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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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security breach that could affect millions. what we've just learned coming up in a live report. >> and it's a good news bad news weather story for today. the good news, much better air quality. the bad news, fierce winds. we'll detail the changes in your forecast. >> and that fierce wind may have an affect on your drive right here. we'll show you where things may be getting rougher for your ride. >> and a live look outside right now. we've got a very nice morning. the wind's coming in, clearing things out. it is thursday, december 19th, and this is "today in the bay." and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. a car has crashed into a gas pumpb in oakland, sparking a fire, injurying one person. investigators are still at the gas station near the
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intersection of 98. christie smith also there. we understand sheriffs have just taken one person into custody, is that right? >> yeah, good morning to you. the driver and believe it or not, as bad as this suv looks, what they're telling me is that the driver actually ran away from this scene and was caught maybe a couple of blocks away and arrested for driving under the influence. this is right next to the brookfield place apartments and this whole thing forced evacuations because the units back right up to the gas station here. this is a 76 station. 20 people evacuated. i'm told they should be able to return home soon. they're around the corner right now at brookfield elementary school. this after a driver plowed into actually two gas pumps at the 76 station. i just spoke with firefighters and they are telling me that when it happened, the gas station attendants were actually able to hit the gas shut off and that was huge break for them.
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but residual gas and vea tors ke pors kept burns, so they had to carefully put u a foam blanket and plug on it. this started with a traffic stop on 98th avenue as sheriff's department spokesperson said this was part of the avoid the 21 dui enforcement campaign, that the driver took off, failed to yield, crashed here and that sparked the fire and evacuation. >> the concern is anytime we have a gas station on a firing gas station, we want to make sure life safety is our highest priority. >> right now, firefighters say they have a handle on things, no flames pouring out anymore. they're keeping an eye on it. they say they're doing air monitoring just to make sure
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there are no vapors escaping, but they're not seeing any of that right now. continue to monitor it for quite a while, so if you're coming to the area, 98th avenue, very busy. still blocked off this morning. that's the latest from oakland. >> thank you very much. just hours ago, target responded to a major security breach impacting 40 million customers. their credit and debit card accounts may be vulnerable. peggy joins us with what the major retailer is saying this morning. it seems like everyone goes to the target on the holidays. >> we have nicknames for this store, it's massive. this could not have come at a worse time for shoppers. that is the window in 40 million credit and debit accounts were accessed. this attack is so massive that the secret service is now
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involved, confirming on wednesday they've been working with st store. thieves steal the information stored on the magnetic stripe because so many people use plastic over cash these days, the problem is huge. >> they are taking from the cash registers, the point of service, point of sale. the cash register is grabbing that data before it gets to the computers and they're taking it and use iing that information t steal money out of people's accounts. >> when you consider that target has 1800 stores in the united states, over 100 in canada, you can see why this is a huge concern to shoppers, especially around the holidays. >> scary. you try and go christmas shopping or something and think you're safe and all of a sudden, you're information's out there. >> so, if you are a target shopper, target says about 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been affected by this breach. the chain said the accounts were probably impacted between november 27th and december 15th.
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now, if you think you've been affected, you can contact target through this phone number just released this morning. that's the number you want to call. target ceo did speak out this morning confirming the breach and said they have identified and resolved the issue, still, if you're concerned, check your statements and call that number if you have any questions. fire crews still on the scene after a massive fire in southern california. this is what that fire looked like a few hours ago. the fire started about 9:00 last night in hawthorne. officials say it started at a discount store and then spread to the ceilings and attic space at a nearby restaurant. no injuries reported. redwood city officials are talking with sims metal management after the second fire in two months.
