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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 8, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm diane dwyer. a storm has left parts of the bay area flooded. let's take a look at the conditions right now. the north bay took the brunt of the storm, this is san rafael, and nearby in sonoma county there's a flash flood warning in effect right now. in oakland you can see it's raining. that rain has cause the traffic problems throughout the area. we have live team coverage tonight. we want to begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> the rain totals, very impressive now. thursday through current time, you can see mt. tam, a foot of rain. santa rosa closing in on 6 inches of rain since thursday.
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oakland hills, 2 1/2 inches of rain. less south of oakland but that will change tomorrow as the rain moves from north to south. that rain has been falling too heavy at times in the north bay, especially in sonoma county since early in the afternoon. we've been watching this flash flood watch in effect through petaluma. this will continue through 7:45 tonight. we have had many reports of many roadways out here off to the east of petaluma, and areas around windsor creek, seeing flooding. that continues to head up to places like sonoma park expressway, and down around casa grande road. rain coming down too fast causing a number of problems on the roadways in the north bay. joining us live is monty francis with how extremely wet those conditions are, and still, monty, we're seeing flooding out there on the road. >> reporter: well, rob, that's right. we're just south of the city of sonoma on highway 121 which you can see has been shut down because of flooding.
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i would say there's at least a foot of water here at this intersection and it's still raining. there's no sign this water will be receding anytime soon. this is just one of several roads flooded here in sonoma county today. in fact, earlier today, a mudslide caused a slide down a hill and tore through a house that had already been evacuated. that road has been closed indefinitely. in other parts of the county, the problems aren't that severe, but driving treacherous and at times dangerous. >> take it real slow. especially deep water like this. just go real slow. a lot safer that way. >> reporter: and we just came from the park where part of millbrae avenue was flooded by a nearby creek. drivers were turning around but others went right through the water. the chp said the danger that when you do that, you don't know how deep the water will get. the expressway between stony
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point road and redwood drive is also closed because of flooding. we'll keep you up to date on any road closures throughout the night. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, monty. the north bay recorded the most rain so far, but san francisco is not far behind. along with the rain, there's also a high wind advisory affecting drivers on the bay bridge. along the embarcadero, we have more there. hello, jas. >> reporter: hi, diane. at surface level we have a light breeze. but there is the wind advisory for anyone traveling across the bay bridge specifically. you should probably take it slowly on any of the bay area bridges. here in san francisco, we really had light rain. no major troubles here in the city. but the farther north you go, the worse things get. as the rain fell, the water flowed. but not every storm drain did its job quite so well.
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cal trans crews spent time clearing a drain in mill valley. it spelled trouble for those driving through the downpours. still, you won't find many people complaining about it. >> i prefer it. that's why i moved here. >> i've not had enough already, thank you very much. >> definitely love the rain. we've missed it for quite a bit. and we're having a -- we're loving it here. >> it's good for the drought. >> reporter: apparently it's also good for business in downtown san el sellmo. even though this stream has flooded the town just nine years ago. >> no, we need more. we like to fill all the reservoirs and fill up all the plants. >> reporter: i was out there, i saw the creek, and it's gone up three or four feet in just about 24 hours. that is a significant change. they've also had spotty reports of trees down around marin
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county. the best advice, if you are going to be out on the roads tonight, just be careful and be cautious while you're driving. chase cane. >> we also have interactive radar, so you can track the storm on and then coming up later in the newscast, we'll take you out to the airports and to tahoe for more on the storm. this is, of course, the first full day of olympic competition. we saw snowboarding, ice skating and a bizarre tweet from an olympic athlete. we're joined by jack in sochi with a look at the very latest for us. hello, jack. >> reporter: how are you? the first medals of the games have been handed out. the downhill course looks dangerous. and here's some nuggets from day three. of the sochi games.
