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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the sun goes down. your full forecast in moments. >> let's take you outside here for your last day of 2013, boy, you can see as mike said traffic moving pretty well as we look out over the distance there. definitely not bad weather. good commuting so far. >> it's tuesday, december 31, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker. happening now officials say a weather shift could put a hazardous plume of smoke above the town of castleton. people had to evacuate after a train derailed. take a look at this video. the big plumes of smoke. castleton is 25 miles west of fargo. investigators could not get close enough to tell how many
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cars caught fire but it could be as many as 20. officials are going to let the fire burn itself out. this story still developing at this hour. police in southern california found four bodies in a fontana home. two of them young children. police went to the home after they got a call from a 16-year-old who told police that his family members had been hurt, possibly killed in the house. family members confirm those were those of the family that lived there. a middle-aged couple, two kids about 10 and 12. police have yet to confirm the identities. investigation is ongoing. fontana is about 50 miles east of los angeles. >> the family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath has more time to move her to another facility this morning. yesterday a judge ordered the oakland girl to be kept on a ventilator until january 7. christie smith is live in oakland with this. the whole country is watching this situation. what is the latest news mean for the family? >> reporter: good morning to you. this newly extended order came
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just an hour before children's hospital could have turned off jahi mcmath's ventilator. now what's happening is that basically the family has until next tuesday to try to move her from children's hospital to another facility willing to take her on. and the family's attorney says they believe they have located that place and an organization they say believes in life, that according to family's attorney the facility in new york. outside children's hospitals late yesterday the family spoke with reporters and a story that has grabbed national attention. the family says that they have contracted out with an air ambulance to go ahead and fly her out to this facility. but a hospital spokesperson says they have not heard from that facility staff and there would be a number of requirements that have to be met before she could be moved. jahi mcmath came to children's to get her tonsils out on december 9 and other tissue removed to help her breathe but three days later she was declared brain dead. the family believed all along
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she was alive, they took their fight to court. an outside neurologist agreed with children's hospital she was brain dead. now children's must keep her on a ventilator until january 7. >> no matter what i do, somebody's going to say i'm wrong. if i didn't fight for her they would say that mother's no good. now i'm fighting for her. now they say she is doing too much. >> it's not unusual for a court given these sorts of circumstances and the charged situation to give more time to a family like this. we're not sure it was the right judgment call but that was the judgment call of the judge and we'll comply with it. >> reporter: the family also shared a photo they say of jahi's uncle holding her hand. they say they are not giving up hope. they say the girl has moved her legs and she does respond to her mom's voice. but a hospital spokesperson says that's basically that often brain dead patients experience
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involuntary movement. the hospital plans to fight the family's court filings. i have reached out to the family this morning, so far haven't heard back. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. it's 5:04. an officer opened fire in san francisco after the suspect reportedly tried to hit a police sergeant with his car. police chased the suspect through the city from the bay view district to 19th avenue where the suspect crashed into another car. an officer fired one shot but missed the suspect and hit the suspect's vehicle. >> to kocontinue -- had been tan to a local hospital. >> the suspect crashed into a concrete barrier in front of the police station and was taken into custody without incident. it's unclear if the suspect had a gun. no bystanders were hurt and the suspect taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> with the new year comes new
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laws for us in california. certainly a lot of them. everything from transgender student rights to where you can and can't light up even changes to tips at a restaurant. bob redell live with a look at some of them for us. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. too many to mention but i can give you a highlight of some. tomorrow the state will offer new protections for celebrity, student and workers through new laws. for workers who earn minimum wage, employees must pay their employees at least $9 an hour instead of $8. by 2016 that will jump to $10 an hour. for restaurants servers they might see less in their paycheck. a new law that will require the state to tax any tips that are automatically added to the bill. you probably are familiar with this. this is usually the case we have a party of six or more at the table they charge say 18%. employers will no longer be able
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allowed to fire an employee because they are the victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault and the employer must change the employee's at work phone number if that will help protect them from a stalker. for k-12 students who identify themselves as transgender, schools must allow them to join the sports team or use the bathroom that correlates to their orientation a. student born a boy but identifies as a girl will be allowed to use the girl's bathroom and say the girls basketball team. the university of skaxt going smoke free. no tobacco on the ten uc campuses. for the movie stars tough rules for paparazzi caught harassing the children of celebrities, law enforcement, or judges. they could now face up to a year in county jail. and a fine of up to $10,000. coming up new rules that could affect the way you drive in to work.
