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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> shocking announcement from olympic snowboarder shaun white about his future in soapy, one day after an injury on the slopes. this, as the sun begins to set on another day in the olympic village. we count down to the start of the winter olympics. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are seeing a flurry of last-minute activity and touches being done in sochi. they're being done in a short time as hotels fill up with visitors, olympic venues filling up with athletes and the torch makingi its way to the olympic stadium. the sun is setting for one of team usa's most well-known athletes in one event. >> janelle, we understand shaun
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white is going to drop out of the slope style event. >> reporter: yes, this comes as a surprise because earlier today shaun white made no mention of that during a news conference. in the past 90 minutes white says he will drop out of this event. this announcement comes after he jammed his wrist during practice yesterday. this course is proving to be very challenging for people, a finland border sufficientrd a concussion. monday monday a norwegian border suffered a broken collarbone. 27-year-old white called the course a little intimidating and said, after watching athletes get hurt, the risk of injury too much. he wants to focus on the half pipe. white released the statement a short time ago. after much deliberation with my team, i have made the decision
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to focus solely on bringing home the third straight gold medal for half pipe in team usa. three other slope style borders, two from california. >> both of them have a good chance of meddling. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> i know we're reading about are they ready. do you think olympic village, what have you seen? are they ready for all of these people? >> reporter: yeah, i think they are ready. unfinished hotels but it's a small percentage. everything else seems to be going well. russian crews working hard at last minute to get everything together. the main venues, main hotels, all done. they're ready to go. they are ready for competition to begin tomorrow. >> ready for the reports you'll give us throughout the olympics. coming up at 6:15, a look at two
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team usa teammates going head to head in the figure skating competition. bay area native polina edmunds and l.a. skater ashley wagner. >> if you can't wait that long, visit, politclic olympics. >> a cold start. changes in the works as well. >> rain headed our way. i've been telling that story since the beginning of the week. as we get closer to the arrival of the next storm system, looking right on tomorrow. tomorrow i'm expecting pounding rainfall. one of the areas we don't pick up an inch plus, but that is possible. 38 degrees to start the day in the south bay. 28 up in the north bay. 49 degrees in san francisco. we've had a very dry winter so far. i'm sure you know. everything changes. we are talking about a weather game changer. called the subtropical moisture tap and it's on the way to the
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bay area. let's get into the forecast. stop the clock for you. as we head throughout tonight, the bulk of the moisture moves into the area. 10:00 p.m., steady rainfall moving into the north bay. as the system continues to press to the south, 6:30 a.m., this is what you get to drive to work in tomorrow. it's going to be rough out there. but we'll be here to guide you through it. this is the first of a series of storms. get ready, skiers, snowboarders, let me show you what we're expecting. saturday, not even done at that point. yeah you can do the math. 33 inches of snowfall on the way. i stopped this at saturday, pm, more rain and snow, as we head throughout sunday, monday, tuesday. that means we could see up to six feet of snowfall. i'll talk more about what's in store for the bay area. this is getting interesting. we need it. it's great news.
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mike inouye, you grew up here. driest year ever. now everything changes. we'll be here for you tomorrow morning. >> we will be. also here for you kingville is right there, smack dab toward tahoe, a big issue for cars getting over there. we'll monitor the snowfall in tahoe for ski resorts. here i have sad news for commuters expecting a smooth drive. this is north bound 101. this is a jam because of two crashes. north of 680, interchange there. you see the slow drive as you travel north past tully and mckee. another crash at old olson road. that cleared the crash in the backup at mckee causing more slowing. no injuries reported for either of these. you have a slower drive developing. north 87, as soon as you hear or see a problem on 101, folks go to north 87 and use as an alternate. that's going to shake up commute
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for the time being. we'll see ripple effect as it will affect you. travel speeds, tri-valley, usual slowdown for 580. by the time you get to dublin interchange, smooth. slower drive for 680 into pleasanton. oakland, nicely. 880 close to the limit but close with other cars as volume builds for the nimitz and 580. east shore freeway billing for volume. metering lights turned on. emeryville, i've turned it toward the bay bridge toll plaza. all lanes filled in from the 880 overcrossing to metering lights and slower drive across the incline. 6:06. a 62-year-old shot by police in hayward overnight has died. the shooting happened at an apartment complex another grove way. christie smith live with new details.
