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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it's monday, december 30th, this is "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. an update now to breaking news. daly city police trying to figure out who stole an ambulance while it was responding to a medical emergency. bob redell is live at police headquarters in daly city. this is pretty unbelievable, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, peggy. daly city police still looking for whoever stole that ambulance overnight. this is the ambulance in question that was taken, again no suspects, no description either. this was a little after midnight. the crew at the emergency medical services treating a diabetic patient in a neighborhood by the cow palace. the medics left the keys in the ignition in the ambulance running when they went inside. which is not unheard of.
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someone hopped in, drove off with the ambulance, ditching it a couple blocks away taking with them the gas card and the keys to the ambulance. again, no description of the suspect, as for the diabetic patient, he's under the impression that another ambulance was dispatched fairly quickly to help the patient. as you saw, the police were able to recover that ambulance. no arrests so far. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. breaking news out of russia a second bomb ripped through a bus during rush hour raising more concerns of terrorism as the country prepares to host the winter olympics. this morning's blast killed at least 14 people, injured 28 others, it happened about 400 miles northeast of sochi where the games are going to be held in february. russian investigators say they believe a suicide bomber carried out the attack. the latest bombing, the third one in four days, comes less
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than 24 hours after suicide bombing at the city's main train station. the state investigative committee says a female bomber detonated her explosives in front after metal detector, killing at least 17 people. president obama has been briefed on both attacks and the u.s. is now working with russia on anti-terrorism efforts leading up to the winter games. san francisco police are looking for witnesses after a man is shot and killed outside of a nightclub near japan town. this happened on post street near webster before 2:00 sunday morning. police say david guliford was shot as he stood on the sidewalk outside of the club. >> it's 5:02. the family of oakland teen jahi mcmath who still remains brain dead at oakland's hospital -- oakland's children's hospital is running out of options.
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christie smith joins us live with the latest developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this has been an emotional and sometimes very contentious case, but now it looks like time is running out to keep jahi mcmath on a ventilator. that court injunction expires today at 5:00 p.m. there has been some indication from the family that they are looking for another medical facility to try and take her on but children's hospital here in oakland has confirmed that it does intend to turn off the machine supporting the 13-year-old's body when that court order expires today. the family has said that an l.a. facility backed out and all that was left was new york, also a bay area facility indicated that it was also unable to help. the family's pastor held a prayer service yesterday but called off a fund-raiser to help pay for the transfer because a location was not secure. jahi was declared brain dead on
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december 12 after she went into cardiac arrest following complications from tonsil surgery and other procedures to remove tissue from her nose and throat. the family always believes that there was hope but the hospital says she cannot recover. >> there's, unfortunately, no amount of hope, no amount of prayer that can bring her back. and i think everybody in this hospital, everybody in this community, all the friends, the family and the family all are grieving because this is an irreversible and very sad situation. >> reporter: the hospital has said that they know of no further hearings set for today but they had not yet been provided with information on a transfer plan or any sort of coroner's authorization. i reached out to the family but so far have not heard back. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> quite a day ahead for them. thank you. >> the legal fight over the
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future of city college is taking another turn. the accreditation commission is expected to ask a judge to throw out a lawsuit aimed at preventing the school from losing its accreditation. in court last week the city, the teachers union and a coalition of students and community members all filed suit in an effort to stop the process from moving forward a. judge has yet to rule on the law suit. the school is set to lose its accreditation in july if it fails to fix issues. >> a ban on open burning starts today in parts of the east bay and south bay due to increased fire danger. state fire officials say the burn ban will cover alameda, contra costa, san mateo and santa cruz counties. special permits will be required for burning. for campsites they are allowed in designated camp grounds on private property. a study by earth economics estimates damages from the rim fire could total between $250 million to $1.8 billion.
