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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 25, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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right now at 11:00, a family in mourning. four kids orphaned when their family pull a gun on their mother. investigators say it was a murder/suicide. plus, thousands across the country opening christmas presents in the dark. the massive storm system pummeling the east coast, knocking out power, making it difficult for people to make it over the hills and through the woods. good morning to you, we wish you a very merry christmas. thank you for joining us on this december 25th. a christmas morning for kids in
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san lorenzo unfortunately they will never forget. investigators say their father shot and killed their mother early this morning before turning the gun on himself. this happened at a home on the intersection at via lamogos. the kids were home at the time but they were not injured. the victims' family got word of the murder/suicide. they told us the couple of 16 years was having marital problems. >> you know, you have to be aware, you know, sometimes they don't want to say that they have problems, you know, like when i talk to my sister, she always say that everything was okay. you know, she wasn't having problems when she was having problems. >> the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. and the family of an oakland teenager declared brain dead is hoping for a christmas miracle. a judge determined that oakland children's hospital can take the
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13-year-old off life support in a few days. the teenager has been on a ventilator for two weeks since complications during a tonsillectomy. a doctor told the judge the girl does meet the criteria of brain death. in order to give the family time to decide whether they will file an appeal. investigators are trying to figure out why a woman was on tracks this morning when she was hit and killed. this is between the kirkner capital expressway and vta station. the train was stopped on the tr track s and did not have any passengers on board at the time. looking for a new place to live after a fire ripped through an apartment complex in san francisco. this happen near the san francisco general hospital just after midnight. fire officials tell us one person was taken to the hospital. crews were able to get control of the fire pretty quickly but
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several units were damaged and ten adults were displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and this morning, tens of thousands of people in maine and vermont are waking up for their christmas without power. utility crews from all over new england are working around the clock to help. >> this is not the cs k christm they imagined for themselves. after the messy weekend storm, utility crews are exhausted as they race to restore power. >> we work 17 on, 7 off. i go home at 6:00 at night, i'm back in at 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: but eat getting some help from new england utilities including the new england company of new hampshire. >> we have a lot of kids who don't have any power, no christmas lights. >> reporter: this lineman volunteered to help, working
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through the holiday. adding urgency to thatsjiñ big temperatures were expected to drop into the single digits across maine. >> a lot of people don't have heat. pipes are going to start freezing. so the sooner we can get up there and sooner we can help, the better for everybody. >> to west, in vermont, where several thousand people still have no electricity for most of christmas eve, firefighters in some towns were going door to door to check on residents. you have power here? >> they were letting people know about shelters and urging safe use of generators. after a vermont man's death on monday blamed on carbon monoxide poisoning from using a generator indoors. neighbors were also helping neighbor, lending food and equipment. >> saying if we need anything, we can get water and supplies. >> reporter: as for the dozens of crews, the companies northeast utilities say they're glad to lend hands to other power providers through widespread outages even if it means working on christmas.
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>> in the business we're in, that's important to get the customer back on. it's what we do. >> reporter: we asked some of the line workers if they were disapointed they'd be giving up their holidays with their families and they said, you know what, not really. we know this could have been us in the dark and we'd want the help if that were us. in port smith, new hampshire. one called this the largest christmas week storm in history. across the bay area, people are using christmas as an excuse to give of themselves. spending christmas eve delivering toys or maybe taking meals to seniors on christmas morning. the generosity felt almost contagious. nbc bay area's chase cane is in san francisco. you've been on the forefront of this for the past few days, really seeing people, you know, giving of themselves, as we said. >> we sure have, peggy. that's a nice thing to be reminded of on this christmas morning, that people do care about one another. there are, in fact, people fanned out across the city of san francisco right now, delivering doors, delivering meals to the doors of people who
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can't get out and enjoy a meal otherwise. here at the salvation army, they've been hard at work since 5:00 a.m. volunteers getting together to assemble meals, put those meals in boxes. of course as the morning went on, they started showing up here, picking up boxes of food and taking that out to the homes of the elderly, disabled, anyone who couldn't get out this morning. for those who could get out, one of the largest christmas dinners across the bay area was in the tenderloin district in san francisco. they expected to serve about 5,000 christmas meals today. they had turkey, ham, all the sides you could imagine. and it took the work of about 500 volunteers to pull off, to make that happen today. we talked to a couple volunteers this morning about why they chose to spend their christmas day this way. >> and i read just recently, you can't love without giving. so if we really love god, we want to give back to him.
