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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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according to the court documents, the suspect admits he did it. according to the documents, he said it was voices that led him to the steps of the chinese consulate here in san francisco where the torching took place. >> right now it is -- we're looking at it and have looked at this purely as a criminal matter, an isolated incident. >> reporter: with a suspect new in custody, that's how the fbi is describing last week's arson fire at the chinese consulate in san francisco. five days after the attack, the fbi has identified the man seen in this surveillance video as 39-year-old yan phnang. he turned himself into police on friday. >> my understanding is that he called the daily city police department advised them of what had occurred, and they of course, responded very quickly. >> reporter: while the fbi wouldn't talk about a possible motive, according to court documents phang said he targeted
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the chinese consulate because he had been hearing voices in chinese. the documents say phang placed three containers filled with gasoline near the consulate entrance last wednesday night, then ignited them with a lighter. >> there are no indications at that time to suggest it was motivated by terrorism, politics or civil rights issues. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the chinese consulate reacted to the arrest by issuing a statement saying in part, quote, we urge the u.s. side to learn lessons from this incident, take effective measures to ensure the safety, security and dignity of chinese diplomatic and missions staff in the u.s. and prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, unquote. tonight, police appear to be doing just that as they continue to stand guard outside the consulate. >> the 24-hour presence will remain until we're absolutely positive that this is what it appears to be, and that's an
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isolated incident. >> reporter: and you're looking at some of the charred damage that remains outside the consulate from last week's fire. we understand that the suspect did appear in federal court today where he was notified of the charges, arson and destroying the property of a foreign government. we understand he will be back in court tomorrow. in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nba bay area news. after a very public battle with children's hospital oakland, the family of jahi jahi mcmath are being private. they are not revealing where she is, but they say she's in bad shape. cheryl hurd has details. >> reporter: we're getting all our information from the family attorney's offices right here on market street. all we know is that jahi mcmath is where she needs to be, according to the family. >> i think i saw her smile when they took her out of children's hospital. >> reporter: he says he is
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relieved that his niece is no longer at children's hospital. both he and his attorney being very careful not to disclose where that facility is. >> they want privacy, they don't need a bunch of cameras there and i'm pretty sure they don't want to receive threats or hear about threats while their child is in the same building. >> reporter: jahi's uncle provided this video of the ambulance leaving children's hospital last night heading to the next facility. jahi's mother was with her. family attorney. >> we were all very afraid given the fragile condition that she might not make it. >> reporter: children's hospital officials say they have no idea where mcmath is heading. all they know the coroner released the 13-year-old to her mother last night. >> in terms of speaking about condition of her body that we somehow contributed to that, it would be disingenuous on mr. dolan's part to suggest we had something to do with that. >> reporter: the death certificate was dated december
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12th, the day they declared her brain-dead following complications from tonsil surgery. the cause of death is unknown but to the family jahi is living and just needs anytime to heal. >> if her heart stops beating and it stops beating while she's on the respirator, we can accept that. that means she's done fighting, and she's going hope, and we can accept that. we can't accept them trying to pull the plug on her early and take her out. that's something we wouldn't live with. >> reporter: we were also told today five say facilities were willing to take her. all backed out except one. we're told there was a federal hearing scheduled for tomorrow. that hearing has been cancelled. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd, n brbc bay area news. >> thank you. frozen, the word from much across the nation, that developing weather story unfolding here in the bay area with jetblue passengers
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complaining the loudest after the airline completely shut down four hours ago in four major east coast airports. we have team coverage of the story. jeff is tracking the weather occurrence triggering the problems but we begin with chris. >> reporter: i wouldn't say they are delayed. they are stranded. jetblue can claim this is about safety, but the airline is going at it completely wrong. six and seven-year-olds are weathering their travel delays well. mom says, for now. >> hopefully, we get out of here soon enough. if not, i'm not sure what the airport will look like after pie two boys go through it. >> reporter: jetblue cancelled the flight to puerto rico as they slept and they may not make it home until thursday or friday. >> it was not money we were accounting on spending. san francisco isn't the cheapest