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but the preliminary assessment released last month only includes losses in environmental benefits, carbon storage and property near the fire. they are also based on data when the fire was 84% contained. they expect the actual cost from the state's third largest fire to be much greater. it took about three months to contain the 410-square mile fire started by a hunter's illegal camp fire. >> boy, it has been so dry out. i think many are concerned about that as we check in with meteorologist christina loren. any chance of raindrops soon? >> not in the near future. for the next ten days we're looking dry. good monday morning. we had a red flag morning for the higher elevations. that's not the case today but we have dry northerly winds, the winds are going to warm us up. temperatures in the 30s, 36 in the east bay, san francisco at 42, 29 degrees a cold start to
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the day in the north, and you might actually find a little bit of patchy frost. right now winds are calm but it's an area of low pressure that starts to move closer and closer, your winds continue to pick up so we're talking about another round of near record or record warmth. 66 degrees is the forecast today. that is the record. same for oakland slated to hit a record. santa rosa, napa, concord. very unusual to hit these high this is late in the season, i should say this early now that we kicked off winter. what i can tell you is temperatures are going to tumble for tomorrow. we'll bring back fog. what that means for your air quality. you can get your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. let's check your drive and good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. where you check the toll plaza check your license at home. looking to the bay bridge toll plaza. the the backup as a few were waiting for the carpool lanes. do not stop in those lanes,
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that's not what they are designed for unless you are paying a toll. a smooth drive around the bay. i talked about your lights. a crash on 280, that's not the problem, moving smoothly. off the castro valley y, if you are driving, the fender-bender, chp has your license. call and explain how you can get it back. to the south bay a smooth flow, easy drive down 880. a look at fremont, the light volume of traffic coming 880 through fremont. the cram shows you past the truck scales. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> 5:08 on monday morning, stock up now. why the price of nearly every household item uis expected to go up in 2014. >> we hear from the man who was buried by an avalanche and lived
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to tell about it. thanks to some quick thinking by his brother. >> off to this stunning pick off off the coast of california. going viral, you can see why. a gorgeous photo.
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welcome back everyone. taking you live to new york city. boy, that city literally never sleeps. and it is going to be lit up, that is times square, new year's eve is coming. it's always fun to see all of the people that pack into that small space there. 5:11. better stock up now. experts predict some of the common items you use will be going up significantly in the new year. they say beef prices will go up because of the increase in cost of feeding cattle. they say bread costs will rise as well as wheat and wheat flour
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could see a four to five cent increase. the cost of those forever stamps set to go up 3 cents to 49 cents in late january. look for a 3 to 5% jump in the cost of housing and chocolate prices t one thing to comfort you of this, could soar as high as 26% in the coming year because of heavy demand. >> a new study is offering bad news for facebook. the site is more than old news for teens, it's, quote, dead and buried. researchers at the university of college of london talked to teens in seven countries. they found that facebook is not cool to the kids. they like to turn to twitter, instagram and snapshot. the kiss of death, the fact that older adults are using it. previous studies conducted here and in the u.s. have found similar reactions among american teenagers.
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the white house is facing new pressure this morning when it comes to the affordable care website. hampton pearson is live with the details on that. good morning. >> hi, peggy. yeah t white house reportedly being pushed to hire a ceo to run the federal health insurance market place and the job falls to the centers for medicare and medicaid services or cms. the ceo's duties could include oversight of rules and technology and coordinating with insurers and regulators. but the obama administration says that idea isn't being considered. futures are higher as the markets come off of a negative day on friday, but a positive holiday shortened week. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are all on track for four straight months of gain, and the dow is having its best year since 1996. we do get data later this morning on pending home sales, the dow closing off two points friday to close at 16,478, the
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nasdaq losing 10 to close at 4157. happy new year. >> you as well. thank you so much. 5:14, start taxing the rich after the country's high court approves the millionaire tax over the weekend. the super tax only affecting a tiny number including businesses, promises 75% increase tax on incomes over $1 million. it's part of the french president's campaign to make france fairer to the middle class. >> 5:14 on monday let's get a check with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, peggy and laura. good morning to you at home. hopefully you had a great weekend, maybe you have the day off. we thank you for waking up with us. you are probably like us, though, and the clock goes off on its own. you wake up it's hard to get around it. 42 in san francisco, the east bay starting out at 36 degrees, the south bay a little cold this morning, want to make sure you
