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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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busted. a water pipe that burst causing cleanup that could take days. absolutely. i believe somewhere along the way either protocol wasn't followed or there was a surgical error. >> plus, a little girl declared brain dead after a routine tonsil surgery. and her family says the hospital is to blame. we'll tell you why they say her condition deteriorated so quickly. and good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we are talking about the 70s for today. and then those numbers tumble by the end of the week. but, we will see better air quality. your full forecast, a lot to talk about, in just a few moments. and they are on collectively. the metering lights and the backup at the toll plaza. the commute is kicking in for the east bay heading into san francisco. we'll show you what it is like in oakland with a stall near 880 as well. a beautiful look at the bay bridge this morning. monday, december 16th.
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one more week till christmas. this is "today in the bay." thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. crews are cleaning up at the airport after an overnight water main break. right now the security checkpoint of terminal a is shut down. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live there where it will be a hectic day for travelers. >> reporter: you are correct. good morning to you, terry. the source of the headache for all the workers here at normanetta is a three-inch piece of rubber right up there. you can see the two pieces of red seal and it looks like a rubber tire. that's an expansion joint for the water line. you can see where it split where the hot water started gushing from at 2:15 this morning. remember, a lot of heat coming out of there to trigger this
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fire sprinkler here. we have two sources of water bursting up through the ceiling panels here and causing this mess. you look down on the sky bridge, this used to have two to three inches of water. and that extends down to the baggage claim. it took them a couple of hours to get all of the water shut off. so here in terminal a the baggage claim is shut down and the sky bridge. and this is a big problem. you're looking at security for terminal a. the carpets are water-logged. this water extended well into the actual security screening area itself. so what they are asking passengers to do is to check in at terminal a ticketing, which is down over here. you can check in at ticketing at a. then they want you to take a bus over to terminal b where to check in for screening there. and then you will walk back down here to terminal a to get your debate. if you are not familiar, terminal a and b are connected. as we look down the hallway, you'll see people walking by. those are the passengers who
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checked in here. they took the bus and are getting back to the debate. i'm going to look at the board real quick, as far as flights departing, i do see one red line. it looks like one flight is being canceled. the most are on time. if you have friends or family who are flying in and are supposed to be flying in on one of the airlines in terminal a, you'll have to have them go to terminal b to get their bags. fortunately, the baggage claim for terminal a and b are separate from each other. so they can operate independently. as far as when will this be back open, that is really anyone's guess right now because you can see how water-logged this is. they have been out here since 4:30 this morning with the wet vac, with the broom sweeps, trying to get the water on. you can see just how much water this is. they have made progress here. before on a sky bridge, there were two to three inches here. this is the last of it, not the last of it as there's so much,
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but the last issue is the wet carpet. do they have to suck this water out of the carpet or replace it, right now we don't know. if you have a flight out of norm normanetta, check in here at terminal a. but then take a bus to b, go to security of b, and then you'll be in the terminal b and just walk back to your gate today. reporting live at normanetta, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. sad story this morning at 6:04, a family demanding answers from oakland children's hospital after doctors declare their 13-year-old daughter brain dead after a routine surgery. "today in the bay's" christie smith is joining us live in oakland with reaction from family members. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we just spoke to the family a couple minutes ago who tell us they have not left the hospital since last monday when they first checked in. and they are hoping to speak with doctors a little bit later this morning. here's what they are telling us they don't want. they are telling us they do not
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want 13-year-old jahai mcmass taken off life support. she suffered from sleep apnea and that's why she had the procedure. the family also shared a second photo of jahai taken right before the surgery. they say 30 minutes after the procedure she was talking and had a popsicle and seemed like she was okay. her mom and uncle headed back in after speaking with us this morning saying that afterwards she had a disturbing complication happen with excess bleeding that they felt was not normal and they believe the staff did not recognize the severity of the situation. later she went into cardiac arrest, had swelling in her brain and was declared legally brain dead. >> there's no way possible a child goes in to get her tonsils taken out and is brain dead and on life support. you just don't hear of that. that's just something i have never even heard of before.
