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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're on our way to close to 80 degrees later on. i'll let you know if your city might break a record. despite a light commute, it's 5:00, we have folks stacking up toward the berkeley curve. who's affected and who has a solution, coming up. look at san francisco which is, as christina pointed out, above temperature wise, above its day long high. it's warmer now than it should have been at any time today. >> crazy. >> wednesday, january 15th. this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. new this morning milpitas police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. officers responded to reports of shots fired at executive inn hotel on dempsey road. that's near 680, this happened 10:30 last night.
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bob redell joins us live by the scene with new details in the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here we are several hours after the homicide here in milpitas. you can see police are still out here processing the scene at the executive inn. the coroner hasn't arrived to do their part of the investigation. no arrests, no description of the person who shot and killed a young man in the parking lot of the hotel. but what could help the investigators are witnesses. apparently there are several who police have been interviewing overnight at the police station. when police arrived around 10:30, several people were in the parking lot. they were hysterical, crying because on the ground, unresponsi unresponsive, a man, 20, 25 years old with a gunshot to the face. he was pronounced dead within 15 minutes of the officer's arrival. several shots were fired and a dark sedan was seen leaving the scene, the only tidbit with regards to a possible suspect. this is the first homicide of
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the year. lieutenant with p.d. tells us they're not sure if it's gang or drug related or a result of something else. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much into 5:02. new this morning, interstate 580 clear after a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. a man was walking around eastbound 580 before 1:00 this morning when he was hit just off of keller avenue. the driver stayed and talked to investigators. the pedestrian died at the scene. the chp is trying to determine why he was on the roadway at all. search continues this morning for a serial arsonist that has set at least 13 fires in san jose in the past week. now police have taken over the investigation. police are looking for this man, considered a person of interest. all of the fires set east of downtown san jose. neighbors are on alert, some patrolling the neighborhood.
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attorneys expect a daly city man admitted setting fire to the chinese consulate in san francisco to enter a plea today. he turned himself in two weeks ago. he was caught on surveillance camera pouring buckets of gasoline to the entrance new year's day. he did it because he heard voices and thought the embassy had to be involved. livermore golf coach accused of abusing several kids back in the courtroom today. facing dozens of charges for report lid molesting three students. his request for bail has been denied. 5:03. today the supreme court will hear arguments over whether abortion protesters are having rights violated by having to stay a distance at doctors and patients entering abortion clinics. peggy bunker has more. >> people will be watching this closely, laura and terry. today's hearing centers around
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massachusetts, that's where reproductive health care facilities established what they call buffer zones that keep protesters at a minimum of 35 feet from clinics that offer abortion. now the zones are marked by a yellow loan and if protesters step observe, the they're asked move back. supporters of the buffer zone say it's necessary as people have been subjected to taunts and even spit on. they cite safety concerns after two receptionists in 2004 were shot and killed at a massachusetts clinic. >> what does do is protect women and the administrative staff and doctors from that kind of in your face harassment that's damaging. >> opponents to the buffer zone say their rights to free speech are being violated. >> what massachusetts is doing here is picking sides in one of most divisive issues in our country today. they're saying the abortion clinics representatives are free to speak but counselors are not. >> we want to let you know,
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there are other situations in which buffer zones are used. election sites and funerals are two examples. several states and cities filed briefs with the high court in support of massachusetts and their endeavors, that includes san francisco and new york. in terms of access to produ reproductive centers, in california, it's illegal to obstruct entrances to clinics, illegal to make threats to a staff or patient. also a ban in place on property damage to clinics. happening now in michigan, a large fire, take a look at this video, at a building in livonia. a stretch of merriman road shut down. chopper flying overhead now. moving away from the scene it looks like, but you can see the thick cloud of black smoke building for a construction company out there set to be burning. and they've shut down -- look