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>> top to bottom for american sage kotsenburg. >> reporter: sage kotsenburg laid down in the qualifying competition, no indication of what was to come today. >> he's having a good time out there and it shows. >> reporter: the 21-year-old won the first gold medal of these games, landing a trick he had never even practiced before. >> the trick's never been done. it definitely looks crazy. i was just riding the wave, like, what just happened. i was like, hopefully that can get me in the top three. it ended up taking the cake today. >> reporter: the women's hockey team got off to a good start. scoring an early victory over finland. but the ice was not kind to team usa speed skaters. the dutch team went one, two, three, in the men's 5,000 meters. it could have been worse. a skier from slovenia suffered a terrible crash during downhill training today.
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rok perko broke his nose and was one of the competitors who failed to finish the course. and the danger lies in using the bathroom in athletes village. johnny quinn posted this photo on twitter, after he became trapped in his bathroom. and had to break out. looks like the journalists aren't the only ones having problems with their rooms. i don't know about you, diane, but i want that guy pushing my sled. he is a powerful human being. >> it looked like the door was just made of cardboard the way he ripped it open. it was incredible. >> reporter: like superman just flew through it. >> thanks a lot, jack. we have a warning, we have our first of many olympic spoilers coming up next. so if you don't want to know the medal count now is the time to enjoy the lovely music, but turn away from your screen as soon as the music stops, and it's safe to join us again.
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all right. we are back. womaning up next at 6:00, she was the star of the opening ceremony in sochi. now we're hearing from the 11-year-old girl who flew through the air. what she had to say after capturing the imaginations of millions of people worldwide. a big win for same-sex couples across the country. the benefits the federal government is extending for gay and lesbian couples for the very first time. plus, continuing coverage of a weather alert. here's a live look at downtown san jose. the storm system is now making its way south. we'll have a live shot from las gat os as well coming up.
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we are back with our weather alert coverage. rain coming down across the bay area. from the left what it looks like in downton san francisco. on your right, san jose. the 101, 680 interchange. here's a look at our radar right now. you can see there's really no end in sight of the rain. that is a welcome sight for the drought situation here in california. people in the south bay have plenty of drizzle, but not as much rain. meteorologist christina loren
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joins us from los gatos. nice to see you here on a weekend. >> reporter: it's great to be here with you, diane. you know what, it's great to be getting the steady drizzle if that's all it is in the south bay. i'm here at the reservoir in los gatos. this reservoir is looking healthier than it did about two weeks ago. but still, we don't have the water level reaching the docks just yet. it's going to take three at least big more storms for that to be the case. i want to take you right to the radar and let you know why we're not seeing as much rainfall here in the south bay as we're seeing everywhere else. it's what we call the south bay rain shadow effect. those showers are breaking apart as they make their way over the santa cruz mountains before they get into the san jose area. the reason is rising air cools and condenses, we get the heavy downpours on the western facing slopes of the santa cruz mountains, but the dry air on the other side, so those showers just fall apart as they make
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their way into the valley. that's why we're going to see maybe a quarter of an inch, .6 of an inch of rain. in the south bay, versus the 5 to potentially 7 inches of additional rainfall up in the north bay. once again, i'm out here live. you know what, any rain is so needed. we'll take whatever we can get. you know what, maybe i don't have any flooding to dance in, i can dance in the reservoir. back to you. >> that's worth it. plus the red boots are adorable. thank you, christina. changing gears a bit. concerned citizens and leaders gathered this weekend to discuss crime fighting techniques. community members offered feedback today at mount pleasant high. officers shared what they knew about gang trends in san jose, and they also shared what they're doing to try to keep people safe. >> there were almost 100 focus groups that went in to asking them what do they want now. you know, we've been around since 1991. but we have to change, because of the gangs changing. >> this marks the sixth year for
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the gang prevention summit. the justice department is said to extend federal benefits to same-sex couples tomorrow. eric holder instructed justice department employees to give legal same-sex marriages full and equal recognition, quote, to the greatest extent possible under the law. more than 1,000 federal rights and regulations are affected by marital status. and coming up next, weather alerts in the bay area, and snow in the sierra. we'll take a look at the conditions, and what you'll need to head up to the mountains. a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of u.s. snowboarding.
