative reporter steven stock will have a live report during our 6:00 hour. you can get the latest details on our website, search asiana. >> happening now a smoldering trash fire burning for almost nine hours in san francisco broke out around 9:00 last night. chase cain live at the scene. what's going on now? >> reporter: well, right now we can smell a bit of smoke and there's a little bit of smoke coming out a couple of warehouses behind me. but for the most part this fire is on its last legs. it burned nearly nine hours
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inside a warehouse here at the facility. we're not too mar from candle stick part. it was burning in a trash pile. it was a pile that was as long as a football field and eight feet deep. it was a pile of discarded building materials, lumber, sheet rock, it was densely packed so it was difficult for firefighters to get inside the pile and put out the flames. inside there was a lot of thick smoke. they had to rotate firefighters every 20 minutes. >> i was advised by the company there should be no hazardous material in the pile but the concern to our members is the smoke. that's why we're wearing our scba's and rotating crews in and out. >> reporter: firefighters did not believe the smoke posed danger to anyone near by so did
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not order evacuations of the homes near this warehouse here. also even though firefighters were pretty tired from having to rotate in and out, no firefighters were hurt and back at the ra silt, the trucks are going in and out seem to be back to business. live in san francisco, chase ca cain, "today in the bay." >> it's 5:34. we're getting reaction after a worker at a bay area catholic school is abused of having sex with a young student. 29-year-old mia cummings and the 14-year-old had an inappropriate relationship for two years. officers say some of the crimes happened on campus at the school. police t archdiocese and the family are speaking out. >> she loved her job, she tries to take care of these kids as if she were their mother. >> in the seventh grade in a
5:35 am
sexual relationship with an after-school assistant. >> in our investigation internally we discovered that proper testing had been done when she was hired in 2005. >> police do not believe cummings victimized any other children. >> outrage over the shooting death of a santa rosa teen by a deputy is sparking protests. demonstrators angry that the zpt allowed to return to work but he is working behind a desk, not in the streets. the deputy has been on leave since he shot 13-year-old andy lopez mistaking his bb gun for assault rifle. the first protest will be held at 2:00, followed by a march from city hall to the sheriff's office. >> the san bruno council meets to discuss plans for new homes in the neighborhood destroyed by the pipe line explosion. the council is considering a development agreement to construct homes on ten lots
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owned by the city and pg&e. so far nearly half of the 38 homes destroyed in the blast have been rebuilt. more than a dozen lots remain empty. >> a story that affects everybody in the bay area. anybody who goes outside. it's cold. >> it really is cold. you've got to consider your pets in this situation as well because they have got to get out and temperatures are frigid so keep an eye on those furry fellows. also still have time to bring in the sensitive plants. we have not hit the coldest point of the day. san jose at 29, the south bay, some of your other temperatures. it's cold in campbell. morgan hill at 29, and we're at 28 in sunnyvale. milder start in los gatos, 30 degrees for you. and 36 degrees right now in saratoga. so i wanted to show you a
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picture, this from one of our viewers, this is from david. you can see he's thrilled about seeing this sight on his windshield. not again and followed by three exclamation points. kind after big deal. happy to report this is the last morning we expect the thick coating of frost. thank you for these pictures. we add to our newscast. if if you would like to send us pictures. we'll share your grief with the entire bay area. 53 degrees, hazy in the north bay, it's a spare the air day. let's check on your drive. >> should be not again, period, because you said -- good. looking here toward the bay bridge. smooth drive, no problem. we have a little bit of a backup. san jose, smooth flow northbound 101 starting to build. not a major concern if we look
5:38 am
at our map and sensors. 680 north of or 101 north of 680. the only issue aside from the crews is north 85 at 17 reports of an earlier crash on the shoulder. haven't seen slowing. we'll watch that for issues until that clears. a smooth flow along the peninsula, 101 and 280. because there is a chance of that freeze watch again the bridge, durand bridge north of 92 on 280. looking at the water as well as the dumbarton bridge from the east bay, oakland 880. a niz easy drive through downtown and toward the toll plaza. a mild backup for this tuesday. a little lighter than a typical traffic tuesday. we'll see how it shapes up. >> we'll keep checking. president obama among the dozens of world leaders to honor the
5:39 am
heg gassy of nelson mandela. we'll have a live report next. >> plus the san jose police department getting a new leader. the change made official today.
