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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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call, not make it. how paramedics on the peninsula ended up with their ambulance stolen. >> and time is running out for the bay area family hoping to keep their teenage daughter on life support. why today is so crucial in their fight to keep jahi alive. >> good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's a cold start to the day, near record warmth yet again. i'll let you know how long this will last. we're going to talk about your air quality in your full forecast. >> we still have vacation for the schools. your commute, a little increase this morning. we have folks lining up at the bay bridge toll plaza and a new incident for the south bay. >> taking a live look outside over san francisco this morning as you can see, winds are pretty calm, the flag hanging, not moving much. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. out of russia investigators say a male suicide bomber carried out this morning's rush hour blast that killed at least 14 people and injured 28 others. they also say the bomb used is similar to the one in sunday's attack and believe they could have been made in the same place. both attacks happened in the city of volgograd northeast of sochi, that of course is where the olympic games will be held in february. the city is a major rail and bus hub you would normally pass through on your way to or from sochi. yesterday a female suicide bomber did this. right in front after metal detector in the main entrance after train station. that killed 17 people. white house officials say that president obama has been briefed on both attacks and the u.s. is working with russia on anti-terrorism efforts leading up to the winter games. at this time no one is claiming responsibility for either attack. >> closer to home, more breaking
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news. the search is on for a suspect who stole an ambulance while emts were responding to a medical emergency. it was taken from outside a home overnight found a few blocks away next to the cow palace. bob redell is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police still looking for whoever stole that ambulance last night and took it for what turned out to be a short joy ride. this happens a little after midnight a medical crew, an ambulance crew, they were treating a diabetic patient in that home. the medics left the keys in the ignition. the car t vehicle still running. it's not unheard of. that's when somebody hopped into the cab while they were in the house and drove off with the ambulance. they ended up ditching it a couple blocks away but took the
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gas card and for some reason the keys to the ambulance. there is no description of the suspect. again, no arrest. city police still trying to find this person or persons. for the patient, he was under the impression another ambulance was dispatched fairly quickly to help out. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." san francisco police are looking for witnesses after a man is shot and killed outside of a nightclub near japan town. this happened on post street near webster before 2:00 sunday morning. police say david guliford of modesto was shot as he stood on the sidewalk. investigators do not have a motive or suspects. happening today, children's hospital oakland will be allowed to remove the ventilator off of a teen who remains brain dead following tonsil surgery. christie smith joins us live with some new developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we understand that the family
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may still be looking for some sort of medical facility that would be willing to take jahi mcmath but at this point children's hospital is saying barring any new court order that would have to come before 5:00 p.m. this evening, that a judge has ruled that they can take the 13-year-old girl off a ventilator at 5:00. the hospital does say that's what it intends to do. again, unless the court steps in. the family says that they had a facility in l.a. but that's no longer an option which only leaves one other facility in new york, still waiting for where that stands. another facility in the bay area is out. at this point it's unclear what will happen next. the family's pastor did lead a prayer service but called off a fund-raiser because no medical location was secure yet for jahi. she was declared brain dead on december 12 after severe complications to have her
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tonsils removed. she suffered from sleep apnea, there were other procedures as well. the court agreed. her family believed all along though, she was alive and could recover though a court approved doctor agreed with the hospital's findings. >> there is, unfortunately, no amount of hope, no amount of prayer that can bring her back. i think everybody in this hospital, everybody in this community, all of the friends, the family, are all grieving. >> understand a mother's plight that a heart sbeet inside that baby started in nihela. >> reporter: the children's hospital in a statement says it hasn't heard from the medical facility that is under consideration. certainly children's would need to be assured of any lawful transportation and that hasn't happened yet. i have reached out to the family, so far we haven't heard
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back. live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." the raiders are out of the playoffs this morning but their fans launched a fundraising campaign trying to help a teenage girl from richmond who was hit by a stray bullet in her living room. a nonprofit called make oakland better held a tailgating event for the 19-year-old who is also as you can see a big raiders fan. police are still looking for the gunman who shot her on december 14. a bullet hit her elbow and ended up in her spinal cord. the injury may leave her paralyzed. the police department is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman. >> 6:06. the city of richard will fin wish the lowest number of killings in years. there are 16 homicides this year compared to 47 back in 2009. that was the year richmond was declared the second most dangerous city in the country. authorities credit community policing for the drop in the
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number of homicides the past few years. >> the legal fight over the future of city college is taking a turn. the accreditation commission is expected to ask a judge today to throw out a lawsuit aimed at preventing the school from losing its accreditation. the city, the teachers union and the coalition of students and community members have all filed suit in an effort to stop the revocation process. the school is set to lose accreditation in july if it fails to fix issues. >> meteorologist christina loren, a cool start to our day. boy, what a gorgeous weekend. >> it was really nice out there. i'm glad you enjoyed it. a lot of people are enjoying the weather. a lot want the rain as well. unfortunately we don't have rain in the forecast but we are going to hold on to this unseasonably mild patter. temperatures are cold so lows that are very much around average. our highs, though, are definitely bypassing average in the afternoon by about 5 to 10 degrees in some cases.
