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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. . check your tickets. hic the megamillions jackpot.t( $636xdt(jf million. we'll give you another look at those life-changing numbersw3 andlp we'llçó(( show yout( e ticket were sold. >> a live look outside offát(çóo winnersville. it is wednesday, december 18th, this is "today in the bay." .r' winnersville. it's 4:30. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> we are live and we are here
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because it wasn't us. first, let's check that withlp meteorologist, christina loren. how many people out there are that they didn't get ajf ticket only to fd that one of those winners, right here in the baye1 area. south bay, this morning, 48 degrees. at least we all winñr in the weather department. as we head throughout the day today, we have a cold front. this is going to purify our air quality. it will kick up somexd gusty winds.w3 overall, not lookingñi too bad.  on par withñi seasonalxd averagesñi for today. forecast in a minute. let's say good morning to mike. >> i also did not win. >> smoothw3 drive northbound aw fromxd us with these taillights past willow. just south of belmont, reports ofi] a crasht( over on the shou. one car left the scene, a his and run. no slowing. police activityçó on the should. light volume of traffic coming out of san francisco. no issues right now.lp
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á#e=u approachxdxd the skyway. someone in the bay area isq multimillionaire this morning. >> what a feel, because he or she or maybe them won one of the tickets from thelp megamillions drawing. >> it was purchased near a gift sh shop on sully road thichlt will $1 million to sell it. >> reporter: you don't havexd t own the winning ticket, just sell it. we are on the east side of sanñq jose. a fewñi miles from here is the heart of the silicon valley. apple, yahoo! google. in this part of town, not many i feel good. >> reporter: heñr is the happie in town. twiw3g'ñh win, rushed to his st
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getti t night a(÷ the phone call that changed his life. >> the lottery give me a call and let me knowok i did a good b 9ñ >> reporter: twi owns jenny's gift store. shops. most of his customers are regular lars. sow3 there is a good chance tha he knows the person that bought the ticket.çó >> mostly my customer is my xdxd friend. that's why. somebody win. i feel o:wzrñ >> reporter: i'm raj mathai in pz . >> the lucky winner in san jose is not alone÷ !nejju at least one other winning ticket matching all fiv& numbers and the meganumber was purchased in georgia. there could be others as we are waitingxd on otherxd lottery jurisdictions to report. the ticket was soldok at t(lpga
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newsstand in buckhead. we have two otherfá tickets matching five numbers weret( so in southern i]california, one i san diego and the other in chula vista. no word on how much those winners will get but you can bet it will be a large amount of number. >> rep]mwer: theok $636 million jackpot may go up closer to $645 million. lottery tickets were predicted took be 319 m.fu%=9 between th previous drawing and this one, $336 million in tickets were sold for thet(t( dollar.o based on $336 million and two winners, each would get $318ko million over axd period of 30 years or 170 million in cash.r if if you have not checked your ticket, here are the+ konumbe, 14, 17, 20, 39, and the megaball is 7.fáñi >> of fácourse, we'reñr going t continue to follow this story all morning long. last night's jackpot, the secon3
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highest in megamillion history. t)tu(j $656 million in march of last year. the largest was $590 million this past may. "today in t>õpvrá$h(rpáq cain will have more on what the winner must do next, including whether or not and who he or she is coming up in a livet(jf repot fooichlt n fooichlt fire officialst(ññrvpv the be contained by the end of the week. the fire has already burned about 770okfá acres and nearly dozen homes. it ise1 only 20% contained righ now. an area west of highway 1 was evacuated last night. a strike team from the bayzv a with the unusually late wild fire. thet( national weather service says thevprír area usuallyok ge
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ioahes of rain a year. so far this year, it has only received 7 ó[inches. >> today is yet another spare the air day, the 11th in a row and the longest stretche1 in th program's history. -xd at the south bay where the hazyçó skies expectedj be the worst. bad airi] quality is a health concern for a lot of people,i] specially children. bay area were orderedó[y to sta indoo indoors duringlp recess and lun. youne3cg$(rr&dren are the most youne3cg$(rr&drea(tt(uq". most >> their lungs are very fragile. they are more prone to wheezefá when they get respiratory infections and theq effects of pollution hittingq their lungs. >> doctors say during flu season, this unhealthy air can make it more difficult for kids to recover fromçó being sick. a majorxd contributor to thó tvburned in redwood city.that
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we brought the story as breakind news. investigatorsñix+oç arefá stillo to pinpoint theok cause. a large pile of metal parts exploded. you can see the large plumes of people were told to stay this is the second fire in five weeks ilp heard people even furth uá)hr' morgan hill, gilroy, smelling it as well.xd i was down in the south rñ(pv it was strong. kept the kids in, christina. another spare the airoke1 day.e1 city did not help the situation. i do have some 7t news. we have pretty strong wind on the way. a cold front moves through tonight. we are going tos7 go from the today straight to theçó good rae friday. saturday, moderate range. this should be our finalko spa the air day.çó keep thatçó in mind. we have better air quality on the way.
