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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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metal doors to get their hands on pricey wine. what police are saying about a west coast wine heist and included a stop in san francisco. >> b.a.r.t. goes back to the bargaining table. >> we're tracking another round of chilly temperatures around the bay area this morning in san jose you are noticing numbers below 32 degrees again this morning. more on a chilly start to your morning coming up. >> chilly but folks huddled on the east shore freeway, we have now all lanes reopened. that's the good news. a new crash in the tri-valley. we'll show you for 680 coming up. >> a live look outside at the fantastic bay bridge, the lights doing their thing. you can see a crystal clear and yet chilly morning. it's thursday, december 12, and this is "today in the bay." >> a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney.
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new this morning a bingo fund-raiser ransacked and a boopser club terrified by a robber who burst in claiming to be armed with a gun. peggy bunker is live at oak grove high school where the robber made off with big cash. >> reporter: pretty scary night here, terry, for a lot of folks here to enjoy their wednesday night bingo game. at about 7:00 here outside oak grove high school, this money benefits the school's band and they were in there playing when about 9:00 a tall thin man in a ski mask and allegedly carrying a gun burst through the doors, went to the money handlers and demanded cash. there were about 100 people inside playing bingo at the time. it was pretty loud, your typical bingo game. a lot of people in the back had no idea that a robbery was under way. >> half of the people in the front kind of knew but i think they were in shock.
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people in the back didn't know. we were in the middle of a game. >> reporter: the folks in the game who were closer to the front of the gym and witnessed the robbery say that several people did run after the robber after he grabbed the cash but they were not able to catch him. t they advertise jackpots of $5,000 or more so we have calls in to police this morning to find out how much cash was stolen. peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. once again welcome to the team. >> thank you. >> good to have you, peggy. 6:02 now. this morning the ntsb begins analyzing evidence from yesterday's hearing on the asiana plane crash. the process could take several months and wend a final report expected this summer. we have new video to show you from the ntsb showing the crash landing. you can see the passenger jet hit the sea wall, skid across runway, and eventually it's going to cartwheel to a stop. the hearing revealed two pilots
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at the controls each thought the other would take the lead in calling off the landing. the pilots were concerned about landing without help from airport navigation system that was out of order. >> we identified vulnerabilities in that pilots sometimes rely too much on the automated system and may be reluctant to intervene. >> newly released documents revealed new details about the teen girl who survived the crash only to be fatally struck on the runway. we're now learning the girl was actually run over by two vehicles in the chaotic aftermath, hit by a fire rig spraying foam, and again less than 11 minutes later by a second truck. >> for in depth coverage of the hearing visit our website, and there you will find a collection of stories from our investigative unit and steve stock who takes a look at animation addiction in the cockpit. they were talking about that a lot yesterday. that's on, search
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asiana. >> it's 6:03. happening today b.a.r.t. and it's two biggest unions bill be at the bargaining table again. the two sides will sit down with a federal mediator this morning. the latest dispute is over a paid family leave provision that b.a.r.t. management says was mistakenly put in the final package that the unions ratified. b.a.r.t. says the provision could cost the agency as much as $10.5 million per year. christie smith is taking a closer look. she's going to have a closer look. >> investigators are looking into whether two men arrested for a high end wine heist in seattle are tied to a similar crime in the bay area. chase cain live in san francisco with the details. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning, terry. when you are digging into the details of what happened it's like an oceans 11 type heist. that's why san francisco police are talking to seattle police to see if these two crimes are connected because it's valid at
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three quarters of a million dollars of wine stolen. in that case in seattle we're talking about 2500 bottles ever wine taken from a high end wine store there, the thieves broke in twice, once to spray paint over security cameras and broke in on thanksgiving cutting a hole in the wall, stealing wine, then puncturing a gas line igniting that trying to set off an explosion. that did not happen but they did get away with $648,000 worth of wine. one of the suspects tried to sell that wine to a broker for a fraction of the price. the broker got suspicious and called police. then the broker realized that he had bought more wine from the same man earlier this year and once he started talking to police, police realized that sale happened a few days after a theft from a wine store here in san francisco. got away with $100,000 of wine. the broker released a statement,
