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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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good morning, breaking news overnight, a second deadly terror attack in russia. it leaves 14 people killed by a suicide bomber on a bus. this less than 24 hours after a bombing that killed 17 people inside a train station. with the olympics in sochi just 38 days away, security is being stepped up nationwide. new setback, severe weather forces an ice breaker to end the latest effort to reach that stranded ship in antarctica. when will the 74 people on board be rescued? we'll talk to the expedition leader. buried alive, a man skis into danger to pull his brother from an avalanche.
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their dramatic story in an exclusive interview. and flashback. for seven years you started your day with bryant and jane and for the first time in nearly 25 years they're cohosting again today, monday, december 30th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i feel like i should have come to work in a delorean today and the year is 1982 and we have bryant gumbel and jane pauley. i got to get back. >> i can't see the teleprompter and bryant can't see me. >> they said are we going to have to read off that small camera. >> that's not going to happen. >> football yesterday, let's talk about playing hurt.
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>> poor jane. i was going to show up no voice. >> hot water and lemon. >> you are supposed to say, jane, it sounds great. >> it does. we're going to have a lot of fun with bryant and jane this morning. savannah of course is off. but first we want to talk about breaking news coming out of russia. it's our top story this morning. the second deadly suicide bombing in the city of volgograd about 200 miles from sochi where the olympics are six weeks away. nbc's jim maceda is in moscow with the latest on this. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. well, president vladimir putin has reacted to the bombings by beefing up special forces and police throughout the country but experts say he has done that before so far with very little effect. this morning, this was a bus packed with people going to work on the market until a second
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bomb in as many days here turned it into a mass of twisted metal with bodies and body parts across the roads. >> i saw heaps of glass. the window frames were shaking. i started taking the injured to passing cars which brought them to the hospital. on sunday, a suicide bombing in volgograd's train station killed at least 17. no one claimed responsibility for the bombings but they believe both were by suicide bombers linked to islamist militants. two months ago in volgograd, a very many suicide bomber blew herself up in a bus killing seven. the wave of attacks has raised questions about the safety of the winter olympics only 38 days away in sochi, just some 400 miles from volgograd. investigators believe this man the war lord is behind the attacks. he has appealed to his men to kill civilians and disrupt the olympic games. russian president putin will
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deploy 40,000 special forces police and agents in a 1,500 square mile security zone around sochi during the games. olympic officials say they're confident those games will be safe. but some russia analysts are worried. >> the fear is there will be one dramatic attack which will, in fact, disrupt the whole country and will bring into doubt the whole security system. >> reporter: and from the militants point of view, the latest attacks have been a success. many in a city of 1 million are saying they're just too afraid to go outside and go about their daily lives. matt, back to you. >> jim maceda, thank you very much. michael leiter is an nbc news counter terrorism analyst and the former head of the national counter terrorism center. he's with us by phone. we have a bombing today on a trolly or bus and bombing yesterday in a train station. any reason to believe they're not linked? >> caller: good morning, no,
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there's no doubt. the timing of the attacks, the mass transit and techniques, it's virtually certain at this point. >> isn't this a troubling sign? in the build up or lead up to the olympic games in sochi, obviously russian authorities are trying to crack or detur any major plots but it's these plots they'll have a hard time preventing. >> caller: it is. we know how big a logistics challenge these olympics are. we see the events but the security around sochi is tremendous and the russians made that into a hard target. what they haven't been able to do is harden the rest of the targets throughout the country. that's why the strikes 400 miles away from sochi at a key transportation hub, that is really hitting the underbelly of russia in a way that's going to zap some confidence before the games. >> and also perhaps, and you hate to say it this way, common
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sense on the part of the terrorist because if you're planning a large scale attack a lot of people have to be in the loop and communications, those plans are often easier to detect than something like this. >> caller: that's right. keeping it small as we saw in boston is the hardest sort of attack for intelligence organizations to detect and disrupt. and these are ones that the u.s. community and other nations are the least able to help russia. this is more of a domestic problem and this is not where our intelligence resources have been pointed. even in the run up to the games. >> troubling times before the run up to the olympic games in sochi. michael, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> caller: thanks matt. there are new developments this morning to try to reach that ship trapped in antarctica. another ship has been forced to
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turn back. nbc's sara james is following it from australia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the crew of the australian ice cutter hoped to reach the stranded ship at this hour. instead the passengers remain trapped and the end of their ordeal is nowhere in sight. despite low temperatures. >> it's the morning of the 30th of december and it's a blizzard here. >> reporter: the day began with high spirits for the 74 passengers aboard this stranded russian ship, stuck in ice off of antarctica. >> having a fantastic time everyone. >> reporter: an adventure which appeared to be at an end with the intending arrival of an australian rescue ship. >> we're in a good mood because it's only 20 kilometers away and we're looking forward to seeing her. >> reporter: but those hopes were dashed this morning when the ice cutter specially built to plow through antarctic waters found the 10 foot ice too thick.
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this was the latest rescue attempt. a chinese vessel also tried and failed to cut through the ice. both ships remain in the vicinity and an air lift by helicopter has also been scratched for now due to bad weather. >> you go into bunker down mode and drink a lot of gin but you use the time you have as productively as you can. >> reporter: as the experts ponder what next, the crew of the ship say they have enough food and provisions. so scientists keep busy with research and passengers keep the world up to date. >> we love you all and we're missing you, but we'll be with you soon. >> reporter: and passengers have been stranded since christmas. now they're preparing to celebrate new year's eve which looks like it's going to be another holiday on the ice, jane. thank you. chris turney is the expedition
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leader. he is with us now by skype from that stranded ship. professor turney, good morning. how is it going aboard the ship today? >> good morning to you too. it's going all right. we've had a roller coaster of a day unfortunately today. we were hoping we would be on the way out but unfortunately our relief effort didn't manage to get through to us. >> how close did an ice breaker get to you before it had to turn around? was it within eyesight? >> no. not this vessel, unfortunately. it was about 14 or 13 nautical miles but a couple of days ago we had a chinese ice breaker the snow dragon that got within 7 nautical miles. we could see it and we had the team celebrating. we thought we were out but
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unfortunately the thick ice was too much for it. >> now, this is summertime in antarctica. is this kind of ice and being stranded in ice something you should expect? >> no. not really, actually. this is quite exceptional what happened. we had to look at the information and what appears to have happened is on the other side of the open water where we were heading there was a massive blowout of old ice, several years, more than ten years old. it's thick. it got released. it was remobilized and then we got caught in very heavy southeast wind which is characteristic of the area and we got packed in between the continent and the heavy ice. that's why the ice breakers are struggling to get in. >> well, i'm told about 100 years ago something like this happened and the passengers aboard that ship got off and walked. are you prepared to do that? >> well, hopefully that won't be
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necessary. yes, they ended up spending eight months on the sea ice and but hopefully -- i won't tell the crew. well, they all know the story but hopefully that won't be something we'll be facing. >> i wouldn't have been prepared for that. what do you think plan b? is it going to be an ice breaker or choppered off when the weather clears? >> well, the big thing is the weather. the low visibility at the moment. one possibility is hopefully the ice breaker will try again. but we could also try helicopter evacuation. and the alternative is the american ice breaker polar star is in the region soon and that could get us out. there's a variety of option. we're just keeping hope. >> well, happy new year to you and the crew and all the passengers. stay well and stay connected. >> thank you very much.
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thank you for your time. >> professor chris turney on the stranded ship in antarctica, thank you. >> everybody is in good spirits until the supplies start running low. then the moods change dramatically. natalie is out this morning. we'll be handling the headlines for her. there's new renewed debate between the white house and republicans after a lengthy "new york times" investigation into the attack in benghazi and what it could mean if hillary clinton decides to run for president. it killed four americans including the ambassador. nbc's kristen welker is here with more on that. good morning to you. >> good morning. nice to see you. this is one of the most comprehensive reports to suggest that the attack was not carried out by al qaeda but rather local militants. it also says the attack was fuelled in large part by anger at an american-made video denigrating islam. the congressman argued the intelligence showed the plan was
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made by al qaeda. white house officials don't dispute "the times" story which bolsters much of their account. it does challenge the claim that the attack was spontaneous. at the time hillary clinton took responsibility for the security failures. it's unlikely this controversy and debate will go away any time soon. >> probably not. thank you very much. meanwhile, the obama administration says the number of people signing up for health insurance surged in december on the government website passing the 1 million mark. about 1 million other people signed up on state run markets. the administration hopes to have 7 million signed up by the end of march. new details about a man shot and killed during an attempted bank robbery over the weekend in arizona. the fbi says the man is believed responsible for killing a police
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officer and wounding another a week ago at a mississippi bank and during the night a law enforcement source said the same man mario garnett served time for making threats against president obama in 2010. in the nfl, it's on to the playoffs for some teams. the eagles won the nfc east beating the cowboys. they were playing without tony romo recovering from back surgery. the packers had aaron rogers back in the lineup. they won their third straight division crown. in other key games, new orleans made the playoffs. so too did the san diego chargers. meantime, another milestone for peyton manning who set a single season record for passing as he led the afc's top seed denver broncos over the oakland raiders. >> i know they can fine players for questioning the officiating. can they do it for anchors. >> i don't think so. did you see it? >> i did.
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pretty rough. jane, did you watch? >> no, but my daughter has a cat named peyton manning cat. >> peyton manning cat? >> peyton manning cat. >> interesting. he's had a good season, too. >> al is out in pasadena getting ready for the tournament of roses parade. al. >> reporter: it's great. i understand gene is standing by to review "back to the future." that's going to be great. can't wait. we're here in pasadena. 125th tournament of roses parade. the theme for the parade this year, dreams come true. vin scully, is the grand marshal, one of our favs at nbc.
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we're going to tell you more about what's going on that we have really cold air to talk about. rough stuff as we show you big area of arctic air has broken loose from canada. it's made it's way all the way down into texas. look at these temperatures in the upper midwest. wind chill 8 below. st. louis, it feels like zero. minneapolis 10 below. afternoon highs today will be in the low double digits. chicago 18 and cleveland 23. tomorrow the cold air continues to hang in there. look at those temperatures again. chicago way below normal. cleveland, watertown, new york. and here in southern california we have fantastic temperatures. temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above normal but that does come with a price. low humidity, strong winds and red flag warnings all the way into los angeles. that's your latest forecast. we're going to get to your local weather forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. chevy year end event is a great time to buy an all-new silverado. this interior is incredible! the nav is perfect for my long trips up north this time of year.
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how far up north? akron. akron's nice. mm. [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more this holiday season, chevy's giving more during the calendar year end event. trade up to the all-new 2014 silverado all star v6 for a total value of $5,250. see your local chevy dealer today. final monday of the year. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are chilly to start. look at this beautiful sunrise we're getting in san jose. just gorgeous here also along the peninsula and san francisco you're getting the same beautiful oranges and reds to wake up this morning. comfortable conditions, into this afternoon. we're going to end up in the upper 60s today. highs are going to ramp up nicely. 68 in the east bay, peninsula 66 and 67 today in san jose. that's your latest weather. it's been almost 20 years since i've said this.
