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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 10, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> thank you. we'll be back next week. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." good morning. welcome to "early today." vanished, no visual signs. no radar and no terror group claiming credit for the missing malaysian passenger jet. the latest on the mysterious disappearance. russian brass. the future of crimea hangs on the balance. as a crucial week unfolds for ukraine. american fugitive. nsa leaker edward snowden holds his first live video conference. what will he say? plus promising news for anyone concerned about alzheimer's. a sky daver and aircraft collide sending both tumbling. is this really what high school basketball has come to. it is monday, march 10th. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm paige hopkins. we begin with breaking news in california. a powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck about 50 miles off the coast near the border with oregon. it happened just after 9:00 p.m. local time. there are no reports of damage and no threat of a tsunami. the u.s. geological survey says more than 300 people reported feeling that jolt. this is the same area hit by a damaging 6.5 magnitude quake back in 2010. three days later and still no word on what happened to that missing malaysian jet. a senior u.s. official tells nbc news that no terror group has claimed responsibility. and that no electronic chatter has been detected. just a short while ago, officials dismissed reports that one of the plane's yellow lifer rafts had been spotted in the ocean. nbc's kur simmons is in kuala
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lumpur. keir, what is the latest? >> reporter: there is real tension here with journalists and we believe some of the families of those who are missing staying at this hotel, all waiting for news. and every few hours, few hundred journalists cram into this room where government ministers give out the latest update. and simply having to say at this point that what happened to mh-370, the aircraft that disappeared, is simply a mystery. there are vessels out searching 50 nautical miles, airplanes and ships including a ship from the u.s. seventh fleet. the commander there is saying that although he has a helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft that can help in the search, he's expecting the waves to get higher tonight, four to six-foot waves which will make the search more difficult. so far, though, there have been reports of debris spotted, those have turned out to be wrong.
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the latest report is that there may be an overturned life raft that has been spotted. they're going to check that out. meanwhile, they are looking at an oil spill off the coast of vietnam to see whether or not that belongs to the aircraft, but so far the simple fact is no news. back to you. >> okay, keir simmons, thank you. now to the latest on the crisis in ukraine. on sunday, tens of thousands gathered in kiev's independent square, a day to celebrate the 200th birthday of ukraine's greatest poet and remember those killed in recent protests. this as the country's new leader prepares to visit the white house. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: paige, good morning. the new prime minister of ukraine, at least for now, coming to washington to get a show of support from president obama, vice president biden, meeting at the white house on wednesday as washington still tries to figure out what to do
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about russia and what, if anything, the u.s. can do to stop that push. with more russian troops moving into ukraine, president obama's catching heat from republicans. >> we have created an image around the world, not just to the russians, of weakness and indecisiveness. >> putin needs to be warned and i'm perfectly willing to tell him if he does occupy ukraine, it will be chaos for him and for the world. >> reporter: but president putin is not listening. now the baltic states are worried they could be next. >> ukraine, it worries people. >> directly looking. >> reporter: president obama called the leaders of latvia, estonia and lithuania. the white house insists economic pressure on russia will work. >> if the only way you have to exert your influence is through coercion, and bribery, and forcing people, that is not going to be a way to extend your power. >> reporter: there is growing
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pressure on president obama to do more to force president putin out of crimea. lawmakers fear a ripple effect. >> any instability in that region causes economic instability and certainly will impact europe. if it impacts europe's economy, it will impact the united states economy. >> reporter: when it comes to russia, the economy really focuses a lot on energy. they're a big producer of natural gas in the region. a lot of that natural gas is going to our allies in europe. the same countries that the president is trying to line up against russia on this ukrainian issue. >> okay, tracie potts in washington, thank you so much. a drug kingpin known as the craziest one is dead, for the second time. after a shootout with police, it turns out nazario moreno was not actually killed in a shootout more than three years ago. he was widely believed to be still alive because his body was never recovered. mexican government says it tracked him down sunday, and when he was asked to turn himself in, he opened fire and was killed.
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and this time officials say they are 100% sure. officials say moreno led a powerful criminal gang known as the knights templar and was responsible for multiple murders. and now to a major breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's. researchers say a simple blood test can predict who will get the disease. doctors looked at the blood of healthy elderly people checking for molecules called lipids. those with lower levels of lipids were at higher risk to develop alzheimer's. on average, the time patients went from healthy to sick was about two years. doctors say the test is more than 90% accurate, but add more research is needed. and a family of four including a pregnant mother was hospitalized after eating meat laced with lsd. hallucinations and dizziness are what occurred after dinner for 31-year-old jessica rosado, her two daughters and her boyfriend.
