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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the audience. the bay area woman held at knife point after a group of thieves kicked down her door. we will show you the surveillance tape of the get away asquleechld the microclimates making a big appearance this morning 25 in the north bay i 36 the south bay, a nice clear start today, lots of sunshine and mild temps but we do have some nots for travelers across the state, across the nation, coming up.
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pg&e is reporting a major power outage affecting thousands people. 4500 customers without power in benicia. pg&e says crews are on site, trying to make repairs but so far, pg&e has not released the specific areas in benicia affected by the outage. we will monitor the story, of course, bring you the very latest throughout the morning. we have got new details to tell you about this morning out of london, where the ceiling of the historical public theater collapsed during a packed performance. right now, 76 people are hurt. at least seven seriously injured. it happened in london's west
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end, which is equivalent to broadway in new york city. it was a full house, with more than 700 people inside. theatergoers say they heard a crack, then the ceiling creased in the middle and just collapsed a blanket of dust and wood trapped people in their seats. police say everyone had been freed. no deaths have been reported. one bus crashed in fall brook in san diego county, two others happened within 45 miles of one another in riverside county. one on state route 74, the other on interstate 15. overnight, crews managed to upright the bus that overturned near corona. 30 people were injured in that crash. so, none, that is the good news, were seriously hurt. more than a dozen people were injured in a crash in nearby paris. we have video of crews investigating a third bus that crashed yesterday in san diego county. that bus was heading south from l.a. toward the casino, it overturned near fall brook. one 64-year-old woman was flung through a window and died at the scene. 19 brothers injured. six seriously. the cause of all three crashes under investigation. in each case, it was raining or the roadways were very slick from pours. a bay area family praying
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for a miracle is heading to court today. their fight keep 13-year-old jahi mcmath on life support may be decide by an alameda superior court judge. today is the in the bay's christmas smith is live at children's hospital in oakland with the latest on an emotional story, christie. >> reporter: that's exactly right. good morning to you, laurie. the family said all along they don't understand how they could bring her here to get her tonsils out and days later, she is declared brain dead. they have said all along they do not want to take her off life support. need meeting with the hospital yesterday about that and they say it didn't go well at all. so at 8:30 this morning, the family's attorney is going to head to court here in oakland, seeking an injunction to keep her on life support. jahi came to children's hospital last monday to get her tonsils out. the family says afterwards, there was excessive bleeding, she went into cardiac arrest and days later, she was declared brain dead.
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the family has held prayer vij.s, hoping for a miracle. they also say they want an outside doctor, go and look at the hospital's findings, but they are still waiting for the hospital's decision on that jahi's mom says she has good reason for needing to keep her daughter on life support. >> i said can we have her for christmas, can she just stay for christmas so i can bring her a gift? brothers celebrate christmas with her and he said no. we want this done quickly. >> reporter: now, children's has remained mostly yi yet on thqui. that is for good reason. the head of pediatrics, released a statement saying, in part, we implore the family to allow the hospital to openly discuss what has occurred and to give the necessary legal permission when it has actually been withholding that.
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jahi's mom ended by saying he absolutely doesn't have her mission to take her daughter off life support. christie smith, "today in the bay". police are trying to track down four men they say kicked in the door of a home in fremont and robbed a woman at gunpoint. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in fremont now. bob, how do we find the suspects? >> reporter: fremont police does have surveillance footage for the suspects running away from the scene. you see them from behind. you don't see see their faces but you see is them in the g getaway car. this was video taken wednesday evening 5:3 20, a home on armor way, where the very frightening home invasion took place, a woman inside, 27 years old, she was home alone. her husband was out. she tells police have there is a loud knock at the door, knew something was wrong, didn't sound right, her instinct was to flee to her bedroom where she called her brother. the four men out front kicked down her door, they ransacked the house, they eventually made
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it upstair to us the bedroom where she was hiding they can put a gun and knife up to her, they demanded money, jewelry. police tell us she was too nervous to give a gold necklace she was wearing. =ñ too shaky to take it off so one of the men, impatient, ripped it from her neck. they also took small electronics, including tablets and cameras. all four men escaped into an suv where a fifth person, a get away driver, was waiting. you could see that image from that surveillance camera of that vehicle. police tell us that that vehicle is a mid-2000 infinity suv, along those lines, either silver or gray in color. the four men, they tell us are african-american, no description for the get away driver. the woman was not seriously hurt in this. you might wonder why her first instinct was to call her brother and not police. well, apparently, she is new to the country, not familiar with 911. it was her brother, by the way, who alerted fremont police to this crime. reporting live outside fremont pd, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot.
