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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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reaching into the 60s here, but we do have some travel concerns for you and your family, if you're headed out and b we will have your full forecast in just a few moments. we will cover that local traffic as well, 'cause even though it's fry dade and expected to be lighter, we will talk about those shifts that you will see in the commute today. take a live look outside over san francisco this morning. can you make out the trans america pyramid? >> i can. >> blinking light at the top? >> yes. >> you need to friday, it's december 20th this is "today in the bay". thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a family praying for a miracle is headed to court today, their fight keep 13-year-old jahi mcmath on life support may be decide by an alameda superior court judge. christie smith live in oakland, she joins us with the very late
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les. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laurie. this is becoming more and more contention, its family says they at least want to keep the girl on life support through christmas so that her family has a chance to visit with her, but they say they met with officials here at children's hospital yesterday and were told no. as you said now, it looks like an alameda county superior court judge is going to have to step in and decide this matter. the attorney for the 13-year-old girl's family says that he will go to alameda county superior court today to go ahead and fight and keep jahi on a ventilator. the story has captured so much attention. jahi came to the hospital last monday to get her tonsils removed. she suffered from sleep apnea. after surgery, the family says she was talking, a possible sickle but then they say there was a severe complication, excessive bleeding, cardiac arrest and later, she was declared legally brain dead. the family says that they met with the head of pediatrics at
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childrens and didn't go well. >> yell it had across the table four times we can't do that these an unusual request, don't you understand, jahi is dead, dead, dead, dead with no comp packs at all. >> reporter: now, david duran, the head of pediatrics, released a statement saying, in part, we implore the family to allow the hospital to openly discuss what has occurred and to give the necessary legal permission when it has actually been withholding that. so essaying that the hospital would like to speak on this matter. they think they could clear some things up, but says the family has not given him permission to do so. the family is saying they would like to go ahead and get an outside party, medical party to go ahead and review her case to look at it they say one of the things is that the hospital is not releasing the records. that is the late from here, live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> one to look into. thank you very much. today, the attorney for the 16-year-old oakland boy accused
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of lighting another teenager on fire will ask that his client be tried as juvenile. right now, prosecute refresh charging richard thomas as an adult with a hate crime enhancement. in court today, the defense will file a motion asking the judge to send the case to juvenile court. thomas is accused of setting 18-year-old sasha fleishmas skirt on fire on board an ac transit bus last month. the man who police say tried to throw his wife off the san mateo bridge will be in corporate today. investigators say david mcclinton from mill valley got into a drive with his wife and tried drive his car off the bridge, instead, he crashed and police say he tried to throw her off the bridge, but witnesses grabbed her and mcclinton ended up going over. he was eventually pulled from the bay with minor injuries. mcclinton has been charged with attempted murder. police are trying to track down four men they say kicked in the door of a home in fremont and robbed a woman at gunpoint. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in fremont now. bob, do the police have anything
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about thesement ises? >> reporter: terry, freemont police actually had some surveillance footage of the suspects. you can take a look at it right here it does show them running away from the scene. unfortunately it does not shoes their faces so it's not going to be necessarily helpful in trying to identify them. police are looking for five people involved in what was a very frightening home invasion that took place wednesday night at a home on armor way, around 5:20 a woman, 27 years old, was home alone, her husband was out, there was a loud knock at the door, she knew something was wrong, fled to her bedroom where she called her brother. four men out front kicked down her door, ransacked the house. they eventually need upstairs to her location. according to police they put a gun and knife up to her, demanded money, juvry, police tell us she tried to give them her gold necklace she was wearing but was too nervous, too shaky to take it off so one of the men, impatient, ripped it from her neck. they also took small
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electronics, including tablets and cameras. all four men escaped into an suv where a fifth person, a get away driver was waiting. you could see that image from that surveillance camera of that vehicle. police tell us that that vehicle is a mid-2000 infinity suv, along those lines, either silver or gray in color. the four men, they tell us are african-american, no description for the get away driver. the woman was not seriously hurt doing this you might wonder why her first instinct was to call her brother around not police. well, apparently, she is new to the country, not familiar with 911. it was her brother, by the way, who alerted fremont police to this crime. reporting live outside fremont pd, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. it is 5:05. new this morning, a south bay food company is recalling hundreds of pounds of sausage because it may be contaminated with dangerous toxins. u.s. department of agriculture is ordering lee brothers food services of san jose to recall
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packages of lee's sandwich sausages because they do contain a water level high enough to allow bacteria production. the recall includes 740 pounds of sausage. it's all sold under that product name that i told you, lee's sandwiches. 16-ounce packages produced on february 11th with identifying code 04 with 2 p, as well as 16-ounce packages of pork and chicken sausages produced on february 14th with a code 043 pc. fire crews battling a wildfire in big sur say it should be fully contained by the end of the day. it's already burned more than 900 acres and destroyed 22 buildings, including more than a dozen homes, one of which belonged to the big sur volunteer fire chief. light rain helped the more than 1,000 firefighters battling that fire and the fire's been burning in the loss padres national forest since monday, the sauce 'cause still unknown. 5:06 now, got your christmas shopping done yet? >> i truly haven't started.
