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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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grab steps from kids in line to see santa. >> going to take the niners to the playoffs. >> did you see it? gone, gone, gone. with the win to booxt 49ers say good-bye to candlestick in style and hello to the playoffs. an early top of the morning to you as we look at the toy drive happening now in san francisco. we're going to tell you about this last-ditch effort to make sure every child has a toy under the tree for the holidays. >> looking at clear skies for the most part on your christmas eve. lots of sunshine expected here and we are talking about temperatures running about 10 degrees above average. mid to upper 60s here on your tuesday. >> and taking a live look outside right now, boy, could you hear the cheering last night from candlestick park. that's what we're looking at. we get things rolling on this tuesday morning, december 24, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. thank you for joining us on this christmas eve. i'm peggy bunker. laura garcia-cannon is off today. breaking news out of the south bay to tell you about. a pedestrian is in the hospital with major injuries this morning after a hit-and-run crash in san jose, this before 1:00 this morning at the intersection of bascom and scott street. that's near stevens creek boulevard and interstate 880. the driver hit the pedestrian and took off leaving the victim lying in the roadway. right now the victim is being treated at valley medical center, so far no arrests have been made. >> san jose police investigate a violent mall robbery steps from santa and kids waiting in line for their holiday picture. this happened at a jewelry store in the middle of east ridge mall off capital expressway near 101. witnesses say a man smashed a glass case and made off with several pieces of jewelry. the robbery happened next to a line of parents with kids waiting to greet santa.
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>> when this other man turned around he had a light gray sweater, he had like a nylon, black nylon over his face so as soon as i seen that we started running. >> witnesses tell us that some stores shut their gates right away, told to shelter inside. other shoppers say they were ordered out of the mall. the operation manager says that mall was never evacuated. san jose police say the suspect has not been identified or arrested. the drunk tank at san francisco county jail was full to capacity overnight following the final regular season game for the niners at candlestick park. 30 people were arrested for various things including public drunkenness, property destruction, and for reportedly trying to steal stadium seats. in addition 81 people were ejected from the game. seven were sited for various offenses. officials at the jail say this usually happens only on new year's eve. as for the game itself, the
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49ers are leaving candlestick park with a big win. the team feet the falcons. did you see this play. it was amazing. it's now called the pick at the stick. that's bowman who ran 89 yards scoring what will likely be the final touchdown at the stick ever. bowman couldn't be happier. >> yeah, it's my best play yet. i told i'm good for one interception a year. >> request well timed. the 49ers are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, if the niners win the last game against the cardinals and the seahawks lose to the rams, well, the niners have a shot at winning the nfc west division title. meantime the 49ers' new home is getting ready. let's take a look at levi stadium. you can see the logo printed at the midfield mark.
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the pregame broadcast was on the jumbotron for workers to enjoy. the stadium which will hold nearly 70,000 fans will open its doors for the first time for a soccer match between the earthquakes and the seattle sounders, that will come in early august. the first 9ers game at the stadium will take place later that month and it will play host to super bowl 50 in february 2016. >> the christmas spirit alive and well in san francisco, and at the heart of that it could be at lefty o'doole's in union square where a toy drive is under way. chase cain is there at the restaurant. they do this every year and they want to help kids that might not get a gift. >> reporter: absolutely. this idea they came up with about 13 years ago to make sure that at the last minute every kid would wake up with a present, you can check this out. we have a nice crowd of call it indoor christmas carolling.
