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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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pleddics responding to an emergency on the peninsula forced to call 911 themselves after someone steals their ambulance. >> russia is under a state of emergency this morning following a second suicide attack overnight. >> and the new report shedding light on the hours leading up to the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> a live look over san francisco, you can see lights in the distance, a beautiful start to your last monday of 2013. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let's check the forecast with
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meteorologist christina loren. good monday morning to you. >> good morning to you. hopefully you all had a great weekend. temperatures are cold out there, as we kick off your monday morning. throughout the next couple days a lot of people have the day off. today is comfortable. i'm so happy to report it's not a spare the air day. so that's the good news. more good news, let's keep it coming. mike inouye is back. >> thank you for doing double duty on friday. thank you, coming back from the weekend. i came back finally. toward the bay bridge, the road crew, working overnight. you have one lane blocked. you can see some of the flashing lights as you approach the tower. that should be cleared in the next half hour. you see a smooth drive. a little slowing off to the left of the screen through highway 24. nothing reported on our system but we often see that in the morning hours as we head with more toward the caldecott. an easy drive north through san leandro. we'll talk more coming up. >> we have breaking news to tell
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you about out of daly city. police are trying to figure out who got away in a stolen ambulance. emts left it running as they responded to a call for a diabetic patient at a home on shwarren street. someone jumped in the vehicle and took off. the keys and the gas card were stolen from the ambulance and as of right now they have no suspects. officials say another ambulance was quickly dispatched to the home to help the diabetic patient. breaking news out of russia, the country on high alert after a second bombing in the city of volgograd. the deputy emergency minister says the city is under a state of emergency. investigators say that two blasts have killed more than 30 people in the past two days. the attacks took place 400 miles from sochi where the 2014 winter olympics are scheduled to start in 39 days.
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>> reporter: investigators in volgograd which is a major rail and bus hub for southern russia, a city that you would normally pass through on the way to or from sochi, investigators issued a statement saying the bus bomb was carried out by a male suicide bomber. no one or a group has yet claimed responsibility for either today's or sunday's attacks which have now killed at least 30 and wounded more than 60 according to russian investigators. but the strong suspicion this is the work of islamist insurgents from that north caucuses area in southern russia and people are extremely upset, terrified in volgograd a city of over a million. there are reports that residents are staying inside, too afraid to go out now and go about their daily lives. police are calling these two attacks acts of terror and connecting them to a public
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appeal. you recall several months ago this was made by the chechen war lord, a man who is on the u.s. list of terrorists, an appeal to his men to kill civilians and disrupt the upcoming winter olympics. that's of course an event that russian president putin has staked his prestige and reputation on, this latest wave of bombings, getting close to sochi. volgograd about 400 miles from the olympic venue and a bombing on friday killed three, only 170 miles from sochi. so, russian people are worried, vladamir putin and his security forces are extremely worried as well. he deployed 40,000 special forces, police and agents, around sochi to make it as safe as possible. but the militants have shown that they can strike elsewhere, they can strike often and at will. back to you. >> jim maceda reporting. congressional republicans defending their claim that
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al qaeda was involved in last year ace attack in benghazi. this disputes a "new york times" report released over the weekend. claiming the attack was fueled by an american made anti-muslim video. new york times reporter david kirkpatrick who spent several months interviewing libyans on the ground says there is no evidence that al qaeda had any role in that attack. he says that while the attack was not meticulously planned there were warning signs. >> the people who attacked the compound were members of the militias the u.s. expected to help protect the same mission. >> four americans including u.s. ambassador and bay area native christopher stevens died during the raid. >> time is running out at 5:00 p.m. tonight, children's hospital oakland will be allowed to take off a young teen from a ventilator. the family appears to be running out of options. the mother says that the los angeles facility that said it was willing to care for her daughter is backing out. that leaves the family with only one other option, an unnamed
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facility in new york city. now a hospital spokesman said he has not heard from the family attorney since saturday and does not know what the family plans on doing. the court ruled that the hospital can take her off the ventilator at 5:00 tonight. it will happen unless it gets a court order otherwise. >> there s unfortunately, no amount of hope, no amount of prayer that can bring her back. and i think everybody in this hospital, everybody in this community, all the friends of the family and the family, are all grieving because this is an irreversible and very sad situation. >> understand a mother's plight that heart beat is in that baby started and she wants it to keep beating until god say different. >> the family's pastor says a fund-raiser to pay for her potential transfer was called off because the family has yet to secure a facility. >> check on the forecast. a chilly start on my drive in.