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reporting live here, bob redell. back to you. >> half asleep is usually how that is how i drive in to work. >> meteorologist christina loren joining us now from -- before that we want to take to you sydney, australia. look at this. boy, from the bridge there in sydney over the harbor. >> beautiful. they are ringing in the new year there. >> 2014 down under. >> not a bad way to start. we saw new zealand, now australia. ours a little ways away. but hopefully clear skies as well. a lot of people heading out to the embarcadero tonight to check out the fireworks display there. let's check in with christina. >> good morning to you. some thick fog out there right now. if you wanted to throw a shrimp on the barbie later on it's nice enough to do that. watch out this morning, get yourself extra time. try to eliminate the distractions in the vehicle because the fog can creep up on you. may not be visible as you make your way out the door and then
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you lose visibility as you hit the highway. 34 in the north bay, 44 in san francisco, good morning to you, san jose, 39 degrees, and we've got a good looking day shaping up. temperatures are going to be unseasonably warm yet again today. we're going to climb into the mid-60s, san jose at 64 degrees later on today, along the peninsula this is is where you're going to see a lot of cloud cover especially for the first half of the day. then it will clear out, san francisco, though, you're going to be stuck in the clouds most of the day. nonetheless touching on the 60s, later on this afternoon. north bay a nice warm finish, santa rosa, 66 degrees, the east bay, a little bit of fog to start the day. a nice mix of sun and clouds, 62 for fremont, comfortable conditions, 2 degrees away from 70 out there in livermore for the final day. can't believe it went by so fast. this is what you can expect. new year's eve looks good, mild and mostly clear, the clouds are going to clear out of here. new year's day we start the warm-up. 2 to 3 degrees warmer by tomorrow. hazy sunshine out there. and then as we get into your
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thursday, we continue that warming. a building breeze comes through which is good for our air quality. you want your seven-day forecast, a peek into the new year here at the bottom of the screen. let's check the drive with that fog. it could become problematic. >> good morning. we were talking about the moisture in the air and i was asking about temperatures because first of all we'll look at this view. foster city off the san mateo bridge. a little glow to the lights. low clouds drifting through. let's get a look at the maps as well. across to the peninsula side. a smooth drive. no problems. but we have an issue below us, belmont, actually san carlos. reports after crash at harbor boulevard. surface streets off of the freeway. reports of a motorcycle that went down. reports of black ice and i said what? you know, the conditions could be there might be a small patch there. chp got out there, there is no incident. the conditions might be you could come up with that type of
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a slippery roadway and because of the possibility i want to warn that on the roadways. a light volume of traffic throughout the area t freeways move smoothly and into the south bay no problems. northbound commute direction there was not much of one. the tri-valley moves nicely. eastbound 580, new crash at grant line road. no problems so far. back to you. >> you are on it. thank you so much. ride sharing companies are a convenient way home. but one company is getting criticism for what it calls surge pricing. san francisco based uber. when more want a lift it costs more. this can be pricey depending on what time you call for a ride. >> the first thing is if it's before 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve, you are pretty good. like it starts to heat up around 7:30, sort of -- starts getting going around 8:00 p.m. f. you can get to where you're going that first stop in the evening, before 8:00 p.m. you're going to
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be in a good spot. >> always feel safe. i know i can get a ride home and that's important to me especially on a night like new year's eve. >> uber used surge pricing for four years. people haven't stopped calling. if you are concerned about the price the company will let you split the fare with other riders. >> you can also always call a good old fashioned taxicab. public transportation is an option. and b.a.r.t. is running until 3:00 a.m. caltrain running free trains last one leaves the city at 2:15 a.m. muni also offering free rides, some lines will run until 5:00 a.m. samtrans will let people ride for free between 8:00 and 5:00 tomorrow morning. express service between fremont and san jose. that gives you great options. for everything you need to know about planning your new year's eve, visit our website and search new
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year's eve and you're going to find a link with a list of happenings all across the bay area. >> sounds good. it is 5:12. on your new year's eve, what the federal government is doing to try to get you to buy electric cars. >> three ships have tried to rescue a russian ship to no avail. now there is a new plan to bring them home.
