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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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keeping the olympic athletes safe. the new steps being taken to morning after a pair of suicide bombings in russia. >> an entire city is told to evacuate after a train derails and catches on fire. >> new york city puts the final touches on tonight's new year's eve celebration. we'll tell you what will be missing from this year's event. >> a live look on this tuesday morning, taking a look here you can see over san francisco. we get things rolling on this last day of 2013, december 31st. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. good morning.
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>> good morning to you. i want to point out off the bat we have thick fog out there this morning. visibilities reduced to about a quarter mile along the peninsula and south bay. san francisco as well. and we are watching visibilities starting to drop in the north bay so we're going to keep you updated. count on fog, though, as we head throughout the morning. it's a spare the air day, will this fog continue? into new year's eve? i have your full forecast coming up in a few moments. good news for some of you. some of you. mike inouye, always good news for you. >> a foggy new year's day. a clear view of the span, this is the bay bridge and the newer span. we'll call it the new span for a while. a nice flow of traffic. the road crews are clear. no lane restrictions. i see one set of flashing lights so watch it. a smooth drive past oakland, the roadway, 880, light volume of traffic. we expect that for the morning.
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likely the lightest all day. traffic will build into the evening. b.a.r.t. is one of your alternates. we'll talk about alternates to driving. back to you. >> it's 4:32. we begin with a developing story this morning. police in southern california find four bodies overnight after getting a call from a teenage boy who they say told them his family may be dead. authorities say they found the bodies in a home in fontana east of los angeles in san bernardino county. the 16-year-old told them his family members had been injured or possibly killed in the home. the four bodies included a man and woman and two children. a girl about 12 years old and a boy about 10. police have yet to identify the bodies but say it appears they all lived in the house. the deaths are under investigation. >> officials in north dakota are evacuating an entire city following a two-train derailment. you can see from this video huge fiery black clouds rose to the sky. you can see it for miles away.
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this is after a derailed train is hit by another train in the opposite direction yesterday afternoon. the second train was carrying crude oil. the collision caused several fiery explosions filling the air with black smoke. >> we were taking a nap, all of a sudden we heard this boom and we ran out and seen black smoke and orange smoke. >> grab whatever and leave. they were outside my house waiting for us to leave. >> the red cross and salvation army have organized a shelter at a middle school in fargo. the ntsb's go team is on the way to investigate the cause of the accident. >> we continue to follow developing news out of russia. officials are operating on high alert following two suicide bombings. new year's eve events in the city have been canceled and police ask people not to set off fireworks. several of the people injured were taken to moscow for treatment. you can see them actually being wheeled off the plane in stretchers.
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70 people were hurt in the twin bombings, 34 others were killed. police reinforcements and troops have been sent for increased security. the city is 400 miles from sochi with the winter olympics are scheduled to take place in just over a month. some countries have responded by increasing security for their athletes. australia's olympic committee says its athletes will not be allowed to travel locally by characters train or bus and not allowed to compete outside the city. >> one athlete who has experienced the security at the olympics is jessica from danville. she and her sister maggie helped team usa win a gold medal in water polo in 2012. the london games had a massive security presence, 13,000 police officers and 17,000 members of the british armed forces. security is expected to be even tighter in sochi. >> it's unfortunate when outside influences try to take that away from these athletes. we're there to compete.
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we trained our entire lives to get to this position. >> she said the athletes can only control what they can control, the physical and mental preparation needed to do well in the games. >> the family of jahi mcmath has until next tuesday to move her to another facility. yesterday a judge ordered the oakland girl declared brain dead to be kept on a ventilator until january 7. the family says a facility in medford, new york has agreed to take her and they made arrangements with an air ambulance company to get her there. the family attorney says they will work to get all of the paperwork done before the january 7 deadline. happy new year, it's 2014 in new zealand. the clock struck midnight over an hour ago in auckland, the first major city to ring in the new year. in the u.s. organizers putting the finishing touches on one of the most anticipated parties.