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>> reporter: now this is a photo of jahai taken at the house before she left for the hospital. i reached out to a hospital spokesperson but haven't been able to make contact just yet, but in published reports the spokesperson said they are very, very sad about the outcome. the hospital staff is reviewing what happened as they do when they don't get an an 'tis pated outcome. that the family said they were told that this is a corp nor's case, but they believe otherwise. christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you very much. it is finals week at uc berkeley as police spent the early morning hours looking into four robberies and one attempted robbery that took place last week. they are trying to ensure the campus body that they will be
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safe after a woman was attacked early yesterday morning. we'll tell you who police say the thieves are targeting coming up in a live report at 6:30. it is 6:07. and this morning we are learning new details about a school shooting that left a teenager girl in a coma. today arapahoe high school in centennial, colorado, will remain closed until at least wednesday. right now 17-year-old claire davis is still clinging to life after being shot in the head by her classmate. 18-year-old carl pearson shot her. 17-year-old claire davis was shot at point-blank range but was not specifically targeted. pearson was upset with a teacher after being benched on the debate team. he turned the gun on himself when officers arrived at the school. the shooting was over in just 80 seconds. we'll have continuing coverage of the tragedy in colorado including the update from a reporter outside the school coming up at 6:30. south africa's ten-day
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mourning period for nelson mandela has come to an end. new images this morning from johannesburg where workers began to dismantle the memorial site at mandela square. one of many places set up for people to pay tribute to mandela after he died. this morning south africa's president jacob zula unveiled a new statue to honor nelson mandela. the statue was located in the country's capital of pretoria. zula was one of 4,500 people to attend the memorial yesterday. let's take a live look outside overlooking san francisco this morning. oh, a little shaky. could it be windy out there, christina? >> yes, a little breezy out there. good morning to you, but that's keeping our temperatures milder this morning in places like napa. you jump out of the 30s and straight into the 40s with the northerly wind picking up. 43 degrees in oakland. because of the wind, warmer this morning in napa. then right here in san jose, 38 degrees. 37 to start your monday in san martin.
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so overall, we're getting milder by a few degrees in most of the bay area cities. 10 degrees warmer in oakland. 14 degrees milder in napa with the wind building out there. now, heading throughout the day today, that wind is going to help mix our atmosphere a little bit. so it won't be quite as stagnant, which is better for our air quality, nonetheless. i have to tell you, it's our ninth consecutive spare the air day. and we hit a record when we hit five. this is where we're headed throughout the afternoon. south bay looking the warmest. 73 degrees. hard to beat that in morgan hill. foster city, 69 degrees. 65 in mid-market. san francisco, i want to tell you, unseasonably warm today. we are slated to hit a temperature record in san jose hitting 70 degrees later on this afternoon. looking at 67 degrees in napa. 68 in the east bay. comfortable conditions in oakland. 68 for you. hey, tri-valley looking comfortable, 69 today in livermore with changes just around the corner. you don't want to wait to hear my report, you don't have to anymore. it's right here in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the
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screen. but i'll give you the science behind it, the meat and potatoes, so stay with us. right now here's your drive with mike inouye. we tell you the what but we also tell you the why or how to get around it and how to keep your head dry. looking to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. we have seen a different pattern today approved through the end of the year. the cash lanes are building up early and now we have all the folks building up. we'll look over to the oakland area as well where we see northbound 880 show a smoother drive than we saw last time. the earlier stalled vehicle there has cleared from the lanes in the northbound side, but the volume, still a good volume up to the oakland coliseum and continuing up to downtown near the toll plaza. no slowing for 880 itself, but the volume will see building coming up over the next 15 minutes. we're looking at the tri-valley, a smooth flow of traffic. no surprises through livermore or 84 heading down to livermore or pleasanton. 680 is moving close to the limit down to the south bay. and look at this, antioch started out typical pattern, but
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that's a little lighter. again, an odd pattern with the red zone there. shorter than typical, but a lighter flow in through pittsburgh and bay point. we'll give you a live look outside as we talk about this in san jose, the northbound route starting to build. if you can't wait for my next report, check out the k-fog, i'll be there in the next few minutes. laura is saying to wait for me here. >> i'm saying, no, you stay right here. >> there you go. back to you. time right now is 6:11. still ahead on "today in the barks" wedding night tragedy. coming up, we'll tell you how a groom tried to do a good deed was killed just hours after his wedding. plus, mission to the moon. new video of the next stage of china's ambitious new space program. robots on the moon and maybe robots in mountain view as well as google buys a robotic company. we'll tell you what it means coming up in business. here's a live picture of san jose where we've got a busy air day and a nice warm air day coming up. stay with us.
