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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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tonsilectomy. what her family is telling us this morning. new workweek and new forecast. temperatures starting out mild compared to where we were last week. we are headed to the 70s today. and then things change quickly. i'll have your full forecast in just a few moments. things can change quickly on your commute as well. in the south bay, san jose, we have a new crash. we'll get you the update and what the effect is on your freeway. a live look outside. mike inouye is looking at this picture. i look at it for beauty. it is monday, december 16th. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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bob redell is live inside the airport this morning where it looks to be a hectic morning with people trying to travel. >> reporter: or day for that matter. good morning, laura. all of terminal a is shut down except for the ticketing area. here's the sky bridge where the water main pipe broke this morning. and where they are trying to push the water down the baggage claim which is also shut down. san jose fire is taking that water and pushing it out to the garage where it can get into the sewage area. i want to show you over here so you can get a sense of the lay of the land. we are on the sky bridge of temperatur temperature terminal arc. you can see where it says check-in, right in there in a ceiling panel is where the pipe burst. when the pipe burst, it also set off the fire alarm sprinkler. so you had two sources of water. it did take them a while to turn it off, hence why there's water still here. it's been shut down for 30, 45,
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maybe 60 minutes so far. and beyond that it's security. and you can see in the reflection of the lights that security is also a problem in the sopping wet carpet. security is shot down and it will be quite some time before they actually get this area back open. now, i don't know if you can see beyond security, but that's terminal a at the gate. people are walking past there to starbucks and whatnot. but the gates are not affected. in terms of delays, if you are traveling or have people flying out of here, it's not a tremendous impact. the ticketing area is not affected. they are asking people to check in at terminal a, take a bus to terminal b, and then walk back to your gate inside terminal a. terminal a and b are connected as you saw here. you have people with a wet vac trying to sweep out two to three inches of water. they might get the water out, but you still got carpet damage
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and ceiling tile damage. there's a light fixture hanging from there. that's a similar situation on parts downstairs. on the windows here, you can see a lot of steam as a result of this water main break. we think it might have been hot water. you've got a lot of humidity up here, so you've also got that. that's an issue to deal with. as far as why the pipes broke, i talked to a person who works here with an old metal pipe. it was old and things that get old break down. that's what happened this morning. it will be several hours if not a day before they get this mess cleaned up. but again, go to ticketing at terminal a. that's not affected. take a bus to b. get to terminal b. walk back to your gate at a. reporting live on a horrible monday morning for people, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it will take time to clean that up. we'll keep checking back in with you. thank you, bob. a family is demanding answers this morning as their
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13-year-old daughter is brain dead following routine surgery. christie smith is live in oakland with new reaction from family members. >> reporter: good morning to you, terry. i just spoke with the girl's family and they say they haven't left the hospital at all. in fact, they came down for a couple minutes to speak with us. they tell us they are going to be meeting with doctors today here at children's hospital. as you said, they are demanding answers about what in the world went wrong here with their girl, 13-year-old jahai mcmass. she we want into the hospital to have her tonsils removed. and the reason she did that according to family is because she suffered from sleep apnea. she arrived at children's hospital here on monday in oakland and went in for surgery, even took a photo before. afterwards the family says there was excessive bleeding from her mouth and nose and she went into cardiac arrest. she was put on a ventilator. there was swelling in her brain.