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>> reporter: police are saying they were initially called to the woman's apartment last night to do a welfare check on her. when they got there, they say she pulled out a handgun for some reason and flashed at them and what they thought was a threatening manner. two officers immediately retreated into the parking lot of the apartment complex on foothill boulevard around 7:15 last night. they say that she moved in on them and ignored orders two times to put that gun down. the officers say that they felt threatened because she moved toward them. one opened fire. neighbors heard it. >> then i heard about five gunshots and they were back-to-back and they sounded so close. i knew that it was very close. i couldn't see exactly where it came from. next thing i'd seen an officer crouched down by my car and
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going across the parking lot with his gun out. >> reporter: 612-year-old woman -- 62-year-old taken to the hospital where she died they were called by another police department in the east bay there this woman was despondent and kept calling their 911 dispatch center with a complaint. at this point, i have called hayward police to get more information about what the initial calls were. live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." it's 6:08. ahead on "today in the bay," raging fire ripped through an abandoned grocery store overnight. why firefighters are still on the scene hours after it first flared up. a car plows into a man, takes off. new details about the ongoing search for the hit-and-run suspect. new video showing the village near the slopes in sochi.
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investigators trying to pinpoint the cause of this massive fire in oakland, broke out at vacant grocery store international boulevard around 9:00 last night. nobody hurt. this same building has caught fire twice before. police in san francisco looking for a hit-and-run driver who sent a man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries the man was walking near advanceness and grove street when hit. shaun white announced he's dropping out of the slope style competition in sochi. white jammed his wrist yesterday. he plans to focus on bringing home the gold in the half pipe contest. back to the countdown in sochi. one of most anticipated events in olympics, women's figure
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skating. >> bay bridge has a skater, polina edmunds, lives in san jose, representing team usa on the ice. qualified with a breakout performance at the u.s. championships in january. >> so excited to sear her. excited to be joined by janelle wang live in sochi this morning. you had a chance to talk to her figure skating teammate, ashley wagner. >> reporter: yeah, there's friendly competition between the two. poli in a arrived last night. goodness, the sun is setting here. you can tell, that's the olympic cauldron lit up. olympic flame will arrive friday for opening ceremony. gorgeous sight here. competition tomorrow, three events, slope style, which shaun white has dropped out of. women's moguls and team figure skating competition. that event takes place tomorrow iceberg skating palace.
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men and pair short programs saturday. ladies will skate, for team usa ashley wagner of southern california. pressure is on the 22-year-old who fell twice last month in boston and placed fourth. some say she should not have received a spot on team usa. wagner disagrees. >> i'm extremely competitive. i'm an athlete through and threw. i'm here to get a pledmedal and remembered. >> 15-year-old polina edmunds will not compete in the team event. she has arrived in sochi. her individual event is still two weeks away. winter games are like the biggest ever. 98 events total. so much they had to add another day of competition which begins tomorrow. janelle wang, nbc bay area. >> it's dinner time there.
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what are you eating? is it all russian or american? what are you doing? >> reporter: i actually went out to the farmer's market yesterday, ate a bit of russian food. we're working nonstop, i'm eat at commissary, free, all you can eat, 24 hours a day. i haven't had much time to eat but the food there is good. iman joying that. i'm well fed. >> keep your strength up like the athletes. inspiration throughout the game, fun to see ice skaters and skiers but it makes you want to get out on the slopes yourself. >> which you can do because of the snow. >> tahoe, you've got to chains. we are expecting to get dumped on when it comes to the fresh powder. we like to be two steps ahead of the storm. going to take you live to tahoe.