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to the left s this the santa? >> this is the santa claus. the only one that came directly from the north pole. >> you are here to make sure every boy and girl has a present in the morning. >> not only they have a present but that they have a big smile on their face. >> that's the most important thing. >> it is. we need to care about the kids, we need to make sure that they understand the spirit and enjoy themselves. >> that is santa claus, ladies and gentlemen. and look at the toys that santa is helping collect this morning. they have been pouring in since our last live report. the goal is collect at least 10,000 toys today. they say that's how big the need is. the need may in fact be bigger than ever. and they are working on as they collect these toys putting them in bags. santa has a busy few hours ahead. kind of a party here. it's going to go on all day long. music, food, drinks if you want them. until 2:00 a.m., that's how long you have to come out and donate
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toys. they couldn't make it easier. you can drive by, they will have elves on the sidewalk. if you want you can park, you can even call a cab, will come to your house, pick up the toy, bring it here to lefty o'doole's. >> looks like we -- that sounds great. we'll make sure lots of folks do that. bring a good toy down there. thank you so much. we want to check in with meteorologist anthony slaughter who is looking at the forecast. boy, what do you think is going to happen for tomorrow? >> here i think it's going to be nice. we'll see sunshine, no fog as we're looking now you can see traffic is moving smoothly. we're not looking at fog even in san francisco, clear skies a few high thin clouds overhead. and there you go. you can see the bay bridge all lit up now. if you haven't seen this display, look at that. you can see how the lights are all lit up.
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one of the largest l.e.d. lights in the country, display i should say, in the country. now t forecast does keep things bright. temperatures topping out in the mid-60s by noon, in the south bay, in the low 60s by noon and san francisco expected to be at 60 degrees. expecting to be a little warmer in the north bay 64 by noon, 62 in the east bay and the tri-valley 63 right in that range as we head through noon. this afternoon we'll warm a few degrees more, so many locations today could get close to 70 degrees. if you are traveling out of town we have a few snow showers hanging out across the upper midwest, across the upper rockies. not causing delays and to the east coast those showers moving through yesterday those pushed off into the open water. we're seeing snow showers across pittsburgh and buffalo. we're not seeing airport delays
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so that's good news if you have to do last minute traveling. look at this, it is cold in chicago, zero degrees. 33 in boston. 46 in san francisco right now so. yeah, we are the envy of the nation as always. peggy, back over to you. >> we're having spectacular weather. thank you. new details egypt's interim government claiming the muslim brotherhood responsible for an early morning attack that killed a dozen people. a bomb went off near the police headquarters. 12 were killed including military personnel and a civilian. 134 others were hurt, many still believed to be buried. officials think it came from a car bomb. the muslim brotherhood insists it is not responsible saying it's a direct attack on the unity of the egyptian people. also new this morning a bomb scare is delaying the case against pervez musharraf. they found an explosive device and two pistols a half mile from
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musharraf's home. he was supposed to be taken from his home into islamabad. this stems from his deegs fire and detain some judges after declaring a staft emergency and suspending the constitution. the judge says the hearing will now be held on january 1. two members of a russian punk band are reunited after two years in prison. the women hugged and shook hands when they met before telling journalists they would work on a human rights project together. the women say their reslees a publicity stunt ahead of the sochi olympics, the band was found guilty for a 2012 protest at moscow. the third member of the band was released shortly after the band was convicted. happening now a live look as the astronauts aboard the space station go out on a space walk.
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during their first walk they began replacing a part. pretty amazing. they are expected to finish that today. if needed they will be back outside the space station tomorrow. last week's involve malfunction kept the cooling capabilities in half. managers had been forced to cut down non-critical systems on the station. >> coming up on "today in the bay," christmas without electricity a. tough thought. many are facing just that. a firefighter plunges into an icy river for this guy, a colden retriever stuck. also let's look at the santa tracker. wondering where the big guy s. this is powered by norad. they are approaching south korea. we'll continue to watch as he
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makes his journey around the globe.