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while in the hospital, nine-month pregnant rosado gave birth to a healthy baby boy. walmart released a statement in part saying we're deeply disturbed about the situation and we're taking it very seriously. it is unclear how and where the food was tampering with or if the tampering occurred with after purchase. federal authorities are investigating a close call in florida this weekend. a sky diver came face to face with the small plane near tampa, sending both crashing to the ground. 49-year-old veteran sky diver john frost was making his approach a small cessna got tangled in the springs of his parachute, about 75 feet above ground. frost was flung to the ground and the plane took a nose-dive, but both he and the 87-year-old pilot suffered only minor injuries. >> i definitely thought i wasn't going to make it because the prop of that plane was just feet away from me. you know, i will keep skydiving.
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it's one of the safest sports you can do. there is really no more risk than going out playing fable. football. >> that guy must have nine lives. you can catch more of his story this morning on "today." bill karins is here with the start of the week west coast forecast. good morning, bill. >> good monday morning to you, paige. the pacific northwest, super soggy march continues. look at how much rain in seattle already. over five inches. it tapers off as you go down the coast. much needed rainfall amounts in oregon and a little bit in california. that's where we still really desperately need more rain. so as we go through jut the day today, as this storm continues to push in, storm system will continue to linger in northern california, there could be some showers around san francisco, but nothing for you in southern california. as far as the snow goes, there is not a lot of cold air with this one. highest of the snow elevations will get some snow. we don't get any snow out of the cascades or the sierra, the northern rockies, northern idaho, montana, and to wyoming that will get significant snow
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out of this storm. so the forecast as we go throughout the day, definitely another cloudy kind of breezy dreary day in the northwest and that will shift towards boise, too. salt lake city, warm side of this storm. look at that. that's 66 degrees. and the heat continues in l.a. you'll be sunny still and 84 degrees. that's a look at your nation and back to you, paige. >> okay, thanks, bill. surveillance leaker edward snowden is coming out swinging today. plus, an original band of brothers war hero remembered. and it is the silly season for revelers in green as the blarney blowout spins out of control next. [ male announcer ] walgreens understands being at the corner of "looking for a good deal"
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welcome back. south by southwest 2014 is in full swing and later this morning, nsa leaker edward snowden is set to make a live appearance via telecast, of course. unsurprisingly he'll be talking about personal privacy, surveillance, and will also take questions from the audience. kansas congressman mike pompeii wants his appearance canceled. week two of the oscar pistorius trial starts. today, the judge in the case barred the graphic testimony of a pathologist from being broadcast or tweeted. more than 70 people were arrested near the university of massachusetts amherst saturday during the blarney employblowou celebration. the pre-st. patrick's day party took a turn for the worse when people started destroying property causing police to move in.
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24 people were injured when a stage gave way during a high school musical performance in southern california. performers suffered some broken bones, bruises and scrapes, but nothing is said to be serious. and william wild bill guarnere, a world war ii vet portrayed in hbo's "band of brothers" died at the age of 90. he lost a leg while helping a wounded soldier in the battle of the bulge and awarded the silver star, two bronze stars and two purple hearts. tom hanks, producer of "band of brothers," remembered wild bill on twitter saying, he did his part in saving the world. let's get down to business with cnbc's sima moody. good morning. >> u.s. safety regulators reportedly received more than 260 complaints since 2003 about gm cars that suddenly stopped while driving. the new york times says they didn't investigate the issue citing insufficient evidence. gm has linked the problem tied to faulty ignition switches to 13 deaths and has recalled 1.6
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million cars. at&t cuts wireless data charges for customers without annual contracts as it tries to compete with t-mobile. they'll now pay $65 a month, down from $80 for two gigabytes of data. unlimited talk and texting and 50 gigabytes of cloud storage. and prices at the pump are rising. the latest industry survey shows regular unleaded is averaging $3.51 a gallon, up ten cents in the past two weeks. los angeles has the highest price at $3.94 a gallon. paige? >> thanks. just ahead, tiger struggles and dale earnhardt jr. hits empty. plus, a brawl breaks out at an illinois high school basketball game. we'll tell you what happens next. mommy's got a surprise for you. [ rattling ] wanna see what's in it? yeah! whoagasp! whoagasp! whoagasp! you wanna make these? you put it in here? yeah, put it in there. ok, just press. i'm gonna give you some m&m's® to put in there. ok! ready? and then you wanna take this...