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the family said then she was declared legally dead. here's what her uncle just told us they would like to see happen. >> for sure i want to see her wake up. and the only way we're going to see that is by them keeping her on the vent. we want to keep her on the vent, we don't want to be harassing by saying we need to get as much time with her as you can as they stated on saturday to us. i mean, that feels like anxiety. >> reporter: i've reached out to the hospital this morning but have not heard back yet from the spokesperson. the spokesperson says they are certainly reviewing what happened as they do with any procedure that does not have the anticipated result. back here live, the family out here this morning, they have been by her bedside playing music to her hoping she can hear it. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." it's 5:05. deputies still looking for answers after a deadly shooting
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in a small town of rodeo. the contra costa county sheriff's department says a 25-year-old man was sitting in a car with another person on viewpoint boulevard near willow avenue early saturday morning. they were approached by three unknown people who opened fire. the 25-year-old died at the scene. the other person in the car was not seriously hurt. so far no reports of any arrests. san jose is calling its first gun buy-back event in more than a decade a success. police collected 475 firearms during saturday's buyback. much of the money came from the online crowding funding campaign that helped oakland police buy back 200 guns. san francisco also funded the gun buy-back this program. no word on how many guns were collected there. pg&e will start repairing sections of the natural gas pipeline on winslow street near whipple avenue. pg&e says you may smell gas or hear loud noises while work is
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underway. they expect the work to continue through the winter season. a vote this week is expected to keep workers at all ten uc campuses on the job a while longer. a union representing nearly 15,000 technical employees, health care professionals and researchers has reached a four-year deal with the uc system. that includes employees in lawrence, berkeley national laboratory. it will include the cost of living increase and require workers to contribute 1% more to their pensions. here we go, a record ninth spare the air day in a row today. in fact, we have a live look in san jose where people are being told they cannot burn wood indoors or out. and if you're caught, you will be fined. it's the 13th spare the air day since the season began on november 1st. meteorologist christina loren who also does photography we found out joins us now. these alerts are due in part to the cold weather we're having. >> indeed they are. the stagnant air mass overhead. and i hate to say it, but a lot
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of times it's your neighbors who report the firewood being burned. so take it easy out there. you have people out there patrolling, but a lot of times the neighbors call it in. we are at 42 in oakland. the only place we are watching for frost may be a little bit in san martin throughout the next couple of hours. napa is at 35 degrees, but the windshield is getting colder. to put this in perspective, we are milder from yesterday by 5 to 7 degrees. the highs today are going to be warmer 5 to 10 degrees above average. in fact, warmer temperatures coming in from the south bay. morgan hills, 73 degrees. pretty mild along the peninsula, upper 60s for you. outer richmond district near 67 degrees. staying nice and comfortable in the city. no fog. the east bay looks good. pleasanton, 67 degrees getting into this afternoon. we have subtle changes ahead. getting into tomorrow, today we're going to lose a couple degrees of warmth heading throughout your tuesday.
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then by wednesday temperatures drop like a rock with the area of low pressure coming through. but what will happen is this will bring about better air quality. we'll talk about this coming up. remember, the seven-day forecast here at the bottom of the screen. we'll find out what mike is tracking. good morning to you. we are tracking something past the bottom of the screen, so this is a live shot southbound 880 over there at fremont. traveling to the south bay, that's what we're talking about. a smooth drive there. a little slowing just below 60 miles per hour getting to 880 past 237 and the 101. just past there we had an earlier stalled vehicle. everything has cleared from the roadway in the last couple of minutes. and chp just cleared that from the incident report as well. just a crew there approaching stevens creek boulevard. we know about that and make the change to the transition. no big surprises for that group. we are looking at the tri-valley, a smooth drive out of the altamont pass. a volume build near 84 near the bottom of the screen. the san mateo bridge, no
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problems for highway 92 across the water. the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly to the peninsula. we'll try the oakland shot, there we go, this is a smooth drive along the peninsula. now to 880 from this point in hayward all the way north to the coliseum, no big issues. just more company and no problems through the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. 5:10. south africa's ten-day mourning period for nelson mandela has come to an end. new images from johannesburg where workers started to dismantle the memorial site at mandela square. it was one of many places set up for people to pay tribute to mandela after his death. this morning south africa's president jacob zuma unveiled a new statue to honor nelson mandela. the statue is located in the country's capital. he was one of 4,500 people to attend mandela's burial yesterday in his childhood
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village. academy-award whipping actress joan fontane died in her sleep yesterday. she won an oscar for her role in "suspicion." hollywood also remembering peter o'toole this morning who received eight academy award nominations but never won an award until he received the honorary oscar in 2002. o'toole died in london after a long-known illness. he was 81. >> some hollywood greats. new tensions in the middle east this morning after an israeli soldier is killed on the country's border with lebanon. plus, it was supposed to be his wedding night, but instead a young groom killed while trying
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to help a stranded driver. the new video just into our newsroom next. google buys more robots and we'll take a look ahead to the trading day as well.