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here are today's top stories. astronauts at the space station spending christmas eve on a space walk working to repair a cooling system. they should finish that today but could be back outside tomorrow on christmas day if needed. dozens of people were arrested at the 49ers' final regular season game. 30 people were taken into custody for various things, those including public drunkenness, property destruction, some people for trying to steal seats. in addition 81 people were ejected from the game and seven cited. this morning doctors will release findings on jahi mcmath's brain function, she's the girl declared brain dead after a tonsillectomy. there is a court order to keep her on a ventilator until monday. at least 11 people are dead as
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storms make their way from the midwest to the northeast. forecasters say that the freezing rain and ice will stop soon but cold temperatures will stick around most of the week. in maine crews trying to repair power lines and clear branches to bring electricity back to 100,000 homes. it's difficult to restore power because icicles are coating the lines, tree limbs are snapping from the weight of the ice. the damage is so severe service may not be restored until friday. the state of utah is trying to stop same-sex couples from getting married. utah is waiting to hear from the tenth u.s. circuit court of appeals whether the state can put same-sex marriages on hold while it appeals a lower court ruling. on friday, a judge declared utah's voter approved same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. more than a dozen customers filed lawsuits against target
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after a security breach that compromised 40 million credit and debit cards. more on the investigation. >> reporter: in the wake of one of the largest retail breaches in u.s. history, many customers are changing the way they shop. >> i think i'll start using cash. cash only. >> reporter: even after target offered a 10% discount and free credit monitoring some aren't satisfied. >> to contain the damage jpmorgan chase is restricting shoppers who use the chase card at tar get to $100 limit on withdrawals and $300 cap on purchases. >> 10% discount as opposed to identity theft and all of the problems with that. isn't worth to the me. >> so far there are several class action lawsuits against target and attorneys again in at least for states asked for information about the breach. today target said it is cooperating fully and working around the clock.
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the report here broke the story says the cards are selling on the black market for 20 to $100. >> we don't know a lot about how the bad guys got in. >> the u.s. relies on magnetic strips to hold information, the same technology as old cassette tapes. 80 other countries use a more secure chip. it's harder to reproduce the card. >> smart chip cards have proven much safer, in other countries that adropted this they have seen frad rates stob. >> card companies avoided switching to the more expensive chips but they are starting to roll the cards out. experts say the new cards won't solve every problem. >> the chips prevent one type of fraud, but not on line fraud f
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someone steals your card so they are a good step but it's a baby step. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. as he mentioned several lawsuits have been filed tlausing two in california and one filed in ourg ourg. looks like after a strong start sales have fallen for three weeks. for the week that ended sunday, sales at u.s. stores dropped about 3% to $42.7 billion compared to the same time period last year. >> boy, a lot of shoppers still have a few less items to get. what about you? >> no. i'm done. i like to jill this time of year. i don't like to try to get to the falls. of course working this early. you need to rest. right now we're looking at temperatures now in the 30s and 40s. you want to grab that extra layer. we have a few high thin clouds.
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it will help to mix up our atmosphere a little bit. by this afternoon we'll be looking at highs that will top out in the mid to upper 60s. similar to what we were yesterday across the bay area. pick out your microclimate zone. in the south bay we'll find temperatures, 68, 69 from san jose to morgan hill. the peninsula, a couple of degrees toll cooler, sx 7, 68 in palo alto, cooler in san francisco but not bad for this time of year. again about 7 to 8 degrees above average. the embarcadero near 60. north bay, near 60, east bay expecting 65. the tri-valley, a warmer mix to upper 60s. expect the spare the air alert to stick around. we are looking at all areas in the bay area and the unhealthy
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category for today. it's going to continue through christmas, it look likes today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday and friday we're going to look at unhealthy air, by srt there will be a weak disturbance that will cool our weather and mix up that atmosphere so we're not looking at stagnant air. you can see the high pressure right over us and that's going to continue to keep any storm activities to the north. with high pressure you get this singing air. it creates more of a cap in the lower atmosphere so. a lot of the pollution that rides into the atmosphere with low pressure till you get those clouds in space, not going to see that, so a lot of the pollution gets draped. that's what we're looking at with this beautiful sunshine. always a price to pay. that's our price on healthy air quality. temperatures about 10 degrees above average through christmas.