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sarah shows us why despite freezing temperatures more than a million people will pack into times square. >> reporter: one of the world's biggest and most well known parties. >> love it. amazing atmosphere. >> reporter: times square, counting down the last minutes of 2013. those who will brave the crowds will also brave the cold. temperatures expected to be in the 20s. earlier a final dress rehearse well the times square ball. it's a sparkling center piece featuring 2600 crystals with updated designs. and a test confetti drop. >> this is an experience for me. i have never been in the new year in new york city. this is great. i'm so excited. >> reporter: a new year with new resolutions for the more than one million people expected to pack times square and the one billion expected to watch on tv. >> getting older and closer to
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retirement. trying to figure out what we want to do when we grow up. >> reporter: a fresh start in the first few minutes of 2014. >>. >> this year's celebration will be a little different. it will be the first time in a decade a new york city mayor will not attend the celebration. outgoing mayor michael bloomberg plans to spend the time with his family. mayor-elect bill de blasio will be sworn in at a frift ceremony a minute after the ball drops. >> here at home preparations are under way for the big night on the water front in san francisco. crews are busy on two barges preparing fireworks for the show. 200,000 people are expected to watch the 15-minute fireworks show at the stroke of midnight. hotels in downtown san francisco as you might imagine are all booked up. forget about getting that room. the restaurants are booked as well. public transit will run extra service to help you get where you need to go. b.a.r.t. will have extra trains
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until 3:00 a.m. so you have to pay normal fares. caltrain is offering free rides and the last leaves the city at 2:15 a.m. muni is offering free rides, some lines until 5:00 a.m. sam trans will let people ride for 3 between 8:00 and 5:00 tomorrow morning. bga offers free rides and extended hours on the rail and service between fremont and san jose. if you are still looking for something to do tonight's new year's eve we have some suggestions. visit our website,, search new year's eve events. there you find a list of things happening around the bay tonight. we, of course, will probably be sleeping, unfortunately. >> 10:00 is probably when the year will be rung in. >> we'll go the east coast ringing. >> about right. how will the weather hold? >> it's going to be pretty ef nice out there this year. san jose right now starting out with a lot of thick fog. and this is something that we have not experienced much so far
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this month. so keep in mind it's foggy, throughout the day today those clouds are going to be with us much of the day along the peninsula and at the immediate coast. keep that in mind. we're looking good to clear out of here in time for the fireworks in san francisco tonight. big destination here in the bay area. 43 degrees in san francisco now, the east bay at 39, south bay waking up in the upper 30s, throughout this afternoon we're going to jump into the 60s, it will be cooler. you will notice more cloud cover and it's a spare the air day. so, when it comes to the fog this is what we expect. haven't had to deal with it for a while. remember, use your low beams, mike's going to be with us all morning long and will keep you updated as far as how that's impacting your commute. this is what we expect. around 8:00 a.m. the coast stays foggy, partial clearing inland. by lunch time widespread clearing and we should stay clear for your festivities tonight. i'll have your full forecast coming up. first, though, let's check the drive. >> king tides, a great name for
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a band new year's eve. we'll see if there is anybody called that. this is some of the fog christina was talking about. our view we can have of palo alto, 101, at university avenue. the glowing lights, the bright light, that's the billboard we see. the glowing lights, that's the reason christina is talking about using standard headlights. we turn the high beams on in fog reflects, makes it tougher to see. so far driving is fine for 101 there. a look at the map, getting over to the peninsula from the east bay, 92, 84, the san mateond dumbarton bridges move. no problems for visibility reported there. and easy flow through the tri-valley, issue the altamont pass into the area we'll see a little bit of a build, again as we talked about probably the morning commute is maybe the lightest traffic you'll see around the bay starting to build toward midday, then the evening hours a lot more folks traveling. the south bay, a live shot for san jose, easy flow and a clear view even in the south bay.
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they talked about the free rides. back to you. >> good to know. >> 4:40. a popular sandwich shop warning of a credit card security breach. >> and the mayor's office accused of tampering as the search for the police chief is put on hold. >> one of the 49ers' assistant coaches taking a new job. we'll tell you who is leaving the team at the end of the postseason.