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bryant. >> all right. thank you so much. racing legend michael schumacher is in a coma after suffering injuries from a skiing accident. we have kristen dahlgren with more. >> reporter: michael schumacher won 91 races and 7 world titlti. had michael schumacher is in critical condition this morning. the most accomplished driver in the formula 1 circuit fell and hit helps head skiing in the french alps. at the time of the accident, schumacher was skiing off-piste. he was not on the main slopes. doctors say he was wearing a helmet. he was air lifted to a hospital in france where he underwent
7:19 am
emergency brain surgery. the hospital director gave a brief statement last night. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: his accident is tragically reminiscent of other skiing accidents that took the lives of natasha richardson and sony bono. doctors say right now they're only focussing on his current condition and can't predict the outcome but they say if he didn't have the helmet on he wouldn't be alive. >> thank you. happy new year to you. >> i took the family skiing in vale last week and the greatest thing is that you see about 95% of the slopes wearing helmets. as days gone by people didn't think they were cool and now they think they're very cool. >> he survives all of that on the treks of the world going at
7:20 am
these high speeds risking his life and he said i'm going to spend my time enjoying myself. >> we wish him our prayers. no question about it. look who is in the orange room this morning. we have carson daly. >> i'm trying to handle the influx of questions about jane pauley's daughter's cat peyton manning. this is like being inside the broadcasting hall of fame this morning. good to have you both. for you, the "today" show viewers, so many great moments in the 80s. we'll take a trip down memory lane. if there's anything you recall, use the orange room to reach out to us. tweet us #orange room and let us know what's on your mind. any questions for jane or bryant
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coming up the coming up, the rare disorder that make it impossible for this young lady to stop eating. her family's new hope after being denied a surgery that could save her life. >> we're going to trick out the photo bombing shark. after your local news. ♪ maybe i'm wrong ♪ ♪ and nobody ever says goodbye ♪
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monster headphones. monster savings. that's my jam. it's the super savings celebration going on right now good monday morning. i'm peggy bunker. children's hospital oakland be allowed to take a teen off a ventilator at 5:00 today. the mother that said it was willing to care for her daughter is backing out that leaves the family with one option at this time, an unnamed facility in new york state. a children's hospital spokesperson says he's not heard from the family attorney since saturday and does not know what the family plans on doing. >> there is, unfortunately, no amount of hope, no amount of prayer that can bring her back. and i think everybody in this hospital, everybody in this community, all the friends of the family and the family are all grieving because this is an irreversible and very sad
7:27 am
situation. >> understand a mother's plight, that heart beat in that baby started in her and she wants it to keep beating until god say different. >> a judge has ruled that the hospital can take her off the ventilator at 5:00. the hospital has said that will happen unless it gets a court order otherwise. time to check in with christina loren and see how the forecast is shaping up for the day. >> looking pretty good. we don't have to spare the air so a great way to kick off the week. last monday of the year. temperatures are chilly to start. we're going to see a sunny rebound into this afternoon. so, san jose is about 39 degrees now. we head throughout the next couple hours it will remain cool. in the south bay, mid to upper 60s, 69 degrees today. mid-60s from the peninsula and san francisco today. so a warm day, almost uniform temperatures with offshore flow in place. our air mass is dry. keep that chap stick handy. santa rosa about 66, comfortable
7:28 am
in the east bay. 66 at walnut creek. let's check your drive. >> we do have to give a note. an angry bull in solano county. be careful. the major roadways look at this. the east shore freeway, that's moving smoothly and may be a truck or so moving down to the area. and an easy drive down toward the berkeley curve. no backup and the metering lights are off. a pleasant flow through oakland. >> thank you so much. i'll have another update for you in about a half hour.
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back now at 7:30 on a monday morning. it's the 30th of december, 2013. yes, it's matt lauer's birthday. it's a beautiful sunrise with which to start your day. we want to see some of your pictures of this morning. so just use the #todaysunrise. >> my birthday, technically 56 but because you started hosting the show it's fun for me. jane revealed you have a cat in your family, peyton manning cat. >> my daughter's cat. >> not to be outdone, bryant put in the call to home and hilary gumbel sent us a picture of the dog archie watching the show.
7:31 am
>> he is perched on his otolaryngolo ottoman watching us. >> good morning if you're still watching. heres a look at what's making headlines today. russia's president ordered increased security nationwide in the wake of two deadly terror attacks. the latest suicide bombing on a bus overnight less than a day after an attack inside a train station. and here at home, flu season is just getting started and the cdc is already seeing high levels of activity. in fact, it's now widespread in 10 states including new york, virginia, and texas. and there are fresh power problems in new england this morning. a new snowstorm knocked out power to thousands in maine. the same area hit by outages from the ice storm days ago. coming up, we'll be talking about the top ten moments news wise from 2013.
7:32 am
we'll ask you to compile a list at home and find out how your list compares with our picks. let's begin with dramatic video. a colorado skier lucky to be alive after being caught in an avalanche. his brother, racing down the mountain saved him. we'll talk to them exclusively in just a moment. but first, how their day on the slopes almost ended in tragedy. >> reporter: 22-year-old edwin and his younger brother davis and a friend headed to the backwoods in colorado for skiing last sunday. a helmet mounted camera caught the action. off in the distance -- >> is that an avalanche. >> reporter: and then. >> that's edwin. that's an avalanche. i'm dropping. i'm dropping. >> reporter: he races to his brother's rescue. buried up to his head in snow and panicked, but alive. >> i was really worried i was going to be buried completely and suffocated to death.
7:33 am
>> reporter: the three men are certified in avalanche safety. edwin even had a defivice that lets you breathe for 30 minutes under snow. >> i wasn't able to breathe through that. >> reporter: miraculously edwin walked away from the terrifying ordeal with just a knee injury. >> i'm extremely thankful that everything turned out the way it did and i didn't sustain any worse injuries or die. >> edwin and davis are back home safe and sound. they're with us exclusively. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> edwin, let me start with you. i see the brace on the knee, how are you feeling? >> pretty good. i'm getting surgery later in the week. and i have a torn acl and mcl but i'm not in too much pain. >> so you're off the slopes for awhile? >> yeah, definitely until next season. >> davis, give us perspective. we couldn't get it from the tape. how far away were you from edwin
7:34 am
when you saw what happened? >> i was probably 100 yards on top of a cliff and i could see him sliding down to my right. >> did you know immediately what had happened? >> no, at first i just heard a wind gust and it put me on alert and then i looked over and i couldn't see anything because there was white on white and i saw debris slow down and edwin slid down. >> edwin, did you know immediately what was going on? >> i saw the snow cracking up and started to slide downhill below me as i was making a right turn and then i fell head first downhill and that's when i realized i was in an avalanche. >> so i can't imagine the feeling. the breathing device that you had was submerged or was knocked loose so it wasn't working. what was it feeling like there? did you feel that was it? >> yeah. i was worried when i couldn't get the mouth piece for the
7:35 am
breathing device back in my mouth and i inhaled some snow so i felt like i was choking or wasn't able to breathe and it shot me to the surface and i was swimming through the snow. >> you were also lucky because this happened just before sunset so the light had fading. had this happened a few minutes later, we would have had a different outcome. >> yeah, we were lucky that they were able to find me and my head was above before it got dark because if they had had to search for me in the dark it could have been a bad situation. >> so brothers being brothers, edwin, how do you pay davis back? >> i'll have his back any time we're doing any backcountry activity or anything in the mountains and i'll always be looking out for him like he did for me. >> davis, does this give you any different look at skiing? i know you're avid skiers and good at it. but any different look? >> backcountry.
7:36 am
we never thought that run would slide. we had skied it earlier in the day. i guess it just teaches us you never know and be a lot more cautious now. guys, thank you very much. i'm glad it ended well. good luck to your broncos too. >> thanks a lot. >> happy new year. >> i got there two days before that happened. it was the talk of the chair lifts and there had been a lot of snow on friday and saturday. they were setting off detonations or explosions but they got caught in a bad spot. >> you were safe. >> we had no problem. we don't go off-piste as they say. let's take a turn and get a check of the weather. al is in pasadena and you might notice something different about mr. roker this morning. not that he's not wearing a suit. but he went lean shaven. >> my kids thought i just didn't look good. >> i thought you looked great to be honest with you. i really did. >> i liked it too and then i did the mustache and i thought
7:37 am
looked like alba. but anyway, you still look great. you look fantastic. although with bryant and jane here it's almost like anchorman. we should all have the mustaches. we're here at the trader joe's float. they're getting all the flowers on and they have carnations and are putting them on the float because everything, every visible inch of a float has to be covered by some organic plant material. this is a lot of work. thousands of man hours and the theme, dreams come true, here at the tournament of roses parade. all right. let's, in fact, talk about new year's eve and in new york, the big ball drop, it is going to be brutal. clear and cold temperature about 26. wind chills 14 to 18. but if you're coming out here for the pasadena tournament of
7:38 am
roses parade, fantastic temperatures by the time the floats step off temperatures in the low to mid 60s. now here in the northeast, we're looking at an interesting scenario coming for the day after new year's on thursday. storm system comes up the coast. the american model a rain/snow mix. but the european model is very interesti interesting. thursday morning into friday it keeps the low closer to the coast. a significance snowstorm in the northeast with gale winds, bitter cold. it is going to be very, very interesting. we're going to be watching this very closely. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. 7:38. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. well, we could be breaking records for the final monday of the year. temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s, san francisco at 44 degrees, look at this beautiful sunrise to start the day. temperatures are going to warm up nicely into the upper 60s in
7:39 am
fact. for most of these across the bay area. we're in the 30s, look at the climb we're headed toward. even with nine hours of daylight. 67. 64 for san francisco and 66 in the north bay. hey, bryant, jane, how is it feeling this morning? >> the alarm went off and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on and i doubled up on my alarm. >> two alarms? >> i have three. no, for me, it feels like riding a bike when you haven't ridden a bike in about 30 years. >> they're doing great, though, aren't they, al? >> they look great. it's like you guys never stopped doing it. it's really great to see the both of you. >> sorry you're not here buddy. >> me too. >> meanwhile, coming up on trending, why we could soon be saying good-bye to a staple in almost every hotel room. we'll tell you about that. >> and up next, from the george zimmerman case to the arrival of prince george, what were the most memorable stories of 2013? we'll reveal your pick and ours.
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and let's do floor seats. let's do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now get whole-home basic carpet installation for $37 bucks. back now at 7:44 with the unique look at the events that shaped the world in 2013. we teamed up with the social networking site that specialized in top 10 lists to get your take on the news making moments of the year. jordan is the founder. nice to see you. >> happy holidays. >> thank you very much. >> big day here on today. >> people love top 10 lists. do you get a lot of responses to this? >> we got tons of responses and the list we're going to show you is the aggregate so far. people can continue to come to and find their voice. number ten, the event that everybody said should make the list was wendy davis defending
7:45 am
abortion rights. >> people felt like if we had more leaders willing to stand for what's right, might just get somewhere. >> number nine, we have the syrian chemical weapon as tack. as number eight, the birth of the royal baby, that had to make the list somewhere. >> people were captivated by this. one person said it was a rebirth of everything that died with princess diana. >> number seven, the george zimmerman verdict. number six the debacle with the health care roll out. that made a lot of headlines this year and number five the federal government shutdown. >> yeah but i called it the gop shutdown. >> i know you did. >> i thought it was false to say it was a failure of government. it wasn't. it was a few individuals trying to extort the government. >> a lot of our users put a lot of blame on the republicans. >> number four, the supreme court decision on gay marriage. more on that in a second. number three, you have pope
7:46 am
francis election. obvious choice. >> huge optimism from believers and nonbelievers alike. >> number two, the boston marathon bombings and the number one event of 2013 was -- >> edward snowden. he changed the public discourse this year. people felt he was the lone gunman at the center of the story of the year. >> now we were asked to compile our own lists over the weekend and see how they compared. jane, let's start with yours and we'll put it up in it's entirety. where did you differ? >> well, i deviated from the rules a little bit in that i put the economic recovery on my list down at number eight. it was a slow moving event, not a moment. i figured this was the year the recovery stood up and walked.
7:47 am
and maybe a lot of people don't feel it yet and most people are not invested in the stock market i think the historic highs on the stock market were like the exclamation point. >> and then you also have the bipartisan budget deal. >> well i had that because who could have guessed that. my kids, i thought this was interesting, they all would have put marriage equality number one. >> number one. >> bryant, let's take a look at your list. you have six out of ten. >> i had marriage equality in there also but i was surprised that people didn't put the typhoon. >> it just didn't rise to the top ten. >> and i also put nelson mandela in there. he maybe the last global hero we'll see. >> not that i don't think anything but the best of him, there had been so many false alarms i didn't put it in there. you also went with a couple of sports story. >> i thought the super bowl
7:48 am
black out was a big deal but the rivera think i thought similwas that was good in sports i. was a special moment. >> for me, i put the boston bombings at number one. the reason is because they managed after the bombing to shutdown a major american city. people didn't go out. people didn't go to work. down low, i put down the auburn/alabama finish. i thought if people were debating whether it was the greatest sports finish ever, you had to put it on the list. and number ten on my list, thanks miley, finding out that nobody over 40 has sex. >> i'm a twerk away from 40. >> if you haven't been on there check it out. it's a lot of fun. you can help contribute to the site. >> thank you so much. >> happy new year. coming up, the unexpected guest one mom didn't want to see in her photo of her two boys. >> carson said you have a lot of
7:49 am
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just ahead. calorie counting coming to vending machines. we'll tell you about that. >> keep those questions coming for a special guest this morning. we'll answer those. surprise for you mr. lauer. but first, your local news. ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. daly city police trying to figure out who got away in a stolen ambulance. emts left it running as they responded to a call for a patient at a home overnight. it happened just after midnight when police say someone jumped in the emergency vehicle, took off, taking the ambulance on a short joy ride. it was found a few blocks away next to the cow palace. police say the keys and a gas card were stolen and as of now they don't have suspects. officials say another ambulance was quickly dispatched to the home to help out the patient. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. a nice start to our day. >> yeah, a nice start to the day. we're going to see a nice week, possibly touching on records today and tomorrow with strong high pressure firmly in control. this is san jose. a few high clouds for most of the bay area. you can see our camera shaking.