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is it because it was monday and early? >> that's part of it, laura. good morning. temperatures this morning are cold, especially in the north bay where we're now in the 20s getting in the next couple hours the coldest time of the day. we're looking pretty good, 40 degrees along the peninsula, south bay 39 degrees, and we have another unseasonably warm day ahead with temperatures climbing in the mid to upper 60s. typically we hit the upper 50s in san francisco, today around 64, 65 degrees. peninsula 66 for you. and 67 degrees in the south bay. a nice comfortable afternoon shaking up across the bay area. we have the northeast winds in place, and that's going to make for a nice day today, also tomorrow. new year's eve, looking good for all of your celebrations. mild and mostly clear, you'll be able to see the fireworks clearly this year. into your new year's day we expect a return of the patchy fog. that's good news that will reinforce the clean shot of air quality we already have in place. that's really good news. also as we head throughout
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thursday, a little bit of a breeze, that's also good for the air quality, no major changes as we head throughout the next few days. you can check your seven-day forecast here at the bottom of your screen. let's check on your drive. a lot of people will be heading back to work today. >> possibly, you get one of those days, maybe change the year of your outgoing message as well. oakland for a live look, 880, a smooth drive past the coliseum. might as well show it to you. there are road crews going on, between marina and davis but not a big problem. lose one, maybe two lanes at a time. toward the maps we see overall the bay area shows green around the area that we have your typical commute spots. yellow, 59 at the worst. some spots like the castro valley y, we don't expect a lot of traffic. it's monday and some folks should be getting in to the office checking up on business. then getting out for the rest of the year. looking to the tri-valley, no
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problems, watching for a build out of the altamont pass. looking at the speed limit from livermore in toward dublin. the south bay, traffic smooth with the headlights. i'll show you a bigger view coming up. >> wish we had better news for the raiders but the season is over. it ended on a low note. broncos set three records in their 34-14 win including one by peyton manning who broke the nfl record for most passing records in the season with 5,477. he ended the season with 55 touchdowns, another nfl record. the raiders finish with a 4-12 record and we could find out today if the head coach dennis allen will be here next season. >> i expect to be back and i'm looking forward to the opportunity to come back. >> the decision ultimately up to the team's general manager and the owner but league sources say allen will be back for a third season. >> meanwhile t 49ers get back to work preparing for the playoffs and of course a trip to green bay. >> 9ers did what they had to
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against the cardinals yesterday. phil dawson kicking the game-winning field goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, breaking open a tie game, clinching the fifth seed for san francisco. they won 23-20. >> the packers needed last minute heroics to solidify their spot in the playoffs. aaron rodgers was back after missing seven games with a broken collar bone. he threw a touchdown pass in the final minute of the game. that beat the chicago bears and claimed the nfc title. >> the 49ers and packers square off on sunday. in the other showdown the saints and philadelphia you can see that game here on nbc bay area at 5:10 p.m. on saturday. >> it's game two of a football doubleheader here on nbc. earlier in the day the chiefs and the colts play in indianapolis, that game will start at 1:35. on sunday it's the chargers and cincinnati against the bengals, the time 10:05 a.m.
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a lot of football. >> weekend planned. 4:40. how google is taking to the streets fighting back against apple. >> new developments in the efforts to rescue a ship that's stranded in north antarctica. they say they are fine but boy, chilly. >> check this out. a small plane's landing in southern california, what happened that brought this plane down in a packed parking lot.
