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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 30, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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of terrorism in russia is growing this morning as we approa'pháhe winter olympic games in sochi, now just 39 day( away. two deadly suicide bombs in just two days. what russian authorities are doing right now to try to ensure ás#yrr time is running out for e the bay area familyq hoping to keep their teenage daughter on a ventilator. why today is so crucial in their fight to keep jahi alive. plus, thousands of people are headed to tahoe for a popular music festival. the safety changest( now in pla following the death of a bay area teenagere1 last year. nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. starts right now. and açó good monday morningo you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker.
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we begin with a developing story out of russia, where people are two deadly suicide bombings in the city of volgograd. this is all happening on the heels of a deadly explosion atj the city's main railway station yesterday. nbc's jim maceda has more from russia. >> reporter: hello there. well, russian president vladimir putin has reacted to the latest bombings by beefing up his security experts here 5!( he's very little xdeffect. this morning, this was a bus packed with people going to work or the marketçó untile1 a secon bomb in as many days here turned it into a mass of twisted metal with bodies and body parts strewn across the road. at least 14 killed. i saw heaps of glass, the window
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frames were shaking. ì& started taking the injured to f o to the hospital, he said. on sunday, a suicide bombing insidexd volgu-u(qrj train statn killed at least e117. no one's claimed responsibility for either bombing, but investigators now believe both attacks were by suicide bombers that were linked to islamist militants. two months ago, again in volgograd, a female suicide bomber blew herself up in a buso killing seven. and the wave of attacks has raised questions about the safety of the winter olympics only 38e1 days away in sochi, jt some 400 miles from volgograd. investigators believe this man, a chechen war lord, is behind the attacks. he's appealed took his men to kl civilians and disrupt the winter games. president putin will ñrdeploy se 40,000 special forces, i]police and agents in a 1500 square mile security zone around sochi
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during the games. olympicñi officials say they're confident those games will be safe. but some russia anal5)q worried. >> thelp fear is there will be e dramatic attack, which will, in fact, disrupt the whole country and will bring into doubt the whole security system. >> reporter: and from the militants' point>ok of view, th latest attacks do seem to have been a success. are too afraid to go outside and go about their daily lives. i'm jim maceda, nbc news, reporting from moscow. now back to you. ñyou, jim. fire crews in the south bay caught fire in san jose. crews were called to the scene for reports of a possible house fire near the corner of 20th and jz streets just before 9:00 this morning. when -úe arrived, they found a shed behind a home on fire. firefighters quickly knocked down the flames. we're told nobo-un wasñi insidee shed and no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. and now to ourñi continuing coverage this morningçó on the
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fightxd to keep a young teenage on a ventlator at children's hospital oakland. the hospital will be legally allowed to remove 13-year-old jahi mcmath from qr ventilator n just six hours. the family appears to be running out ofçó options. nbc bay area'sxd christie smiths live at the hospital this morning with what happens next. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to ñi you, peggy. we did just hear from the children's hospital spokesman who said at this point there's been some limited conversation with the family's attorney, but he said they couldn't really geó into what that wasq about. he also said that the hospital has not.nb heard from any medi facility that meets the criteria to take jahi mcmath. he reminded all the reporters standing out(t here that the deadline expires at 5:00 deadline that keeps her on a ventilator here atñr childreaw% hospital. now, the spokesperson didq not say exactly what will happen here at 5:00 p.m. when pressed by reporters. but he said they know of no
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facility that would take her ani no legal moves happening on behalf of jahi me1cmath. she was declared legally brain dead after severe complications after getting her tonsils removed and other procedures. she was admitted on december 9th. a prayer serv fundraiser was canceled asñi a place to move her was not secured. the family had been fighting to keep ñ%t on a ventilator, g=ç her moved to a facility perhaps in new york, a bay area facility, or one in l.a. apparently the hospital spokesperson is saying that none of thosee1e1 havexd worked out this is açó real tragedy. >> this is one of the most tragic situations imaginable. a family hasok lost their young daughter. the familylp and friends have lt their young daughter. jahi mcmath is unfortunately deceased. of hope, no amount of anyi] typ of medical procedure will bring
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her back. ourw3 sympathies go -- our deept sympathies go to this family and friends and to thisñi community do for this young woman now.lp 1" h spokesperson says att& this poi they know of no physician that would do a procedure on jahi required to move her. they know of no lawful transportation toçó moveñi her. and they have been given no authorization from any facility to move her. we've reached out to the family attorney several times this morning, have not heard back. we understand that the family is here. we've reached out to them as well but have not heard back from them either. that'sñi the latest from here, reporting live in oakland. >> very sad situation. 4zsq!-juáármuch.tie.ñi 11:06q right now. investigators in pleasant hill are looking for two masked men who tried to rob a woman at gunpoint last night. the victim says she was approached by two men while sitting in her parked car. this happened about 6:15 last night.