7:57 am
we'll see enough wind today where we don't have to spare the air. that's good news. the weather story i want to focus on, above average temperatures not just today as we head through tuesday, we'll drop off a touch and increase clouds. above average, normal is 60. we'll be at 65 tuesday. 67 by wednesday, then we climb thursday into friday. your seven-day forecast there at the bottom of the screen. let's say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning to an easy drive so far. we have one group of folks who didn't have an easy drive. car trouble northbound 101 north of 680. that's out of the lanes. we'll look at the maps and see the south bay moves smoothly. we do have an issue, north 101 was smoing slowing north of that spot around the airport. the last couple minutes even the upper 50s have cleared. no problem as you head up the peninsula or toward the bay bridge toll plaza. live look at palo alto shows you the sun is in your eyes that's hitting drivers. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be back with another
7:58 am
update in a half hour. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on
7:59 am
car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book? what? trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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♪ it's 8:00 on today. coming up, a girl with a rare disease that forces her to eat uncontrollably leading to dramatic weight gain. >> she's always hungry and it's not her fault. >> the potentially life saving surgery denied and why her family has new hope this morning. and what's lurking below? a photobombing shark spotted feet from where two kids boogie board. and the birthday boy. we have special surprises in store for matt as we celebrate his big day. today, monday, december 30th, 2013. >> happy new year.
8:01 am
>> three generations here today. >> welcome back jane and bryant. >> good morning st. louis. get your arch on. >> i've been watching al roker and matt lauer for nine years. >> happy birthday, matt. >> happy new year new york. and welcome back to "today." i'm jane pauley along side matt lauer and bryant gumbel. savannah and natalie have the morning off. >> let's just take people back. it was 1982 that you two began co-hosting this show together. right? >> what is that? 33 years ago? 31 years ago? >> you used to be better at math. >> does it seem like yesterday? was it hard getting back in the swing of things? >> getting up was a little
8:02 am
difficult around certainly the studio has changed enormously. >> but once you're here, it's just you're here. all right. much more fun with jane and bryant. let's start with the morning's headlines, though. as jane mentioned, natalie is off this morning. the second bombing in two days intensified security fears in russia weeks before the winter olympics there. officials say today's suicide attack on a bus in volgograd killed at least 14 people and wounded dozens more. it came a day after a female suicide bomber struck the main railroad station in that same city, taking at least 17 lives. investigators believe the attacks are the work of chechen separatist rebels trying to disrupt the olympic games. the flu is already a big problem in a lot of places. according to the cdc cases of the flu are widespread in at least 10 states. mainly in the northeast and in the south and they're expected to increase across the u.s. in the coming weeks. officials say if you have not had a flu shot, it is not too
8:03 am
late to get one. it will soon be hard to miss one little known requirement of president obama's health care law. it's designed to help you make smarter snack food choices. nbc's joe fryer has more. if the calorie count for the stuff on the other side of the vending machine glass seems like a mystery. just wait. as part of the healthcare overhaul, calorie information will be posted on about 5 million vending machines, welcoming to some. >> it's a good idea. there's a lot of things i go to eat that i shouldn't be eating. >> horrifying to others. >> when i go to a vending machine, i know i'm not doing something healthy and i don't need to be told. >> reporter: many fast food restaurants already post calorie information while early research shows most customers don't pay attention to those numbers, one study found those who do eat a little less. >> it doesn't have to be hard science to see that this is a good idea. information is there. you can use it or choose to ignore it.
8:04 am
>> reporter: vending machine companies fear the changes are too costly and won't change many habits. >> actually, in the vending industry, the best sellers in our machines are the junk food and the high calorie drinks. >> reporter: the fda estimates the changes will cost vending companies nearly $10 per year per machine. what's harder to predict is how many calories customers might subtract from their diets. nbc news, los angeles. in other news, a dramatic rescue caught on camera over the weekend after a deer wandered on to a partially frozen lake in spokane, washington. struggled to stand but kept breaking through the thin ice. a team from the sheriff's department was able to reach the deer. a spokesman explained that saving animals keeps untrained civilians from attempting risky rescues themselves. >> cop a little dough for doing it. sorry. >> a shark sighting near
8:05 am
minneapolis won't send a shiver down your spine, although the cold weather might. three teenage brothers spent 59 hours sculpting the predator. what inspired them? they said, building a snow shark was better than staying indoors playing with their cell phone apps. are my kids watching? good idea. there you go. it's 8:05. and that's what's happening. now, let's head out to pasadena, california where mr. roker has a check of the weather. al? >> we're going to need a bigger snow blower. thank you so much. i am literally in a pickle. that's right. this is part of the trader joe's float. it's called relish your dreams. it's a giant cheese plate. it's right behind me. speaking of pickle -- i'm in a pickle, the voice. first time the voice has had a float here at the tournament of roses parade. it's going to have the big red chair and the winner of this year's voice is going to be singing on the float. so it will be exciting.
8:06 am
if you want to watch the 125th tournament of roses parade, tune in to nbc starting at 11:00 a.m. right here. it will be fantastic. 8:00 a.m. pacific time. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your 8:06. looking forward to that parade. temperatures are going to feel very spring like to finish the day, but it still feels like winter out there this ñrmorning. we're in the 30s and 40s. make sureok you pull out a coat but something you can pull off later on.e1 highs are going to climbxd into the upper 60s. 68 degrees in the east bay. 67 degrees today in the south bay. it's not a spare the air day.ñi that's the good news. another weakxd disturbance will come through tonight. that's going to re-enforce the good air quality we already have in place. we'll likely not be sparing the air through thursday.
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8:26 am
it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the legal fight over the future of city college of san francisco taking another turn this acn expected to ask a judge today to throw out at( lawsuit aimed at preventing the school from the city, the teachers union and a coalition of students and communitylp members have all fid suit in an effort to stop the process from moving forward. the school is set to lose its accreditation in july ifñr it maintenance issues. let's see if there are any issues on the roadway and check in with mike. >> first one home issue, happy birthday to my son mason. happyxd birthday to you.
8:27 am
now back to the commute. no problems here. look at the maps. mild slowing popping up just a then south toward the sanñr rafl bridge. nothing really to speak ñiof. no backup at the bayñr bridge tl plaza. no metering lights on all morning. in between the two sides of the bay, we have añi nice flow for . back to t(you. >> all right. happy birthda;iz ñimason. thanks so much for joining us this morning. have a great monday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
> welcome, i'm bryant mbel. i willesist urge s siing in for tombrokaw. ppy new year. this s the new day we have been talki aboutor s long. >> we're back now8: on thi moayorning, dember 3h, 2013. and have got a huge crowd of people out here on the plaza. it's holiday time. a lot of people celebrating. but i think a lot of people here to see the return of bryant and
8:31 am
jane. isn't it fun to have them back in the house. >> they're too young to remember. >> no they aren't. >> they're way too young to remember. >> they have youtube. >> that's exactly right. >> this has been so much fun because you guys hold such an important place in the history of this show. thank you for coming back. >> the grandmother and father. >> not at all. >> we would be remiss if we didn't give a shout out to gene. happy new year. >> yes. >> as we mentioned it's matt's birthday. and he is not the only one having a birthday today. >> all of these people. >> all of them. >> celebrating their birthdays. >> happy birthdays. >> nice to have you here. happy birthday to you all. >> are you taking everybody out. >> everybody out to lunch. can i have your credit card. >> among this group is michaela who turns 13 over here. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> how are you?
8:32 am
>> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> did you get hair dye also? >> no. >> how does it feel? >> i'm nervous. >> good to have you here in new york. what are you doing? >> a lot of shopping. i had a lot of fun. >> anything you'd like to say to mr. lauer. >> happy birthday. >> can i have a birthday hug. thank you. happy birthday to you. great to have you here. thanks mom for bringing her. we appreciate it. mr. roker is out getting ready to host the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. happy monday to you. >> thanks, guys. doing that with hoda kotb. i'm excited about it. remember what it was like the first time you got to fill in with jane and bryant. it was a pinch me moment. i'll never forget it. i was glad to be part of your tenure at the "today" show. it really was special. >> very cool. do you remember the first time he filled in. >> no. >> was it special for you.
8:33 am
>> al, what have you got. >> love you al. >> thanks. i love you guys too. tournament of roses parade. 125th dreams come true is the fantastic theme of the parade. let's show you what we've got going on as we take a look at the week ahead as far as your weather is concerned. big changes coming. much below normal weather from the northeast, great lakes and down into the gulf. much above normal out west. as we move into the midweek period you'll look attempts that continue to stay cold in the east. it will be wet in the southeast and we have a potentially big snowstorm coming across the great lakes into the northeast by the latter part of the week. above normal temperatures from texas into the southwest. look for rain and snow interior 8:33. god monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. strong ridge of high pressure
8:34 am
keeping mild and dry conditions in place for the bay nbxdarea. climbing by 30, almost 40 degrees from where we are now to where we're hearp later today. we're going to jump outquof the 30s into thexd 60s. 68 degrees in livermore. 66 inxd napa. 65 degrees on the way to san francisco. elsewhere, temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable. for this time of year. and a little bit cooler for tomorrou that's your latest weather. another guy that was a big part of jane and bryant's tenure, you saw him in the earlier video, mr. willard scott who has a message for you guys. >> season greetings to my dear friends, jane pauley, bryant gumbel and matt we love you so much. it's your birthday we celebrate. ♪ happy birthday to you >> willard, we love you too. we miss you up here. all right. we're about to countdown to sochi as we have been talking about a couple of times throughout the morning.
8:35 am
38 days away and over the weekend a number of athletes qualified for team usa. take a look. we start on the snow where 26-year-old jessica jerome of park city utah soared into the record books winning the first u.s. women's olympic ski jumping trials. >> this is huge. this is -- as you know, this is the first time girl versus been allowed to ski jump in the olympics and i can't believe that i have already earned my spot. >> he will go to sochi. >> veterans are heading to the games. in nordic combined, he will head to his record 6th olympic games. >> it's beyond words. it's very humbling. >> and over on the ice, two-time olympic gold medallist, davis got his ticket to sochi where he'll be looking for a three-peat. >> she hopes to scorch the oval
8:36 am
and will be joined by britney bo. bo a former inline skater from florida only took to the ice after watching heather compete in vancouver. >> heather is one of my inspirations to try to pursue my olympic dream and to be standing with her today is an honor. i can't wait to get to sochi. >> meanwhile t remaining members of team usa in nordic combined and ski jumping will be named soon. the action kicks off february 6th right here. we have the olympics coming up and al with the tournament of roses parade. we have carson hosting a great new years eve special tomorrow night at 10:00. >> going to be a big night. >> a lot to get to. >> also coming up, do you call your mom's sister aunt or aunt? >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
back now at 8:39. skaters enjoying themselves. we're back inside where it's nice and warm and the new york times has a popular quiz out right now. it claims to detect where a person is from based on their particular dialect. the three of us took it. and here to talk about it is scott, good morning. >> thanks guys. >> what was this proport to do and how does it do it? >> it's a survey about different vocabulary items and pronunciation patterns developed at harvard about ten years ago and the goal is to catalog or categorize all of the different variations of speech in the country. >> is there a difference, maybe i'm being dumb about this, is there a difference between a a dialect and activities cent --
8:40 am
accent? >> they all contribute to your dialect. >> how do you determine what kwexs will determine where a person is from or what their dialect is. >> we want to ask questions that cover a wide range of things. different kinds of pronunciations. we asked 122 questions in our original quiz. >> as we took the quiz the questions changed slightly throughout the day. let's get to a couple of questions. how would you address a group of two or more people if you walked into a room. would you say you all, yous, you lot, you guys, you uns, yinz you, other, or y'all. >> i do you guys. >> i'm a you guys also. >> where are you from, by the way. >> can you guess? >> northeast. >> boston, yes. >> but do you do you guys with an s or a z? >> you guys. >> what do you call the long
8:41 am
sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce. >> i said po boys because i grew up in down there. >> i sort of remembered so but this thing nailed me. this quiz nailed me. >> it did? >> absolutely. >> the choices were sub, grinder, hoagie po boy, bomber, baguette, or other. >> how did you do with the shoes. >> what did you call the long sandwich? >> i personally said sub. >> okay, northeast. >> yeah. >> all right. here go with the next one. >> what do you call the shoes wore in gym class. >> i call them tennis shoes.