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welcome back. a newly married man was helping a driver on the side of the road just hours after his wedding. peggy, i understand the person the man was trying to save was also killed? >> yes, just trying to do a good deed. really a tragic story. just hours after sharing his first dance with his new wife, 49-year-old william riley knight was dead. friends say that knight was the happiest he had been seen in
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crownpoint, indiana, saturday night. they danced at their reception after reciting vows they had written for each other. nikki was still in their wedding dress when they left the reception to drive home. that's when knight noticed a car on the side of the road in the ditch. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or form. >> stranded on the side of the road, 42-year-old linda darlington, a wife and local teacher, tried to help him across the road and they were hit by two separate cars. >> one of the first vehicles was coming eastbound and struck both individuals. the car right behind them also struck the two. >> both knight and darlington died at the scene. his wife released a statement saying i went from being a wife to a widow in 24 hours.
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i went from a high to the lowest low. knight leaves behind four children including two step-children. a sad story all the way around. >> it's heartbreaking when you think about it. it really is. thank you so much. detroit will find out this week just how much its massive art collection is worth. and the city hired kristy's auction house in new york to value the collection in an effort to pay off creditors and retire public workers. the auction house also offers alternatives to the city to help raise funds including a program to allow other u.s. museums to rent this art. there's also a private campaign to raise $500 million to keep the artwork from being sold. free wi-fi is also available in one of the busiest parts of san francisco. the free wi-fi service will turn on today along market street to the embarcadero. it's the first to be launched around the city in six months. they are donating their services and equipment to help get the
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city on wi-fi. by july the city hopes to have free wi-fi available at 31 parks and plazas in san francisco. well, google tried offering free wi-fi once. but scott mcgrew says he has more. >> reporter: you may recall the big dog, the robot made by boston dynamics has terrified the internet a couple years ago. well, now it's the google big dog over the weekend. google bought boston dynamics. speaking of google, "60 minutes" had an interview with keith alexander on the cbs program last night. he was asked why and how america spies on google, to which he replied to the why, alexander said, quote, terrorists use communication from google, yahoo! and other service providers. so our objective is to collect those communications no matter where they are.
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he was not specific on the how. most americans probably figure the government watches what you type into google and what google sends back. the shocker a few months ago was according to documents from edward snowden. they tap internal google communications, what google computers say to each other. on the market, keep an eye on nimble storage. they bought shares to the market jumping 60%. nimble storage says it's because of, as you might imagine, storage. 600 technology companies in america are worth more than $100 million. more than half of them, 308, are based in california. >> wow. a little asterisk, none of which i own. >> keeps you neutral. >> exactly. that's why. thank you very much. we'll check out the forecast right now and we are talking about an all-time high for this date. >> for this very date, terry mcsweeney.
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we are looking good out there. good morning to you. welcome to the new workweek. yes, we'll be spoiled here in the north bay starting out at 44 degrees. good morning to you in the east bay. you're at 42. we are at 38 degrees in the south bay. to kickoff the new workweek, one of the last weeks to get your christmas shopping done, by the way. today is a great day to get out there and do so. if you can get to the beach, i want advise you, we'll see some really large waves out there. so watch out for sneaker waves. don't turn your back to the ocean. hey, 73 degrees. not too shabby. south bay will be the warmest, 69 in foster city from the peninsula. getting pretty warm as well with temperatures comfortable in walnut creek. right near 69 for you. the same for livermore today. the same area getting unseasonably warm today. we'll hold on to that, just as warm for tuesday. then on wednesday the area of low pressure is bringing around better air quality, but it will
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also drop our temperatures like a rock. we are down in the 50s by thursday, but here's the good news. temperatures are going to start to swing back up as we get towards the end of the week and the upcoming weekend. so that's the good news with temperatures climbing back into the 60s and 70s getting into next week. so no major rain in sight. we'll get a look at the drive from mike inouye. i love the forecast. it looks great. we are looking over here with a nice easy drive with headlights past the shopping center of ridgewood, but look at this. back on the billboard it's flashing. the billboard that's facing you driving north is flickering. that's been going on for quite some time. a little distraction there. not a major disturbance because that happens from time to time, but i thought i would point that out there could be a little slowing until that clears up. looking over to the maps, we see a smooth drive across the bay. san mateo and the dumbarton bridge are moving over to 101. a nice easy drive. a little slowing shows up, but nothing dramatic dipping below the speed limit. around the bay, not a lot of