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bundle up. kids still have this week off for school so that's the good news. we should get a lighter than normal drive. we'll check with mike. i want to show you what we expect. dry northerly winds, strong high pressure and temperatures near record across the bay area. we're going to see temperatures climb by about 36 degrees today. in santa rosa. that's really unusual. it's unusual to hit these records this early on in winter. so yeah, as we head throughout the next couple days enough wind to keep our atmosphere mixed. and that means air quality won't suffer that much. that's the good news. toward the end of the week if we don't get any sign for rain, getting into next week, end of the week, we could be sparing the air again for a stretch of time. that's what we're watching. for today, not a spare the air day. temperatures mostly in the 60s. 66 for napa, 65 degrees in san francisco, and 67 degrees in san jose. so mid to upper 60s for the entire bay area. remember your seven-day forecast right here at the bottom of the
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screen. we're taking you into 2014. let's check your drive as promised, here is mike inouye. >> let's look at the maps first to get started. bay area moving smoothly as you would expect this early on a monday. also the last monday of the year. we don't have a lot happening. you see the yellow along the coast, highway 1 heading to pacifica, 92, not a big deal over on this side. i checked my speed sensors, a smooth drive as far as the flow of traffic. south bay, northbound routes moving very nicely and a light volume kicking in. we see a little volume for 237 westbound. that's why we're seeing the yellow change. again, live camera showed you no big deal out of fremont and around the bend. northbound 280 at peggy bunker hill. looking north on 92. a minor fender-bender. it did just happen so we're waiting for chp to arrive. a little volume increase but
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flowing that side of the bay. easy between san francisco and the south bay. over here, southbound 680, an earlier crash has some debris. so slowing as you head south toward the dublin interchange. no big deal but we're seeing a little more traffic. that's why we're seeing the yellow creep up the westbound 580 as well as eastbound off of the dublin grade, there it goes, makes me a liar now. a smooth drive though. easy drive through the valley. 64 through pleasanton and also for 680 you're at the limit from 4 down to this scene. a live look shows you oakland with the volume of traffic northbound. very light past the coliseum. a smooth drive north flew the downtown and toward the bay bridge toll plaza no. backup at the plaza itself. these lanes reopened. we had one or two closed. look at that. beautiful silhouette of the
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city. smooth flow into and out of san francisco. back to you. >> almost doesn't look real behind you it's so pretty. 5:17. a volcanic eruption causes evacuations. a yellow alert has been issued and residented within two miles of the volcano were evacuated after it shot a column of hot ash high into the air. there were no reports of injuries. about 5,000 people live around the column kay no. investigators have not detectived signs of fresh lava. it's considered the most active erupting 26 times in the last 500 years. >> an amazing story of survival and brotherhood. two skiers are opening up about the terrifying moments this morning on the "today" show. edwin and davis lamar were enjoying a day of skiing when the avalanche hit. edwin was buried alive by the
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snow. david who saw everything from nearby rushed down to save his brother. and a friend also managed to dig edwin out of the snow. he suffered a attorney ligament but knows it could have been much worse. >> this happened just before sunset so the light was fading had this happened a few minutes later we'd have had a different outcome. >> yeah, we were lucky they were able to find me and my head as way above. if they had to search in the dark it could have been a bad situation. >> you can watch that constitutional interview starting at 7:00 this morning. also speaking of "the today sho show", you thought you were having a flash back, former anchor jane pauley and brian gumbo today. they were co-anchors for seven years before her departure. pauly is still a regular on the today show, returning each month to do a segment on older
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americans who start new careers. she does a great job. >> she does. very nice. have you seen this, a surprise shot during a surfing type at manhattan beach. yeah two southern california boys photo bombed by what appears to be a shark. the photographer who is also the mother of one of the boys says she didn't realize the creature bass in the photo. she told her son and friend it was a dolphin to not care them permanently. it looks like a shark but it's really impossible to know for certain. i don't know >>. except for that dorsal swin there. >> i think i would want to scare my kids out of the water. >> just a dolphin, dear. the reviews are in. britney spears makes her debut.
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good morning to you. we take a look at the span of the bay bridge a. beautiful shot as we get things rolling. perhaps you have time off, on the way back to work, the second installment of "the hobbit" continues to keep the competition at bay at the box office. "the hobbit" held on for the number one spot for christmas. its third weekend at the top. it pulled in $30 million. and coming in second the hit "frozen" made under $29 million. anchor man 2 was third. >> britney spears getting rave reviews in her return to the stage. she started her 100-show stint in vegas. crowds filled with a number of celebrities including miley cyrus, who posted this photo of herself on twitter. others katy perry, spears sang her hits in her 15-year career.
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>> she's had highs and lows. >> we've seen them all. >> we have been through it all. speaking of highs and lows, lots of nice highs. >> it's been comfortable. nice to see those female celebrities out there supporting brittany too. you don't see that a lot. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, we're headed toward another day of near record breaking temperatures. so it's going to be very warm out there. by late december standards. we get in the next couple of days changes coming our way. i'll be sure to tell you about those as we get into the next 20 minutes or so. it's going to be a pretty good morning so far because mike is back. i'm off to a good start. >> covering for me. thank you very much. didn't let you do it too much or they say she's better at it than mike. palo alto, that's moving better than anything for a few weeks, a smooth flow from 101 and a light volume around the bay.