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>> pretty incredible. thank you so much. most dogs are more than happy to fulfill their duty as man's best friend. one golden retriever needed a return of the favor. a firefighter risked his life to save this golden retriever. he jumped in with a rope around his chest to save the dog, swam toward crosby. he was draped off store. the dog was swimming. with the help from the firefighters they made it back to shore. they were all pretty cold but they are okay. well done. >> 6:20. still ahead on "today in the bay," santa spreads holiday cheer. >> ho, ho, ho. >> we're going to introduce to you the window washer dressing
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like jolly old elves. good morning nelly! woah.
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a christmas miracle courtesy of a not so secret santa. dozens of kids in kentucky will have gifts this year. a well known louisville sports figure who wished to remain anonymous paid off thousands in lay aways at walmart. the managers say almost 170 families missed the deadline to pay for the lay away items,
6:24 am
that's when a sports figure visited the store and wrote a check for $13,000. >> i got the privilege of telling them, and it was more emotional than i expected it to be. because i cried as i was telling them. >> you can imagine she would. the secret santa only wish was people pay it forward for getting the gifts for free. he told the managers he got the idea from a friend in florida. this year santa is getting out of his play to cheer up children at the hospital. here is mark potter. >> reporter: for a child probably no worse time to be in the hospital, away from home than over the holidays. unless -- >> ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: the hospital and other caring folks bring the holidays here. >> oh, my gosh. who is that? it's santa claus. >> reporter: at children's hospital in florida he came from
6:25 am
the sky, disguised as a window washer. bringing cheer and a wave to children who could use a smile. >> that is so cool. >> reporter: in orlando there were four of them. two santas and two elves. scaling the walls, washing the windows, and making new friends. for the kids it's a magical moment. for the man from the window washing company playing santa for a day -- >> i feel like a bit of a rock star. >> reporter: it is so rewarding to make this kind of difference. >> they are very happy to see us and trust me, i'm happy to see them too. they are wonderful. >> reporter: around the country children's hospitals and window washing companies are joining to help raise children's spirits. we met them earlier this year addressed as super heroes. now santa and his elves this time of year.
6:26 am
>> it will get kids not feeling well to forget for a minute and sit up and be excited. and have something fun, right in their room. >> 6-year-old gee vanny who got a new wheelchair couldn't get to the window fast enough where he got a personal wave and four hellos, straight from the north pole. >> what do you think about this? >> i like it. >> everyone likes it. >> santa is cleaning your window. look at that. >> reporter: that this many people would give their time to make children feel better. mark potter, nbc news, orlando. >> you may remember earlier this year you could see crime fighters as grime fighters in the bay area. spider man and bat man visited back in october. the real life super hero scaled to wash the windows. they are actually window
6:27 am
washers. well done. time 6:26. still ahead a lot of rattled nerves and the potential for after shock after a quake. and a grace period for health care coverage. why some are getting extra time to get covered. before we go to break let's look at the santa tracker. santa giving you his destination, leaving china heading to russia. he has been busy, covered australia, got a lot to do as he circles the globe.
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a holiday grace period for health care coverage. why some people are getting extra time to get signed up. taking you outside on this christmas eve as we get a live look at the bay bridge all lit up with the l.e.d. lights. we have your holiday forecast. and it's a short day on wall street where the markets close
6:30 am
at 10:00 in the morning our time. but let's take you live now to the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. probably a big bounce from a 6 year high at the nikkei looking like it's going to push up the rally and perhaps carry it into the new year. a look at the nasdaq as it opens as well. today is christmas eve, tuesday, december 24th, and this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. laura garcia-cannon is off today. this morning a grace period for people who missed that deadline to sign up for health care coverage. the state health care exchange covered california will allow a grace period for people who tried to get coverage yesterday but were unable to get signed up due to the last minute demand. covered california has not said how long that period will last. we should point out that covered california is not formally extending the sign-up deadline like the obama administration is doing. "today in the bay's" danielle leigh is live in washington,
6:31 am
d.c. the extension is for the 36 states using the federal health care exchange. >> reporter: that is true. the whole reason is that the administration wants to make sure anyone who tried to get through, to sign up for insurance yesterday but wasn't able to finish can do that today. among the more than 1 million likely breathing a sigh of relief. >> are you married? >> reporter: caught in yesterday's scramble to get her father-in-law she has through today to finish the job. >> better to be covered and be safe and not worried about about. >> reporter: this morning the website is advertising the extension, granted in response to the record number of visitors to not everyone who tried could get through. >> we wanted to make sure people trying to sign up today were actually able to do it and get covered. >> reporter: republicans attacked the last-minute change. >> another demonstration this was not ready for prime time.