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drama. an easy start to your monday morning. we are seeing this low on west 580 into livermore. toward the dublin interchange. we have an easy drive. a little slowing here, pretty traditional at this time. same as your schedule from antioch. this is lighter, but we're starting to see the red and orange out of a-street to pittsburgh and bay point. that stretch will kick in over the next ten minutes. overall, as you approach the bay bridge, the 24, the east shore freeway and the maze are moving slowly. no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. a smooth drive along the north bay. here's southbound with no slowing. thank you, mike. new this morning, more trouble possibly brewing between israel and lebanon after two border shootings in the span of 24 hours. just hours ago israel's army announced it shot two lebanese soldiers after suspicious movement along the border. the shooting happened where a sniper killed israeli soldiers
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hours earlier. the condition of the lebanese soldiers annulled. the shooting raises fears of possible renewed fighting along the border which has remained quiet since 2006. construction on one of the 2014 world cup stadiums in brazil is on hold after a worker died. a judge has ordered work to be stopped in the stadium in the city pending worker safety. a worker died on saturday after falling from a stadium roof. just hours later another worker died of a heart attack outside a different stadium construction site leading to a worker strike over safety. four other construction workers have died this year at venues being built for the world cup. construction is way behind plagued by delays, accidents and public anger over government waste. an amazing story of survival. for the first time, we hear from the nevada couple who just spent two days in sub zero
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temperatures doing everything they could to keep the four children with them alive.
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welcome back, everyone. taking you live to new york city, look at the rockefeller center tree. nine days until christmas. there you go. got your list ready? check it twice. it's 5:25. the family who has survived two days in the snowy nevada wilderness sat down with the "today" show in new york for an exclusive interview. the couple and four children who range in age from 3 to 10 are doing just fine now. but did you see their jeep? it had rolled over on a dirt road just 15 miles from loveland. the family burned a spare tire and put rocks on the fire and then brought the rocks into the car to provide long-term heat.
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christina told the "today" show she could not have lasted much longer. >> maybe one more day. if not, i don't think we would have lasted another two days. >> how afraid were you? >> i got scared the second day. >> you can watch the full interview coming up on the "today" show starting at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area. pretty remarkable there. well, members of the raiders are getting into the holiday spirit at the mall in hayward exchanging autographs for donations to toys for tots. day two of the toy drive by the raiders today. during yesterday's game raider nation got into the act of dropping off gifts before entering the coliseum. 5:26 right now. the new efforts to fix the bay area's bad roads. what the state is now planning to do. plus, what we're expected to learn today about last year's fire at the chevron refinery in richmond sending thousands to the hospital with breathing problems.
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a cascade of water comes pouring into the baggage claim of san jose international airport. we'll have a live update next. and a college campus on alert after a string of robberies over the weekend. what police are now telling us. another spare the air day. unhealthy levels of pollution. it will not last all week. it will be 70 today. a beautiful forecast coming your way. we'll detail that for you in a few moments. things are looking good but now we see flashing lights at the toll plaza. we don't want any problems there, but we'll let you know. let's take another vantage point of the bay bridge this morning. one of the most lovely sights. it is monday, november 16th. this is "today in the bay."
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a very good monday to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. bob redell is live in san jose. it will be a hectic morning for travelers. >> reporter: this is still quite a mess out here. good morning to you, terry. the baggage claim at terminal a is shut down. the sky bridge to your left is shut down. and over here right behind me, security is shut down. and you can see why. workers have been out here the past hour trying to get all this water that's soaked into the carpet that's on the floor trying to sweep it. the main water line popped about two to three hours ago. the good news is that if you look beyond the glass there, you can see that's the terminal itself not affecting the gates.