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from the distance how thick that black smoke is. >> reminds you of the fire in san jose. >> the warehouse. >> just last week. police issued a silver alert after a piedmont woman failed to return home. jill reese seen 11:00 yesterday at her home in piedmont. she had an appointment but didn't show up. she didn't return home as expected that evening driving a 2013 gray lexus, rs 350, number on that california, xpdnc2. she's 72, blond hair, blue eyes, stands 5'6", weighing 130. if you see her, call piedmont police. good news for fans planning to attend 49ers game at the new levi's stadium. should be 10,000 more spaces than planned, totalling over
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31,000 parking shots. and that's 66% more spots than what's available now at candlestick. 5,000 spots will be at a golf course across the street from the stadium where fans will be allowed to park on the fairway. that's a lot of divots. price of parking expected to be $40 a car. $10 more than what fans paid this season at candlestick. >> if you get any rain, and the fairways get wet -- anyway. the 49ers quest for six continues. the team will be at practice facility getting ready for the game sunday against seahawks. carlos rogers, who has not played since the end of the regular season since pulled out of the game with a hamstring injury. i'm hearing rogers is going to be playing. if you see it live, ticket
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prices are going up. there are just over 5,000 tickets left on stub hub. the cheapest 415 and you sit in nose bleed seats. sea seahawks and niners kick off sunday. the further the niners go in the postseason, the more likely they are to keeping coaching staff intact. costing assistant coaches vick, greg roman, a chance of taking over their own team. seven coaches fired at end of the season but only two spots in the league still open, cleveland and minnesota. espn reports teams want to hire a new coach before the super bowl. if niners advance, assistant coach's chances are not looking good. >> another reason to go to the super bowl. >> coverage of the quest for six continues at for niners news as well as pictures
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of some favorite fan moments like that or this. fabulous. love the kids. coverage from seattle, of course, 5:00 tonight as well as on "today in the bay" tomorrow morning. step outside now. take a live look at san jose. it's going to be a warm one. i don't care where you're going to be. if you're at the beach in santa cruz, bring plenty of sunscreen. crazy thing to be saying in january. >> wear it all year long. i wore shorts yesterday. i couldn't believe. >> i wore shorts and went to santa cruz. >> gorgeous. >> she was right. >> clearly both of you are sporting a better tan than i. nobody wants to see me in shorts. 42 in south bay now. if you have luxury of heading towards the central coast, terry was talking about golf, pebble beach today, i hate to say it, 75 degrees pebble beach. yeah, i know, i know. you don't have to be a straight
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shooter, not talking about strong wind. 52 san francisco today. temperatures going to climb towards record levels. talking about the upper 70s. 77 degrees, a new recorder in san jose if we hit it. 77 peninsula. 74 in san francisco. part of the reason why it will be. warmer today than yesterday, we're starting out mild we have high pressure in control with more energy today. we get the compressional warming. 80 degrees as a result. today the peak. we slowly start to drop numbers as we head into the weekend. then we get a storm system going to pass to our north. it will drop temperatures into the 70s. monday, after that system comes through and that cold air trailing behind it moves in, we're still going to be above average, 67. average for santa cruz this time of year, 61 degrees. yeah, watch out for traffic over 17 today. mike? >> beats traffic. talking about that? january, everybody else is
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jealous. here, east shore freeway. seeing more flashing lights. right there, you can make out the crews moving. more crews leaving the area. a few folks stacked up off of the bay bridge. making your way, left lane blocked until crews clear, off toward the berkeley curve out of the area of the bay bridge. take west grant on to surface street if you know the alternate route. stick it out, they should be moving crews. there was a crash at the berkeley curve. smooth drive from san francisco into oakland. the deadly crash at 580 at keller cleared. quick live look, how things are shaping up here as well. no problems for the south bay. >> thanks. 11 after 5:00. new help announced for victims of the boston marathon bombings. >> a big court decision could affect the way you get data over the internet. we'll take a look.