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welcome back everyone. 5:14. the woman known as the tamale lady to many in san francisco is having to close her shop. chronicle reports that virginia is in the final stages of signing a lease for a shop near the corner of mission and 16th. for years she sold at city bars but earlier this year she was told she couldn't because the
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health department complained she was not a licensed vendor. she raised $150,000 to help build a brick and mortar shop. good for her. >> technicians at mcafee predict 2014 will see a rise in hack attacks. especially those on android. they are predicted to go to mobile. the attacks attacking social networks are expected to increase. >> did you get gift cards you don't plan to use. may think twice. some may expire though most are good for five years. inactivity fees can cost you. retail store cards don't usually carry them. some bank issued cards do. so using them now means you don't have to risk losing them. >> a final day of trading on wall street will be today for a look at how 2013 will wrap up we turn that over to bertha coombs live at cnbc. good morning to you.
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>> good morning. we've got the futures pointing to a higher start. looks like we'll have the santa rally continue, stocks are closing out a strong year, the dow poised for its best year since 1996, and up for the past five straight years. that's the longest annual winning streak since the bull market of the 90s when it rose nine straight years. we're going to get data on home prices, manufacturing and consumer confidence, rising 26 points monday to 16,504, 51st record close this year. nasdaq slipping 2 to 4154, but even that is better than a 13-year high. congress is set to let 55 tax credits expire on new year's day. among them two aimed at spurring sales of electronic vehicles. one gives 30% credit for the purchase of a home high speed charging station, that cuts recharging time in half. the other covers 10% of the price of an electc motorcycle.
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taxpayers won't be hit until 2015 when they file their return for next year. so if you want that credit hurry up. time's running out. >> a lot of tax credits. >> also the good perks if you have an electric car. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. we were saying bertha looks ready to celebrate the new year. >> yeah, i always make at tradition to dress a little bit for new year's eve on this day have to admit. bertha and i, one in the same. temperature this is morning in the 30s and 40s. and yeah, this might be it for you. maybe you're not planning on going out at all because you want to be safe tonight. you know, it's going to be a nice day. get outdoors, we do have unhealthy levels of pollution again. mostly in the south bay and the north bay so it's a spare the air day. we're looking good to hit the 60s and we do have quite a bit of fog and low cloud cover this morning. so that moisture is rolling on
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shore. we need that for our air quality. we're going to get more wind in the week that will help us out. a nice comfortable day. temperatures running about 5 to 10 degrees above average as we head through this afternoon. today's weather story is that fog and this is what we're expecting as we head throughout the day from the fog. temperatures are going to be cool to start the day, it's cold enough for patchy frost. you heard mike out there so travel cautiously. right now low visibility especially in the south bay at about the 500 foot level. you head over the hill you travel cautiously and that fog is starting to settle into the north bay as well. by 8:00 a.m. the coast will be foggy, partial clearing, then by lunch time widespread clearing from the low clouds, still plenty of mid and high clouds throughout the day today. by tonight, we clear out just in time for all your new year's eve celebrations. this is what we expect at 11:00 p.m. 52 degrees in san francisco, 50 in oakland. san jose will be pretty chilly, 48 degrees, 45 for walnut creek.
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lake tahoe 29 degrees as everybody puckers up and gets ready for what can sometimes be an uncomfortable moment with everybody making out around you. i've seen that before. felt a little weird. maybe because i was alone, mike. maybe that was why. >> always me and dick clark. we love that celebration tradition. hey, carson daly should be on. we'll never be alone. looking here toward the bay and i find that hard to believe that you had lonely moments on a new year's eve with everybody clamoring to see her. looking toward the bay area, easy drive. no clamoring necessary this morning. a smooth flow of traffic. your typical spots, show you atypical light flow of traffic. this is vacation week for a lot of folks. no problems at the altamont pass. even antioch has not seen slowing. still light again all the way to concord and walnut creek, smooth flow for highway 4. east shore freeway a light volume of traffic. a live look, smooth down through
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berkeley and the berkeley curve, no backup at the toll plaza. through the north bay a smooth drive. light volume of traffic through the curve at terra linda. we do have this showing for some fog reported earlier in the north bay but not a problem as far as the drives are concerned. >> thanks a lot. 5:20. we'll take to you times square for a preview of the big event.