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>> you kidding? he you have a lot to do? >> i don't have that much, i have been thinking about it i have been thinking long and hard about this. >> hey, we can give him some more do want some more? hey, we will be happy. >> what do you want? >> teed your plate. well, i always like that song, "santa baby," me, the deed. 40 degrees in livermore, 36 in san jose, yeah, actually, cold enough for frost, even in san jose, take you're hour by hour forecast by lunchtime, 53 in the south bay. rounding out the day, about 62 degrees, so not bad day shaping up, much better air quality out there. you can breathe easy. 62 degrees in therix north bay about 60 in san francisco today, south bay, 61, 62 degrees along the peninsula, nice, clear start, we got rid of all that pollution. thrice comfortable across the board as a result. we do have changes headed our way, make sure you stay tuned to the 7-day forecast, right here at the bottom of our screen, headed toward another warmup,
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only caveat is we get the warmer days, we are usually sparing the air with the pattern that will be shaping up with high pressure settling in. these numbers today, microclimates all reporting the same, throw mid-60s who res going to jump to the upper 60s, possibly mid-70s into next week. talk more about that but let's talk about who's happening this weekend. a lot of shoppers pounding the pavement, heading out and about you know what you're gonna be outside, because you have to find a parking spot, after all that is not easy, especially the valley fairer. worth it once you get in there, let me tell you. deals in there going into effect for today. 63 degrees. get nothing your sunday, looking pretty good. we are going to have your full forecast coming up in just a little bit. but what i do know shopping, mike? >> wouldn't you know, sounds like, christina, you are training. good stuff, training a professional and also know valley fair, santana row, find parking at one or another, deep keep that space and walk across the roadway, using the crosswalk
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together to save you time. looking here, chp report by this, right side of your screen, university avenue off-ramp, a couple sets of taillights, cars using the off-ramp, taillights, pulled over a couple of minutes ago, no reports from chp, be california, east 80, university avenue off-ramp that activity, not a lot of activity in the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic off the berkeley curve and cross to san francisco. look toward its the maps as well, will end with the north bay whether or not with a smooth drive in the southbound direction. there you gofrm >> sounds good. thanks. this next story starts out very positively and than big question mark in the middle of t starting this morning, san jose sacred heart community services will be handing out gifts to children in need.
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this weekend, they want to give two toys and a book to 6,000 kids from low-income families f you can help sacred heart, accepting donations today from 8 to 5. the charity's drive thru donation station, makes it easy, 1381 south first street in san jose. you can also make a financial donation online at sacred heart >> reporter: you can see the toys lined up for the kids first grade, elementary school, to age 17, all divided out for the kids and parents can find exactly what they want for christmas. s here the thing this doesn't have enough. there is still time to make some donations. the call went out last night that they were about 6,000 shoo short, a lot of people showed up to help out. now we are down to about 3,000. you can see it's filled up pretty well but we want to check in with the director of development, jay pico, thank you for being here. we understand everyone wants to help out the community. you guys work hard to give each child about three toys. >> that's correct this is the biggest toy distribution we have ever had in the 49 years we have been doing this. so, we are hoping to have three -- two toys plus a book or puzzle for each kid and at this point, we are about 3,000 short
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so that the 6,000 children signed up to benefit from this program will all get that many toys. >> here is the thing about working and living in this area, just so expensive, say that the people who live here are just trying to make ends meet, these are working families that have jobs, just might not have the extra they need for christmas. >> not just the extra they need for christmas, we want them to be saving their money for rent, because rent is so expensive in this area. cost of living remains very high, making a lot of uncertain tip the holiday should be a time of hope, not uncertainty that is our big job here and why we involve all the community. we ask people not only to donate here but an army of volunteers coming in to help out. people h us too, we are short of teen gifts and books. we want to make sure every childs gets a book this year. >> i have heard people getting gifts for the younger kids but sometimes the teens maybe they are interested in other things now, that can be with where the shortage s >> you see a lot of pink in this room now, so the younger child's toys always come on in and it's hard to shop for teens, i know