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they want to come up with quote, immediate actionable items. tuesday's fire sent smoke as far as south san jose, a november fire triggered a health advisory in three bay area counties. >> san francisco's city attorney now investigating a collapse of a home in the twin peaks neighborhood. mel murphy has reported to save all documents related to the home in case there is legal action. the home on crown terrace was under construction when it slid down the hill on monday night. >> palo alto officials will consider allowing tesla motor add a couple of signs to the showroom today. adding the new signs would also
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go over the number of signs companies are allowed to put on each wall. tesla says the signs will make the property look better, that the current signs can be missed by people driving or look by. officials made an exception for a grocery outlet and allowed it to attach ta 26-foot sign. time to check in with christina. >> looking pretty good. we have some wind out there. did want to point out temperaturewise, actually, not too bad at all. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 40s. truckee is a balmy 48 degrees. but if you are traveling, make sure your chains are ready to go. right at the coast and through the higher elevations, you will likely be impacted. watch out for debris on the
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highway. this wind is really getting going. just started to whip in san francisco. take it easy, especially over the golden gate bridge in your high profile vehicles. today's highs look good. 60s across the board. 60 kdegrees in san francisco. south bay looking good at 61. breezy, so it's going to feel colder than the true temperature outside, but one of those days. spend any time on your hair, the wind is likely going to mess it up any way. so don't even bother with it. we're looking pretty good as we head throughout the day. i'm so happy to report this. we've been sharing the air since the 8th of december. finally, we're back in the good to moderate range. we're going to hold on to that for friday, saturday and even sunday. want to take a peek a the weekend, it's right here at the bottom of your screen. i'll be back in just a moment to talk about your travel conditions. good morning to mike. >> we are talking about actually current travel conditions over
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the san mateo bridge. a little tremble, not a big deal, but gusts have been reported by chp and winds potentially developing more over the morning, so we'll watch the san mateo bridge, but so far, an easy drive. getting over to the san mateo side, a smooth flow of traffic aiea long that peninsula. again, for highway 92 and the bay bridge, interstate 80. christina gave a warning about the golden gate bridge, a smooth drive so far and light volume of traffic. back to you. happening today, an indian official is is meeting the secretary of state in hopes of easing tensions over the treatment of an indian diplomat in new york. the diplomat was arrested last
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week and strip searched on visa fraud charges stem frg the reported treatment of her housekeeper. they have called the treatment deplorable and indians are o outraged. u.s. law enforcement officials suspended this strip search, saying it is common practice. vladimir putin says he's never met edward snowden, but he does envy him. russia granted the former nsa contractor temporary asylum earlier this year. during a news conference in moscow, he said he did not know snowden personally, but he seemed interesting and noble. putin added that russian intelligence agencies had not made contact with snowden and told journalists he even enviei snowden. a new glitch in the contract with one of its unions. plus, we're finding out
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the federal open markets committee did what everyone feared. announced the beginning of the end of easy money. >> we had heard over and over that wall street was fearing the end of the easy money, called quantitative easing, and then here was ben bernanke announcing that very thing and the markets actually went bananas. we'll talk more about this throughout the day, but as we check the numbers on the premarket at cnbc, a reminder of what you're seeing here was ben bernanke's last major action as fed chairman. from here on out, assuming the
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senate plays along, it will be berkeley's janet yellin that will run the fed. let's check the markets with someone who uses more financially appropriate words than bananas. good morning. >> good morning. really was a big day for the equity markets. stocks rallied fol whoing the fed's decision to start cutting back on its economic stimulus programs. the fed also says interest rates will continue to stay low. now today, we get unemployment and home sales. the dow jumping nearly 300 points, the biggest move in more than two months and nasdaq rising by 46. we'll see if the rally can extend. >> 300 points, that's bananas territory. mac book pro goes on sale. it will run you north of $3,000. in fact, they put it behind glass in this scene.
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you get to order it today, but you can have it by december 30th. now, these are workstations. very powerful computers used by graphic artists and video editors and they're made right here in america. apple made the announcement at the same time last summer. first run will be made outside of austin, texas, but there are bay area factories ramping up for apple production. we'll talk about what that means for jobs and why the work is coming back to america in just a bit. >> sounds good. thanks. we have been all over the weather map this week. >> no consistency. but hey, that keeps things interesting. and this is the last few days before christmas time, so it's nice to get a little bit of yeah. just a couple of days away from the winter sol stis, so we'll kick off winter on the 21st. you're going to be traveling, imt to point a couple of things
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out for your california travels today. first, we've got really fierce winds starting to settle into the bay in. this is going to take place in the next few hours, so make sure you're aware of that. headed towards a nice, comfortable afternoon. our cameras will be steady. shaking as we progress throughout the morning and those winds develop a little bit more. looking good in the south bay, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds along the peninsula. a little fog out there morning. north bay is looking good with highs in the mid-60s. about 62 in santa rosa. east bay is looking good. low 60s mixed with sun and clouds. there's a little bit of fog out there starting to develop as well where we're lacking that wind, so some weather around there this morning.