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holiday shoppers are getting a special service in the east bay. oakland and b.a.r.t. police are teaming up with volunteers escort b.a.r.t. riders to their cars. it's happening at the west oakland and fruitvale stations as well as a station in san leandro. b.a.r.t. says they offer the service every year to help keep riders safe during the holiday season when property crime increases. the service will be offered from 5 to 8 tonight. a bay area development company has pulled its plans for a massive project in one of palo alto's busiest areas. the site is on page mill road in between el camino real and alves street. j paul company, a san francisco developer, wanted to build a new 300,000-square-foot office complex. the plans included a new earthquake public safety the company though says the political climate in palo alto, that's the reason they are
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pulling the plug. the city council had expressed concerns over increased traffic lining one of the city's most congested areas. >> el camino real can lead doubt sanford mall. >> everybody thinks. >> forecast for the shopping areas a lot of people at it today. >> we don't want you to be kicking yourself after the holidays because you forgot squun on your christmas list and weather is going to be pretty t throughout te next couple of days, shopping is on your to do list. temperatures in the 30s a couple 20s popping up in the north bay, 29 degrees in santa rosa, san jose, 36 degrees that is cold enough for a little bit of patchy frost out there we head throughout the afternoon, 539 south bay, 62 degrees by 4 p.m. elsewhere across the bay area, forecasting plenty of 60s for today and going to be a pretty nice finish to the day comfortable levels. i do have to point out this is the final full day of fall. yep. that's right. winter time officially starts tomorrow. last full day of fall looks good, san bruno camera shaking a little bit. cleaner air quality though
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thanks to that wind. as we head throughout your saturday, we are gonna see a return of those low clouds, so, kind of a gray start to the day, especially the usual suspects, marin headlands, santa cruz mountains, plenty of fog at the immediate coast, later on, sun comes up, warm up by two to three degrees, comfortable conditions the end of the day, sunday, cold start makes way to a nice, comfortable finish, yeah it is going to be a california christmas this year, temperatures mostly if the mid-60s, 63 in oakland, san jose, 65 degrees, l.a. this year is going to be close to 80 degrees on christmas wednesday, mike. hard to believe that. isn't too bad, should feel winter like in the bay area. >> compared to 80, universal studios. looking here toward the bay bridge, traffic flows pretty nicely four the fast track lane, see the cash lanes stacking up, starting the build, see the buildup, a little bit of a recession in the traffic flow as well. watch that throughout the morning, no metering lights, the
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eastshore freeway, look at the maps, sliding off, they haven't turned the metering lights on yet, 610 there we go for the change in the clock as well a smoother drive toward 880, passing 238, slowing there it is, even more. 55, the very worst, past 8th street. highway 92 westbound smoothly here. 580 continues with a slow build, altamonte pass, highway 84, isabel, not a problem this morning, 680, a smooth drive toward sunol, fremont, the south bay. your northbound route through san jose, showing a little slow down, let me show you this art area north 101680, saw slowing and southbound, traffic, a live look at the camera, because the sensors, they did not catch any problems. so quick, the headlight section, you pass by alan rock avenue, traffic stopped 30 seconds, kwleerd ever debris was there, now it's gone, guys, good stuff on the peninsula. >> thanks. >> ten minutes after six. still ahead on "today in the
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bay," grab your gift receipt. tell you why purses sold at several popular stores could contain lead. and south bay charity trying to make sure every child has a toy under the freeze but thousands of toys, they are short of their goal. we are going to tell you how you can step in this morning to help out. all next.