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that because i have teens, too gift cards is a very common gift for them, we would give those out, but things like cds, maybe some heir phones or something like that something to bring some joint holidays. >> fabulous suggestion, people want to help out, how do they do? >> go to our website, sacred heart, we will buy for them, the places we are short or come down to sacred heart and we will be open today till 5, tomorrow until 2 and then monday until 7. >> fantastic, jay you guys do great work. thank you some. you want to help out, maybe you have been trying to get something done for the holidays, help out somebody outside of your family and haven't known how to do it here is the perfect opportunity to do just that. a lot of great work here, a busy morning here at sacred heart. >> love to see the kids all come in and try to pick something out. >> exactly. >> get out of their way. 5:12 now. new trouble to tell you about with tesla, after firefighters pinpoint its equipment as a cause of a southern california garage fire. plus, how one woman ended up
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investigators trying to figure out what started a fire in a garage that held a tesla model s the fire happened last month but reports suggest it started when the charging system for the car actually failed. since the report came out, tesla lost hundreds of millions of dollars in stock value. tesla refute the report. this fire comes after three car fires involving other tesla vehicles. tesla ceo, elon musk, has been vocal about these fires before. last month, he tweeted his frustrations, saying why does the tesla fire with no injury get more media headlines than 100,000 gas cars fires that happen and kill hundreds of people per year? the ntsb still investigating
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those other fires. last month, musk announced the company is giving the cars higher ground clearance to reduce the chances of under-body damage and change its warranty policy to cover fire damage. home for the holidays, the first time since 2008, washington lawmakers will be in their home states during the holiday season, they can be anywhere they want n 2009 they spent christmas fighting over the president's health care plan n benn, it was the bush era tax cuts. 2011, the payroll tax holiday. and 2012, it was the fiscal cliff that kept everyone close to washington, d.c. by taking a break, they have put off some business, including the confirmation vote on janet yellen, slated to replace fed chief ben bernanke, in 2014. she is a professor at uc school of business. they have delayed the vote until january 6th. the first family leaving town for the holidays, going to take off for hawaii tonight. >> aloha. just before the opening
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bell. >> reporter: in motion tell us how he did in the fourth quarter. a move that could make or break the company. seema mody live with the details for us. good morning, seem ma. >> good morning, laura. blackber blackberry's third quarter results came in and they don't look that good. toronto-based blackberry reported a net loss of $4.4 or 8.30 a share that ended november 30th. is a blackberry struck a five-year deal with a taiwan-based manufacturer. slightly higher open following a
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fresh record high on the dow, the ten-year treasury yield continues to gain momentum, following wednesday's fed meeting recall the dow climbing 11 points, s a & p closing by 1 and nasdaq fall 1ug 0 to 11 points. >> have a great christmas, seem marks thanks. >> you're beaming. >> am? i >> on this friday? >> really. >> christmas near? >> i am. i'm excited. i'm slightly ready. >> i think christina is, too. she is really not talking about weather much today, shopping really on her mind. >> hey, well you know it's better to given that to receive. takes a lot of shopping to do the giving i like to do. temperatures are look gooding, gift for, gift for me. our cold, make sure you are ready for patchy frost out there this morning, i bet those triplets are really looking forward to christmas. >> crazy. >> i bet. i bet. all the kids out there, you have waited long enough, i'm sure you're counting down, five days left, just five more days. temperatures, crisp, cold with dough have nice, good air quality, finally can breathe easy, we are not sparing the air, our second consecutive
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non-spare the air day, after 11 straight spare the air days, what i can tell you, we are get nothing one of those patterns where high pressure starts to take control, stagnant air mass overhead, might be sparing the air christmas morning, naught on your radar, might have to choose the ul log over the real log this year, san francisco, 60 degrees today, comfortable condition, sunshine across the bay area this weekend looks mild, going to be sticking around town, san jose, 63, get to tomorrow, san francisco, 60, lake tahoe is actually going to see a little bit of a warming trend, we get the next couple of days, heading up there still want to bring your winter gear but probably will not need to use your chains. as we get into sunday, temperatures are going to be comfortable, climbing a little bit. if you want your sunday forecast, remember, right here the bottom of your screen. find out how we are doing on the roads, here is mike inouye. >> good morning. good morning. take you to a look at the bay, overall, things looking good. it is friday and just before christmas, we tend to see a real dropoff in the flow of traffic, we have a light volume around