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welcome back. we have a water main burst at san jose we are national airport portioning the evacuation of terminal a. right now security and baggage is shut down, but this is not affecting flights at the gate. travelers can check in at terminal a, will be bussed to terminal b to go through security and will go back to terminal a. a 13-year-old girl was determined brain dead after what was supposed to be a routine surgery at oakland children's hospital. shortly after having her tonsils removed, the girl began to bleed
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excessively and doctors determined she had swelling in her brain. a russian torchbearer is dead after suffering a heart attack while carrying the olympic flame. the 73-year-old wrestling coach walked about 500 feet with the torch in siberia before collapsing. this morning a chinese lunar rover has made its first tracks on the moon. chinese state television released the space probe landing. the 300-pound rover separating from the probe after it touched down on a fairly flat earth-facing part of the moon. this marks the next stage in the ambitious space program to aim to put a chinese astronaut on the moon. also today, china announced plans for the next lunar probe in 2017. the goal is to bring moon samples back to earth. i can't notice how much better the pictures are now than back in the '60s. anyway, robotson the moon and soon robots in mountain view. >> scott mcgrew was at google over the weekend and they bought
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the maker of the robot. >> the robot was called the big dog. you may recall it from youtube a couple years ago. its maker, boston dynamics, has been purchased by google. google has robotic cars. google tends to get into the next thing, the next big thing pretty early. robots may be the next big thing. particularly in manufacturing, remember when we talk about factory owners coming back to america from china, in many cases, they are factories full of chinese workers, people, to come to american factories with robots because robots are less expensive than people. speaking of google, the head of america's biggest spy agency was interviewed last night on the cbs program "60 minutes." keith alexander was asked how and why the nsa spies on google to which he answered the why part saying, quote, terrorists use communication from google from yahoo! and from other service providers. so our objective is to collect those communications where they
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are. now, as for the how, according to documents from edward snowden, the government taps into internal communications and what google computers say to each other. that was a surprise when it was revealed and google engineers got angry about it. and taking a look at wall street, the markets had their worst week in three months last week. one exception is this, nimble storage brought company shares to the market for the first time on friday and shares rose 60%. that's a nice pop for an ipo. >> i think so, too. i wrote that one down. thanks a lot. we'll go to christina now with record temperatures for this date on our way? >> i'm forecasting a record right here in san jose. good morning to you, terry and laura. welcome to the new workweek here at home. we are nine days away from christmas and then the flights come down. enjoy them while they last. the peninsula is at 39 degrees. we are in the 40s in the east
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bay, san francisco and the north bay to start the day. and yeah, we are going to climb towards records. 70 degrees in san jose. 68 along the peninsula. the upper 60s across the board. looking really good there. except for our air quality. now, we do have some wind starting to build. so you're going to have a little bit better visibility today, up to six miles from the three that we had yesterday. it was really sick out there, that haze. that high pressure is building in and compresses everything in our atmosphere, forces it right to the surface and creates a cap over the bay area. that's why you see that thick layer of haze and clear sky above it. so that pollution is going to get tracked for today and tomorrow as well. then we'll see improvement as we head into the midsection and the end of the week. this is the forecast when it comes to air quality, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, starting to see changes with areas of low pressure riding to our north to mix in the atmosphere and bringing the moisture. we'll see better air quality and likely not sparing the air wednesday and thursday. we already hit a record at day
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five. we are now at day nine of sparing the air in a row. san jose today looking pretty good. 70 degrees for today. 68 for tomorrow. we lose a little bit of the warmth. then wednesday into thursday we really drop off. as we head throughout the next couple of days, looking better. shouldn't be sparing the air, but carpooling is always a good idea. wouldn't you agree, mike? agree. we call it spare the air day, but we always try to spare the air because we all share the air. looking to the east shore freeway, sharing that, too, that adds to the pollutants in the air. but we also have a little slowing because of that. now it looks dramatic, but for those on the roadway, we'll look at the map and see a pretty smooth drive. we're in the yellow zone here and that means speeds in the upper 50s, above 55 at the very worst at the nice and easy drive. the metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza before 6:00 because the cash lane started an early backup. then the fast track lanes filling in. more cash drivers means folks who don't frequently commute into the city, so that maybe toward the end of the year a lot of people are adjusting their commute because they want to get
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out early or do other duties after work, shopping likely, i'm just guessing. the rest of the bay is looking like a lighter flow of traffic in some spots. over here, coming out of antioch, look at that. we have the red zone stretched out all the way over here to love ridge. only 50 miles per hour at the worst. we see a blip from time to time with the volume kicking in, but a slow drive from pittsburgh to bay point. there could be more slowing for 680 coming up. over here, 680 slows a bit through presentton and sunol. the pattern here, nothing unusual, maybe a few less cars but not really a big deal as far as your times go to the south bay. 880 shows slowing as well. that's pretty mild. we'll get a look at fremont for a smooth flow of traffic. this is southbound 880 past the truck scales and down to tesla, mission boulevard. you have a lot of company down to the south bay. no real problems as we have the first section that shows up. this is the second burst kicking
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in after 6:00 like we talked about. 101, the crash has cleared to the shoulder without any real slowing. the peninsula is clear so we'll send it back to you. 6:21 and still ahead on "today in the bay," a bride becomes a widow just hours after her wedding. and how her husband's attempt to help a stranger turns deadly.