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look at that light show out there. wow, we are still waiting to welcome 2014 less than a half hour ago folks in sydney, australia rang in the new year in style i'd say. later tonight more than a million people expected to pack new york's times square for their own celebration. >> going to be chilly. sarah is live in the big apple this morning weight for that famed ball to drop. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, peggy and laura. big crowds and a big security presence expected. come midnight all eyes on the ball drop. one of the biggest and most well known parties. >> love it. amazing atmosphere. >> reporter: times square, counting down the last minutes of 2013. those who brave the crowds will also brave the cold. temperatures expected to be in the 20s. earlier a final dress rehearsal with the ball. it's a sparkling centerpiece featuring more than 2600 crystals with updated designs for this year's celebration. and a test confetti drop. >> it's an experience for me. i have never been in the new year's in new york city, so this is great. i'm so excited. >> reporter: a new year with new resolutions for the more than one million people expected to pack times square and the one billion expected to watch it on
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tv. >> getting a little older, closer to retirement, so trying to figure out what we want to do when we grow up. >> reporter: a fresh start in the first few minutes of 2014. who has the honor of pushing the button? that would be u.s. supreme court justice and bronx native sonia sotomayor. >> hope you have a fun one. >> happy new year. >> you can watch the ball drop as performances here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 10:00 with carson daly. at 11:00 your local news, and right after that we'll take you back to new york city for the big event. >> they are going to be chilly there. not here if you watch the fireworks this evening in san francisco. we check in. what temperatures are we looking at? >> the 40s and 50s tonight but a clear sky, peggy and laura, which is great news if you plan on getting a clear shot of the fireworks, the clouds will not
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prevent that this year. we're looking good. temperatures are chilly, i want to point out two things when it comes to your temperatures. it is cold enough for frost and also you want to dress in layers because as we progress throughout the day, mostly cloudy, a little cooler than yesterday but highs close to 70 degrees on the east bay, 68 degrees, 64 in the south bay, the peninsula mid-60s and in the north bay about 64 degrees. so a nice comfortable day. we'll talk about what will happen tonight. a lot of people heading out and about, mike inouye, are you one of them? >> i will be out until like sunset. yeah. then we're going to probably start cooking. we'll do it at our house. the bay bridge toll plaza we'll expect a light volume of traffic now and throughout the morning commute. so then we'll probably start to build a little bit about midday. i want to take you back to the area we showed, the tri-valley, a light volume in the commute direction westbound marked with the arrow.
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it's east 580 at grant line road there are reports after crash. no injuries but one lane is blocked. that will slow you down. saw the sensors cleared to green. the westbound has kicked in out of the altamont. we'll track that. should be a light build. it will probably build before it starts to clear up again. here is the south bay, no delays, back to you. >> thank you, mike. passengers on a stranded russian ship in antarctica prepare for a helicopter attempt this morning. you can see here the passengers stomping on snow and ice trying to prepare a landing space for a helicopter on a nearby chinese ice breaker. the helicopter has been on standby since yesterday after an ice breaker failed to reach the ship. once conditions improve all passengers will be moved to the chinese vessel, then the australian ship. most of the crew are expected to stay on the research ship which has been trapped on the ice since christmas eve. about ten feet of ice around
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that boat. >> 5:26. with the new year come some new laws. what to do to avoid a serious ticket. the the change to how and why california issues amber alerts.