5:20 am
the bay. i do see a light slow down heading southbound 17 toward the summit. no real issues and speeds are actually just about 58 through the area. so that is not a big concern. again, we will watch that through the santa cruz mountains, northbound, one single orange cone, one of the crews left it as they left -- through the area. continue that a christmas gift, an early one, the south bay, northbound routes moving nicely, road crews should be picking up the next few minutes as well. we go to the trivalley, smooth flow of traffic as well this as you are coming westbound, notice the stream of yellow economic let, 58 or 59, a few more cars hittinged road, maybe larger vehicles move smoothly through pleasanton, no concerns no incidents, bill just starting to come out of the altamonte pass. make your way across the bay, dumbarton, san mateo, foster city side, peninsula side of the bridge, see a smooth flow of traffic here coming off of the high rise, no problems, a good flow here, a couple other spots, oakland, nicely for 880, bay bridge toll plaza, no backup,
5:21 am
smooth drive down the eastshore, guys, back to you. >> thanks, mike. a read it user got the surprise of a lifetime when she found out her secret santa was none other than billionaire bill gates. can you imagine in the woman known only as rachel posted these images and a story on read it explaining what happened. rachel apparently signed on to take part in the read it secret santa program, on wednesday, her gift arrived, you see there, a stuffed animal, a book, donation to a charity called hefner international and a card from a man named bill. >> bill. common name. >> that picture right there. none other than bill gates holding up her gift there now the woman added a special message to bill, ps, sorry forth apple ipad on my wish list, that was really awkward. >> do we need to point out we didn't get that? >> that this okay. a nice santa. the new s.e.c. rule change that could be great news for local raiders' fans.
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good news out of washington, d.c., especially for raiders fans. nfl games are blacked out locally, country see them on tv if 85% of tickets are not sold before kickoffs. raiders fans experienced this firsthand several times over recent years. the fcc says the league makes money off more than ticket but nfl says the policy is important to support stadiums and club. the nfl could work around the poll say change if it makes special deals with cable networks that include a blackout rule. do you like to ski? as a confession social environmental groups, squaw valley ski resort decided to scale back on its expansion plans. the operators or of the tahoe area resort say they will build fewer hotel condominium units
5:25 am
and fewer they will bedrooms. they are also going to reduce the maximum building height to seven stories to help protect the scenic views. squaw valley, as well as lake tahoe, hope it will convince the u.s. olympic committee to make that bid for the 2016 olympic games. the sochi olympics just 48 days away, the bay area men and women hoping to make it to the winter games will get a special advice sill sit from a woman who has won it all there she is, gold medalist, christie y'all gucci, going to join san jose mayor chuck reed in a ceremonial sendoff for the skaters qualified for the prudential u.s. figure skating championships in boston. the competition is a final qualifier before the olympic team is selected. the sendoff will be at 4:00 at sharks ice. >> pretty exciting time as well. going to be a nice day out there to get out and about, a lot of people being hitting the roads, check in with meteorologist, christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura, terry, every ability home nice
5:26 am
day, traveling outing and about you will see the beautiful sights across the bay area, we lost a lot of that haze, temperatures mostly in the 30s, we are head toward the 60s across the board today, lots of sunshine, look out your window, will look warmer than it is probably need a sweater to ar jacket most of the day, highs come in between 2:30 and 3 this time of year. we are getting ready for the shortest day of the year. we kick off winter on saturday. going to talk about that coming up. check your drive and say hi. >> good morning. good morning. you know what, i want to take a look at the north bay, san rafael, southbound 101 she is smooth drive, we are really picking up the volume as far as the headlight wes seeker the map shows not a big deal, a smooth flow of traffic, navado, 37, nicely from vallejo and down through san rafael and in toward san francisco across the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge, no backups no problems, bay toll plaza is fine, the eastshore freeway starting to build smoothly now, the golden gate area, still at the limits from carquinez bridge
5:27 am
toward the berkeley curve. back to you. >> all right. 5:26 this friday morning, we meet the newest addition to the san francisco zoo. sheriff deputies releasing new video you want to see after a home in loss als to hills is ransacked.
