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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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tonight they're getting quite a response. there are people here still filing into the church. and the service is getting under w way. he had surgery at children's hospital oakland december 9. she had her tonsils removed. something went wrong and she was pronounced brain dead days later. the family says a second test completed yesterday also showed no brain activity. she's still at the family on a vept lay tor. they fought for more time and the hospital has agreed. now they are paying for a miraculous recovery. minutes ago, her mother says she believes in the power of prayer. i don't care where it's coming from, isle accept it. i just want to just pray for her. she's a really sweet girl. and she's a big part of my heart, and i won't give up.
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children hospital oakland isn't commenting on camera. only releasing statements that it's carrying for the grieving family. it's a sad situation that has brought a lot of people together to pray for mcmath tonight. and at this point, no one knows how much longer this very emotional situation will continue. reporting live in oakland, jean elie, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. want to give you a live look at the eastern span of the beleaguered bridge. cal trans announcing those cracked bolts have finally been fixed. what it mean for the safety of the bridge. >> you may remember back in march, it was discovered that about a third of the bolts of the new eastern span had snapped
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during nps. that set off all kinds of red flags. engineers put up temporary shims so the bridge could open on labor day. caltran officials showed us what the permanent fix looks like. it's called a steel saddle. it's purple on your screen. it replaces the broken rods on the bridge. it also allows the bridge to sway in case of a major earthquake. retired engineer criticized caltras about the permanent fix. >> we do agree that the water, the standing water that had been in the holes that the bolts were in would have very well been a factor that led to them break, but our report also identified other factors and we're continuing to listen to anyone who comes to talk to us. >> so caltrans says the bridge is safe. it's safer than the old one. the cost of the permanent fix, $25 million.
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the life span of the new eastern span, 150 years. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. here comes a shift in our weather. we're bracing for a windy night. let's take you outside. a live look at the san mateo bridge now. use some caution on the bridges and freeways tonight. jeff franieri to show us what we can expect. >> the winds increasing in san francisco, coming out of the west at 14 miles an hour. certainly not overgusty at this point. but it's a sign of things to come by tonight. 19 in san jose, san francisco at 26 and san rafael at 31. that's not very windy, but as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, you're going to see the lower elevations will likely get to 31 in livermore, san francisco 32 and san rafael at 40. but then wire going to add another layer on this. traveling throughout the hills in the bay area, up 1,000 feet in the north bay, east bay and south bay. that's where winds could likely
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top 50 miles an hour. we're pinpointing some of the highest gusts, at least with this wind advisory, kbpted up in the north bay. that includes the immediate koes line. and then also anyone back towards napa and sonoma, winds up to 50 miles an hour. >> well, you can add two new millionaires to the bay area tonight. one we know, the other, though, remains a mystery. a winning ticket was purchased right here at jenny's gift shop in san jose. that winner has yet to come forward. counting his own cash, the owner of the store who gets a cut for selling the lucky ticket. and now more people want that luck, to. $1 million for selling that ticket, boy, that's a good return. >> it certainly is. especially since he's only had this store four months. all day long, people have been flooding into jenny's gift shop to buy a lotto ticket after
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someone purchased the winning ticket here. and now that little piece of paper is worth more than $173 million cash. dodsens of people crammed into this tiny san jose gift shop today to take pictures with the owner. >> i wanted to come and man, i wanted to get some of that good luck to rub off on me. obviously here's znl zj's newest millionaire. >> one of two mega jackpot tickets were sold here off tully road in san jose zj. that means the owner nguyen woke up a much richer man as well. >> i'm so excited. i won $1 million, too. >> people are driving from miles away to buy lotto tickets here. after aech sale, nguyen offers customers good luck. he's convinced it helped the person now holding a ticket worth more than $173 million cash.