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of cities. with two boys who are hungry, it adds up quickly. >> reporter: craig's family made it out of new york in the nic of time this morning only to find themselves stranded at sfo as their daughter tried to get them the rest of the way home. >> seven hours in new york city making arrangements for our flight. it was that difficult. seven hours on the phone. that's insane. you know, to me. >> reporter: he's a likely victim of the ripple effect created by jetblue's decision to halt operations at three new york area airports and boston's logan airport for 17 hours. jetblue's response is quote, as one of the largest carriers in the northeast, weather in this area impacts our entire route network and operations. this plan aligns with the current weather forecast. but laura has a different story from other airlines. >> there shouldn't be delays,
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they are cancelling and they said we should ask jetblue for the money. at this point, get me home and i'll get reimbursements later. >> reporter: oakland faced cancellations but sfo was hardest hit and because of the last-minute changes, this ten-year-old is nervous about flying to florida alone. >> yeah. >> reporter: i certainly felt for that little girl and her grandparent whose had to put her on a plane. jetblue expects all operations will be back to normal by around noontime our time. passengers are waiting to see if that will happen. it's not the on airline with delays. if travel is in your future, check with whatever your carrier might be. >> thank you, chris. more details, the record-breaking temperatures aren't just holding up travel but keeping millions of people indoors. this is what it looked like in downtown chicago today. barely a soul in sight. nbc bay area chief meteorologist
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jeff joins us with a term we hardly hear. >> that's polar vortex. a lot of you hear the word a lot. polar means very cold. vortex in weather terms is just a circulation of the atmosphere. you talk about a cold circulation, and the key thing about a polar vortex, it is persistent year round. we don't talk about it a lot because it's around the north pole and can span around 1,000 miles. the thing we've seen over the past three to four days is it's shifted well off to the south throughout the great lakes and this is funneling in bitter cold air. it does look like, in fact, we'll see this polar air stay here across the eastern u.s. at least definitely throughout tomorrow. look at the current temperatures now. this is not the windchill factor. this is the air temperature, again. minus 11. almost hard to say in chicago. minus 15 in minneapolis, then also detroit at minus 13. warmer weather is on the way. we think by thursday, that polar
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vortex will shift more to the north and that will bring us temperatures 35 to 45 degrees warmer. in fact, chicago by thursday should have 37, not quite shorts weather, but i'm sure some folks in chicago might be wearing short-sleeved shirts, you never know, because it will feel so much warmer. more in the forecast in the frustrating issue of no rainfall and how close the rain is tonight in a few minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you in little bit. a story of perseverance. chief harold returned to his job nearly eight months after breaking his neck on a fall from a ladder at his home. he spent 6 six days in the hospital, under went multiple surgeries and months of rehab. previously he was a search and rescue expert. he says he's humbled by the change in his life and feels lucky his new position is an administrative one. >> if i was a firefighter on the floor, this wouldn't work, but,
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you know, as an administrator, you point and shoot and use a computer. we installed draggen software for voice reck nation. there are adaptive tools today to make it successful. >> he's been with the fire protection district since 2001. >> there were a lot of people watching tv. yesterday's game was the highest watched game in nfl history. more than 47 million viewers watching colin kaepernick light up the field. >> he was running like a gazelle, and at times, just looked like he was running and having fun, and like he was the only one on the field. >> he didn't even have long sleeves on, 15 below. cap had ice in his veins, 23-20 in case you didn't watch. the next game is sunday morning in carolina against the panthers. there is a chance there could be
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a final game at candle stick, if the 49ers beat the panthers and if the saints beat the seahawks, then the 49ers will host the saints in two weeks. did you get that? >> i do. lots in play. i'll wait for it. >> still ahead, san francisco is taking on tech companies, but the city is asking for in exchange for use in city streets and bus stops, plus. >> here at the lady of the guadeloupe church. whey p why parishioners don't want to see more. tracking rainfall to the north. we'll let you know what it means for the rainfall chances for us in just a few minutes.