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senate majority leader harry reid is in the hospital this morning. the senator from nevada is is not feeling well and as a precaution decided to go to the hospital. tests have been conducted ant
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spokesperson says everything is normal. reid is reportedly alert, resting and feeling better. he will remain in the hospital for observation today. an aide says reid was on the phone with colleagues this morning, actually discussing upcoming legislation. so he must be feeling better. >> feeling better. here are today's top story, investigators in london are trying to figure out why the ceiling collapsed at the historic apollo theater. 76 people were hurt, seven seriously. an estimated 700 people were packed inside that theater. some say they heard a crack and the ceiling started cracking in the mild and collapsed. the attorney for the family of the young oakland teenager declared brain dead after having her tonsils remove already file an injunction in court today. the injunction would prevent doctors at children's hospital oakland from taking you 193-year-old off the ventilator. at least therough the holiday. a bill headed to the president's desk for his signature. the bill contracts down on sexual assault in the military and adds protections for
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victims. it would also add more than $630 billion to the military budget. 6:it 14. new this morning, the center for environmental health says purses and other accessories from several popular stores could contain lead. the center says over the past year, more than half of the accessories from wet seal contain more lead than allowed. about 25% of items from forever 21 and charlotte russe failed lead tests. s last month, they received a letter from a whistleblower of a boot sold from charlotte russe contains too much lead. the letter showed test results and a picture of the boot. sacred heart community services said it doesn't have enough donations to follow through on its promise. this weekend, they want to give >> it is facing an uphill climb. it doesn't have enough toys to give away. "today in the bay's" peggy bunker live in san jose with how more toys they need and how we
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can help. >> reporter: good morning, laura. i'm with you. this is one of the stories you love to cover, love to stand in a room filled with thousands of toys and know your community did this, different corporations, different families, different individuals, just went out, bought a toy, came her and drop it had off that's really what we need to do especially now, we are a little bit short, pan around and show you the work done so far. take a look at these bicycles, the sporting equipment, all the different footballs and basketballs and skate boards and tons and tons of dolls, all sorts of wonderful things for kids from zero to age 17, light on the things teenagers dig, which we all snow probably just a gift card so they can get what they really want, instead of what we think they want. what we are doing here, connect he can the dots with the families are doing the right things, they are out there working hard. they just can't quite make ends meet around the holidays, here in this expensive bay area. here joining us now, so happy to have you, thank you so much for being here. you are in charge of this whole program, the toy box. tell us about how you've seen
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this impact different families. >> so, i've been here for five years now and every year is always an amazing experience, one place really affected me personally, a volunteer and a person who receives services that i met last year, wonderful woman, take caring of her 7-year-old. and she had a difficult year last year, but i saw her recently, she was volunteering at the agency, she wants to give back and it has been a very, very difficult year but as a volunteer, you know, she was helping. when we told her that we want you to come back and receive gifts again, in the middle of a crowded room, she is crying to me, and for me, that was what was important, that we are gonna make a moment of hope, a moment of joy for her and her daughter this year, for somebody who can receive, but also is ready to give back to the community. >> because let's get this straight, real quick before we let you go, these are families who are working, they are working families, they are doing the right thing, trying to provide for their kids.
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that's who you're seeing here? >> absolutely. she wants to make an example for her daughter, not only trying to support her, she has had a difficult year paying her rent and everything but still wants to show there is time to give back, too. >> a lot of people have been busy the holiday season, maybe haven't had time to do something there still is time, 3,000 gifts short, trying to give two gifts and a book or puzzle to teach chi%70 anything from zero to age 17, especially teenager, come on down here to the services here, community service of sacred heart and drop off that gift, it would be ever so appreciated. in san jose, i'm peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> every kid needs presents to open christmas morning. >> going to be a good day, you can't say weather slowing you down go shopping, get a gift for the kid. >> now what he else if it's a money thing, try collecting all the change and couch, wherever you can find it come up with five bucks, a present for a kid they will never forget. temperatures really good. if you are taking your little wounds to school before christmas break this morning, make sure you bundle them up it
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is cold out there especially. the bore the bay, temperatures bouncing around out there the wind is coming out of the north that wind picks up, it warms you up to 40 degrees, we are at 25 about 15 minutes ago, do count on cold conditions, maybe frost out there peninsula, good at 40 degrees, show you san francisco, nice, clear start to the day, sunrise this morning, 7:15. highs comfortable. the 60s across the bay area, subtle differences to tell you about when it comes to the various microclimate, south bay looking good, hit the low 60s here, lots of sunshine, a little haze, not much. peninsula looking fantastic today, 60 in foster city los altos, 60 for you. in san francisco, if you're going to be shopping in union square, make sure you have a coat with you, it won't be too bad. 3:00, we hit our high, temperatures climb into the mid-60s there, north bay looks the warmest, 66 degrees later on in santa rosa. funny, the coldest to start. 63 in fremont, pleasanton today, 65 out in the trivalley, comfortable conditions, but whatever your plans are today,
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maybe you are just getting to hanging those christmas lights. that's okay. it's the whole days much we forgive you. 53, san jose. 61, palo alto for saturday. overall you can headed toward warmer afternoon. hey, tomorrow is the first official day of winter. if you are looking for something to do there's an event happening in berkeley, the park, this saturday, sunrise, 7:20, they are going to be celebrating the solstice, shortest day of the year, nine hours 357bd 3 minutes of daylight and that's it for tomorrow. as we head throughout the next couple of months, as you know, because of this, it gets colder around here. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. the inspiration points makes me think of "happy days," always talked about going there. nice, smooth flow of traffic, friday and the friday before christmas week, see the light volume of traffic, zoom into a couple areas showing anything extended as far as colors other than green. over here toward the trivalley, we do have your slowing through livermore around once you get livermore around once yo%&q is
6:21 am
there, off pretty smooth dry drive, the upper 50s through dublin and pleasanton, 680 interchange, walnut creek, a smooth flow, southbound towards sunol for that drive. look over the bay, the dumbarton bridge, san malt te'o bridge, not showing a big volume of traffic at all. the peninsula moved smoothly, show you a live look at the san mateo bridge, westbound, taillights, no problem, clear view of the high rise, no wind advisory for the san mateo bridge this morning, a calm, easy drive along that stretch. look at the bay bridge as well, farther north, traffic flows pretty smoothly through this area. we do have the cash lanes off to the west showing the big backup the ones coming off the berkeley curve very smoothly, the eastshore freeway through berkeley look at the map, show what you we are talk about easy drive through richmond, berkeley and emeryville, slower up the incline because the volume starts to build and oakland, 880, 580, 24 through the caldecott, you are at speed guys. send it back to you. >> thank you so much. 6:21 heading out of town for
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the holidays? you are not going to be alone. going to be working. coming up, why this could be the more record here for people hitting the road and taking to the skies.
