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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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long ago to tell me she needs to take deaccongestants to make it through the week. the poor quality of air is having an effect on everybody from those seeking physical activity to couples who just want to take in a view. on a winter day, karen castillo powers through a run but it's not the cold she's fighting. >> you get like, your chest tightens up then you try, like, slowing down, but you have to keep running. >> reporter: even some casual strollers felt it today. allergies and bad asthma triggered by thick, smoggy chemically baked air. >> it was difficult to walk the dog. yeah, it was really hard to breathe. i could definitely feel it in my lungs. >> there's not much of a view. all you see, is it smog or what that you have here? >> reporter: yes, smog. and an elevated level of particulates that allergists say have been fueled by a spate of recent fires which burn off
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chemicals. >> the chemicals which are invisz bl gi invisible get into the air and can trigger asthma attacks. >> reporter: the south bay allergy and asthma group says more patients are coming in with significant problems, coughing, breathing, even sleeps at night. >> people don't realize it's the air quality that's triggering their symptoms. i see we've had probably a 25% increase over the last two weeks. >> reporter: we actually spoke with other allergists as well. i talked to dr. robert terono earlier today after the aller swri and asthma associates of northern california and he, too, is seeing an uptick in business the last couple weeks and has advice for folks if they're concerned about whether or not they're going to continue to experience the asthmatic symptoms, stay inside altogether or take preventative medicines. reporting live from downtown san jose, sam brock, back to you in the studio. let's check in with rob
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mayeda. when might we see a change in the air quality? >> we need the winds to come up and the storms to come back to the bay area. this is the pattern off and on the last six weeks. high pressure acting like a lid, cool air below, warm air on top. that's the temperature inversion which traps smoke particle pollution and the pollution you're breathing in is much smaller than the width of a human hair. very tiny micron-sized particles that get into your lungs. 21 days now running in a typical spare the air winter. four months of time. you might see ten. unusually dry and very stable pattern we've seen so far from november to december, only halfway through the season, we hit our 21st day and could hit our 22nd toward sunday. tomorrow another spare the air day. sunday, looks like right now we could still see unhealthy for sensitive groups. monday, tuesday, may see changes. expecting winds to pick up. you saw the clouds outside today. the high clouds moving through the bay area. they made us the fantastic
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sunset we saw earlier. as the clouds move on, this we think will lead to better air quality as we approach the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about that in the full forecast coming up. >> thank you, rob. track the weather on our website, just click on the weather tab. there you will be able to see the seven-day forecast for your neighborhood. now to a developing story. heated words between an east bay hospital and attorney for jahi mcmath. within the last hour the family cleared a key hurdle in the push to move the brain dead teen to another facility. nbc bay area's kimberly terry has tracked the unfolding g ini developments all day and joins us live from children's hospital with the very latest. >> reporter: jessica, both sides have called the situation frustrating and over the course of today, exchanges between the family's attorney and the hospital's spokesperson have become increasingly heated and it seems both sides think they are doing what is in the best interest of the family. >> i will not represent them in any legal action -- >> reporter: today an attorney for the mcmath family and a
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hospital spokesperson ended up in a heated exchange in front of children's hospital. the family's attorney accuses children's of playing games and keeping jahi from being moved to another facility. while the hospital spokesperson is accusing the attorney of giving a grieving family false hope that jahi will recover. >> this becomes at a certain point a very sad thing for the attorney to perpetuate a myth that jahi mcmath will get better. she unfortunately won't. she's dead. >> reporter: 13-year-old jahi has been on a ventilator for more than two weeks now. on december 9th she went into the hospital to have her tonsils removed. jahi suffered severe complications after that procedure and ultimately declared brain dead three days later. since then the family has been fighting to keep the child on life support. >> unless there is another court order that prolongs this very sad and tragic situation, jahi mcmath's body will be taken off the ventilator at 5:00 p.m. on
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monday. >> they're playing a timetable game with us. so we need to buy more time then we'll have to go to court and buy time. we're going to have to do this by any means necessary. >> reporter: the family and the attorney are looking for a long-term care facility willing to take in jahi and fighting to allow an outside physician access to jahi to perform two procedures that could be necessary before she can be moved. >> everyone we're talking to, we're giving full information, to the effect that jahi has been declared brain dead. some of the facilities are catholic facilities and have a very different perspective on what life and death are. so a judicial determination of brain dead is not seen by everyone as being no hope or pull the plug. >> the family has to find the physician, they have to find the facility. they have to prove to us as well as the court that there is such a physician, as well as such a facility that will take a deceased person on a ventilator. >> reporter: in a letter to the mcmath family, the hospital
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outlined three requirements in order for jahi to be moved. one of those has already been met. late today, the alameda county coroner said their office will not block any transfer to another facility. children's also wants direct contact with the new facility to discuss what needs to be done before they move jahi. family's attorney had previously said he wouldn't identify the facility because he didn't want anyone to try to interfere with the process. hospital officials also want specific details on exactly how jahi would be transferred to the new facility. tonight we are also hearing a national catholic organization may be attempting to raise money to move jahi to a facility back east. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. happening now, ac transit workers have an hour left to cast a vote on a new contract. the roughly 1,700 members of amalgamated transit union local 192 are voting on a tentative deal reached last friday.