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so if you are flying out of normanetta, still go to ticketing at terminal a. take a bus to terminal b. once go get to terminal a connecting to terminal b, walk back to your gate. it took the airport a while to get the water shut off. in the process of the pipe bursting, it somehow set off one of the fire sprinklers. so you had that pipe and then the sprinkler bursting of water. come over here in the sky bridge area. if you look up to the ceiling area, it was in this area where the pipe burst. i can't tell which one it is. it might be one of these over here that burst, but you have this seen here. you have this where the ceiling tiles were soaked. not only is it a water issue but a safety issue. i bring that up because it's hard to tell how long terminal a will take before it's running. definitely several hours.
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we could be talking about a day or two. that was the conversation i had with someone out here trying to clean up this mess. the security in terminal a is shut down. the sky bridge and the baggage claim are all shut down. they have been squeeging the water here for hours. as far as people who have friends or family who are flying into terminal a, they have baggage claims at terminal b. we'll assume they will be taking the bags over there. reporting live at terminal a, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much. >> it is 5:32. a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after what was supposed to be a routine surgery. just days after having surgery, she had swelling on her brain and was declared brain dead. the family is holding out hope
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she's wake up. they say the hospital is to blame. christie smith talked to the family with a live report coming up at 6:00. the two men accused of killing an oakland 8-year-old during a slumber party are expected back in court today. the pre-trial hearing is scheduled to take place this afternoon. police say alicia caradeen was sleeping at a friend's house and someone shot her through the front door. it is likely revenge for the killing of a cousin earlier in the day. berkeley is reaching out to students following a string of armed robberies. there have been four robberies and one attempted robbery in less than a week. chase cane is live in berkeley this morning. chase, all this coming right in the middle of final exams. >> reporter: this is finals week meaning students are staying up late and getting up early to get in last-minute studying. but that also means students are walking alone around campus back
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to their dorms on campus. so many students have been walking by themselves here well before daylight. yesterday berkeley police and campus police set up a mobile unit outside campus where there was an attack and a robbery early yesterday morning. that was the most recent. they are targeting anything valuable, which if they are holding or displaying the valuable item, that's making them a target for these robbers. police are telling students not to walk alone, to take shuttles and request an escort from campus police if necessary. but still students here on berkeley are on edge. >> we are entirely less likely to stay out late now. at least i am personally. >> i mean, it's scary because libraries are open 24 hours. so people take advantage of that because it's finals week. and, i mean, it's always terrifying to feel like you're not safe when on campus, especially with a lot of other
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things on your mind. >>reporter: police say no matter what is on their mind they need to make safety a priority. especially after dark. and again, they have shuttles. they have escorts by campus officers, but really this morning, guys, we have seen too many students walking by themselves. some even holding their cell phones, and berkeley police are trying to get the word out to say that's the most dangerous behavior. you need to listen to the advice from police. we are live on berkeley's campus, chase cane, "today in the bay." today federal investigators will release recommendations regarding the refinery fire in richmond. this sent large plumes of toxic black smoke over much of the east bay. hospitals treated 15,000 people with breathing problems. authorities determined it was caused by a corroded pipe that failed. now federal officials recommend changes at the refinery to avoid a similar problem in the future. a suspected drunk driver on the peninsula is facing felony
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hit-and-run charges this morning. the man was driving drunk when he crashed into a vintage car dealership in redwood city. when police arrived on the scene, they found the passenger hurt but the driver had taken off. later police tracked down the suspect and arrested him nearby. a local hearing today on the poor condition of bay area roads. according to a national transportation research group, the san francisco open metro area has the second worst roads among the country's 20 biggest urban areas. san jose comes in third. officials hope today's hearing will be the first step in a massive overhaul of california's highways. they say the poor condition of the roads and the congestion they cause put millions of pounds of carbon dioxide into the air every year. and it slows down business, too. time to welcome back meteorologist christina loren. a couple days off, probably nice to sleep in. >> oh, yeah, especially when it's been so cold. temperatures are not as frigid this morning. good morning to you. welcome to the new new york week with major changes to this week.