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thea5 weather department. we are going to lose that warmth we have had over the past couple of days.q 40s. to start, really mild. specially compared to where we were last week. you will notice the north bay still waking up at 34 degrees. as per usual, getting pretty t( chilly. fierce wind on the way. as we head throughout tonight, a wind advisory. the national weather service has issued that for the higher elevations. that goes into effect starting at midnight. that will last through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. if youñilp are going to be traveling, this is the final weekend before christmastime. much safer conditions as we get through a0 into the upcoming weekend. we will talk more about that coming up. first, we'll check your drive and say hello to mikexd inouye. >> heading down over the grapevine. across the ba]f to oakland, a live look and see how trafficw3 shapes up. no biglp issues as far as visibility. it is an easy drive right çónow.
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forxd 880 and t(580, over toware maze northbound or westbound,fb there ist( a e1drive. both moving nicely. yesterday, saw a slight slowing early on. a gradual build. above where the arrow is and patch ox a wet roadway, noté@ affecting the freeway. t, as far as the flow of youqç"uz have a lot of cars. ìáhp &hc& we never stop on the roads. happening today, back atq ir negotiations will continue between b.a.r.t. aneóok its two biggest unions. the two sides haveok been renegotiating sinceñrt( last we. they are trying to reach an agreement over the paid family
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leave provision.  put in the final package. the unions say, you signed vpit. that's the way it is. >> still ahead onc "today in th bay," a man opens fire inside a reno hospital killing one person before turning the gun on #self. what police are saying this tjf suspect. plus, police in the south bay need your help identifyinglj package thief, how this woman puá,eij(áájju(.
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welcome back, everyone. a good wednesday morning. you made it halfway through your workweek. a delightful, beautiful picture. the bay bridge in the distance. such a wonderfuljf distance throughout the bay area. 4:43. the federal reserves, economic stimulus program could be coming to an end. the chairman, ben w3bernanke, announce whether the federal reserve plans to eú$u its monthy purchases of treasury and mortgage-backedfá sc)rities. economists do nojd agree on whether now is the best time to end the program. have seenihfá steady drop in th .u$e longer the program is up d running, thefá harder it will b to start.
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others say the economy has not rebounded enough. tody2$m news conference will b bernanke's last before stepping down in january. tátq'ing today, washington officials expect the senate to pass a budget bill that would restore $45 billion. that's half the amount schedulei to be automatically c&x from the 2014 budget. the democrats nor republicans are completely happy with the deal but seem to want3w tot( a another government shutdown. if it passings, itt( will head the president's desk clr time is running out to wrap up all your holiday shopping. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to headquarters in new jersey. you are going to do shopping for us, is that right? >> sure, why not. i already got all my shopping done, terry. so i'll wait for you to join me on the other side. look at markets. futures higher after stocks. down slightly on tuesdayçó ahea
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of today's fed decision. the central bank will make thei( announcement at 2:00 p.m. w3 conferen fed chairman, while job growth and retail sales havei] picked p j believe thatok they will wait to cut back on the economic stimulus program until early next year. be sure to watch. the dow fallinñ( 9 points. theçó nasdaq losing 5 closing a 4,023. a mortgage this year or next t( year. that'sth$u$e result of new rule going into effect to reduce the role of fannie mae and freddie mac and level the playing field. fannyc and freddie will start charging higher fees to borrows that don't have big downfá payments orok have highi] credi scores. uávt on tot(e1 borrowers resulting i hire mortgage rates. retailers are luring theñi last-minute holiday>x)hoppers i. target h%+ñl)
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using twitter to promote deals. t-today as free shipping ced wednesday, with no minimum orders and+ guarantees deliver by christmas. analysts predict four of the busiest shoppingñiñi days will 20th and jt christmas eve. that's when the t(last-minutec shoppers get everything done. >> she isñr talking to me. >> i thinkñi a lot of men put i off.ñiçó >> i have. >> you have good weather, right. >> to go shopping. >> to cooperate for the outdoor good morning to you. whenever you guysw3 can get it it. upper 40s for the south bay. you will likely notice how much more mild it is out there to start the day this morning than u been. prettyxd comfortable outxd jfth. 45 degrees along the e1peninsul. san francisco at 47. the only place it is chilly as per usual up in the north bay. temperatures are going to climb
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nicely. i just want to show you. your satellite radar. in betweent( twot( systems. thisok is a warmer system. it is pumping in tropical moisture.x(p(t&háhp &hc& we have another cold front on to move through tonight.q you can see theá÷ high clouds filtering into the bay area. that's going toe1 make f')n  sunrise. mark my words.hkqe=u"ujj$rp+e t. we are going to show it to you right here. 61, losq altos. 61,xd pacific heights. tonight, major changes as the cold frontçó comes through. 66, pleasanton. winds will start to crank. fierce wind on the wayxd as we head throughout!úonight into lp tomorrow. that could make for dangerousñi travel acrosslp northernñi california. friday, good airkomy quality, and clear. we warm up as we get closer to the 3wci]all-important weekend.