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we want to make sure you are aware of it, even around the bay area. so let's talk about the state of california. right at lunchtime, if you're heading over the -- really want to take it easy. if you're headed to tahoe, bring your chains. so, if you are traveling today, this is what you can expect across the state. headed south on the 5 to l.a., gusty winds will be a factor. we're not expecting snow to shut down the grapevine, but you will find black ice and snow drifts around the tahoe area and just light rain expected for today. it's going to be a california christmas with temperatures in the 60s. >> i-5 conditions and the cow is behind it. we know about the cattle. as we approach the end of the year, we've talked about the lighter flow of traffic.
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the south bay looks really nice. slow for the zone and give them a lane extra if you can because it's a very light volume of traffic, so stay farther to the right or left depending on where that zone is. we're looking over here toward the trivalley. this is a gentle build coming out of the pass. nothing unexpected here. north 680 shows a burst of traffic starting about now. a light burst. that just changes those sensors. turn the green over the next few minutes. a live look at fremont, both directions moving smoothly. northbound past the truck scales and toward the dunn barton bridge. back to the maps, we see a little slowing. it's been light for the last few days and continues for the same pattern. concord, walnut creek, slow and no problems for the tunnel or the bay bridge toll plaza. you see the light volume of
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traffic here, but again, a wind advisory. back to you. some automakers are getting an early christmas present today and so are millions of drivers. 39 new cars did do well in crash tests. the insurance institute have chosen these to be a top pick for 2014. 22 of the 39 get the even higher ranking of top safety pick plus for installing front crash prevention systems. >> they can detect when you're getting too close, when a collision is imminent. they will try to alert you with a warning and if you don't act, it will slam on the brakes. >> but the warning system and automatic breaking are to help. honda had the most winners with eight of the vehicles making that list. bart will resume talks today to help end the most recent
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strike. both sides signed a deal, but bart says the policy was accidentally included and now, wants it removed. just yesterday, bart revealed another glitch in the contract with one of its smaller unions involving the start date of a retiree medical benefits program. talks between ac transit and bus drivers union appear to be making progress. a 60-day cooling off period expires sunday night, meaning drivers could strike as early as monday morning. the president is hopeful, sayinging they are close to a tentative deal. now to an exclusive report. tonight, the nbc bay area investigative unit is raising question about delays, excuses and government waste. nearly four years ago, the faa accused san jose of vie lalting t laltinglating the law and diverting funds from the airport. after a series of delays, the two sides still had not resolved
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the conflict. >> this is an audit that started almost four years ago and is is still not finished. >> there's a lot of complicated issues. >> it's not acceptable to not finalize an audit after three years. >> tonight, tony is following your money and raising questions about the faa and a federal aud is that has been stalled for nearly four years. and what happened to create the latest delay. we investigate tonight at 11. 49ers fans going into enemy territory to show their red and gold pride. coming up next.
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we're looking at a live
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picture of new york city. the huge tree there. as you can see like out here today. the wind is blowing. we're still waiting to find out who is the bay area's big winner of the megamillions jackpot. this is the woman who won in atlanta. 56-year-old ira curry bought her ticket at the last minute and played a combination of family birthdays and lucky number, which is 7. going to take home $120 million after taxes. and here in san jose, is winner has not come forward. jenny's gift shop has been sell tickets to people hoping to get in on some of the luck. 49ers fans are firing back in their feud with seahawks fans. >> a few weeks ago, some seahawks fans hired a plane to fly a go hawks banner over the stadium during the game. in response, 49ers fans created
5:25 am
this page on gofundme. a plan to buy a billboard in seattle that says how many do you have. they wanted to raise $7,000, but have surpassed the goal with $10,000. >> it's on. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> not a burn day. hard to believe. we really hit a record. much better air quality out there. you can breathe easily this morning. the bad news, before you get too comfortable, i hate to say it, it is really windy and those winds are going to increase as we head throughout this afternoon. temperatures will be comfortable, low 60s for today. we're going to detail that forecast, that's coming up.