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42 in oakland, 32 in san jose. temperatures are about 35 degrees in napa, but everywhere running three to five degrees milder on average this morning. so we're waking up a little bit more comfortable than at this time yesterday. today's highs are comfortable all across the board. we're talking about the 70s in the south bay. that's the warmest. 68 degrees along the peninsula. east bay, 69. 69 in san francisco. and 69 out in the north bay for today. then the changes move in as we head through midweek. an area of low pressure is on the way, so we want to take advantage of the weather. if you have outdoor activity that is have been too cold for you, by wednesday we are talking of the low 70s. temperatures tumbling between today and midweek. you can find your forecast any time and see it a the bottom of the screen. sorry, you interrupted me as
5:38 am
i was perusing. we have flashing lights over off to your right, the far light lanes heading off to the hov lanes. but the tow truck was replaced by a number of folks in the cash lane. nothing dramatic, but on the map there's a smooth drive out of the maze. then a little slowing heading up the incline indicating more traffic flow. that commute is starting to kick in. over to the dublin interchange, west 580 as well, slow coming in to dublin passing this area, we have dipping speeds. also more traffic out of the altamont pass. there it is for the tri-valley with the commute starting there. heading down to the south bay, a smooth flow of traffic northbound. a little blip of yellow on the southbound side. no big worries there. just down to 59. we'll look at the volume of traffic. northbound 101 at 680. our live camera shows the traffic flow increasing over the last couple of minutes. speeds dipping a bit. and the sensors will adjust. this will kick in after 6:00
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again, guys. 5:38. sacred heart community service will help to feed thousands of families today, but the organization still needs some help. over the weekend 300 volunteers packed 3200 food boxes. today they will pass out the boxes to help low income families celebrate the holidays. organizers say they have enough food to feed everyone who signed up but they are still several thousand toys short of meeting their goal. they hope to pass out more than 16,000 toy this is christmas but still need to collect 11,000. drop off donations at the san jose location all week long. 5:39 right now. a tragic wedding day story. a groom tried to do the right thing ends up getting killed just feet from his new bride. and some new video into our newsroom. a high-rise in china catches fire forcing hundreds to find a new place to live.
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a young man was killed just hours after his wedding. >> terry, this is a terrible story. just hours after sharing his first dance with his wife, william riley knight was dead. that is the first dance right there. friends say knight was the happiest they had seen him at his wedding in crown point, indiana, saturday night. he and his wife, nikki, danced at their wedding reception after reciting vows they had written for each other. nikki was still in her wedding dress when they left the reception to drive home. that's when knight noticed a car in the road in the ditch. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or
5:43 am
form. >> now stranded on the side of the road was 42-year-old linda darlington. a wife and mother of three and a local first-grade teacher. knight tried to help darlington across the road and were both hit by two separate cars. >> one of the first vehicles was coming eastbound and struck both individuals. a car right behind them in the first vehicle also struck the two. >> both knight and darlington died at the scene. knight's widow nikki remained in the car, she was unhurt. she did release this statement, she said i went from being a newlywed to a widow in less than 48 hours. the highest high to the lowest low. now according to authorities, alcohol did not play a role in the crash although the accident remains under investigation. knight leaves behind four children including two stepchildren. just a terribly sad story all the way around. >> it doesn't get much sadder than that. i have new details on the school shooting in colorado that left a teenager girl in a coma. arapahoe high school will be
5:44 am
closed through the winter recess though it will open on certain days so students can collect their belongings and meet with mental health advisers. in the meantime, officials say 17-year-old claire davis was shot at point-blank range during friday's attack. they do not think she was the target. investigators say the gunman, 18-year-old carl pearson, was upset with a teacher for being benched on the debate team. he turned the gun on himself when officers arrived at the school. in the wake of a deadly train derailment this month, a new york city commuter company going under the federal microscope. this morning experts will begin looking at engineer oversight, compliance with federal regulations and medical requirements for crew members. the engineer on that train reportedly became incapacitated at the controls before the crash. he says he experienced a hypnosis-like daze. and from the time he caught himself, it was too late. four people were killed, dozens injured. we have new video of a massive fire in a high-rise building in southern china that
5:45 am