8:42 am
>> sneakers. >> that's one of each. i call them sneakers. >> i always thought tennis shoes you wear them to play tennis. >> where i come from everything is let's go get a coke. >> we call it soda. >> see i call it soft drink. >> this is why we do this. >> the next one, by the way, is less vocabulary and more pronunciation. how do you pronounce the second syllable of pajamas. >> pajamas. >> because some people say pajamas. >> you say pajamas also. >> i say pajamas. >> we all took the quiz. what did you determine about us other than we have a learning curve? >> i love the fact that you all exhibited a great deal of dialect variation right here. we want to be able to categorize all the variations that exist in
8:43 am
language. >> it had me down to new york city, yonkers or new jersey. >> i was anaheim. >> mine said new jersey and that's not me. i was schooled in maine lived in l.a. >> scott, thank you very much. >> that was fun. happy new year. >> coming up, a subject that hits close to home for bryant. what it means to be a grandparent in today's modern world. >> great grandparent. >> not a great grandparent. >> no, but great grandparent. >> but fir
8:44 am
8:45 am
perfect music for this segment. back at 8:45 with advice for a growing population in this country. >> many baby boomers are now adding grandparents to their
8:46 am
resumes including bryant here. >> that's right. i have three grand children. michaela who is 11, bryant who is 20 months and allen who is two weeks old. >> how is he doing? >> he's doing great. my daughter's not but he is doing great. what makes being a grandparent so special? our cameras took to the streets to try to find out. >> the best part of being a grandparent is watching them grow. >> they show their love so easily. they just love you unconditionally. >> it's really a wonderful experience seeing that little bit of you go on. >> i find that i'm a lot more active with my grandkids and interact with them a lot more. >> we keep in touch with our grand children by skyping and facebook. >> i like talking to my grandchildren about what they want to be when they grow up. >> i was a lot stricter as a
8:47 am
parent. i let them get away with a lot more than my kids ever did. but they always go home with their parents and i don't have to deal with it. >> the best advice i would say would be to make sure you are true to yourself and to eat your vegetables. >> get up, dust yourself up. don't lay down and wallow in it. >> don't be like me. >> be honest, tell the truth. and love one another. >> peggy post is the spokesperson for the emily post institute and columnist for good housekeeping. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> your great grandmother-in-law was emily post. >> right. >> you know something about these subjects. how has grandparenting changes from your day to her day? that's a big part. >> it's a great way to keep in
8:48 am
touch with your grandchildren. do face time and skyping and you can text and e-mail. >> my daughter is real good. we facetime all the time with baby bryant all the time. >> really? >> but disciplining is another issue all together. it's hard to discipline your grandchild. harder than it was to discipline your child. >> that's an understatement. >> what are the rules? >> first and foremost respect to parents and know that their discipline style might be very different from yours. so find out what it is and don't criticize them. even if you don't like what they're doing, you can gently have conversations but follow their lead. >> if you disagree, don't do it in front of the little ones. >> never. >> follow discipline when the parent isn't around. >> or if there's a safety issue. >> what if it's your house the grandchild is trashing. >> that's a little bit different. in your own house without contradicting the parents, you can say, in our house, our house rules are such and such.
8:49 am
in our house we take our baseball caps off when we have a meal even if the parents don't do that at home. you can blame it, if you will on yourself. but never criticize. >> when one of my kids broke an antique in the grandmother's house, her response was, oh, that's all right. i don't think she would have said that if i had broken the plate. next, how do i teach my grandchild traditional values? we're talking about things like writing thank you notes or the proper way to greet adults? >> right. well, that's another same -- a little bit similar to the discipline part. that is find out what the parents think and recognize that their views maybe different than yours. >> even though you raised them. >> that's another change. our world is so much more informal but it doesn't mean you can't help share these tradition. say to the parents, well, i'd love to teach johnny how to write thank you notes or work on that with him. >> bottom line is if you taught
8:50 am
your children well, they'll teach their children well. >> well, you hope so. it didn't always happen. but don't criticize them. but do gentle nudging. >> it's a mine field you have to be careful walking around. >> it is. >> happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> up next, brian's go to new year's eve menu that's ultra simple, yeah right. >> it is. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
that looks terrific. what's the other thing that looks like garlic but is more sour than anything else. >> she is whimping out on me. >> you gave me a whole garlic. >> we're back now at 8:51. these two are no strangers to the today show kitchen. they probably did a thousand cooking segments together when they hosted the show. >> learned nothing. >> you did. but this morning instead of brilibri grilling our chef, bryant is the chef. >> you asked me if you had to do a go to dinner in a hurry what could you do. i thought of a salad, and pasta and a drink. >> you love to cook. >> i love to cook. i don't pretend any expertise.
8:53 am
i don't have any. but i like to do. but if you make a mistake, you eat it and it's done with. the salad is basically pineapple, hearts of palm, red onion, avacado and cilantro. you mix it with red wine vinegar and olive oil. >> put it in this bowl? >> well, we don't have a big bowl. but, you know -- >> okay. >> squeeze the fresh limes in there. >> no, no. >> oh, i'm sorry. you know what you're doing. >> not much. >> a little bit of that in there. >> okay. >> whisk this up for me jane. >> whisk that up and throw that on and add a lot of salt and pepper. the easiest thing in the world is -- can i show the entree. >> yeah. >> poached salmon. >> beautiful. >> put it in a dish like this. cover it with water.
8:54 am
pierce the plastic. put it in the microwave for 7 1/2 minutes. >> that's the main course. >> and it's done. >> did you put any herbs or spices on that? >> when it's done you can put on it sea salt or pepper, mustard and everything else. it's totally done. that's the easiest. >> but make sure you put little holes in the cyran wrap. >> yes. >> the pasta dish is so easy. if you can boil water you can make it this pasta. you just take some tomatoes, right? cut them in half. take a bunch of almonds. take some garlic. we didn't put any oil in this already, did we guys? no. we're going to put olive oil in. put olive oil in there.
8:55 am
supposed to be about half a cup; you were always ahead of him. you always were. >> this is the easiest pasta in the world. >> sounds delicious. >> okay. that's it. >> okay, you're using it with penne. would you use it for other kinds of pasta as well? >> you could. >> get this off? >> just a little bit of it. >> how do i get this off. >> it should twist t. whole thing should twist. >> do you want my reading glasses. >> i don't have my glasses. >> there you go. >> see. >> they didn't have electric appliances when you did the show. >> janey, janey. >> was he always this impatient in the kitchen. >> hello, brooke. >> brooke. >> nice to see you. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> nice to see you.
8:56 am
>> how are you? >> all right. yum, yum, yum. >> and look, i have one final gift for you. >> what? >> to commemorate the day. this is a very special bottle. i want you to take a look at this label to commemorate this very special day. this is a bottle of port, bottled 28 years ago. look at the day. it's a special port from australia bryant gumbel and jane a good monday morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. 49ers gearing up for a trip to lambeau field this morning. the niners won over the cardinals yesterday to clinch the fifth seed in the playoffs. they're going to square off againstñi the packers sunday afternoon in greenfábay. let's check your forecast. meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning.
8:57 am
8:56 iso.+u$e time. temperatures today are going to be really comfortable for your outdoor plans. want to show you san francisco. 45ing d degrees right now. beautiful, clear start to the day. that wind has provided much better air quality for the bay area. as a result, we are not sparing the air for today. temperatures are going to end up in the upper 60s. have a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> there it is. check it off the list. welcome to "today" on monday morning, december the 30th, 2013. the second-to-lastay of the year. i'm willie geist. natalie is off, but look who's back. >> just keeping your seat warm, natalie. >> in the house, the great brooke shields. al, by the way, is in pasadena gearing up for the tournament of roses parade. we'll check in with him in just a few minutes. how are you? >> good. >> you look festive. >> i'm still trying to keep in the spirit. >> it's all working. speaking of the festive spirit. >> okay, here it comes. >> do you care if i show this? >> no, let me just take a drink. >> so we had a party at my
9:01 am
house, actually it was at my parents' place, a family party. and brooke stopped by the house. >> okay, there was a prerequisite. >> it's better without the context. >> go ahead. i won't say anything. i came to the party. >> here's how brooke arrived at the party. without context. how great is that? >> it's great. the bucket of chicken. what you don't see is attached to -- his name is dan who i'm straddling -- attached to his feet are two wrapped presents. one for willie and christina and the other for his parents. >> wow! >> because on the invitation, it said prizes will be handed out for the most festive. i had strings of lights. i was holding. we came as a tree. i glue gunned a star to a headband. and there were no prizes. >> let's just leave that up for a minute and drink it in. >> thank god i tanned my legs with self-tanner. >> that was crucial. >> prior to straddling my assistant. that was in the job description when i hired in. >> now, talk me through the bucket of kfc. that's the one thing people are,
9:02 am
like, i get the whole thing except the bucket of kfc. >> that's the point. it's like you go to a really fancy party. there was nice food there. not over-the-top fancy. >> i'm sorry it didn't meet your fancy standard. >> there wasn't enough caviar. it was great. and by the way, everybody ate the chicken. >> everybody ate the chicken. it's true. it is true. >> but the ceiling was really low. so it was a bit hard to navigate in the elevator. >> the best part about this was, though, people didn't know you were coming. so the door flies open. these are my family and friends, people like that. first of all, who is that on someone's shoulder? second of all, that's brooke shields. what is she doing here? >> the guy's face behind it is hysterical. his mouth is agape. look at the guy right by my right hip. >> that's my brother-in-law, kevin, who is stunned. there she is. >> anyway. you know what? and there weren't any prizes. i want to say -- >> it's in the mail. it's in the mail. that wasn't the most festive. what if you didn't win? >> well, then everybody else started lighting up their
9:03 am
sweaters. we've got to up our game! it was a fun party. thank you for inviting us. >> you came to play, as you always do. this has been such a cool, fun morning, hasn't it? >> unbelievable morning. >> you just locked in for the last two hours. jane pauley, bryant gumbel back together, joining matt. and by the way, this one over here spent a little time on the "today" show back in those years. 1983, 1984. i think we've got some footage. >> like 18 appearances. oh, look at the hair. okay. >> wow! >> wow! >> how old do you think you are right there? >> i'm -- i'm 14. >> really? >> 14. >> a little older there. >> a little older. a little chubbier. yeah. >> so what -- >> but there's -- i was in with i think bryant and i also were in a hot air balloon with willard scott at one point. >> wow! >> i was about 18 appearances. >> what are you promoting there, do we think, as you continue to
9:04 am
watch the video? >> i just said i was going to college, i think. >> that was the news? >> that was big news, evidently, that i was going to college. >> you've been on the show for a while. >> a long, long time. >> and look at you sitting right here again. >> i never thought i'd be in this seat at all, so this has been fun. >> speaking of your dominant run on nbc, you have the coolest thing coming up. the michael j. fox show. >> yes. >> michael, by the way, was just nominated for a golden globe. >> a golden globe. >> you've got an arc on the show. >> i have a great arc, and they've brought me into the final episode. hopefully the show will get picked up. it's really good. he is incredible. i get to play a very inappropriate -- >> tell me about the character because i love it. >> i texted you about something that ha happd happened during ae prior to that. i am a 20 years older woman who he has a crush on the -- the son has a crush on and i have a crush on the son, and i'm a computer geek. and there is -- we have a close -- a romance.
9:05 am
and it's not creepy. i don't know how it's not creepy. >> it's certainly not creepy for him. he's, like, i get to make out with brooke shields. >> no. it's that we're both -- we sort of were attracted to each other because we're so quirky. my character is completely socially inept and inappropriate. and she cannot stop her mouth from saying the most inappropriate things. or unappropriate as my younger daughter says. and we meet. and everybody in the family is in an uproar. but it somehow works. >> i got to go interview michael on the set. isn't it a great vibe on the set there? >> it is by far -- >> i monean, the whole cast. >> -- the happiest, healthiest-minded crew and cast. and it starts with him. he's such a talent. and he's smart and he's so caring about anything he says to you. >> yes. >> he doesn't want to be offense beive at all. he's so sweet and so funny. >> when i interviewed this, he said this himself. he said i was a little worried when i came back. can i still arc the eyebrow? can i still have the timing i
9:06 am
have? and if you watch the show, he's still got it. parkinson's has been with him for 22er y ee eyears or whateve. he's still got it. >> his timing is better than anybody completely healthy. he times his appearances, he times his close-ups, you know. >> right. >> and it's seamless. and you don't know. and he's so funny. and he'll come up with alternatives. >> yes. >> on the spot. and you think oh, my god! so it's an honor to be on that set. >> the other thing i love he told me is your boyfriend on the show, you know, he's got parkinson's. my dad has it, too. you get tired sometimes. and he says he'll just go crash on the fake set bed of your boyfriend -- are we calling him your boyfriend on the show? >> and it's in the shape of a truck. >> it's a truck bed. >> we have a very mature relationship. >> it sounds like it. the michael j. fox show comes back this thursday on nbc. look for miss shields. some news. this antarctica story.