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ac transit has been negotiating with its union since march and two previous deals were voted down. workers also threatened to strike in october when the governor stepped in and issued a 6 f 0 day cooling off period which expired on sunday. polls close at 7:00. the result of the vote expected to be announced later tonight. the new year means a price hike for people who used b.a.r.t. or muni. the average b.a.r.t. fare will increase 19 cents, first in a series of scheduled fare hikes that aim to raise $325 million for new frtrain cars and other improvements for b.a.r.t. muni passengers, the price of a one-day passport will go up to $15 and covers cable cars, as well as muni trolleys and buses. what charges will he face? san jose prosecutors are considering the final charges, filed against the man suspected of speeding his car into a downtown crowd next weekend near the intersection of third and santa clara as nightclubs were clo closing.
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23-year-old christopher atkins drove backward into a crowd of people. three people were treated for moderate injuries. police had to call for backup to subdue the crowd. he was booked into jail for assault with a deadly weapon, that weapon being his car. it took more than a month, but san francisco investigators say they've finally identified a body found in the water near mccovey today. today the medical examiner's office said it is the body of a missing 22-year-old paulo netto visiting san francisco from los angeles when he vanished in november. just before disappearing he made a frantic call to relatives in brazil saying he was in trouble and needed help. police say they're waiting on the results of an autopsy before determining the cause of death. frantic search for a missing veteran in san francisco ended with good news. 30-year-old derek william contacted police today to let them know he was okay. he disappeared ten days ago after he was discharged from sf general. former navy sea man has been a
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regular volunteer at events like hurricane sandy. family and friends used their own search and rescue skills combing through the city. he called police today after seeing his photograph on tv. >> we had people out on the streets. it was the media. he saw the broadcast last night. and so that's what did it. >> the family isn't revealing where sell was staying or why he had not contacted them before. he told police he'd like his privacy. his father says he's relieved just to know he's safe. well, he's once considered one of the best defensive players in all of football. and just a few short years later asomugha is retiring. comcast sportsnet's jim kozimor has the latest on the announcement today. hello, jim. >> hi, diane. after 11 seasons in the national football league, asomugha officially announcing his retirement today and he did so at raiders headquarters ending his career where it began. asomugha earned all-pro honors in 2008 and 2010 and was selected to the pro bowl in
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three of his eight seasons with the silver and black. there is little dispute for the former first-round pick out of cal. had some of his best years coming for the team he grew up watching. >> you know, growing up in los angeles, the raiders at the time i was there, that was the team you wanted to be associated with. growing up, we had the raiders and the rams down there in l.a., but, in all my friends and everybody we knew, we were associated with the raiders. being able to put on the uniform, which i still think is the best uniform in the nfl, you know, being able to put it on and go out into the stadium and, you know, amongst the cheers and all that, it's a great feeling. life happens. you know? you start getting these feelings like i think it's time and i know people always told me once you start feeling that way and start thinking that it might be time, you really need to sit down because it's about time.