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he said, quote, i'm not able to comment on any of this at this point, unfortunately i have been advised not to speak. meantime t owner of the wine store in seattle responded to a report police may have found most of his stolen wine. that owner said quote, while we are still doing an inventory to make sure it's all there the volume recovered makes us eager with anticipation and we can't wait to share the good news with our customers. now t two suspects that police believe may be responsible for both they are in custody in seattle charged with burglary, theft and arson. again police are still looking to see if the crimes are connected. when they arrested one of the two suspects he had a back pack he was trying to hide at the time and inside was a list of wine, certainly that would be evidence when the two men face a judge next week. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. >> want to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina. >> good morning. a chilly one around the bay
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area, at least areas away from san francisco, 41 degrees closer to san francisco but look at san jose, down to 32 degrees this morning. it's the south bay up to the north bay, ukiah is 25, san ramon at 26, we're going to take you up into san jose. you notice areas near san jose out toward sunnyvale and south to morgan hill and campbell, you're waking up with temperatures close to freezing again. mid-30s in san mateo. atherton at 30, 20s for the morning around danville, toward dublin, pleasanton, livermore, 31 and the reason why the freeze warning has been up over night into the morning for the north bay, mid-20s in santa rosa. 39 in novato. we're expecting not as chilly a morning tomorrow morning. a weather system is going to bring clouds to the bay area, shift more of an onshore breeze which should bring in temperatures a few degrees tomorrow morning. not bringing us rain. it looks impressive on the coast. as it heads to the bay area falls apart. it's the sea breeze pushing in marine air.
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temperatures come up and as high pressure builds in, afternoon temperatures should start to climb as well. today close to 60 in san jose, gilroy close to 60 degrees. 58 in palo alto, 58 in san francisco, north bay, mid-50s and napa 58 and fremont, pleasanton into the upper 50s. so the seven-day forecast going to make interesting changes ahead. starting off with san francisco, now we're talking 60s for highs. and morning temperatures in the upper 40s for the early part of next week. upper 60s toward tuesday and wednesday, other location around the bay, tri-valley, morning temperatures finally in the mid-30s. 60s in the tri-valley. san jose now, morning temperatures back in the 40s this weekend. afternoon highs looking pleasant. no signs of rain there in that seven-day forecast. >> that's great stuff except for the low temperatures, still the potential for slippery conditions, maybe frosty in the north bay and in spots. be careful. we're looking to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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all of these lights lit up because the metering lights are turned on. the backup all the way to about west grand avenue. it's filled in since 6:00. only nine minutes of a gradual build. and no problems, no surprises out of the maze or on the east shore freeway. we're looking at the map. we did have a disabled big rig, then a crash in gilman that has cleared. the system moves an easy drive off of that richmond san rafael bridge. west 580, a gradual slowdown from the altamont pass to 680 which had slowing through the sunol area. sounds like there is a disabled van or a fender-bender. still in the middle lane from what i can tell. we've got to get a crew out there. you see slowing to the area approaching that fremont side. through that portion, 680 smooth into the south bay. let's take a look. slowing on the map. that's the reason why. more company no. surprise for
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the south bay or along the peninsula. across the san mateo bridge more company. there you go, off the high rise, heading over to the rest. >> company's here. thanks so much. 6:10. federal regulators shut down 52 bus companies and a major nationwide crackdown. one of those is here in california. among the violations that inspectors discovered, drivers whose licenses were suspended or who drove more than 800 hours without rest. the company that is now shut down is in california, it's salcito tours out of l.a., they have been inspecting companies with poor safety records but insist most of the 4,000 bus companies are generally safe. >> san jose is about to start enforcing strict new laws against medical marijuana shops approving regulations to allow to the shut down pot shops next to homes, schools and drug relab
