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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning to you. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators on the scene of an officer involved shooting near east 15th street antds 57th avenue not far from the rainbow recreation center. christie smith has talked with officers. what's going on out there? >> reporter: well, i can tell you there is a large police presence here, more than a dozen police cars from the oakland police department, also the chp. this is east 57th avenue, and east 15th street which is basically right above international boulevard. this is an officer involved shooting that started with a pursuit by the chp at 580 and high streets overnight.
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the driver they tell me possibly in a bmw did not yield to the officers. that according to the chp, the driver took off. they tell me there was a short pursuit that ended in a neighborhood here where we are in oakland. i'm told that the suspect bailed out on foot, there was a short chase and that's when there was some sort of exchange of gun fire. officers apparently opened fire on the man, feeling threatened but they are still working out the details on that. it's unclear at this point exactly how the suspect is doing. there was only one person in the car, the driver, who was shot. officers tell me that their chp officers involved in this shooting are unharmed. a public information officer with the chp is on the way. as soon as we get more information we'll let you know what he had to say. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. >> to breaking news in the south bay where crews are wrapping up at the scene of an overnight
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fire in an apartment complex in san jose. it's happening on cadillac drive not far from the intersection of winchester boulevard and hamilton avenue. bob redell got to the scene and bob, we're learning about two dozen people forced from their homes? >> reporter: probably more than that. that full count hasn't been made. good morning to you. right now red cross arrived in the past five minutes and what they are doing is knocking on the doors of the units in this building, if you look in the top corner unit, that is the unit that caught fire, around 1:45 this morning. when they arrived it was fully involved. this was a two-alarm fire. they don't believe it's suspicious. one possibility this might have started in the kitchen. everyone did get out okay but as a result that unit was destroyed and then there are five units attached that shared a common wall. they either suffered smoke or water damage. so there is also no power and gas on so you've got five
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unites, six now, where that are uninhabitable. that could be as many as 24 people who are going to need shelter. so that's why the red cross has arrived, again two-alarm fire at this apartment complex on cadillac, clearly the fire is out. they don't believe this is suspicious. one unit destroyed. about two dozen people looking for a place to stay. >> thanks for the latest, bob. at 4:33 one family waking up on edge after two seemingly random attacks. john unger lives about a mile from downtown willow glenn. sunday he says a young man rang his door bell, then stabbed him in the thigh when he answered the door. the suspect got away. not the first time something has happened to the unger family. last year someone threw yellow paint on his daughter's car and slashed the tires. now the family is thinking about moving. >> my family is too important to me to allow them to be subjected to this kind of behavior, this
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wanton act of violence. >> they say the man drove off in an older model blueish gray jeep cherokee type of car. >> today authorities will look at a video recorded by an oncoming train which hit two people in santa clara, it killed one man. investigators say the caltrain was traveling up to 70 miles an hour it hit the men. it was passing through the station at the time. it was not scheduled to stop there. one man died at the scene, the other taken to the hospital. several witnesses told us they thought one of the victims may have been on a bike around the time of the accident but officials don't know why the men were on the tracks. >> the circumstances are unusual and we need to understand what went on between the two victims and whether there was something more that needs to be investigated and that's one of the things that we'll be able to talk with the second victim about when he comes out of
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surgery. >> officials are going to look at the train's black box. there were 70 passengers aboard the train at the time of the accident. >> grooeb grief counselors on hand when classes resume at delmar high in san jose. 14-year-old danica garcia, a freshman, was hit and killed by a light rail train friday. her friends created an online donation site to help pay for her funeral. a memorial has grown near the spot where the train hit her as she was riding her bike across the tracks to get to school. >> a veteran bay area gay rights advocate set to appear in court today on felony child porn charges. 66-year-old lawrence brinkin will attend a preliminary hearing. investigators say they found dozens of pornographic images on his computer. he is accused of sending and receiving e-mails with pornographic pictures of children. he worked with san francisco's human rights commission for 22
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years before retiring in 2010. >> a mother in the east bay mourning the death of her two sons both murdered within a few weeks of each other. on new year's eve 13-year-old lee wthersby was shot and killed on his way home from the boys and girls club. then on sunday not far away from where lee was shot his older brother and a friend were shot and killed near the 100th and longfellow avenues. 19-year-old lamar was with his best friend derek harris when they were killed. broussard's mother says there are no words to describe her grief, begging for someone to come forward with information about the killings of her two sons. she says she has one other plea for the public. >> what i do ask is for no retaliation at all. i want to see this in the courts, i want retaliation through the court system. so please, flow retaliation. >> so far police say they have no suspects.