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so, one of those days you want to dress in layers. this is our weathermaker. high pressure, the weather story of the day. our temperatures are going to rebound nicely. driving our winds offshore. so we're getting the northeast winds, they warm as they move from land to sea. for us that means it's going to that gate the influence. about uniform across the bay area. santa rosa 29. by the end of the day in the mid-60s. same for san jose. 68 degrees on the way to livermore. i want to give you an idea of the overall trend we're getting into this week. your seven-day forecast is here at the bottom of the screen for your neighborhood. in san jose, 67 degrees today. cooling off a touch tomorrow. patchy fog in the morning, wednesday into thursday we climb right back up. let's say good morning see how he's doing, he's back. good morning, mike. >> i'm happy to be back. san jose, northbound you see a few more headlights. not a major concern. we'll show you the speed sensors
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are green through the area from 101 north of 680. blips of yellow here and there in the upper 50s. 57 at the worst. i checked around the south bay. you do have a crash, at meridian avenue that is working from the roadway. it's clear from lanes. there mate be a stall in the area so we're tracking that and let you know if chp has to run breaks. a smooth flow into the south bay. tri-valley not a problem. more of a build to the dublin interchange. look on the right side, you don't have as much after problem out of the altamont pass. that burst was kind of the only so far for the tri-valley. across the bay through the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge areas smooth for the westbound commute. barely slow. y peninsula does not have issues. and we'll look at the foster city side. and show you the light volume of traffic getting a little more company for the westbound headlights off of the high rise.
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the bay bridge, the commute is rebound and the toll plaza does have the stack-up for the lanes off to the right. it's coming off of the berkeley curb. if you have fast track or if you are coming off of the maze, 580 and 24, you are moving smoothly with a pause to pay for the cash payers for the other cash lanes. >> 6:10. a racing legend sent to the hospital after skiing accident. doctors give us an update on his condition. >> an interesting side effect to the lack of lane we've seen, an old mining town pops up in a dried up lake. >> going to pop any bubbly? probably a lot of that going on here as we take a live look. new york city. that's a lot of people. >> it is. you got to be up for it. >> and also those cool glasses. got to get a pair of those. ♪
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welcome back. good monday morning to you. taking a live look, great visibility in san jose this morning. it is not a spare the air day. nonetheless temperatures are going to climb toward 70 degrees in some cases. your full forecast and we'll tell you what you can expect as we head into 2014. >> a shot of san jose city college. we have a lighter flow around much of the bay. this is fremont, though. good volume starting to build past the truck scales. we'll talk about where you see slowing and a wait for your commute coming up. >> let's get you caught up on today's top stories. more than 30 are confirmed dead following two suicide bombings in russia. the latest overnight when a bomb exploded on a bus in volgograd. this follows a deadly explosion
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at the main rail station yesterday. officials say the two bombs are connected. >> police recover a stolen ambulance but the suspect made off with the keys and a gas card. police say someone took off in the ambulance while emts were responding to a call. it was found a few blocks away. >> children's hospital oakland will be allowed to take a teen off a ventilator at 5:00 p.m. tonight. jahi mcmath's mother says the family has one remaining option for care, an unnamed facility in new york state. a hospital spokesperson does not know what the family plans on doing. >> the most famed driver in formula one history is fighting for his life. we received an update on michael schumaker. doctors at the french hospital where he is treated say the retired driver is still in a coma and they cannot determine if he will ever wake up.