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it's hard to bring you some
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of these stories we read. this is a newly married man who was struck and killed while helping a stranded driver just hours after his own wedding. peggy bunker is here, the woman the man was trying to save was also killed? >> it's one of those tough stories, the groom was just trying to help somebody who needed it on his wedding night, he was thinking of others. just hours after sharing his first dance with his new wife, a 49-year-old groom, william riley knight, was dead. ♪ that was the dance there. friends say knight was the happiest they had seen him on saturday night. he and his wife nikki danced after exchanging their vows. nikki was still in her wedding dress when they drove home in the snowy roads. that's when he saw a car on the side of the road in the ditch. >> he would stop to help
6:25 am
somebody in any way, shape or form. >> stranded in the car was linda darlington. as knight tried to help darlington across the road. they were hit by two separate cars. >> one of the first vehicles was coming eastbound and struck both of the individuals. a car right behind them, that first vehicle also struck the two. >> even more horrifying, knight's widow nikki was in the car, heard the thug and exited the car to discover both her new husband and darlington had been killed. she released the following husband, i went from being a newlywed to a widow in less than 48 hours. the highest high to the lowest low. according to authorities, alcohol didn't play a role in the crash whatsoever. knight leaves behind four children including two stepchildren. we are also hearing counselors will be on hand at the school today where darlington was a first-grade teacher. she'll be missed, for sure, both of them. >> thank you very much. new details in a carjacking outside a new jersey mall that
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left a 30-year-old man dead. police say a couple was leaving the mall last night when two men approached. one shot was fired as the man was opening the door to his land rover. his wife had gotten into the suv seconds earlier and was not injured. police are now looking for the suspects and the suv. we have some breaking news coming into our newsroom just right now. harvard university is tweeting out that the campus is being swept for explosives this morning. here's a look at the live twitter feed right now. this is the alert that the harvard university police department is on the scene investigating. they are constant giving us information. the bottom one there, unconfirmed reports of the science center there in emerson -- thank you for removing that, they are evacuating the buildings right now. we are keeping you posted as this breaking news is just coming into our news road right know. if we can get pictures from the scene, we'll try to do that. the time is 6:26.
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still ahead, an update to breaking news with an entire terminal flooded at san jose international airport and the cleanup could take days. we are live with the aftermath of the water main break next. plus extra security for students after a string of armed robberies on the cal campus. we'll tell you what thieves are targeted and what police are doing to help keep students safe during finals week. and a colorado student still clinging to life after a school shooting. we have new details about the 82nd rampage next.
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and that breaking news is a mess at san jose international airport. you can see the brooms out trying to get rid of the water. so far the water is whipping. coming up, we'll tell you how this could affect your early morning flights. 80 seconds of terror when bullets fly at a colorado school campus. new details on the girl clinging to life just days after the
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attack. and the opening bell, you can hear it ringing in the background. a nice day for a rally on wall street after what happened last week. and over on the nasdaq, celebrating the opening bell there. today is monday, december 16th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. terminal a at san jose international airport is closed to the public as crews try to clean up a major mess out there. workers are trying to get rid of some of this water. officials say a water main line broke overnight soaking the ground with several inches of water. look at the mess. there were only a few people in the terminal at the time and they were evacuated. "today in the bay's" bob redell is at terminal b and says the line to get through security is
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much longer than normal. always passengers go through security in terminal b and have to walk to terminal a if that's where their flight is leaving from. he's live talking to passengers and we'll have a live report coming up. this morning we are learning about a shooting in colorado that left a teenager girl in a coma. we are live in the city of centennial where the school is closed because of the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: students are going to remain home until after christmas break. students and teachers will be allowed to go back inside the school later this week to collect their belongings they had to leave behind during friday's incident. we are learning more about the investigation on what happened during that lunch hour on friday afternoon. investigators say the gunman had several weapons when he entered the school, including a shotgun, multiple rounds of ammunition, a machete and three molotav
6:32 am