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>> we'll have more on asomugha's retirement including one of the premiere national football league voices on why he might be regretting one of the biggest career decisions he ever made. that's coming up later on in sports. that will do it for now. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, jim. still ahead at 6:00, police hope it will help them solve a crime. plus where the population is booming. plus -- >> i'm scott budman. credit says your credit card data is safe because of its technology, but is that really the case? we look into it, coming up. and a new warning concerning the state's new health care exchange. what people who just signed up are being urged to do next. and it looks like the clouds are finally moving on as we approach the weekend forecast. we're going to see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with winds increasing. those could be a problem in some of our hilltops with fire danger this weekend. we'll talk more about that in the forecast when we come right back.
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class-action lawsuits and lots of hand wringing all because of a credit card breach at target during the busiest shopping days of the holiday season. but today target revealed what it called better news for shoppers. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, it at a target store in san jose with the latest on that for us. hello, scott. >> reporter: well, good evening, diane. target says your credit card information was incrept encrypt protected by technology. that's the good news. the target story doesn't end there because hackers have technology, too. target tried to put nervous credit card holders at ease by saying that while the p.i.n. number shoppers enter when they use credit cards were taken, they were encrypted and, "reremain confident p.i.n. numbers are safe and secure."
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isn't encryption disguising data with complicated code completely safe? experts at silicon valley security giant mcafee say no. >> as the technology has gotten better to increencrypt these, s the technology to decrypt these. >> reporter: mcafee admits encryption, around for decades, commonly used in stores, makes it harder for data to be stolen. think of it as a high-tech security wall. >> it's like the decoder ring you had when you were a kid, diyky tracy, that sort of thing. it will slow down the criminals and decode the encryption. >> reporter: sometimes they can decode the encryption. >> well, there's always a risk because they can decode these over time using the right software and enough patience. >> reporter: which means it's still up to us to be individuvi about our credit cards. the best way to do that is stay in touch with your credit card company. you can call them up and find out if anybody else has been using your plastic. also pay close attention to the statements you get every month. if you see charges on there that
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aren't yours, they will often be absorbed by the credit card company. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. a robbery suspect's own -- could be the key to tracks him down. today oakland police released this selfie of a rob re suspect, this man is one of two people who robbed a woman in august. the victim was walking down the street when two suspects demanded her cell phone, necklace and ran away. later that day investigators say the suspect used a stolen phone to take a picture of himself. what he didn't know is the phone automatically uploads pictures to the victim's computer. if you can identify him, police would like to hear from you. a 16-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting and robbery in san francisco. police believe the teenager killed 16-year-old clifton chatman on december 15th on alemany boulevard near 280 and investigators think shooter and his victim were accomplices in a robbery.
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in fact, they believe the bullet that killed chatman was intended for the robbery victim. the teenage suspect faces murder and robbery charges. his name has not been released because of his age. all right. we're getting new details tonight on what police call their holiday enforcement period by the chp. from christmas eve to christmas midnight, chp officers increased patrol and set up more checkpoints. officers report there were five deaths, 222 dui arrests throughout the state during this period. >> just looking at the numbers, 100% of these people that were killed this christmas weekend were not belted and that's an astonishing number. we want to make sure we change that and people are buckling up. >> highway patrol will be working with other california law enforcement agencies to increase driver safety through new years as well. so as santa says, you better watch out. >> so there. let's watch out the weather at this point. rob, what's going on? >> we're going to see changes as we two through the weekend. right now the changes we're seeing outside, some clearing now. the north bay, san francisco,
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into the east bay, winds picking up a little bit behind this weather system that didn't bring us any rain but sure helped to filter out the sun at times today. cooler day around the bay area. right now, winds still somewhat offshore. these are going to turn fairly gusty out of the north by the time we get to saturday night and could lead to issues in bay area hilltops in terms of drying things out and adding to localized fire danger. tonight lows will hit the 30s and 40s. down to 4 44 napa. 44 in san francisco and san jose. the clouds are moving on. the reason we have the gorgeous s sunrise outside. ice crystals do a nice job of reflecting the sunlight. in the south bay, the clouds will clear out. as we see clear skies overnight headed into tomorrow morning, we will have a chilly start especially in the north bay and parts of the east bay valleys. we'll have 30s and 40s. unlike today. we're going to get sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. notice the clouds moving in from the north to south. by the time we pass 6:00 tomorrow evening the winds are
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going to start to pick up a little bit more as we go into some of those hilltop locations by, let's say, sunday morning and through midday sunday afternoon. so our forecast here for your saturday, more sunshine around the south bay. 65 degrees. closer to san jose. around the peninsula, pretty close to that, too. mainly clear skies. patches of low clouds near the coastline. san francisco, 62 by 2:00. some of the warmest temperatures should be up in the north bay. upper 60s as soon as those north winds turn on, that air is going to warm up and dry out as it heads into the lower elevations. that's going to be the warmest spot around the bay area tomorrow. east bay, 66 degrees. around oakland. and mid 60s in the tri valley. by the end of the weekend as winds turn more strongly offshore, 70s could be in the forecast, again, for parts of the bay area. we'll talk about that and if there are any chances of any rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. we'll have a look at that coming up. still ahead, a controversial figure enters the governor's race. >> the state's water supply is at a critical juncture.