6:32 am
it's going to be problem after problem. >> reporter: consultants warn of problems to come. >> the insurance companies need two or three weeks for a normal number and have a week to process an extraordinary number of enrollments with lots of errors. >> reporter: that could spell headaches for consumers, and insurers warn keep your paperwork. >> the next deadline is december 31, that is when premiums are due. many are giving people until january 10 to pay. live in washington, peggy, back to you. >> appreciate that. three people are in the hospital after their suv struck two parked cars and crashed. itappened at sacramento street, streets in the area were closed for several hours while police investigated the collision. it's unclear if drugs or alcohol played a role. all three aring treated for non-life threatening injuries.
6:33 am
police are searching for a robber targeting small businesses and pleasanton. police were called to the ups store. a man approached the sales clerk and handed her a note demanding cash. she gave him the money and he ran off. it's less than a week last tuesday a bhan a similar description demanded money before running away. seems people in northern california cannot be woken up for the holidays, no one reported a moderate quake. it was 4.3, off the coast of northern california near eureka. the police department says they did not feel the quake, did not get a single call. it happened about 2:30 this morning. sometimes you hear about these put no one pelt them. >> the thing is on sunday in the
6:34 am
south bay and the east bay, getting active. we head through this few months, we're past due for a large earthquake so keeping our fingers crossed that doesn't happen. you'll notice temperatures to start off we're chilly, 35 in the north bay, 39 in the south bay. to the south bay now, you can see traffic is moving smoothly. our first signs of sun rise. about an hour away. you know the thing we're looking at across san jose. looking at mild conditions. downright 10 degrees above average so call 70 degrees warm for christmas. let's show you what we're looking at for christmas and on wednesday, christmas day, this is what we're forecasting. 70 degrees in san jose. and this could smash the old record or tie it which was set in 1901. we did not set a new report but we got close to. we may see record heat across
6:35 am
the bay area. it's close to setting a record but the report for today is 72. i would have shone you that. we'll skip past that. temperatures back in the 60s by noon, so again warm, not only in san jose but the rest of the sill i kofrn valley. peninsula right around 60 degrees around noon. same for san francisco, lots of sunshine, we expect the 60s. overall comfortable, and for this time of year we are used to being near 60. by afternoon we'll be well above this, already in the 60s approaching the 70-degree mark. the unfortunate thing, that creates a stop or a lace. unhealthy air quality not only for the south bay, and the north bay. if you have respiratory ailments
6:36 am
take it easy. for everybody noticing hearing from family and friends it's bad all around even if you don't have respiratory illness. take it easy and limit your time outdoors. it will continue through christmas. >> santa is up in the air already delivering toys. he took off we've been getting up dates. compliments of norad's santa tracker. finishing up china, last time we checked in it's such a populated country. he is then heading to russia so we'll keep you posted. they are on their way. 6:36. still ahead video to show you as flames rip through a fair house in india. we'll tell you about the biscuit business burned to the ground.