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the world coming together to remember nelson mandela. four u.s. presidents and dozens of world leaders to honor mandela's legacy. tracie potts is live with a look at the day of remembrance. good morning. >> reporter: hi, laura. good morning. there are said to be 100,000 people expected at this stadium today and it's interesting because as we await those crowd estimates, the rain keeps coming down, but it seemed to have little effect at all. ♪ despite the rain thousands of
5:42 am
south africans waited outside the stadium this morning, they were told to come five hours early, some came even earlier. >> i came in the morning around 3:00. i here to respect dr. madiba. >> reporter: as we've seen there was singing and dancing at soccer city, tributes from a grateful nation. >> i feel indented and obligated to be here to honor the man that paid a heavy price to for south africa. >> all over the world, about skin color, love between every race, a time for peace. >> reporter: the presidents arrived hours before the service was scheduled to begin. he gave a powerful and personal tribute to the man who inspired him, praising nelson mandela as the last great liberator of the 20th century. >> mandela taught tus power of
5:43 am
action but also the power of ideas. the importance of reason and argument, the need to study not only those who you agree with but also those who you don't agree with. >> reporter: mother nature brought gray skies but in south africa, rain means good fortune. we must be getting a lot of that because the rain has not let up. behind me the union building, this is where mandela's body will lie in state wednesday, thursday, and friday, giving millions more people here an opportunity to say good-bye. >> tracie potts live in pretoria. thank you. >> san jose city leaders expected to announce a new police chief and it's a familiar name. bob redell live in san jose with a look at the major problems this new police scheef going to face. >> reporter: good morning. sources tell nbc bay area news that acting police chief larry escovel will become the new
5:44 am
chief. he has been with the department roughly 28 years, eight years on merge which is san jose's version of s.w.a.t. he took over a year ago when chris moore retired. he has been acting chief, he's had an impact unveiling new policies and strategy over some you might recall when the homicide rate shot up he introduced a so-called violent crime reduction plan and introduced the department's gang suppression unit. he suspended the practice of curb sitting. under that policy officers were required to document all stops, even if there was no arrest or a crime. and also make note on whether or not that person was asked to sit on the curb while the officer conducted investigation. minority groups a applauded said that curb sitting is a humiliating practice that targets minorities. he has been criticized for rescinding curb sitting, the police auditor thought practice was ground breaking and that
5:45 am
rescinding it moved the department in the wrong direction. again an announcement expected today announcing that acting police chief larry escovel would become the permanent police chief. >> bob, thanks very much. the council is set to vote on a new union contract. the union ratified the tentative contract. it would give officers a raise of about 10.5% over the next 2 1/2 years. and a one-time 2% bonus. in 2010 the city cut officer pay by 10% because of the recession. officials hope a new contract will boost morale in the department which has struggled with officers leaving for better paying jobs. >> we get paid in sunshine around the bay area. a little warmth would be nice. >> our pay has been docked. >> do we get retro pay? >> it is. you get it in the summertime.
5:46 am
temperatures this morning are cold. you know, what as we've been talking about, this is about as cold as it gets around the bay area. we broke a temperature record yesterday hitting 25 degrees in san jose. today it's milder at 29, still very cold. and make sure you keep an eye on your plants and pets. this should be the last morning where we are watching for a freeze warning. throughout the afternoon, up in san bruno our camera shaking. we have a weak disturbance that's going to come through, bring us cloud cover. you can see by about 4:00 p.m., mostly cloudy. that cloud cover is what's going to keep us milder into the overnight hours. temperatures are going to climb from the 20s and 30s into the 50s. we're talking about the mid-50s, a return of 56 along the peninsula, 55 in the south bay and we're looking good for the mid to upper 50s, also today on the east bay san francisco. up in the north bay so. here's what we're looking at. high pressure takes control. this is going to create a stagnant air mass. our air quality is going to suffer as it compresses.
5:47 am
it forces all of that particulate matter to the surface so we're looking at a thick layer of smoke capping the bay area for the next few days. do want to keep in mind it is spare the air day. we could look at this trend every single day this week. so let's show you what we're working with. unhealthy levels in the north bay, into the end of the week that's when it's going to get worse with our air quality getting even worse for wednesday into thursday. keep in mind it is illegal to burn today and likely the case tomorrow as well. let's check your drive. >> good morning. entire bay area moving pretty smoothly. this is traffic tuesday but we're seeing a lighter flow, may be the same this week. i got a report of a black ice so chp has an incident, someone slipped around around the durand bridge north of 892, that's what i've been telling you, we had reports last week on our traffic report, christina has been talking about that continuing today because we industrial the
5:48 am
cold snap. we'll watch that. no major delays but slow down. here on the tri-valley. reports of a crash moving to the shoulder. i'll get more lane information. 84 moves slowly but smoothly down through livermore, nothing unexpected. out of the alta mont pass you have your build. and again the isabelle interchange. the tri-valley with dublin no problem. heading to the bay bridge, a smooth flow. the east shore freeway doesn't have anything dramatic. the bay bridge toll plaza t live look shows the cash lanes. no metering lights. these have a lighter pattern. we'll see this fill in and compress to the right side. b.a.r.t. system, great news getting over to the east bay from the city no more delays
5:49 am
expected. here northbound 101 the build in for the south bay here north of that 681, look at the maps we'll show you no problems, no delays september for the one stretch. the issue is the ice north of 92. >> thanks a lot. benicia police need help finding a burglar who stole christmas gifts for children. tougher to see, broke into three cars yesterday morning, he is described african american man, he has dread locks or long braids, took about $1,000 in gifts from a car meant for children at oakland children's hospital. when the fire and police departments heard about what happened they replaced the stolen presents. >> the nobel peace prize will be handed out. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is street receive the award. lawrence livermore lab provides
5:50 am
a crucial service to help it do its job. it's one of two labs in the country certified to analyze chemicals for agents. the organization is honored for work in syria to eliminate stockpiles. the award will be handed out this morning in norway and a $1.2 million prize. >> 5:50 on this tuesday morning. coming up new video of the way officials in australia are trying to get rid of this mess.