9:07 am
>> incredible. >> 74 passengers on this russian ship stuck in ice off antarctica. it left new zealand on november the 28th, privately funded expedition. it got stuck in slabs of ice. apparently about ten feet deep. this was on christmas eve, early christmas morning. so these ice-breaking ships come through, one from china, one from chancfrance. >> they sent a helicopter in. that can't help them. >> the ice is so thick that even these world-class ships cannot get through. this morning they were waiting for an australian rescue ship, but they found it too thick and can't get close. at maysing thing to me, if you watch the crew on the ship, they're tweeting. >> right. they're tweeting. >> they're doing skype. and t they're in such good spirits. >> it's a russian ship. can you say vodka? a little vodka. >> these are the imagines we're getting. there's not a sense of panic. they say they have enough
9:08 am
provisions for two weeks. they'll have new year's on the ship. >> also the expedition is privately funded but it's what they wanted. this is probably still in keeping with part of the adventure. >> right. >> i'm sure there's a time that it turns after the fourth, fifth attempt. that has to be a little scary. >> yeah, you wonder when it turns. >> they said there's cracks in the ice, which is a good thing, and they say that the aurora -- the australian ship is also going to try again. >> right. >> so you have to think -- i just don't want to see it turn because they're happy and they're enjoying. >> we're more concerned than they are if you look at them. >> i would have claustrophobia. >> meanwhile, they're having a party in antarctica. >> you know what, right now it could be worse and it isn't so keep saying prayers and keep trying. >> let's hope they break through but they say they're prepared to spend new year's on that ship. there's a poll out that caught our eye. what's the most frustrating driving behavior. did you see this poll? >> yeah.
9:09 am
yeah, yeah. >> a lot of responses allowed to is stats don't add up. 69% say tailgating is the most annoying. 65% cell phone use. which is against the law. 63% going slow in the fast lane. 62% say littering is very annoying. 61% say aggressive driving, road rage. and 55% say speeders, lane changers. okay. what are your most annoying for someone else and your own personal most annoying? >> start with the personal? >> yes. >> my kids fighting in the back, because i'm trying to -- >> do you do the turn, though? >> i can't because i'll end up in another lane. i'm a 10 and 2 driver. them asking for certain radio stations nonstop and them fighting gives me such -- >> right. >> but people cutting me off, i don't like. i don't like seeing people doing their make-up in the mirror or people on cell phones. i don't like the driving with the brake, if you're in a cab or anybody just driving the brake. >> there's a method in new york city to cab driving. one is i only use the brake. i just use momentum and the
9:10 am
brake. the other is i only use the gas at intervals. here's some gas. here's some more. >> it must be. it's got to be something. >> i just make them pull over and get out of the cab. i can't do that. but the kids thing -- >> the kids thing really is tough, because they fight constantly and there's usually a dog in the back. i just sit there going this is not easy. you're making me crazy. >> and you're right. they think you're like rick dees. spin a new song up front for me, dad. >> my husband is so much better driver than i am as well so they complain that i'm not as good as their father while they're in the backseat. makes me want to pull over and say go ahead, you try. they would probably have to call social services. >> probably so. we mentioned al is out in pasadena, california. he is getting ready for tomorrow's tournament of roses parade. al, i miss you, man. i haven't seen you in a long
9:11 am
time and since i last saw you goatee is gone. >> hey, brooke. sorry we're not going to see each other in person. the kids were just on me, saying i looked like a bum. i looked old. get rid of it. so just to shut them up, basically, i shaved. it's like having them in the backseat of the car. >> exactly. >> years ago i wrote this book, "don't make me stop this car." my dad had this thing when we were driving him crazy he'd say you know what, i don't care who is doing what, i'm reaching back and i'm hitting somebody. >> he just wanted to make contact. >> exactly. it was like the three stooges. anyway, this is the 125th tournament of roses parade. i am so thrilled. hoda kotb is going to be co-hosting it with me. we start off the coverage at 11:00 am eastern, 8:00 am pacific here on nbc. this is the kawanis -- no, no, the rotary float. what's amazing about all these floats, they have to be coatd
9:12 am
with some sort of organic material. this is crushed rice, believe it or not. that's how -- i mean, it is so painstakingly applied. in fact, any number of the kawanis that volunteer go ins e inside -- i'm kidding. let's show you what's going on as far as today is concerned. we have brutally cold air throughout a good portion of the country. arctic air makes it's way all the way down into texas. chicago 1. wind chill of 10 below. st. louis feels like 0. feels like 20 below in minneapolis and then during the afternoon it only gets up to 7 in minneapolis. 29, st. louis. 14 watertown, new york. this doesn't go anywhere tuesday. more of the same brutally cold temperatures. by contrast, here in southern california, it has been spectacular and it continues again today with temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above normal. the bad news on that, though, is with this we have red flag warnings with single digit
9:13 am
relative humidity, gusty winds and warm temperatures. we've had a lot of wildfires breaking out throughout southern california. that's what's going on around the country. check out the detail on some of these floats. i mean, this is just incredible. all sorts of vegetation, plant life, everything being used on this. it really is pretty impressive. that is what's going on around the country. heres what's happening in your we are watching it looks like a little house fire, 20th and washington in the south bay, san jose. keep that in mind if you're smelling the smoke. that's what it's from. we'll have a live update in just otherwise, highs today will be comfortable, ramping up in the mid to upperi]xdok 60s. unseasonably warm yet again today. better air quality. w"z)e going to hold on to this good air quality as we head throughout the next couple days. san jose isg head through-, tuesday, wednesd and thursday. have a fantastic day. that's your latest weather. and i understand, brooke, you're going to be a float in the
9:14 am
parade riding your assistant again. i must tell you -- >> that is the main attraction. >> that's probably one of the most bizarre pictures of 2013. how much do you pay this guy? >> not enough. trust me. not enough. >> do you have a riding crop and a whip? come on, go! >> almost. >> almost. >> it was in fine print at the bottom of the contract. >> imagine that walks through your door on a saturday night. it's incredible. unbelievable. >> there are probably people who would pay to be able to do that job, but that's a whole other story. >> whole other story. >> thing also work out for me here. thanks, al. >> we'll talk to you in a bit. the tournament of roses parade tomorrow. what you were searching, from britney spear's now home plus advice from linda carter to the next wonder woman. right after this. ♪ ♪
9:15 am
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9:17 am
great crowd outside on a holiday week. we're back with a look at the big stories that had everybody online this weekend. >> from britney spears' new vegas, to one of hollywood's most beloved couples, daniel sieberg, google technologist, is here to brick down the biggest google searches. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> the first one caught my eye. patrick swayze. we lost him to cancer in 2009. why were people looking him up this weekend? >> survived by his widow, lisa. 34 years they were together. she announced she got engaged on christmas eve. they are now going to be a couple together. there you see a picture of them. >> he is a jewelry designer. >> yeah. so a lot of people searching maybe patrick swayze's career and wanting to know what's happening with lisa.
9:18 am
she wrote a book about the experience as well. great that she is moving on in this case. >> that is exciting. >> she was so strong in this case. nice to see her move on and find happiness. >> i don't think she and patrick had any children. >> that's another thing maybe people were looking up, trying to find out. >> also maybe that's an easier decision to make if you have children. of course, children would want their mom to be happy. >> good for her. britney spears opened this residency, i guess we're calling it in vegas. >> yeah, two years. >> planet hollywood. >> yeah, two years. it started on friday night. she had quite a performance. all sorts of hit songs, of course and there were celebrities in attendance as well. >> a lot of them. >> miley cyrus was there. mario lopez got on stage at one point. katy perry was even in the audience. >> that's great. it's great for them to see also how much work goes into this. i was aware of her getting ready for this tour and the amount of work she put into just getting her body in shape, four to five hours a day. the stamina to do a show like that, eight a week. >> miley cyrus called her an
9:19 am
idol. it's hard to believe britney spears is now in that position that people are looking up to her. >> i think it's great for her and you'll see how much hard work and it's good for the other younger performers to see what it takes to stay a star. >> that's a lot of work, too. >> eight shows. for a couple of years. >> two years. yeah, that's no joke. >> yeah. >> linda carter, come on. icon. we have a new wonder woman coming down the pike. >> linda carter did an interview recently and gave advice to the new wonder woman, who is a model. there, of course, you see linda carter back from the '70s. >> that never gets old, by the way. >> it doesn't. she said it's important to have ethics as wonder woman and, brooke, you might know something about that. >> i've got one left. >> and the shoes too. >> my shoes are. >> do we have any brooke shields imagines. >> look at that. i was in college and they put me in that. >> who are you blaming? they put me in that?
9:20 am
>> no, but they were like we're going to put her in a wonder woman outfit. this will make her really popular. it was fun. it was all super heroes complaining about their problems. superman having a fear of flights. i don't remember what my issue was but i'm sure it was something. >> totally worth it. >> by the way, batman versus superman. >> yeah. >> garth brooks, trisha yearwood. >> the new song the call about the difficulty in their relationship. a lot of people were checking it out. it's available for people to listen to. a very emotional song and of course garth brooks is known for baring his heart on his sleeve. >> and they strip it down just the two of them. >> it's a very intimate sort of performance. >> they took away all the extra music. >> sounds beautiful. >> yeah it does. >> daniel, thank you for the picture of brooke. >> happy new year. >> coming up, the news you need to know before you leave the house.
9:21 am
>> and if you found a four-legged friend under your christmas tree, we have tips for taking care of the newest member of the family, right after this. ♪ to call you i know we both ♪ and it'll rain lollypops all over the place. [ female announcer ] remember when you thought anything was possible? ♪ it still is. introducing weight watchers new simple start, our simplest plan ever. a 2-week plan to start losing weight right away. get motivation at meetings or do it entirely online. join for free. weight watchers. your new beginning starts here. progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it?
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yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage.
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humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. taking a look at the headlines, early into the season the flu is a big problem in some places. according to the cdc cases of the flu are widespread in ten dates, mainly in the northeast
9:24 am
and the south. they expect cases to increase in the coming weeks. if you have not had a flu shot it's not too late to get one. if you're hitting the stores this week you may find bargains. shomers should find great deals on winter clothing, name brand big screen tvs and holiday decorations. furniture gets discounted in january right before new items came out in february. >> hobbit held on to the top spot over the weekend. the hobbit took in $30 million according to early estimates. frozen was a close second and "anchorman 2," the legend continues came in third. >> here in new york they're counting down to the new year even testing the confetti that will be thrown in times square wednesday at the stroke of midnight. looks like even spiderman got into the so-called official super hero of new years eve. the confetti passed the test. coming up, found a new dog or cat under the tree this christmas? tonight i'm striking up a conversation about cleaning bums.
9:25 am
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good morning. it's 9:26. i'm peggy bunker. the breaking news we're following is out of the south bay. a live look at san/:÷ose where we're learning that fire crews are on the way to a possible house fire. this is video from one of our traffic cameras taken a fewe1 moments ago. you can make oute1 a little whi smoke there towardse1 the middle-bottom of your screen. this is near north 20th and washington streets. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. also, children's hospital oakland will bee1 allowed to ta a young teenager off a ventilator at 5:00 p.m. today.  says a los angeles facility that first said it was willing to care for their daughter is now backing out. that leaves the family with only
9:27 am
one othere1 option, an unnamed facility in new york state.e1 the children's hospitalnr(t&háhc spokesperson says he's not heard from the family's attorney since saturday and doesn't know exactly what the familye1 plansn doing. a judge has ruled that the hospital can take jahi off the ventilator once again at 5:00 the hospital has said that will happen unless it gets a court order to do otherwise. we'll have a quicklp look a your weather and traffic right after the break.
9:28 am
good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christinaokjo morning. temperatures out there are still pretty chilly. air quality improved over the weekend. and likelyxd won't be tomorrow. temperatures right nowxd mostlyn the 40s and 50s.é@ as we head throughout this afternoon, we'll jump in the mid took upper 60s. near record warmth for today. if your city is on this list, you're slated to break a temperature record. registering with the upper 60s for today. well above average. typically we see the upper 50s to low 60s this time of year.
9:29 am
let's check your drive. here's mike. >> good morning. that fire peggy told you about, north 20th at washington, that's well off of 101 or 280 but might be visible fromhu$er. no slowing shows up on thee1 sensors here. both directions here blocked. no slowing. highway 35, another incident there will hamper your drive.42 being concern. so far i seevp traffic moving. back to you. t8zgood news there. thanks, mike. r update coming in half an hour. have a great day.
9:30 am
welcome back to today on this monday morning, december 30th, 2013. brooke and i are just handing out rolls for what's about to happen. al is in pasadena. we'll talk to him in a couple of minutes. took a look at the best movie quotes of 2013. they went through all the big movie of the year and pulled out their favorite. >> this is what they got. the first one from despicable me 2. >> you're gru. >> i'm gru. >> boy to gru dressed as a fairy princess, how come you're so fat? >> because my house is made out of candy and sometimes i eat instead of facing my problems.