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brian joins us from squaw valley. how are you guys gearing up for what could be potentially by tuesday 6 feet of powder above 7,000 feet? >> stoked about it. we're getting lifts ready and looking for all of the people coming up. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> what are some of the cool things you have going? you've been making snow steadily all season long. tell me about the half pipe park. >> snowmakers working around the clock to get the mountain ready and keep it through sunshine. with the snow, they'll get a break. a lot going on, in the village or the olympics we have the winter viewing parties, giving away cool stuff and cheer on local favorites. >> giveaways every day. you know what? it's natural partnership between you and us. have to say, we're home of the
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olympics. we'll have coverage here on nbc bay area. simultaneously, you want to check the weather report with all of the snowfall coming, once it starts snowing, as we head throughout tonight into tomorrow, it doesn't look like it's going to stop all the way through tuesday. if you headed up there, keep in mind you could get stuck. you don't want to get off the main lines there. you don't want to head off into the back country, could be very, very dangerous. temperatures now, mostly in the 30s and 40s. we have fallen into the upper 20s in the north bay. throughout the afternoon, climb to the 50s. upper 50s on the way to the bay area. 57 in the east bay. 57 south bay. showers holding off until this evening. mike croi climates tell the story of the day. temperatures are going to be the warmest here. not getting cooler along the peninsula. you will see first showers along the peninsula 7:00 p.m. tonight. san francisco, looking good for showers at 6:00 p.m.
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north bay, you'll see showers earliest, but able to hit highs in the upper 50s. before that rain arrives, north bay, around 1:00ing 2:00 for the prefrontal precipitation. east bay, tri-valley, same deal. mid to upper 50s, cloudsen creasing today. 59 degrees on the way to danville. dive into the forecast. a lot to go over. heavy rain on the way. first system, this system's going to arrive as we head throughout tonight. widespread rainfall starting to move in. bulk of the moisture looks like it's going to come through during the broadcast tomorrow. we'll track showers as they develop. not just talking about the lighter rain. the deep, rich green, that's an indication of heavy rainfall. right now, it looks like the south bay's going to see most of it. and then, everything changes as we tap into the subtropical moisture getting into your saturday. here's the deal. subtropical moisture tap is a game changer.
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we could pick up a half inch to an inch, even on the valley floor. once we get that pineapple express here in the bay area, by tuesday, 6:00 a.m., 3 inches of rain accumulated up in santa rosa. flooding potential likely. we'll be guiding you through the entire thing. full team coverage in case anything happens. mike always has your back in the traffic. >> look, behind me, we have a slowdown north 110. north of 680. up at the top, traveling northbound. jammed up. on the maps, two crashes north of here. one at old oakland road, another mckee, around the bend out of our camera's view. that's what caused the slowdown. oakland, cleared. the second one at mckee, activity, very slow here. we were seeing north 87 and northbound 280 out of the area, showing more slowing, but folks are sticking it out, making good
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progress. so they will be showing that typical flow for the rest of the freeways now. we watch as that might affect the area over the next 20 minutes. coming across the peninsula, easy drive for 101 and 280. university avenue, typically shows slowing as folks head to 101. dumbarton plij bridge is not th problem. san mateo bridge, looks steady over off of the high-rise. but a report of a stall or a vehicle with mechanical vehicles might be sticking into the slow. there's no big backup. look from the other side, toll plaza side, see if there's a jam. no, smooth as well. flat section across the high-ri high-rise. you'll find flashing lights. i'll let you know if they have to block any lanes, it could be a travel spot. east shore drive, bay bridge, green zone. top of the screen, east shore freeway, speeds dip. because of the volume towards
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the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on, there's a fullbackup at toll plaza itself. standard. north bay, typical speed, smooth drive, except highway 37. that's the slow drive from vallejo into navato. time, 6:20. "today in the bay," new features for fans at at&t pro am tournament at pebble beach. bob redell, a live report coming up. local flavor of sochi, russia. this is brand-new video shot at a market near the site of the winter olympics. behind the scenes peek of how people live there. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal.