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right now, outside and check that drive. here's mike. >> good morning, folks. we're looking at palo alto right now. an easy flow of traffic. good, steady volume. we'll look toward the south bay, down south through palo alto. this is northbound 101 at 680. the volume starting to build a little bit, but not enough to show slowing. use caution and move over if you can. overnight wind advisories for the san mateo and bay bridge. nothing dramatic as far as camera movement, but just keep that this mind over the high-rise, san mateo bridge especially. and here's oakland where sometimes, we see the camera shaking around. >> thanks a lot. >> all right. 5:26. the pressure could soon be increased on a controversial pipeline running over san
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carlos. a meeting today to determine what happens next. plus, the company jumping in to help a south bay high school after volunteers were robbed during a bingo fund-raiser.
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a gas fueled fire in the east bay as a driver slams into two gas pumps. now, the driver is is under arrest. >> this is happening near the intersection of yves and 98th avenue in oakland. christie smith live on the scene and deputies say the driver led them on a chase before that crash. >> the results, you can see here this morning. firefighters are still here monitoring the situation. the entire intersection is shut down still.
5:30 am
after that car slammed into not one, but two gas pumps. the driver arrested for dui, pretty banged up this morning at highland hospital. firefighters were very careful in approaching this fire at the stag. sort of in the area of the oakland airport. started around 2:20 this morning. firefighters had to evacuate a neighbori neighboring apartment next to the gas station and the sheriff's department tells me they actually started this, trying to pull over the driver at 98th and d street. the driver took off, they tried to catch up with him, by the time they did, he had already crashed into these two pumps, sparking the fire. it was the adttendants who saw t first. >> they were able to hit the emergency gas shut off. the fire you saw was the residual gas inside the pump
5:31 am
itself and due to the vapors that come out of the holding tank, we had the vapors off gassing and those were burning as well. >> i just got clarification from the sheriff's department. this vehicle is really banged up. this is like a bmw suv and the front end is completely gone. they had to help get the driver out of the car because he was essentially trapped inside. so, what's happening now, they've got crews out here monitoring the air quality for any vapors or gas but right now, they say they're not picking up any of that and the 20 or so people evacuated from the apartments right next door, they've been at an elementary school around the corner. they should be allowed home very soon. as for when the intersection will open, firefighters say they've got to keep an eye on the situation. at this point, they just don't
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know. just hours ago, target responded to a major security breach impacting 40 million customers. their credit and debit accounts may be vulnerable. today, peggy joins us with what the major retailer is telling us. >> many of us have popped by target to do some christmas shopping. it couldn't come at a worse time. from black friday until christmas is when shopping is at its peak and that's when the accounts were accessed. now, the secret service is involved, confirming on wednesday they have been working with the store. thieves steal the information stored on that magnetic strip on the back of your card because so many people use plastic over cash these days, the problem is huge. >> i mean, it's just scary. my mom always tells me to do credit, don't do debit because that can happen. and i don't listen to her and i should listen to her now or use cash. >> or use cash.