6:37 am
moment of impact. a car smashing into a wal nrt. only four people hurt. san jose, we get things rolling on this christmas eve. you can see the lights starting to come up on this tuesday morning. ♪ ho ho ho
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safeway. ingredients for life. happening now a live look as astronauts aboard the
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international space station out on a space walk this morning to repair a critical cooling system on board. during the first walk they began replacing the refrigerator sized part. if needed they will be back out tomorrow working on christmas day. >> new video to show you as flames engulf a warehouse in india, take a look. it's run by a popular biscuit maker. right now it's unclear if anyone was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a week of violence continues in south sudan. take a look at this video released by the un mission. crowds waiting outside asking for shelter. the u.n. says 3,000 foreigners are trapped inside the city which could see more violence in the days ahead. many fear south sudan is on the
6:41 am
verge of a civil war. coming up out of control behind the wheel, we're going to show you this never before seen video of a car smashing right into a south bay walmart. an early morning toy drive going on now helping kids in need. we're going to show you how you can make sure every child in the south bay area has a toy under the tree. >> waking up to a beautiful sun rise, you got to come to the tv and check this out. 6:41, we have a spare the air alert to talk about. we'll explain and get you through the holiday forecast into the new year. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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bringing you breaking news out of southern california. a live press conference right now in san diego after a shooting outside of a mall there, our affiliate in san diego reports one woman is dead, a man in the hospital after a shooting outside the mission valley mall. let's dip in for a minute and take a listen. >> as the investigation unfolds, let me caution all of you if i may that in hindsight investigations it's important that we do not get tunnel vision. what i mean by that it's important for the detectives to keep the big picture in mind and not follow just one lead when there are other leads to follow up on. >> so of course the investigation is under way, suspect still at large apparently one woman was shot in the head but managed to call 911. that woman died. police are not sure if the man shot at the mall will make it. we are waiting for more updates. we'll keep you posted on this throughout the morning. more breaking news, this time out of the south bay where a pedestrian is in the hospital
6:45 am
with major injuries after a hit-and-run crash in san jose. this happened at the intersection of bascom avenue and scott street. that's near stevens creek boulevard and 880. the driver hit the pedestrian and took off, leaving the victim in the roadway. the victim is being treated at valley medical center. so far no arrests have been made. new video released of a car careening into an east san jose walmart. police posted this-on-on youtube hoping it will help find more victims or witnesses after this incident. you can see in this video a red olds mobile crashes through the walmart on story road. if you can believe it happened before. the 33-year-old got out of the car, began attacking customers with a metal club. he was tackled by several people and subdued until police got there. officers say he was under the influence of drugs.
6:46 am
not his first run-in with the law. last year this happened. he crashed his car through the front of a convenience store, it was attached to the capital car wash. no one was hurt. >> 6:46, checking in with anthony slaughter as we get a look at the sun rise. that's a beautiful picture. i know it's not go to breathe but it makes for a beautiful sun rise and sun set. >> it does. it's unfortunate how beautiful those particulates make the sun rise and the sunset. we are in a spare the air alert day once more but you can see as you saw beautiful sun rise. let's take to you san francisco and show you what we're looking at. you see the golden gate bridge lit up. we don't have fog to report. that's good news. we are looking at plain old clear visibility. again we're going to see lots ever sunshine. temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 60s for the most part. highs range from the mid-60s to the upper 60s which is about 10 degrees above average like our
6:47 am