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a very good wednesday morning. 5:14. debate over what a court ruling may mean for the future of the internet. scott mcgrew first brought this to our attention minutes after the decision was handed down. courts say the ftc can't regulate the internet. >> right. offhand that sounds look a good thing, right? who wants the government regulating the internet? in this case, the fcc trying to enforce net neutrality, trying to force internet providers to treat all data the same. the fcc called it open internet. but the federal circuit court in washington on wednesday said the fcc did not set up its rules properly and, therefore, did not have the legal authority to enforce them. the decision opens the door to the possibility your internet provider could treat data
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differently. for instance, some evenings netflix accounts for two-thirds of the data carried on the internet. should internet providers be allowed to charge more for that? it is their wire, after all. or should internet providers keep their nose out of your data? the court decision doesn't end this fight for net neutrality but cuts off fcc's effort at least for now. markets ahead of the bell. seem sima mody is live. >> talk about a comeback. stocks staging a turnaround. a better than expected report. napping a four-day losing streak, the nasdaq erased all of month's losses. look for data on whole sale infla inflation and earning from bank of america. nasdaq up 69 yesterday. other news, viacom plans to
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launch a customized kids tv channel. my nick jr. based on parents' taste with on demand access to shows like dora the explorer. parents can choose from themes such as get creative, word play and shuts off after a certain time period. children can rate shows by clicking on a smiley or frowny face. something to look out for. >> thank you. i miss dora. my kids are too old for that now. way back on monday tesla was concerned about home chargers. the devices which juice up the cars, they could overheat. tesla made an official announcement wednesday saying it would replace devices new york recall per se, certainly not of the cars. it sold 7,000 model ss in the last quarter, one-fifth more than tesla expected to sell.
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elon musk said a car the rest of us can afford, three years away. model s, 70,000. tesla wants to build a model closer to 35,000 which sounds less, but 35,000 a lot for a car. >> a lot of people will pay. you so so many teslas. >> we used to count them for fun. >> a lot to count. >> now boring. >> exactly. thanks. christina loren, talk about the amazing story going on around here, the weather. >> the weather, we've been lucky in the bay area. it's really dry, it has been dry. we have a red flag warning in place and we're blessed because we haven't had big fires break out. we have made it through so far. we still need to be on the best of fire safety all across the bay area especially as we head through the next couple of days. red flag warning stays up until tomorrow 8:00 a.m. eight degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. out in oakland, six degrees warmer in san francisco. you might be scratching your
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head thinking, why is this the case? it has everything to do with the warm, downsloping wind keeping temperatures near record levels. 48 in oakland. 52 right now in san francisco. and you can see, what's happening here, wind is picking up. as it does so, temperatures creep up. winds are going to strengthen. we're not expecting strong, gusty wind but what happens is, as that wind moves from land to sea, you get friction and hence that warming. so temperatures are going to climb by 40 degrees in come cases today. san jose 41. you'll be at 77 later today. 45-degree jump up in the north bay, 73 in santa rosa. 40-degree jump in napa. dress for layers for two parts of the day. by noon you can ditch the jacket. say good morning no mike inouye. >> some folks want 45. we're lucky. here, fortunate as well.
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eastbound 80, off the bridge, you saw a stack of trucks and cars now starting to move, saw flashing lights clear the area getting off the bridge, heading to the east shore freeway. we had a lane blocked over last hour. now traffic's moving smoothly off of the bridge and heading in toward berkeley and emeriville. no issues over toward the bay bridge. smoother drive off of the span toward oakland. nice easy flow at the limits from richmond to berkeley, as well as 24 out of caldecott. oakland, routes smoothly for 580 and 880. tri-valley, we'll see more traffic flowing and starting the slow for 580 and 68 on now a gentle build out of the altamont pass and livermore. smooth drive through the south bay. northbound route, typical commute direction, starting that build now. road crews not unusual. they are moving nicely. no crews here, 880 stevens creek as far as the flow goes.
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peninsula, easy drive along 101 without delaying to san francisco. >> thanks very much. the u.s. justice department will provide more than $8 million in aid to the victims of the boston marathon bombings. money supposed to help people deal with physical and emotional injuries caused by the attack. not only to those who were at finish line, but people who lived in the massachusetts neighborhood where the gunfight between suspects took place several days late. >> 5:20. an effort to enact a statewide ban on strikes by public transit employees has died in the senate committee. they rejected the bill. democrats yee and beale voted against it. the bill created after two strikes by b.a.r.t. workers caused massive traffic jams for bay area commuters. it is possible similar legislation could be introduced before the february deadline before introducing new bills.