5:33 am
that probably would have been the safer bet in this instance. when you consider that target has 1800 stores in the u.s. and over is 00 in canada, you can see why this is a huge concern to shoppers especially around the holidays. >> scary. like you try and go christmas shopping and all of a sudden, your information is out there. >> if you are a target shopper, what do you do now? about 40 million account have been affected by this breach. the chain says the accounts may have been impacted between november 27th and december 15th. if you think you've been affected, you can contact the store through this phone number. 866-852-8680. target's ceo spoke out this morning confirming the breach and said they have identified and resolved the issue, so if you are concerned, check your
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statements and give that number a call if you have any questions, but a lot of us have popped by that to do that christmas shopping, so many people will be writing that number down. >> thank you very much. the wife of missing san jose executive dale smith is talking publicly for the first time sints her family disappeared 18 days ago. >> for me, there's always a chance. until they find the plane. >> janet smith says she is not giving up hope, her son and his wife, their daughter and her fiance, will be found alive. the plane vanished a few weeks ago after running into trouble over central idaho. the search was called off, but family and friends continue to search. janet says faith is keeping her strong. >> that's because overall, i have always had this feeling that my family's okay and
5:35 am
whether they come walking out of those woods, they're okay or if they have passed on, i feel like >> and she says her husband is her hero. the commission will hear from the public today on whether pg&e should restore pressure in a pipeline under san carlos. it went offline at the beginning of october. people were worrieded about the safety of that line following the explosion in san bruno, but pg&e got the o kai to start service again this month, only at a lower pressure. today, the commission will consider increasing pressure on that pipeline. the meeting will be held at 9:30 in san francisco. couple of hours later, protesters will park themselves outside the cpuc in opposition to the state's plan to build new natural gas plants in their southern california neighborhood. a caravan of protesters will arrive in san francisco around
5:36 am
11:00. they want to make sure the utilities commission do not want the plant where they live and they support finding clean energy alternatives. the attorney for the family of a teenage girl on a ventilator is worried the hospital will set a new timeline for how long the girl can stay hooked up to their machines. she was declared brain dead after complications fromming having our tonsils removed. the family filed an injunction tuesday. if the hospital tries to set a new timeline, he's ready to go to court to ask a judge to intervene. hundreds of people gathered in oakland to pray for her last night. today, a popular online bingo site will present a check for $5,000 to a high band to replace money that was stolen last week. as we told you last wednesday, someone wearing a ski mask
5:37 am
carrying a gun robbed the band's weekly bingo fund-raiser. last night, an armed security guard was on duty. i may have been off. at least my current monitor may have been off when i said 50 degrees at 2:30 this morning. >> this is accurate and all we ever expect. good morning to you. temperatures are mild across the board. we're going to drop off, lose a little bit of this warmth throughout the next couple of hours, but overall, that is the story of the day. i want to point out what's happening on the golden gate bridge. this wind is m3a coing out of t west. you go from north to south, we take it easy out there. you could get caught by strong gusts from time to time. up to 50 miles per hour.
5:38 am
so, your sustain ee eed winds a strong at the coast. you want to take it easy out there. northwest winds, 35 to 40 miles per hour is going to be the case through about 7:00 a.m. then the wibd the winds will start to drop off and decrease. that makes for better, safer travel as we head throughout this afternoon. >> the gusts of winds led to an advisory. high-rise westbound looking steady stream throwing in these la lanes. no problems across the bay, but the bridge is one of the spans that has the wind advisory. if you look at the map, you see a smooth drive. starting to slow a little bit. thank you for watching, guys.
5:39 am
no problems there or if 880, but looking just off of 880. the fire at the gas station and then it's just off of -- the intersection is close, so you would have to reroute around that scene, but we look from the oakland camera and over off to the left there, i don't see any activity, so no visible distraction from the freeway itself. just watch the off ramp as you head in toward oakland. time right now, 5:39. space walk six. the major and eye opening change nasa is making to ensure their astronauts are safe following an emergency this summer. plus, money back. oakland's getting ready to pay back millions in overpaid parking tickets. who can soon see some cash.