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the next two months could change the future of california. a rescue mission in one of the most remote regions of the world.
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a new battle is started over the burned trees from this summer's massive fire any yosemite. the two month long fire burned 47 square miles and now administrators want to harvest the salvageable wood and sell it before fungus and beetles ruin it. the money from the sale would reportedly be used for repla replanting efforts and offset the cost of fighting the fire but several environmentalists are trying to block the plan. they claim removing the dead trees will make it harder for the forest to recover. learning the man killed in an aftvalanche is from the bay area, this is picture of 20-year-old mike kazanjy. his brother said in a written statement he loved his family, his cal bears, skiing buddies
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and san francisco. authorities say he was skiing with friends outside the boundary of the jackson hole mountain resort in an area called pucker face bowl when he set off an avalanche at 1:00 that buried him in the snow. he went to school at uc berkeley and just moved to jackson hole from san francisco. well, it appears the rescuers may now need rescuing. tonight, one ship sent to help break another ship out of thick ice is trapped as well. 4 passengers aboard a russian cruise ship have been stuck in the antarctic ice since christmas eve, the ship got stuck trying to recreate an australian explorer's voyage to antarctica. a chinese ice breaking ship sent to rescue the first vessel is stuck as well. officials believe the second ship will ultimately be able to free itself, but say it could take quite a bit of time. still ahead at 6:00, 70 years of history coming to a close. the institution bidding farewell to its neighborhood. and they're the hottest zip codes in the bay area. we'll show you the bay area
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locations that just about everyone is trying to move into right now.
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it will likely be anything but a happy new year for long-term unemployed americans. the budget signed by president obama did not extend their benefits, and long-term unemployment checks will stop coming as of tomorrow. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest from washington. >> reporter: diane, jess, prb
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president obama wanted to extend the benefits but it didn't pass congress. that is very bad news for over a million americans. nancy connely-cumming has been out of work since 2012. the single mom has more to stress about than herself. >> i wouldn't be worried about how i was going to pay my mortgage or keep the car. it's not just me. i have three boys i have to think of. they're my first priority. >> reporter: long-term benefits kick in after state benefits unrun out usually after six months. the average check is about $300 a week. >> it really, really matters to those people who aren't working and their families. it won't be enough to disrupt the steadily improving u.s. economy. >> reporter: in january, senators will vote whether to extend benefits for three months. >> so it's my hope that when the question is called, republicans will respond, they'll join us. the pressure in the nation's eyes will be upon them.