cocktail. the gunman took his own life shortly after entering the school. 17-year-old claire davis, a student here at arapahoe high school was shot, she's in critical condition this morning. the hospital says she is stable but in a coma at this time. for "today in the bay," colleen ferrera, back to you. this morning campus police at uc berkeley are reaching out to students following a string of armed robberies on campus. there have been four robberies and one attempted robbery in less than a week. chase cane is live in berkeley this morning with all this coming as final exams are getting underway. >> reporter: yes, that means students are cramming and staying up late, walking home in the early morning dark hours, and police say that's part of the problem. the other part of the problem is they are often holding electronics out in plain sight. that's making them a target for the robbers. so campus police were out here last night setting up their mobile command center right on campus to try to talk to
6:33 am
students and make them aware of what's going on. and also to follow basic safetied a violence. don't walk by yourself. in fact, walk in a group if possible because in at least one of the robberies there were two people walking together. they were still targeted for the valuables they had. we're talking backbacks, purses, laptops, cell phones, anything a robber may want. as you mentioned there, have been five robberies or attempted robberies in the past few days. that's why campus police want everyone to be on guard. >> it does tend to be the person just kind of walking alone with their head down, not paying attention to their surroundings. >> held up at gunpoint. she was carrying a camera with him and a tripod, so he was going star gazing, and they took everything he had. i mean, he was taken down with a buddy, too. there is, like, i mean, if you're facing a gun, numbers doesn't matter too much. >> reporter: campus police have stepped up patrols but we have
6:34 am
still seen plenty of students this morning who are out walking around by themselves and completely ignoring the advice of campus police and the crime alerts that have been sent out here on the berkeley campus. they are reminding students that there are shuttles to take them where they want to go. and they can call to request an escort if they don't have anyone to work with. it is finals week, so they want students to pay attention in the dark hours. live on the berkeley campus, chase cane, "today in the bay." time to check the forecast. we'll take a live look outside, you can see, i don't know if you can tell from that picture, but it's a spare the air day. on top of the gorgeous weather on the way -- you can tell from that picture as christina can tell us about it. we have been spoiled with pretty sunrise and sunseth pictures to show you. 45 degrees in san francisco. isn't that spectacular? it's a great thing to show you every single part of the bay area. there's no exception, we'll see
6:35 am
the gorgeous sunrise across the climates. hour-by-hour detail shows you we are in the upper 30s. we'll see the lower 60s by lunchtime. rounding out the day at ten degrees above average at 70 degrees. so looking really good there. and even warmer if you actually want to hit the beach today. we advise that you don't turn your back to the ocean because we'll see big waves out there, but the best beach weather is going to be out in santa cruz. we're talking 68 degrees at noon. 73 degrees at 2:00 p.m. we'll watch the waves all day, especially the big ones. don't turn your back to the ocean and take a buddy with you if you are getting out there to surf the ocean. go to the guarded beaches as well. the south bay today, 70s for you. we are in the upper 60s along the peninsula. san francisco touching on the mid to upper 60s. napa, east bay, really looking good out in the tri-valley as well. the north bay and the tri-valley all registering with temperatures near 70 degrees for today. then things start to change, so make sure you seize the day. today and tomorrow looking pretty good.
6:36 am
we'll be sparing the air today, likely tomorrow as well. en airs of low pressure come through heading into the midsection of the week to bring temperatures down, but it will provide better air quality. so it's a give and take always. and that's the case for the traffic department. we'll check on that with mike. good morning. give and take, we are flow right here with the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. by the way, look at the beautiful sunrise above that. we'll have to focus on the roads because i'm the traffic guy. we are looking at the traffic lanes moving pretty early in the cash lanes, but the cash lanes are not so bad. looking at the maps, we see lighter volume overall. lighter volume off 580 out of the maze, but the east shore freeway is at the top of the screen. 880 at the bottom of the screen, they are moving faster than we typically see on a monday past the richmond/san rafael bridge and down to the pay bridge toll plaza. we had an earlier stall cleared from the roadway near concord avenue. there's a little slowing there down through walnut creek.
6:37 am
680 down to 24, a smooth flow of traffic through the tri-valley although the build continues out of livermore and through pleasanton and sunol, no crashes and a smoother build this morning easing into the morning commute. as we look at the south bay, it's been a smooth flow of traffic from south 880 in towards the city and fremont. across the bay, both the san mateo and dumbarton bridges are okay. with the taillights here, no problems near san francisco. back to you. we do continue to follow breaking news this morning, harvard university is tweeting out that the campus is being swept for explosives. >> here's what the university just tweeted out. quoting here, alert, reports of bombs placed on campus are unconfirmed. there have been no reports of explosions. unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites on campus. science center, sayer, sutter and emerson.