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today, it begins, holiday travel, in ernest, as people get ready to hit the roads or make to the skies. >> jay gray joins us live in atlanta with a look at where people are coming and going and
6:25 am
what we can all expect. good morning, jay. >> reporter: hey, good morning, laura, good morning, terry. the aaa says this could be the busiest end of the year travel season ever. ever, as far as holiday travel is concerned, laura, i hear most coming to your house. i hope you have plenty of holiday ham ready. it can also be one of the least expensive trips ever, family packing up, pulling up on the highways for the families much the holiday rush officially begins this morning on runways and roadways across the country. >> aaa expects about 94.5 million people will travel for the year-end holidays this year. >> reporter: that would be the most ever. a majority of those travelers filling their tanks for a holiday road trip, taking advantage of gas prices that are at a three-year low. >> a little extra money in the
6:26 am
pocket. >> reporter: for some, the trip home for the dies is just a bit too far to drive. about 5.5 million passengers will line up at security gates and load onto planes. data from the travel website,, indicates the most popular destinations this weekend are on the east coast, while for new year's eve, the hotspots are well, hotspots, beaches in florida mexico and the caribbean islands. whether it's surf or snow, wherever you go, you likely won't be alone. >> the most people ever traveling for the holidays. >> reporter: of course, for many, being together is what the season is all about. so, i'm not sure people are talking about traffic when they talk about being together. look, quick look inside the numbers, the average trip, over 800 milespmñ and average cost at $765, both those figures up from last year. terry, laura. >> where ever you're coming, going or heading, we hope it is a great one, thanks, jay.
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time, 6:26. ahead, toxic sausage concerns. coming up, a new warning leading to a major recall at a san jose-based media company. target is reaching out to customers overnight. what the company says you should do if your credit or debit card has been compromised. and most likely, it has.
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new this morning, contamination concerns at a south bay meat company. we will tell you what product is involved. target reaching out to customers overnight. what you should do if you think your credit cards are at risk. a live look at san francisco, that is where most of my christmas memories come from, born and raised there. >> nice. >> yep. the christmas tree and all that stuff, never forget t gorgeous morning. christmas on the way, i'm feeling good. your forecast in a few moments. >> that's great a lot of people making new memories, maybe making a little money on wall street as well, as we await the
6:30 am
opening bell. and they are off nor friday morning. in the mean time, the countdown is on as well. >>jfj two, one. >> almost to christmas as well. this is friday i december 20th this is "today in the bay." good morning. happy friday. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, a south bay food company is recalling hundreds of pounds of sausage because it may be contaminated with dangerous toxins. the u.s. department of agriculture is ordering lee brothers food services of san jose to recall packages of lee's sandwich sausages because they may contain a water level high enough to allow bacteria production. the recall includes 740 pounds of sausage. it's all sold under that product name that i told you, lee's sandwiches.