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he hit his head on a rock skiing in the alps. he was reportedly wearing a helmet. a helicopter transported him to the hospital where he underwent brain surgery and then placed in a coma. >> a pilot and passenger are recovering this morning after their small plane crashed in a parking lot. the cessna was reportedly headed to an airport north of los angeles when the pilot missed the first approach. on the second attempt it crashed into a used car lot across the street. the pilot and passenger suffered minor injuries. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. >> 6:15. 2013 was the driest year on record for most of california. dry old mining towns are starting to re-emerge. look at this. these old stone foundations, tree stumps, one of the first gold rush towns in california. the town grew out of an encampment of mormon settlers in
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the 1840s. at its peak it had 2500 residents. by the 1940s only a few people lived there. then in 1950 it was flooded as part of the folsom dam project. >> i like to imagine what it was before the water came. and compare it to the hills around and think about what a beautiful valley. >> i think it's great. it's history. it's sad that they knocked out a lot of these towns. >> we came out here for a family thing. pretty cool how it's still here. >> the town is considered a historical landmark which means it is illegal to alter it. >> pretty cool. highlighting the rain we had and how dry it is. >> we do need it. >> checking in getting a look at the forecast for the day and maybe some rain? >> no, actually none in the near future. we had a red flag warning over the weekend because it was so dry. not today. and we're not sparing the air
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either so we're starting out on a good note this monday morning. maybe you have the day off. you can breathe easily out there. san jose at 34 degrees, you can see all of the different microclimates showing the same clear sky. but we do have different temperatures when it comes to your microclimates. we're in the 40s in san francisco. and the mid-30s for the south bay peninsula and east bay to start the day headed toward the upper 60s. in places like the south bay, the east bay, peninsula, san francisco at 64 and 66 in the north bay so really comfortable temperatures for this time of year. it could be much cooler and maybe you're saving a little bit of money on your heting bill. high pressure is firmly in control. check your seven-day forecast. a little bit after warm-up. let's tell the story with your future cast. mostly clear today, tonight there is a weak disturbance on the way to the bay area. you'll see clouds increasing, we
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stop the clock at 9:30 tonight. back here tomorrow morning look at this. on shore flow returns and that means we're tracking fog tomorrow morning. we'll be here for you as we always are. maybe if you have the kids at home with you there is a new year's eve ball drop. 62 degrees. that's a free event. a lot of pits are excited. but really it's for the big kids. temperatures, mild and mostly clear. good morning to our mike inouye. >> good morning. my son is happy about new year's eve, he is 8, wish him a happy birthday to him big boy now. looking here, young man i should say. looking toward the cash lanes to the right, those are stacking up. we saw it back over the last five minutes. so we'll see the ebb and the flow. we'll track this and look at
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your speeds on the mabs and a smooth flow. we had yellow. in the upper 50s, again, it's eased a bit. a smooth flow down the richmond and across off the richmond/san rafael bridge does show an easy drive. no problems out of the caldecott or oakland so you have a nice easy commute. in antioch, west 4, not showing much of a build. would see this stretch in the red zone, so again, very light commute. we look at oakland, no problems northbound or south bound. a nice flow well spaced all the way down to the san mateo bridge. we see traffic down through the area off of the castro valley y, across the water no problems for the san mateo or the dumbarton bridges. both at the limit across to the peninsula. your south bay routes show a
6:20 am
smooth drive. northbound an easy flow. the earlier stall north 280 has cleared out of lanes and that's great flow as well. i think have i one more live shot. we look at the north bay, 101 shows smooth traffic. we had a bit of a backup because there was activity. they completely cleared from the lanes and all of the surprise cleared, we have a smooth drive in toward san rafael. that's about it. >> you covered it all. happy birthday to your little guy. remember that honest cab driver in las vegas who returned $300,000 cash to a customer, he is being rewarded for his good deed. he is getting $10,000 from the gambler who left a bag full of cash in his cab two days before christmas. the man who is chosen to remain honest. he has been named employee of
6:21 am
the year so 10,000 from the gambler, 1,000 from the cab company. he did the right thing. >> 6:20. still ahead, 49ers they are playoff ready. despite having a better record we're going to see why they will be the road team. >> taking a live look outside you can see the transamerica building. we get this monday rolling. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic.