6:38 am
evacuate the buildings now. the buildings are evacuated but these are unconfirmed reports of explosives. still ahead, 21 kills and a deadly plunge of a bus sails off a highway crashing into a van below. coming up, what investigators say sent that bus skidding off the road in the philippines.
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6:40 am
new details this morning.
6:41 am
investigators in the philippines say a bus skidded off the road and crashed killing 21 people. it may have slipped on the wet road. the bus veered off an elevated highway in manila and landed on a van. the van's driver was among those killed. investigators had to use a crane to lift the wreckage. the van was left almost unrecognizable. the official cause of the crash has not yet been determined. happening today, the country's second largest railroad is underreview. investigators are looking at the metro north commuter railroad in new york city. if the company that operated the train that derailed and killed four people earlier this month. they are looking at a long list of the company's practices like engineer oversight compliance with federal regulation and medical requirements for crew members. the investigation should take about two months. investigators found the train was going 82 miles an hour as it went into a 3-mile-per-hour curve back on december 1st. 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking
6:42 am
news. busts pipe, gushing water at san jose international airport. we'll tell you why this happened and how it could take hours or even days to clean it up. plus, does facebook pay attention to what you don't post? we'll take a look coming up in business. >> that's a scary thought. but this is not. we have a gorgeous sunrise to bring to you from san bruno. it's looking good all across the bay area. we'll tell you if your city might just hit the 70s this afternoon when "today in the bay" comes right back.
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we continue to follow breaking news with an early morning water main break at san jose international airport. take a look at the mess left behind causing long delays at terminal b. "today in the bay's" bob redell is at the security line in terminal b. this is certainly affecting passengers. >> reporter: it is. good morning, laura. you will notice the line behind me isn't as long as it could be because this is the first wave of passengers going through, but we are told this line is much longer than usual and it expects to be longer in the next wave of flights reporting from terminal b. the reason many more people are here because the people normally flying out of terminal a are asked here to come to security through terminal b. here's why they can't go through security at terminal a. because the security, baggage claim and the bridge are water-logged. a pipe burst at 2:15 this
6:46 am
morning and that set off a fire sprinkler. two sources of water dumped water into terminal a. they weren't able to get it turned off for two hours. so you had two to three inches of water in certain areas. this morning we have watched them use wet vacs trying to get the water off the carpet and security, push it down the stairs across the sky bridge to the baggage claim and out in the streets. it's been an absolute mess for the next hour or so before they get that fully reopened. but the good news was they were able to still use the ticketing area. hardly any of the ticketing area was flooded, so people were asked to check in at ticketing at terminal a off of bus b where we are right now and go through security here to catch their flights. >> they asked us to weigh our bags, check them in, and then we had to drag our bags over to terminal b and go into try to get on my flight now. >> reporter: is this a huge increase or just one of those things? >> it's one of those things
6:47 am
where i'm glad i got to the airport early. >> i hope i can get through the security in an hour, i hope. >> reporter: we did see the workers at fnormanetta make hug progress trying to clean up the water. this is a big problem in the security area for terminal a. that pipe is a metal pipe. it was actually the two connectors, there's a rubber piece that connects the two pipes together. it was that rubber piece that burst. that was at 2:15 this morning gushing hot water and setting off one of the fire sprinklers. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> boy, what a mess they are dealing with out there. thank you so much, bob. right now we want to -- are we going to do harvard right now? all right. let's go to an update on the situation at harvard university. there are unconfirmed reports of bomb explosives, unconfirmed,
6:48 am
placed on campus. four different buildings. the campus is tweeting out the following. >> there are reports of bombs placed on campus and they are unconfirmed. no reports of explosions. and unconfirmed explosives at four sites on campus. science center, fayer, sayer and emerson. they are telling people to evacuate those buildings now. in the emergency alert on the harvard website, the university says, quote, out of abundance of caution, the buildings have been evacuated while the report is investigated. harvard focuses on the safety of our students, faculty and staff. we'll update the media when we have more information. of course, when that information comes to us we'll bring it to you. let's check in with christina right now. big news coming weatherwise. we're talking about truly, truly beach weather at santa cruz. >> beach weather. it is going to be beautiful. too bad the boardwalk's not open today, but temperatures are going to be really nice. 45 degrees. right now in san francisco, waking up with much more
6:49 am
