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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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two people have won the megamillions jackpot. one bought their ticket right there. we all win the jackpot in the weather qdepartment. good morning. f christina lauren. we are headed tonfttert( air quality as we move through. this personñi right hereg#ñ not win. they areçóc trçi to save a fewk bucks. the carpoolt( lanes justlp open. so now they
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wall street continues to wait for word from the federal open markets committee. seema mody. >> ben bernanke's final news conference as fed chairman. many economists believe the fed
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will wait to cut back on the economic stimulus programs until next year. the dow falling nine points. the nasdaq losing about five but holding on to the 4,000 level. back to you. the value of bitcoin fell more than 30% on word a chinese bitcoin exchange will not accept deposits using the chinese cursi. w currency. >> why do you okay? all the talk of bitcoin being the future. you cannot possibly conduct any kind of transaction in a currency if it is going to move 30% in a day. i offer to buy your cart using bitcoin and later, you have 30% less money. >> didn't somebody do it with tesla? >> it was kind of a p.r. marketing stunt in long beach. no serious person can buy a large purchase with a currency that is going to move 30% in a
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day. >> not like that. i'll take the cold coin over bitcoin. >> overall, we are running pretty mild. south bay at 47 degrees. 48 in san francisco to kick off the day. let me kind of talk about what's going to happen and time out the system for you. the cold front comes through between 3:00 and 9:00. you can actually clearly see that here on our futurecast. behind this front, we're not going to see much moisture out of it, enough to purify our air quality. what will happen is it is going to kick up some fierce wind. we stopped the clock on your futurecast as we get into tonight. after that front comes through, that's when the wind is going to
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pick upstarting at midnight. a wind advisory goes into effect for elevations above 1,000 feet. that will remain in place throughout tomorrow. it should expire right on time at 6:00 p.m. you can see here, winds are going to drop off as we head throughout tomorrow evening. that's the good news. let's talk about what you can expect as we head throughout the day today. make sure you can prepare for that. 60 degrees in foster city. it has been really nice out there. unfortunately. we are going to drop off by a few degrees, 5-8. 66 in livermore, looking pretty good there. i am going to show you where we could see some problems when it comes to travel across the state from the same area of low pressure that's going to bring that gusty wind to the bay area. first, let's check your drive. say good morning to mike. >> good morning, christina. you are talking about the gusty winds locally developing. we do have the gusty winds impacting folks hanging over the grapevine now, i-5, if you happen to be leaving town early.
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a smooth flow of traffic around the bay right now as we have a lighter volume of traffic. we have seen that over the last week or so. the tri-valley, no big drama. a little slowing through river more. i have to go through the altamont pass. weather and traffic tied together. there may be some moisture, enough to put together. the antioch bridge moving smoothly across the bridge. as we approach 5:30, this is 5:17. we should see more slowing if this was a typical commute day. the last couple of days, we have been seeing light volume heading over towards pittsburg and bay point. folks heading over on the roadways and eventually over toward the bay bridge. you will get the backup there, lighter like yesterday. the eastshore freeway rs a
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smooth drive through berkeley. we see how traffic flows. look at that. you still have good company through the area. not enough to kick off any slowing. no incidents reported here or coming up through oakland. a live look at 880 through the coliseum. both headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. a couple of cars pausing to pay the bill. a light traffic flow. chp, it's clear, guys. back to you. well, santa claus will be roaring through oakland this morning as part of the motor santa operation. the police department's traffic division will conduct its annual toy delivery through the streets of oakland starting at 6:45 this morning. you are looking at videos of santa riding through town a couple of years ago. he will ride through the city. i guess he will be stopping and passing out toys to kids and giving hugs. >> san francisco's salvation army says thanks after a big donation. they delivered more than $65,000
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in toys to the salvation army. they target older kids that sometimes get overlooked during the holidays. donors say it is a good time to be thankful for what they have. >> we decided to do this. sometimes we all live in a bubble in san francisco and we don't realize how privileged we are. >> i'm really proud of myself because i really like donating things and i really like helping people. >> it makes you feel good. the toys will be distributed by the salvation army over the weekend. dig deep was founded by two local san franciscans who are rais raised by single moms.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a live look in san jose where
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the winning megamillion ticket was sold just inside jenny's gift shop. someone purchased that winning ticket. good for them. a chance to check your numbers. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, and the megaball is 7. coming up in a few minutes, we're going to hear from the shop owner that sold that winning ticket. we are less than two months away from the winter games in sochi. president obama is sending a strong message regarding russian anti-gay laws. he will not attend the upcoming ceremony of the winter olympics, marking the first time a u.s. president will not be there. as part of the u.s. delegation, president obama has selected two openly gay athletes, billie jean king will be attending the opening ceremony and two-time women's ice hockey medalist, kaitlin kahow will be attending.