5:28 am
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back in court. former 49er kwame harris learns his punishment for assaulting an ex-boyfriend. what to do to get holiday shoppers home safely. a loft people sticking around here for the holidays, we will get spoiled again this year. temperatures in the 30s now headed toward the 60s, if you are going to be headed out and about, we have some travel concerns, we want to make sure you're aware of to keep your family safe, that is in my next report. if you are sticking around, thanks for sticking with us, you have the morning commute, things build north of the east bay, give you a couple of updates on
5:30 am
things happening now. a live look outside, a beautiful view, great way to start your friday morning, it is friday, december 20th, and this is today in the bay. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a family praying for a miracle is headed to court today, their fight keep 13-year-old jahi mcmath on life support may be decide by an alameda superior court judge. christie smith live in oakland, she joins us with the very late >> reporter: it looks like the fight to keep the child on life support here on life support at children's hospital in oakland is going to be decided by a judge, the attorney heading to court here in oakland in a couple of hours. the family says that they met
5:31 am
with children's hospital yesterday to ask that she be kept on life support and they say they were told she's dead repeatedly. now, they say they have no choice, they say they wanted the 13-year-old girl to remain on a ventilate other is they could at least spend christmas with her here but they say children's hospital told them no they came out from that meeting yesterday afternoon visibly upset. now, jahi went in for a tonsillectomy last sunday, suffered from sleep apnea and that was supposed to help that afterwards, the family says there was excessive bleeding, days later, she was declared brain dead. they are trying to get another medical outside opinion but are also waiting on the hospital's decision noon q the girl's mom said she made it very clear to the hospital they should not make a move. >> i look that man in his face and i told him, better not touch her. you better not take my child off of that machine. you have no right. you have -- do you not have my permission whatsoever to take her off. >> reporter: you may that the
5:32 am
hospital's been very silent on this, but david duran, the head of pediatrics, released a same saying in part that we implore the family to allow the hospital to openly discuss what has occurred and to give the necessary legal permission when it has actually been withholding that. so he is saying that the hospital would like to speak on this matter. the the woman convicted in the gruesome burning death of a homeless woman will be sentenced. 36-year-old mia sagodi doused jill may with gasoline and burned her alive in a parking lot near candlestick park in november 2007. sagodi killed neigh retaliation sagodi killed may in retaliation for snitching. the day before the murder, sagodi robbed may and when she found out may filed a police report, she picked up a victim, drove her to the parking lot and
5:33 am
killed her. former 49er and raider player, kwame harris, back in court today on misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges. the defense filed a motion to dismiss the case, claim the statute of limitations has run out. the decision on that motion and possible sentencing expected today. harris was convicted of assaulting his ex-boyfriend after a fight outside a menlo park restaurant last summer and it was said to be over table manners. police are trying to track down four men they say kicked down the door of a home in fremont and robbed a woman in fremont. bob redell is live. we have pictures of these guys. >> reporter: they are suf veil lens video. good morning to you, terry. fremont police unfortunately put thougt video, do it doesn't show the suspects' faces it shows them running aprime the scene. you can take a look at this video now, you can show there's four men who runaway, they get into a getaway car, where a fifth person was waiting. this took place wednesday night at 5:20, a home on armor way,
5:34 am
there is a woman, she was 27 years old, she was home alone, her husband was out there is a loud knock on the door, she knew something was wrong so she fled to her bedroom where she called her brother. the four men out front kicked down her door, they ransacked the house, they eventually need upstairs to her location that's when police say they put a gun and knife up to her, demanding money. jewelry, she was really nervous, tried give her gold necklace, her hands too shaky to do that became impatient, ripped it from her neck, they took small electronics, including tablets cameras. all four men escaped into the suv, where the fifth person, the get away driver, was weight. you look at the image of that vehicle. police tell thanks vehicle is a mid-2000 infinity suv, something of that make, silver or gray in color. four men are african-american no description of the get away driver. the woman was not seriously hurt during this might wonder why her first instinct was to call her
5:35 am
brother, not police, she is new to the country no the familiar with 911 it was her brother who called police to alert them to the crime. live here outside fremont pd, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. the search also on for the suspects involved in a home burglary in the los altos hills. look that the video released by the santa clara sheriff's department. the three men you see here broke into a home on berryhill lane wednesday afternoon. through the sliding glass door. no one was home at the time. i guess that is the silver lining. the suspects ransacked the home and took off with a jewelry box. take a good look at this sketch. police in pleasanton say this is a man who may be responsible for several recent home break-ins, the latest was december 3rd at the civic square apartments on burnle avenue. officers say a tenant came home
5:36 am
to find a man inside the victim says the suspect put his hand under his jacket and said add gun and threatened to kill him if he called anyone. the suspect took off with cash and jewelry. investigators say the suspect may have broke noon several other units at the same apartment complex. pg&e is reporting a major power outage affecting thousands people. 4500 customers without power in benicia. pg&e says crews are on site, trying to make repairs but so far, pg&e has not released the specific areas in benicia affected by the outage. we will it ton monitor the story, of course, bring you the very latest throughout the morning. holiday shoppers in the meantime, who take b.a.r.t. in the east bay, getting special service. oakland and b.a.r.t. police teaming up with volunteers escort b.a.r.t. riders to their cars. it's happening at the west oakland and fruitvale stations as well as a station in san leandro. b.a.r.t. says they offer the service every year to help keep riders safe during the holiday season when property crime increases. the service will be offered from 5 to 8 across tonight.