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>> i say from bottom of my heart. so i think it's got to be lucky. >> the total mega millions jackpot amount was $648 million, the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. it will be split between a winner here and one in georgia. lottery officials say those two people are not the only winners. >> out of every dollar that you spend on a lottery product, roughly 1/3 goes to california public schools. the reason why we were created back in 1984 is to supplement public school funding. so a lot of this money is going to make it back to the classrooms. >> but for now, the focus for these customers is on buying more lotto tickets. they're convinced if one person won a fortune here, then this is the pla is to come for more good fortune. lotto officials say once a winner does come forward, it will take about six to eight weeks before they'll be able to get their cash. but i'm sure it will be worth the wait.
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>> these are the winning numbers. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, and the mega ball number, 7. >> not just san jose, but atlanta, take a look. here's the other winner. ira curry, that's her name. she used her family's birthdays to pick her numbers. she bought one ticket and she's opting for the lump sum one-time bayout, $120 million after tacks. the owner for the newsstand, not as lucky as the san jose winner. there's no million dollar bonus. there's no payout for the retailer who ses the winning tiet. instead they get 6% of the tickets they sell overall. the owner of the newsstand located in the atlanta suburb of buckhead is 58-year-old korean immigrant bonus or not. she says it's a big christmas present. >> what do you do after becoming an instant millionaire? experts say 70% of people who
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get a big wind fall end up losing it all. alan hit it big in 2001, winning $141 million jackpot. the castianos played it smart. they went into seclusion for a few days. they hired an attorney, a banking firm, an investor, and a publicist before telling the world they were winners. >> the advice they gave us on how to handle it was very, very -- i mean, it was good to hear. because we don't know. we didn't know how to handle so much money. >> they are warning new winners to look out for people trying to cash in on their winnings. today the castianos still give some of their money away to charity through their own foundation. they say their only regret is that they didn't win the lottery when they were 27. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. the minute we know something about the ticket purchase in san jose and who got it, we will, of course, bring you that information.
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>> still ahead here at 6:00, the new contract trouble for b.a.r.t. >> no sprinklers and no flushing and already the outlook getting more diefr. what the state is doing to try to solve prices. >> and the latest band that could be on the table for the city. >> and $400,000 a year? local workers making sky high salaries. we investigate some of the highest paid county and city workers an why.
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>> teens joining gangs at a younger age and graffiti. these are challenges being addressed by the task force. chris sanchez sgroins us live from san jose with more on this report. >> hi there.
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we were there as members of the story road business association told members of the san jose mayor's gang prevention task force that crime in their neighborhood is the worse that it's been in years. as you mentioned, the audit for san jose confirms they're on to something. >> the septemberment jose romero is decorating a lot more cheerful than what he's seen in his 1 years of business. he says in recent years, sales are down by about half because of gang crime and blight in the neighborhood and there's not much he can do. he says when he confronted a group of 8 and 10-year-olds tagging the score next door, they beat him up. this is the worst that i have seen. >> four major town hall meetings and about 20 focus groups like this one with business associations, patient groups,
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school 2k3wr50u7 group, even the trauma yau trauma unit. >> i think a lot of the community is saying that the youth are getting involved yo g youngyoun younger and they're also asking for interveenntion at a younger age. >> enforcement is falling short according to the city's independent auditor. the crime weight went up more than 30% in the last ten years. arrests decreased by nearly half in five years and the sjpd closed 15% fewer cases than the state and national average. community leaders say if something doesn't change a generation of children will grow up thinking gangs and crime are normal. >> if you want to talk about prevention, work with those kids inlement tear school. if those kids after school, they came out in their imagination, they think that's my
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neighborhood, that's the way it is. and it's okay. it's not okay. >> the san jose mayor's preenks task force hopes to prevent for the summer. >> b.a.r.t. and its unions were back at the bargaining table today. and another complication has popped up. b.a.r.t. says it discovered a glitch in the contract with one of its smaller unions. it had to do with a start date of a retiree program. b.a.t. and two of its largest unions are meeting tomorrow. they say language was accidentally included in a contract approved by the unions. >> we all know there are plenty of sky-high salaries in the city and you would those to be paid by private companies. not by you, the taxpayer.