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>> reporter: some republicans thinks this creates more dependency on the government. experts doubt an extension will pass. >> cost is high, $25 billion. there's a sense the economy is getting better which weakens the case. >> reporter: some argue the number of long-term unemployed will rapidly grow. >> if this program is not renewed by the end of 2014, we'll have well over 3 million long-term unemployed workers who will have no federal benefits. >> reporter: this budget deal was congress' first since 2009, a victory for some, but a big loss for those struggling to find work. congress comes back to work january 6th and some democrats want to take a vote on extending these benefits that day. it's going to be a tough battle to win. in washington, jennifer johnson, diane and jess, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, jennifer. if you successfully enrolled in health coverage under obamacare, there's another deadline you can't miss. mark january 6th on your calendar, when your first premium payment is due. if you don't make the payment by january 6th, your coverage just
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won't kick in. last count, 420,000 californians had enrolled in coverage. that is said to start in five days. for those who didn't enroll but still want health coverage, you have until march 31st to sign up but your policies won't start until later in the new year. a san francisco institution is about to close its doors for good. we're talking about kaplan's, a store that's been a mainstay for everyone from military surplus fans, to hippies. after more than 70 years in business, it has now struck a deal to sell its market street property to a company that plans to build a boutique hotel. the army surplus and sporting goods store has been in business since 1939. the store also has an interesting history that includes the time the fbi called about the patty hurst kidnapping and bank robbery. >> they said, wanted to know what kind of peacoat was she wearing. you know, she's wearing a peacoat. i says, i can't tell by seeing
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it, i have to -- where it was manufactured, came from. >> they are currently having a retirement sale and will close after the first of the year. the american humane society rang the closing bell today at the new yorking to exchange. after days of gains, the dow jones ended the day flat. the nasdaq closed down by 10 points. one of the tech stocks, twitter shares went down ending today at 64 closing. a financial service firm downgraded the stock. twitter's stock has gone, quote, too fast, too far. after days of huge gains for the bay area-based company. twitter's stock had recently jumped quite a bit. the federal government's controversial phone surveillance program is legal according to a federal judge in new york. judge william pauley issued a ruling today saying there's no evidence the nsa abused its ability to collect extensive information about phone calls made to, from or within the
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united states. he called the program the government's counterpunch to al qaeda's terror network. the aclu had argued the spy agenc agency's collection of the metadata was a violation of the fourth amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. connecticut state police released the final report today that may offer new insight into that horrific shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut last year. the report includes detailed descriptions from students and school staff, photos and 911 calls transcripts. it also provides new details about the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza . report says he hated his mother and the school because she used to work there. it lacked a complete picture of lanza's significant mental health issues. >> we have no timeline, no articulation of this person's life from a developmental perspective. >> the shooting took the lives
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of 20 children and 6 adults. a controversial figure is entering the race for california governor. self-proclaimed peace mom cindy s s sheehan who made the news with anti-war protests against george w. bush announced she's running for governor. she became an activist following the 2004 death of her son, casey in the iraq war. she slams governor jerry brown for accepting donationses from big oil and says california's seniors, students and mentally ill have been victimized by budget cuts. the most expensive project in california state history, that project would create two massive 35-mile-long tunnels under the sacramento delta. the tunnels would carry more water to the central valley and better protect endangered wildlife. governor said the project would cost $25 billion, a record-breaking price tag. the actual cost could come as high as $67 billion, according to the san jose mercury news.
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paying for the project is something california voters will get to decide next november. the newest luxury status symbol for men may have been created right here in the silicon valley. edmond' says tesla joined the ranks of car brands like ram trucks, aston martins, lamborghinis that are overwhelmingly owned by men. in fact, the study shows 83% of tesla owners are male. an analyst at edmond's says brands with mostly male owners tend to be more performance-oriented and are advertised as being sort of rugged, if you will. that is all translating into a good year for tesla. industry reports say the company is set to end the year with a profit. coming up, pollution risks. looking inside your home. what you could be breathing in while you're cooking that's not so good for you. plus a major reversal for a cable show juggernaut. and we're starting to see the clouds clear away from the bay area, but unfortunately, not enough clearing in terms of smoke pollution. you might have seen it tonight. the gorgeous sunset.
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the high clouds. some of those smoky skies. another spare the air day for saturday and possibly into sunday. we're looking at our 21st, maybe the 22nd spare the air day so far this winter season. we'll let you know if we're going to see any clearing of the skies and how strong the winds might get later on this weekend in our forecast, coming up.
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in health matters tonight, there's new information that appears to show a link between concussions and a key symptom of alzheimer's disease.