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no big deal except for sorry, peggy, i have to take your name off of this report, no longer near bunker hill. truesdale, north of where that was. the crash reported still a fender bender and you may have a lane blocked. no injuries reported. a live look toward the north bay, southbound 101 starting to pick up the volume a little bit. this is a pretty good volume we've seen. again, more folks might be heading in to the office to take care of year-end cleanup. so we'll see a different traffic flow but lighter around the bay. >> thanks, mike. remember, the honest cab he returned $300,000 cash that he found in his cab? he is being reported for his good deed. he's getting $10,000 from the gambler who left that money in his cab two days before christmas. the man insisted on rewarding
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camboa. he has also been named employee of the year. >> honesty paid off. >> $1,000 i think from the employer and now 10 from the gambler. >> not bad. matches are set. we'll look at the playoff picture coming up. >> plus t future of the raiders in limbo, what insiders say about the possibility of dennis allen keeping his job. >> and the new report shedding light on the hours leading up to the attack in benghazi. a live look over san jose.
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>> >> a state of emergency in russia this morning after a second deadly suicide bombing in the city of volgograd. we're going to get the latest details coming up. >> and they responded to an emergency call only to have their ambulance stolen. where police found the stolen
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vehicle early this morning. >> good monday morning to you. back to work possibly, maybe you have the day off. temperatures are going to be comfortable. dress in layers. we're headed to near-record breaking warmth into this afternoon. i'll have your full forecast in a few moments. >> as we look toward the east shore freeway we have a good amount of folks coming on the roadway. more than last week. we'll see how that changes the traffic flow for the morning commute. >> a live look from the south bay. boy, crystal clear. it's a chilly start i thought for this monday morning. the last monday of 2013. good-bye. december 30, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. in less than 12 hours children's hospital of oakland says it will remove a 13-year-old girl from a
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ventilator. her family is trying to find a hospital to take her but they are running out of openings. christie smith joins us with a look at the family's struggle to find someone who will help the teen. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is bound to be another very emotional day here at children's hospital oakland. time is running out. the court order keeping jahi mcmath on a ventilator, that expires today at 5:00. we're told that the family is still working on trying to find another medical facility that might take her but children's hospital has confirmed it does intend to turn off the machine when the court order runs out at 5:00, barring any new court orders coming in today. the family says that an l.a. facility backed out. all that's left is an unnamed facility in new york, a bay area is indicating it is also unable to help, that according to the family. the family's pastor led a prayer
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service but called off a fund-raiser to help pay for the transfer because the facility has not been confirmed. jahi was declared brain dead following complications from surgery. the family always has believed there was hope. >> a mother wants to give her daughter every opportunity to live. we don't know what the outcome's going to be. she has faith in god and so do i. >> reporter: the family has said that, again, they are possibly looking for another facility. we don't know what the status of that is, though. the hospital said that they knew of no further hearing set for today. that they had not been provided with a transfer plan or authorization to move her. what we're told is barring further court order the hospital intends to shut the ventilator off today. we reached out to her family,
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they are here but we haven't heard back yet this morning. >> thanks so much. an update to breaking news. daly city police are trying to figure out who stole an ambulance while it was responding to a medical emergency. bob redell is live in daly city. this isn't something you hear every day, bob. >> reporter: yes. good morning. this is what you considered to be a routine medical call. here next to the police headquarters. the drivers of the plans, the medical crew left the ambulance out front as it is the case here. a little after midnight. they went in to treat a patient near the cow palace. the medics left the keys in the ignition, the ambulance running, which is not unheard of. and that's when somebody took advantage of the situation. they hopped in, drove wuf which
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is what the medical services, they ended up ditching it but did take with them the gas card and the keys to the slns. there has been no description of the suspect. as for the diabetic patient, they are under the impression ears ambulance was dispatched fairly chicagoly to help out. no suspect description and with that no arrests so far. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> we've got this dry air mass and what happens when we have a dry air mass is it's able to heat up and cool down quickly so this morning we're starting out with the 20s, 30s and 40s, the temp on which microclimate you're waking up in this morning we appreciate you joining us. especially if you have the day
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off. if you do buffalo conditions. a lot of people are making up getting on the highway later. temperatures mostly in the upper 60s in the south bay today, your microclimates aren't going to show a lot of separation. los alts, cooler on the peninsula. same for san francisco. the north bay and cam pa, mid-60s for you. so maybe you have the little ones with you, maybe you have new year's eve off. well, i want to tell you about a cool thing that's happening in menlo park. they are having a kids new year's eve balloon drop. it's free, it's going to be comfortable. then for the big kids, a lot of people celebrating. 55 at midnight. >> talk about cheeky monkey i think they were one of the owners. we went to the silicon valley
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turkey krot. the kids, one of the prizes. good folks throughout toward the east shore freeway. as which is tina said. building up the volume. dehave a bit of a commute. a smooth drive for west 80 through "8%brerkly. the bay bridge toll plaza shows an increased volume in traffic. the cash lanes are starting to have folks pause. fast track very smooth through the area. we'll look at your speds, 880 moving at the limit. they are going to ticket you if you are over 65. southbound 880 fast castro valley, san leandro area and for the san mateo bridge no problems there. i'll look at your live shot for san jose, a smooth drive for traffic, northbound picking up cars as well.