burned for more than 13 hours. nobody was killed in the fire which gutted this 25-story building. but 1600 people living in nearby residential condos have been relocated. the building was being used as storage for shoes and wooden boards. with christmas fast approaching, the u.s. postal service says today is expected to be its busiest mailing day of the season. the post office expects to process more than 600 million pieces of mail nationwide. that's about 50 million more peaces than during the average holiday season. the san jose processing center alone will see 400,000 more cards, letters and packages. well, if the line for waiting snakes outside, that's okay. it's going to be a nice day. >> it will feel, christina. >> quite warm. >> it will be warm. 70s. ah. i love the 70s! the only thing is the air quality has been rather poor lately. and it's going to be pretty poor today as well. otherwise, we're waking up with temperatures that are tolerable. it's not too cold out there. you can leave the plants and
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pets outside. not too long when it comes to the furry fellows, though. 41 degrees in the east bay. we gold through the cold snap and now our reward is going to be a nice warm up for today. in fact, it's going to be really nice all across the board. the only area where we are concerned is spare the air. air quality is not looking so good today. central bay, south central bay and the south bay, that's where we have the worst levels of air pollution where it's illegal to burn. but the good news is i'm forecasting much clearer skies getting into wednesday and thursday. and it looks like at that point we won't have to spare the air any longer, but it has had quite a stretch of poor air quality. now here's the good news. if you want to hit the beach today, 73 degrees out at santa cruz. you cannot beat that in mid-december. you know, just nine days away from christmas. that's a pretty nice temperature. but i do want to point out, this is much warmer than usual. in fact, in san jose, i'm forecasting 70 degrees. and that, in fact, is a record for this day. the high, 70 degrees. that record was set back in
5:47 am
1998. so well over ten years. we are looking pretty good for a new record today. and then as we head throughout tomorrow, just about as warm. and then temperatures really start to drop like a rock as we get into the end of the week. so seize the day. tomorrow looking pretty good as well. better air quality, but lower temperatures wednesday into thursday. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. good morning, folks. we are looking over here, we'll start with the north bay with the volume of traffic starting to kick in. this is southbound 01. the curve as you approach north san pedro road. over to lincoln, there you go. no big issues. just more company. but here you're at the limit despite the crowd there you have. we'll look at the rest of the bay on the sensors and give you the overview. nothing dramatic. the peninsula is looking good as you would expect about now. the south bay just a mild stretch for northbound 101 north of 680. the tri-valley, we have slowing continuing to build out of the altamont pass and over to the dublin interchange because of the volume of traffic there as well as highway 84 coming into livermore. that was an early slowdown and
5:48 am
is holding up steady with your normal pattern now over to 680 heading north up to san ramon valley. a smooth drive into danville. here across the bay, san mateo is moving smoothly. we had the earlier crash reported at the dumbarton bridge near the toll plaza. no injuries reported. all the activity off to the roadway in the center divide, but that could be an issue if you are in the carpool, you may go right past that. slow a bit approaching the toll plaza, you should anyway. as we look at the rest of the bay approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, the east shore freeway and the maze, a smooth flow of trap. flips of orange and volume slowing. no big drama. we'll look at the camera with the bay bridge toll plaza with the cash lanes backing up. no fast track lanes opening up. we should see the metering light turn on in the next five minutes according to typical plan. and this looks like a typical monday. mike, thank you very much. it could be a very big day on the farm. >> panther football coach david
5:49 am
shaw one of eight finalists for the coach of the year award. shaw helped lead the cardinals to the 11-2 record and to the rose bowl. he has several names in competition, including gus malzon from auburn and jim fisher. >> eddie robinson is the winningest coach of all time. the winner will be announced today. good luck to shaw. the 49ers getting ready for what will be the last regular season game at candlestick park. ever. they are going to play monday night against atlanta. the niners are back home after a quick trip to san jose where they beat the bucs 30-14 to improve to 10-4 on the season. they need to win on monday night to lock up the wild spot in the playoffs. go niners. a familiar face returning to
5:50 am
the bay area. alex smith and the kansas city chiefs ran and passed and beat the raiders 56-31. smith threw five touchdowns to help the chiefs clench a spot in the playoffs. the raiders won't make an appearance in the postseason. it is 5:50. just days before christmas and amazon has trouble at some of its facilities. details are next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:52. you want a seasonal picture?