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at 6:24 a look at san jose now. you can see freeways getting busy. we know mike inouye is watching those making sure you get to where you need to know. 49ers get back to work preparing for the playoffs and a trip to the freezing cold green bay. talk about a temperature change. >> i know. no kidding. you got to be tough. 9ers did what they had to against the cardinals yesterday. did you see this, that game-winning field goal in the final seconds breaking open the tie game. clinching the fifth seed. they won 2003-20. >> they did. the packers needed last minute heroics. former cal bear aaron rodgers was back after missing seven games with a broken collar bone. but that, a 48 touchdown pass. that's all they needed to beat the bears and claim the nfc
6:25 am
north title. >> so get the snacks ready. 49ers and packers square off sunday at 1:40 in the afternoon. they play the game in green bay because 49ers are wild card team and the packers are a division winner. >> in the other nfc showdown, saints and philadelphia here at 5:10 p.m. on saturday. >> continuing with the football for the weekend, game two of a football doubleheader here on nbc, earlier in the day you can see the chiefs and the colts in indianapolis, that starts at 1:35 on saturday. sunday it's the chargers in cincinnati against the bengals, game time at 10:05 a.m. let's hope both spouses in the house want to watch football so there is no animosity. >> exactly. there we go. never too early. season opener for the raiders ended on a low note. broncos set three records in
6:26 am
their 34-14 win including by quarterback peyton manning, he broke the nfl record for most passing records in a season with 5,477. and he ended the season 55 touchdowns, another nfl record. the raiders finish with 4-12 record and we could find out today if head coach dennis allen will be here next season. >> i expect to be back and i'm looking for the opportunity to come back. >> that decision is ultimately up to the team's general manager reggie mckenzie and the owner mark davis. league sources say allen will be back for a third season. >> sorry, your raiders are out. >> i guess i'm used to that. that's a trend that keeps on coming around. maybe next year, guys. temperatures are looking good. oakland right now, pretty comfortable. 38 degrees so not too frigid south of the golden gate bridge. north it's another story at 28 degrees in santa rosa, 31 in
6:27 am
napa, and san jose, kicking off the day at about 34 degrees. so we're comfortable here. i want to show you your hour by hour forecast. 64 degrees by the end of the day. so overall pretty good to hit the mid to upper 60s again. and those are records in many cases. your air quality is good. we're not sparing the air. and we're not sparing mike inouye either. heed that day off on friday. we're happy you are back, sir. >> i'm glad to be back because you don't want to be how i was on friday. we're looking here toward the bay bridge toll plaza. i was sick if you didn't know. we had a smooth drive. no problem. look at that view from the east shore freeway a steady volume of traffic. nothing big as far as the volume of traffic so that's at the limit through berkeley. all the way around the curve that's great stuff. the map shows you the rest of the commute was very nice. up through oakland no problem
6:28 am
for trivalley. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:27. still ahead we're following breaking news out of russia, a suicide bombing now sparking concerns about safety as the winter games get closer.
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breaking news to tell you b. two suicide bombings in two day, russian authorities are stepping up security as the country gets ready to host the winter olympic games. >> a new report out on the benghazi attack that killed bay area native chris stevens. a reporter explains why al qaeda was not behind that raid. >> a live look outside this morning on this december 30th, san jose i believe, we're looking at. the bay bridge there. that's a fuzzy picture as we get things going. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. i'm peggy bunker.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news out of russia, a second bomb ripped through a bus in the russian city of volgograd during rush hour. it raised more concerns of terrorism as the country prepares to host the winter olympics. today's blast happened about 400 miles northeast of sochi where the games are going to be held in february. brian mooar is live in washington with more on the suicide bombings and security concerns. good morning. >> reporter: laura, no one has yet claimed responsibility but at this point they don't have to. everyone knows who was involved here, it's islamic militants said they would do their best to bring russia's to its knees and here we are six weeks away from the sochi olympics. and the attacks are clearly stepping up. let's go back to yesterday. the first of the two attacks in 24 hours. an attack on one of the busiest train stations in the country a.