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centers. the shops would only be able to operate in 1% of the city. the rules could take effect next spring. letters are going out to sthops letting them know. during the meeting there was attempt to ban pot shops outright. that failed. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," too hot for the state. why california is putting a stop to a shipment of hot sauce for at least the next 35 days. >> new ways to manage the crowded mall. >> two people trammed by walls of flame. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>>. >> another chilly start to the morning. 32 degrees right now. but we're tracking warmer temperatures ahead. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> a look here toward 880 t nimitz freeway getting company here. we have an issue down through fremont on south 680, a crash in the middle of the freeway. we see slowing. i'll sort it out and give you an alternate if we have one. >> fire crews are still on the scene of a deadly overnight apartment fire in echo park in los angeles. two people were killed, two firefighters hurt, the cause is under investigation but officials say it looks suspicious. >> witnesses in san jose say an armed man walked into a gym at oak grove high school and stole cash meant for the school's band. about 100 people were attending a weekly bingo fund-raiser when the suspect approached people handling the money. said he had a gun and took the cash. no word on how much he got away with. >> b.a.r.t. and its two biggest
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unions will be face-to-face at the bargaining table again trying to find common ground. last month the board reject add contract because of a family leave provision. the two will sit down this morning. >> the house may start the vote progress says on the budget as early as today. >> scott mcgrew, rare signs of progress in washington? >> progress, yes. actually moving at light speed by washington standard. not only is the vote headed through the house we think it could pass as early as today. as you'll recall, the budget is a compromise so rarely found in washington these days. it also may be a sign the main stream republicans have regained control of the party. the budget cuts long term spending even eases some of the constraints of the sequester but does not go as far as many conservatives might wish. there is still no progress on the farm bill, many people point to the potential of higher milk price there is no vote. but no matter what happens on
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the bill, both sides agree the idea of paying american farmers directly not to grow crops, that should come to an end. in tech news, twitter has hit yet another high. the second time this week the stock has set a record. twitter up 6% yesterday alone up more than 25% for the month. this makes some twitter employees rich on paper. they are generally prohibited from selling their stock this early. and westfield will start a delivery service called deliv at malls. the idea is simple. you buy something at the mall, leave it at the store. the service will pick it up and bring it with all of your other purchases home for you. that way if you are loaded down with hat boxes and bags you unload at the kiosk and tell the clerk or what not, just keep it and you do more shopping. they show up when you ask for a $5 charge. >> find of going old school,
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really. >> hat boxes. >> deliveries were $5? >> you know what, ebay, google will deliver from target, send them to target and tell them what to get and they bring something for five bucks within the hour. now with the mall as well. >> don't need to take my husband to the mall. 6:17. stock up on srirachasriracha. the popular sauce might not be available for a while. >> the company based in southern california says because of districter guidelines that require a 35-day hold on the product. the company cannot ship more sauce until next month. this is the second seat back for the company. last month they had to stop producing after the city sued saying the company filled the air with, we'll put it nicely, spicy smells. >> a lot of pepper. >> we'll feel heat-up of our own of a different sort.
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check in with rob mayeda. >> the seven-day forecast is going to show you changes. right now still it's winter-like chill. low 30s in san jose. and near 40 in san francisco, but we'll start you off in the south bay showing you areas near san jose, sunnyvale down to morgan hill. below 32 degrees. 40s around saratoga, closer to the hill tops warmer near the coast. but there you go, redwood city and san mateo in the 30s, 20s again this morning in danville and dublin. 31 in livermore, 29 now in concord. so very dry air outside. and we're down to 24 degrees in santa rosa. just now up to 30 in petaluma. 31 in fairfield so. dry air set up around the bay area. clear skies and the clear skies really letting all of the heat we had escape into space. a slight offshore breeze too. some of the cooler air creeping in this morning. now unfortunately with high pressure on top, another spare the air day.