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101 at 680. i did see slowing on the sensors. i'll show you more coming up. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:36. season is over for the raiders, certainly ended on a low note. broncos set three records in the 34-14 win including one by quarterback peyton manning who broke the nfl record for most passing records in the season. it was 5,477. he ended the season with 55 touchdowns, that's another nfl record. the raiders finish 4-12. we could find out today if the head coach dennis allen will be around next season. >> i expect to be back. and i'm looking forward to the opportunity to come back. >> the decision ultimately is up to the team's general manager. the owner and manager, league sources say he will be back. >> the 49ers get back to work this morning preparing for the playoffs and also a trip to green bay. >> the niners did what they had to do.
5:37 am
a game-winning field goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter breaking open the game. they won it. >> the packers needed last minute heroics to solidify their spot in the playoffs. aaron rodgers was back after missing seven days with a broken collar bone. he threw a 48 yard it the it the ride in the final mchbt. enough to beat the bears and claim the title >> 49ers and packers now square off on sunday at 1:40 in the afternoon in the other nfc showdown. the saints and philadelphia you can see here at 5:10 on saturday night. >> and game two of a doubleheader here, earlier in the day you could see the chiefs and the colts play at indianapolis at 1:35. then on sunday the chargers against the bengals. game time 10:05.
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>> it's 5:37. rescue efforts continue, the ship sent to rescue a ship trapped in the ice gets stuck. what's in the works to free both ships. >> new details out of russia after a suicide bombing a few hundred miles. president obama continues to get updates on the situation in russia. we'll have the latest details coming up.
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news this morning as russian officials are operating in a state of emergency after a second suicide attack in the city of volgograd. dozens of people killed in the twin attacks. this happened 400 miles from soch wre the winter olympics are
5:41 am
scheduled to begin in 39 days. the attacks lead to new concerns about security at the olympic games. president obama's keeping close tabs on what's happening in russia and the investigation into the attacks. brian mooar has the latest details, everybody wondering what is happening in russia. >> reporter: peggy e right now no one has claimed responsibility for these attacks but nobody doubts who is behind them. this is clearly the work of islamist separatists, rebel who is promised they would try to bring russia to its knees leading up to the sochi olympics. back to yesterday, an attack on the train station, a woman wearing a suicide vest stopped just inside the station at a bank of metal detectors. it was a heroic police officer who laid down his life in trying to stop this suspicious person. if she had gotten inside the death count would have been higher. today, another attack, this time on a trolley bus.
5:42 am
it was a man wearing the same kind of suicide device, detonated it on a trolley bus, that killed 14 people, dozens injured there. all of this leading to great questions about russia, is doing, and can do, before the olympics. vladamir putin has issued a nationwide anti-terrorism crackdown with a special emphasis on the volgograd area. authorities say right now it does appear that the separatists, these extremists, do have the upper hand. >> unbelievable. terrible loss of life there. thank you so much. this morning congressional republicans are defending their claims that al qaeda was involved in last year's attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. a report released claiming the attack was fueled by an american-made anti-muslim video. the new york times reporter who spent several months interviewing the libyans on the ground says there is no evidence
5:43 am
al qaeda had any role in the attack. he says that while the attack was not meticulously planned there were warning signs. >> the people who attacked were members of the militia the u.s. expected to help protect the mission. >> four americans including bay area native christopher stevens died during the raid. the most famed driver in formula one racing is fighting for his life. we received an update on michael schumaker. doctors at the french hospital where he is being treat said the retired driver is still in a medically induced coma and cannot determine if he will ever wake up. the 44-year-old hit his head on a rock while skiing in the french alps. a helicopter rushed him to the hospital. >> a russian ship stranded in antarctica since christmas eve will now have to wait for help after the latest rescue attempt called off due to bad weather.