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mountain view police trying to figure out who pickpocketed three men at a popular bar. all three men dancing at molly mcgees when they discovered their wallets were gone. one man told police he was standing near the dance floor when a woman beckoned him to dance with her and her friend. when the man left to go back to the bar, he discovered his wallet was gone. police interviewed the women but say no wallets were found, so no arrests were made. 5:21. track-talking with a twist. bay bridge gets into a war of words with 520 bridge in washington.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:23. voters in richmond could be asked to double the city's minimum wage. the city staff currently working on three options for a minimum
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wage increase. one increase pay to $11. another to $12.30. a third to $15. the minimum wage just $8 per hour. once it decides which plan it likes it will go to voters in november. the quest for six, an interesting battle on twitter. >> that's right. bay bridge trash talking with the 520 bridge in washington state. the fight started when the bay bridge tweeted i'm glad the seahawks will be surrounded by friends to console them when he lose to the 49ers at home. >> what did the niners fan do after his team won the super bowl? answer, woke up. turned off his xbox. >> bay bridge tweeted back, but how can seahawks fans tell a real victory from a caffeine-introduced hallucination. >> what's the difference between ringling brothers and watching
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jim harbaugh on the sidelines? answer, thetent. >> neither account run by the respective state transit department. >> bridges aren't talking. >> yeah. fyi. >> christina loren right now and talk about maybe the biggest story of the day, the weather. >> yeah. and if bridges could talk, they'd be like, what season am i? temperatures today warm and, yeah, motorcycles will be out there because it's going to be so nice. 48 degrees in the east bay. temperatures mild. running warmer than yesterday by two to eight degrees on average. later this afternoon, 77. along the peninsula, 76 in the east bay. 74 degrees in san francisco. speaking of bridges and your drive for the morning, mike inouye. >> good morning. off of the bay bridge over on the berkeley side, smoother drive. taillights toward university avenue, saw a burst of traffic as all lanes reopened at berkeley curve. we saw that burst berkeley,
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richmond. smooth drive with commute direction with the headlines over the toll plaza where we have cash lanes starting to back up. a few cars deep for each of the cash lanes. fas-trak, no delays, hov either. getting company joining up with you southbound 101. only slowing in pet loom pla. >> thanks, mike. 526. coverage of the 49ers quest for six continues. which superstition has jim hard jim ha wife upset.
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49ers focused on the football field, alden smith has his case move forward in a courtroom. we'll tell you whether he's expected to make an appearance. two weeks into the new year, police investigating the city's
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third homicide. police are telling us this morning. we're not expecting to just break temperature records today. we're expecting to shatter temperature records as we climb by 45 degrees over the span of the day. i'll let you know how much longer this will last. also, still have the red flag warning in place. lots to talk about in your full forecast. >> a broken light pole, one lane blocked, cleared from the berkeley curve. more folks coming in from the toll plaza. we'll show you the morning commute as it's developing. the embarcadero in san francisco, records are going to be shattered today. it is 5:29 on this wednesday, january 15th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, happy wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> just into the news courtroom, fire crews in san francisco on the scene of a house far not far from golden gate park. the fire broke the on 40th avenue near balboa street it's in the city's outer richmond neighborhood. firefighters say the fire is contained but crews are keeping an eye out for hot spots. authorities say it appears no one was home at the time. new this morning, milpitas police are still on the scene of a deadly shooting at a hotel parking lot. the call came in at 10:30 at executive inn hotel on dempsey road at interstate 680. bob redell with what police are saying. >> reporter: milpitas police trying to fine the person who shot and killed a young man in milpitas. they do not have a description of the shooter. only information, the only tidbit right now, that witnesses saw a dark sedan leaving the scene after the shooting around 10:30 last night. police are still processing the scene. they might be wrapping that part
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of the investigation. they are waiting for the coroner to arrive here. at the police station, they have been interviewing witnesses. not sure how cooperative they've been. >> it was a pretty chaotic, several witnesses were screaming, crying and we found a man's body down on the ground with what appears to be one bullet wound to the face. >> that's the scene police encountered when they arrived here around 10:30 last night. as you heard a lieutenant mention, lying on the ground, unresponsive. a man 20 to 25 years old with a gunshot wound to the face. he was pronounced dead within 15 minutes of the officers' arrival. police have not said what led up to the killing, only self-shots fired and, as i mentioned, dark sedan seen leaving the scene. as you mentioned earlier, this is the first homicide of the year here in milpitas. it doesn't happen often. last year they recorded one homicide, as well.