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if you want your seven-day forecast, you don't have to wait for t. you can watch your temperature turn. we have new details on thet reno. police have not identified ex man who they say shot three people before turning the gun on himself. police say the manñrñi entered renowned regional medical center yesterday, opened fire. one person died. two condition. _ shooter reportedlyñr killed himself before police got to him. police are still trying to figurest exactlye1 what happened and why. >> we have also learned more about the school)rju)jt in colorado. investigators say the student who stormed his high school may rooms inside the school.ok they say 18-year-old carlñó pierson had written letters and correspond with the arapahoe high school library and four nearby classrooms. he had gonexd to the school to look for a teacherx.nq! whom h had a dispute. he endedjf up shooting 17-year-d
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point blank range.t( the teenager is stillok in a co and investok gayerscfá think sh shot at random. theçó family of ñic13-year- girl fighting to keep the girl ñ ató[ children'sjo cf1 o oakland hospital. they filed an injunction to keep her from taking off thexd ventilator. the family is askingxd people around the world for their prayers. >> their medicine didn't work. it is+ time to let god work. this is where prayerc is really important. we come together as a family. we are asking the community to us pray this girl back to perfect a5health. >> mcmath wasñzdeclared brain dead after she hadw3 her tonsil removed last week. they have notñi released the in a statement,ñr children's hospitals say, our hearts go out
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to the patient and her family. we have not been authorized by the family toxd share informati with the public about thisokñ matter. consequently, we are not able tr correct t(misperceptions create about this sad situation. >> alameda county authorities are trying to figure out why an oven exploded at the santa rita jail in dublin. we are told they are all expected to be okay. this happened jus-ñ before time officials say the blast was sot strong, it blew off the oven 4,@pair. sent it flying intoxd e that door weighed about 300 pounds. so far, investigators say they do not suspect foul play.c consider thistv2ttz a warning if you are waiting for a 4éoackage this holiday season. this san jose home like she belongs there. she has a large,t( empty bag. she puts the package left on th÷ doorstep into that formerly empty bag and you are going to see her walk away. thet(fá owners of the house on lincoln avenue say the package was only on the porch about 20
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xd @(t&háhp &hc& in their a( m in their a( to keep an eye out orñi maybe en surveillance vi wouldc come in handy. arou around. sir paul mccartney could be on the way back to the bay area a beautiful view of this fan. the flashing lights startinñ to clear the overnight construction. a lot of folks clearing out of iq pattern for your morning commute. we will keep track of that coming up.
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welcome xdback, everybody. 4:54 on this wednesday morning. you are looking at a picturoi o the city formerly known as san jose. laura has rechristened it luckyville. >> winnersville. >> now, itñr is luckyville too. sir paul mccartney could be headed back to san francisco and company heñr reportedly told mar the stick before it is demolished late next year.s cf1o they are tryingñ work out a date with the former member of the beatles. theyó[ performed their last ko the 49ers will play thei last seasonal gameq ate1 candlestick park.r there are otherñrok events, including a community day giving
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fansjfñi a chance to say good-b. stephq curry will befá busy teaching people about living a healthy life. he willw3 talk about the importance of health coverage and being active and sign autographs in exchange for ario donation for canned or boxed foods for food banks in the east bay. hilltopñi mall ini] richmond. mike is here to tell us what be like. fj$r justok saw steph curry p hr(t&háhp &hc iv was way up ini] the bleachers watchg the warriors. still, i saw him. it is a smooth drive right now. like we talked xdabout, slightl lighter volume of traffic over the lastlr few days.[çm that tends to happen toward the end of the year. despite that, we have lower spots through richmond and berkeley. we will look at the live maps censors.
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an easy drive through oakland as e6p(ájuáháhe san mateo, 92.ze. ãflow of traffic. a crew is giving theñr data, because theñi particular crew i not moving. the rest of the traffic is. we will look to thexd south bay. a live look ats7 san jose, a smooth flow of traffic northbound. we have /]"nçó good slowing kicking in later for the southy bay. we will watch for that shift. again, it should last a shorter commute this morning. back to youçó guys.çó penguinsñr after all creatus appeared to be in the holiday spirit at an amusement park. >> nine penguins paraded through the park dressed asfáñr s'.2cla, reindeer, christmas trees. >> the one in the green hit the one in the fáred. >> looks like a little red fox. what doesçóçó thew3 fox say?
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>> they suggest the costume for thatt( occasion. one penguin trainer says it nfj ok christmas. the penguin parade will welcome pa end of the year. >> that's adorable. i can't believe they get them to wear those little things. >> aok customer holding a fox guiding a group of penguins. >> a holiday tradition. still aw7(q onjf "today in e waking upxd a lot richer. we're going to explain what the person holding that winningxdc wild fire. we are going ta( tell you when they hope to have the flames under control coming up.
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the very specialxd tribute fleischmann,koe1 the xda teen whose skirtko was set on d two people have won the
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megamillions jackpot. one bought their ticket right there. we all win the jackpot in the weather qdepartment. good morning. f christina lauren. we are headed tonfttert( air quality as we move through. this personñi right hereg#ñ not win. they areçóc trçi to save a fewk bucks. the carpoolt( lanes justlp open. so now they


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