6:31 am
the 16-ounce packages were produced on february 11th with identifying code 042 p, as well as 16-ounce packages of pork and chicken sausages produced on february 14th with a code 043 pc. new details about a massive security breach affecting up to 40 million target shoppers. melissa mollet has more. what should customers do to protect their information now that things have gotten where they are? >> reporter: there are a lot of things you can do unfortunately this is a post situation now. they are in major damage control mode a lot of people really are wondering if they are victims. we are talking about 40 million cards thieveses stole what a is called track data from the cards, that's numbers, names, security codes and expiration dates. now, track data very valuable on the black market and can be used
6:32 am
to make purchases online or entirely fake cards in a process called cloning. this morning, dark set issuing letter to customers apologizing, saying they are working with a forensics firm to find the culprits. now, they do give some ideas, target telling people what to do if you are in a situation, you want to review your account statements, you can monitor your free credit reports and of course, report any unauthorized charges. the other thing you can do, of course is call the ftc. so, very, very nerve wracking for a lot of folks who may have si i looked online and said very been to the target in past month, a place i do go to, at this point, target say nothing more issues after december 15th, it was only that one little window and if you do want to shop at target, some experts are saying perhaps if you are a little bit nervous, cash is the way to go. >> thanks very much. >> a tough time logging on for
6:33 am
some folks. the popular option of an e-mail receipt could put you at risk. the paperless option is convenient for shoppers but privacy officers at the consumer federation of california say merchants are doing a lot more with the information than just sending you a receipt. >> once they have got it, they will build a database about you and they will market you, and yes, they can sell it to third parties who can then use it for their own purposes. >> experts say if you use paperless receipts at several stores, data aggregators can compile that information, most likely, even track down your home address. >> getting back to target, you have been trying to get on. >> for days now, not days, since 4:30 yesterday morning. >> you haven't been able to? >> no still. >> patience? >> yeah, okay. >> that is something that she wants for christmas, christina. >> can you wrap that up? >> lots of patience. >> oh, boy quo, really sell for a hefty price tag. let's get started on that right after this. temperatures right now looking pretty cold out there, all
6:34 am
across the board, five to ten degrees, make sure you are ready for that. this is oakland, a pretty start to the day in oakland, happy to report we have good air quality across the board for today. now, temperatures are chilly, in the 30s and 40s 3, 0 straight up in the north bay, san francisco also getting a pretty sunrise, 41 degrees there climb dmoot 60s later on today and wherever you're going to be headed, mfortable conditions, you just have to wait until 2, 3:00 when we get these highs and then temperatures drop like a rock as soon as the sun sets a the 4 p here is where we are headed, get through the afternoon. take you through some of your more prominent shopping areas, you will not be alone for this friday, 64, valley fair. comfortable conditions, just make sure you are ready, be kind of chilly out there trying to find a parking spot, 63, stanford, also be hustling and bustling, full of last-minute shoppers we always say better late than never. qnot too bad in the city no fog
6:35 am
today, nice, sunny day headed our watch let's check on your drive. remember, your 7-day forecast right here at the bottom of your screen, you want to take a peek at christmas, overall, looking good in the weather department, how's the traffic department, mike? >> you talked about christmas coming up, we have a light volume of traffic, but i did not think this was gonna happen. the metering lights are turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza, we did know it was going to be a lighter flow of traffic. this is lighter. the fast track lanes backed up to the overcrash, the cash lanes to the left, a study flow, off to the right, off the curve, they are light. smooth drive around that area, no problems for 24, 880 just a little slow coming up through downtown oakland. over on the peninsula side, south to west borrow, we have reports of a stall, might be one car still in lanes, a little slowing there at the scene we don't see on our sensors, i will continue to track that south through 80, maybe 101 bait shore freeway. the rest of the bay looking good. check out the foster city side, the approach off the san mateo
6:36 am
bridge toward the 101 nothing big as far as the slow downs, nice drive on the 101, 92 interchange and 101 north of the 680, 280 interchange, a smooth flow of traffic, get company, no big slowing, guys. back to you. mike could use your help in taking a look at this sketch. they say this is a man who may be responsible for several recent home break-ins, the latest december 3rd at the civic square apartments on bernal avenue. officers say a tenant came home to find a man inside. the victim says the suspect, put his hand under his jacket and said he had a gun and threatened the suspect took off with cash and jewelry. investigators say the suspect may have broke noon several other units at the same apartment complex. gentleman how a deadly attack of the mayer in the philippines ended up claiming the life of a 1-year-old boy as well.
6:37 am
did a botched surgery spark a deadly shooting spree at a nevada hospital? we will tell you what investigators found written in did you get chips for the party? nope. [ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. á6:39. the man accusing who have of of plotting to drive a bomb onto
6:40 am
the run way in kansas is in court today. terry loewen intended to inflict maximum carnage, prosecutors say. he worked at wichita's midcontinent airport as an avionicless technician. the judge will decide whether loewen()t flight risk or danger to the public. investigators say the gunman who opened fire in a reno hospital claimed he had a botched surgery back in 2010. the gunman has been identified as 51-year-old alan frasier northeast of sacramento. tuesday, frasier reportedly rushed past patients at the medical office, killed one doctor, critically wounded another and seriously injured a 20-year-old woman before killing himself. investigators say they found evidence at his house he had planned the attack but it's unclear what type of surgery he might have had back in 2010 or if any of the victims were involved in that. a mayor from the southern philippines, two family members, and a young boy have been killed outside an airport terminal. it happened this morning at
6:41 am
manila international airport, the largest airport in that capital city. men on a motorcycle fired at the mayor he's stepped out of the terminal, the dead include the mayor, his wife, a 28-year-old niece as well as an 18-month-old child. the mayor had survived previous assassination attempts and police are now looking for the suspects. 6:41 right now. coming w3çup, a bay area womand at knife point as thieves kicked down her door. coming up, new video of the thieves as they make their get a three bus crashes on rain-slicked runways in southern california. what we just learned about the woman who died and dozens of others now injured. and it is gadget friday, the holiday gift list edition. we will tell you which high-tech toys scott mcgrew says are must-haves this year. [ wind howling ]
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a developing story for you in southern california, where vexes are under way into three separate bus crashes that left one person dead and dozens of others injured. >> two of the crashes happened within 45 miles of one another in river side county, one on state route 74, the otheren interstate 15678 the other crash happened on 15 in the city of fall brook in san diego county. "today in the bay's" jacob rascon joins us live in panorama city moment town of the woman who died in that fall brook crash. simply tragic. >> reporter: that's right. and those crashes happened within minutes of each other and both on a time when it was raining. right now, we have another bus that has pulled up, this is where the bus that ended up crashing started, this was in panorama city, video that happened here.