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. a single white cross, church leaders put it there as a call
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for peace. damion, this could be a powerful message. >> reporter: it has been so far to the first few days of the year, rag. parishioners have this white cross here at guadeloupe church for the first homicide victim. they will stake one cross for every other homicide victim this year. their message, the violence has to stop. the white cross stands just outside our lady of guadeloupe church. on the name of it, san jose's first homicide victim of 2014. this man saids he heard gunshots early friday morning. he later found the victim on his driveway dead ands suspects gone. two holes in the fence show the spot where bullets ripped through the wood just blocks from our lady of guadeloupe church. >> we cannot afford to waste another young person in this
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community. so since we started a union organizing here, and he was one person who made a difference, and that's what we want to do. it will take a village to change this community. >> reporter: violence is nothing new to the neighborhood surrounding the church but the past and current parishioners are taking new steps. they are calling for peace and like st. colombia church in oakland, they are planning to erect a cross for each person killed in san jose in 2014. >> we focus on the hot spot neighborhoods. >> reporter: super vices a program that puts boots on the ground to curve gang violence. >> our strategy for 2014 is to stay the course damian. we know that what we do here in san jose is very helpful. >> reporter: it appears the programs may be starting to pay off. san jose saw a slight drop in homicides from 42 in 2012 to 40 last year. she says her troops will work
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hard this year to make sure the lawn at guadeloupe church isn't filled with white crosses. detectives have not considered this homicide gang related. they have not made any arrests. we're live in san jose i'm damion truyillo. the cyber bullying case. audry died in 2012 when she was 15. her family filed a wrongful death suit involving three students. the boys were accused of sexual assaulting the girl and photographing her and sharing the photos with other students. an attorney for one of the boys says her parents shouldn't be allowed to sue for damages because he's not her biological father. the law says only blood relatives can file the claims. the boy's attorney says it wasn't the altercation but an
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altercation days later. one of the san jose state students accused of hate crimes entered a not guilty plea. in court today, logan accused of being the ringleader is facing misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges. prosecutors say he and three other white roommates bullied their black roommate, barricading him in his room and clamping a bike lock around his neck. we spoke to the attorney for beach ler on the phone this afternoon. he told us the whole thing was a prank and said he is waiting to hear from the university on whether or not he'll be ex spelled. san jose state hired a judge to lead a special task force to lead the case and make recommendations. health care enroll lees more time to pay. january 15th is the deadline through cover california. the health exchange announced it's notifying people via e-mail after one time extension payment is due at the beginning of the each month.
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california people without health insurance have until march 31st to sign up for face a fine. a suspicious device found on an american airlines plane was a camera. the plane made an emergency landing in kansas city. all 227 passengers and crew members were evacuated and searched. investigators initially thought it was a flash drive, but it was actually a camera disguised as a flash drive. it was taped to part of the bathroom made to be hidden. the fbi is on the case. let's turn things over to jeff who is talking about this frozen style weather across the country and here, we're starting to feel a little cool ourselves. >> yeah, just a little bit will make a big difference. instead of 70s, 62 in san jose and closer to the averages, the main catalyst to give us these changes today is that storm pattern starting to drop towards the south. we got a little moisture streaming in from the
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subtropical area here but no rainfall for us. you can see that rainfall is just a few hundred miles off to the north, so mainly for us tonight, it's going to be all about that cloud cover continuing to increase. let's take you outside now. you can see temperatures in the 50s for the most part, the north bay, the only spot currently averaging in the upper 40s, we'll take you to the east bay, currently a clear shot across the east bay, but the thing we're noting here is we have areas of fog back up against the immediate coastline and again, you may have a few areas of drizzle for tonight at the immediate coastline. again, right now, temperatures in the mid 50s. let's preview what we can expect tomorrow morning and you can see the coldest spot, most certainly across the north bay to begin with temperatures in the low 30s. we'll begin with 38 in the east bay and south bay and peninsula at 39. we'll begin with clouds but eventually as we head throughout the day, sunshine building back into the forecast. here is the good news. air quality for the past two weeks is so difficult and hard
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to handle. tomorrow, moderate levels and as we head throughout wednesday, good levels. we'll see that continue for thursday and friday. so some great news when it comes to that air quality, as well throughout this week. so cooler, cloudier and much improved air quality. if you do any traveling again, we've been hitting airport delays. hit them again. chicago, new york city and boston will likely be some of the top spots where you'll sit on the tarmac maybe an hour, two hours. takes awhile to deice. chicago minus 27. >> amazing to see those numbers, thanks. still ahead, the company bringing hundreds of new jobs to the south bay. >> also, a high-profile edition to the cast of saturday night live. stay with us.