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janet nap p brian boitano will be attending olympic gold medal shaun white has decided to compete in just one, snowboarding event. he will compete in the slope style but skip the half-pipe in an effort to rest his ankle. he hurt it last weekend on the half-pipe in the dew tour. we need wind. >> we have it on the way. we are seven days away from christmas. i am going to i have give you a gift. today is a spare the air day with a fire burning in big sur. we had the fire in redwood city. it did not help the situation. we have an improvement as an area of low pressure drops
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through the bay area. this is going to mix everything up. 47 degrees to start in san jose. it is also good to report that temperatures are not too frigid out there. you might be able to get by without cranking the heater. later today, temperatures, nice and mild. in the south bay, it looks good. temperatures in the low 60s in san francisco, same for you. north bay, mid-60s. same for the east bay. temperatures in the tri-valley will range from the upper 50s to the mid-60s. pleasanton, 66 degrees. we'll check your drive. here's mike i was noticing walking in from the parking lot, a steady flow of traffic for all lanes here. a little pause for cash payers, because you have to do that. a little slowing for fast track just because 25 miles per hour is the limit through the gates. >> we will look at the maps. you don't see any real drama. a lighter volume overall. the south bay shows no slowing.
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a smooth flow of traffic out here out of the altamont pass. a mild change for livermore. 580 shows a little slowing. 84 down through the interchange. a typical pattern. lighter flow, easier drive. even out here in antioch, we are starting to see the speeds dip. we'll see if we get into the 20s. it doesn't look like it. we typically will see that around 5:30. about now, we should see more slowing through the area. again, coming out of the bridge, over towards pittsburg at bay point, no major issues. approaching the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. the caldecott, a little slowing in both directions. we have two open in both directions. things continue to operate pretty smoothly. no problems to or across the bay bridge. back to you. the warriors are off today. the star, steph curry, will be busy, teaching people about living a healthy life. they will talk about the
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importance of health coverage and being active. he will sign autographs in exchange for a donation of canned or boxed food for food banks in the east bay. the event starts at 5:00 tonight at the hilltop mall in richmond. >> penguins in the holiday spirit at an amusement park in south korea. nine penguins paraded through the park. >> the one in the green has a bad attitude. >> penguin trainer, just as santa, carrying a little fox to lead the penguins. i think it is amazing how they got them to wear all these. one penguin trainer said it was just a way to give people a merry christmas. the penguin parade will welcome visitors at the park until the end of the year. >> the reason doesn't matter. it is kind of cool to look at. >> the reason is the season. there you have it. it is 5:26. it is going to be a really happy holiday for someone in the south bay. >> a winning megamillions lottery ticket was sold at this store in san jose.
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hear from the very excited store owner who is also in for a big payday. >> praying for a miracle. how the family of a local teenager now declared brain dead after a routine surgery is not giving up hope.
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i feel good. i'm a lucky one. >> yes, lucky indeed. the east san jose shop owner just sold the winning megamillions tickets. he is waiting to find out which of his friends won the jackpot. he won a jackpot too. he picks up $1 million for selling it. good morning. >> good morning for him for sure. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. two tickets sold. one in atlanta in the buckhead area. the other one sold here in san jose. "today in the bay's" peggy bunker live in east san jose.