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>> a fresno man faces assault charges after reportedly shooting two seahawks fans following the 49ers loss to seattle. the men were at a party when two men apparently called 39-year-old amato a quote new 49ers fan. he threatened the men with a knife. the other people managed to wrestle it away and he was stabbed. that's when police say vargas grabbed a gun and shot the two men. doctors say they should survive. richard sherman says he is sorry for his controversial comments about michael crabtree. overshadowing the seahawks victory. he says quote i could have worded things better. during a post game interview following sunday's game sherman called himself the best corner in the league and referred to crabtree as a sorry receiver. he later called crabtree medioc mediocre. the tension apparently stems from a confrontation last summer when sherman says crabtree tried
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to start a fight. >> people in the northeast and the midwest bracing for bitter cold and snow again today as another polar vortex blankets the country. millions of people from virginia to new england have had the plows ready 10 inches of snow. new york city could be the hardest hit with up to 14 inches expected. arctic temperatures could freeze the region for nearly a week. >> i'm really not looking forward to this, the cold and the snow. i have to go back to work soy really don't like driving in it either. >> one of the biggest concerns certainly staying warm. the cold came early this year so people have been using a lot more heat. high demand, low supply, still driving up prices as much as 46% higher than last winter. the transportation department declared a home heating fuel emergency relaxing regulations in 24 states. the mountains, the sierra,
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mostly bare. it's been bad for business, bad for the environment. people are skiing on hills covered with manmade snow. the operators say crowds are much smaller than usual. some are closed, others laid off workers. earlier this in the first sierra snow survey of the winter showed the snowpack at 20% of average. remember t snowpack provides a third of our water supply because first it's snow, then it's water. >> but a hint of rain next week? >> actually we're opening up that storm window. in fact, we're going to kick it open. that's what we need to. we're a week out from that. i can tell you right now it's looking better and better every time i look. it makes you feel guilty because we haven't had to use our heat really at all this month. 45 degrees in san francisco. maybe in the morning for a few hours. but in the afternoon mother nature is warming us up. right to room temperature so. 73 the forecasted high in the east bay. 70 in the south bay.
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we really need that rain at this point. we are going to get snow from this changing pattern as well. so that's the developing weather story. things are going to start to change as of today. a little bit cooler as the on shore flow comes back to the bay area. we'll see a nice ocean breeze. then as we head throughout next week, early next week we're talking about an overall change finally winter weather that's going to last longer than three consecutive days in the bay area. we'll dive into the forecast coming up right now mike inouye's back and we're glad about it. >> good morning. a school holiday with my kids who were off school. we'll look toward oakland. we expect the return of the traffic. business back on line again. the road crews have cleared northbound. let's look at the map. northbound side not seeing slowing except for under the 880 shield. the last time slewing there was a crash at the broadway off ramp that has cleared as well. we have slowing for eastbound 24 away from highway 13 toward the caldecott. there is something going on in the lanes, it's not a road crew
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but also not any debris so chp says something is going on. we'll look for slowing on the sensors. heading across the bay, peninsula side, northbound 280 approaching 92, sadly a deer hit and the crews have to remove that. the transition ramp itself from 280 on 92 is moving smoothly. the slowing on 92 is because folks are heading through the hills, a slower drive. it's not congested. >> still ahead, new concerns in sochi as russia prepares to host the olympic games, 16 days away. there are female terrorists, security forces are on the lookout for. >> reports of the first arrest in connection with the target security breach. what federal officials are now telling us.