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if you need a job, pay close attention. target announcing today it will hire 300 employees for its new
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south san jose store. target will host a job fair this thursday, fridays and saturday at the work to future offices on fox worthy avenue. you can visit target's website for new information. the new store will open in march. big news for the men's warehouse. the clothing company is working on a hostile take over. it offered $1.6 billion to buy its competitor joes a bank competitor. each trying to buy each other out. back in september, joes a bank tried to buy for more than $2 billion. that was months after the founder and chairman zimmerman was ousted. taxing companies, some of the silicon valleys biggest names. a former berkeley professor is now the most powerful woman in the set back of the marriage equality movement. affecting gay marriage is next
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in world tonight. what's behind the so-called crop circles popping up on the central coast? >>
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. same-sex marriage takes a major hit in utah. the u.s. supreme court hands down a ruling that could have implications across the country. janelle wang joins us with world tonight. >> paved the way for same-sex
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marriages to happen, it's halted them in utah. the highest court granted an emergency quest to utah state officials in a legal battle over this issue. a federal judge struck down utah's voter approved law that defines marriage between a man and woman. the conserve still state is appealing this ruling and that means the 900 marriages performed in the last weeks is in legal limbo. >> it's unfortunate that many utah citizens have been put into a legal limbo but waer evaluating their legal status currently. >> marriage equality advocates don't believe it will affect the movement. they called as temporary setbacks. >> a set back in iraq. violence is escalating in the wa war-attorney country. right now there is a showdown where al qaeda linked militants took control. they are pushing back against critics who say the u.s. pull out is to blame. the white house says the
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violence existed even when 150,000 u.s. troops were in the country. the u.s. is stepping in to help. it accelerated the delivery of drones and missiles to hope iraqi government officials fight off. >> the ehs are 56, the nays are 26. the nomination is confirmed. >> today the senate confirmed the first woman to head the reserve. janet yellen is the former uc berkeley business professor. she's replacing ben bernanke who is retiring at the end of this month. while yellen is in, liz china -- cheney is out. siting serious health issues in her family. her camp did not release steps but cheney said my children and their futures will always be my over riding priority and that's your world tonight. >> thank you very much, janelle.
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nancy pelosi spoke tonight. back in 2011 pell -- pelosi encouraged students to sign up for classes. enrollment has been dropping and fast. 23% since last spring. >> where are those students? what is happening in their lives? difference is it making in our -- to our economic growth and the success of people in our community? there has never been a complaint about the education at the school. >> city college is appealing a ruling for community and junior colleges that it failed to make needed reforms. supporters including pelosi accused the commission of mishanding the evaluation. they are facing lawsuits from
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two teacher's unions. if you use 101 you probably see thousands of high tech workers bussing every day. not everyone is happy about it. today, as nbc bay area's joe shows us, san francisco made a deal that might change some minds. >> reporter: they have become a common sight in san francisco, the big buss with tented windows shuttling tech workers between san francisco and silicon valley. >> they come down this way and people line up, and they are very well behaved. >> i see the buses, big scene cruisers that have windows that are kind of -- you can't see in them. >> reporter: for city leaders, the big concern is hundreds of the private buses using public stock. >> that's a lot of buses in the city that sometimes get in the way of muni bus stops and traveling on city streets that maybe aren't the best for large vehicles to travel on. >> reporter: today san francisco announced a first of its kind
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agreement with shuttle and tech companies during an 18-month pilot project they will be required to pay for a permit allowing them to use 200 muni zones. >> what we're trying to do is focus the activity and get them to muni stops and streets where they won't be causing trouble. >> reporter: the city says 35,000 people commute on the private shuttles each day among companies agreeing at the program. >> we want to make sure we're doing this in coordination and congestion with the city. we don't want to cause delays and many employees take mun irk and cal train. >> reporter: for many, the buses have become a symbol of rising rents and evictions. protesters blocked one over eviction. >> i'm concerned about the justification going on and mainly because of google or twitter. >> reporter: but supervisor scott weaner says the anger is misplaced.