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good morning. 6:22. as we look at the sunrise coming up over san jose. >> ominous look there. live look over san francisco, bay bridge illuminated in its glory. halfway through the work week. thanks for spending it with us. entertainers and athletes hope the weather will cooperate for the at&t pro am tournament. there's already a twist. >> bob redell, a big name not there. >> reporter: yes, good morning you, scott and laura. for the first time in five years, talking about comedian bill murray not playing in at&t pro am here at pebble beach, first time in five years. anyone who has been here before knows how much of a regular he is.
6:24 am
he will be greatly missed. he's reportedly busy filming a movie, too busy to take a break to come up here and play golf, entertain the gallery. for years murray built a reputation as so-called clown prince of pebble, with his off the cuff antics and jokes. who's going to fill his shoe? george lopez, he did that five years ago when murray wasn't here. but that's not going to happen either. apparently, according to the chronicle, he wasn't invited this year, possibly because of an offensive stand-up routine he performed last year. they insist that's not the case, they're rotating in frash tesh t like peyton manning who could use change of scenery and change of sport. invited this year, kid rock, kurt russell, among the other celebrities expected. yesterday it was the 49ers
6:25 am
versus san francisco giants. the golf fund-raiser included former and current players. goin giants did win the change, j.t. sn snow's chip shot to clinch the shot. >> we love to find creative ways to raise money. this seems to get bigger every year. we're psyched about it and psyched taking a second victory home this year. we'll have to come back next year and keeping the odds getting better. >> that celebrity challenge, a few hours from now at 11:00 a.m. the pro am starts tomorrow. if you are coming to pebble, changes. security is tighter because of the boston marathon bombing and threat made against the olympics in sochi, russia, where janelle wang has been reporting from all morning. there are going to be metal detectors. you're limited to 6 x 6 x 6 inch
6:26 am
back or 12 x 12 x 12 if it's clear. exception diaper bags or bags medically necessary. shuttle buses dropping you off at a different location by the par 3 peter hay golf course. rounds start around 8:00. celebrity challenge around 11:00 a.m. live from outside the lodge at pebble beach, bob redell, "today in the bay." clear skies for the celebrity challenge. what about the rest of the event? christina loren. >> good morning. i wouldn't be surprised to see that event canceled for tomorrow. postponed. we've got a lot of rain coming in early. soggy course does not bode well for celebrity golf. 49 san francisco. 35 east bay. 38 in the south bay today. headed towards upper 50s. i'll let you know who could see 3 inches of rain between now and monday.
6:27 am
stick around. a lot to go over. mike? >> tough drive for wednesday for you northbound 101 through san jose, two crashes, cleared north of 680. here 92 better news. earlier issue blocking a lane cleared. slower, smoother drive into the peninsula side. east bay, also. oakland, smoot drive. more company from high street into down ton. north bay, no issues. more company southbound. 6:27. local girl lends her voice to one of the super bowl's most-talked about commercial. ♪ america, america >> we'll tell you more about the bay area singer featured and how the commercial's making a comeback for the olympics.