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>> the president earns $400,000 a year. not bad, but not as good as what some city and county workers in california are making. according to new figures from the state controller's office, more than 100 city and county workers statewide earned more than the president last year. that's up from 68 in 2011. the biggest paycheck went to an orthopedic surgeon who made more than $1 million. the highest paid city worker was the city manager of buena park in southern california, who took home $545,000. in the bay area some of the highest paid workers were a city attorney, $465,000, a county administrator who took home almost $464,000, a fire cheer, $461,000, and a fire chief, $416,000. >> anytime there's a highly compensated vinl, you have to ask whether or not that person
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is appropriately compensated. >> the government watchdog group common cause says it's not just basalry, bonuses and overtime also say a lot about how your money is being managed. >> when overtime starts to exceed your own base pay, then you have to ask whether or not the city is making good snumt jumts. >> we found many of the top overtime earners were right in the bay area. a san francisco fire lieutenant pulls in $260,000 of overtime on top of his $128,000 basalry. a police officer made $206,000, adding to his $98,000 base pay. and a mui worker earned $146,000 in overtime, along with his $11 1,000 basalry. one of the biggest payouts in bonus also came from mni with a transit manager being paid $200,000, adding to a $98,000 basalry. >> what it says to me is that these compensation levels are rising and they're rising
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unchecked. citizens are not calling foul. >> 50 she says examining public salaries is one way to prevent cities from heading towards bankruptcy. >> if you think back to stockton and valejo, they weren't having these conversations before. these compensation levels are unsustainable. >> emergency services are responsible for the lion's share. but in santa clara, we found the most overtime was paid to electric utility work es, $2.8 million last year. that's more than the $2.3 million paid to police, fire and all other city workers combined. a when the overtime exceeds the base pay, that's a bit of a red flag. perhaps the time of the this workers is not being managed well. what's your response to that? >> having a lot of overtime is servely not sustainable. >> manager larry owens says
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overtime has been high over the past two years because of a boom in development, including the new niners stadium. but he says his department is trying to hire more workers to reduce overtime. adding you can it's the rate payers who cover salary costs. >> i firmly believe that santa clara and silicon power is doing the best sthek to meet the demands of customers and continue to provide safe and reliable power. >> meanwhile, government watchdogs say it's important for public agencies to balance their promises to workers with fiscal responsibility for taxpayers. >> the attention that people are now giving to public compensation is an important one. it allows us too gauge what the public is willing to spend for good talent and what might be crossing the line. >> the figures don't cover
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retirement or benefit. 888-996-tips. or accepted us an e-mail to the unit at >> the latest number the on the wildfire burning south of us in big sur. the fire started monday as you well know. in the los padres national forest. it's already burned $840 acres and destroyed 22 homes. about 900 men and women are fighting this fire, including a strike team from here in the bay area. the fire is 74% contained at this hour. crews hope to have this wildfire under control hopefully by friday. no word on how this started. >> let's turn it over to jeff ranieri. how are things turning for us now. >> a lot better. we have a cold front across california. it's doing well enough to stir up the atmosphere. we can't rule out a stray shower tonight. also for tomorrow, you may need
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those wind shield wipers again. wind advisory in effect all the way through 6:00 p.m. through the hills, above 1,000 feet. we'll have more on that in a minute. temperatures averaging in the 50s here all across the bay. gustiest at the coastline. increasing wind in san francisco and less haze right now in the south bay at this point. let's look at where we're gong to average through tomorrow. we're going to be generally in the upper 50s to about 60 with a mix of sun and clouds. let's break it down a little bit further. your forecast hour by hour. 7:00 a.m. in the south bay, some low 40s, nice start for us. through the noon hour, you'll get plenty of sunshine. the winds are really going to help scour out any kind of cloud cover. /scenario in the peninsula. by 5:00 p.m., 55 degrees. san francisco also starting off with mid 40s. and then sunny skies as we head throughout the afternoon at this point.