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an advisory panel appointed by the president is is recommending new lemts on government surveillance programs. danielle lee is live in washington and this is all in response to outrage over nsa spy tactics revealed this year. >> it's true and president obama asked for this review in response to those leaks and now, civil rights groups are celebrating these recommendations. there are 46 in all and they're just scaling back the government's ability to delve in here in the u.s. and abroad. some of the big recommendation, one, not allowing the nsa to collect mas amounts of american phone records any longer and requiring that before they get any of that information, they get a court order. this recommendation would also include leading storage up to the private companies. another big suggestion is allowing tech companies to publicly reveal what they are
5:43 am
required to give to the government and then a big one, this review panel is suggesting scaling back on surveillance of foreign leaders. that also prompted a lot of outrage after these leaks came out. this is going to help lawmakers, who have been fighting for legislation for months, that would make some of the changes mandatory. president obama is not required to implement any of them. he's taking a couple of weeks to look over these recommendations, then in january, he's going to announce what his decisions are. live in washington, i'm danielle lee. back to you. dennis rodman is back in north korea. he says he's there to help train the national team and renew his friendship with kim jong-un. he pexed to meet with him and arrange a january 8th international tournament for his
5:44 am
birthday. astronauts are gearing up for a series of emergency space walks to repair a critical cooling system on board the internation space station. the first is planned for saturday. a they're expected to finish during a second space walk planned for tuesday. if needs, they will be back oult on christmas. it's a problem astronauts say isn't all bad news. >> the good news is we have the spare parts, the training, the skills and of course, going out and doing a space walk is always very exciting. >> this will be the first space walk since the leak filled an as nat nat naughts helmet with water. astronauts on this space walk will wear snorkels in their helmets. continuie ining kovrnl of t wildfire burning in big sur. the fire started monday near
5:45 am
highway 1. it's already burned 840 acres and destroyed 22 buildings, including more than a dozen homes. one of which belonged to the big sur fire chief. more than 1,000 men and women fighting this fire. it's 74% contained at this point. no word yet on how that fire started. christina loren joining us now. people beginning to take days off, weeks off of their time. what can you do? >> trafficwise, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. it's not going to feel hike christmas around the bay area this year. temperatures are going to end up in the mid-60s. stiles, we get a mix of rain and snow, but not this year, but that's good news. san bruno taking a live look here. little shake to our camera as those winds are whipping. as per usual, if you live in one of the wind prone areas, just keep that in mind.
5:46 am
as we're now getting into the windiest time frame of the day. south bay peninsula and san francisco, no major changes today, but i want to point out some subtle differences. it's not going to be as windy today. we are going to see some really strong wind today through the higher elevations in the south bay, the north bay and in san francisco. you really want to travel cautionly over the bridge this morning. now, the east bay and tri valley looking good. a mix of sun and clouds today and then a nice, clear sky as we head throughout tomorrow. with good air quality thanks to the wind, so to time out this system, like i said before where you're getting the reds, the pinks, that's the fiercest winds and we're only going to see the hot pinks through about 9:00 a.m. after that, more reds and oranges. you can see here from the key, you can still have those 30 to 40 mile per hour gusts at about 7:00 p.m., then the winds will
5:47 am
really start to drop off through the overnight hours. you see the blue coming in here and that's calm conditions. that's going to make for much safer travel conditions. something else that we can all enjoy after 11 straight spare the air days, finally for today, we're back in the good to moderate range. the first time since the 8th of this month. >> seems like a whole different community. >> we milgt see a good burst of traffic, but thursday before christmas, a lot of folks try to take that as the last real workday and kind of ease off for the week. it will probably really affect the south bay where we've blood pressure seeing the heart of the commu commute, but right now, just northbound, 101. a little slowing for tall vars.
5:48 am
now, a smooth drive as well up the peninsula, a nice flow of traffic into san francisco. let's get a quick look. just seeing that pattern hit and then clear, so just right there. something going on the side of the road. nothing reported by chp. in towards san francisco, there are reports of metal debris. christina says watch it across the golden gate bridge. i used some over here, but i don't know how to click on the map. back to you. >> thanks, mike. antioch school district has -- who were abused by their teacher. family sued the district after
5:49 am
accusing the teacher of beating and humiliating their kids. some of the children cannot speak. parents filed a lawsuit this year against the teacher, the district and top officials at the school who they say knew about the abuse and tried to cover it up. the district agreed to an $8 million settlement. he has pleaded not guilty. oakland is being ordered to set aside $2.3 million to pay for three years worth of parking ticket refunds. the money was paid by citizens and businesses between 2008 and 2010. the refunds were ordered after an audit reported the city was holding money without telling the city they had overpaid. they notified citizens of overpayment before the agency can spend that money. notices of overpayment begin going out next month. first, there was bat kid and now, wonder girl. >> making a dream come true for
5:50 am
a so 10-year-old fighting cancer. it comes on the heels of this. bat kid. 5-year-old miles scott is a cancer survivor who saved san francisco. wonder girl will be escorted and town for several public appearances. adventures begin at penny cook eleme elementary school at 9:00 this morning, then appearances at the high school, city hall and maritime academy. still to come, how you could score free tickets to the 49ers last regular-season game at candle stick.