6:45 am
this is san diego county, fall brook, a woman, 64-year-old killed in the crash, 22 people total on that bus. everybody else on that bus injured. then we had just a few minutes later in corona, another crash, we had more people on that bus, no fatalities there but everybody again injured on that bus as well. all of this happening just before the rush hour traffic on the way home. which had both crashes about 2:30, then not until about 9:30 at night where they cleaned up, so of course, a lot of traffic hassle. then there are still folks in ! after these crashs and safety, of course, a big question and concern as chp questioning the drivers in one of the crashes, the one in corona, chb saying already that the driver was going too fast for the rain. of course, following this story and any developments. we will bring them to you. for now, reporting live in panorama city, i'm jacob rascon, back to you. >> thank you very much, jacob. >> talking to a friend of mine
6:46 am
in l.a. yesterday, talking about how it is pouring, pouring rain down there we haven't had any of that recently up here. >> lucky us, although we could use it in the sierra, nice, clear morning, looking live, downtown san jose this morning, check in with christina. >> yeah l.a. got the rain we got the wind out of the same system yesterday, now, temperatures are cold, clear skies behind that system as it trails out of here and moves east, 36 degrees in san jose to start the day i 40 in livermore, 40, mountain view, your hour by hour forecast works like this, by lunchtime today, climb toward comfortable levels, 54 in san bruno exmid-50s most of the bay area, noon today, hit 61 in san bruno ex4 p.m., remember, if you want to take a look at your christmas day forecast, christmas eve, here at the bottom of your screen, seven day rotating there, all the regions across the bay area, we got you covered. highs will climb nicely, look at this beautiful sunrise across
6:47 am
the bay area. average this time of year, 60s on the way to san francisco, south bay, 61, peninsula, 62 the north bay today, 62 degrees for you. now, getting into the next couple of days, we do have some changes here in the bay area. i'm going to talk about that in just a minute, if you are going to be traveling across the state today, really only need to worry about some gusty wind as you head down 5, especially over the grapevine, hold onto your steering wheel, mike pointed out yesterday, shut your vents as you go through the harris ranch area. looking good, the tahoe area, donner pass, also headed over south tahoe, 50, patchy black ice, the only concern we have, because that snowfall is out of there. 101 down the coast, just make sure you have your shades, lots of sunshine, breezy at times what a beautiful drive. i envy you if you get to take that drive today. elsewhere, looking pretty good, san jose, low 60s tomorrow, a touch warmer for your saturday, 63, palo alto, 61, saturday, san francisco, 60, 38 degrees in
6:48 am
lake tahoe. a little bit of a warming trend headed our way as we get into your sunday. temperatures climbing up ajf trh couple of degrees, 63 in san jose sunday, 64, walnut creek, up to 42 in tahoe, not a quite christmas, still you will have the white around you, still making that snow up there talk to mike about your drive, how you talked about tahoe, we will have that snow on the ground, at least, you won't have to deal with that as far as good see in snoent roadway, that black ice, because the condition does change overnight, watch that, into incidents for 50 right now. into inc&háhp &hc& 50 right now. the bay this friday before christmas week. a very light volume of traffic, a steady flow starting to cause a slow down. capital expressway, another burst of 680, san jose international airport, 280, 85, just start to show consistently slower drive into the upper 50s, very worst, again, light around the south bay. we will talk about the slow through the trivalley, steady
6:49 am
through livermore, a nice, easy drive through the interchange, 84, not a problem. more folks, 680, pleasanton, sunol, the next half hour, not dropping below the speed limit. northbound side, watching this 680, reports of flooding there at on-ramp to north 680, one lane blocked, sounded like a busted sprinkler or something no rainfall in the area, a smooth drover than that the valley, heading through san ramon, walnut creek interchange, look at the rest of the approach, the bay bridge, the slowing, the san mateo bridge, castro valley, up north toward the toll plaza, give you a look, oakland, past the coliseum, northbound tail lights, southbound with the headlights, a nice clip over here past downtown oakland and to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a big backup, all the lanes, metering lights turning on, 626 this morning, things started to clear, the fast track lanes not much of a wait, cash lanes a good, good easy drive
6:50 am