5:37 am
another march planned today to demand justice for andy lopez. the march is scheduled for this afternoon. it has been almost two months since the teenagers a death. lopez was shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy on october 22nd who said he thought lopez's replica gun was a real assault rifle. today's gathering is at 4:00 at city hall. switch gears to the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> the mall forecast. >> yeah, a busy weekend at all of our local malls, as you probably already know from years past, temperatures are going to be chilly as well to start the day, but by about lunchtime to 4 p.m., you can maybe, depending on your threshold for the cold, ditch that jacket, for a couple of hours, san francisco, 44 degrees, i want to show you hour by hour day park forecast this is along the peninsula. at lunchtime, climb to 544 p.m., in the 60s, sweat weather for the first part of the day and then maybe you can ditch it, just depends, we are going to be right there on the cusp of comfortable and not so much. temperatures looking good.
5:38 am
60s for today, microclimate forecast shows that you in the south bay, really no major separation in terms of your microclimate for today, see the low 60s on the peninsula, san francisco also getting a taste of the 60s, north bay is going to be the warmest spot, temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s, 66 degrees in santa rosa for today you can not a bad day for december there, fremont at 63 degrees, east bay, trivalley, also comfortable levels as we get to this afternoon, 7-day forecast is here at the bottom of the screen. i do want to take you to the next three days in detail, friday, breezy at times, going to keep those winds in place for the first part of the day, but that means that clean air will stick around and boy, oh, boy is it better out there. it is so nice. as we get into tomorrow, we are ex-speccing a return of those low clouds, especially the usual suspects, mar ribbon, headland, san francisco, immediate coast. that is going to keep our temperatures down the first part of the day once the sun breaks through the low clouds, warm up by two to three degrees. then get nothing your sunday, cold start, nice finish, a lot
5:39 am
happening around the bay area this weekend. we will talk about the events coming up, check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> one of the events for today means getting to work, let's look at your traffic and commute. smooth drive building 880 fremont, southbound side, headlights, easy flow of traffic. you are getting company so you won't be lonely. in toward mission boulevard, we see the cut over, 262, mission boulevard, starting to show a little bit of slowing, the volume increases past the construction zone for the warm springs b.a.r.t. project over there on surface streets a smooth drive through the trivalley i just a little bit of slowing shows up at the dublin interchange. traffic flow start to increase, speeds down to 58, 57, most of this drive into dublin and pleasanton. bay bridge toll plaza, cash lanes showing a couple of cars waiting now, the fast track lanes, more volume but no problems new york metering lights head across from oakland in toward san francisco, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much, xblichblgt big day today at the san
5:40 am
francisco zoo. a few hours from right now, we will know what to call the newest addition to the zoo. >> i love that the eastern western lowland gorilla will make the zoo bay due this morning and 10:00, officially going to announce her name. i guess infant lowland gorilla is -- >> not catchy. the public has been voting for their favorite name for the baby. each vote cost $1 to help fight care of the gorillas at the zoo. little girl born on july 17th to parents nanika and oscar jonesy. she will join the zoo's six-member troupe. with >> i think i've got a name. >> what? >> shadoobie. >> maybe so where's your dollar? >> a i owe a buck. >> going at the time in. a south bay a charity says it is a long way from its goal of helping kids have a happy who will city. what target said overnight about the huge security breach that affected maybe even you. it affected 40 million customers.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
beautiful rockefeller center, a great time to go to the city. >> the wind never seems to stop flowing. every time we look, the flags are fluttering. >> a nice morning there 5:43 right now. >> i was wound berg that. does of students in the south bay are getting an early christmas present today. officials will hand out new bikes 100 elementary and middle school students in need this afternoon. they are going to get to pick out their perfect ride from all of those donated. the give away kicks off at 1:00 at the campbell middle school gymnasium. remember getting your first bike? >> i do. >> a big deal. it is huge. >> san jose sacred heart community service is having trouble collecting enough donations for its annual toy
5:44 am
drive. >> organizers say it only met half the goal for the holiday season. peggy bunker joins us from sacred heart with an update. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and terry. love doing these stories this is what the holiday is about helping folks that need something. i heard you guys talking about getting the first bike and what a cool thing that is talk about that in a second. first off, check out only soft toys here at the sacred heart community service. you can see all the donations people dropped by, we are in the doll section, showing this to laura, this was our thing when we were younger, wanted that barbie, wanted that cool dow doll, here to is, look at all of these toys that kids are really gonna love. here is the thing, a bit short on dough nation and we really need folks to help out and bring in a little bit more, back to the bike thing, i want to take you back here to toy land, this whole program is called the toy box but we will go into toy land. look at this come into toy land, voila, here we have a huge selection of bikes.