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>> new video just in, the ukrainian capitol is tense after a night of violent clashes. two days of violence in kiev has escalated the country's political crisis. it was sparked by the passage of harsh anti-protest laws. protesters are angry their
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president has made moves to be closer to russia rather than the european union. and as we close in on the winter olympics threats against the global event are intensifying this morning. nbc news has confirmed four female terrorists who call themselves black widows are targeting the olympic torch relay before it reaches sochi. at least one of the women, a widow of a rebel fighter killed by russian forces is from dagistan, a russian republic where many hate putin want independence from russia. there are wanted posters at pubs in sochi, identifying the women and two male suspects believed to be planning an attack as well in southern russia. the heightened tension is of little concern to san jose's 15-year-old figure skater polina edmunds as she prepared to go to the games.
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her family is from russia. >> just focus on your training and you know, i don't think any of us are worried about anything, we're just real excited to go and experience the olympic games. >> more than 30,000 russian troops have been mobilized to protect the games t winter olympics are just 16 days away. >> at 4:46, happening today new jersey governor chris christie will be sworn in for his second term. he will likely spend at least the beginning of his second term dealing with a pair of political scandals. in the latest hoboken mayor democrat dawn zimmer accused several members of christie's camp of threatening to withhold sandy relief funds unless she supported a major commercial development project. >> she said i know it's not right, i know they should not be connected and they are and if you tell any one i'll deny it. >> that any one would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely
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false. >> there are also two separate investigations into whether members of christie's administration had lanes in the george washington bring closed to get back at another new jersey mayor. christie denied knowledge about the lane closures and promised to cooperate with the investigations. >> we have conflicting information about possible arrests in the target security breach. for that news and the rest of the news before the bell it's kayla tausche. good morning. >> hey, good morning guys. the markets are coming off a mixed week but the futures are higher as investors return from the holiday weekend. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all closed higher, the s&p 500 ended in the red. it's a relatively light week for data but there are plenty of earnings with a quarter of the s&p 500 set to report. today we hear from johnson and johnson, travelers, verizon and delta airlines. the dow rising 42 points friday to 16,459, the nasdaq losing 21
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to 4198. police in texas have arrested a mexican couple at the u.s. border allegedly carrying credit cards with account information tied to target's data breach. authorities started working with the secret service after local retailers reported a number of fraudulent purchases at local stores. one federal official with knowledge of the case says the arrests are not connected to the target investigation. verizon launches a new version of share everything at $60 but with 250 megabytes of data which says is aimed at people who don't need that much or still use the basic cell phone. verizon is letting customers trade in for a new one after 30 days instead of every six months. the catch customers will be on the hook for 50% of the phone's retail price. better than the old policy i have to say. >> every 30 days. that seems reasonable. like 29 days old. >> no kidding.
