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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 22, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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kept running lanes all day for shady. runningback chris fulls. we did a great job. an exciting win and the crowd was awesome all night. >> the run game was remarkable. what does that do as an offense for the whole? >> it opens a play action. we stuck down and went over the top. it runs down the clock and is really degrading to defense when you can run on them. i'm proud of our team for the victory. >> next week, to dallas you go with everything on the line how different is this eagle's game? >> we've grown a lot. we've grown a lot together. we know when we win, it's going
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we have a lot of work toe do, so we'll have to be ready. >> another triple dingt night for you, two touchdowns. >> all week, we plan on running the ball. trying to get focused again. i said hey, this is what comes out. >> you know, i know team wins are the most important stat for you. but the russian title is there for the taking. what would it mean for you to clinch it in a game where you can also clinch the division? >> it means a lot. i know every player wins the running back. i think tonight, as a group, we got fitted for the crown. >> let's go over to michael
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kendrick who was huge nor the defense tonight. the bears have a lot on the line tonight. they couldn't kwlinch their division with a win. you guys look like the inspired team. how did you go so quickly? >> i'm so proud of this group. you knew the situation at hand. dallas won. we really were playing for a seed. it's our last home game as far as the regular season is concerned. we just clinched it. >> and now you head to dallas even more. what do you think is key to winning one of their plays? >> i think what's key is having a game like today. being effective in all three phases of the game. offense, defense and special teams all coming together as one. >> we will look forward to it and see you down there. thanks, michael. >> all right, michelle, thanks. when michael kendricks says the
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bears, he's a former cal bear. green bay at soldier field next sunday for the nrksz fc north title. two big seasons for green bay. eddie lacey aggravated a light ankle sprin in a loss to pittsburgh. we foe how bad chicago is in defending the run. it will make thingings a little bit easier on the bears. the eagles and cowboys play in dallas on sunday night for the nfc east title. the third straight year, the cowboys have been in that exact same position after losing to the jeents two years ago. make the playoffs and win, lose and go home. the bears, as we said, hosting the packers.
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seattle can clirng home field throughout. the panthers get at least the two-seed with a win and the sant's loss next week.áy]/ got all that? let's bring in tony dungie. who do you like to win the nfc east and the nfc north. >> well, i'll start with the jp#x!9ñ green bai and chicago, i really think it depends on aaron roger's health. i do not say the packers are able to go into soldier field you have to look at philadelphia. this is a different offense. i really like philadelphia to go
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in and win that game. >> tony, there the afc, we know five of the six playoffbk team. kansas city is locked into the fifth spot. the broncos are guaranteed a bye and they have home field overall. the real drama surrounds the six seed. probably the steelers are all still alive. tony, which team do you think is the best position to secure that sixth and final spot. >> as you said, bob, all four of these teams need to win and get some help. that's why i like the miami dolphin's position.
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they play a game at home against the jets who are not in a plaidoff race. either sand yeah go to winld their home game or cincinnati to win against baltimore. >> it will be seven weeks tomorrow. will he play against the bears? there's another quarterback injury, tony romo tweaked his back today if washington. it's got clear whether or not it's going to affect you going forward. he did jirp the back, it could affect his prem ration. the cowboys have raced for a
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championship. a couple of other teams have mris to be worried about. andparent other's receiver steve smith also has a knee injury, the panthers one win away to the number two seed in the afc. the final score, the eagles 54 and the bears 11. al and chris back with the week 17 schedule and more right after this. 17 schedule and more right after this. okay...that was weird. here's yours- i'm gonna take mine and leave you two alone. wendy's bacon portabella melt.
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america's largest 4gst lte network.on what does lte actually mean? it's a faster form of wireless communication. it stands for long term evolution. or maybe, it's love these electronics. he loves this stuff. yeah me too. look. touch. everything. or maybe it's lightspeed. transfer. engage. i exceeded the punch line quota didn't i? own the season with our low price guarantee on the latest verizon 4g lte smartphones, like the samsung galaxy s4 for just $99. walmart. >> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> here now the schedule for the final week. next week, baltimore at cincinnati. miami controls its play off fate
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at home against the jets. denver going in to oakland to wrap up. carolina trying to secure the two spots. that's a big one.s? st. louis at seattle. here we go again, features the dallas cowboys, as it has for the last three years vrmt it evs just the last weekend of the season, they made them all divisional games. and here we go again with a win and get in or lose and fw home scenario section zubd night. >> and you watch the philadelphia iegles play.
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but we know how the national football league plays out. this is going to with one of those raw, e moegal-time games. >> e think he's from austin, texas. and he goes home, at least ho advertise home state. cow wois have had to try to do this on the road in the meadow lands two years ago in wap wa last year. tried to do it in arlington, right? >> can't wait. >> we wrap it up here tonight in philadelphia where they scored early and often. and the eagles riend out routing 54-to 1. >> our whole gang saying good night from philadelphia. philadelphia.