6:32 am
police officer tried to stop a woman at a bank of metal detectors and she detonated a bomb. authorities say today a bomb went off on a trolley bus, killing at least 14, injuring dozens and authorities say this is the kind of attack that has been taking place for years along mass transit lines in this area of russia. it's stated clearly things are stepping up as militants promise that they would leading up to the games. vladamir putin the president of russia responded today by issuing a nationwide anti-terrorism alert, stepping up security across the country but with a special emphasis on the troubled volgograd area and also in sochi where 40,000 extra security troops have been put on guard. >> certainly one people will watch. thank you. >> a russian ship stranded in antarctica will have to wait for help after the latest rescue attempt is called off due to bad weather. a boat heading to the scene
6:33 am
abandoned the latest attempt due to strong wind and poor visibility. a chinese ice breaker in the area was waiting for more help after it failed to reach the russian vessel. the russian embassy in australia says that all 74 people on board are healthy. >> this morning congressional republicans are defending their claims that al qaeda was involved in last year's attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. this disputes a "new york times" report released over the weekend claiming the attack was fueled by an american-made video. david kirkpatrick who spent months interviewing there is no evidence al qaeda had a role. while the attack was not meticulously planned there were warning signs. >> the people were member of the militia the u.s. expected to help protect the same mission. >> four americans including u.s. ambassador and bay area native christopher stevens died during that raid.
6:34 am
another winter storm could dump 10 inches or more of wet snow in parts of new england. the storming blamed for more power outages, in maine an engine company says it was down to 600 outages from last week, but the latest snow brought it back up to 5600. customers in parts of maine and new hampshire have been without power so those people are having a tough go. >> sure looks beautiful but what an inconvenience. certainly not the case here as we enjoy warm temperatures. what a beautiful weekend. >> a nice weekend. we had to fair the air saturday and sunday, this morning we're not sparing the air. you can see from this beautiful picture of san francisco, sun rise, starting to occur. your official sun rise in san francisco at about 7:20. you can see already getting the oranges and reds, going to be pretty out there. we'll continue to show you the live pictures as they come into our newsroom. we've got the entire bay area covered. you want your seven-day forecast
6:35 am
you can find it here at the bottom of your screen. the same clear sky, a dry air mass, that's why we're in the 20s in the north bay. mid-30s for the east bay, all headed to the mid to upper 60s with offshore flow. the weather story is the above average temperatures that we expect not just today, all week long. san who sigh shows the trend. drop off a little bit tomorrow and then back up with wednesday into thursday. the good news is our air quality has improved and this is the official forecast from the bay area air quality management. they give us moderate air quality for the next few days. that's good news. looks like we won't be sparing the air. always a good idea to carpool if you can. you get to ride in the lane. i appreciate that. how you doing? >> we're cruising along. looking to the north bay, at least some lights, that's where we do have a good steady stream
6:36 am
southbound 101, no real problems, novato to central san rafael minor slowing below the speed limit. here as you approach san rafael bridge not a big problem. we'll show you the rest of the bay. a smooth flow though there is a disabled vehicle around the stevens creek off ramp where you get toward santana road. but we have no slowing because the mauls they are closed. i know when the malls are open. smooth off of the castro valley y, slowing for 238 that is calming down. easier flow. and the speeds through the tri-valley looking nice. 84 down to 52 at the bottom, that's basically a larger surface through livermore, not a problem right now. live look to the peninsula shows you palo alto at the limit. 101 northbound with taille lights pass willow. 280 also clear. >> thanks so much.
6:37 am
6:36. there was lady gaga, mohammed ali and now u.s. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor who will lead the countdown to the big ball drop in times square. >> a lot of people don't think party, new year's eve. however she was chosen for this. organizers say chosen for her achievements and her rise from humble beginnings to become the first hispanic appointed to the highest court. the bronx native will press the but tom to lower the ball on tuesday after miley cyrus is scheduled to perform. so balancing it out. she'll join 1 million people in times square to usher in the new year 2014. >> i think she's a character. she is going to have fun with that. confetti is ready to go for the new year's celebration. new year's eve's official super hero spiderman helping with the confetti test yesterday. one ton will be hand tossed from times square buildings as the crowd in the big apple count down to the beginning of 2014.