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so far, early 2014 they're already processing another homicide, the first one of the year. p.d. has not determined whether this was gang related or drug related or perhaps the result of something else. reporting live in milpitas, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. police in san jose investigating that city's third homicide of the year. a man was shot to death on loma verde near win chester and hamilton 5:30 last night. investigators are interviewing witnesses for more information. right now, there are no suspects and the victim's identity has not been released. three teenage boys accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious south bay teen at a house party have admitted to it. the three boys already been sentenced, two of them served 30 days in juvenile hall. the third sentenced to 45 days. they confessed to assaulting 15-year-old audrey potts and taking pictures of her while passed out in 2012. a week later, potts committed
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suicide. today the supreme court will hear arguments whether abortion protesters are having their rights violated by having to stay at a distance from doctors and employees and patients entering the clinics. peggy bunker joins us with more. >> good morning. you know, today's hearing centers around the state of massachusetts. this is brought to the forefront by 77-year-old grandmother, she wants to talk about reproductive health care facilities that established buffer zones that prevented her from approaching women contemplating getting an abortion and 35 feet is what they want people to stay back from at clinics. the zones are called buffer zones, marked by a yellow line. if a protester steps over, they're asked to move back. supporters say it's necessary as people entering and exiting the clinics have been subjected to taunts, even spit on, at times. they cite safety concerns after two receptionists in 2004 were shot and killed at a massachusetts clinic the abortion clinics representatives are free to speak but sidewalk
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counselors are not. >> it's not their messages can't be seen and heard, but it does protect women and administrative staff and doctors. >> a little bit from both side there's. sure to come up today the knack 2000 the supreme court upheld the buffer law in colorado. since then, chief justice john roberts and samuel alito replaced members of the court who leaned in favor of the buffer zone protection then could vote in favor of the protesters who are pursuing free speech claim. several states and citied filed briefs with the high court in support of the state of massachusetts and pursuit to stay the buffer law. now including the city of san francisco one of those cities and the also the state of new york. back to you. the man who admitted to kidnapping a 7-year-old girl in antioch is expected to be in court today. david douglas was arrested this month after officials say they followed the girl and her mother home from a walmart, pulled out a gun as they unloaded groceries
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in the driveway and took the girl. witnesses spotted douglas and called the police. charged with six felonies, including sexual assault. douglas called the kidnapping a cry for help. 5:35. 49ers in the middle of the playoff run. today, smith not expected to be in court for his hearing on dui and weapons charges. the two unrelated cases were combined about a judge in november when smith pleaded not guilty to three illegal weapon charges. chts stem from out of control party at his home in 2012. smith was also arrested this past september on suspicion of drunk driving. he missed several games this season while going to rehab. to the 49ers and quest for six. ed lee about to put his money where his mouth is. >> exing. a phone call from ed murray. two will place a bet on the outcome of sunday's game as
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centurylink field in seattle. we don't know what's on the line but we do know they'll wager local products and community services. >> how about our famous bridge against their most famous bridge? oh, they don't have one. a lot made how superstitious jim harbaugh is, he wears cleats to the game when undefeated now applying it to the travel schedule. they leave for seattle friday because the team's undefeated in playoffs when they leave a couple days early. normally they leave for seattle saturday because it's a short plane ride. >> speaking of superstitions, along with his cleats, he'll be wearing khaki pants on the sideline sunday despite attempts from his wife to get rid of them. she's tried to throw them away, many times. but he keeps buying new ones. the pants allegedly cost him eight bucks at walmart. they're the pleated front.