5:51 am
5:52 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. this will get you into the christmas spirit. look at that.
5:53 am
snow. in new york city this morning. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. rockefeller center, a live look this morning. used to a lot of snow on the ground there. a cold snap coming through. pretty sight. 5:53. >> big changes coming for canadian based lululemon founder chip wilson stepped down as chairman of the board of directors. you pligmight wilson made states saying that the yoga pants don't work for some women's bodies. he made that statement after complaints that the pants were too see-through. in addition the board has found a replacement for christine day who is going to resign at the end of the fiscal year. the former director of tom shoes in santa monica will take over as ceo and that happens next month. >> california wants boeing to set up shop in the state. california will submit a bid to the company in order to land a production facility for boeing's newest jetliner.
5:54 am
governor brown will submit the proposal to host production of the 777 x airliner. >> facebook is getting into the game of artificial intelligence. the company hired new york university professor lakun to run its new artificial intelligence research lab. an expert in machine learning says the goal of the lab is to bring about major advances in the field which aims to create computers that can see, hear, think and reason. like humans. facebook's ceo is expected to make the announcement official today. >> some humans reason better than others. >> true, robots maybe the same. >> officials in australia started to scare a swarm of 80,000 bats out of a park. >> they had horns, helicopters and gun blasts to scare the bats
5:55 am
away. seems to be working. they had taken up residence in a park. >> i got feces raining in the yards, on oyr cars. >> it's unbearable. you can't open the door. >> conservationists tried to stop the program saying that baby bats could be left by their mothers and then die. officials say they are going to continue the program for the next ten days. the baby bats can figure it out. >> see what they can do there. let's see what we can do with the forecast. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning. it's cold out there colder than a brass mofrn key. i have been sounding like a broken record telling you how cold it's going to be. that all changes as we head throughout the next couple hours temperatures are going to climb. we'll see highs in the mid 50s so a return of temperatures closer to average. and then as we progress
5:56 am
throughout the remainder of the week i want to show you a look at oakland. your highs and lows are going to slowly creep up. you'lling bane in the 40s overnight. there is relief ahead. here is mike. >> we're looking toward oakland, 880, the volume, concern also we don't see a big backup. northbound at high street. north we'll show you on the map around 29th reports of a stall that could be in lanes for the next couple minutes. sensors not reading that so that's an easy drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to show you this crash, they moved it off. we have extra slowing out of livermore in toward dublin but it's pretty even. no big surprises. smooth toward 680. the shot i promised the bay bridge toll plaza, both sides of the fast track lane nos big deal. this is a traffic tuesday but steady volume.
5:57 am
we'll watch, though, this could change for the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we continue to follow breaking news, the weather bringing washington to a standstill. we have a crew in washington, we'll have a live report when the hearing would now happen. >> a throwdown in santa clara. big name event coming to levi stadium in 2015.
5:58 am
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today was the day we were finally supposed to get a clearer understanding of how and why asiana flight 214 crashed at san francisco international airport. now the federal agency overseeing the investigation is abruptly postponing today's
6:00 am
hearing due to weather. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. it's not just the hearing being postponed. most federal offices in the washington, d.c. area are closed because of the snowstorm. we have team coverage on the unexpected delay. christie smith live in burlingame where the ca burlingame. steve stock joins us from washington, d.c. in the snow where the hearing was supposed to begin about now. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right, terry, in fact, the hearing was scheduled to begin at this hour, as you can see big heavy snow falling, in fact, it's falling in the washington, d.c. area, you may be able to see the capitol behind me, maybe not. the snow is quite thick. and as you mentioned, these hearings were postponed because of the snow t federal government has shut down for the day, all non-essential personnel. when the hearings start the


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