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smoke pollution at its worst or highest this morning in the south bay so as you take the kids to school you'll notice some of that smoke in the air. hopefully the winds pick up tonight. that will improve our air quality and warm up our temperatures. but it's probably not going to wet the roadways. clouds coming in but nothing in the way of rain. that extra moisture coming in will help to trap some of the heat during the day which will lead to slightly warmer start to the day tomorrow. for rainfall, really nothing much there. maybe some sprinkles in parts of the north bay tochblt that's about it as skies turn clear during the day tomorrow. slight sea breeze getting us into the 30s and 40s the next few mornings. today close to 60 in san jose. pacific heights around san francisco should see the upper 50s. mid-50s in napa, tri-valley upper 50s, then 60s starting to show up in the seven-day forecast. san francisco this weekend, low
6:20 am
60s to mid to upper 60s. the tri-valley, in the 60s during the day, mid-30s now for the afternoon for the weekend and san jose following the same trend, warming into the mid to upper 60s for the beginning of next week. >> we're looking at a lighter trend for the bay last couple of weeks, that happens thanksgiving to the end of the year. we have the slower spots. we have the reds and oranges. we have this southbound 680 at sunol. we have the site for a crash where there is a minivan in lanes. the ultimates to get by, it's not -- it's a small frontage road, then paloma back over and join up in the area. that can take you out and around. you might want to stick it out. only one lane is blocked. slowing out of the sunol area. they should have that cleared quickly. there are no injuries reported. down into sunol, more out of livermore that will add to the backup approaching.
6:21 am
there is the tri-valley. no big surprises toward the bay bridge and the east shore freeway moves smoothly. let's give you live looks and see the san mateo bridge westbound, the commute over the high rise is a nice easy drive. 101 the peninsula and 28 very easy flow between san francisco and the palo alto area. a look at the bay bridge toll area. all lanes are backed up as lights were turned on at 6:00. no big drama, you have slowing to the ebld of the parking lot. you slow as you make your way and approach the bay bridge toll plaza. all of the spacing between the cars for 101 from willow avenue up to san mateo, an easy drive off of that bridge. back to you. >> time now 6:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," all that glitters is red carpet gold. coming up we'll tell you which hollywood stars were named as
6:22 am
nominees for the golden globe awards. >> taking a live look outside waiting for the sun's arrival. you can see the bay bridge in the distance this morning. that warm-up is coming. it's going to be a cold morning. a lot more news ahead.
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6:24 right now. we're looking at a live picture
6:25 am
of san jose, we've got a nice little actually more than a little warming trend on the way. a nice morning out there. sun on the way as well. >> it's going to be a great weekend to get your christmas tree. >> i got mine. >> look at you mr. organized. all of these folks out there. this is on the san mateo bridge this morning. looks like traffic is starting to pick up. we'll check in with mike with a look at the commute in a bit. >> i didn't say it was decorated but i have the tree. new this morning some of hollywood's biggest names celebrating, this year's golden globe nominees were announced a short time ago. >> and they for best actor 18 drama, for 12 years as a slave. mandela, long walk to freedom, tom hanks for captain phillips. dallas buyers club and robert redford, all is lost. >> for best comedy or musical. american hustle, her, inside
6:26 am
llewyn davis. and the wolf of wall stree. and olivia wild doing the presentations in beverly hills. >> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. bryan cranston, breaking bad, leah schreiber, ray donovan. kevin spacey house of cards. james spader, the black list. >> a lot of familiar names. 12 years a slave and american hustle lead the pack with seven nominations each. >> looks like a lot of catching up to do. >> as do i. we heard the tv nominees. i have a lot of catching up to do. decorating the tree. >> there's your chance. the ceremony generally considered the best part of the award season, and a precursor to
6:27 am
the academy awards. you can catch it live on nbc bay area. the ceremony will be sunday, january 12th, starting at 5:00 p.m. saturday night alums will be back again this year as host. they are always funny. >> the last time they hosted ratings were up 17%. >> it was fun. >> 6:27. still ahead, a man with a ski mask threatens a high school booster club with a gun. >> it happened fast and she wanted to scream but she was like frozen. >> a thief rips off a cash box at a bingo fund-raiser. and bolts. we'll tell you how witnesses describe the suspect. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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>> a live look at the opening bell and for that matter listening to the opening bell as you can see, people from aramark applauding there. nasdaq as well. their bell slightly different tone. slightly louder. today is thursday, december 12. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. new this morning a bingo fund-raiser ransacked by a robber who burst in claiming to be armed with a gun. at least 100 were in the gym at oak grove high school when the robber showed up. the robber went straight for the cash box. it's not known how much he got off with. no one screamed. some because they were frozen in place, others because they were in the back and couldn't see what was going on. peggy bunker is in oak grove
6:31 am
high school and will have a live report coming up. >> happening today b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions will be back at the bargaining table t two sides will meet with a federal mediate tear talk about the latest execute. christie smith live in san francisco. what can we expect from this meeting? >> reporter: good morning. we know it will go on two days but with all of the talking it certainly seemed like a deal was done that we wouldn't even have to consider the possibility of another b.a.r.t. strike in the near future and it was close. in fact, there were union signatures on it. but now b.a.r.t. is saying that there was a pretty big mistake left in the final package, that was given to the unions that could cost millions. b.a.r.t.'s board authorized as a contract only if the unions agree to remove the clause they are talking about. the unions sued saying that look, they ratified it. this dispute is over a provision that allows workers to get up to six weeks of paid family leave each year.