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>> now they're associated with him, the price will probably go up, who knows? we'd love you to share your favorite 49 fan moments. we got a slide show of them on our website. add yours using #nbc bay area on twitter or instagram. we'll share them there are truly great pictures, like that one right there. >> love it. >> love how it's a family affair to watch the niners, which is great. >> let's talk about today. live look outside at golden gate bridge. clear out there. >> really, really clear out there. mild for this time of the year. 5:37, temperatures right along the water, right at the immediate coast, start out one degree away from 60 in half moon bay. wait, you jumped to 63. that's because that north wind is cranking out there. it's hard to believe. yeah, hard to believe. here is what's harder to believe. still at 29 degrees up the road up the golden gate bridge in
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santa rosa. as you make your way from marin county into sonoma, temperatures dropping. and that's where they're not getting that warm downsloping wind. the a crazy pattern that we're in. it's going to continue not just today all the way through the week. what i can tell you, today will be the warmest in the extended future. what's going on, driven by winds, offshore winds. as high pressure moves in, we get compressional warmth, everything forced to the surface. notice that haze out there today as a result, even more so for tomorrow. as we continue into the stagnant pattern. today, winds the strongest. and that's why we're expecting temperatures to be the warmest. let's get right into the microclimate forecast for this wednesday. temperatures in the north bay in the 70s. 72 degrees in santa rosa. you want to dress for the two very different parts of the day. 20s right now. jumping into summertime by the end of the day. east bay, oakland, 76 today. out in the tri-valley, temperatures are going to be so
5:39 am
close. a little too close for comfort to 80 degrees in danville today. 76 out there. 75 pleasanton. 73 in livermore. i'm forecasting that 80-degree reading down in santa cruz. if you can get down there, what a beautiful day shaping up. check on your drive. maybe you just gotta get to work. weather's making it more comfort today. >> if you head to santa cruz, bring me back saltwater taffy. oh, we'll have to find somewhere. looking here, terry. here, we have a smooth drive. we have backup for the cash lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. this is heavier than we typically see on a wednesday. certainly everything we've seen over the last month. more folks coming back to work today. fast traff-trak lanes moving sm. no slowing as far as centers. earlier crash at berkeley curve cleared and all lanes cleared toward the east shore freeway, both directions. maze move at speed, so does
5:40 am
oakland, 580, 880. across the san mateo, look at this view. we look at the 2 westbound. we'll end with the shot and taillights from the high-rise to the peninsula without delays on 101 or 280. southern california residents rattled out of their beds when the ground began to shake. the magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck near fontana about 1:30 this morning. multiple aftershocks. the largest 2.3. people reported feeling the quake as far as 65 miles away in santa monica. some say it knocked them off their feet. >> shaking, like a thunder, like big noise. i think i was my knees and fall down. >> it was strong enough to push you down? >> yeah, yeah, really hard. everything started shaking here and everybody started running. interesting from 4.4. not the most major of earthquakes.
5:41 am
no injuries or significant damage have been reported. that's good news. >> 5:40 now. five years later the special ceremony to honor the bay area pilot who safely landed a plan in the hudson river, saving almost 200 lives, including his own. a new ban preventing tour buss from getting into one of most famous neighborhoods in san francisco.