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a study found people who have memory and cognitive issues have a history of concussions, too, develop more so-called plaque on the brain than people with no history of head trauma at all. the plaque is almost always found in people with alzheimer's disease. researchers say they can't yet prove a definitive link between head and trauma and plaque but believe the study provides new insight on the long-term effects of serious head trauma. if you kick over an unvented gas stove you could be breathing in toxic gases according to a study done that says almost 2/3 of people in california who use gas burners without venting range hoods are exposed to gases that can cause breathing problems. they say the levels can be so high, if it were outdoors the state would actually be required by law to submit a plan for how to clean that air. move over, kardashians. there may be more powerful family on reality tv after all. the a&e channel announced today it's reversing its decision to
6:38 pm
drop "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson from the show after remarks about gays and african-americans. robertson's comments were slammed by gay rights and other human rights groups but a&e drew criticism from those who support robertson's comments some just on the basis of freedom of speech. "duck dynasty" is the number two show on cable. new episodes will begin airing in january. despite high-profile plots like the "lone ranger" and "after earth" 2013 may be hollywood's most profitable year ever. >> we're doing video surveillance, i'm doing this from the feet up. >> "american hustle" is among the highly anticipated hollywood releases which are helping to boost the dollars paid at the box office during the holiday seen so while this year's hollywood films are pulling in about $100 million more than last year, actual ticket sales are down or about flat. profits are up because ticket prices, while they are higher and audiences are paying more to see movies in 3-d and imax.
6:39 pm
>> i'd like to just see any movie at this point. >> me, too. i'll go to anything at this poinl. >> nice to be indoors and away from the smoky skies around the bay area. there's a view from emeryville looking quite nice. the weekend is going to include more wind and a warmup on the way. details in your forecast straight ahead. and coming up from the xfinity sports desk, 49ers loose an offensive weapon for their final game and the post season. this year's pro bowl selections are in. we'll update you on that. plus, three pro bowls, two all pros, one retired former raider. more on nnamdi asomugha's decision to hang them up. that's coming from the xfinity sports desk.
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a dramatic rescue caught on
6:42 pm
tape after a car plunged over a 300-foot cliff and landed in the ocean in california. waves slammed into the car and rescue workers as they tried to reach the driver who was trapped inside the vehicle there. the 19-year-old man was air lifted to a nearby hospital. he remains in critical condition. he was the only person in the car. the cause of the crash is under investigation. moving on up and moving into the east bay, too. a new population report shows alameda and santa clara are among the most popular counties in the state to move into last year. a live look at fremont, one of the city that led the serge in alameda county along with oakland, dublin and hayward. county leaders credit the areas' close proximity to tech parks and family-friendly reputation. live look at san jose, the second highest number of new residents from july of 2012 to july of 2013. here's a hard look at the numbers. alameda county added well over 15,000 people. santa clara county added 11,500.
6:43 pm
and san francisco grew by about 5,400 people. december will go down as an unusually dry month for california. many experts are concerned the drought is a full-scale emergency. reporter tony shin with our station in los angeles spoke with strawberry farmers who are particularly concerned and has this report. >> these great berries and taste great right now, too. >> reporter: brian nicholson has been a strawberry farmer for 25 years and has never grown so many strawberries this close to new year's day. >> this weather is great strawberry weather. i know it's dry and drought, but the strawberries like that. >> reporter: he also says it's a double-edged sword because the lack of rainfall means he must use more groundwater to grow. >> we're irrigating probably twice as much as normal. >> reporter: water efficiency experts say california's water supply is critically low. mainly because of the drought
6:44 pm
conditions of recent years. especially this year in the inland empire. >> calendar year 2013 has been the driest year on record. >> reporter: tim barr works for western municipal water district which serves nearly a million customers in riverside county. he says california has enough water reserves to get through next summer. so consumers won't have to worry about any rationing or price hikes at the faucet, at least not in the near future. >> everybody should hope for storms to come into california and more snow pack in the sierras. >> reporter: especially now, when we're supposed to be getting more rain over the next two months to replenish the reservo reservoirs. if it doesn't happen, it will potentially cause a ripple effect. crops may be smaller, meaning produce prices will go up. >> instead of putti inting 100 of variety of crops i only put 50 and that will affect the economy. it will use less labor down the road. >> clearly a concern about water. rob joins us now in the weather
6:45 pm
center. for the next couple days we're not going to see water from come the skies. >> a record dry season. sierra snow pack, north-central and south, northern sierra, north of interstate 80, 12% of average. southern sierra, down through about yosemite, about 34% of average. if we focus on the central sierra, as of now, about 8% of that april average, the snow pack usually at its peak point into march with the big snow building month december, january and february. you can basically take december off the list now. we're going to make up all the difference or hope to from january into february into march and then from april into may, the snow pack begins to melt. 24% of normal for now. 8% of that april average, we really could use snow. fortunately the forecast does not include snow in the sierra. it brings more wind in this weekend. for the bay area, the wind may be a problem in hill tops. not too breezy. 40s and 50s outside.