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>> zm we continue to keep an eye on north dakota where people are told to leave their homes after a train derailment. what firefighters are doing to keep people safe, next. >> plus, preparations for the big new year's eve fireworks show under way in san francisco. what you need to know to get around town. >> and we've got thick fog out there to kick off your tuesday, the final day of the year. we'll tell you when that is slated to clear and we'll talk about the weather for some of the big events. you don't know what's going on, we'll tell you in your full forecast. >> we'll take a look, see if the fog is affecting your drive now and we'll also talk about the shift as things will change for the volume today. >> taking a live look outside, embarcadero there, boy, it's
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going to be busy along the water front as we have the huge fireworks show. it's the last day of 2013. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with a developing story. police in southern california find four bodies overnight after getting a call from a teenage boy who they say told them his family may be dead. authorities say they found the bodies in a home in fontana about 50 miles east of los angeles in san bernardino county. they say the 16-year-old told him his family members had been injured or possibly killed in the home. the four bodies included a man and woman and two children, a girl about 12 years old, a boy about 10. police have yet to identify the bodies but they say it appears they all lived in the house. the deaths are under investigation. right now officials in north dakota evacuate an entire city
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following a two-train derailment. look at this huge fiery black cloud. this is after a derailed train is hit by another train that was traveling in the opposite direction yesterday afternoon. the second train was carrying crude oil. the collision caused several fiery explosions, filled the air with black smoke. >> we were taking a nap and we heard this big boom and we ran out and seen black smoke and then orange smoke. >> grabbed whatever and leave because they were like outside my house waiting for us to leave. >> the red cross and salvation army have organized a shelter at a middle school in fargo for evacuated residents. the ntsb's go team is on their way to investigate the cause. >> it's 5:31. and the fight isn't over yet. a reprieve this morning for the family of jahi mcmath, the bay area teen declared brain dead. yesterday a judge granted an eight-day extension ordering children's hospital oakland to keep her on life support.
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christie smith joins us live with the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what this means is now that the family has until next tuesday to try and get jahi mcmath moved from children's hospital to a long term care facility. they think they have something lined up back east. as you said, this came after a judge ordered the hospital to keep the girl on a ventilator and it came at the last minute, about 4:00. right before children's hospital could have legally turned off the machine. her family spoke with reporters outside in a case that grabbed national attention. jahi went in for tonsil surgery and get tissue removed to help her breathe on december 9. there were complications, three days later she was declared brain dead. the family has maintained all along they still believe she's alive. they went to court and tried to line up facilities to take her two backed out but they say they have one in new york in mind.
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according to the hospital they still need ensure that any move like this is legal. and because she has been declared brain dead, coroner's laws are also involved. for now she remains on a ventilator until january 7. >> my daughter, she's alive, she's warm and i let her know all the time. >> it is not unusual for a court given these sorts of circumstances and the charged situation to give more time to a family like this. we're not sure it was the right judgment call but that was the judgment call and we'll comply with it. >> reporter: the family also shared a photo of what they say is jahi's uncle holding her hand at the hospital. they are still not giving up hope. they say they think that the girl has moved her legs and she does respond to her mom's voice. a hospital spokesperson said without commenting on the case specifically that sometimes brain dead patients do experience involuntary movement. the hospital says that they plan
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to fight the family's court filings. i wanted to mention that the family has set up a website to try to fund this move. their goal about $20,000. i checked this morning and they are up to around $33,000. i have reached out to the family but so far haven't heard back. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> changes come to california as soon as midnight tonight. new laws for 2014 go into effect and it will mean big changes for drivers, cyclists and parents. bob redell is in the newsroom with all of the details. a lot of changes, bob. >> yes. too many to list. protections on the road to make your ride tine work or anywhere safer. starting tonight at midnight if you are driving your car and come across a bicyclist on your route, you must give that cyclist three feet clearance when passing. if you can't you must slow down and let them pass. starting in mid september failure to do so could result in fine. even if there is no crash or the
5:35 am
cyclist isn't hurt or knocked down. teen drivers under 18 no more using google now to send those texts. the state is making it illegal to use voice recognition tee vices to text while behind the wheel. law enforcement will now have more power to prosecute hit-and-run drivers who kill or seriously hurt someone in a crash. under the old rules there were three years to charge someone. now the statute of limitations has been doubled to six years. drivers of hybrids who love to drive solo without penalty, you can continue to do so for five years thanks to an extension of that law that goes into effect tomorrow. for abducted children, a new protection. law enforcement must activate an amber alert if the kidnapper is a custodial parent or guardian who poses a serious risk to the child. some of the laws that are affecting what happens on the road. we'll talk about new protections for workers, celebrities and
5:36 am
such. reporting live, bob redell. laura. bob, i had to pause because i wanted to give you a chance to take in these fireworks. it's 2014 in new zealand. the clock struck midnight in auckland, the first major city to ring in the new year. it's 2014 in sydney, australia. in over an hour tokyo will be the next city to celebrate the new year. here at home preparations are under way on the waterfront in san francisco. crews are busy on two barges preparing fireworks for the big show tonight. 200,000 people are expected to watch the 15-minute show at the stroke of midnight. hotels in downtown san francisco are booked up as well as restaurants with pretty good views of the fireworks displays. >> exciting evening. also letting you know how to get around, public transit running extra service.