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police say one of the suspects pulled out a gun, told the woman to openxd up here1 door. she refused and drove away and called 911. as she was driving away, she says one of the men fired a single shot toward her t(car. she was not injured. the suspects took off in a car and are still on the loose this morning. daly city police are trying to figure out who got away i>( stolen ambulance t(x=uáju emts left the ambulance running as they responded to a call for at a home overnight. this happened just after midnight. that's when police say someone jumped into the emergency vehicle and took off, taking that ambulance onq a short joyride. it was found a few blocks away & right next to the cow palace. police say thet( keys and gasñid 4éfq)e stole front ambulance. as of right w3now, they have no another ambulance was quickly ñr out the patient. and san francisco police are looking for witnesses after a man was shot and killed outside near a club in japan town.
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near webster just beforexd 2:00n sunday morning. police sayi] 36-year-old david gilford was shot as he stood on the sidewalk outside of theñr club. investigators do not have a shooting. suspects in this and the city of richmond will finish 2013 with thew3 lowt number of killings in years. there have been 16 homicides this year. that's compared tow3 47 back inp 2009. well, that was the year that4# richmond was declared the second most dangerous city in the country. authorities credit community policing for the drop in the number of homicides over the past few years. a popular ou)!zuju music festival is underway inñi south lake tahoe, but with increased security. this following thet( death of a local teenager last year.xd now, this year's snowlp globe music festival will include twice as many buses as lastxd yr and will have extendedçó hours d a heated tent for those waiting for a ride ñihome. authorities believe the 19-year-old tried to walk to her hotel to avoid the long lines for the shuttle bus. the teenager's body was found a few days later on a route back
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to her hotel. authorities say she died of hypothermia. and happening now, the legal fight over the future ofehb cit college of san francisco. uárjz is asking a judge today to throw out a lawsuit aimed ate1 preventing the school from losing its accreditation. the city, the teachers union, and the coalition of students and communityfá members havefá filed suit in an effort to stop the revocation process from moving forward. the school is set to lose its accreditation in julyq if itw3e fails tomo)v financial and maintenance issues. and still ahead this morning, a skier buriede1 aliven an avalanche. it's all caught on camera. the unbreakable bond with the man who came to rescue him, coming up next. and i'm bob rydell. we'll take youfá l&]ve to the t coastline to explain why these waves are so unusually large. that story coming up. king tides aree1 back. our temperature highs are really warm as well.
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new at 11:00, the qfaa just announcing the six sites where researchers will develop and test drones. list. the chosen sitesq are the univñ$a%qe of alaska, nevada, new york's griffith international airport, north dakota department of commerce, texas a&mu.x university, corpu christie and virginiafá ñipolyt institute. the sites were chosen based onñ geography, climate, the use of air space and safety. congress hopes to have the unmanned aircraft in the skies by the end of 2015. >> a pilot and his passenger are crashed in a southern california parking lot. the single-engine cessna was reportedly headed to a small airport north of los angeles. that's when the pilot missed the first approach. on the secondokñi attempt to la nto a used car lot across the street from the airport.