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new this morning, pacifica police are on the lookout for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash. the driver of a gray or dark colored car hit and killed a man on palmetto avenue, happened 8:00 last night. witnesses say the car may be a monte carlo, a charger. took off toward daly city. no word on the victim's identity. waiting to find out what the bomb squad detonated in san francisco's sunset district last night. a suspicious device at a home on
5:44 am
46 and judah 6:00 last night. three hours later the bomb squad called in. people who live on 46 avenue say it was loud. >> sounded like explosion, like a huge firework, and just, you know, explosion and we heard the echoes and we didn't know what it was. >> area had been evacuated, and no one was hurt. relatives of a man who passed away found the device and called police. neighbor has hillsborough are on edge after a man reportedly forced a woman into his car and took off. happened 2:00 yesterday on bridge road in broad daylight. witnesses told police they saw an argument between a man and a woman, the man punched the woman and told her to get into a vehicle. dark colored older model nissan pathfinder. woman yelled for witnesses to call police, after putting the
5:45 am
woman in the car the suspect took off. new details on a brushfire. three homes in several outbuildings destroyed in the 50-acre fire which broke out 2:30 yesterday. firefighters cleared the scene 9:30 last night. people on the island evacuated. no one was hurt. it happened on kim ball island across from the antioch marina. because of off-season wildfires like this, cal fire says its emergency fund is running low. the agency only has 11% of its annual contingency left, which is supposed to last through june. >> for every penny we spend out of that emergency fund now, it impacts the spring and summer months when we normally would be hitting that fund up for expenditures of this nature. highly unusual to be spending money from the emergency fund in january. >> now, agency leaders are considering bringing back more
5:46 am
than 100 seasonal firefighters months ahead of schedule. cal fire says, if wildfires continue without rain it will have to ask state leaders for more money. brushfires in january, just absurd on the face of it right there. >> look at the hills, they're not green at all. it's so dry. warm temperatures today. >> especially when you drive down south, if you're going down 101 through gilroy, san martin, it's highly visible. we really need that rain. our hillsides are thirsty for it. 52 san francisco. 43 in the north bay. 48 in east bay. slated to hit records today. the reason why, offshore wind as that wind moves from land to sea, it warms up. and for today that wind will be at its strongest. not expecting substantial gusts in excess of 25 miles per hour. however it's that offshore flow that's going to bring temperatures towards record levels today. this the peak of it. so, napa, forecasting 74 degrees, record is 67.
5:47 am
so that will likely fall. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we'll be in record territory. likely to shatter temperature records in san jose. record is 73, making this the warmest on record for this date. so here's what we're working with when it comes to microclimates. south bay the warmest but not too far away down along the peninsula. 78 belmont. 74 pacific heights. san francisco, also getting a taste of the 70s which is rare even in summertime. here's the deal. because it's the off-season, you can head out to san francisco and enjoy these temperatures without all of the heavy tourism. that's great news, if you like that solitary confinement, which you can only get this time on the beaches. that's the great thing about it. we need the rain. we only have a slight chance in the forecast. i'm going to get to that coming up. today, 73 fremont. livermore at 73 degrees. santa cruz today at 80 degrees. and this is where we're headed.
5:48 am
temperatures are going to fall. you'll see that on the seven-day forecast. but staying well above average, which is 61 degrees this time of year. so, we'll talk more about that chance for showers coming up in my next report. right now, check your drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. we're looking toward the bay in general. a smoother flow of traffic. more cars on the road as we return from the holiday traffic. it happened before martin luther king day off. again, a lighter flow next week. the ebb and flow around this time of year. northbound 101 starting to build. slowing from 680 toward 880 and 87 shows fluctuation in speed in both directions no crowding yet. watching guadeloupe parkway through the stretch. as we look here toward the peninsula, smooth drive, a quick look at palo alto, recommendive 101 in the peninsula drive. a few more cars northbound and southbound. southbound with headlights no slowing but you have company here into and out of
5:49 am
san francisco. san mateo moving smoothly as well for 101 and 280. done barten and san mateo bridges move at speed across from 880. tri-valley smooth as well. no problems for 680 south in towards sunol and the south bay that we showed you earlier. approaching bay bridge, no problem out of the maze. toll plaza itself, there you go, cash lanes backing up. fas-trak not an issue. alamo square neighborhood of san francisco will look different starting today. there will be no tour buses driving around the area. made famous for its painted lady victorian homes. christie smith joins us live from the neighborhood. some well this change but others fear it might have a negative impact on tourism. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors here are already saying that they have been seeing a decline in tour buses here, though technically these restrictions start today. they say they seeing tourists walking around alamo square where we are, wanting to see
5:50 am
exactly where the opening sequence of the sitcom "full house" was shot and famous painted ladies victorian homes that you were talking about. the signs are up this morning that read tour buss and vans seating capacity eight or more is prohibited. featured in postcards or calendars, people who live here have long complained about the noise in what they see is safety issues for people who live and walk here because of all of the buses. they're saying they can see dozens coming through on any given day. nose in san francisco's tourism industry say restrictions will of course mean lost money. neighbors say visitors are welcome, they can do walking tour, they don't want big buses here. restrictions cover the area north of cell, south of golden gate, west of webster street. they start at 100 bucks.