5:37 am
b.a.r.t. will have extra trains until 3:00 in the morning so you have to pay normal fares. cal train offers free rides. muni also is offering free rides. sam tram will let people ride for free between 8:00 and 5:00. the bta will have extended hours on the light rail and express bus that runs between fremont and san jose. if you are looking for fun thing to do we have suggestions. we have a list on our website, go to, search new year's events. you'll find a list of things happening around the bay area at any time. it will be exciting for a lot of people as you usher in the new year. >> i think the weather is going to cooperate. right? >> especially when it comes to those fireworks. questionable in the bay area. will you be able to see through the fog. we can pose that question. looking good. we have fog out there this morning and it's thick in the
5:38 am
south bay. we have visibility down to two miles, that is the lowest we're seeing. we're expecting the strooblt continue, 44 degrees right now in san francisco so it's not too cold out there. some of your inland valleys especially out in the east bay the tri-valley and the north bay you want to travel cautiously. you might find patchy black ice. we'll check in with mike. in the north bay today, 68 in the east bay, two degrees away from 70 throughout for the final day of the year. so comfortable conditions. sunshine in the south bay is going to keep our temperatures down. so this future cast tells the weather story. mostly cloudy start as we head throughout the afternoon, we're going to continue to see clouds clear out of here. i'd stop the clock, 5:00, clouds starting to decrease. then as we ring in the new year, midnight, clear start to the new year so comfortable there.
5:39 am
if you are out in san francisco, you are going to be in the company of about 200,000 people so a lot of people out there, big crowds. comfortable conditions. 55 degrees. the fireworks start right at the stroke of midnight. let's check your drive. mike inouye. >> good morning. yeah, the fireworks, sounds like will be able to see them. the patchy fog, maybe patchy ice did have a report in redwood city on surface streets. nonetheless we'll track that. we're looking over toward the north bay now with the volume building a tad. look at these glowing lights, southbound 101 and the curves. eel take to you the map for the same area. we'll take you to the left side of the screen where the traffic -- weather systems are tied together. you may have some patchy fog. down in to san rafael 0 keep that in mind. out of the north and toward that
5:40 am
richmond/san rafael bridge. heading to the bay bridge, an easy drive for the flow of traffic. we'll give you a look at the bay bridge and the toll plaza doesn't have major backup now. a good steady flow of traffic and if patterns go like yesterday, we'll have this building through about 6:30 an things may back off till midday. we'll track it again. we do see the northbound side starting to show more taillights, also at the limit. good stuff. back to you. >> thanks. right now 5:40. oakland official accused of tampering with the hunt for a new mayor. >> keeping the olympic athletes safe. new steps after a pair of suicide bombings in russia.
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we continue to follow
5:43 am
developing news out of russia where officials are operating on high alert following two suicide bombings in volgograd. events have been canceled. seven of the people injured were taken to moscow for treatment. they are wheeled off planes into -- on stretchers. 70 people were hurt in the bombings. 34 were killed. police reinforcements and troops have been sent for increased security. the city is 400 miles from sochi where the winter olympics are scheduled to take place in over a month. some countries have responded to the bombings by increasing security for their olympic athletes. australia's olympic committee says its athletes will not be allowed to travel locally by car, train or bus and will not be allowed to compete outside the city. one athlete who has experienced the security at the olympics is jessica stephans from danville. she and her sister helped team
5:44 am
usa win a gold medal in water polo in 2012. there was a massive security presence. security is expected to be even tighter in sochi. >> it's unfortunate when outside influences try to take that away from these athletes because you know, we're there to compete. we trained our entire lives to get to this position. >> she says the athletes can only control what they can control t physical and mental preparation needed to do well in those games. >> a judge in southern california dismissed all claims against the cities of los angeles and riverside by a camp ranger who felt he deserved reward money for helping to locate christopher dorner. richard said he alerted authorities when he was carjacked by dorner. the award went to a couple dorner held hostage and two others. now he must pay more than $15,000 in attorneys fees.