6:38 am
so pretty but the cleanup. >> finding it until valentine's day. still ahead, a close call for a skier buried up to his neck after an avalanche. his brother skis down after him. the rescue caught on camera.
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> amazing story of survival and
6:41 am
brotherhood. two skilled skiers are opening up about terrifying moments this morning on the "today" show. >> edwin and davis were enjoying a day of skiing when an avalanche hit. edwin was caught in the middle and buried alive by snow. davis saw everything from nearby and rushed to save his brother. davis and a friend managed to dig edwin out of the snow. edwin suffered a torn knee ligament but says he knows the outcome could have been much worse. >> this happened just before sunset, so the light was fading, had this happened a few minutes later we'd have had a different outcome. >> yeah. we were lucky that they were able to find me and my head was above before it got dark because if they had to search for me in the dark it could have been a bad situation. >> exactly. it's amazing. they have the go pro on their helmet as well. watch the full interview on the today show at 7:00 this morning.
6:42 am
and special they have. >> bryant gumbel. >> and jane pauley. >> it's 6:42. we also are following breaking news in russia. a second suicide bombing in as many days. raising terrorist concerns ahead of february's winter games. >> they showed up for a medical call, ended up with no ride home. police are on the hunt for an ambulance thief who stole the ambulance. >> if you are one of the thousands of people headed out and about for new year's eve celebrations, we're looking good this year. temperatures are going to climb. we're going to continue this unseasonably mild pattern, i'll let you know for how much longer. >> as you look toward fremont fast truck scales the commute is building. we'll show you the earlier problems we had and what's the latest for the slowdown. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪
6:43 am
bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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6:45. breaking news out of russia. investigators say a male suicide bomber carried throughout morning's rush hour blast that killed at least 14 people and injured 28 others. they say the bomb used is similar to the one in sunday's attack leading them to believe they could have been made in the same place. both attacks happened in the russian city of volgograd, 400 miles northeast of sochi where the games are going to be held in february. the city is a major rail and bus hub you would normally pass through on the way to or from sochi. yesterday a female bomber detonated her explosives in front of a metal detector in the main entrance of a train station that killed 17 people. white house officials say president obama has been briefed on both attacks and the u.s. is now working with russia on anti-terrorism efforts leading up to the olympic games. no one is claiming
6:46 am
responsibilities for either attack. >> closer to home, let's take a look at the forecast. we give you a live look outside. look at that beautiful sunrise. this is over san jose in the south bay. really beautiful start to our day. what will the day hold? let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you, peggy, laura, everybody at home. happy monday. temperatures are chilly out there to start. make sure you pull out the winter coat. something you can peel off later on. we're going to rebound nicely. i wanted to show you the picture of san jose. you can see the clouds increasing little by little. and that will be the story for today. we're going to see high clouds move in by tomorrow morning mostly cloudy start to the day with an area of low pressure coming through. that's great for our air quality. we're going to continue to hold on to at least moderate levels. this is what we're looking at. temperature jumping into the mid-60s, a comfortable day shaping up with evening fog rolling in to san francisco. as we get into this afternoon. otherwise we're looking pretty
6:47 am
good for some records especially in san jose. the old record is 66. i'm forecasting 67. 65 for oakland. that will likely tie a record. 66 santa rosa and concord will likely shotter a record of 60 degrees when you hit 64 later on today. mild and mostly clear for new year's eve, we'll see a nice new year's day. patchy fog. and a touch warmer in the afternoon. remember, the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. into thursday, slight warming, a building breeze and looking good to stay dry and hit the mid-60s throughout the next couple days. overall, we need the rain, but still it's not too bad. let's talk to mike, see how your drive s. you'll not be alone. i'm surprised how heavy it is. >> there was an earlier good volume but like you said you will not be alone but it's less as far as the volume. looks like a lot of folks decided to head in early and then calm down now. a smooth drive around the bay.