5:44 am
a rescue boat headed to the scene abandoned its latest attempt due to strong wind and poor visibility. the snow dragon, a chinese ice breaker in the area, was waiting for more help after it failed to reach the russian vessel. the russian embassy in australia in constant contact with the ship says all 74 people on board are healthy. so let's hope it remains that way. >> absolutely. with the chilly temperatures they have there, certainly not the case here. locally for us. >> good morning to you. happy monday. hopefully you are excited about new year's eve. we're going to see a nice new year's eve and new year's day here in the bay area. and yeah, if you got to go to work temperatures are chilly to start. probably a good idea to dress in layers. we'll see a sunny finish. look at some of these. near records. 67 degrees, that's a record if we hit that in the south bay. east bay at 68, 64 in san francisco in the north bay today
5:45 am
will jump from the 20s right now into the mid-60s so. yeah we're going to climb. throughout the afternoon, as we head through your new year's eve, mild and mostly clear. as we get into new year's day patchy fog returns. great for our air quality. by thursday, a slight warming, a building breeze. friday and saturday the potential for showers, not looking so great at this point. but we're going to see a mixing in the atmosphere to remain in the moderate air quality range all the way through looks like thursday so. we're not sparing the air today and hopefully won't be any other day this week. that's good news, it's a pretty rough season so far of sparing the air. we hit that record. maybe you're commuting, maybe you're sleeping in. mike is always enjoyable. good morning to you. >> thank you. if you are sleeping in turn it off. get more sleep. i understand. looking here toward the bay t commute is moving smoothly. and very enjoyable right now. you can say that about any
5:46 am
commute. a smooth drive, to the south bay, northbound routes we saw slowing north 101 approaching 680, and 237 both calmed down over the last half hour. with an early burst, then calmed a bit. now it is 5:46. we're showing a little slowdown. typically more than that so a lighter volume but some folks are heading in more than we saw last week. 280, the freeway is open but the off ramp might have a lane blocked. we had earlier activity because of a crash that has cleared but watch the off ramp. a smooth flow across the bay for the san mateo bridge, north of there a little volume increase for the castro valley y, slowing in the commute direction but the earlier slowdown a couple miles per hour but we're watching that south on 238 that has cleared up. no incidents through the area.
5:47 am
no overnight rod work either. a little bit of a volume increase. that build starting now out of the altamont pass. nothing unexpected. we'll give you a live look show you how things are at the bay bridge toll plaza. these folks, the cash payers and they are starting to back up. you have a bit of a backup. speeds close to 60 miles per hour through richly and the berkeley curve. do you have a little more after crowd than we saw about this time last week. we'll see how this shapes up. you have your southbound route. south through san rafael, glowing lights, visibility is not a question. you're getting more company. you're goes to the climt all the way to the richmond san refusal bridge. back to you. >> it's 2013, it was the driest
5:48 am
year on record for most of california. dry old mining towns, starting to re-emerge from beneath the water. these foundations and tree stumps are from one of the first gold rush towns. the town grew out of an encampment along the american river back in the 1840s. it had 2500 residents. by the 1940s only a few people lived there. in the 1950s it was parted as -- flooded as part of the dam project. >> i like to imagine what it was before the water came and compare it to the hills around. think about what a beautiful valley. >> i think it's great. it's tift. it's sad that they knocked out a lof these towns. >> we came out here for a family thing, pretty cool how it is a lot is still here. >> a lot of the families visiting. the town is a landmark.
5:49 am
>> a pilot and passenger are recovering after their small plane crashed in a parking lot. the cessna was reportedly headed to a small airport and the pilot missed the approach. the plane crashed into a used car not across the street. no one on the ground was hurt. investigators are looking into the cause of the trash. >> supreme court justice sonya m sotomeyer, was chosen, to be the first hispanic to the highest court t bronx native will start the count on tuesday right after miley cyrus performs. it was part of the duties as the official super hero of neefb, spiter man helped practice the
5:50 am
new year's eve confetti drop. in all one ton of paper confetti will be hand tossed during the celebration. which is always quite the sight. >> that's what makes it so festive. that's for sure. 5:50. how google is taking to the streets and fighting back. >> a live look outside this time from the south bay, crisp clear morning to start your monday. the last monday twof 013. ready to say good-bye to this year? take a hike.