5:45 am
investigators say dorner killed four and engaged in a stand-off before killing himself. >> a snag in the hunt for oakland's new police chief after the firm hired cuts ties with the city. the firm hired to compile a list of candidates has stopped the search saying somebody in the mayor's office undermined the process by speaking to applicants on its own. the company will not say who is at fault but the oakland tribune reports that mayor quan chief of staff spoke to at least one person the mayor's office denies the report. oakland has not had a chief since may. >> it's magical. >> nothing else in the world. it's medieval. like exotic in a way. >> it is scotland. still 2013 there but celebration to welcome the new year already under way. a torch-lit procession started the three-day celebration. more than 8,000 people marched through the streets carrying those torches.
5:46 am
over the next few days, 20 tons of fireworks will be used in four displays at edinburgh castle. >> a few hundred miles away a pair of bands will bring in the new year. the bands will perform in london's parade. oak grove band landed in london a few hours ago. wasn't the first stop in europe. they sent us these photos, touring italy, at the coliseum t fountain and the spanish steps. they also performed in italy. tomorrow they march in front of tens of thousands passing by some of the most famous sights in london. great experience for them. >> how do you get a spot on that band. hundreds of workers are decorating and arranging flowers for tomorrow's tournament of roses parade in pasadena, more than 40 floats. coverage of the 125th annual parade will start tomorrow morning at 8:00 with alroque
5:47 am
every and hoda kotb. >> they are spectacular. >> it's going to be fragrant i can imagine. >> it's always great weather in pasadena for that parade. >> this year it's going to be warmer than average. with hd you can really see everything. it's really cool right here on nbc bay area tomorrow. temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s right now. it's a chilly start to the day. a nice comfortable finish headed our way. there is thick fog out there so travel cautiously. overall visibility map i'm not going to show it because we're looking good. about three miles or better for the bay area. as soon as that falls to one mile i'll let you know. as we head throughout the next couple days temperatures unseasonably mild for today microclimate forecast works like this. the south bay in the mid-60s, peninsula a mix of sun and clouds, more clouds here than we expect in the south bay today. low 60s for you. in san francisco, temperatures are going to be on the cool side.
5:48 am
you'll likely need a jacket or a sweater all day. only the low 60s there. mid-60s for the north bay t east bay will hit the low 60s, and out in the tri-valley really comfortable at 68 degrees so the microclimates making a big appearance as we head throughout this afternoon. getting into tonight, it's looking really good. hey, maybe you've got the kids home, maybe they are still on break. we've got a free event for them. they are going to have a new year's eve ball drop for the kids at cheeky monkey toys in menlo park. 10:00 to 2:00, it's free, 62 degrees out there, comfortable conditions. and then for the big kids maybe you don't know about this, it's a do-it-yourself parade out in santa cruz. starts at 5:00 p.m. 57 degrees out there. called the last night parade by 8:00 p.m., 55 degrees and if you choose to 2 to santa cruz tonight, a little milder about 53, a clear sky. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we get into the first week of the new year we have changes to tell you about. i'll be back with those in a
5:49 am
moment. right now let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. great options, if you do choose to celebrate you have to drive, keep in mind. drive defensively today folks. be careful. we're looking here toward the south bay. northbound 101, we're showing just a little bit of an increase as far as the number of cars. pretty much count them in the roadway. i'm not going to attempt to count that high for me that's a lot. northbound, as we look at the maps we see a smooth drive. the sensors just starting to light up into the yellow, from time to time i check them out and they are about with 58, 59. so not a concern. we have one issue, a car fire reported here. mt. hamilton. this is way off the normal commute route for a lot of folks but still heading up toward that area you might see activity. keep that in mind as crews have to head down through the city. over to the tri-valley, no major issues, no problem, a light flow of traffic livermore, dublin interchange all the way through castro valley, westbound
5:50 am
highway, interstate 580 all the way through oakland, 580, 880, a nice flow as well. give you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this shot with no backup, no problems on the east shore, at the limit all the way into the city. >> it is 5:50. sharks rookie sensation tomas hurtle will undergo surgery. the 20-year-old was knocked out of a december 19 game against the kings. take a look at that. he collided knee on knee with dustin brown. doctors will operate to determine how severe that knee injury is. he's quite a player. >> 49ers getting bad news, they are going to lose one of the offensive line coaches the end of the postseason. tim drevno has reportedly agreed to become the offensive line coach for the university of southern california. he has coached for the 49ers since 2011, also head coach jim