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a woman shot and killed overnight by police. new details about why that confrontation turned deadly. plus, coca-cola puts an
6:30 am
olympic spin on the super bowl commercial. why the comeback is so controversial, just ahead. live look at opening bell this morning on the nyse. twitter reporting earnings for the first time as a publicly trade company after the markets close. yelp talking as well. wednesday, february 5th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. continuing coverage of the investigation into the deadly shooting of a 62-year-old woman by a hay ward police officer. called to the woman's home to do a welfare check on her but pull a gun. one of the officers said he was forced to shoot her. it happened at an apartment complex foothill near grove way. the woman was taken to the hospital but didn't make it. "today in the bay's" christie smith digging up more information. she will have -- join us for the latest in a live report coming
6:31 am
up in 20 minutes. >> tis mohis morning, counting to the winter olympics in sochi. one high-profile member of the team usa dropping out of olympic event. snowboarder shaun white says he's dropping out of the slope style event so he can focus completely on the half pipe. white jammed his left wrist yesterday. he but was among several who had been complaining about unsafe conditions on the course. "today in the bay's" janelle wang new details about the announcement in a live report from sochi at 6:45. learning that coca-cola will be putting an olympic encore on an ad that attracted a lot of attention during the super bowl. >> peggy, we understand bay area fifth grader's featured in the commercial. >> that's the cool part, seeing a local girl in the huge coca-cola add. the commercial "it's beautiful" one of america's most patriotic
6:32 am
songs sung in it's a different languages by people of different ethnicities and that upset super bowl viewers saying coca-cola is as america as it gets and ads should be in english. ♪ ♪ >> hearing that song you have an emotional reaction to hearing the tune and coke says the commercial's a tribute to the multicultural makeup as well as acknowledgement of the history. twitter and facebook page blasting the company for the mixed language version. sparking #speakamerican on twitter, the fifth grader from san carlos, she sang the song in arabic. ♪
6:33 am
>> beautiful voice there. attending stratford school in palo alto. she's a student body president there. singing "america the beautiful" fills her with joy. >> when i sing the song i feel really happy. i feel joyful. i feel, you know, every word that explains happy. >> coke has died to reair the spot during the opening of the sochi winter olympics and in a statement they said, we are simply showing that america is beautiful and coke is for everyone. controversy, the great advertiser. the fact this commercial's being debated on social media after the super bowl, that's a good thing for coke. it wouldn't be crazy to think the company's looking to prolong the buzz by bringing the ad back for the olympics and that's what they're doing. >> check in with christina. a look at forecast. a heavy system coming our way. >> we have a series of storms headed our way.
6:34 am
potential for some flooding. i want to draw your attention to that, not just in the usual suspect leaks nors like north b. across the bay area, it all starts up tonight. 6:34, temperatures climb out of 30 and 40s into the 50 throughout the day today. upper 50s. right into the forecast. stop that clock, as we head into evening into tonight, almost mind blowing how much the pattern is going to change for the bay area and how long we're going to be dealing with this. i stopped the clock at 10:30 p.m. tonight, and the entire bay area getting the bulk of the moisture. we head back into tomorrow morning, 6:30 a.m., we have a lot of moisture on the way to the bay area. a lot of this is going to slam the south bay. this one, i'm focusing in south of the golden gate bridge and the next one comes in and that one is going to hammer the north
6:35 am
bay. everybody has that potential for flooding. but from the first system, focusing on areas to the south. more specific, to the south of highway 92. that's where we're expecting heavier rainfall. not a lot in san francisco or the north bay until we hit late saturday into sunday. here what happens's happening out in the atmosphere. this is the pineapple express. it's a robust and persistent plume of moisture that extends into the western pacific this timing of year. as the storm systems ride in from the gulf of alaska they tap in, connecting with na atmospheric river and that means we are going to get dumped on. what i like to call the weather game changer. now, the forecast models agree with me. look at this. see that tap developing. organizing. stop the clock on saturday, and that atmospheric river pumping in rainfall into the bay area. so, i'll tell you who could see up to 3 inches before all is said and done and how much snow we'll get in tahoe as well.
6:36 am
going to get interesting around here. we need the rain. this is good news. not great for tomorrow morning's drive, mike. it's going to be rough. >> it will be rough tomorrow. the buildup over the bay bridge, that's not a surprise but it's rough. look at that, backup, metering lights are on, backup past west grant avenue. talk about the approach. smooth drive but slower through berkeley. northbound 880. the build starts, north 880 at fifth, a stall. this could be a bigger issue. this in the city was a big deal, closure at van ness and grove, for locals around the civic center that has cleared up into the overnight deadly crash at that intersection. all lanes cleared at van ness at grove. getting into and out of san francisco, nice drive. looking toward tri-valley, slower speeds here. grant line road, dublin
6:37 am
interchange, typical slowing. south bay with the map. general slowing kicking in for many spots. folks on northbound 101 backed up with the crash. speeds picking up a bit. movement from 680 at the top of the screen toward mckee where we have a crash on the shoulder. 6:37. about big announcement overnight in the fight against smoking. cvs will no longer sell cigarettes in its stores. a new look at sochi, local landmarks near olympic village. good morning nelly! woah.