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>> even though christmas morning, i'm giving them a gift. unconditional gift. they get a free meal. >> and that is a nice thing to hear from those people, that they are choosing to not necessarily spend christmas morning with their friends and family but spend it serving strangers, people they don't even know, but no doubt, many of those volunteers are get a big thank you when they show up at the door and hand people those meals here on christmas day. we're live in downtown san francisco. chase cane, nbc bay area news. >> they say you get more when you give than when you receive. cool story, thank you. u.p.s. is apologizing to thousands customers this morning who will not get their gifts in time for christmas. saying the shipments overwhelmed the system making deliveries late. deliveries will start again
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tomorrow. the postal service, they are out today. letter carriers in san jose hill be on the job. they started up at 9:00. they're preprioring to make christmas day deliveries of priority mail, express packages and also some letters. there are a few restaurants that are going to be open. in case you don't want to cook, here's where you can go. restaurant compiled this list. hours and locations can vary. call ahead. applebee's is open. den denny's is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. hooter's and i678 hop restaurants are also opened. starbucks is open for that caffeine fix. perhaps a couple of last minute gifts too. health officials issuing a warning this morning after a san francisco food handler tested positive for hepatitis a. the food handler works in the north beast neighborhood. health officials say anyone who ate or drank there from december 12th to the 15th or perhaps
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december 19th may have been exposed to the disease. so far, no cases have been rinked to the food handler who's currently restricted from work until he or she is no longer can tajs. target is disputing new claims that the security breach that affected 40 million customers involved personal identification numbers known as pins. an executive familiar with the situation says one u.s. bank is afraid thieves will be able to crack the enception code and withdraw money from consumer bank accounts. target says there's no evidence pin data has been compromised but they admit encrypted data was stolen. they won't say if the data was pins. the u.s. secret service and justice department are now investigating this breach. at 11:09 right now, still ahead, gunfire erupts outside a new jersey nightclub. what sparked the shooting that left three dead in new jersey. plus, could they do it? volunteers trying to collect more than 10,000 toys in less than 24 hours. coming up, we'll have the results from the annual last
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chance toy drive in san francisco. opn this christmas day, temperatures warming into the 50s. we are heading to record territory for our temps. we'll break it all down coming up.
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new at 11:00, three men were killed, two others hurt, when someone opened fire outside a go go bar in new jersey this morning. according to the star ledger, the shooter tried to smuggle a gun into the club but the bouncer stopped him. the shooter reportedly fired numerous shots killing the bouncer it the son of the club's owner and an identified man. no arrests have been made. this happened in irvington new jersey, several miles west of newark. bombings targeting christians in iraq's capital killed at least 30 people this morning. 26 others died when a car bomb
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near a church exploded during christmas mass. more than 38 were hurt. earlier in the day, a bomb ripped through an outdoor market killing at least 11. no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks. during his first christmas as leader of catholic church, pope francis called for peace around the world this morning. he stood at the balcony at st. peter's square and delivered a speech to the crowd below. [ speaking in foreign language ] the pope prayed n eed for an en conflicts. he also wished for a favorable outcome from peace talks between israelis and palestinians. it was a traditional christmas lesson of light and love from a mostly untraditional hope. many soldiers will be fashioned overseas this christmas including 47,000 u.s. soldiers and marines in afghanistan. that means the uso is very busy spreading holiday cheer to america's men and women in uniform.
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as nbc's jim miklaszewski reports, the u.s. is winie in w down operations there. >> reporter: amid the soaring mountains of eastern afghanistan, santa class is already going to town. it's the uso's annual christmas convoy, spreading gifts and good cheer to u.s. troops on the battlefield. it's led by santa herself, regina wage, the uso director at forward operating base. >> i love these guys. they need a little piece of home and i love providing it for them. >> reporter: volunteers pitch in on behalf of their fellow soldiers. >> it's just creating a smile. >> reporter: they're the only santa's helpers carrying sidearms it all gifts are donated. like flat screen tvs and the latest xbox. even a bicycle is a symbol by committee. >> you don't have any parts left over, do you? >> i don't think we do. >> i always did. >> reporter: the gifts are tossed on to helicopters for delivery.
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this time, to the base. the soldiers here are preparing for a mission outside the wire. only days before the christmas. the uso invasion provides a welcome break from the war. even seasoned combat veterans get a lift. >> i like being a kid once in a while. >> reporter: the uso convoy delivers the holiday packages to some of the most isolated and dangerous bases in afghanistan. where the only outside contact may be the enemy. but as the war winds down, these christmas convoys will come to an end. that's bittersweet for regina wages. >> i've been out here serving these guys since 2009. and to think that -- i'm glad they're going home but for me it's kind of sad. >> reporter: while war has a way of rapidly turning young soldiers into men, these brief moments allow them to be kids again. >> you guys will do anything. >> reporter: receiving what may be the most precious gift of all.