5:51 am
harbaugh's longest tenured assistant. the two worked together since 2004 at the university of san diego. >> most of us will mark the new york at the stroke of midnight you can bet the stanford cardinal football team will be asleep and of course the cardinal will get their final chance of practice in the morning today before tomorrow's rose bowl against the big ten champ michigan state. they are looking for back-to-back wins, they beat wisconsin last year. 2:10 p.m. in pasadena. wishing them a lot of luck. >> 5:51. one well known south bay bar says it's going to close for good to start the new year. >> a bay area ceo that will be sad to see 2013 go. the company celebrating a banner year.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a well known south bay bar is looking for a new location after three decades of business in campbell's shopping center. rent is just getting too high so we'll be looking for a new place to call home. the restaurant and bar has occupied the same spot in the prune yard for 36 years. it will hold a bash tonight before shutting down. boswell's is the latest to leave the prune yard. a restaurant will close because rent, same thing, getting too high. >> customers who have eaten at a popular sandwich shop may have had private information stolen. according to the chronicle the sandwich shop witchcraft on mission street between fourth and fifth street was hacked. someone accessed credit card information of people who dine
5:55 am
there had between august 11 and october 2. officials say the hackers took names, credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates. if you might be at risk officials suggest monitoring your account. >> popular movies will be percentaged from netflix streaming library. tonight about 80 movies and tv shows will be removed from the company's streaming service. netflix does this so often because of licensing contracts. so among those going away in case you want to get these, "titanic," top gun, brave heart, flash dance, also do the right thing and as good as it gets. as well as several seasons of "saturday night live." you'll be order those through the mail. >> netflix ceo is rinking out 2013 on the high note. the company based in los gatos is hiking his pay by 50% to $6 million. that is amid a jump in subscr e subscribers and original shows such as house of cards and orange is the new black.
5:56 am
netflix stock quadrupled this year. >> what a raise. >> that is a good raise. here is a bonus for you. >> wow. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> we get paid in sunshine. >> we do. we pay the big bucks to live here. today we're spoiled. temperatures are going to be comfortable. 39 degrees right now. in the south bay, a cool start to the day. a nice rebound. temperatures climbing by about 30 degrees between now and 2:00 p.m. when we hit our highs. 68 degrees on if way to the east bay. 61 in san francisco and 64 for the final day of the year in the south bay. a lot of people headed out and about. your forecast for that, plus the king tides are back. i'll let you know what areas have the best chance to see flooding if we see any at all from this go around. let's check your drive. >> good morning. very light volume of traffic as you would imagine. the morning commute probably the lightest you'll see all day building midday into the evening hours of course. we're looking here toward palo
5:57 am
alto. earlier we had this view obscured by fog and clouds. we're okay. we'll get one more look at the north bay, southbound 101, the volume starts to build but no major problems. back to you. >> it's 5:57. >> we are getting geared up to welcome 2014 with the rest of the world. some have done so. new laws will go into effect. >> the fireworks now in place in san francisco, how you can get there safely. >> san francisco police officer forced to open fire after a suspect tried to run the officer down. what police are telling us.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> a family of four found dead in a southern california home. police say a teen made the gruesome discovery. >> major changes coming to california. the new laws that you need to know about in 2014. >> and we haven't had to deal
6:00 am
with it so far this month but low clouds and fog return this morning. down in the south bay we fall to about a half mile visibility. when this is going to clear and what you can expect for the first week of 2014. >> first we got to get through the last morning commute of 2013. the shift and how things are going to affect you heading into the city today. >> it's time to start ringing in the new year. we're going to take you to those already celebrating 2014. >> taking a live look outside along the waterfront there. that will be the site of many people down reveling in the new year around midnight when the fireworks show gets going. today is december 31. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with a developing story in southern california where police have just obtained a search warrant after finding a


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