6:46 pm
we'll be looking at a spare the air day for tomorrow. the winds not expected to pick up enough to push the smoke on out. into sunday, this could be or 22nd spare the air day. monday and tuesday, hopefully some improvement there as the winds will eventually begin to pick up in strength. winds still slightly offshore. tomorrow evening, we'll see north winds increasing 10 to 15 miles per hour. some hilltop locations could see wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour as we head into sunday morning. the clouds moving on now. what we're going to see tomorrow is a lot more sunshine. see how the clouds are moving north to south. as high pressure builds in behind the system that brought us the clouds today. that is going to set us up for the north winds we're going to see pick up in the hilltops. maybe not so much at the lower elevations. the weather story continues to be this blocking ridge of high pressure. we have storms out in the ocean that are pushing big waves to the coast, but unfortunately, as these systems approach the coast, they go on a ride with the jet stream off to the north, southern branch of the subtropical jet staying too far to the south to bring any rain into california.
6:47 pm
this is a pattern that now looks like it's going to hold on at least for the next seven to ten days. which at least short term will be good news for new year's eve plans. as we go through the weekend, you've got the clear skies. you're going to see north winds heading on into sunday. approaching monday and new year's eve tuesday, we'll see high clouds coming in with mainly dry conditions very likely through at least the middle part of next week. see across the seven-day forecast, temperatures will briefly warm up again as we approach monday and cool slightly as we head toward tuesday. the new year will be coming in on wednesday, but it's going to have the same forecast. we're looking at this weekend. so for tomorrow, after some cool temperatures for the morning, some 30s around san jose for the morning, 65 heading into the afternoon. peninsula temperatures in the low to mid 60s. and for san francisco, we'll see highs tomorrow in the low 60s. we should see some warming and as we approach midnight, for new year's eve, again, this looks like clear and chilly. no fog. just some high clouds going by. temperatures should be pretty close to 54 degrees. other temperatures around the bay area as we wrap up the
6:48 pm
weekend, watching oakland's sunday forecast. we've got the broncos coming to town taking on the raiders. we'll see game time temperatures, notice sunday, game time at 1:25. sunday will be the warmer of the two weekend days. so a pretty pleasant day in oakland for sunday. saturday's forecast, napa shows f 5. santa rosa, 67. north winds. the warmest around the bay area for sunday. the forecast for the rest of the weekend, headed up toward lake tahoe and reno, should be fine. an easy drive into the sierra. no snow in the forecast. we could use that. in the high countries, our temperatures will be climbing. santa cruz, close to 71 on sunday. caramel looking good, too. watch out for the gusty winds. we'll be watching that throughout the weekend. if the winds get too strong, then we're talking about fire danger problems which is something you almost never hear this late in december. without any rain through the end of the year, red flag warnings still possible if the winds get above 40 miles per hour in our hills this weekend. back to you. >> thank you, rob. right now, we're going to
6:49 pm
check in with jim kozimor and our friend, nnamdi asomugha. >> yeah. i know. how about this? a little bit of a -- not really a surprise, but it's still sad to see. let's get to it, guys. hanging it up after an 11 year nfl career. eight of those coming with the raiders. nnamdi asomugha at raider headquarters today. he officially bowed out of the game he loved playing. we were there as nnamdi said his final good-byes. >> reporter: nnamdi asomugha returned to alameda on friday to retire at the place he was drafted ensuring he'll be a raider for life. >> another off season of me thinking and figuring it out and then getting on a team and then -- but i'll tell you, i thought about it a million times. you know, there were conversations about switching positions. there were conversations about, you know, you can shut down tight ends now and you can do this, that and the other. and, you know, i just felt that it was the right time. >> reporter: nnamdi learned from
6:50 pm
raiders greats like willie brown, lester hayes and charles woodson who were by nnamdi's side for support. he spoke about the impact they had on his career and walking away from the game he loved. >> i kind of explained briefly how the goal coming in was winning a championship and i think the fact that, you know, i didn't accomplish that one thing, you know, that would be the toughest thing because coming in, that's the goal. >> reporter: now, there were several lighthearted moments during the ceremony, most notably when nnamdi spoke about the late al davis and all the time he tried to dodge him at the facility so he didn't have to talk about making a switch from safety to corner. on a more serious note, nnamdi said if he had one regret, it was not getting the opportunity to thank al for the chance he took on him. in alameda, nbc bay area. all right. so while asomugha says he has no regrets about his playing days, one can't help but wonder what might have been had he stayed a raider his entire career.