9:31 am
>> and scene. >> and the next one, i can hear them roaring with laugher. >> the superman movie. do you want to be lewis? >> i'll be loise lane. >> what does the s stand for? >> it's not an s, in my world it means hope. >> well, here, it's an s. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> up in the balcony. >> on the michael j. fox show my character has a talent. she can do famous speeches from all movies backwards. so i'm going to do one. >> braveheart. >> yes, i knew you would get it. [ crying baby ] >> oh, i made babies cry. that's my new years resolution. don't make babies cry. >> do you know who is better at
9:32 am
quotes than we are? >> al roker. >> al roker and everyone else. >> we apologize for that. >> that was really bad. >> yeah it was. >> yeah, i'm sorry. >> yeah, it was. >> really bad. but you gave it your best shot. hey, we're on top of the city of hope float here at tournament of roses parade with the rosemont pavilion. one of the several where they put these amazing floats together, all with floral materials. i'm really thrilled to be doing this. this is my 17th year co-hosting the parade. going to be joined by hoda kotb coming up wednesday morning 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific time here on nbc. let's show you what we've got going on. and very interesting as we check it out for you. times square, it's going to be brutally cold. carson daly hosting nbc's coverage, 26, wind chills around the mid to upper teens.
9:33 am
for the tournament of roses parade, spectacular weather. clear skies. upper 60s low 70s. but here we go. thursday into friday, the american model showing a potential storm but nothing too bad off the coast and away we go. but the european model, the one we see -- let's face it, who doesn't like injueuropean model? the low comes closer to the coast. gale force winds. bitter cold from thursday into friday for the northeast. we're really going to be watching this one 9:33.zv happy monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are still chilly enough for a coat out there. we're at 42 degrees right now in the south bay. headed towards the upper mqm across the board. 66 degrees in the north bay for today. 66 along the peninsula.
9:34 am
67 degreeslp in beautiful san jose. we do have better air quality. not a spare the air day. we had to spare the air saturday and sunday. we're looking really good as we head throughout the next couple days to continue that trend. expecting moderate air quality throughout tuesday into wednesday. and that's your latest weather. guys, back to you. >> al, thank you so much. if santa left a new puppy or kitten under your tree this christmas it can be an adjustment for the whole family. >> here with tips is the dog trainer along with all up for adoption from the humane society of new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> before we start. this is a reunion. your 13th birthday. >> on my 13th birthday at a restaurant it was your birthday as well and you sent me over cake and took a picture with me. >> i sent cake. that's what i do. i'm a cake sender. >> you said this was during your high roller -- >> it was during my era. >> champagne for the kids. >> let's talk about these
9:35 am
beautiful animals because a lot of people get these as gifts and then it's like uh-oh. >> what's the first thing you want to tell people? >> when you bring a new dog or cat into your home they're probably overwhelmed as well and people's first reaction is to let the dog or cat run loose in their home and get used to it. that's the worst thing you can do. with a dog, make sure that when you have them in the home with you and you're there to super advise you keep them on a leash and that means you're preventing them from moving around the house and making mistakes. >> what about crates? >> crates are terrific. people are a little misunderstood about them. they think that they're cruel but if you use it properly. if you feed your dog in the crate. if you feed them out of food stuffable toys it keeps them busy and they can see it as a safe place. >> we have a 1-year-old dog and that's what we did. we crate trained her and she is so happy in that area and she knows where her boundaries are. >> and of course these guys -- >> these are little puppies and when you have a baby puppy who
9:36 am
needs to go to the bathroom more frequently than you can take them out -- >> don't go to the bathroom now. >> don't worry. you need a long-term confinement area and in this area you'll cover the entire area with pads or some other form or surface they can go to the bathroom on. >> but not newspaper. >> i would say not newspaper if only for the fact that the ink is probably going to get on your floor and puppy and it could be toxic. >> okay. it could stain the floor. >> kitties over here. what's the first thing you want to do with a new kitten. >> a lot of times people think that cats are self-sufficient but we need our help in adjusting. these cats are doing well adjusting. >> very entertaining. >> very entertaining. >> look. we should point out they're actually brothers, aren't they? >> yeah, it's like the wwf of the cat world. >> don't break a paw. >> what you want to do with cats is confine them to one small room for at least a week or two. >> and they were saying cats are
9:37 am
aloof. but if you cuddle them more when they're little they learn to be cuddly. >> they get a reputation of being antisocial and it's not true but with a loving home and people that socialize them properly they can be wonderful companions. >> if you give them something to scratch will they do it and not your couch. >> you can see how active these kittens are. >> what a move. >> is that a different kind of kitty box. >> get a shallow box and put it in the one room so they're inclined to go to the bathroom there. if you let them run loose in the house and put the litter box in the bathroom somewhere, you can't be sure they're going to find the litter box. >> look. >> these guys are like, what's happening? look. i can do that too. look at me. i can do it too. >> cancel the rest of the show. we're going to watch the cats wrestle for the next 30 minutes. >> real quick, a lot of times when people see kittens play this way they think it's cute. don't use your hands as a play thing with your cats.
9:38 am
you want to make sure you use toys that teach your cats not to be rough with their hands. that's a toy on a string and far away from them. let's see if i can distract them, i doubt it. so that your hands aren't involved. >> same with dogs kind of? have a thing they play with. >> i'd say yes. with dogs, make sure that you teach them to focus on toys that are appropriate instead of chewing on your hands. >> you already taught frank a submission hold on yogi impressive. if you're interested in adopting any of these guys and how could you not, contact the humane society of new york. >> up next, stop tripping over your kid's old toys and turn them into so
9:39 am
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9:43 am
>> here with ways to decorate your kids room using their old toys. >> this is for both of us. we have seen all of this stuff around the house. let's start with those up on the wall. >> what your kid plays with when they're a toddler and what do you do with it? >> but you can't give it away. >> no but you can screw i hooks and it can hang your daughter's jewelry or sunglasses and keep that from getting tangled. >> that's great. and girls are usually princess oriented but a lot of them like dine saurs dinosaurs as well. >> it doesn't matter. you have one in your house. use a craft knife, you do it and it makes a tooth brush holder and the dinosaur has a purpose. >> what did you do with the lamp over here. >> well, the lamp, this is a lamp you can buy from lamps it is a $99 lamp.
9:44 am
so it's not super cheap but you can use it and keep refilling it with the things laying around your house so all the super balls have a purpose. all goody bag gift versus a purpose. >> legos. cars. barbie clothes. we just decorated the lamp shade with tape. it's scotch tape. >> this someone of my favorites. what are you done here? >> we just spray painted plastic animals hanging around. this is a wooden block. do a coat of primer and a lot of spray paint and super glue them on. >> and the alphabet blocks too. >> crafty. >> let's go to the guys room. >> you did the same thing with the cars. >> right because your guy likes hot wheels for a certain amount of time but he doesn't want to give them away so you put them in the lamp and he's keeping them forever but you're not stepping on them. >> now i have somewhere to put
9:45 am
them. in the lamp. >> this is the stuffed animal thing. >> some stuffed animals are very loved and some stuffed animals are just sitting around your house like this poor whale so we used the seam ripper and took out the fluff very carefully and stuffed him with beans or rice and now he's super heavy and now he's a door stop. >> or he can stop the draft from coming in. if it was like a snake or something like that. >> this is good for my arms. >> i love this one with the skateboards. >> yeah. >> i mean, you can mount a skateboard deck just the way it is if you love the pattern. but we used brackets and sanded and primed and painted a couple of coats of paint on the skateboard decks and now they're shelves. >> a nice long thin one. >> you have taken it to the next level. >> always. >> cool ideas. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you. >> coming up next, charlie
9:46 am
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and to me, that's one too many. so let's help the american cancer society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. i for one know how important a birthday can be. make your tax-deductible donation to the american cancer society by december 31st. together, we can finish the fight. all right. if you have guests coming over
9:50 am
to ring in 2014 tomorrow night, we have your menu covered with simple ideas for everything to desserts. >> he is the chef and owner here in new york. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's the way to go. >> these are great. all right. start at this end. that's right. your all right. go. >> they're pancakes. >> little pancakes. >> that's what they are. >> they're great because you can virtually top them with anything you like. >> right. >> so today we're going to do a couple of different things. we'll make a shrimp filling on top of them. we have a pan with olive oil on them and get that started. get a little salt and pepper. i always say a griddle like tha is nice. >> is this basic pancake batter? >> yes. this has a little corn in it. they're what we call savory corn blinis but we'll top these with a little shrimp salad. we'll top it with a little goat
9:51 am
cheese, sun dried tomato and olives. >> that's chopped up shrimp. >> that's diced up shrimp. a little tomatoes. do whatever you like. if you don't like tomatoes, this time of year they aren't that great. and then we have a little vineg vinegare vinegarette made with ginger and then just olive oil. >> so you're putting different things on top of the same blini to mix it up a little bit. >> exactly. >> you see how fast the shrimp cooks. it only takes a second. >> savory and sweet. >> put it in there with it. >> it's warm. we have some already topped and then we have some that we're going to top with a little bit more of this. >> and the shrimp has to be cooked all the way through. >> yeah, but people cook it too much too chlts and they get rubbery. >> yeah it gets tough. here we have some topped already. we see have a little stuffing in there. we take and top it with our
9:52 am
shrimp salad there on top. >> oh, yeah. >> and then, of course fresh chives. >> of course. >> you have the green. you have the red. >> it's beautiful. >> all right. >> so i got my spatula. >> one more over here. >> one more, okay. >> sun dried tomatoes. olives. but you put what you want in there if you like those flavorings. that's goat cheese whipped up a little bit. we have chopped olives. a little bit of garlic. >> sweet garlic that you roasted prior. >> that's great. >> and just mix that up. we'll come around the back because we already got these made over here. >> you did the pulled pork and a couple of other things. >> exactly. so we got our. >> that's the one made over there, right? >> yeah and pulled pork on top with a little bit of shaved cheese. always the best cheese on top, you know, makes it good. >> and then dessert.
9:53 am
dessert time, what these are, you see they're a little bit bigger. we stuffed them with marshmallow, toasted almond. >> come on. >> milk chocolate. whatever kind of chocolate you like and put them in the on and warm them and it melts on top. >> it's like a s'more really. >> what's this? >> a little new years eve champagne. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> i'm going to try this. >> eat your blinis. >> i will. >> recipes at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we're still eating the blinis. they're so good. >> still worried about it. >> you're going to be back here tomorrow. >> yes, i am. >> we'll celebrate tomorrow. >> perfect
9:56 am
good monday morning to youná it's 9:56. i'mfá peggy bunker. figure out who got away in a stolen ambulance overnight. emts left the ambulance running as they responded to a call overnight. this happened just after
9:57 am
midnight. that's when police say someone jumped into the emergency vehicle and took off, taking thd ambulance on a short joyride. it was founde1 a few blocks awa right. police sayñi the keys and a gas card were stolen from the ambulance. as of right now, they have no suspects. officials say another ambulance was quickly dispatched to the home tookt( help out that diabe patient. checking in on our forecast now, meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. temperatures are warming nicely. we're already in the 50s in most cities. 49 degrees in the south bay.e1 as we head throughout the xd afternoon, temperatures are going to warm up into the mid-60s. a comfortableñr day shaping up. most of these temt1ápáures are actually records for thu4fay. it usually does not get this warm for one of the final days above-average temperatures all week long. as you can see, that trend continues apáháhe way into thursday, all the way into 2014. then we'll get a touchq cooler for the weekend. your seven-day forecast shows you that at the bottom of the screen. let's check your drive. >> as we approach the end of the year, we talked about the light volume of traffic.
9:58 am
look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have not had metering lights on all morning and haven't had much of a backup ever since that sun came up.lp the maps show you a smooth flow of traffic down the east shore freeway. highway 24 is smooth. i4t( eastbound highway 4 at 68 where we have reports of a new fender bender and a little slowingñi heading toward bay pot out of concord. watch that and i'll track it as well. the tri-valley has a nice easy flow of traffic. in the north bay, southbound 101 through san rafael looking like un)c early morning stall caused a backup. clear ever t(since. back to you. >> good news there. thank you so much, mike. f o coming up in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. it is fun day monday. december 30th. you only have one day left in this year. but there is good news. >> what is it? >> well, john leguizamo is here today. >> i like that. >> and we have a live performance by michelle chamuel from "the voice." and you're stuck with me and this year for one more day. >> this year did fly, though. it truly did. >> you know, we don't write out checks as much as we used to. you know. so it is almost like -- when you
10:01 am
then do, you realize, oh, my gosh, the year has -- >> can i say -- >> it is worse as you get older. they go faster. >> here is the problem my mom got. she doesn't write checks anymore. she does everything online. her verizon bill came and it was 85.90. she types in 85.90, send. $8,590 went through. she had to -- >> did she hit the wrong button? >> sometimes you put a point and sometimes they add it for you. >> oh, no, not with money. you can't do that. >> yes. so she had to take all the money out of her account, because she didn't want verizon draining her account and put it somewhere else while she was on the phone with verizon to ask them -- it went on and on and on. i think it is resolved. hopefully. >> say it like she would say it. >> i can't do it on demand. okay. >> i love her accent. >> we have a cool new year's present for your friends. >> as if you have any money left at all after the holidays.