inland valley. you'll be near 63 degrees, about 7 degrees above average, average high is 56 for this time of year. so it's cooler than what we're going to be a. for highs, pick out your microclimate, south bay we'll see temperatures warm as 68 to 69 from san jose, to morgan hill, the peninsula same story, a few degrees cooler. in san francisco as i mentioned low 60s from the mission district toward the castro district. the embarcadero we expect to see sunshine. so if you are headed out across the bay area, even the east bay, tri-valley or staying put at home enjoy the sunshine but we are sparing the air. so as tempting as it is to burn in the fireplace it's illegal today f. you are traveling out of town, perhaps the west coast, from seattle to portland, maybe down to los angeles, we're clear here across the west coast. we have a few snow showers across the midwest, the upper
6:48 am
rockies, no airport delays across the rest of the country. a few snow showers buffalo, new york to west virginia and a few showers showing up toward tennessee. but that rain has moved off to the east coast and that is well off into the open water so no airport delays across the country for today. mild sunshine will continue across the bay area because of this thing here, high pressure continues to aid in that sinking air so a lot of calm winds for the next couple of days that means unhealthy air quality. this is going to continue through friday with improving air quality by this weekend so there is a little silver lining in that forecast. >> thank you so much. happening now, 6:48, the christmas spirit is alive in san francisco. at the heart may be at lefty o'doole's where last minute holiday toy drive is kicking into high gear. chase is live at the famous restaurant. they hope to get more than
6:49 am
10,000 toys just today alone. >> reporter: that is right. they say they have gotten that many the last couple years so they feel confident. they are off togood start. look at the toys. a lot of lucky boys and girls come christmas morning. check this out. this red dragon, my favorite thing so far. it's a cool toy. they still need more of them as we mentioned looking for 10,000 toys because the need is truly as big as ever. there is a party going on here. we want to show you that. kids singing christmas carols, wearing their santa hat. doesn't get much better than that. it's by union square, have coffee, have a drink if it's not too early to do that. we can't forget that santa claus is here. the one and only santa claus helping collect the toys and making sure that they find their
6:50 am
way to christmas trees in the morning so santa has a business two 4 hours. if you want to donate a toy it's easy. you don't have to worry about parking. drive down geary street, santa's elstrs will be on the sidewalk. hand them your toy or call luxeor cab and they will pick the toy up for free. they are going for 10,000 and they are going to collect until 2:00 a.m. hopefully everyone will come and participate, feel the christmas spirit. >> that is a goal. what a cool cause. a great job there. i know they do it every year. santa hats off to them. thanks so much, chase. >> this morning the 49ers leave candlestick with a win. it came down to one play. >> the pressure coming.
6:51 am
no var ro bowman is going to take the 9ers to the playoffs. >> did you see it? it was such a moment. it happened with one minute 30 seconds left when the niners were up three points. the niners held on for the win. >> it's my best play yet, you know. i told pat i'm good for one interception a year. i take that any day. >> one of the greatest plays. i don't think i've been involved with a football game where something that good happened in a game. >> somebody mentioned to me going to have to redo the top 10 plays at candlestick. i'll take it, man. my first pick of the year. get us into the playoffs. then i want to keep it going. >> that was a pretty exciting moment for everyone there. the big win will likely be the 49ers last appearance at the stick, and for many fans the
6:52 am
final farewell is bitter sweet reaction from the 49er faithful. >> reporter: the 49ers leave candlestick park with a bang, fireworks and a victory on the field. the faithful soaked up every second. >> 30 years of throwing confetti. at playoff games, at super bowls. >> reporter: fans cried through the celebration, sad to say good-bye. >> we've been crying all day long. i met my husband here 30 years ago. >> go 9ers. >> reporter: with police keeping a close eye fans let it all out for the farewell game, treasuring years of memories. >> tailgating, friends, making not only friends but family. it's wonderful. i'm going to miss it a lot. >> reporter: the faithful brought signs and special uniforms. >> joe montana says bittersweet.