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one of the nation's largest pharmacies announced it will stop selling tobacco products in its stores nationwide. cvs says all tobacco sales will end october 1st. the company says selling cigarettes next to medicine undermines its mission. it will lose $2 billion in revenue a year. president obama hopes the move kicks off a national campaign to help millions of americans quit smoking. board members vote on the new mascot for vallejo high school. some native-americans and supporters say the mascot was offensive. students and alumni defended the
6:41 am
mascot as an honor to the tribe and the spirit. the board voted to change the mascot but didn't pick a new one. 6:40. countdown to sochi cut short for one olympic athlete. new details about shaun white's decision to drop out of one of the events. >> look at new video showing shoreline of sochi. along the black sea. almond.
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a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of u.s. snowboarding.
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it's morning for us here in the bay area, but right now, the sun has set in sochi, as we count down to the start of the winter olympics. >> now that the sun has sunk into the black sea, the round the clock work under way to make sure the olympic host is ready
6:44 am
for the influx of athletes, dignitaries and spectators about to descend into olympic village. one of team usa's most recognizable athletes withdrawing from an event. >> janelle wang with new details about shaun white's big announcement. good evening. >> reporter: the sun has just set here in sochi, just a couple of hours ago snowboarder shaun white announced he is dropping out of the slope style event. he jammed his wrist during practice yesterday and he says, the course is intimidating and he doesn't want to risk injury. instead, he wants to focus on the event that made him a superstar. the snowboard half pipe, he has won two gold medals and wants to go for his third. he wants to focus on that event. the course has been challenging for boarders. several injuries, one person out of the games after breaking his collarbone on monday.
6:45 am
but russian authorities are making modifications to the course when competition begins tomorrow, including two northern california athletes, chaz and ryan, both from northern california. meanwhile, on friday, we've got opening ceremony. there have been two dress rehearsals this week. last night, one, fireworks lit up the skies oversochi. they've been tight lipped about what's going to happen at the ceremony. we saw light displays and heard loud music. none of the athletes on friday, you'll see go u weenuine kiteme. we hear a famous russian tv host and musician will be performing. for who will be carrying the olympic flame, her name is
6:46 am
rumored, a two manufacture time olympic medalist, but it's not been confirmed, just a rumor. we won't know until we watch the ceremony friday. president putin arrived last night, toured the village today. he'll be at opening ceremony just over my shoulder in the distance. you can see 40,000 people. live from the sochi games, janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> sounds like you're getting to know your way around there. >> reporter: i am. we've been here almost a week now. a beautiful place. coastal cluster here and then there's a mountain cluster 30 miles away. views are gorgeous. >> what a trip. thanks for sharing it with us. >> we'll check back in ten minutes. as team usa gets ready to compete, posting fun pictures on social media.