6:51 pm
we spoke with "sports illustrated's" peter king to gain perspective. >> i think he's one of the greats in his era. if he looks back on it, he might have some of the same thoughts that some historically top raiders would have had also which is "i wish i had stayed in oakland." and, again, i'm not saying that asomugha feels that way, but clearly his best years were in oakland. his career ended unceremoniously, but i would say this, i thought that four, five, six years ago, neck and neck. he and derrell revis were the best cornerback in football. so he did have some great years in the nf zblrl. 49ers place mario manning him on ri today. mised the first eight games of the season due to tears to his acl. could never get going in his six games back from injury. while there will be no super mario for the 49ers, jim
6:52 pm
harbaugh wants his team to worry about things they can control. >> players, coaches, you know, don't control who you play. don't control where you play. when you play. the thing you control show you play. it's our next game. it's a big game. again, you don't control where it is, when it's played but you control how you play. you have complete control over that. so, yeah, it's a great opportunity to, you know, play the game. and play well. got a really good chance of winning. more football. college variety. tonight's fight hunger bowl pinning washington against byu will be the final one played at at&t park. the bowl game's home since it began in 2002. the game moves to the brand new levi stadium in 2014. right now washington up 7-0, first quarter. to the ice. sharks return to action. take on the coyotes after a three day holiday hiatus. first period and the sharks turn it over.
6:53 pm
shot deflectdeflected, gets pas niemi. coyotes lead 1-0. finally nfl pro bowl rosters announced. frank gore heads the list of eight 49ers. marcel reece, the lone raider. warriors, sharks, fight hunger bowl, all going on. we're going to bring it to you tonight at 11:00. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. >> we'll look forward to it, too. >> thanks, jim. >> for a full hour of coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area
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well, here is a look at san francisco international airport. typically a busy place during the holidays. aaa says 5.5 million people will be traveling by air this holiday season. that number is down just a bit from last year, actually. and we talked to some passengers down at san jose international today who said getting through the airport was actually a breeze. >> i didn't really know what to expect. we left a little early for the airport. fueled the rental car up early. here we are. there's nobody here. >> well, air travel is down. aaa says road travel this holiday is up with about 25% of americans driving 50 miles or more. maybe you aren't ready for new year's eve, but new york city is. today electricians working on times square's skyscraper installed the last of 2,600 crystal panels, waterford crystal make up the ball which drops at midnight on new year's eve. there's a high-tech component this year as well, a free app lets you watch the ball drop from your smartphone. takes craftsmen a year to make
6:57 pm
the crystals used in the ball and embellished with 32,000 l.e.d. lights. very nice. >> yes, it is. but it doesn't really seem right watching it on your iphone. >> why don't you just watch it on tv? >> exactly. >> all right. watch it on television. absolutely. rob, what's up? >> new year's eve plans around the bay area should be nice. looking dry as we head toward the beginning of next week. 40s and 50s outside. clearing skies now in the south bay. taking us to a sunnier forecast for saturday. highs in the mid to upper 60s. the item to watch this weekend, obviously spare the air day for saturday and gusty winds picking up in our hilltops as we head toward saturday night. back to you. >> all right. thank you, rob. that's going to do it for nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> see you back here at 11:00. good night. >> bye-bye.
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breaking couples news, eva's top secret double date, miley dating liam's close friends? now on "extra." miley's new man, kellen lutz? the new clues today as the most shocking video yet goes viral. we're on stars couple watch with a crazy new kardashian rumor. >> kim, are you pregnant with your second baby? the new photo trending today, jen aniston with a shaved head. did she really buzz her hair off? then, britney's vegas premiere tonight, inside her final dress rehearsal. katy perry is going to be there, i'm going to be there and i have her one on one today. >> the real secret, the real exclusive is --


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