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welcome back to our weather alert coverage. a flash flood warning is in effect for sonoma county. here's a live look at san
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rafael. the roads are still wet out there. but traffic seems to be moving just fine. if we want to take a look at san francisco, switch gears there. look at that. the fog, the clouds moved in. you can't even see the top of the transamerica building. san francisco tonight, a welcome sight with all this rain. the rain is causing problems for people flying in and out of the bay area. san francisco international airport is experiencing the most problems. 82 flights have been canceled and there's 30 to 90-minute delays for flights right now there. only two flights were canceled out of san jose international airport today. just about a 15-minute delay. in oakland, no reported weather cancellations or delays. now, let's head up the road to the sierras. ski resorts reporting up to two feet of new snow today. interstate 80, you can see there's a lot of snow out there. chains are required, of course, on both 80 and highway 50 tonight. it is slow going. take it easy both directions there.
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meteorologist rob mayeda to check out the weather. it's crazy and welcome except the poor golfers down at at&t. >> a lot of wind down there today. right now, pretty mild conditions. we are in the warm sector of the particular storm as the winds are out of the south all day. 50s to near 61 degrees. fairly mild. but still windy outside. we're seeing wind gusts up to about 25 to 35 miles an hour around sfo. san jose up to the north bay, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. locally gusty conditions will continue tonight. and the rain will pick up in intensity as we head towards tomorrow morning. still have the flash flood warning for parts of sonoma county through petaluma. heavier showers around santa rosa. over to san francisco, you're struggling to see a little bit of light rain coming in. that will pick up in intensity toward tomorrow morning. as christina loren pointed out, the rain is falling out on the ocean facing side of the santa cruz mountains and the air drying out before it drops into san jose.
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that will change tomorrow. as we start to see the weather system pack a bigger punch during the day tomorrow. aiming in on the north day, the progression of this weather system will be one that increases the rain overnight from north bay into the south bay. you can see some of that heavier rain toward the golden gate. now parts of the peninsula and south bay, especially early afternoon tomorrow, that will be the main event for the south bay. by 5:00, 7:00 tomorrow evening, notice how the showers shut down and the system heads off to the east monday. starting from now, through the end of the day tomorrow, and into monday, north bay already five, six inches and counting, could see another 2 1/2 inches around sonoma. san jose a quarter inch to half inch in some spots. maybe another inch or two in the santa cruz mountains. that should feed into our reservoirs in the south bay. that will be good news in terms of the rainfall. snow potential through the next 24 hours should add even more to the totals we've seen since thursday.
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approaching four feet of snow at sugar bowl. going back to thursday. if you look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, come next weekend, especially we'll see another chance of a good snow producing storm, may actually see another one coming in here on wednesday for the north bare and areas north of interstate 80. head to the high country, we do think we'll probably see another one to two feet of snow. that is in the future cast. heading into tomorrow, notice mainly areas south of highway 50 will get the biggest punch with the snow totals going over two feet during the day tomorrow. temperatures around the bay area as we wrap up the weekend, it will still be fairly mild outside. 50s at night. high temperatures in the upper 50s. rain progressing south into the south bay tomorrow. san francisco in the mid-50s. for the north bay you'll see the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. given how saturated the ground is, we'll have to watch out for the small streams and creeks around sonoma, napa and marin counties tomorrow. for the tri valley you'll see the temperatures in the upper 50s. long-range forecast, you're
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seeing it play out in the seven-day forecast. one more opportunity for wednesday in the north bay. a colder system could bring much-needed snow back to the bay area into the sierra. close to 5,000 feet next weekend. >> a welcome sight indeed. thank you, rob. we've just learned there are nearly 1,600 customers in the north bay without electricity right now. rain brought down power lines and disrupted service. coming up next, hear from the little girl who flew through the sky last night during the opening ceremony, and she came back down a star.
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lining up in the rain and ready to work in santa clara, people looking for a job showed up for the annual job fair today. the amusement park has 2,500 openings this year. those positions include dancers,
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character actors, ride operators and emts. >> i like how they do on the spot interviews and hire if they like you. because it's really hard to get a job nowadays. i haven't been able to get a job the past six months. >> great america is the fifth largest employer in santa clara. back to the olympics and the opening ceremony. sochi had a few hitches but not one for 11-year-old russian girl. people were treated to a performance that included this little girl flying through the air rigged with wires. it depicted russian landscapes. the girl from a town north of sochi woke up a star. >> translator: i wasn't afraid. it was interesting, and cool. >> all right. she was selected after she responded to a casting call for the role.