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>> i think i had mine for a whole year and a half. >> to christina loren who has a new phone. >> iphone 5. no. but i'm going to get one for you. big bad little mama. 30 degrees throughout in petaluma. 38 degrees in novato. we invite you today in the bay viewers to do so. we love making you part of our show. it is early and we are up at this hour together. so yeah, we are all in the same boat. 42 in the east bay, 32 in the north bay. chances are if you are up it's because you have to be to get to work. the good news is the weather is nice. we're talking about another round of unseasonably warm weather. but what i can tell you is we're not going to see as many records fall. temperatures are going to drop off a. little more on shore flow. just for today so high pressure weakens. slight cooling holding on to pretty good beach weather. you can see here our temperature
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trend dropping off as we head throughout the remainder of the week. so make sure you're ready for that. let's get to the good stuff. this is our next weathermaker, the storm window opens up next week. and right now we're still days out so the futurecast models are in disagreement. i'm looking at everythingy every time the new data comes out every four hours or so i'm watching. right now they are starting to get their act together. everything looks more promising monday at 3:00 p.m. we'll get a cooldown, not until really monday night into tuesday do we see the cooldown. but we expect showers 0 on tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week, also with the cooler weather means lower snow levels and we really need that snow in tahoe. we'll take a look at what we expect there up. right now though let's keep this show a-rolling. >> the alleged sex abuse files of 30 chicago priests will be made public today. it will provide the most detailed look into what church officials knew and didn't know about sexual abuse in their
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organization. 30,000 pages of documents reveal how the archdiocese of chicago handled abuse between 1988 and 1996. last week the archdiocese turned the documents over to the victims' attorneys, those attorneys claim the documents show the archdiocese concealed the abuse for decades including moving priests to new parishes where they allegedly molested again. >> 4:51. in omaha severe weather has forced rescue workers to suspend the search for a plant worker killed 18 building explosion. two are confirmed dead after the second and third floors of an animal feed plant collapsed in the blast. the search for one of the bodies is on hold after strong winds led to concerns about the building's stability. ten people were seriously hurt. federal investigators are on the scene. so far no word on the cause of the blast. we have new video to show you of a bronx home that was demolished when the driver of a cement pumping truck lost
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control and slammed into it. a woman and her two young children were in the home but managed to escape injury. the truck was driving about 50 miles per hour on a nearby highway when it went off a ramp into the home. the cab of the truck was lodged so deep inside the home firefighters couldn't get to it for fear of their own safety. one man said he saw falling bricks hit firefighters. the driver of the truck was killed and five other people were hurt. >> still ahead "today in the bay,"'s coliseum undergoing major transpormation. >> the 49ers injuries keeping running back frank gore out of this weekend's pro bowl. >> we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. much more traffic than a holiday. we have an issue. we'll turn the camera and see what's going on.
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>> welcome back. coliseum getting ready for a new look for a while. today more than 500 truck loads of dirt will be dumped in the coliseum for this weekend's monster energy super cross race. all of those truckloads translate into 1.5 million pounds of dirt. the event kicks off saturday with practice and qualifying races starting at 12:30 and tickets $15. >> 49ers running back frank gore won't be suiting up.
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it appears gore broke his hand during sunday's loss in seattle. how does that happen. you keep playing? gore held an auutograph signing. the "mercury news" reports that gore played through the injury. so far no comment from the 49ers but jim harbaugh will hold a news conference this afternoon. gore was one of eight 49ers selected to this year's pro bowl but only amad brooks is expected to make the trip to hawaii. what's up? you looked at me funny. >> no. i was talking with the director. >> okay. behind the scenes fun. >> you know what it was, mike. it was confusing. i'm the new guy. confusion between mike, which is you, and mike, which is what i have here. so i kept looking here. >> oh, man. that's a problem. i keep talking when they say
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mike so i'm off. i'm doing nike -- this is the bay bridge. we'll talk about the smooth flow of traffic. we had construction and a disabled vehicle. the treasure island tunnel. we'll look on the maps. we see a slowdown but it's 56 miles per hour and that's typical. no problems for the tri-valley. we'll end with the maps and talk about a crash, well, we'll show this, the north bay no. problems here. a crash for 205 coming up. >> 4:57. breaking news in san jose. flames force two dozen people from their homes. >> and more breaking news in oakland. a chase and officer-involved shooting.
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breaking news. a police chase leads to a shooting in the east bay early this morning. christie smith is on the scene. she just talked to police. we'll get a live update next. >> and it's not quite as cold
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out there to start the day. more clouds, onshore flow, a touch cooler this afternoon. we're still counting on that rain. we'll detail everything in your full forecast. >> plus, a private memo to google employees goes public. what the company reportedly told employees to say during a san francisco transit meeting. >> while i'm also watching transit we have an issue on the peninsula and for the south bay. two things going on right now. >> let's take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge. it's getting late in january on this tuesday, january 21st, this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news out of the east bay. an investigation is under way in oakland after a chp officer shot a driver following a short chase. that shooting happened near the intersection of east 15th street


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