here, eastshore freeway, moving smoothly, richmond down to the berkeley curve. back to you. >> pretty sunrise. thanks, mike. today, the attorney for the 16-year-old oakland boy accused of lighting another teen ager on fire will that ask that his client be tried as juvenile. right now, prosecutors are charging richard thomas as an adult with a hate crime enhancement. in court today the defense will file a motion asking a judge to send the case to juvenile court. thomas is accused of setting 18-year-old sasha fleishman's skirt on fire on board an ac transit bus last month. the man police say tried throw his wife off the san mate te'o bridge is going to be in court today. investigators say xavier mcclinton from mill valley got into a fight with his wife and tried drive his car off the bridge, instead, he crashed and police say he tried to throw her off the bridge, but witnesses grabbed her and mcclinton ended up going over. he was eventually pulled from
6:51 am
the bay with minor injuries. mcclinton has been charged with attempted murder. back in court. former 49er kwame harris learns his punishment for assaulting an ex-boyfriend. the defense filed a motion to dismiss the case, claim the statute of limitations has run out. the decision on that motion and possible sentencing expected today. harris was convicted of assaulting his ex-boyfriend after a fight outside a menlo park restaurant last summer and it was said to be over table manners. y'? the search is on for the suspects involved in a home burglary in the los altos hills. look at that video released by the santa clara sheriff's department. the three men you see here broke into a home on berryhill lane wednesday afternoon, going through the sliding glass door. no one was home at the time. i guess that is the silver lining. the suspects ransacked the home and took off with a jewelry box. 6:51, time to check on the day's local top stories, we will check in with bob redell, live in fremont, new details for us about a home invasion. >> reporter: correct. fremont police are looking for
6:52 am
five people involved in this horrible home invasion this took place wednesday evening at a home in armor way. it the surveillance footage that shows some of the suspects leaving, so you see them, unfortunately not see their faces. there was a woman at home at the time by herself, her husband out, 27 years old. there was a loud knock at the door, she knew something was wrong, fled to her bed÷q)e she called her brother. four men out front kicked down her door, ransacked the house. they eventually need upstairs to her location. gun and knife up to her, demanded money, jewelry, police tell us she tried to give them her gold necklace she was wearing but was too nervous, too shaky to take it off so one of the men, impatient, ripped it from her neck. they also took small electronics, including tablets and cameras. all four men escaped into an suv where a fifth person, a getaway driver, was waiting. you could see that image from that surveillance camera of that vehicle. police tell us that that vehicle is a mid-2000 infinity suv, along those lines, either silver or gray in color. the four men, they tell us, are african-american, no description
6:53 am
for the get away driver. the woman was not seriously hurt in this. you might wonder why her first instinct was to call her brother and not police. well, apparently, she is new to the country, not familiar with 911. a family is fighting to keep a 13-year-old girl teng nikolay life on a ventilator in oakland. >> yeah good morning to you, terry. the family said they reall)ñ wat to try to keep her on life support, at least through christmas, so they have a chance to visit with her. they met with4 (he hospital an were told no. in 90 minutes, they will be heading to court with their attorney, seeking an injunk to keep her on the vent later. she was declared brain dead. she headed to oakland children's hospital to have her tonsils removed and there were complications. the uncle says the hospital was blunt. >> this is the coldest meeting we have ever been a part of since we have been here. >> reporter: childrens's hospital said she they would like to clarify the situation but say the+r÷ñ family has not n them legal permission to do so reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. now go live to peggy q bunk, sacred heart community verse in
6:54 am
san hose city, that holiday toy drive is well under watch good morning. >> boy, you can say that again, laura. take a look at the thousands of toys we have surrounded here, everybody donating to this wonderful cause, about 6,000 kids need toys for the holidays. come in for me on toy land, community has done so far, donating an incredible amount of toys thoork res families working, some people say can be the working poor. they are doing what they can, but they just don't have enough. take a listen. >> as long as we are together, that's more important than anything else. my son, he wasn'ts a football. i would like to get him a football. >> able to track a football down. you're pretty close to the front of the line there so i'm really hoping this is going to go to you. once again, everybody here has done a fantastic job getting these toys together. they need about 3,000v more to make sure that every child gets two toys and a back or a puzzle, come on down, if you can donate, two certainly appreciate it in san jose, peggy bunker, "today in the bay." >> maybe you can talk to them.