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northbound, east bay and tri valley, some low 30s. then for the east bay, temperatures right around 40 degrees. let's take us to that other equation. that's the wind. i9 does look gustiest as we head throughout thursday's forecast. winds topping 45 miles an hour. in those hills above 1,000 feet. but the wind event is not going to last too long. as we head through friday, saturday and sunday, the wind starts to decrease. and here's the good news in the forecast. by thursday, with that 45 miles an hour wind gust expected, that tick a look at the air al qaeda pi. ten days of poor air quality, everybody is expected at the good levels as we head throughout tomorrow, it's almost hard to make the bar graph. i had to lower it so much. >> great, good news. >> we can breathe easily. thanks, jeff. still ahead here at 6:00, it was a hoax with real consequences. a viral story that brought police to a bay area school. . >> and changing the way the government spies on us. today, recommendations announced for the nsa's snooping program. and wall street soars.
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we'll tell you why the dow hit a record high today. that's coming up in world tonight.
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thieves made a big withdrawal from an atm. in fact, they took the entire atm. they used a chain foul the atm right out of the ground. it happened in the pacific heights neighborhood. thieves put the atm into a van and drove off with it. police managed to chase the thieves but they managed to esca escape. officers then found the van used with the atm side. it was stolen from an area in the south bay. >> san francisco is examining a ban on plastic water bottles. the ordinance would be one of the tough estebest bands in the country. the ordinance would cover the
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sail and distribution of bottled water, 21 fluid ounces or less on all city property. the plan is to phase it in northeast next year and require all events to comply by 2016. >> still ahead at 6:00, the trouble at target for shoppers. plus -- >> i'm scott budman, it's christmas carrolling with a high tech twist. coming up, the company making music with their mobile devices. ♪
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>> don't stop it, just change it. that's the recommendation on the nsa spying program. >> president obama ordered an independent panel just days after former nsa contractor edward snowden leaked the contract in june. today, the panel released 46 recommendations, most most of them calling for more oversight. the nsa can look at phone data but not store the data. and if they want more information on a specific phone number, it needs a court order. also spying on foreign countries is fine, sings we all do it to each other, but the reasons why should be much tougher and agreed upon. president obama will review these recommendations and make a decision in january on what to keep or reject. it will soon be official. this afternoon, the senate passed a budget that will
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prevent another government shut down for two years. the bipartisan agreement will increase funding with the pentagon. but there will be no more unemployment extensions in rein federal workers will have to pay more into the pension. wall street scored on other economic news. the federal reserve announced it's scale back on the amount of money it's paying into the economy. ben bernanke says he believes it's because the economy is improving. the aircraft of the future is coming. and coming fast. the faa says it will pick six locations by the end of this year to test the safety of commercial drones. companies want to use the unmanned flying devices on everything from shooting movies to roofing inspections to delivering online goods the faa
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is also working on regulation which include air safety and privacy. today, the white house is officially commenting on its announcement of the olympics delegations. the white house says president obama just doesn't have time to travel to sochi, but it appears to be a snub to russia because of its anti-gay laws. instead, the white house is sending two openly gay athletes, billie jean king and hockey star kaitlyn kahow. >> soo i think that wribrings t diversity of the united states as well as the success the united states has had in sports. >> also representing the u.s. delegation, sunnyvale figure skater buyian boitano and janet no napolitano.
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>> new at 6:00, no sprinklers, limited showers and maybe even more extreme measure. that's the warning from a new group formed to find solutions for our looming drought here in california. jody hernandez who talked with the group creating this drought plan. it's not just ranchers and farmers who will be feeling the pain, right? >> potentially everyone could be impacted. ranchers and farmers are already feeling the pain. fields and farm land are dry and brown, as you can see. as you mentioned, soon everyone could be faced with scale back their water usage in a major way. a of. >> bay area cattle lampblers are having a tough time keeping their cows fed.