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>> thousands of san francisco people rely on these shuttles to get to work and earn a lively hood every day and we need to stop poll lit sizing their ability to do that. >> reporter: each company will pay about $100,000 to recoup the cost for the program. the city says the big pay off will come once a permanent solution is in place. >> well you knew it had to be a publicity stunt, many said the crop circle looked like a computer chip. they were not. the computer chip maker is behind it. it's a publicity stunt to promote the new mobile chip. some people recognize the number 192 in braille in the design because the new chip contains 192 mini computers for graphic applications. it will be enter deuced happening in vegas this week. a homeless story with a happy ending. the christmas windows full of
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adoptable kittens and puppies is always a hit, and this last christmas is the best year ever for the pets on display. san francisco's spca says more than 330 animals found new homes, the most since the windows program began almost 30 years ago. there is more, cash donations were strong topping $80,000. "saturday night live" announced the edition of a new cast member today. this is video from the acting reel which is posted on video. the host at the improve urban citizens brigade. she stars and will be the first african american to join the "snl" cast since 2007. last fall the show added six new cast members, only one of which was a minority which drew criticism. a picture is worth a thousand words and in new york, the picture is the answer they
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needed to find their missing son. 20-year-old nickelous simmons was reported missing new year's day. a photo of a man wrapped in a blanket leaning against a steam grate in washington d.c. was featured in sunday's usa today. it was nickelous. the photographer who took the photograph says he looked a little young to be among the home lsz in washington d.c. he is reunited with his family after his parents saw the photo and the photographer hopes to meet them all some day. still ahead at 6:00, the biggest security operation in the world. a look inside russia's surveillance plan for the olympics. good evening, i'm jeff and we're tracking crowd clouds across the bay area. we'll track that in the full forecast. meanwhile a live look from the brand-new hd san bruno camera and we'll watch for fog tonight but otherwise, san francisco shining bright this evening.
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i'll be back in just a few minutes.
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well, if you're having a bad day, you're knotnot alone. researchers say this first monday of 2014 is the most depresing. tweets reveals this day has the lowest happiness score of the year. it's blamed mostly on returning to work and school after the holiday break and not having a lot of extra money and disliking the cold weather. in health matters, new information out tonight shows
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student whose get concussions need a break from sports and school to recover. the children's hospital boston looked at more than 300 student athletes who had concussions. those who did not take a break from school work took an average of 100 days to recover. those who cut back on homework and online activity, recovered in 20 to 50 days. this study adds to the evidence that concussion patients benefit from cognitive rest, as muff as physical rest. a big coup for stanford, they are celebrating a 90 million dollar grant. the nonprofit cancer institute donated similar amounts to six other institutions working on cancer research. stanford's president calls it a huge gift in the work the university is doing. it's essential to pioneering new therapies to cancer treatment. >> we talked about this story, the most depresing story of the day. >> happy to be back and happy to see you, too.
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>> you're steaming with energy. >> you're back from work and mild weather, like a happen medium. >> we're doing god heod here in california, sorry to you in the east coast. we'll talk about our weather and any chance of rain in a few minutes. all right, jeff. i'll talk about sports. a warrior's player honored and a couple of coaches may be on the move thanks to the team's ex length performance. they need an excellent performance. our kate long worth checks in with jim hard bow. that's coming up next.
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we're just about one month away from the opening ceremony of the winter olympics. the host along the black sea appears to be ready. let's bring in richard angle with how russia is responding to the threat of terrorism for these games. >> reporter: the countdown is is underway. behind me is the stadium where the opening ceremony will take place. performers are already he re rehearsing inside. the buildup is overshadowed by security but they insist they will be festive and safe. just one month to go until the olympics and russia does seem ready. there is snow and in case it gets warmer, russia has a million cubic meters of it frozen in reserve. stadiums are built, though there is still construction. the head told us russia is on schedule. >> yes, no doubt. we're absolutely ready.
6:43 pm
we were training, learning for seven years. >> reporter: the official clothing for the games is out, too. russia didn't have a little ski village at the base of the slopes outside. so it built one. this entire town is brand-new, so are hundreds of miles of roads and train tracks leading here with more than 50 billion dollars spent so far, many say this is the most extensive olympics ever. this is vladimir putin's baby. he's been testing out the venues. it may show the russian bear is out of hibernation, as it is sports. terrorism has come back to russia. two attacks last month and the militant leader said the games are a target. russia's response is hard to miss. tens of thousands of police and intelligence agents have desc d descended watching for terrorist. according to investigative journalists, watching everyone who comes here after the
6:44 pm
government last november passed a degree to collect logs of communications data. >> so when you come, your phones and computers are going to be tapped. officially? >> yes, that's official all communications will be exposed to the russian secret services. >> reporter: they will put russia back on the world stage getting ready for the sports may prove to be the easy part. tomorrow security restrictions will be tightened further. a so-called ring of steel put in place requiring people to have special badges to get anywhere near the olympic venues. effectively, this will become a closed area. one of the olympic sports gaining popularity, curling. so today our bob went on the ice to see if he can make the national team. >> i think i need a helmet, too. i'm just having a vision of how this will play. >> good weight, good weight.