5:45 am
can you imagine the look on limb kids' faces when they see the bicycles. checking in here with jay paco telling us how the program is going. people have done a great job donating stuff but you need more. >> that's right. we are 3,000 short of our goal of 18,000 toys, but you see how the community responded with bikes and dolls, boy, there's a lot of pink in this room right now. >> there certainly s i'm loving this. reminds you of growing up and how you just looked so forward to getting those toys. now, how on earth do you separate who gets a bike and who doesn't get a bike? every kid is going to want a bike? >> every family that comes to us has a scheduled time to come on in and we bring people in to the toy box area in a group of about 12 at a time. we hold a ravffle and the favorite part of the volunteers is watching every family here win a bike. >> you have done a fantastic job, time to drop off toys or gift cards.
5:46 am
older kids need gifts, people want to drop something off, how can they do it? >> come here to sacred heart, open until 5 today, donor line, super easy, volunteers receive them or if they want to make a financial donation, we are going to have volunteers going up and shopping for things we might be short on. >> very cool. you have this down to a science. if you haven't donated anything, waiting to figure out what it is to do, this shut perfect way to do it. i'm peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. weren't crummy toys, throws on a lot of kids' wish lists. >> all brand new, looking good. you saw one on the shelf, you want it had -- >> i had to do a little shopping, looking for some of those things down dlfrmt >> that's great. always for a good cause, too. >> a good day for shopping. christina loren. >> you have got our shopping mall forecast. >> yeah, you know exit's going to be pretty comfortable out there today for this afternoon, chilly conditions planning to get a head start.
5:47 am
you know you're going to find the loo lea the least amount of crowds. out there at 10 a.m., you might get by on your own for a while. temperatures comfortable into this afternoon, by december standards, after the cold snap just last week, 44 in san francisco, we head throughout the day, going to hit 60s, nice comfortable weekend shaping up, san jose, 63 for your saturday. palo alto, 61. 60 in san francisco, walnut creek going to be very comfortable, 63 degrees and we are looking good, lake tahoe at
5:48 am
38, no fault this year. nice safer traveling conditions, right, mike? >> right. take you out there, absolutely right. my hand, my gosh, i wasn't sure where i was on the screen. smooth around the bay. travel conditions the last couple of days, did see wind advisoriesism-5 over the grapevine. nothing like that going on now, a lot of folks heading out of town, expect the get away traffic to start the afternoon, 2:00, mayber letter, folks head toward the central valley, carquinez and benicia bridges. here, a smooth drive around the bay, zoom into a couple of spots, 680 at crowian on, north of the bolanger canyon mark, crow canyon there reports of a car, minor crash no major damage but outside the car waving around like that, that's distraction, even on your tv, watch for a little slowing as the crews arrive there, a smooth drive south there, the trivalley, a little build for 580, dub lyn interchange, get a look across the bay. palo alto smoothly, 101 easy
5:49 am
drive for the peninsula, 101, looking at the san mateo bridge, crossing between the two sides we see a smooth flow of traffic, westbound commute, haven't seen anything dramatic, one or two crashes, an easy drive, sparkling view and bay bridge toll plaza, no backup except for a couple of cars in each cash lane, bring your fast track if you've got it. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. frustration certainly increasing among card holders across the country who say they cannot get through to target to see if they have become victims of fraud. nervous shoppers flooded targets online customer service, tied up phone lines ever since hearing thieves stole credit and debit card information from 40 million customers. the breach covers cards swiped at every u.s. store between november 27th and last sunday that includes credit, debit and target red cards. the company did tell customer it is does not look like pin numbers were stolen.