6:55 am
thanks, peggy. 6:54 now, one final check of today's top headlines. we have got new details to tell you about this morning out of london, where the ceiling of the historical public theater collapsed during a packed performance. right now, 76 people are hurt. at least seven seriously injured. it happened in london's west end, which is equivalent to broadway in new york city. it was a full house, with more than 700 people inside. hackers stole debit and credit information from 40 million customers worldwide, but no pin numbers were stolen. harry reid was not feeling well paneled as a precaution, he decided to go to the hospital. they took tests, showed everything was normal but still going to stay in the hospital today for observation. >> absorbing our forecast, meteorologist christina loren. looking good? >> looking pretty good. yeah. good morning to you. our temperatures are chilly to start, depends where you are waking up, low 30s in the north bay, mid-30s south bay, peninsula, 39. kick off the day in the east bay. san francisco 41 degrees, getting a spectacular sunrise,
6:56 am
over the city by the bay, temperatures going to be comfortable later on this afternoon, we just have to wait for that sunshine to really start to warm us up, by about 10 to noon today, we will climb into the upper 50s from the 30s where we are, round out date the morning 60s. here is mike inouye, your morning drive. >> easy drive, considering the fact this is the bay bridge toll plaza, 6:56 now. fast track lanes backed up to midparking lot. metering lanes turned on 6:26, big backup calmed on now, eastshore freeway, out of the maze, 880 through oakland, a little slowing, look at the other side of the bay, palo alto, northbound 101 slows down a bit as you are passing by the university avenue offshafrn, nordstrom, h1cu depot, south bay, easy flow as well, northbound 101680/280 interchange, only slowing, north 101 capital expressway, 680, things start to improve, continue from the airport, 280, 87, 85 now starting to see
6:57 am
speeds dipping into the upper 50s. during the holidays, there's always someone who waits until the last minute to buy gifts. >> guilty. if you are one of those people, hey, we are in luck. scott mcgrew joins wuss a super charged gadget friday for the holidays. >> merry almost christmas to you. the biggest question i have been getting from parents this year is whether they should buy the play station 4 or xbox 1. they are both new gaming platforms. this is play station's year. i've always been an xbox user, but i'm recommending the sony play station 4. it's less expensive and easier to find. as for tablets, i want to like the amazon kindle fire, but i still like the ipad better. now, as for which ipad, buy what you can afford. they are all really the same. some are big, some are small, some are light, but they are all ipads. use the same reasoning if you're trying to decide what tv to buy. they are all going to be bigger and better than the one you have now, right? so any one will be fine. i really do like gifts that give back.
6:58 am
these bamboo, biodegradable toothbrushes come from smiles for the people. you buy one and the company sends another or its cash equivalent for dental health in the developing world. it's a good stocking suffer. #>ñ and this is a neat gift basket from glow bin. the basket itself is made by a woman in mexico. there's a beautiful christmas ornament inside made by another family, along with a candle and other treats, all made in the developing world. there's more information at and for the family that has everything, let's harken back to our favorite toy from our gadget friday series, the turbo electric bike from specialized. it's a whopping $6,000, and some of the most fun our crew has ever had. so from our crew to yours, a very happy holidays. >> i'm glad they didn't show the video, my skirt split when i attempted to ride that bike. not a good one.
6:59 am
this is a good one this story, i love it. >> this is nice. this is someone in need of something. >> yeah. >> like a name. just a few hours, we will know what to call the newest addition to the san francisco zoo. >> i love that the eastern western lowland gorilla will make the zoo bay due this morning and 10:00, officially going to announce her name. >> what name goes that picture? >> i don't know. >> shadoobie they haven't been voting for it. >> it costs $1 to vote to take career of the gorillas at the zoo. she was born july 17th to parents nanika and oscar jonesy. she will join the zoo's six-member troupe. look at that expression. that's one of the best exhibit to us go watch, if you haven't been to the san francisco zoo, go check it out. >> the gorillas? >> yeah. it's fun. fascinating. interact. >> with you? >> yeah. >> or with each other?
7:00 am
>> no. with the people that go. you need to go to the zoo. >> i think i need to go now. >> with he need to go right now as well. have a great weekend. >> take care. >> you looked at me shocked. good morning, backlash good morning, backlash, target reaches out to angry a potent storm system threatening the plans of travelers. >> the show may not go on, the duck dynasty family speaks out for the first time since the suspension of its star. >> rapid reflexes. the bus passenger that sticks up to a man with a gun speaks to us exclusively. what he says might surprise you. today, friday, december 20th, 2013.


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