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. coming up, a holiday prayer for an oakland family on life support. they join the debate with accountability. plus, a severely injured puppy plucked from the city's dump.
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she's recovering tonight. also, picked up and interseptembered. >> surprise, surprise. yet another fiasco for the silver and black. what's the future now for head coach and dennis allen. coming up on xfinity sport's sunday. pushl push . >> thank you so much for joining us for a special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on right now because of sunday night football. well, we begin tonight with a developing story out of oakland. faith leaders tonight calling for an investigation of children's hospital:xp
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nbc is looich outside the hospital. monte, what is there this evening. >> the district attorney requesting a formal roring of what happened. >> reporter: church members gatt othered outside children's hospital today praying for a mere kal. the 13-year-old who doctors said is brain dead and has no chance of waking up will do the m possible. j abds it makes me feel better because they believe, as well as ill do,that thefrl final say so on my daughter. >> a temporary restraining order expires tomorrow. the same day an independent doctor is set to evaluate her con digsz.
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in the meantime, fait leaders accuse a hospital ofl gross insensitivity based on claims that doctors made callous statements. >> whether he be or she be a doctor or any position in the popt say she's dead, she's dead, she's dead. and we want them to, of course, say no, no, no. it rent zents a lack ochl sensitivity. >> we believe god. that kbod is the one that has >> we believe god.
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>> when she do wake up, she's going to shake up a whole lot of people around here that didn't believe what i said. >> the hospital is committed to investigating what went wrong. they're asking everyone to way p wear purple, jahiya's favorite color. >> thank you, monotee. still many questions unanswered. when we are got on air, get the laesest.
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>> just before 1:00 this afternoon. opd toles me they are treating this as a homicide investigation. the city's animal care and control has nicknamed the color pootzle gem aft she was discoverdiscovek discovered. >> she had some wounds on her neck and on the back of her head that, you know, were consistent with another animal. while jim is expected to survive, she won't be put up for adoption until her injuries heel.
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happening now, the holay travel launch can be daunting. triple a reports that 95 million americans are going to make it home for the hol dae this year. we've seen plen oi of people in sab francisco mplt some showed up three hours wfr take off and that stralt ji was well wert it. >> despite mid husband fighting he, we knew to fete here three hours ahead of time. >> it's tleed hours ahead of time, i'm nolt fwoipg to miss that, man. >> the average holiday trip will likely set you back on average, $765. it's also the lags week to grab your holiday gifts. last minute shoppers from the
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east bay all the bay down to[pçn jose. >> organized chaos. usual limb right now, if ball will be closed on sunday. and with two hours left to shop, the parking lots are still packed. truly of just houd crowded it is inside. j elt it happens the samd time every year. are there boater deals if you win? >> i didn't see any better deals, it's just my nay schur.
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>> 10% of americans will wait until christmas eve to finish their ifrs done in october. >> i'm sure i spent a little more this year. it seems like every year it's going up. >> the mall closes at 11:00 tonight and 11:00 tomorrow and on christmas ooech, 6:00 p.m. >> the shopping madness continues. in the meantime,a big boost for apple thanks to any deal abroad. wlooi it magt be a game-changer for electronics mail in canada.
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a new deal is raising apple's profile in china and it could bring in a windfall of cash for that company.
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the cupertino-based out fit made a deal to trade with china. mobile stores, starting on january 17th. customers can register for iphones sfarting on christmas day. untilz until happenle hz struckled in the market. that he preticket today's deal will help level that playing field. we are, of course,approaching the holiday spert. you're going to have to pay atengsz. it is nice and clear. hopefully, you're getting your
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shopping taken care of. getting ready to enl joy that time with your family. temperatures are going to be really comfortable. as we head throughout the night tonight, temp which you weres are chilly again. about 38 degrees in san jose. as we get into tomorrow, temperatures will be comfortedble. ive want to pintth pint. >> ne nins la looking good. a pacific agts about 65 degrees. so upper 650s. just getting spoiled for this time of year. nice and warm at the beach as woe're talking about really comfortable conditionings.
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patchy fog. 70 drk in san jose and walnut skreek. looking good so far. >> thank you so much, christine, i'm glad to hear it. j dave ferks hman is coming up on nbc bay area news at 11:00. we look forward to seeing you then. pu push
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vrjs sorkt r are wi . second and goal. right across the middle for the a touchdown. the rumor mill agains to tern about me. well that's jum j jrngs's poesht. so we turn our attention to the falcons. 49ers prepare for a monday night showdown. any stadium that i've ever been to, there's nothing


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