6:32 am
how did it happen? b.a.r.t. says a temporary employee accidentally inserted it there. both sides now sitting down with a federal mediator today and tomorrow to try and work out some sort of compromise deal. no talk of another strike. certainly riders are watching what is happening, this labor dispute has led to two shutdowns. i have reached out to a union leader this morning to get a sense of the tone as they head into this. but we can tell you that the mediator involved has had success before, he helped reach a tentative agreement in october that led to the end of a three-day strike then. >> thanks, christie. >> let's check with rob. we have changes going on. >> this morning it is chilly again but the afternoons are going to turn more warm as high pressure builds in and our mornings will be warmer than we're seeing this morning. low 30s around the bay area. the south bay, you can see as they go hour by hour through the
6:33 am
afternoon, some clouds coming in. this is part of a system that's not going to bring us rain but throw extra moisture into the atmosphere which will act like a blanket. keep those temperatures up for tomorrow morning. you can see how the system falls apart as it gets into the bay area. all it should do is scoop up marine air and push in moisture and get the mornings a little warmer and our afternoons warming up. the highs continue to climb through the weekend. around the bay area close to 60 in san jose, upper 50s near san francisco. the north bay mid-50s in napa, 58 in santa rosa. 58 in fremont and a showing of the seven-day forecast, numbers come up especially san francisco, early next week upper 60s, sunshine. tri-valley seeing the same. you'll probably appreciate the
6:34 am
morning temperatures out of the 20s into the mid to upper 30s. you can see the south bay, mid to upper 60s by monday. looking here toward the south bay, our live look, the headlights coming toward us 101 south of 680 you see the overcrossing there and silhouette. we're looking at the tap. the sensors light up at times. a little showing up north 101 from capital expressway. then again toward where we saw the live look with the camera. better news for the sunol area. the crash that was in lanes now over off to the center. we have a smooth flow out of the pleasanton area t golf courses and then the fremont area. that's the curve where you see the slowing. this is the reason. they got to clear this up.
6:35 am
a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup here. it started out already to just the cash lanes off to the right and the fast track lanes, those cash lanes off to the left are more smooth. you don't usually see this until after 7:00. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> new this morning san francisco police looking for the gunman they say shot a man in the mission district. it happened near the corner of mission and 26th street. the victim was shot once in the chest and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. a motive is still unknown. >> today a south bay community will gather to remember a girl trampled in mexico. the first-grader, today at st. mary's church. more than 400 joined a facebook
6:36 am
page in her name. >> big loss for them. 6:35. still ahead, a utility pole snaps and smashes through the roof of a car. coming up we'll tell you how a woman sitting inches away manages to survive this intense crash.