6:45 pm
>> and knee pads, too. apparently bob needs some practice. the san francisco bay area curling club held a demonstration. they hold learn to curl clinics every week where you learn how to throw the stone and score. it involves sliding stones across the ice to a target area. that was elegant. look how elegant. >> bob called in sick for tomorrow already. >> he's got a sprained knee. >> oh, oh. >> let's talk about the weather. doing good. he didn't make the team? >> barely. >> looks awesome. a live look at the radar. we have cloud cover across san francisco, also san jose. that was the biggest difference today. rainfall very close, right up into eureka but another miss for us. now the driest past 12 months ever on record, drought conditions in place across california, not good news again as we have been mentioning. right now current temperatures into the 50s for sure. if you're headed to san francisco, you need a light
6:46 pm
jacket tonight. currently again light winds, as well. up against the immediate coastline, it's strong enough we think tonight we may have drizzle if you're traveling right up against the coastline. it looks very impressive. a lot of storm activity all getting close to california, but there is a slight rise in that storm track and unfortunately, in the same place it has been for the past three weeks, which means, at this point most of the storm systems that will be following that storm track will likely shift here off to the north as we head throughout the next two to three-day pattern. not good news for rainfall here across the bay area. as we look at the tuesday forecast, you'll find temperatures, they will be generally right near average. 63 san jose, partly cloudy. and you can see for san francisco with more of that on shore flow returning, temperatures in the upper 50s and partly cloudy skies. i do want to take you here into san jose.
6:47 pm
this has been the spot that's been shrouded in so much poor air quality the past couple weeks and i think tomorrow we'll have moderate levels for the south bay peninsula and east bay and north bay. eventually in the forecast, we'll see changes. what you'll notice as we head throughout thursday, friday, saturday, the air quality is going to decrease to the good level. again, good news for us. let's take you across the rest of the bay area with micro climates and north bay, east bay and try valley, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. 62 in napa, 63 santa rosa and for the east bay, oakland likely at 59 with walnut creek at 63. for the try valley after a few 70s last week, temperatures will be struggling to get out of the 50s by the afternoon. we only think again we'll hit 62 in liver more and please ton at 62. it will be about traveling
6:48 pm
delays as we head throughout tomorrow morning. i really think some of the worst will be in chicago any time the planes have to deice, you can wait on the tarmac 30 minutes to two hours. temperatures of minus 37 with windchill and new york city minus 12 and boston will feel like minus five. again, bit early cold there across a lot of the u.s. and for us back here at home, it's another week where you need to take the light jacket in the forecast will feel colder again after a milder start to 2014. liver more expecting by thursday just again, low 60s, santa rosa upper 50s, as well. compared to the cold weather across a lot of east coast, these temperatures, you guys, are feeling very comfortable here across the bay area. can't argue with this. >> i feel bad when i talk to my friends and family in new york. >> i know. >> not that bad, though. >> thanks, jeff. levi has paid $220 million for the naming rights and now you can see the sign on the 49ers new home. the bay area-based clothing
6:49 pm
company agreed to a 20-year deal with santa clara and the 49ers along with hosting games, the 2016 super bowl will be played here. there it is, that levi's sign up on the new stadium. the first 49ers game at levi's stadium in eight months from now. >> looks good. let's get to sports. >> jim joins us from the comcast sports net newsroom and you going to head out to charlotte soon? >> yeah, i think i'm ready to go. eight months to that place and by the way, is jeff and i wearing the same tie? i think jeff and i are twins. >> we discussed that. >> you could be. >> i like where you're going with that. let's get to sports. 49ers dispatched the packers sunday and on to carolina for a chance to avenge the week ten loss but a different 49ers team this time around. as kate long worth explains. >> phil dawson kicks through the 33 yard field goal and the san francisco 49ers have survived
6:50 pm