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for a third straight year, dry conditions have meant not enough grass to dry on. >> what we have is just the bare ting of green in the hills. it needs rain right now to shove it pup . >> this ramper has been forced to buy hay to keep his hungry herd satisfied. a costly alternative he's not sure he can sustain. >> if we don't get for rein, we're in deep trouble. we sneed the rain seriously. >> but dry conditions don't just spell trouble for farmers and ranchers. >> san francisco and l.a. are the driest they've been in 100 years. >> state water experts say conditions are so grim, everyone could soon feel the impact. for the first time, the state has a management team to gear up for a possible drought emergency. >> going through january and
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february, if it continues we're going to be very worried. >> the time to start conserving is now. >> ranchers are praying for rain. their livelihoods are on the line. >> in extreme drought, if you have to liquidate there goes your life's work. and i don't want to be in that situation. >> the special team, the drought management team is currently meeting with state and local agencies to try to figure out wheys to offset what they call the devastating impact. >> those rancher s praying for rain.
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this is a social and scientific shift for all of us. and in many ways it can be dangerous. >> the bay area drought is in effect not only for the bay area for the entire state of california. we've been talking and talking about 2013 and how tough it was to get any rain drops. extreme drought for the eastern portions of alameda and contra costa county. we need to pak pic up a ton of rainfall in 2014. if not, this is going to be a very dire 12 months here in the bay area. as you get a look so far this year since july 1, we've only picked up 0.02 rainfall. when you look at the calendar year, 14.25 inches is where we should be in liver more.
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not only san francisco, but a good portion of the bay area will likely have the driest calendar years ever on record. so far, no rain at this point, you guys. >> thank you, jeff. the guessing game continues for the 2016 presidential race. some supporters want governor brown to jump in. according to the l.a. times, the second executive director for the california nurses association says brown would be a strong candidate for 2016. some political consultants say his current record as california's governor is another selling point. >> i think the reason for the speculation is that california is doing so well. it's now a model for the rest of the country. >> the 75-year-old governor is up for re-election next year. he hasn't announced whether he'll run again. . >> a san francisco elementary
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school had to beef up security because of a phony story that sparked outrage and even threats. a satirical website claims that school administrators had suspended a student for wishing an atheist an merry christmas. the school was argon, but that school and everyone mentioned in the article doesn't exist. argon elementary with two n's, spilled with an nne is real and has been spurring angry calls and e-mails. >> a harvard university student accused of making bomb threats to get out of his final exam appeared in court today. >> prosecutors say on monday he sent e-mails to harvarded a min straugs -- harvard administration and police. the whole thing was a hoax. today, kim did not enter a plea. a judge ordered him to stay away from the harvard campus.
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prosecutors say he could face up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine for the fake bomb threat. >> still ahead, silence is golden. one airline taking a stance against cell phones on airplanes. >> and a last minute surprise for hundreds of bay area children whose presence were caught up in some red tape at customs. >> and good evening. we are tracking gusty winds developing across the bay. detail ops the wind advisory as we head throughout your thursday forecast in just a few minute s ps.
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>> san jose state is scaling back its online partnership. it will only offer three online classes open only to csu students. previously there were five courses open to anyone for a fee. now instead of using udaciy's platform, it will be on csu's system platform. campus officials also say udacity will no longer have any direct involvement with this program. the collaboration has been plagued with technical glitches and high failure rates. >> if you've been shopping since target, your debit and credit card information may be in the hands of hackers. secret services confirm thieves have stolen an unknown number of target customer payment information which could affect millions of shoppers. the breach reportedly involves nearly all target stores nationwide and may have continued until december 15. investors believe the data stored on the magnetic strips
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was hacked at cash registers. >> you want to take on your cell fon? not on delta airlines. the fcc is considering lifting the ban on cell phone call, but today, delta says no matter what the fcc does, it is sticking to its decision. a majority said allowing cell phone calls during mights would make their experience worse an note better. delta says its employees support the decision. >> sometimes peace and quiet is good. >> oh, text. leave the text option open, phone call no. live look at the skycam a network right now. we do have fog across san francisco. we'll talk more about a slight chance of showers and also that wind threat for thursday coming
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up in squus a few. >> all right, jeff. and in sports, everyone loves when a coach loses his cool in a press conference. up next, the newest post game meltdown where no punches are being pulled. plus, might there be a power struggling in santa clara between the head coach and the general manager? that next from the xfiniti sports desk.