6:37 am
6:38 am
new details about the man accused of faking sign
6:39 am
interpretation at nelson mandela's memorial. the interpreter is defending himself, that he heard voices in his head and hallucinated during mandela's memorial and why his signs didn't make sense. he apologized, told the paper there was nothing else he could do. he also said he is on medication for schizophrenia. >> 6:39. a houston woman says she is grateful to be alive after an electrified pole snapped and smashed through her windshield. the pole landing a few feet away from bridge et butler in her suv. butler says she was momentarily stunned and trying to get out of the suv when a woman who heard the commotion ran on her porch. >> slammed on my brakes. i didn't realize it was a pole until the lady in this house was screaming, do not get out of your car. >> firefighters say the wire was still live and someone could
6:40 am
have been electrocuted. >> 6:39. coming up, a san francisco wine heist, is it linked to a spree up to seattle. new details. >> a high school booster club robbed at gunpoint during a bingo fund-raiser. the crime that has victims calling for security guards. >> and take a look at this. sparks fly during an overnight police chase. we'll tell you how officers finally got that driver into cuffs. >> apple investigates the death of one of its workers at a factory in china. the latest in business. >> we're seeing a crisp clear start to the morning in san jose, temperatures near freezing but much warmer weather on the way for the weekend.
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6:43 am
welcome back. 6:43. this morning investigators are looking into whether two men arrested for a wine heist in seattle are tied to a similar crime in the bay area. chase cain is live in san francisco with the details. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we're talking about expensive wine. nearly three quarters of a million dollars of wine and that is why san francisco police are talking to seattle police to see if these two crimes are connected. in this more recent seattle crime, 2500 bottles of wine were stolen from a high end store there. thieves broke in twice t first time spray painted over surveillance cameras, disabled alarms, then a second time, cutting a hole in the wall, stealing the wine, on the way out cut a gas line and ignited that line to try and set off an explosion that didn't work. they did get away with $648,000
6:44 am
of wine. one of the suspects took the wine and tried to sell it to a wine dealer for a fraction of the price. the dealer was suspicious so he contacted police. then that broker realized he bought more wine from the same guy earlier this year and they started talking to police and realized that sale to this dealer happened a few days after a theft from a wine store here in san francisco, it is fine wines international near burrnell heights. because of his involvement in the police side of this neil released a statement where he said i am not able to comment on any of this at this point. unfortunately i have been advised not to speak. but the owner of the wine store is speaking once he found out that police may have found most of the wine stolen from him. the owner said quote, while we are still doing an inventory the volume recovered makes us eager with anticipation and we can't wait to share the good news with our customers. >> seattle police have two
6:45 am
suspects in custody charged with burglary, theft and arson. seattle police are again talking with san francisco police here to see if the two crimes are related. one last thing, i have to point out when police arrested one of the suspects in seattle they found them with an article titled "how to commit the perfect crime" and this guy is now in jail. >> a wine list, right? a list of wines? >> reporter: he had a list of fine wines as well, a lot of the same wines they ended up trying to sell to the broker. i guess that's the perfect example of getting caught red-handed. >> evidence in that back pack. >> he didn't read the whole thing. >> thanks so much. >> see what's going on weather wise. >> it's a cold start to the morning at least in parts of the bay area. we have a nice sun rise or presun rise i should say. numbers near 32 degrees in downtown san jose. you can see the number there, zero right now in truckee.
6:46 am
for parts of the south bay around sunnyvale to morgan hill, waking up to the low 30s. peninsula temperatures chilly. mid-30s in spots. tri-valley and inner east bay seeing numbers in the 20s and 30s. the north bay temperatures 20s and 30s in the coldest spots. not much wind. slightly offshore as winds turn back to a sea breeze. that's going to bring in moisture and eventually improve the air quality, which we have a spare the air alert for pollution in the south bay as the winds pick up air quality will improve. our morning temperature is going to come up. you can see a system that will push high clouds our way. but no rain. that's going to be a bit of a blanket for us tomorrow morning, adding extra moisture to the atmosphere which will retain some of the heat and instead of this chilly dry air which has settled into the bay area. the system supporting the extra clouds and the stronger sea breeze not bringing showers. falling apart before it reaches
6:47 am
the bay area. behind it high pressure will build in. you will notice temperatures back on the rise. near 60 today, upper 50s around the peninsula and san francisco, and to the north bay, napa 56 degrees, mid to upper 50s from oakland toward fremont, and now a view of some of the seven-day forecasts around the area, in the 60s for san francisco, look at the morning temperatures starting to climb up. around the tri-valley, a change both in the morning into the mid-30s for the mornings. san jose, too, seeing the warming trend this weekend, mornings finally in the 40s, so you wouldn't think we would talk low 40s feeling warm. that will feel nice. >> relative just like the traffic flow which i'll tell you about in sunol. it's better. not really dramatic slowing. we have the south bay with the northbound routes, we see this kicking in before 7:00. with the orange here and 87 and