comfortable temperatures than what we had to deal with last week during the cold snap. just look how pretty it is all across the bay area. wherever you're waking up and heading to work, maybe taking the kids to school, it's beautiful right now with temperatures ending up in the upper 60s to lower 70s as we get into this afternoon. just to give you an idea of where we are headed, this won't last forever. very short-lived, in fact. by tomorrow, picking up a couple degrees. 62 degrees by wednesday. the upper 50s return getting into thursday. this is for san jose, but the overall trend is for the entire bay area. remember, your seven-day forecast scrolling there at the bottom of the screen. then as we get into the end of the week by friday, we are talking about 57 degrees. so much cooler weather headed our way. and by the end of the week into the weekend, temperatures will start to creep up by next sunday as we talk about temperatures at about 68 degrees. this weekend will be big for travel, so overall looking good across the entire state of california as you get ready to make the plans for christmas time. maybe you have family coming up
6:50 am
here. good news is, we'll see better air quality before christmas if it's the last thing i do. i can tell you we'll see better air quality. in fact, getting into tomorrow, touching on another spare the air day most likely, but by wednesday into thursday, the air of low pressure cools us down. it will mix-up the atmosphere, so we'll be talking about much better air quality and likely not sparing the air wednesday into thursday. but hey, we hit a record, nine consecutive days. i haven't seen that here in the bay area. have you seen anything like that before? >> not that streak. but it's one of the records where it is not something to be proud about, but good to be noted. we'll have to watch that matter. looking over to the bay area, we are doing our part. it's kind of the end of the year traffic that happens. that lighter flow of traffic around much of the bay, but it starts with dramatic and tragic news in the south bay. we are following this over here, the freeway as you see is lighting up smooth northbound building over in santa clara where we continue, we got confirmation from the santa
6:51 am
clara police department, the coroner is near winchester boulevard. santana here with a best buy at the corner, right at the intersection we have word of a deadly crash. a pedestrian was hit and killed there. there's traffic control and that continues to have an investigation at the scene. it's a good distance from 880 and 280, but those are major surface streets that cause a reroute. we'll continue to track that tragic news through the south bay. but the lighter flow of traffic should keep things moving a little more smoothly heading through the area. we're looking over here to south 880 as you travel southward from hayward down to fremont, there's a smooth drive. a look to the san mateo bridge and the toll plaza, no big surprises. we'll look at lal to alto and get a live look across the bay. i wanted to point out, earlier we saw a light-up sign flickering and strobing there. we could see that on the back of the overhang, that has been shut off. and that's a smoother drive with less distraction. the mile from mall lopalo alto
6:52 am
looking good with no drama there. traffic is building for the tri-valley here. and southbound 680 with a steady build out of livermore, there's the slowing south in towards sunol out of pleasanton. same for 84 as they merge and build to fremont. there's the flow for the south bay. heading to the bay bridge, a nice, easy drive for 880 through oakland. just your company that you got. the tunnel is looking good as well as the east bay drive. taillights past high street, a smooth flow of traffic. this is a little lighter than we typically say edging towards 7:00 extending back to the maze. thank you very much. a newly married man was struck and killed while helping a stranded driver on the side of the road. this just hours after his wedding. the woman the man was trying to save also killed in the accident. "today in the bay's" peggy bunker in the newsroom now as we
6:53 am
learn the groom was a veteran. >> it's a tough story all the way around. he was a veteran, very dedicated to serving others, obviously. it was his final good deed that cost him his life. just hours after sharing his first dance with his new wife, 49-year-old groom william riley knight was dead. friends say that knight was the happiest they have seen him at his wedding in crown point, indiana, on saturday. he and his new wife nikki danced at their reception after exchanging vows. nikki was still in their wedding dress when they left to drive home on the snowy roads. that's when knight noticed a car off the side of the road in the ditch. >> he would stop and help anybody in any way, shape or form. >> stranded in that car, 42-year-old linda darlington, mother of 3, a wife and a beloved local first grade teacher. as nooigknight tried to help darlington across the road. they were hit by several cars. >> one of the cars coming eastbound struck both individuals. a car right behind them, that first vehicle, also struck the
6:54 am
two. >> knight's widow nikki was in the car and heard the thug, she exited the car to find her husband and darlington killed. her husband served as a u.s. army ranger and had a tour in operation desert storm. a tough story for this monday morning. >> very sad for any time. thank you so much. 6:54. the two men accused of killing an oakland 8-year-old during a slumber party are expected back in court. a pretrial hearing for dollar nel williams and joseph carroll is scheduled to take place this afternoon. police say alicia caradine was sleeping at a friend's house when someone shot through the apartment's front door killing her. police say the attack was likely revenge for the killing of carroll's cousin in berkeley earlier this day. a suspected drunk driver on the peninsula is facing felony hit-and-run charges this morning. the man was driving drunk when he crashed into a vintage car