5:53 am
let's take a live look at the skating rink at rockefeller center in new york. you can see the people there, so it's almost 9:00 many the morning back there. fantastic day to go ice skating and see the christmas tree. people are rushing by with their packages and treasures. it really is christmas time in the city. new protests in germany this morning as workers walk off the job at a number of centers. workers are staging a one-day strike in an effort to settle a new wage agreement. about 9,000 workers at majestic centers in three german cities are striking. they say amazon workers receive lower wages than other retail jobs. amazon says that's not the case as the workers are paid on the upper end of what the industry earns. 5:53. facebook is paying attention to what you don't post. scott mcgrew, we're talking about the stuff you write but don't actually send. >> we have all done this, you type some smart aleck response to a friend's post and think
5:54 am
bitter of it, hit delete and never hit publish. facebook pays attention when you do that. two facebook employees have written a scientific paper on the behavior noting that facebook is interested in why people self-sensor. the employees point out facebook does not keep a record of what you wrote, but does analyze the content in an attempt to figure out why you didn't post it. facebook is added to the s&p 500 at the end of the week. both the dow and the s&p 500 had their worst weeks in more than three months last week. the fed meets tomorrow. everybody wants to know when the fed is going to start slowing its massive injection of cash into the economy. each month the fed buys billions of dollars worth of debt, it buys mortgages from the mortgage-backed securities, and dozens because it's brought the interest rates banks charge each other down to zero and needed a new tool. if that goes away, there's less money circulating on wall
5:55 am
street. presumably mortgage rates jump as well. finally, patch will not last much longer. tech crunch is reporting aol will shut the local news site down. terry and laura, it was a valuable tool. but any time you get that local, and you know this in news, you need a writer in those things. and it can be tough in a block by block news organization. >> how am i going to find out what's going on in every community in the bay area? >> you'll have to look for it yourself. christina loren is here with a look at the forecast for the bay. i can't believe these are temperatures for mid-december. >> it will be really nice. thank you for waking up with us, especially this time of the year. we're getting into the holiday season. a lot of people like to sleep in, but not you. we are happy you are with us. 44 degrees right now in san francisco. you can see it is nice and clear out there for most of the bay area. we are in the 30s and 40s. headed to the 70s in the south bay and close to the 70s just
5:56 am
about everywhere else. 68 degrees in the peninsula today. east bay, 69. 67 in san francisco. and in the north bay, 69 degrees. hard to beat that, huh, mike? definitely hard to beat, but we'll try. go for it, christina. we have the backup that you did not beat unless you were a fast track driver just starting to slow. they may turn the metering lights on in the next few minutes because look at the volume of traffic down the east shore freeway headed toward the toll plaza. we have another camera that we pointed up on westbound 880 with the headlights coming toward us. top of the screen, there are two streams of white lights americaning off the richmond parkway and coming off the east shore freeway emerging by the time you get to the racetrack. a lot of traffic filling in. also past the oakland coliseum, i don't see what the issue is but reports of some sort of a smaller truck stalling in the right-hand shoulder. that was a distraction that caused that ripple effect back to 98. back to you. thank you very much. >> 5:56 right now.
5:57 am
and the mourning period for nelson mandela is over. now we get the first glimpse of the new tribute to the former south african leader. plus, a young girl on life support after what was supposed to be a routine surgery. why the family says the hospital is to blame. and new video just in. china's space probe touching down on the moon. what the country is saying about this ambitious mission. we continue to follow breaking news. these are live pictures from san jose international airport this morning. that's not what it generally looks like. there's been a massive water main break and now the cleanup is well underway. it will help you through your travel plans. bob redell is live on the scene. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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busted. a water pipe that burst causing cleanup that could take days. absolutely. i believe somewhere along the way either protocol wasn't followed or there was a surgical error. >> plus, a little girl declared brain dead after a routine tonsil surgery. and her family says the hospital is to blame. we'll tell you why they say her condition deteriorated so quickly. and good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we are talking about the 70s for today. and then those numbers tumble by the end of the week. but, we will see better air quality. your full forecast, a lot to talk about, in just a few moments. and they are on collectively. the metering lights and the backup at the toll plaza. the commute is kicking in for the east bay heading into san francisco. we'll show you what it is like in oakland with a stall near 880 as well. a beautiful look at the bay bridge this morning.


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