5:51 am
live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. >> 5:5 1. peyton manning, odd man out. the fun fact that lings the others in the playoffs.
5:52 am
5:53 am
peyton manning might the best quarterback in the playoffs but the only one never drafted by a major league baseball team. colin kaepernick drafted by the cubs. there you are. russell wilson drafted twice, recently by the texas rangers and bay area native tom brady drafted in 1995 by the montreal
5:54 am
expos. they're not even around anymore. >> a lot of talent. it is 5:53 now. it's been five years since bay area native "sully" sullenberger and his crew safely landed the airliner on the hudson, saving everyone on board. today, sullenberger and other survivors will return to the spot where it all happened. scott mcgrew says it's an anniversary for a san francisco company as well. >> it is. flight 1549 also one of the very first times people heard of twitter. a high-tech exec tweeted a picture, people on the wing on the hudson, there's a plane on the hudson, i'm on a ferry going to pick up people. that's crazy. a fonder of twitter pointed that tweet as one of the defining moments for the company, an idea people could take a picture and report it as their own news as happened on the smartphone. that was just five years ago. the iphone itself is only 6 1/2
5:55 am
jee years old. tim cook in china talking to the press about a deal he's made with china mobile to bring the iphone to more people. china's a huge market. apple rates fifth in phone sales there. shares are in focus, so, too, teslas which sold 20% more cars than tesla expected ford yesterday said it would offer twice as many electric cars next year. burberry moving some manufacturing out of england and into china. finally a win on the markets on wednesday. you know what, futures guys, looks good for today as well. >> we need it. >> we need a turnaround. >> rain and the dow, two things we need. >> we're not getting it today. let's check in with christina. >> definitely not today. getting the opposite. record warmth in the forecast for today. temperatures are going to climb out of the 40s and the 50s into the 70s. and average high this time of
5:56 am
year, santa rosa, 56 degrees. san francisco, 57 degrees. san jose, 61 degrees. well above average. and we're going to stick with this pattern at least for the next couple of days. i will let you know when our next weathermaker enters the picture. that's coming up in my next report. first, check your drive. say good morning to mike inouye. >> a backup stacking up at bay bridge. i want to show you the slowing north 280 in san jose. we see this build of traffic approaching 880/17 interchange. on the maps, the speeds in the middle start to slow as well. north 101, slow from 680 past the airport now. 87 part of the reason we saw that slowing earlier, there's a crash reported at kirtner. one lane may be blocked, a distraction from capital to the scene. toll plaza, metering lights turned on at 5:53, that's 10, 20 minutes earlier than we typically see on a wednesday and over the last month.
5:57 am
that's turned on because of the volume of traffic, folks metering that see on the east shore freeway, it's an indicate of that volume as well. 5:57. people in southern california jolted awake by a pair of quakes. the latest next. a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. shutting part of 580 and oakland. what chp is telling us. we keep an eye on detroit. firefighters battling a massive warehouse battle.
5:58 am
5:59 am
wry now at 6:00, breaking news, flames burst out of a warehouse in detroit, sending thicking black smoke in the air. a deadly shooting in a hotel parking lot in the south bay, sends guests running out of their room.
6:00 am
shaken, then stirred out of bed this morning where two quakes rattled homes and nerves. dealing with temperatures in the 90s in southern california. we're talking about a taste of the 80s today as our warming trend reaches its peak. temperatures and records, slated to hit very warm levels. unbelievable almost. your full forecast shows you when we see changes. >> more folks hitting warmer roadways. backup at bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on early. now a crash on the highway 87 stretch through san jose. we'll show you it coming up. a live look outside, in fact, overlooking san jose right there. a look of the interchange. we'll check in with mike. a look at morning commute. if you are heading out the door you made it halfway through the work week, wednesday, january 15th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. i'm terry m


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