6:48 am
mostly green and yellow and most of your worst spots to up thor 50s. an earlier stall south 880, sounds like all lanes are clear toward the 17/280 interchange. no problems north 87 but we do have north 28 a little slowdown developing into downtown. i'll track it. the volume is light. the tri-valley, the only slowing we see is right at the dublin interchange. very mild. typical when you make those lane changes. a smooth flow here toward the castro valley y and toward the san mateo bridge, 92 and 82, bridges at the limit all the way across. live look shows you the oakland side, northbound 880 coming up, toward the coliseum, easy flow of traffic, no problem for the nimitz here and the bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza, now there are no delays out of the maze or off the east shore freeway.
6:49 am
let's show you the east shore freeway how light the volume is. good spacing between the cars. this is university over crossing. even at the limit out of richmond and then past the golden gate field and university avenue. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:49. an update in daly city where right now the search is on for the suspect who stole an ambulance while emts were responding to a medical emergency. found a few blocks away next to the cow palace. some things were missing. bob has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as often as they will leave the ambulance outside so they can rush in and deal with the emergency, and in this instance last night they theft keys in the ambulance with the engine running. this happened just a little bit after midnight, there was an ambulance crew with the county treating a diabetic patient in a
6:50 am
home in a neighborhood by the cow palace. and while they were inside, someone else took advantage of the situation. they hopped into the cab of the ambulance, drove off, ditching it a couple blocks away. they took with them, however t gas card and the keys to the ambulance. there has been no description of the suspect. no arrests as of yet. for the patient, a sergeant tells us that he's under the impression another ambulance was dispatched fairly quickly to help the patient. and as you saw in the video they were able to recover the stolen ambulance. just not the keys and the gas card. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. san francisco police are looking for witnesses after a man is shot and killed outside of a nightclub near japan town. this happened near webster before 2:00 on sunday morning. police say 36-year-old david guliford was shot as he stood on
6:51 am
the sidewalk. investigators do not have a motive or suspects. >> happening today, in less than 12 hours children's hospital in oakland says it will remove a 13-year-old girl from a ventilator. her family is trying to find a hospital to take her but running out of options. christie smith joins us live with the family's struggle to find someone who will help that teen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. we understand that the family may still be looking for a medical facility to try and take jahi mcmath but at this point children's hospital is saying that a judge has ruled that the 13-year-old girl can be taken off a ventilator today at 5:00 p.m. jahi was declared brain dead after severe complications on december 9. she was brought in. the family believed all along, though, that she would still -- was still alive and they took to the court. the family now looking to move her, they checked into two
6:52 am
facilities, one in l.a., one in the bay area, both according to the family backed out. only new york is left, they say. where that stands at this point is unclear. i have reached out to the family. we know some of the members are here and also reached out to the family's attorney but haven't heard back yet. that's the latest live in oakland. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we do have more on this story on line. head to, it's one of our stories on the home page. >> the raiders are out of the playoffs but fans launched a fundraising campaign trying to help the teenage girl from richmond who was hit by a stray bullet in her living room. a nonprofit held a tailgating events for the 19-year-old who is also as you can see a raiders fan. police are searching for the gunman who shot her on december 14. a bullet hit her elbow and ended up in her spinal cord. the injury may leave her paralyz
6:53 am
paralyzed. her family is grateful for the support. >> i think they are awesome. you couldn't ask for a better group of men. they are awesome. they jumped in right away with a word and they were there. >> so many are coming through. it's money, it's gifts, it's prayers, it's showing up at the hospital. it's here at our tailgate with all of these people who are signing this beautiful card for her. >> the nonprofit found about her through her brother. the police department is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman. >> the city of richmond will finish 2013 with the fewest number of killings in years. there have been 16 homicide this is year compared to 47 back in 2009. that was the year richmond was declared the second most dangerous city in the country. authorities credit community policing for the drop over the
6:54 am
past few years. >> more than a dozen people had to find a place to sleep after a fire burned an abandoned building in east oakland and damaged an apartment building. the fire broke out yesterday on 46,000 and threatened six housing units. officials say it could have been much worse. the cause now is under investigation. no one was hurt. >> a fire that destroyed a garage may have been caused by a marijuana grow operation. it started near alum rock. the homeowner had a valid medical marijuana card and growing five plants in the garage. firefighters were able to contain the flames before they spread to the home or neighboring structures. >> popular music festival in south lake tahoe. but with added security. the snow globe festival will include twice as many buses as last year. it will also have extended hours and heated tent for those
6:55 am
waiting for a ride. authorities believe that alyssa burn tried to walk to her hotel to avoid lines waiting for the bus. the teen's body was found a few days later on a route back to her hoyxt authorities say she died of hypothermia. police are working to stop street racing before it gross violent. in the past two months groups involving 10 to 300 cars have been racing and holding side shows on fremont boulevard and mall parkway. they are not only illegal but leave behind litter, marked up roads and put employees of nearby businesses on edge. officers with the department of traffic division say it's only a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed. >> they are doing 70, 80 miles an hour on streets not designed, in areas where the general public is not expecting a car doing 80 miles an hour to be on the wrong side of the road. they see headlights coming, no place to go.