6:47 am
this photo, the caption, loving our race suits. snow in sochi looking sweet. >> this photo shared by shelly ruddman, caption, team bonding. >> snowboarder shaun white posting a photo, despite his injury. his black eye that he got after the recent fall. the caption, and straight to the food. >> updating our website as well constantly with the latest stories from the winter olympics. head over to, click on olympics tag. articles and photo galleries and video as team usa goes for the gold. >> we have to go for the umbrellas by late tonight, right? >> a lot of rain headed our way. one of a series of storms arrive tonight. you can basically go off to work today and leave that umbrella at home. for most of the bay area, it will hold off until 10:00 p.m. if you live in the north bay, grab that umbrella. this is where the showers are
6:48 am
going to start first. climb into the mid to upper 50s for today. clouds increasing as that storm system arrives closer to the coastline. dive into the forecast. this is the first of a series of storm systems coming to the bay area. want to time it out for you. stop the clock at 6:00 p.m. showers at that point, starting to press south of the golden gate bridge. bulk of the moisture comes through overnight into 9:00 a.m. we're not just talking about light green. wherever you see deep green and yellow, that's heavy rainfall. thing that i'm concentrating on is the fact this system looks like it's going to ride to the south. highest accumulations south of 92 and in the south bay. santa cruz mountains specifically. seven-day forecast shows you we're in the thick of it. once the storm systems start coming, we'll see several more on the heels of the first one. already, though, expecting pretty significant totals just from the first round of rain. let's talk more about that. as we head throughout friday,
6:49 am
we'll get a bit of a break but not before accumulating over an inch of rain potentially here in the south bay. this tells the story. expecting widespread, heavy totals out in the east bay and tri-valley. livermore, for example, from the first system, over an inch of rain headed our way. then we get into what's interesting, what i like to call the weather game changer. this that is subtropical moisture tap, the pineapple express is what it's called, because it expense ttents from n islands to the pacific ocean. totals from the subtropical moisture tap, 3 inches possible in the north bay. tahoe, accumulate massive he totals. as we head throughout thursday to saturday, over three feet of snow anticipated and with more rain and snow on the way. subtropical moisture tap will bring temperatures up and slow
6:50 am
levels up as well. counting on the first system to dump snow in tahoe. i'll be here with you throughout the "today" show. updates every 15 minutes. be prepared for wet winter weather. mike. >> a tough drive now. look at northbound 101, look at the map, this is the slower drive, three crashes, two north of 680, one at cap tral expressway. 87, more traffic. folks tock capital expressway over there. heading heading down 880 or nor stevens creek bould, a crash here, monroe at stevens creek. fo folks local, heavy towards valley fair, and there's a loop, reports that a big rig hit a power pole, the latest from chp. power pole with wires down. they've closed off-ramps from
6:51 am
both directions from 880. use an alternate, 280 towards winchester and city streets around the area. we don't know if this is affecting local homes. live wires reported there. that's why there's traffic control. we'll track that through the south bay. north 101 jammed. verying towards pleasanton. that's typical for this time of day. 580 westbound and 84. no surprises for this portion of the tri-valley. easy drive towards castro valley area with westbound 580. smooth drive east shore freeway as well. slow drive toward berkeley. 880 smooth through oakland. fremont, picks up volume heading into the south bay. northbound side, smooth but bogging down north of the coliseum into downtown. back to the maps. across the bay, bay bridge backup at toll plaza getting
6:52 am
into the city, slower drive. east shore times towards bay bridge, not a big deal. slowing through berkeley and emeryville. for the city, we have a smooth drive at van ness and grove, the intersection has reopened. southbound 101, slowing towards san rafael. learning more about an yoef overnight shooting involving police. a 62-year-old woman shot by officers in hayward has died. the officer on paid leave. "today in the bay's" christie smith live with the latest on the shooting. >> reporter: good morning. i did get off the phone with the coroner's office and they're not releasing this woman's name yet, that's going to have to come from the hayward police department later today. 62-year-old woman, police went to her apartment on foothill boulevard for a welfare check, and after they knocked on the door, she flashed a handgun and what they considered a
6:53 am
threatening manner 7:15 last flight. the two officers retreated into the parking lot and repeatedly told this woman to drop her weapon. they say she didn't, in fact she became aggressive towards them, and they, one of them, fearing for both officers' lives, one opened fire. >> i heard five gunshot and they were back to back. and they sounded so close. i knew that it was very close. i couldn't see exactly where it came from. >> reporter: that woman was taken to eden medical center, where she later died. another police department called hayward police to check on this woman because she had been calling their dispatch center saying that she was feeling disappoint dent. the officer involved has been with the police department for one year. hayward police are investigating this with the allameda county
6:54 am
district attorney's office. police in san francisco looking for a driver who slammed a car into a pedestrian and then drove away. a man in his 50s hit in the crosswalk around 2:30 near the intersection of van ness avenue and grove street. the man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a tow truck hauls away wreckage after a fiery crash. you see the burn marks on the passenger side of the car. one person was inside when it crashed. right now, unclear if the driver was injured, and the cause is under investigation. investigators trying to pinpoint the cause of this massive fire at a vacant grocery store in oakland. it happened last night around international boulevard, not far from interstate 880. took more than 60 firefighters to control the flames. firefighters say no one was in the building when they arrived and no one was hurt. today, some of the biggest napes in golf and entertainment gathering south of here for the
6:55 am
at&t pro am golf tournament. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live at pebble beach. >> that's not lightning. >> reporter: the best -- >> having trouble with bob. >> problems with the signal there. we'll work that out. >> i bet we can go to russia. >> if we can't go to pebble beach, go to russia. >> janelle wang final olympics update of the morning. how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm good. it's chilly here. 40 degrees. pretty mild in sochi. people think, you're going to russia, you're going to be freezing but it's not bad. 50s in the daytime, 30s and 40s the lows during nighttime. colder in the mountain cluster but not bad. i don't need to bring warm clothes. i'm getting cold now because the sun has set. activity here at olympic village.