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welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside. oakland 880, surprising that many cars this morning. a lot of people taking a little holiday break. hope you've been enjoying it. happy new year's eve. a major snag in the hunt for oakland's new police chief after the firm hired to find the new chief cuts ties with the city. the firm hired to compile a list of candidates for the job stopped its chursearch saying s spoke to applicants on its own. the company will not say who is at fault but the report saying the chief of staff spoke to at least one person. the mayor's office denies the report. oakland has not had a permanent police chief since may when
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howard jordan decided to retire for medical reasons. >> a bar is looking for a new location after more than three decades of doing business in the shopping center. boswell says rent is too high so it will look for a new place to call home. the restaurant and bar has occupied the spot for the past 36 years. it will hold a new year's eve bash before shutting down completely. it's the latest business to leave the prune yard. the popular restaurant also anaungsed it will close for the same reason, rent too high. >> customers who have eaten at a popular sandwich shop may have had private information stolen. according to the chronicle the shop witchcraft on mission street was hacked. someone accessed credit card information of people who dined between august 11 and october 2. officials say the hackers took names, credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates. if you feel you might be at risk
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officials suggest monitoring your account. >> popular movies will soon be percentaged from netflix streaming library. tonight about 80 movies and shows will be removed from the streaming service. netflix does this every so often because of licensing contracts so among the titles going away "titanic," top gun, brave heart, flash dance. do the right thing, as good as it gets and several seasons of "saturday night live." you will still be able to order them through the mail. >> get that maniac dance on. a company celebrating a banner year. bertha coombs live joins us with a look. good morning. >> good morning. stocks hot on wall street, netflix has been among the hottest. and net ceo is ringing out 2013 on a big high note. the company which is based in los gatos is hiking his pay by 50% to $6 million amid a jump in
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subscribers and popular shows such as house of cards and orange is the new black. netflix stock quadrupled in value. facebook still dominates social media but people are branching out. a new survey by the pew research center finds that while a majority of folks still use facebook, about 40% visit two or more other social networking sites. pinterest is popular with women. i'm not sure where i fall. instagram is my favorite. i like the pictures from museums and blogs. some are fun. >> instagram is so great. takes you around the world. >> exactly. happy new year to you. thanks so much. >> happy new year. >> and happy new year to meteorologist christina loren as we get a look at how the new year's day is going to be for all of us. 2014. can't believe it's here. >> me neither.
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it flew by. we've got fog drifting around the bay area this morning. you know what, it's cold enough for a jacket but mild later on today as we climb from the 30s and 40s where we are now, into the upper 60s in places like the south bay. we're going to end up in the mid-60s, at 68 degrees in the east bay, 61 for san francisco, and out in the north bay 64. thanks for waking up with us each day. especially on kind of a holiday like this. we appreciate it. if you got to get to work like us count on the patchy fog to likely slow you down along the peninsula. and in san francisco, it's also starting to get more thick up in the north bay. we're going to keep tabs on that. now through thursday we're talking about the king tides t highest of the season. you may recall last year we had a lot of flooding when the king tides came around. this year it's different because we don't have a storm system coming in simultaneously. so, what we are expecting potential flooding it's not likely, possible though. near high tide that's around the coast and the bay and especially the south end of the bay so.