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that's a brave little girl. i think it would be scary to be way up there. let's check in with henry wofford who joins us from comcast sports net. henry, i mean, it would be fun to fly over that whole thing? she was like, oh, no big deal. >> yeah, for her, because she's small. when you're heavy as i am, i would break a bungee cord. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. no way. >> i'm serious. we've got a lot coming up for you, diane and all of our viewers. a rainy day didn't keep the a's faithful away. over 20,000 strong for fanfest. we'll show you the sights and sounds you've got to see. also, it was the wind, not the rain that delayed action at the at&t pro am today. a wild one from pebble beach. highlights are coming up.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. at the at&t pro am, normally it's just the amateurs who can't keep their shots in play. but today, dealing with the wind gusts, so strong they actually blew golf balls across the greens, mother nature made everyone look a bit less professional at pebble beach. take a look at this. hard enough to hit a stationary golf ball, let alone a moving one. it even took two guys to take the flagstick out on number 7 at pebble. are you kidding me. lift some weights, guys. okay, to the golf.
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jordan tied for the lead, started the day 3 putt on 6. then walker is your leader. he gets the birdie op 7. walker leads by 6 heading into sunday's final round. don't worry, he's alive. he's just napping. wake up, for goodness sakes. he's a celeb now. during the weather delay, david far ti hit the ball using seaweed. tom brady started off well on the second at pebble. back to 18 at pebble, matt cain makes his short birdie putt. cane's team is 16 under, tep shots back of the leader. >> we get to play tomorrow. somehow we try to find a way to sneak out a win tomorrow if we get to play. i want to make the cut. i made it the first two years. i didn't make it last year and i was upset. so this is something you definitely want to make the cut. >> are you ready for some baseball? with less than a week to go
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before the a's take the field in arizona, the team held a small party at the coliseum today, with tens of thousands of their closest friends. kate longworth has the story. >> reporter: 20,000 fans braved the elements to get their first look at the 2014 athletics. the crowd flooded both the coliseum and oracle arena to show its support for the two-time defending a.l. west champions. >> it's something that it's a part of all of our lives. >> they're crazy, dedicated, optimistic fans. they're some of the best fans in baseball. >> reporter: the fans here certainly have high hopes for the season ahead. but even with their recent success, they believe they're still out there fighting for the respect they earned. >> i think going into the season, there's an expectation level on the a's and what we can accomplish. i think our division's going to be a tough one. everybody in our division is strong. it should be a fun battle.
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>> we probably don't have the respect other guys like the yankees and stuff will get, or the red sox. but you know, that's fine with us. we don't mind. we're going to continue to go out there every day and prove people wrong. >> reporter: kate longworth, nbc bay area news. good to see the fan support, green and gold. the golf at pebble beach was more like miniature golf, obstacles out there. >> after the beautiful weather for so long, and to have this weekend for that. thank you, henry. >> you got it. rob mayeda will take you behind the scenes with the winter games at 7:30. our primetime olympic coverage in sochi at 8:00 p.m. the first medals will be awarded in the new slopestyle competition, and also at the mountain venue the women compete in the freestyle skiing. and the team figure skating competition with a big surprise. we are keeping rob busy with one more look at the alert. >> flash flood warning has been dropped now. that just in. you can see more rain coming in.
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so more issues with heavy rain. continuing tonight into tomorrow. thanks for joining us. join rob with olympic zo zone coming up. >> new information on phillip seymour hoffman's final hours. stunning development in the woody allen controversy. and she weighs 105 pounds biggest loser too thin? hi everybody. welcome to "access hollywood". this is weekend edition. and we begin with woody allen and the lost interview with mia farrow that resurfaced. this as dillon brother moses comes forward and defends not dillon but woody. >> nobing what you know now if you had ever dated woody allen. >> can ask you that question? of course not. i regret the day i met him. and i, in the middle of the night i wake up and fe


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