6:55 am
dealership on el cimino real last night. they found the passenger hurt but the driver had take up off. police later tracked him down and arrested him nearby. happening today, federal investigators expected to release more information and recommendations regarding last year's refinery fire in richmond. the fire at the chevron refinery sent large plumes of toxic plaque smoke over much of the east bay. hospitals treated 15,000 people with breathing problems. authorities determined it was caused by a corroded pipe that failed and now federal officials will likely recommend changes at the refinery to avoid it from happening again. time right now is 6:55. we'll check some of the day's other top stories. we'll start with christie smith live at oakland children's hospital where a 13-year-old girl is now brain dead after a routine tonsil surgery. christie? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, terry. i spoke to the family this morning as they are distraught and confused. a 13-year-old girl goes in to get her tonsils removed and ends
6:56 am
up brain dead. they do not want her removed from life support. 13-year-old jahai mcmass. they shared a photo of her before surgery with her mother on monday inside of children's hospital for the surgery. after surgery she had a popsicle and seemed okay. later on she had excessive bleeding and the hospital staff didn't do enough to help her. the girl's grandmother at another hospital noticed it was getting worse. >> my grandmother yelled, everyone get in here now! then they came in and she went into cardiac arrest. >> reporter: now, i just received a statement from the hospital saying we are very sad about her condition and our hearts go out to her family. we are currently reviewing the case and do not have any information to make a further statement at this time. that's the latest from here, reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." we'll go live to chase cane at the uc berkeley campus where
6:57 am
police are investigating a string of armed robberies. >> reporter: yeah, and the robberies have students on edge here because the armed robberies have happened five times in just the last week. two of them happened over the weekend and one of them happened just a block away from the campus police headquarters. so late yesterday uc berkeley police set up a mobile command center right in the middle of campus to tell students about what's going on and also to remind them of some basic safety advice, to not walk by themselves after dark. to not hold valuables or electronics in their hand, which can make them a target for thieves. and students say they hear the warning but they are still concerned. >> we are entirely less likely to stay out late now, at least i am personally. >> i mean, it's scary because libraries are open 24 hours, and so people take advantage of that just because it's finals week. and, i mean, it's always terrifying to feel like you're not safe when you're on campus, especially when you've got a lot of other things on your mind. >> reporter: and there is a lot on students minds because it's finals week, meaning students are staying at the library late
6:58 am
and walking home in the late hours. don't do that by yourself. police say there are shuttles to take and request an escort from an officer if you are truly concerned. live on the berkeley campus, chase cane, "today in the bay." a lot of people have done this, typed a smart alec response to facebook but deleted it before hitting publish. >> scott mcgrew, i'm curious about what we don't say online. >> two facebook employees have written a scientific paper about this sort of self-censorship. and in the process they have revealed facebook does analyze posts that are never actually published. the social network does not record what you write and then delete, but it does take a look at it to analyze it and try to figure out why you didn't post it. markets coming off their worst week in three months. off big two-day fed meeting starting tomorrow. locally, we have lsi corporation up about 30% after its undergoing of buyouts.
6:59 am
the french bank opening the nasdaq this morning. and finally over the weekend, google confirmed it bought boston dynamics, the makers of the big dog robot. you may recall this video from youtube. it terrified and fascinated us a couple years ago. not clear what google will do with them, but there you go. >> strange but fascinating to watch. a final check of the day's top stories, an explosive sweep is underway at harvard university and today's final exam was just canceled. the university has an unconfirmed report that explosives were placed in four buildings on campus. they are evacuating the buildings in the abundance of caution. no word when terminal a at san jose international will reopen after a water pipe burst overnight sending water gushing into the baggage claim and security areas. several people inside the terminal completely evacuated. travelers can check in at terminal a but basketball bussed to terminal b to go through security. the gates themselves are not
7:00 am
affected. but add a little extra time if you're headed that way. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. holiday tragedy. a carjacking in a popular new jersey mall leaves one person dead and police searching for suspects who are armed and dangerous. spy games. the u.s. intelligence community facing a new wave of criticism for denying an american who vanished in iran was working for the cia. why one top-ranking lawmaker says it could be time to overhaul the system. "today" exclusive, a nevada family stranded for three days after their car overturned in the frigid wilderness. they'll open up about their harrowing ordeal for the first time in an exclusive live interview. and a giant to film, peter


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