6:53 am
>> reporter: it feels like a family is torn apart. >> it's very difficult. >> it's like a family now. we're all a family here. >> reporter: not every family member plans to make the journey south. >> i don't have tickets but we'll see. >> reporter: the action on the field followed another candlestick tradition -- tailgating. a final barbecue and beer in the parking lot. >> my dad brought me to the first game here in 1971. now it's going on to the next generation. >> a tradition the family plans to zblochblt we'll be there at the first game. absolutely. >> san francisco police say they were still making arrests late into the night even after the game ended. the department says there were 81 ejections, seven citations and 30 arrests. several were for drunkenness. the result of fans trying to take a piece of candlestick with them. there were some thefts of
6:54 am
property. some seats were destroyed and i know some signs taken off the wall. the search is on for suspects accused ever stealing. police investigate a robbery steps from santa and kids at the east ridge mall off capital expressway near the freeway. >> we heard a shatter, it kind of sounded like a bottle. >> she was holding her nephew in line to see santa when a man smashed a jewelry case and made off with several pieces of jewelry. >> when this other man turned around he had a light gray sweater, he had like a nylon over his face. so as soon as i seen that we started running. >> daisy shared this photo of her experience, waiting with her 2-year-old brother when she saw a crush of people running toward her. the store she was in on the second floor shut the git keep
6:55 am
people inside. daisy left as soon as she could. they were sheltserred in place. others say they were ordered out of the mall though the mall operation manager says the mall was never evacuated and things returned to normal quickly, though not for little javier's mother who headed home. >> i think we might give up on santa this year. >> new details in the legal battle over an oakland teen declared brain dead after tonsillectomy. doctors will release findings. a judge appointed a chief of neurology at stanford general hospital to give a opinion on the teen's condition and in court the family attorney asked the judge for a third evaluation by paul burns, a pediatric of a book beyond brain death. in the meantime the girl's family is fighting to keep her alive. >> i should be spending time getting ready to get her gifts
6:56 am
together and hiding them from her so she won't find them. it's like i can't even enjoy even think about a holiday now because i'm here. >> there is a court order to keep her alive until monday. the person trying to remodel the san francisco home that partly crumbled and crashed down a hill last week reportedly tried to get out of paying permit fees, the owner of the building former president of the san francisco building inspection commission mel murphy used a friend to get low ball estimates for costs. those estimates determine how much permit fees will cost. the cost was were listed at one tenth. it slid down the hillside. murphy did not respond publicly to the paper. mayor chuck reed is appealing the fair political practices commission ruling that resulted in a $1 fine. the commission says that reed and his pension reform committee violated state law when they
6:57 am
reportedly used $100,000 to help get rose herrera elected last year. later the commission determined that read did not dmit violation intentionally. according to the mercury reed is appealing the fine, hoping to recoup lawyer fees and also clear his name. >> a san jose sixth-grader getting national attention after his design was picked. it was submitted weeks ago. it was yesterday that king james officially announced that the 11-year-old from the evergreen neighborhood was the contest big winner. it took raul 45 minutes to design the t-shirt but a lot of thought went into that. >> i started off with a message not one not two, that's what lebron said. put in his two championship ring, i put in the logo and shoes and i put not given earned.
6:58 am
>> nike is selling the shirt for $30. it will be in local stores soon and he won new equipment for his school's program and a trip for him and his family to go to a miami heat home game. well done. very nice. great looking shirt and a great looking day. >> it is. temperatures starting off cool. you need a jacket no doubt but it's going to turn out to be a nice day. we're talking about highs about 10 degrees above average so we're ranging from 63 in san francisco later on to close to 70 in the north bay and the south bay. you can pick any great acative. >> there is one of those stories we love to share. the final laugh here. you have to see this play. an nhl goalie scores on himself losing the game. take a look at this. mike smith of the phoenix
6:59 am
coyotes tries to stop the puck last night. watch this. it pops into the air, smith doesn't realize it. it lands in the back ever his pands. he moves back to try to prevent the goal and scores the winning goal on his own team. coyotes down, lose the game 2-1. can only imagine the locker room conversation after that. painful. finally before we let you go, santa is up in the air. he's delivering all of the toys to the globe, he took off about three hours ago. a live look at norad's tracker. the little one you are up and watching, you want to know where santa is, anthony is in china. >> snow there now. >> do they? that can make it tougher. the reindeer as well, pulling him along. as soon as he's done he will be off headed our direction.
7:00 am
buenos días. astronauts in the middle of the high profile christmas eve space walk. we're following it live and have the latest. mission accomplished, a rare interview with leaker edward snowdan and his battle with the nsa and the way he's describing his life in russia. in the midwest, all they want for christmas is power. hundreds of thousands still in the dark following one of the worst ice storms in years. will service be restored in time for the holiday? and still shopping? the deals waiting for you as retailers go all out for your last minute business. today, tuesday, december 24th, 2013.


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