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you want to go to the last 49ers game at candle stick park for free? the rec and park department wants to give away two tickets and here's how you can win. you like the department on facebook. follow on twitter. then you post your favorite tweet or memory of the stick by 7:00 to want. you can see the photos and videos. wirn will be announced tomorrow. the city's department manages candle stick park. apple starts sell its latest computer this morning and scott, this is no give away. >> apple will give you the computer as long as you give them $3,000 and that does not include the keyboard, either. the new mac pros went on sale this morning. buy one today, they'll get it to you by december 30th. that's high-end workstations we're talking about. they've protected them under glass during the worldwide developer's conference. these are used by visual artists
5:54 am
and film editors. also made in america. a number of high-tech companies have been moving manufacturing back to the states. big orders like lie will stay in china. you may recall president obama asked then ceo steve jobs about that during his famous high-tech dinner that steve jobs just to the left of the president there. the president asked could we bring the iphone manufacturing back to the states and the apple ceo said, mr. president, those jobs are not coming back. this is key to understand, we have the manufacture of things in america, but it's not the same as jobs. remember, here in america, we use lots of robots. factories are finding robots in america cheaper than labor in china. factories always looking for the least expensive labor. so, the one thing that drives this home, politicians talk all the time about factory jobs going overseas. huge campaign issue. what they don't mention is
5:55 am
protection at american factories has never fallen. productivity has increased. we have fewer people making more stuff. american hard work and robots. >> yeah, that last one is the key one. thanks a lot. check the forecast right now with christina. looking good for thursday? >> yeah, looking good and hey, it still takes people to make those robots, so don't you forget it. temperatures are looking good, but that's a really interesting report, thank you for that, scott. 34 degrees in san francisco right now, headed towards a comfortable day today. it's going to be windy. if you're driving around, watch out for debris on the roadway and hold on to your steering wheel tight this morning. our winds are coming in straight out of the west. otherwise, we're looking pretty good. i'm going to take you through a look at your micro climate for christmas day. >> as we talkeded about this
5:56 am
thursday, right before christmas, we're seeing one of your last hur ras for this morning's commute. building up at the bay bridge plaza, now, no metering lights and the cash payers are the less frequent drivers because a lot of folks stick around in the city for dinner or shopping. easy build here. we're looking at the trivalley, where we have that build. it continues, one of the heavier commutes over the last week. a new issue, looks like a small crash west of 88. over here, we don't have any slowing. that's huge because it's usually the slowest spot in the bay. >> 556 right now and the rumors are flying. the possible link between the do dodgers and ais. and we continue to follow news of a hack at target. that is impacting millions of
5:57 am
people who do christmas shopping with their credit or debit cards. why target is not required to tell you about the breach though, next. plus, a chase leads to a crash at an east bay gas station, then the fire. a nearby complex evacuated. we'll have the latest details and a live report. >> and a live look outside. overlooking san francisco this morning. the lights twinkling. >> a bright red and green, accord i according to the song, but i don't see any green. >> perhaps like those in your neighborhood. a lot more news ated, so stick around.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now, breaking news. a fire ball at a gas station, how this overnight crash and burn sent an apartment full of people scrambling to safety. >> a target security breach with 40 million credit and debit accounts compromised.
6:00 am
what we've just learned about how to tell if your information is at risk. and a southern california strip mall burns to the ground overnight. our next weather maker kicking up some fierce winds for your morning drive. this could be a problem if r your holiday travel plans. >> the wind played one factor across the bay bridge. remember that? yeah, we still have a back-up today. i'll explain why it's heavier today. >> and a live look outside san francisco and that trans america building, all 853 feet of it. not really standing out this morning. it is thursday, december 19th, and this is "today in the bay." >> breaking news, a gas fuel fire in the east bay, a driver slams into two gas pumps. now, that driver is under


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