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4:44 monday morning. the most famed driver in formula one racing history fighting for his life this morning. we received an update on the condition of michael schumaker. doctors at the french hospital where he is being treat say the retired formula one driver is in a medically induced coma. he hit his head on a rock. he was reportedly wearing a helmet. the helicopter rushed him to the hospital. >> a russian ship stranded since christmas eve will have to wait for help after the latest rescue attempt is called off due to bad
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weather. an australian rescue boat abandoned this attempt due to strong wind and poor visibility. the snow dragon, the ice breaker was in the area, waiting for more help after it failed to reach the vessel. the russian embassy has been in constant contact with the stranded ship says all 74 on board are healthy. >> 4:45 this morning a german magazine is claiming the nsa used james bond style tactics even hacking into microsoft's system to spy on targets. the magazine says the division of the agency known as tailored access operations special idesed in stealing data from the toughest targets. the magazine says the elite hackers could use crash reports to help the company fix bugs to actually give spies access to machines running windows. in response microsoft says it does not provide the government with direct access to users' data. >> the final day of trading in
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japan ended on another high note. boy t nikkei index closed for the final trading day of the year this morning. it grew by 56% in 2013, that's the largest annual increase since 1972. here at home investors hope that wall street ends on a high note. today the final full day of trading at the stock exchange, hampton pearson is live with a look at what is in store for markets. good news from the nikkei. how about here locally? >> hi, peggy. we have futures higher as the markets come off after negative day on friday but a positive holiday shortened week. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 are all on track for four straight months of gains, the dow having its best year since 1996, we get data this morning on pending home sales, the dow closing off two points friday to close at 16478, the nasdaq closing at 4157. if you are in the market for a new car the best day to get a
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great deal may be new year's eve. experts say that's because dealers and automakers want to hit the year-end sales targets. the offers are mostly for 2013 models, incentives include zero percent financing and hefty cash rebates. google and audi plan to announce at next week's consumer electronics show teaming up to develop in-car entertainment and information systems. "the wall street journal" says it's to let drivers and passengers access music, maps and apps similar to those widely available on android powered smart phones. loading them up, heading into 2014 one more time. happy new year. >> you too. thanks. >> let's see what the forecast will hold for the new year as well. >> the last monday. i like that. you don't like mondays, no more till next year. >> sometimes it's not my fun day but we're looking good. temperatures are great and also we've got good air quality on
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the way. we really needed improvement in that department. north bay at 29 degree, 43 in san francisco, 39 in the south bay. it is cold enough for patchy frost so keep that in mind. overall, high pressure is firmly in control. as we head throughout the next couple days this is going to be the story, it's going to drive winds offshore and for us that means unseasonably warm temperatures near records will continue. this is what we're looking at. look at the jump today. santa rosa at 29, into this afternoon a jump in the 60s, upper 60s at that. 65 degrees in santa rosa. 66 in napa, 67 degrees in san jose so even with short days only about nine hours of sun light. we're still hitting near record highs because of that ring of high pressure. the good news is much better air quality on the way. let's talk about the microclimates for monday. south bay upper 60s for us, 68 in los gatos area, red wood shores 65, peninsula good, pacific heights 65 degrees w. a
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breeze throughout the day. we want that wind to keep our air quality nice and clear. 66 degrees in santa rosa, 64 in fremont and in the tri-valley warm conditions for you, 68 degrees for the final monday of december. of course, of the year, ladies. you excited about new year's eve? >> well. >> overwhelming me here. back over to you. >> if i can find a sitter then i think i have somewhere to be. 2013 was the driest year on record for most of california. so dry mining towns starting to re-emerge near sacramento. look at this. these old stone foundations, tree stumps out there, reportedly from one of the first gold rush towns in california. the town known as mormon island grew out of an encampment along the river in the 1840s. at its peak it had 2500
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residents. the 1940s only a few people lived there. then in the 1950s it was flooded as part of the folsom dam project. >> i like to imagine what it was before the water came and compare it to the hills around and think about what a beautiful valley. >> i think it's great. it's history. it's sad that they knocked out a lot of these towns but they had to do it. >> we came out here for a family thing. pretty cool how a lot is still here. >> the town is considered an historic landmark which means it's illegal to alter it. >> a pilot and passenger are recovering after their small plane crashed in a southern california parking lot. the single engine cessna reportedly headed to a small airport near glendale when the pilot missed the first approach at the landing strip. on the second attempt the plane crashed into this used car lot across the street. the pilot and the passenger suffered minor injuries, no one on the ground was hurt. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. >> it's 4:50.