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theq pilot and passenger sufferd -rfju injuries. no one on the ground was hurt. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. and a russian ship that is stranded in antarctica since christmas eve will have to wait a little longer for help. the latest rescue attempt was called off due to bad weather. nbc's sarah james has more fromd australia, where it's now early tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the crew of an australian ice cutter had hoped to reach the stranded ship at this hour. instead, the passengers remain trapped. the end of their ordeal is nowhere in sight.xd despite low temperatures, the day began with highñi spirits f the 74 passengers aboard this stranded russian ship stuck in ice off antarctica. an adventure which appeared to be at an end with the 5aimpend arrival of an australian rescue ship. those hopes were dashed this morning when the ice cutter speciallye1xd built3w to plow
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treacherous antfáarctic waters o thick with ice. both ships remain in the an air lift by helicopter has also been scratched for now due as theq australian maritime ñr experts ponder what next,t( the crew of the ship say they have enough food and provisions. so scientists keep busy with research. and passengers keep thqe world p to date. the passengers have been stranded since christmas. now they're looking to celebratr new year's eve, another holiday, on the e. back to you. ?u all right. dñáhank you so ce1much. now to an amazing story of survival and brotherhood as two skilled skiers who survived an avalanche in the coloradot(xd b country are openw." up about those terrifying momentáyr!%mñ morning. éhvy were on the slopes last sunday when thatñi avalanche hi.
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eé.x9 was caught right in the middle andfá buried alive by th snow. davufy who saw everything unfold ez after his brother. both brothers are certified in avalanche safety. edwinxd did have a device meanto if he were to be trapped under the snow. however, the force of the avalanche knocked it out of his mouth. >> i was wr4)ied when i couldn't get the mouthpiece for the breathing device back in my mouth. i inhaled some snow, so i felt like i was chokingt( or wasn't able to breathe. it kind of shot me to thee1 surface andi]çó i was swimming frantically through the snow. >> edwin escaped with only a knee injury. he will have surgery later this week to repair a torn e1acl and mcl. jf happening now, the king tides areñi rolling in. king tides, of course, occur when the tilt of the earth's axis and the magnetic pull of the sun around the moon align.ñr last year the tides caused some pretty major problems, including flooding here in the baylp area.
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nbc bay area's bobçó rydell is pacifica this morning. how's it looking? >> reporter: good morning to o cf1 o so far noxdxd flooding. not much over the walls like we've su in years past. as christina will soon be telling us, the weather is really nice. it's calm, no storms. you have this easterly wind that's holding these waves back. that being said, you can see the waves are much larger than usual. that is because, as you mentioned, the king tides. it's a phenomena that happens summer solstice. you don't see the waves much then because that happens during the nighttime. now during the winter solstice. that's when the usun, earth, a it pullse1 greater on the ocean with the gravitational force, causing the tides to rise higher than normal. for instance, this morning's high tide, which is around lp9:3 tomorrow it will be just over seven feet. actually,e1 this morning was ju n f.
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higher than usual. imagine if climate change wer%ñ to cause the sea level to rise that much in the coming decades. then what we are seeing today could become the new normal. that's a point being made this morning by a groupw3 called the california king tides this organization psq asking yo to take pictures of any floodino caused by the king tidesq so thy can show city planners where the communities are most vulnerable if the oceans, in fact, do riser >> when you have a huge swell in the water or a storm event, it so when you think about sea level rise and you think, okay, well, it's only supposed to rise a foot, that can still be a huge problem. >> evidenced by what we're seeing today? >> exactly. >> i mean, you have the white,
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the blue in the sky, the blue in the ocean. it's fantastic. that's why we live here in california. >> reporter: the king tides are well, where water is lapping over on the sidewalk. this is by the ferry building. it's not yet on to the actual embarcadero.ñiñi during the high and low tide tomorrow, those columns willlp drop about a foot an hour. reporting live here in ñipacifi, bobzv rydell, nbc bay area new. >> boy, what a vista you have behind you, bob. i think you pulled the long straw today. thank you so much. appreciate that. as we check in now with meteorologist christina loren,@s know okeverybody's concerned abt the king tides. i think that guy had it right. this is why we live here. i could just listen to that sound and watch the ocean all day long. i think a lot of peoplee1 are going to be alarmed because they were so high last year. thate1 simultaneously wa%á