lambo. >> in the play-off game, beat the elements, opposing team and crowd. just nothing makes you feel like a man like that. >> the 49ers were able to man up and freeze out the packers on the frozen tundra and for as colds as it was, coach harbaugh believes colin kaepernick was hot. >> we got a good, bad weather. we've established that. i did envision when we drafted colin, just, how unbelievably effect tiff he would be on a bad field. i mean, he was -- e was running like a gazelle, and at times just looked like he was running and having fun and like he was the only one on the field. >> harbaugh praised his defense that held aaron rogers the a post-season career low. >> it's harder to react for a defensive player when the footing is not as good. i thought the defense did a heck of a job. i mean, holding aaron rogers,
6:51 pm
his play-off career speaks values the way the defense played. >> and it also breeds confidence. >> the team is very confident that they have players that are going to make the plays. going to make the kick and holder that will make the hold, snapper that will make the snap. there is a good confidence with the football team. >> the 49ers are now winners of seven straight games, and coach harbaugh was asked if he believes momentum can be a factor in the play-offs and harbaugh kept it simple saying you're only as good as the last four quarters you played and the next four quarters are only as good as the preparation you put in. i'm kate long worth, n brbc bay area news. more 49ers, jim harbaugh's lieutenants drawing interest. minnesota and washington want to interview greg roman for their
6:52 pm
vacant head coaching position. washington also reportedly interested in talking to defensive coordinator vick. as for harbaugh, he says, quote, it would be a surprise if somebody is not hired as the head coach. great there. onto the nba, warriors landed in wisconsin. the head coach mark jackson sending out the tweet, it is freezing in milwaukee. what a joke. throw a football may wy way and letting it go. they will try to extend to ten games when day take on the bucs tomorrow. big reason for the big streak, big man, david lee. he was named the western conference player of the week. lee's averages, 24 points, lee joins chris mullin, tim and baron davis as the on warriors to win the award three times for his part. lee remains focused on keeping the winning streak alive. >> just want to continue to make this season as special as we
6:53 pm
can, and we're finally playing consistent ball and do things we're capable of and our teams are always shaping up to be where they need to be. we got to keep it going. >> all right. a ford mustang, but not just any ford mustang, a giant theme ford mustang. a 1990 5.0 on craigslist. you can read all about it. field of teams blog. i bet the baby will go for over asking. a lot of giants will love to go on a ride like that. will they have sweet ties? >> we need to compare and contrast. >> look at this energy here. >> oh, very similar. >> very close. >> jim, i do have something on that. i almost wore that tie. i think it's nordstrom if you check -- >> it's a costco tie.
6:54 pm
>> i could buy five or six for what it cost you to buy one. >> classy and frugal. >> i don't have a weather wall, either. put it that way. >> you don't even have a monitor, baby. >> that's true. >> kirklands. that's awesome. [ laughter ] >> we're off the rails. >> we'll call a time out. thanks, jim. back in a moment.
6:55 pm
>> we're off the rails.
6:56 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00 bud reports with a look at what is hot in tech for 2014. that's tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
if you're from the east coast or midwest. close your eyes a quick forecast. >> it feels balming and warm. san francisco at 56, east bay at 54. also averaging 55 in the south bay. we'll take you into the quick day part and by tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. ready for work and cloud cover at 40 degrees and by 1:00 p.m. it will be on the colder side with temperature expected in the upper 50s. so again, not a bad forecast here as we head throughout tomorrow. showers real close by here as we head throughout thursday's forecast and of course, coming up tonight at 11:00 full details on that. >> thanks for watching us. see you back at 11:00. >> bye, bye. ♪
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and enjoy tasty progresso heart healthy soups. find these and other great general mills products at safeway today! sandra bullock breaking down in tears now on "extra." sandra loses it on stage talking about her son louie. >> to show my son how far we've come. >> "extra"'s big night out with sandra at the star-studded palm springs international film festival. the shocker she discovered when she googled herself, and the big prank bradley cooper pulled on her only for our camera. >> are you ready? >> "gma" host robin roberts' first words on live tv about her girlfriend amber. >> i hope you and she felt all the love coming back. >> we did. >> now trending, jenny mccarthy lashes out to nasty gossip about


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