6:56 am
crash is going to happen. >> police say even watching a street race can result in an arrest. >> a fight over the future of city college of san francisco is taking a turn. the accreditation commission is expected to ask to the throw out a lawsuit. the city, the teachers union and coalition of students and community members have all filed suit in an effort to stop the revocation process from moving forward. the school is set to lose accreditation in july if it fails to fix financial and maintenance issues. >> a ban on open burning starts today in parts of the east bay and south bay due to dry conditions and the increased fire danger. state fire officials say the burn ban will cover several counties. special permits will be required. camp fires are allowed in des stated sites or facilities on private property only. a recent study by earth economics now estimates damages from the rim fire could total
6:57 am
between $250 million to $1.1 billion. the preliminary assessment released last month only includes losses in the environmental benefits carbon storage and property values close to the fire. researchers say they also base the data taken when the fire was about 84% contained. they expect the actual loss from the state's third largest fire to be much greater. it took about three months to contain the fire started by a hunter's illegal camp fire. >> 6:57. time to check in with christina a look at how the day is shaping up. >> looking good. a little chilly. good morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, it's going to be a cool start to the day but a nice finish. look at where we're headed. south bay is going to see temperatures in the upper 60s for today along the peninsula, lots of sunshine, mid-60s for you. in san francisco, beautiful condition, just about uniform
6:58 am
numbers with offshore flow, north bay good for the mid-60s, east bay, same for you. in the tri-valley we're talking about the upper 60s, 2 degrees away from 70 in livermore. >> over to livermore. here northbound 101 picks up a few cars so the volume increasing. no incidents. we'll look toward the peninsula. 101 shows the northbound routes, and university avenue to willow a smooth stretch. easy for 101 and 280 between san francisco and the south bay, no delays here. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza which has no book ups and metering lights. >> 6:58. a final check of the top stories. russian authorities say two suicide bombs are now connected. the latest attack happened this morning and killed at least 14 people on a crowded bus. this follows a deadly explosion at the main railway station
6:59 am
yesterday. >> police recovered a stolen ambulance but the suspect made off with the keys and gas card. someone took off in the ambulance while emts were responding to a call. it was found near the cow palace. >> 49ers gear up for a trip to lambeau field. they squeaked out a victory in arizona yesterday to clinch the fifth seed in the playoffs. they square off against the packers on sunday afternoon. >> take a look at jane pauley and bryant gumbel. pauly left in 1989. they were co-anchors for seven years before her departure. pauley is still a regular and does a segment on older americans who start new careers. >> cool. looks like they are comfortable as ever to be back. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a local update.
7:00 am
good morning, breaking news overnight, a second deadly terror attack in russia. it leaves 14 people killed by a suicide bomber on a bus. this less than 24 hours after a bombing that killed 17 people inside a train station. with the olympics in sochi just 38 days away, security is being stepped up nationwide. new setback, severe weather forces an ice breaker to end the latest effort to reach that stranded ship in antarctica. when will the 74 people on board be rescued? we'll talk to the expedition leader. buried alive, a man skis into danger to pull his brother


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