6:56 am
a lot go on for the start of the games. competition begins tomorrow. opening ceremony of course on friday. everything is good. i felt nervous when i first arrived in terms of security. but since i've been here, i feel safe and sound, lots of troops here, 100,000 police, military officers protecting us here at olympic village. security is tight. and it's working. you have to go through security checkpoints but that's worth it. better to be safe and secure. >> do you know through those in the area that you're in or if you want to go to the mountains you have to go through clearance? >> reporter: you have to go through clearance everywhere you go. when you get into the main event, before you go into a venue, security's extremely tight. metal detectors, body pat-downs and bomb-sniffing dogs. it's like going through airport security over and over and over
6:57 am
again. ply cred tensions. you have to have these. all of the journalists, athletes, volunteers, we were background checked and screened before we got here. so this gives us clearance to get to places we need to go. spectators, people who have tickets have to register and get a spectator pass in order to get to their event. this is to make sure games are safe. >> fun to check in with you. >> try to go back to pebble beach. collect in with bob. >> lease at at&t pro am kicks off today. >> correct. on the 18th hole, signature hole here at pebble beach. talking about the celebrities, the celebrity challenge around 11:00 a.m. comedian bill murray, for the first time in five years, not
6:58 am
going to be here competing and of course entertaining gallery at pebble beach. reportedly he has a movie he's working on, too busy to take a break and come up here to entertain. you think, maybe they go to the second command when it comes to comedy here on the links, george lopez. he's done in years past. played second fid tofiddle to m. he reportedly, according to the paper, was not invited because of what was concerned to an offensive stand-up routine he put on last year. the tournament is trying to bring in fresh talent, talking about peyton manning, coming off that loss sunday against the seattle seahawks. i'm sure a great thing to get his mind off of what happened there in new york. new jersey, i should say. tom brady out here, kid rock, kurt russell.
6:59 am
i believe andy garcia, don cheatle, the regulars that you see here in the course. just no bill murray. celebrity challenge at 11:00. pro am itself starts tomorrow. if you are coming out here, there are security changes in wake of the boston bombing marathon and threats made against the olympics in sochi. you have to pass through aal detector, bags no bigger than 6 x 6 x 6 inches or 12 x 12 x 6 if it's a clear bag or unless it's a diaper bag or medically necessary bag. this hole, all of the action will be. let's see if any of the act will be anything like this. that's a negative. that might be a negative. >> no. >> no. >> reporter: another negative. okay. i'll try this time. caught the break.
7:00 am
>> need to read the green. >> could be! >> he's showing off. >> nice finish. >> first three fake. >> fourth time's a charm. >> thank you. have a great day. good morning. here we go again. a new deadly storm bringing heavy snow and ice for the 115 million people in 22 states feeling its wrath. as much as a foot of fresh snow, treacherous road conditions, and widespread power outages. and round three is close behind. breaking overnight, hoffn arrests, four people in custody in connection with the death of philip seymour hoffman as we learn new details about the oscar winner's final hours. ta o


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