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>> this is so close to where we work. when we were talking about buying our tickets, ifwa+" we h only come down here to jenny's gifts. this store is owned by twi win. he is so excited to be the winner. they called him and said mr. wen, congratulations. the winning lottery ticket, one of two, was sold at jenny's gifts, tully in east san jose. he could not have been more thrilled. >> i feel good, feel good. come to my store! i feel good. >> i really don't think about that in my heart. i just want to sell people good things and make people happy. >> that's right, that's what he says. good tickets make people happy.
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his goal for that money he is going to bring in, about $1 million for selling that ticket. his goal is to make that money grow. overall, he is completely thrilled that this is is where one of the winning tickets was sold, right here in san jose. he says a lot of people come in and out of his store here, jenny's gifts. he knows a lot of his customers. he is really excited to find out who that person is that's going to be bringing in millions and millions of dollars after this split up that humongous jackpot, the second in u.s. lottery history. laura? >> it is so exciting to see his enthusiasm. he can't help but be thrilled. >> we'll keep checking back. thanks so much, peggy. it is, indeed, a different world for the winners. before they can begin playing with that money, they have to get their hands on it. chase has a plan for him to get in on the action. >> chase? >> i'm hoping that before they enter this door to claim their prize that they stop by and give myself and my photographer a few dollars. that sounds good, right?
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one thing won't be happening. i won't be walking inside to claim. this is what failure looks like, terry and laura. i bought some tickets and was checking them this morning. there are some lucky people in california, one is going to win that jackpot. there is a very lucky person in the atlanta area. they matched all six numbers. they will share that $600 million jackpot. two people winning or getting five numbers correct. they are going to win a pretty nice prize also. what is next for anyone that wins a prize like this. first of all, in california, you cannot remain anonymous. your name is going to be published even if you don't want to come out and talk to the media and tell us about what you will do with the money. you do only have 180 days to claim that prize. that's about six months. we could be waiting a little while. many people will probably be anxious to get their hands on that money and another fortunate thing about california, you do
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not have to pay state taxes here. you only have to pay federal taxes. those federal taxes will get you. it is about 39% federal tax. you take that $600 million jackpot, you divide it between the two winners. if they each take the cash option, you are getting a little less money. you take out the nearly 40% tax and you may be looking at less than $100 million. that should be plenty of money to do plenty of things and help out plenty of people. i am sure plenty of us could find good things to do with that money. right, terry and laura? >> $100 million is still $100 million. now, to breaking news in san francisco where two men used a van to steel an atm before leading officers on a chase. christie smith live in the pacific heights neighborhood where it all started. what can you tell us? >> good morning to you. i just spoke with a witness that
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told a story. sounds like something in a movie. you think it is somewhat unbelievable. it did happen. two men in a van pulled up outside of this store and actually ripped an atm that was stationed right here, mounted right here. you can see the damage. i spoke with a witness that says it actually sounded like a car crash at around 3:30 this morning. he was sleeping across the street. he came out and saw a van, a white van, circling around jackson and fill more. he watched it for a while. he couldn't figure out what they were doing. he said there were two men inside. they went around a couple of times and then hit this post outside where the atm was. a couple of times. they couldn't get it to move. he says he saw them get out and they actually seemed to have brought their own chain, tried to chain it up to the atm machine. they eventually got it to move. he said he watched them struggle with it and throw it inside of that van and take off. i just spoke with the police officer on scene.
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what happened from there, these two men got on the bridge and headed to treasure island and were spotted by officers there. for some reason, decided to turn around and drive back into the city. that's when officers spotted that vanover at 19th and missouri. it is unclear whether the ma she masheen is inside. an unusual and wild scene out there. the atm, it is gone. that's the latest from here. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> the family of an oakland girl who was declared brain dead after routine surgery is holding a prayer meeting tonight hoping for a miracle. the family of the 13-year-old are fighting to keep the girl on a ventilator. they filed an injunction to keep the hospital from taking her off the ventilator.