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is. >> they're calling it a christmas miracle. a shipment for needy children will be delivered. they were delivered to the
6:45 pm
family giving trees warehouse this afternoon. >> it's really an credible kid knowing you're going to help 40,000 needy kids. these 1,100 schoolers really mean gifts to children interested in being outdoors healthy and active. we didn't have anything else to give them. this is really, really an awesome day for us. the nonprofit reached out to everyone they could, including president obama after their container was chosen at random at the port of oakland for extra screening. but like we said, the gifts have made it and will be distributed. >> giving is certainly a holiday tradition. christmas carrolling with the help of technology from silicon valley. it's a story you'll see and hear only on nbc bay area. here's more about it. >> lots of people love to hear carollers this time of year. sometimes they're engineers with mobile devices and music stands.
6:46 pm
>> christmas carolling because there's an app for that, too. entertaining shoppers. singing and play on the apps they make for iphones and ipads. you probably expect a twist. >> we bring our ipad along, a couple of iphones and we can have a portable band wherever we're going. >> thanks to apps that connect via the internet. so these carols can be shared, all part of what smule calls a social campfire.
6:47 pm
>> we're bringing music back to its create i routes as a social interactive medium. >> one fan, one song, and one app at a time. >> we don't have access to carollers. we can get that app. . >> and you can hear me, too. >> jeff, take it away, please. >> that's awesome, keep it up. we can have an accompaniment behind the weather. i like that. nothing? okay, let's go ahead and take a look here. we do have a storm system we're tracking across california. back behind this cold front, we have a lot of winds that will build in the forecast for tomorrow. we're tracking a few shower, but nothing major here for tonight. so let's get a look at the wind
6:48 pm
advisories as with ehead throughout thursday. this will be from the hills above 1,000 feet. gusts could top 50 miles an hour at this point. for the north bay, east bay and south bay as we head throughout that thursday forecast. more on that. co-ing up. but i want to take you out to the sky cam right now. cloud cover that's increased for everyone at this point. now there's one location that has started to get in on these winds. 17 to 14 miles an hour is not extremely gusty, but it's going to get a lot more than that as we head throughout late tonight and also for tomorrow. the good side effect of all of this is the fact that the air quality is finally going to improve after ten days. stuck with poor air quality throughout the southbound. this is awesome if you suffer from allergies oar h or respiratory problems. marked improvement for thursday and friday. we'll start with clouds, gradual
6:49 pm
sunshine here throughout the day. flougt san francisco in the northern portions of the peninsula, temperatures in the upper 50s to about 60. north bay, east bay and the trivalley, temperatures very similar. just that time of year, we're not going to see too many contracts here akroesz the ether board. 58 napa, 58 in oakland. 57 in danville and we'll stay out of the 60s here for all of the tri valley. livermore expecting 58. here's the latest pattern. we have low pressure that's finally started to get close here. that's going to continue to merge with this storm system off to the north as we head throughout the night. and eventually that's going to bring the wind into the forecast. as we head towards tomorrow, i do want to go back to one graphic. the winds will likely top 40 miles an hour at the coastline. it's not looking too bad again. we'll start to see that wind increase. you can see these areas tomorrow at the immediate coastline.