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there's an unusual addition helping with the new year's eve festivities at times square. >> plus, call me maybe singer carly ray jepson gets a new job. >> a live look, the san mateo bridge over the water not the problem a. new incident on the east side of this bridge. we'll talk about that coming up.
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welcome back.
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4:53 now. we take a live look at new york city times square. boy, this is the calm before the storm. it is going to get bigsy there for new year's eve. ♪ hey i just met you and this is crazy ♪ ♪ here's my number so call me maybe ♪ >> got that in your head. many call her a one-hit wonder. carly rae jepsen has a new gig headed to broadway where she takes over the role of cinderella in the musical. she is going to play a 12-week stint along with fran drescher who is taking over, yeah. go ahead, mike. taking over as the stepmother. she performed in high school playing in annie, the wiz and grease. >> that song will be in your head the rest of the day. justice sonia sotomayor has her own gig selected to press the
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button in times square. they chose her for her achievements and rise from humble beginnings to become the first hispanic to the court. >> as part of the duties as the official super hero of new year's eve, who knew, spiderman helped practice the new year's eve confetti drop. a ton of paper confetti like the ones there, it's going to be on hand tossed from the times square building during the celebration. >> almost as cool as seeing the clean up the next morning you see everybody out there with a broom. >> i always wondered. goodness. everyone wants to see it drop. i want to see the cleanup. it's fascinating. looking to the south bay, a smooth drive. we have a smooth drive northbound for the commute. southbound a little yellow there, 59 miles per hour. that's what we have through that
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area for 101 itself. here south 238 at 185 the connector there, reports of a disabled -- update, north 238 and 185, that's mission, the off ramp, a disabled big rig and may be blocking part of the far right lane. watch for slowing. that's opposite where you see yellow. not a major concern but the commute direction and coming up to 880 another issue here, southbound 680 right at the dublin interchange reports of a minor fender-bender as well. we'll check on the details but so far we see slowing on 580 but that will clear up. this will get more congested. we expect a lighter flow again because we're approaching the end of the year. look at that, bottom of the screen, someone stopped in the hov lanes waiting for the carpooling to open. that is unsafe. i'm going to watch that and let them know what's going on. >> they don't see that much. >> not a good idea. >> 4:56. back in court biggest community
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college continues its fight to keep its accreditation. >> the fire in yosemite was one of the largest in california history. now we're getting a better idea how much it's going to cost to rebuild.
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>> police investigating after someone takes an ambulance for a joy ride. what the thieves took off with before they ditched the vehicle. >> it's not a spare the air day, finally a break in the air quality department. temperatures are cold to start, nice rebound headed our way. into the upper 60s. i'll let you know if your city might just baek a temperature record today. >> you might get some of that break because of lower car emissions. we have folks waiting at the bay bridge toll plaza. they aren't supposed to be. i'll let you know as lanes clear. >> a live look at san jose this morning. this is interesting, one of the bay area cities under a burn ban. it's monday, december 30th, this
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is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. an update now to breaking news. daly city police trying to figure out who stole an ambulance while it was responding to a medical emergency. bob redell is live at police headquarters in daly city. this is pretty unbelievable, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, peggy. daly city police still looking for whoever stole that ambulance overnight. this is the ambulance in question that was taken, again no suspects, no description either. this was a little after midnight. the crew at the emergency medical services treating a diabetic patient in a neighborhood by the cow palace. the medics left the keys in the ignition in the ambulance running when they went inside. which is not unheard


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