10:02 am
>> you need a picture of your friend, your boyfriend, yourself, whatever. >> yourself if you're narcissistic selfie person, like we are. >> send in a photo and make a 3-d version of yourself, it is a doll. >> these are -- this is extremely flattering of -- you look like you. and i look like you. yeah, yeah. your bottom is bigger than mine. and in real life, your bottom is half the size of mine. and i'm also the same -- i'm taller, which is also -- >> i like it, though. let's see. >> you are! >> i like that. it is called shake ways. it is a 3-d printing company. i think it is a cool idea. >> what do we do? play with ourselves? what does one do once one has one is my question. hoda, you have a filthy mind. we play with each other or do we auction them off so somebody can play with hoda or what do we do? >> i don't know what we do. anyway, they're $25.
10:03 am
nobody bid. if you're sitting there, new year's eve tomorrow, if you're trying to think about what do i have to look forward to in 2014? >> not much. >> we decided we were going to help you find out, the great things of 2014 ahead. >> you're welcome. >> here are some things to look forward tom t. the winter olympics are coming up in sochi, russia. do you like the winter? >> i love to watch the skiing and the skating. those are my favorites. i think everybody feels that way, yeah. curling, not so much. >> if you're a fan of the world cup, soccer, brazil is going to be hosting that. that's going to be one tremendous party. >> for 99% of the world, it is the biggest thing there is. >> we can't seem to latch on here. >> some people do. just i'm -- my kids played it when they were in elementary school and never took to the soccer ball since. it is like anything. some people like hockey.
10:04 am
they live and breathe hockey. >> for soccer, it is so hard to televise it with commercials because it keeps going on and on and when the time runs out, wait, there is another seven minutes. you don't know when it is ever over. >> you don't appreciate that sport, soccer, until you play it yourself and you never get a chance to stop, to breathe. it is -- you have to be in unbelievable -- hockey too. you and i are never going to be world class athletes. i married one, baby. >> here is something else to look forward to. apple is coming out with an iwatch. >> i don't care. what does that mean? >> we were going to try to show a prototype, do something. i had a total past traumatic stress disorder moment. the other -- >> okay. >> what was it called? >> i wonder if my phone will incinerate. i remember it vividly. >> there is a number.
10:05 am
>> oh. is that my number? >> hoda! >> that's it. and -- >> how long did it take you to -- don't -- >> i'm not going to. i want you to look at the message still on here. >> how many -- >> thousands, right? why did you keeped deleted and about it. i got lazy. >> the fda is expected to give final approval for a new cure for baldness. >> fewer balder men in 2014. >> frank doesn't care now. you get to a point where you -- oh, lost some more. you get to the point where you don't care. >> i think bald men can look really sexy. >> it is really great news for women too who lose -- who start losing their hair. the samsung phone. >> anyway. the house of -- two big hot tv shows. >> you watch both of them. >> house of cards and downton abbey. >> they can't stop. they have their own line. we told you about that the other day. now they have downton abbey cookies and tea. look at these lovely cookies.
10:06 am
>> and tea. >> i wonder if this is going to -- downton and the flatbread cookie. they're at world market stores or and get downton abbey tea cup sets and plates. i wonder if they're pricey. >> mm. i like that. >> a little bit of vanilla in there. >> i like that. >> very nice. >> i haven't been to many movies lately. i'm way behind. but pg-13 movies are more violent than r-rated films that came out in the '80s are. >> yeah, i agree. >> the standards are lessened. >> i think there is so much violence out there, it just seems like so many movies -- i had a real -- we talk about this, you go to a movie, i love suspen suspense, i love a thriller, i love -- i like being on the edge of my seat, but i don't like the stabbing and the oozing and the dead guy and the fingernails being pulled out and the
10:07 am
torture. >> yeah. i know. i walk out of films now. i can't stomach it. i don't want it in my mind. i don't want -- i remember years and years and years ago i was in paris, with my first husband. and he wanted to see a certain movie, and i didn't want to see it. but you go. and it was kaligula. i walked out. he walked out because i walked out. but i just -- and i have an image in my brain still of something i saw in that movie that upset me so much. i don't want it there. what goes in comes out. >> new study in the journal of pediatrics says in the 1980s, terminator, beverly hills cop and diehard were rated r at the time because of the violence. but if they came out today, they would probably be pg-13. >> and hunger games, i found it terrifying, everybody loved it, a bigger message, but i'm voiso
10:08 am
but watching an 8-year-old fight to the death is not my idea -- let's talk about something urgent. we want to ask you about your bathroom habits. when you go into a public restroom, do you -- it is important. do you put toilet paper on the seat or do you put one of those seat things that they have -- >> they are having those more and more in new york. >> do you do it or not? >> i have just -- there is also something else known as the hover. you have three options. i have found, ladies, if you have a problem with this, because the paper falls off or all kinds of stuff, take the paper, first, lift up the lid like men do, and then hover. much better aim and, yeah. >> i go to the gym, i don't know how anyone -- >> i'm suggesting. >> john leguizamo is hovering. let's see. >> like that?
10:09 am
i can't go to the bathroom like that. >> no, but -- >> where to your hands go? >> on your thighs to steady yourself. but you have to -- >> hover like this? >> you're not a girl, are you? >> men's bathrooms are pretty nasty, man. sometimes you want to hover over the whole thing. >> hover over the whole thing. >> yeah, yeah. >> i think it is one of those deals where i don't put down the paper or use the -- sometimes i just sit it down. you know you do too. not everybody hovers. your thighs hurt -- it is not simple. >> what do your highs hurt from? >> squatting. it hurts. >> hoda, the things you tell us! >> put that on the list for next year -- too late for the year ender.
10:10 am
save that. >> so here's the thing. how many squares do you use? that's the other thing? >> i bet you use more squares when it is free at a public place than you do at home when you try to, you know, if you're paying for it yourself. >> no. >> times had are hard for people and they try to save in any way they can. is this -- this isn't quilted anyway. >> it is quilted. i do one, two, three -- i do about like that. i do about like that. what do you do? >> i'm not telling you. >> show me. here's the roll. pull on it. >> i don't -- no. not going to do it because it looks like -- >> has to be sacred. but i am going to take you home and have my way with you. >> let's do favorite things, shall we? >> yes. you go. >> you probably got some itunes gift cards and stuff and probably downloaded new music. this is a great little thing, it is called -- an app, free app
10:11 am
called musix match. what you do, you download it, then go on your phone -- >> hoda, please. >> -- i'm terrified. >> put a song on it you like from your library and it looks -- if you look closely, it does the lyrics. it is leak a littike a little mk o karaoke. >> it is another opportunity for ihoda. >> every song in the library, the lyrics are there. so if you have your ipad and want -- you go, i don't remember the words, you hit it. adele. ♪ >> you know what i happened in 2014, i hope she comes out with a new cd. where was adele this whole year? >> she had the baby. >> i know. all the more reason that we're going to look forward to that. my favorite thing is this book. "the power of the half hour" by tommy barnett. $17 on he's going to be on monday. can i go back, please, so i can get the date? the 6th.
10:12 am
next week. next week he'll be on. he's the father of matthew barnett who is the pastor of the church out after -- >> oh, yeah. >> his church is in phoenix. it is wonderful. he gives so many great stories. you'll love this, about how one half hour in certain people's lives changed their life forever. sent them on a different path. the book you write, you're going to love this book. no bones about it. >> john leguizamo had something he wanted to share with your whole family. >> coming up. >> dynamite. >> those are empty and he doesn't know it. ♪ this is my wish ♪ my wish for the world ♪ that peace will find its way ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bells and raise your voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ let there be peace on earth [ female announcer ] inspired by the best feelings of the season.
10:13 am
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10:14 am
that's the bowling alley cleaned up. where will we end up next?
10:15 am
the family film of the season "walking with dinosaurs" tells the story of a young dinosaur who grows up to be the hery o of the people. >> john leguizamo leads this dino on his way. take a look. >> i can get us out of here.
10:16 am
time to turn on the trail blazing skills. whoa. holy crab. >> i see you like to dance. what will it be, the mambo, the salsa, the deadly lombata. tough guy. you messed with the -- ow! get it off. >> look at the wiggle. >> is that all in the script or did you make up some of it as you went along? >> we ad libbed like crazy. like honey badger, the guy who did the ad libs all over the honey badger. we did that kind of thing, just adding stuff. >> it looks like a documentary, oddly. not like a cartoon. >> called photo realism. you feel like somebody went to the jurassic period with a little camera and got some shots. beautiful. >> and include something dinosaurs that are, like, basically newly discovered, right? >> yes, the pacorynasaurus.
10:17 am
i thought i would be a t-rex or something with a big voice and they told me i'm a bird. like the first prehistoric parrot, basically. >> you've seen the movie? >> saw it this weekend at the premiere. a lot of screaming and crying and laughing. >> like home. >> just like the holidays at home, yes. >> this is for kids of all ages or what do you think? >> parents will love it. a lot of information, every time they introduce a dinosaur, all the information. >> that's neat. >> herbivore, carnivore, how much it weighs, what it killed. >> fantastic. >> roadkill. >> how many pterodactyls. >> the real deal. >> what did you think of our opening? of the show? >> i loved that opening. >> the toilet paper thing. >> adults need toilet training these days and we all got to be safe from bacteria and save the planet. in my house we have -- if it is yellow, let it mellow. >> if it is brown -- >> flush it down.
10:18 am
>> i think that's -- that's the whole conservancy thing. >> yes. thank you for thinking that up. washington square park. >> okay. so is that what you teach your children? >> to save the park? you're very involved that way. >> yeah. i try to be as green as possible. turning off lights everywhere. >> how many squares of toilet paper? >> okay, i'm not -- i don't got a big rump, so, like, three is enough. >> three? >> yeah. three is hardly enough. >> you fold it in half. you go -- >> okay. >> spin the bottle. >> newspaper. >> oh. >> here is the question. it is for john. ready? >> toilet paper? what is that? >> boxers, briefs or commando. >> boxer/briefs. briefs. >> tighty white things?
10:19 am
not a thong? >> i'm wearing briefs. briefs are back in, baby, yeah. '70s is back. >> no. my wife thinks it is sexy. >> how long have you been married? a long time. we have to spice it up somehow. might as well go commando tonight. >> last one. >> this is fun. favorite dinosaur. >> i'm going to pick, you know, my alex -- >> the parrot with the sharp teeth and the sharper tongue. great to see you. happy new year's. >> "walking with dinosaurs" is playing in a theater near you. >> is your face going here? >> find out if you're the newest fan of the week. doubtful. before you settle for another ordinary mattress, isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? the bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and
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10:22 am
oh, boy. oh, boy. oh, boy. [ carmel ] that drives me nuts. it gives me anxiety just thinking about how crazy they get. [ doorbell rings ] [ daughter ] oh, wow. [ carmel ] swiffer wetjet. you guys should try this. it's so easy. oh, my. [ gasps ] i just washed this floor. if i didn't see it i wouldn't believe it. [ carmel ] it did my heart good to see you cleaning. [ regina ] yeah, your generation has all the good stuff. [ daughter ] oh, yeah.