5:51 am
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welcome back everyone. a live look new york city. that place certainly always bustling. on new year's eve, it's really going to be so busy there. the ball's going to drop. what a night. big party. 5:53. this morning a german magazine is claiming the nsa used james bond style tactics to obtain data hacking into microsoft's system to spy on targets. citing documents it says the division of the agency known as tailored access operations specialized in stealing data from the toughest targets. the magazine says the hackers could use microsoft crash reports intended to help fix bugs to actually give spies access to machines running windows. in response microsoft says it does not provide the government with direct access to users'
5:54 am
data. >> a final day of trading in japan ended on a high note. the nikkei closed for the final trading day of the year, it grew by 56% in 2013, the largest annual increase since 1972. so as you might imagine, futures are higher as the markets come off after negative day on friday. however, a positive holiday shortened week. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 on track for four straight months ever gains. the dow is having its best year since 1996. we get data on pending home sales as well. the dow closing off 2 points to 16478, the nasdaq losing 10 to 4167. >> if you are in the market for a new car the best day may be new year's eve. experts say that's because dealers and automakers want to hit their year-end sales targets. offers mostly for 2013 models. incentives, zero percent financing and hefty cash rebates. drive away in something shiny
5:55 am
and new. google and audi plan to announce they are teaming up to develop in-car entertainment and information systems. "the wall street journal" says the aim is let drivers and passengers access music, maps, apps similar to those available on android powered smart phones. as long as they are not a distraction. >> i need a new kafrmt i'll think about that. if there are deals. >> i have an old car. i'm due. >> me too. >> aren't we all. >> mine is a beater so i probably got you beat in that department. you know what, car is one of those things, some like a nicer car thn a house, i personally am the opposite. and you may be would be ready for getting ready to get outdoors, use some of the gift cards you picked up. i can tell you it's going to be a nice day if you are headed to work. we're not fairing the air. so, if you want to have a fire this morning, it is not against the law. 68 degrees in los gatos, i want
5:56 am
to take through the microclimates. temperatures warm in the south bay, and this is where we're really seeing improvement in our air quality. you can see the mountains, 68 in los gatos, peninsula, mid-60s for you, san francisco you will also hit the mid-60s. and the reason why is we're going to see off shore flow. it's chilly out there, you might find patchy frost. a nice finish to the drive. good morning to mike. >> good morning, laura and peggy checking their options now. they are going to get a fleet here pretty soon. here not so many. we have light volume but look at this, these cash lanes are starting a backup. we didn't see that last week so heavier volume here. we can see it from the berkeley camera as well down the east shore freeway. we saw a good volume. close to the limit but getting company out of richmond. the map shows not a major concern for the east shore or the caldecott tunnel. one of our typical metering sticks, westbound highway 4
5:57 am
starting to show slowing. so a lighter volume of traffic. the tri-valley we're starting to see good slowing out of the altamont pass. >> the bay area's biggest community college heads to court as it fights against the panel that stripped it of its accreditation. >> plus, just years after it was named one of the most dangerous cities in america, richmond police praising the community for the lows number of killings in years. >> holding out hope, time is running out as the family of jahi mcmath waits to hear if they will be able to transfer the teenager to another hospital.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> >> breaking news. fears of terrorism grow as we approach the winter games in russia. investigators trying to figure out if the same people responsible for separate suicide bombings only hundreds of miles from sochi. >> they usually get the 911
6:00 am
call, not make it. how paramedics on the peninsula ended up with their ambulance stolen. >> and time is running out for the bay area family hoping to keep their teenage daughter on life support. why today is so crucial in their fight to keep jahi alive. >> good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's a cold start to the day, near record warmth yet again. i'll let you know how long this will last. we're going to talk about your air quality in your full forecast. >> we still have vacation for the schools. your commute, a little increase this morning. we have folks lining up at the bay bridge toll plaza and a new incident for the south bay. >> taking a live look outside over san francisco this morning as you can see, winds are pretty calm, the flag hanging, not moving much. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. th


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