6:50 pm
that's winds that could top 40 miles an hour. then as we head throughout thursday afternoon, that's when everybody is expected to get in on these gusty winds. back here for the east bay and the tri valley, we could see the winds top about 20 to 30. so the bottom line on this wind again, the worst will be at the coast. also for the hills, above 1,000 feet. with winds that could top 40 miles an hour. we could also see some power outages and trees that may come down. as that storm system passes across as we head throughout the thursday forecast. we'll see some showers here mainly off the coastline. we're not expecting anything major for the bay, but we still can't rule out possibly an isolated sprinkle or two. if you're headed out across intertate 80, there's a winter weather advisory in place. it's certainly going to look nice and scenic throughout, well, the week before christmas. >> we're almost there. thank you, jeff. >> it was always interesting in big-time sports, right, you sign a contract and then everyone
6:51 pm
wants to renegotiate the contract, right? >> exactly. the 49ers prepare for the final game at candlestick on monday night. there's a subplot around the future of jim harbaugh. with two years remain on his current contract. and speculation he could become the target of the texas long horns. >> in terms of jim, you can't really ask for a much better job than what he's done over his first 2 1/2 seasons. and, you know, now is not the right time to get into a deep contract discussion. but he 2340es what ewnt him here long term and we'll sit down at the end of the season. we'll assess like we always do and i definitely anticipate jim being here for a long period of time. it's easy to speculate, well, he was in college and he had full control. and he wants full control here. you know, that sounds great, until you actually get to reality. and jim is really never asked for that. now do we butt heads on players from time to time? of course. that's what gms and coaches do.
6:52 pm
but jim knows being a coach is a full-time job and he has a lot of respect for the job that trent has done. >> that is something to watch over the coming months. now the current warriors owners may be interested in buying the oakland a's. the east bay express is reporting one of three groups that could be interested in the team and building a new park in oakland at howard terminal. >> you ready? >> not the hall of fame but it's close. giants play by play man duane kiper had his name enshrined on the menu in san francisco. former comcast sports net emp y employeeing receiving the honor. look at that. it seems to me that you see some of the best public meltdowns come from the world of sports. and who doesn't like seeing a head coach lose it after a tough loss. yesterday, brought us another
6:53 pm
edition of head coaches gone wild. as southern illinois coach barry hen son blew his stack. >> i'm struggling with this crew right now. they won't let me coach them. anytime i coach somebody, they put their head down. we're soft. we've been enabled for whatever reason. i've got a bunch of mama's boys right now. our guards were awful. our three starting guards have one assist and seven turnovers. they must think it's a tax credit. it's unbelievable how our starting guards play. let's about our big guy. 2-11. how can you go 2-11. my wife, my wife can score for man two buckets on 11 shots. because i know my wife will at least shot fake one time. when you've got a young kid it's a lot like house training a puppy dog. when the dog does is something wrong, bad dog. i'm not going to hit them.
6:54 pm
that's probably what we need to do. >> all right. he goes on to mention more about snipers, manier about his wife and dog. that was one fabulous meltdown. to me, it's kind of like being in a news room, wouldn't you sna. >> oh! >> no? come on. >> don't tell our secrets. >> fabulous meltdowns in news rooms. >> you're right. there are, but those are our little dirty secrets. >> yes, they are. yes, they are. >> all right, guys. thank you.
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tonight after the michael buble christmas special. >> first, there was bat kid now there's wonder girl. vallejo is making a dream come true for a 10-year-old fighting cancer. she'll help save vallejo tomorrow. this comes on the heels of bat kid. he walks into our lives, the 5-year-old boy who saved san francisco. now wonder girl will make her appearance in vallejo tomorrow. she'll be escorted around town for several public appearances. if you're in vallejo, you can help wonder girl. >> nice to see wonder girl out there. >> thanks for joining us here. have a great weekend.
6:58 pm
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celebrity feud over? lady gaga and christina aguilera hug it out on "the voice" finale, now on "extra." two divas, one show-stopping duet. ♪ >> "extra" with gaga, christina, celine and the newly crowned voice champ, tessanne. > how are you going to celebrate? >> plus blake versus adam, round 100? >> i can still talk [ bleep ]. you worthless [ bleep ]. now trending, a disturbing new twist in the paul walker tragedy, what else was caught on camera?


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