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as youáiknow, it'se1 been as drs a bone. that will continue. we're not as concerns about the flooding potential of this round of king tides. but yeah, they're the highest tides of the season. flooding possible near high tide at the immediatee1 coast and around the bay. if you're wondering when is high tide, well, san francisco area around 8:42 tomorrow fámorning. it will rise five to seven feet, averages six qfeet. down towards the southern half of the bay area, we're talking about 10:47 a.m. thatxd is your high tide. so we're looking pretty good. not expecting a lot out of this. *q watching it for you tomorrow morning. if anything doese1 occur, mike will be here withñi your mornin drive to let you know. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. we're at 55 in san jose headed towards a comfortable afternoon, climbing intoq the upper 60s al across the bay area. ar" these are records for many cities across the bay area. if you want to find out whether
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area. jeff will let you know tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and ñi11:00. and your seven-day forecast is down here as well. we're taking you into 2014. want to talk about your air quality. there is major improvement in this department. it throughout the next couple days. moderate levels of pollution, not in the unhealthy range, which is great news because we spared the all weekend long. it's still going to be dry and above average. take a looke1 at this trend, peggy. monday into tuesday, temperatures drop just a touch. still above average though. wednesday intoxd thursday, we climb right back up close to 70 degrees. it's going to stay nice and warm. hey, at least it's nice here in california. back to you. >> oh, my goodness. the envy of the country. that's for sure. thanks. still to come on nbc bay area news at 11:00, theçó 49ers are playoff ready. they'll be the ones hitting the road and braving the freezing temperatures tb' take on the packers. what a changeok they're goinglp(
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experience. we'll explain why, coming up.
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the 49ers are getting back to work today, preparing for the playoffs and a freezing cold trip to green bay. the niners did what they had to do against the cardinals yesterday. they clinched the fifth seed. they won the game 23-20. themr()q)s also needed last-minuteph1i=% to solidify their spot in the playoffs. take a look at this one. former cal bear aaron rodgers back in the lineup after missing seven games. then this, throwsjf a 48 yard t pass in the final minute of the game. beats the chicago bears and claims the nfc north g well done. therefore, the 49ers and the packers will square off on sunday at 1:40 p.m.lp despite the 49ers having six more wins on the season, they because the 49ers are a wild [n"uát(zd the packers are a division winner. in the other nfc showdown games,
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the saints in philly. you can see that game right here saturday. also, game two of a football double header here on nbc earlier in the day, you can see the chiefs and the colts play in indianapolis. that'll be one1 saturday. that gameñr starts at 1:35. then on sunday, it is the chargers in cincinnati against the bengals. time there, 10:05 a.m. in the morning. well, the seasonw3 is over r the raiders, and it ended on a low w3note. the raiders, and it ended on a low w3note. the broncos s%u their 34-14 win, including one by quarterback peyton manning,ñ who broke the nfl recordñi for most passing records ini] añr sn with 5,fá477. he season with 55 ce1 touchdowns, another nfl record. the raiders finished with a çó4o record. we could find out today if head next season. >> i expect to be back, and i'm looking forward to the opportunity to come back. >> well, the decision is ultimately up to theçg7ç ñiteam
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general manager and of course the owner, but league sources lju a third season. we know our own chr_%9 loren disappointed by that loss. still ahead, a close encounter with a e1shark.ñi t.(q&ieve it. to see this one to it's a shark photo bomb, really. we'll be back with that. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health.
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welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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all right. take a look at this.e1 a surprise shot durw." a surfinr trip at manhattan beach in los angeles over the weekend. boy, two southern california boys apparently photo bombed by what appears to be a shark. look at that right there in the waá-éçó now, the photographer is also the mother of one of the boys.r can you imagine? she said she didn't even realize thee1 creature was in the photo until she checked the camera in the car. i don't know if i'd go back into the water after t(w3that. she told the boys, by the way, it was a dolphin. she didn'ti] want to frighten them. as moms would. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00.
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