6:48 am
85. that means that speeds are coming down to about 50 miles per hour. yesterday was really tough for north 87 coming up into downtown from early on. looked like we have a good volume as well so expect a slower drive. we're looking toward sunol. we should see a better drive because the crash is out of the lanes and moves to the center divide. 680, we had that non-injury crash move over to the shoulder but we have the build out of pleasanton with more out of livermore and pleasanton for 84 as well. that's all this issue as you head to sunol and fremont. nothing unexpected to dublin or across in toward castro valley. 880, a smooth drive, a slower one. and south 880 from hayward fast san mateo bridge. predictable build there. a live look for oakland north of here looking at a smooth drive past high street, slowing through downtown, speeds into about the 55 mile per hour
6:49 am
range, and the bay bridge toll plaza has the backup. a look toward the fence peninsula side. north 101 through palo alto passing by willow avenue. all the way into san mateo, no problems. southbound side has a build but again you're at the limit down in toward mountain view and the south bay. the north bay southbound 101 here, suddenly building over the last 15 minutes. we have slowing south of novato in toward richmond/san rafael bij but no drama and an easy drive past that all the way down to the golden gate bridge. >> thanks very much. a wild police chase came to a screeching end in the east bay overnight. sparks were flying, sirens blaring as the suspect after running over a spike trip eventually blew out a front tire in antioch riding on his rims there. the chase was connected to a joint operation targeting violent gangs in that city. the suspect led officers on a pursuit from antioch to
6:50 am
pittsburg to concord and bay point before ending up in antioch. at one point he was going 100 miles an hour. the 36-year-old man was arrested and nobody hurt. >> new details on a underground vault fire overnight. fire crews were called to the intersection of polk and ella street just before 10:00 last night. they arrived to find smoke pouring from the vault. crews had it under control in a couple hours. power has been fully restored. >> a follow-up to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. investigators say they need more time to figure out what started this fire. at a phone company in concord. part of the roof collapsed. luckily, no one was inside. the fire marshal says it's too early to call it suspicious.
6:51 am
it could take days to determine the cause. >> belmont police are investigating after thieves took off with copper wire used for street lights. they found an open grate. when they checked they found thieves opened up the utility box. three other boxes on the street were also opened. about 600 feet of copper wire was stolen. street value, $600. the theft happened between tuesday night and wednesday morning. if you have information call belmont police. a couple on the lam for 17 years is now back in the u.s. and an headed to prison. they were indicted back in 1996 but fled to pakistan before they could be arrested. they scammed a bank out of nearly $439,000. the couple returned to the u.s. and pleaded guilty charges after working out a deal with prosecutors and they will be sentenced in march and face a
6:52 am
maximum of 30 years in prison. >> apple says its factories are not responsible for the death of a teenage worker who was building iphones. >> that worker has been on the job for a stunning number ever hours. >> good morning. he had been on the job for better than 80 hours in a week which is against both apple and china's rules. it turned out he was only 15, not 21 has his fake i.d. indicated. the boy died of pneumonia. in a statement apple says its special appointed investigators found no evidence that the job had anything to do with the death. apple says quote we realize this is of little comfort to the families who lost a loved one. taking a look at the markets, the dow industrials down a bit, about 60 points, nasdaq higher. facebook gaining 3% after the company was added to the s&p 500. twitter is about off about 2%. and pinterest has a new update
6:53 am
for its app. it's faster and easier to use. i bring this up because this will be an interesting holiday for pinterest, the company has been around a while but we're seeing the san francisco company make deals with nordstrom and target, making it easier to shop. target is happy, pinterest is happy. this is a pinterest christmas. >> it's nice to click on something. >> and get ideas. i agree. >> 6:53. we are following breaking news happening now. oakland firefighters on the scene of a one-alarm house fire. it is burning at 24th and market close to the boys and girls club. >> we don't know if anyone is inside. we will have more information as it comes in. time for other top stories. christie smith with a look at why b.a.r.t. is going back to
6:54 am
the bargaining table. >> reporter: good morning to you. certainly seems like a deal was signed, sealed and done but it's not. both sides sitting down with a federal mediator to try and hash out a claus that part is saying was accidentally left in the final package give tune the union. the latest in this dispute that has riders wondering what's next. the problem, b.a.r.t. says a six-week per year paid family leave provision that could cost the agency millions of dollars was left in. b.a.r.t.'s board approved the contract, only if that language was removed from the contract. and the unions, they sued. they had ratified thiscourt on november 1. and a conflict that has shut down the system twice in recent months. no strike of talk though both sides meeting with a federal immediate 80er in oakland.