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this is where prayer is really important. this is where we need to come together as a family. we are asking the community to come together with us and really help us pray this girl back to perfect health. >> mcmath was declared brain dead after she had her tonsils roux he moved last week. they have not released her actual cause of death. in a statement, they say, our hearts go out to this patient. we have not been authorized by the family to share information with the public about this matter. we are not able to correct misperceptions created about this sad situation. >> investors have determined that a man whose body was found in vallejo over the summer was murdered. the body was found on july 5th. inve inve investigators say it was badly decomposed. he was found in a t-shirt and
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jeans, 5'6" and 5'10". they have not said how he died officials say the wild fire burning in big sur, los padres national forest near highway 1 has burned nearly two dozen homes. it is only 70% contained. an area on the oceanside was evacuated. the unusually late wild fire. the area usually gets about 45 inches of rain a year and this year, the area has only seen about 7 inches to this point. >> the entire state could use a good dose of rain. not in the forecast any time soon, christina. >> no, nothing significant. we are watching for some wind as we head throughout tonight into tomorrow. that could be problematic for firefighters working that fire. hopefully not. our thoughts and prayers with everybody working on the fire. temperatures mostly in the 40s
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except the north bay. you are in the mid-30s. watch out. a little frost on your windchills. we are looking pretty good. i want to show you the south bay, what we are expecting for today. temperatures at lunchtime, upper 50s. it will be comfortable out there. you don't have to stay all bundle up all day long. 62 degrees at 4:00 p.m. highs across the bay area are going to end up in the mid-60s. it is going to be another comfortable day, not quite as comfortable as it has been. let's take you through the changes as we get into the cold front. the timing of the front looks like 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. by this evening, that wind will crank, 20-30-mile-per-hour sustained speeds, gusting to 50 miles per hour at times. it is going to stay windy throughout your thursday as well. we will get some cleaner air quality out of it. it is going to look a lot bet better. you will be able to see the mountains as we head thursday into friday as we have not had the opportunity to do. over the past couple of days.
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what i can tell you, this is going to stir up some trouble. if you are trying to travel across the state of california. if you're headed down the 5, watch out for gusty wind out there. we are talking about donner pass, blowing snow, black ice possible. you want to make sure you have the chains ready to go in you are going to be headed to tahoe. strong wind, white out conditions at times and light rain on 101 if you are going to be headed up and down the coastline. what i can tell you, we are looking pretty good friday through the weekend. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. nothing dramatic. no real slowing. this is 101 just north of 680. the south bay overall shows a smooth drive. these construction crews start moving over the next few minutes. you will find a little slowing here and there. we are looking over here. west 580 shows that steady build, very easy drive out of livermore. mild build as you approach hauf
5:40 am
yard. no problem through castro valley or the castro valley yfrm"y." more company but no slowing on 101 and 280 moves smoothly up the peninsula. the bay bridge, cash lane backup, typical. back to you. the time, 5:40. the big vote expected to keep the government from shutting down. police in the south bay need your help identifying a package thief. how a woman pulled it all off. -those other store cards... -...preferred shopper...