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this is what we're watching for. high tide at 8:42 this morning, five to seven feet off shore san francisco, and then offshore palo alto talking high tide at 10:47 a.m. we're all over this f. there is flooding we'll show it to you. that's about it for now. your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we're going to talk more about with your new year's eve and new year's day. back to you, peggy and laura. >> it's 4:49. sharks rookie sensation will undergo surgery this morning. it could end his season. the 20-year-old was knocked out of the december 19th game against the kings when he collided knee on knee. >> that's got to hurt. >> he hasn't played since. today doctors at the cleveland clinic will operate to determine how severe that knee injury is. let's hope he is okay. >> and the 49ers, they are getting bad news. they are going to lose one of
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their offensive line coaches. tim drevno has agreed to become the offensive line coach for the university of southern california. he has coached the niners since 2011. he's head coach jim harbaugh's longest tenured assistant. >> while most of us mark this new year at the stroke of midnight the cardinal team will be asleep. they get a final day of practice in this morning before tomorrow's rose bowl against the champion michigan state. stanford is looking for back-to-back rose bowl wins, as they beat wisconsin last year to make the title. tomorrow's kickoff is 2:10 p.m. in pasadena. >> i saw a sweatshirt fear the tree. when we come back, a pair of high school students will welcome 2014 hours before the rest of us. >> we're looking here, we're welcoming this light volume of traffic. we've been seeing for the last
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couple of weeks. how the shift is going to happen, in a few hours.
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happy new year's eve to you. live to the scene of one of the biggest parties tonight as we usher in 2014, new york city there times square where the big ball drop will take place. they are getting ready for the huge crowds for quite some time now. >> it's magical.
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>> nothing else in the world. like exotic in a way. >> it is still 2013 in scotland but the celebration is under way. the torch lit procession started the three-day celebration. more than 8,000 people marched flew the streets last night carrying torches. a beautiful sight. over the next few days 20 tons of fireworks in four displays at edinborough castle. >> a few hundred miles away a pair of bands ring in the new year in london. the pittsburg band and the oak grove marching band will perform in london's parade. not their first stop in europe. they sent us these photos of the students touring italy, checking out the coliseum and the spanish steps as well. i wonder if they threw coins in there. they performed at a parade.
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tomorrow they march in front of tens of thousands passing by some of the most famous sights in london. a great opportunity for them. >> right now hundreds of workers are arranging flowers for tomorrow's tournament of roses parade. excuse me. they are working on 40 floats at warehouses near the route. coverage of the 125th annual new year's day parade will start tomorrow morning at 8:00 with the "today" show's al roker and hoda cotpe. >> a lot of flowers. i wanted to see that in person. i think that will be a sight. >> yeah. fun. >> a friend of mine used to live on the parade route. you could watch it on tv so you see what's coming down after they broadcast it so they were talking about -- >> call that friend. >> she moved to san francisco. looking here toward the north bay, not a lot of activity. look at that. the few cars we saw scattered
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off to the screen. a little scared. don't worry. an easy drive san rafael. looking for a crash reported northbound side, a couple of taillights moving without problems. we'll track that. the orange, the upper left-hand side, that's where the weather and traffic tied together talking about the possibility for fog. we've seen that through some of the camera shots. no slowing north. an easy drive the arrows mark the area of congestion starting about midday, maybe 10:30, 11:00, we'll see more traffic into san francisco, the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge, the holiday festivities for new year's eve. be careful out there. looking toward fremont we saw slowing, this has cleared but also the live shot, i wanted to reinforce it's a light volume past the truck scales. all the way down to the south bay. >> thanks so much. 4:56. a new year, new laws. a look at what will change when
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the clock strikes 12. >> using a ride sharing company this new year's eve could come with a hefty price. >> a live look outside. look at that embarcadero, san francisco. all lit up. a clear morning as well. happy new year's eve to you. still early. 4:57.
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a san francisco police officer forced to open fire after a late night car chase. what we are learning from police. giving bicyclists more space. the new law you need to know about to avoid a costly tikts. >> none reported now, light traffic. but we'll talk about where the volume shift is going to happen. >> and that iconic san francisco fog, back for the final day of the year. we're going to tell you where it's the thickest, where you really need to add time for your morning commute and what you can expect for new year's eve when
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the sun goes down. your full forecast in moments. >> let's take you outside here for your last day of 2013, boy, you can see as mike said traffic moving pretty well as we look out over the distance there. definitely not bad weather. good commuting so far. >> it's tuesday, december 31, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. happening now officials say a weather shift could put a hazardous plume of smoke above the town of castleton. people had to evacuate after a train derailed. take a look at this video. the big plumes of smoke. castleton is 25 miles west of fargo. investigators could not get close enough to tell how


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