6:55 am
reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. >> let's check in with peggy bunker in san jose where an armed man robbed a bungo fund-raiser. >> reporter: can you imagine for folks who come to play bingo, it gets crowded. people make it here most wednesdays. last night a different story. about 9:00, a all the in this man in a ski mask robbed them. they were about to have -- 100 people playing bingo at the time. >> it happened really fast and we heard gun and we looked and the guy took off. pushing the door and against the wall. >> the jackpots in these games can ge up to $5,000, several people that were inside playing the game and watched the robbery
6:56 am
under way got up and ran after the guy. they weren't able to catch him. police now are looking for this robbery suspect. peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, peggy. >> 6:56. a final check of the top stories. the ntsb begins analyzing evidence from yesterday's federal hearing on the asiana plane crash at sfo. the process could take several months and end with a final report expected this summer. >> family and friends of several young men missing will come together tonight to raise awareness about their disappearances. the gathering is organized by lynn ching, her son, 19-year-old sean, vanished seven months ago. >> san jose enforcing strict new laws. the city council approved new regulations allowing it to shut down pot shops next to homes, schools and rehab centers. the rules could take effect as soon as springtime. >> here's rob. >> you'll need a winter coat,
6:57 am
20s and 30s. freeze warning to the north bay, through 9:00 this morning. you'll notice clouds. that will led to a slightly warmer start tomorrow with patchy fog. you can see a check of the seven-day forecast, climbing up, around san francisco. 60s and even upper 60s toward the beginning of next week from san francisco into the south bay. >> to the east bay, all of the traffic to the right. and in the fast track lanes we see later. a look at the map. no problems out of the maze. here the fire in oakland, 24th at market that may affect your 88 line as you head out. we'll keep our eyes on that. looking to the try valley but the build continues for south 680 and 84. a new crash might cause you slowing as well as this crash.
6:58 am
you see that slowdown. all plains are cleared and move to the center divide. the northbound routes you have the slowdown because the commute is starting to kick in. >> just in, giants fans check it out. the giants have filled their void in left field. comcast sports net giants insider reporting the team signed free agent michael morse. he had injuries last year but this guy can hit, hit homers, .296 career average. so that guys going to be in a giants uniform and doing a lot of that right there. we'll see. >> golden morning for some hollywood big names. golden globe nominees just announced. >> for best actress in a motion picture drama, cate blanchett, blue jasmine, judi dench in philomena. and emma thompson, save plg
6:59 am
banks. breaking bad, "downton abbey" t good wife, house of cards and masters of sex got the nod for best tv drama series. >> parks and recreation star announced the nominations this morning along side zoe zaldonia. 12 years a slave and american hustle lead the pack with seven nominations each. >> the awards happening on january 12, amy poehler and -- help me out. >> hosting, tina fey. >> we've got catching up to do when it comes to watching those. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update.
7:00 am
. good morning. too close for comfort. the interpreter just steps from the president now explains he was having a schizophrenic episode. >> please, forgive me. a new interview with nbc news this morning. the question, how did he get so close to so many world leaders. temperatures in the teens and even single digits. get ready, another major snow storm is on the way. scared and safe. the international space station suffers a serious malfunction. so what needs to be done to keep those astronauts safe?


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