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>> merry christmas! >> reporter: jim miklaszewski, abc news, afghanistaning. veterinarians at a colorado animal shelter call it a christmas miracle. a little chihuahua found in a laundry basket. she was abandoned and in labor and needed an emergency c-section. the vets discovered it was too late for the pú so the vets turned their attention back to mom. an hour later, they were distracted by puppy yelps. the newborn puppy made it. >> to happen before christmas, it was just wonderful, tearing up already. >> reporter: the vets named the little puppy miracle. they're still baffled by how the two dogged survived. mom and pup will be available for adoption in february. that is so great, isn't that cool, anthony, when you think about the good work that vets do, especially for dogs like
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that in need? >> it makes you want to go to the adoption place and pick up all the puppies. >> scoop them right up, that's for sure. >> we're looking at beautiful conditions. the only unfortunate thing, it's hazy outside. temperatures are warming so quickly already. in the 60s in the east bay. right now in the north bay, climbing out of what was a cold morning from the 20s back to 51 degrees. let's take you out and show you what we're looking at as far as the rest of our temperatures go. city by city. you can see san francisco already up to 60 degrees. san jose at 55 degrees. i want to show you what's going to happen in san jose. even though we're just at 55. we're going to see our temperatures spike. by 3:00, we're going to be near 68 degrees in san jose. by 4:00, 71 degrees. if we get to 71, that would be a new record for christmas day. that record hasn't been broken since 1901. once the sun goes down, temperatures will cool quickly. we are expecting cool skies for the rest of the day.
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here are your other forecast zones. low 70s from morgan hill to san jose. the peninsula, definitely warm for this time of year. foster city, over towards 70. san francisco, low to mid-60s. downtown, around 66 degrees. the north bay expecting a mix of upper 60s to low 70s. east bay, that's where you'll see plenty of mid-60s ranging from those mid-60s in oakland to 70 degrees in walnut creek. trivalley, that's where you'll see temperatures really soar, up to 73. i just wanted to highlight a few cities actually expected to set a new record for today for day time highs. gilroy can set a new record of 75. even san jose, 71. livermore, 73. some of our records actually haven't been set for quite some time. you have to go all the way back to 1914 on this day to find some warm temperatures. in fact, it hasn't been that
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warm in livermore since 1914. 19 6 1967 for downtown san francisco. we're talking about long standing recordings today getting shattered. this christmas will go down in history books. no doubt about it, if we do actually get those highs. we're attracting some cooling. an area of low pressure will slide in. will reinforce cool ocean winds. temperatures will cool off and we'll see the marine layer develop. that will improve our air quality. we're not going to be talking about any more by this weekend. unfortunately, for today, we are talking about that. it's tempting, you want to do some burning, but you cannot do that. it is illegal and you can get fined. you don't want that on christmas. as we head through the weekend, we're talking about air quality improving. it's not going to be until saturday. take it easy if you have to be out and about. enjoy those warm temperatures, it's going to be nice. >> it's going to be really nice. good to know we're going to break that streak. the numbers are in. san francisco's lefty owe dual's
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last chance toy drive collected more than 10,000 toys in less than 24 hours. the toy drive started yesterday. didn't stop until 5:00 a.m. this morning. the popular union square bar holds the toy drive every year. they collect presents for children who did not get anything for the other various toy drives. most of those toys have already been distributed on this christmas morning. well, still to come at 11:20 right now, a surprise proposal in louisville. what this firefighter had to do to get his police officer girlfriend to show up. ♪ ho ho ho
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the postal service raising the price by 3 cents. the stamp will cost you 49 cents. the hike is said to be temporary until postal service recoups almost $3 billion in losses brought on by the '08 economic downtown. officials with the postal service say the higher rates will not last longer than two years. inflation over the next 24 months could actually make rates that amount anyway. forever stamps can be purchased at the current price until the new rate takes effect. a new study reveals texting may help tighten family bonds. researchers at the university of nebraska interview 150 people about their texting habits. 60% say they rarely lie in a text. 80% say they were more likely to express their honest feelings through text than in person. most participants say they answer a relative's text within five minutes and text mom most often to convey infs0q%=99ñ good news forf( teenagers everywhere who want that texting plan when a kentucky police officer got dispatched to the
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report of a man down on christmas eve, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. >> it's going to be a black male, mid-20s, dark colored clothing, by a christmas tree. >> well, it sounds routine enough. she headed in that direction. when she showed up, she realized the man down was her firefighter boyfriend. her family and friends were all there as well. she didn't know what was going on until this. >> you bring so much joy and happiness to my life. i want you to be my christmas present forever. will you spend the rest of your life with me? >> yes. >> and that, guy, is how it's done. the the two have been dating for about a year. her boyfriend said he planned that surprise for months, even getting her police sergeant in on the plan. family and frebs managed to keep it a secret until now. a job well done there, that's for sure. coming up, a swedish couple
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takes holiday decorating to a whole new level. hang around to see how many santas these folks have.
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while holiday decorating, some of us go all out. i think they put the rest of us to shake. they're spending a low key christmas, just them and their 6,000 santas. the house looks unassuming from outside but once you get inside, if you don't like these figurine, you will not like this house. the couple says they've been collecting for years. they admit the collection has gotten totally out of hand. the display has lost its tastefulness, they say. the couple says it takes a month to unpack all the santas and get them down from the attic and the figurines are left out until february, then they put them back in the box. >> the attic? i would think you need a storage unit for all that. >> that's frightening if you're not expecting that. have a good christmas. next newscast at 5:00.
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