10:23 am
now it is time to surprise our fan of the week. drum roll, please. >> can't wait. >> the winner is allison lair from york, pennsylvania. she watches us on wgal channel 8. congratulations. >> congrats. >> are they happy? i can't tell. >> there she is. >> oh, the little ones. >> we're going to tell you what you won. we'll tell you why you were chosen as our lucky winner. >> allison has been a loyal viewer and this past year she developed a daily routine of watching the show with her sister and their beautiful baby girls. allison and mary ann. that must be mary ann next to her. they both love our show and they were pregnant together. how sweet and appreciated our sisterly bond. well, now baby cousins gabrielle and isabella joined the fan club and look adorable in their
10:24 am
special kathie lee and hoda onsies. >> so you're going to be taking mary ann with you, is that what's going to happen? >> absolutely. >> ready to find out where you're going? >> yes. >> you're going to love it. >> you're going to cancun, mexico, to stay at the moon palace golf and spa resort of the famed palace resort. you're going to enjoy four days, three nights all inclusive stay, breakfast and dinner and beverages served daily. >> experience the pool decks, ride the wave simulator, swim with dolphins, 14 restaurants and trendy nightclubs, hotel act daig accommodations by palace resorts. how much fun does that sound like? >> they're so cute. >> we take it you're happy? >> i think they're happy. >> have a great time. take your sunscreen. want to know how to make a cheap item look really
10:25 am
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10:26 am
now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm peggy bunker. san francisco police are looking shot and killed outside a night club near japan town. it happened on post street near qmu9e street near police say 36-year-old david
10:27 am
gilford was shot as heçó stood the sidewalk outside of the club. investigators don't have any motives or suspects at this time. meanwhile, richmond will finish 2013 with the lowest number of murders in years. richmond was declared the second most dangerous city in the country at one time. authorities credit community policing for the drop in the number. a check of the traffic and weather after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. o cf1 o shaping up. we're not sparing the air. you can see the mountains clearly. a little hazy out there, but we're in thee1 moder"íq air quality range and will likely stay there for tomorrow as well. highs today in the upper 60s. south bay is looking good, to hit about 67 degrees. we're going to be mostly clear all the way throughout the day today. futurecast tellr"that story. as we head through tonight, by the timei] we wake up tomorr morning, onshore flow picks back up. that means morning fog returns. might be waking up withñi reduc visibility. let's check your drive with mike.w3 >> good morning. no problem forlp visibility her. 101xd through palo alto. cleare1 sailing. look at the maps. southbound 101 past 380, repor+ of a wrong-way driver. sounds like it was an issue for he on-ramp. that has just cleared without incident. north 101 passing by nasa, no problems there but an earlier
10:30 am
fender bender that just cleared. the rest of the bayt( green. >> looking good. thank you so much, mike. much more newsxd coming upok in minutes. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this monday saving monday with steal or no steal. >> here to help you make an inexpensive item look like it came from a designer is ileana. you want something that doesn't look cheap, but is inexpensive. >> i call it a bargain. that's the perfect intersection of a low price but quality. blazers. buttons are a design detail that designers look to make an item look really nice. >> it is missing one. >> it is right there. this is a blazer, $500. i found this one at h & m,
10:31 am
buttons, two less than the other one, but $29.95. >> also lined? >> yes. >> also lined. so great deal there. so now we're talking about prints. people can be a little indifferent about prints. some people like them, some people don't. when you buy a print, make sure it is lined up along the seam. what happens is inexpensive designers sometimes tend to just cut it and sew it, not up for the loss on the fabric. so look for it to line up. this dress is $365. i found this dress at tjmaxx for $29. >> i can't believe the deals you can get. >> unbelievable deals. reinforcing seams it important, becauses it how your cloenlz la clothes last. this is reinforced along the back. about $500. i found this from dynamite, has the exact same reinforcement along the center seam. for $49.95. >> how is that possible? >> a little bit of leather. >> a little leather on the
10:32 am
sleeve. and the reason you want this center seam tight, that's the one that pulls along your back. that's the high risk area. now let's talk about embellishment. i love an embellished blouse. this is from kate spade. everything is individually sewn down. gorgeous. $288. pricey. i found this shirt at nordstrom's, $48. individually sewn on a piece of tulle, has an illusion it is so sewn to the blouse, but sewn to the tulle. $48. unbelievable. >> wow. >> i know. nordstrom, not nordstrom's. they're always pointing that out. >> white, danger zone, right? you don't want to spend a ton of money because you're going to spill something on it. this here feels amazing. $215 from equipment. i found this one, which is a silk poly blend from joe fresh,
10:33 am
touch it, still feels great. 19 bucks. >> you would never -- it has a little poly, you can wash it and it doesn't crease as much as the natural -- >> stays in the dry cleaner. now designer pants usually give you at least two inches so you can take them down if you're tall. i don't have this problem. i'm 5 feet tall. but two inches of the hem allows these pants, so expensive, rebecca taylor. i found these at marshalls for $49.99. look at the hem alliance. almost identical. you can still find those designer details for a bargain. these are $49.99, and these were $325. unbelievable. down here what we have is two pairs of trousers. always want to check the pockets. are they functional or faux. >> it matter? >> it does. a short cut the manufacturers take to save money. these are fully functional pockets, ken baker, $195. these fully functional pockets as well, i found them at h & m
10:34 am
for 20 bucks. didn't even take a shore ct cutd saving so much money. >> thank you. a 21st century diet not about counting calories. how to take your holiday trimmings and turn them into decorations for new year's eve. [ laughing ]
10:35 am
10:36 am
want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piña colada yoplait. it is so good when you need a little escape. [ mom ] still counting.
10:37 am
christmas has come and gone.
10:38 am
so sad. but before you trash the tinsel and toss your christmas wreath -- >> professional tv and film director and production stylist stacy nelson is here. >> stop it, she's back. >> she'll turn your holiday decorations and turn them in new year's decorations. >> what is it? >> you don't have to take down all of your greenery. the first thing i tell people, i'm the decorating -- i say use everything you have in the house. go through your garage, your closets, toy chest, anything you have that is silver, gold, black and white. that's what you use to decorate, redecorate your greenery. remove those holiday colors, of red, green or blue and then simply attach some of the gold and silver items that you found. jewelry, just weave them right through. that's all you need. remove the colors. and hit the after christmas
10:39 am
specials. silver and gold ornaments are great for new year's eve. get them at a song right now. buy yourself a box, set them around the house, gather all the clocks you have in your house. this is great. what you're going to do is set them for various times of states and continents. throughout the night, you can keep toasting and celebrating because it is always new year's somewhere. >> you know who would love that? >> who? >> mariah carey. she loves to toast. >> mirrors are wonderful. they elevate the style and has that symbolism of a looking glass it reflect on the past year and look into the future. >> now we're getting artsy. >> candles, lots of candles. >> always. >> and it is a party, you got to have masks and noisemakers and horns. if you have your own musical instruments, put them in the mix. your guests will love playing them at midnight. >> you have to calm down. >> what with you blare you blow? >> elevate it with special
10:40 am
effects. glitter filled balloons. these are very inexpensive. they're confetti wands. you can get them at party stores or at some of the grocery stores carrying them now. >> think about the cleanup. >> you do. >> on our website, i'll put instructions on how to make an at home balloon drop. very easy. >> you just kind of incorporate some of the party gear, use the cross, put it on pedestals and candlesticks. you can pull it together very affordably and inexpensively and for you ladies, i have the very special ice chest. a giant -- >> finally, something we need. >> absolutely. >> that's funny. >> shop smart, you can pull it together very inexpensively and have a great new year's eve. >> have a great new year's. >> happy new year's, everyone.
10:41 am
>> come on. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, stacy. >> thank you. what's up? >> we all have a unique tolerance for carbs. >> how to help you drop pounds fast. yeah. right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, la la ♪ sing ooh, la la la la ♪ come on, y'all, ooh, la la [ female announcer ] set your success in motion with the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love and so much more. what will you gain when you lose?
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with just two days left until the new year, it is almost time to start giving up the processed carbs and sugars and start eating clean. >> here with a diet that will help you drop the pounds fast is ester blum, the author of the new book "cave women don't get fat." a lot of people try it cut meat out when they're trying to feel better. but you think it's okay. >> the key is it has to be meat with grass. that gets rid of the fatty ty
10:46 am
acids. >> how do you know? >> go to a butcher. >> i never heard of that. >> you can find it at trader joe's, whole foods, i go to a local butcher. >> that's like kosher almost? >> definitely not kosher. kosher animals are not raised pastured. >> the first dish is breakfast. >> gorgeous girls eat meat. this is the breakfast for you if you want to raise your serotonin levels in your brain, fight cravings and give yourself a lean muscular body. >> hoda has doughnut holes. every morning. >> that looks like meat in the morning. >> this is pastured meat, meat raises your serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. it get your brain awake and alert all day long. >> i thought you weren't supposed to eat fruits in the morning and you have raspberries. >> raspberries are chock full of
10:47 am
antioxidants and low sugar fruit. i do encourage women especially to eat fruit because is satisfied the sweet carbohydrate craving. >> the snack this is product friendly. beef jerky, you can find beef jerky that is -- >> i give to my dogs in the afternoon. >> try some. try any of these. they're delicious. they're chiewy, but you can mak your own jerky. i would encourage you to pick this up. this is a bread free sand wiswi. this is lettuce with a salmon cake instead of a crab cake. >> come on. >> and omega 3 fats, again, excellent for brain health. >> good for you. >> good girl. >> we have -- this is your -- this is a side salad, your afternoon snack, turkey and
10:48 am
avocado. >> that i'll try. >> there is the time of day where women get the horrible cravings. >> avocado twice now. >> right. i'm trying to teach you both you really need a ton of protein throughout the day. women are using yogurt and granola all day and that's not going to boost your brain biochemistry. >> this is great. >> this looks awesome. >> this is the -- a lot of women say how do i give up carbohydrates at dinner. all about lateral moves. zucchini pasta is a wonderful lateral move and don't have to cook the zucchini. >> we have that in our -- what was it? remember we had the -- >> cooking contest. >> it was delicious. >> it does. even children will eat this. you can say they're dinosaur noodles, very low in carbohydrates. super healthy for you. >> also hot? >> no, this is room temperature. and if you use a hot sauce, it will naturally cook the pasta anyway.
10:49 am
>> she's got the voice. michelle chamuel performs her new hit single. but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
the toyota cop certificate series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> she wowed audiences with her rendition of pink's "give me a reason" on season four of "the voice" and made it to the final two. >> now michelle chamuel is out with her first single. under her own name "go down singing". >> the album under your own name. you have another moniker, don't you? >> yeah ys, basically on "the v" i went as michelle chamuel.
10:53 am
this is emotion driven and speaks to that world of pop and also, you know, strong emotions. >> we're glad to see you back. it is going to be fun listening to you. we have a big show tomorrow too. ethan hawke will be with us. >> and we'll look at the best moments of thei s of the year a fun that hoda had this past year. here she is, michelle chamuel with her new single "go down singing." have an awesome day, everybody. ♪ i see everybody staring'al you and the clothes that you're wearing ♪ ♪ it seems like nothing's ever good enough ♪ ♪ i heard everybody saying that you are never gonna fit in ♪ ♪ it feels like you're never go enough ♪
10:54 am
♪ when you're lost and can't be found ♪ ♪ just lift your head and stand your ground ♪ ♪ it's always dark before the dawn ♪ ♪ so raise your voice and sing this song ♪ ♪ you can tell me what's right you can say that i'm wrong ♪ ♪ you can tell me i'm weak so you can think that you're strong ♪ ♪ but you can't take my soul or the gifts i've been given ♪ ♪ i'm gonna go down go down singing ♪ ♪ you can build yourself up when you're putting me down ♪ ♪ you can think you're a king because you've taken my crown ♪ ♪ but you can't stop the fight for the life that i'm living i'm gonna go down go down singing ♪ ♪ i know just how you're feeling ♪ ♪ locked up inside your screaming ♪ ♪ it like no one ever hears a sound ♪
10:55 am
♪ when you're lost and can't be found just lift your head and stand your ground ♪ ♪ in the dark before the dawn ♪ ♪ we raise our voice and sing this song ♪ ♪ you can tell me what's right you can say that i'm wrong ♪ ♪ you can tell me i'm weak so you can think that you're strong ♪ ♪ but you can't take my soul or the gifts i've been given ♪ ♪ i'm gonna go down go down singing ♪ ♪ you can build yourself up when you're putting me down ♪ ♪ you can think you're a king because you've taken my crown ♪ ♪ but you can't stop the fight for the life that i'm living ♪ ♪ i'm gonna go down go down singing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah singing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah i'm gonna go down go down singing ♪ ♪ eyes on me
10:56 am
wait and see ♪ ♪ they don't know what's about to begin ♪ ♪ standing proud face the crowd ♪ ♪ all i know is how bright i'm shining ♪ ♪ i'll be free lose or win ♪ ♪ i'm gonna go down singing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah yeah go down singing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah go down singing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah singing, sing iing ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah singing i'm gonna go down go down singing ♪ ♪ raise your voice and sing this song ♪
10:57 am
>> michelle chamuel in the house. ow at zn11:00÷i the fear
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
of terrorism in russia is growing this morning as we approa'pháhe winter olympic games in sochi, now just 39 day( away. two deadly suicide bombs in just two days. what russian authorities are doing right now to try to ensure ás#yrr time is running out for e the bay area familyq hoping to keep their teenage daughter on a ventilator. why today is so crucial in their fight to keep jahi alive. plus, thousands of people are headed to tahoe for a popular music festival. the safety changest( now in pla following the death of a bay area teenagere1 last year. nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. starts right now. and açó good monday morningo you. thank you for joining us. i'm


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