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today is the day congress could actually send the president a budget, not just for next year but for the next two years. that would mean no more kicking the can down the road every few months and no more threats of a government shutdown. for more on the final vote
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expected today, let's bring in "today in the bay's" tracie potts, live on capitol hill this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hi, terry. good morning, everybody. hard to believe. within a matter of hours, we could actually have a budget in place for this country for the next two years. that budget would be just over 1 trillion dollars a year. it will roll back some of the deep budget cuts. it is not going to extend unemployment. there could also be an effect for military veterans whose pensions could take a hit along with federal employees that would have to contribute more. it is no the solution that everyone wanted. it is a compromise that has issues on both sides. some conservatives say they won't vote for it. the vote count is looking fairly likely this will pass. it is actually happening, the vote, late afternoon. live from washington, i'm tracie
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potts. 5 5:43. michael bloomberg will give his final speech this morning. it will cover the threats facing american cities and the continue of progress. he has two weeks left on his term before incoming mayor, bill de blasio takes over. secretary of state, john kerry, will be passing through the bay area, returning from his trip visiting the typhoon ravaged philippines. he pledged nearly $25 million more in aid to the country on top of the $62 million already donated by the u.s. he is going to stay overnight and head back to washington tomorrow morning. we want to check the forecast with meteorologist, christina lauren. already halfway through our workweek. >> a couple days away. maybe you have that last-minute shopping to take care of. happy to report, if you are one of those last-minute shoppers, temperatures are going to be
5:45 am
comfortable for the next couple of days. it will be cooler by about 5-10 degrees from yesterday's highs. nonetheless, still comfortable reaching into the 60s. south bay, 47. peninsula, 46. san bruno, a little bit of wind already. a cold front on the way. that wind will continue to increase as we head throughout the day. that means better air quality. you can finally breath easily all across the bay area thursday into friday, back in the good range. a lot of people have been writing about asthma. really good news, a welcome forecast for a lot of people. getting into this afternoon, highs are going to be pretty comfortable. we'll see a couple mid-60s in the south bay. los altoes, 62. 62 in fremont. pleasanton, 66. the east bay will be the warmest as we get in this afternoon. as we head through this evening, the wind really starts to crank. the wind is necessary to clear
5:46 am
out our air quality. let's take you through the who your by hour changes. on your futurecast, we stop the clock at about 10:00 p.m. you can see where you get the reds and the pinks. that's where we are going to he soo the fiercest winds. wind advisory goes into place at midnight. stop the clock on your futurecast getting into tomorrow. staying pretty gusty through 4:00 p.m. those winds will start to drop off. looking a lot better for travel as we head through overnight thursday into the weekend. calm conditions up until then. here is the other good news. today, a spare the air day. our 11th straight. as we get into friday and saturday, good to moderate air quality. back to you, mike. >> christina, we are going to take you over here toward our view. this is the oakland coliseum. views of a crash.
5:47 am
maybe two other vehicles. it sounds like all lanes are currently blocked. it sounds like there is a spin-out. chp has yet to arrive to give me the details. a north te if you are headed no. use west 580 if you head through oakland and toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about the backup forming in the cash lanes, very light, very mild. an easy flow around the rest of the bay. a lighter volume of traffic. we look at map on the approach. here is the eastshore freeway. bottom of your screen, we are coming up with the censors towards 23 and oak. that area should be affected by the crash. the censors take a couple to adjust. a light volume here shows highway 4 westbound. no real slowing through antioch. down to the 50s as you are
5:48 am
traveling. very light, very easy for this time of morning. a similar slow, easy build out of the altamont pass for west 580. no dramatic slowing here. your typical pause at val asee toes. driving to the south bay, speed censors in the northbound direction. your typical spot north of 180 shows a little slowing. heading up the peninsula. palo alto, a smooth flow of traffic. no problems north into san francisco. san mateo moves smoothly. in the north bay, the southbound direction is your commute coming down out of san rafael. a very smooth drive. navato, to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you very much, mike. negotiations will resume between b.a.r.t. and the two largest unions. they have been renegotiating since last week, trying to reach an agreement over the disputed family leave provision. b.a.r.t. management insists the provision was mistakenly put in
5:49 am
the final package they ratified last month. consider this next video a warning. if you are waiting for a package, take a look at this woman walks up to the san jose home. she is going to be carrying a large, empty bag, walking in like she owns the place. puts the package left on the doorstep into that bag and walks away. the owners say the package was only on that porch for about 20 minutes. that many would is a thief. they say, thefts like this one are happening quite often in their area. they are encouraging neighbors to please keep an eye out. >> sir paul mccartney could be headed back to san francisco to bid a final farewell to candlestick park. while in town for the outside lands festival, he reportedly told mayor ed lee he wants to perform at the stick before it is demolished next year. they are trying to work out a date with the former member of the beatles. they performed their very last concert together at candlestick park in 1966. the 49ers will play their last regular season game at
5:50 am
candlestick on monday. there are a number of other events on tap at the park too next year, including a community day, giving fans a chance to say a final farewell. there are still a few weeks until the rose bowl between stanford and michigan state. they have found a way to stick it to cardinal fans. the michigan state fans found a creative way to get tickets. the stanford athletic department offered a chance to buy rose bowl tickets in exchange for a $100 down payment for 2014 season tickets. spartans fans took advantage by putting down $100, saving $1,000. it would have been scalp tickets for the new year's day game. john ricci, an nbc football analyst, who happens to be a stanford alum, says he cannot find tickets for himself. the deal that may have you shopping online today. we'll take a look at an ad
5:51 am
that's cause ing a little bit o debate online. a live look at san hjose. your chance to check your numbers. you might have won something. 8, 14, 20, 39 and the megaball, 7. we are going to hear from the winning shop owner that sold the winning ticket.