5:50 am
>> you couldn't get through? >> nope. >> wow. the popular option of an e-mail reset could put you at risk. the paperless option is convenient for shoppers but privacy officers at the consumer federation of california say merchants are doing a lot more with the information than just sending you a receipt. >> once they have got it, they will build a database about you and they will market you, and yes, they can spell to third parties who can then use it for their own purposes. >> experts say if you use paperless receipts at several stores, data aggregators can compile that information, most likely, even track down your home address. >>. >> take your cash. if you haven't finished that christmas shopping yet and you are a last-minute shopper, we have a few suggestions for you from scott mcgrew, he always has good ones, coming up next.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:53 on this friday before christmas that is the trans america building in san francisco. seems to be more lighted than it was earlier than the morning. could it it's me. the observer. facebook showing its holiday spirit this morning. ceo mark zuckerberg plans to donate $1 billion in company stock to charity by the end of the month. selling 41 million facebook shares worth $2.3 billion. most will go to pay taxes, some between $2 and $3 billion the next couple of years. zuckerberg says he will donate 18 million shares worth nearly $1 billion to the silicon valley
5:54 am
community foundation. he is going to do it by the end of the month. >> that's nice h you can't take it with ya. >> wow. >> mm-hmm. >> that's lot to leave behind. >> giving, you receive. during the holiday it is, there's always someone who waits until the last minute to buy gifts. >> why are you pointing at me? it is me. if you're one of those people, scott mcgrew has more, you are in luck. >> merry almost christmas to you, the biggest question i have been getting from parents this year is whether they should buy the play station 4 or xbox 1. they are both new gaming platforms this is play station's year. i've always been an xbox user but i'm recommending the sewn is any play station 4. it's less expensive and easier to find. as for tablets, i want to like the amazon kindle fire but i still like the ipad better. az for which ipad, buy what you can afford. they are all really the same. some are big, some are small, some are light, but they are all ipads. use the same reasoning if you're trying to decide what tv to buy.
5:55 am
they are all going to be bigger around better than the one you have now, right? so any one will be fine. i like gifts that give back. these bamboo biodegradable toothbrushes come from smiles for the people. you buy one and the company sends another or its cash equivalent for dental health in developing world. it is a good stocking suffer. ? a neat gift basket from glow bin. the basket itself is made by a woman in mexico. there's a beautiful christmas ornament inside made by another family, along with a candle and other treats, all made in the developing world. there's more information at glow and for the family that has everything, let's harkin back to our favorite toy from our gadget friday sear riche the turbo electric bike from specialized. it's a wong $6,000. and some of the most fun our crew has ever had. so from our crew to yours you can a very happy holidays. >> i was afraid he was going to show the video where my skirt
5:56 am
split riding that thing. not a good room. >> what? >> we got ratings. >> go took that? scott, do you have the video ready? >> time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> yes, a little drafty out there if you are take ac bike ride, i can tell you right now, still breezy, temperatures in the 370s and 40s, we have fallen into the 20s in the bore the bay, told you that was going to happen as soon as we lose the north wind that did, in fact, occur, head throughout date today, temperatures will end up in the 60s, want to talk about your shopping forecast, this is for terry and anybody else who is going to be out there battling the crowds, get into the weekend. temperatures getting pretty comfortable, keep in mind, if you bring a jacket with you, you will have to lug it around as you shop, temperatures mild enough where you probably don't even need to bring a heavy coat with you, you can just run into the mall from your parking spot, hopefully you can get a close one. see how we are doing on the roads, here's mike inouye. >> traffic guy hearing the words run into and mall parking, don't want to hear the two of them
5:57 am
together. here is san jose, we are looking at the traffic flow northbound watching the other side. look at the maps here, as we zoom in through that the only spot with the slow down, where the camera was, looking away from us, didn't see any slow down or brake lights but watch for crews, might have to remove something, the northbound side, end with this map and slowing through san jose, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:57. new report out this morning that could you returning some of those holiday gifts. plus, hitting the road, air and rails, people all over the u.s. taking off forth holidays, we are going to take a look what's expected to be a busy travel weekend. if you're traveling, you want to see this. -those other store cards... -...preferred shopper...
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or at your store. rewards you... for being you. [ brina ] something extra -- now rewarding over 1 million members. new video in overnight as crews upright one of three buses that overturned on stretches of road in california. collapse at a theater during a packed performance. new detail about the injuries in
6:00 am
the audience. the bay area woman held at knife point after a group of thieves kicked down her door. we will show you the surveillance tape of the get away asquleechld the microclimates making a big appearance this morning 25 in the north bay i 36 the south bay, a nice clear start today, lots of sunshine and mild temps but we do have some nots for travelers across the state, across the nation, coming up.


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