5:52 am
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welcome back. good wednesday morning. it is not an official holiday. retailers are calling it a free shipping day. online retailers have come
5:54 am
together to offer free shipping on december 18th. it is a way for shoppers to get a guaranteed delivery by december 24th without paying in he extra cash. more than 800 merchants plan to participate on free shipping day. >> a new ad from apple has people talking this morning. scott mcgrew talking or maybe the word is debating, right? >> debating. people kind of have conflicting opinions about the new apple holiday add called misunderstood. an ad entertainment agent called it an absolute tear jerker. the idea is this young man appears not to be paying much attention to his family at christmas. there is some sad music behind it as well. he is sort of actively ignoring them as he spends time on his telephone. in the very end of the video, he will surprise the family. he has made a video of the
5:55 am
entire thing using his iphone. this is what he has been using instead of decorating the christmas tree or participating. seriously, enough of this ad. reporter, brian barrat says if he is recording his family's activity, he is still not participating in them. you can love the ad and think it is sweet or be concerned that the kid is missing out. it seems to fall on generational lines. i am curious what other people think. we posted the link on our facebook page. we would love to hear your comments on an entirely not unrelated story, a woman was posting to her facebook when she ran out of dock. she is okay and her phone. she is still at her phone. >> would you like reaction to that apple ad right now? >> go ahead. >> okay. i saw it yesterday. i know we don't have much time. i saw it yesterday and i thought
5:56 am
the kid wasn't removed from his family. i thought it was going to end with because he was conversing with his gill frierlfriend who away. it got me. it was a tear-jerker at the end. >> we have one in favor. terry, we'll let you see it and we'll find out what you think. >> i'll keep you posted let's check in with meteorologist, christina lauren. >> have you seen that ad yet? >> no, i would not. ten years down the road when you have that video to look at, yeah, you might be rethinking those plans if you don't like it now. 46, mountainview, 46 to start the day in san martin. we are going to end up in the 60 60s acrosses the board. right now, let's check your drive. a big change in oakland. a light drive around the bay. let's look at our oakland shot.
5:57 am
we are focusing around the stream. let's look at the censors there in the area. the map shows north 882, crashes reported. one at 23rd and one at oak. we have a number of laps blocked right now, guys, back to you. >> thanks very much. 5:75 right now. a haze floating over the bay areas awe experience another spare the air day. christina will have the latest next. we are learning new details about a shooting at a reno hospital. what police say about the gunman's demeanor in the moments leading up to the attack. an atm yanked from right outside a san francisco shop. if you can't win the megamillions, you deal with an atm. police are looking for the man that took it. christie smith live at the scene will have reaction from a witness.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news. an atm smash and grab on the san
6:00 am
francisco sidewalk. a live look for suspects next. i feel good, feel good. >> i would feel good too. the man sold the winning megamillions ticket right here in san jose. it was sold. i am going to tell you why the owner of stothe store that sold that ticket says he is too excited to sleep. love kicking off a wednesday with some good bay area news. temperatures are mild to start our next weathermaker. i am going to detail the hour by hour changes right where you live coming up. chp still trying to get to that situation north 880 in downtown oakland. we see the backup starting to form back at the coliseum. it looks like the latest update might have three lanes blocked plus a new crash in the south bay. we'll bring you both of those coming up. we are calling san jose winnersville. big lottery winner here, wednesday, december 18th. this is "today in the bay."


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