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this morning on "today," peter lanza speaks out, the father of newtown shooter adam lanza breaks his silence for the first time in a new magazine article. hear from the writer who interview ed him coming up on "today." now let's get the latest in sports. undefeated after blowing out indiana state 83-69 in the missouri valley championships, wichita state is now 34-0. they'll be the first team to enter the ncaa tournament undefeated since unlv in 1991.
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looks like someone missed the memo. the shirts given to the players had a major misprint on the back. reading that indiana state won. no matter. wichita state is waiting for the number one seed. big ten basketball, ohio state and number 22 michigan state, the buckeyes down by two when the spartens turn it over. lensle smith sends it to shannon scott. he ties it up, 65-65, ohio state hangs on to win, 69-67. on to acc rivals, maryland and number five virginia. 1.7 seconds left. anthony gill nails a clean jumper, overtime. maryland's dez wells hits two to keep the terps ahead and stay ahead. in the terps final game in the acc, maryland upset uva 75-69. and take you to doral for the cadillac championship. ongoing back problems take a
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major toll on tiger woods. he finished with a 6 over par 78, his worst at doral. and 23-year-old patrick reed took it all with an even par 72. by the way, he's the youngest winner at doral. over to the sprint cup. sin city, dale earnhardt jr. is in the lead in the final lap when his car starts to run out of gas. the 2012 sprint cup champ brad keselowski pulled through vik r victorio victorious. nike made a $1 billion deal with manchester united. they'll play the english soccer club about $100 million a year for ten years starting in 2015. not bad. and incredible buzzer beater win turned ugly between two illinois schools. jefferson and east high after a fight broke out between players, coaches, fans, even parents got into the action. the illinois high school association suspended five players and the coach from
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welcome back. audiences were in the mood for a sword and sandals epic. "300: rise of an empire" took out the competition by bringing in $42 million with a mostly male audience. and "mr. peabody & sherman" opened with $22 million. and the three countries have rejected the film about noah's ark because it contradicts islamic law by portraying a prophet on screen. and liam neeson was apparently almost james bond. in a recent interview, the "taken star" said he was being heavily considered for the role, but ultimately turned it down for the role of husband. neeson's late wife natasha richardson told him if you play james bond, we are not getting married. more footage of the 24 mini
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series has been released and kiefer sutherland's jack bauer is gelling about assassinations and world wars. and matthew mcconaughey stopped by "snl" this weekend to kind of sort of talk about why he chose to star in "true detective." >> i'm a body in motion, i'm on the train and shoveling coal and it's getting hot. whoo, whoo, the conductor is holding my hand and teaching me lessons i can't learn because i only read braille. tactile. that's a j. >> so just a good script. >> a good script, i liked working with woody, so -- >> i'm page hopkins. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. good job!
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leading the news in huffington post, todd lers's facetime call saved mom after dog attack. laura toone was breaking up a fight between a foster dog and one of her own when she was attacked. her quick thinking 2-year-old son bentley called a friend on facetime for help. she called the authorities and bentley opened the door for firefighters. and in usa today, peru, van der sloot won't see u.s. court until 2038. joran van der sloot, the man last seen at a bar with natalee holloway, must serve a 28 year sentence in the murder of a peruvian student before he faces extortion charges. and some stories that you might have missed, breaking news overnight, a powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake in california, struck about 50 miles off the coast near the
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border with oregon, just after 9:00 p.m. local time. no reports of damage and no threat of a sue ntsunami. the supreme court expected to issue important opinions today on two cases. one what prerhrestrictions can constitution impose on campaign contributions and the affirmative action ban on public education, employment and contracting. at issue, is it discrimination or preferential treatment? crack smoking toronto mayor rob ford wanted to make sure everyone turned their clocks back for daylight saving this weekend. we do hope someone told him he was actually supposed to turn the clocks forward. and over the weekend, the vatican posted a booklet to celebrate pope francis' one-year anniversary as pontiff. it is filled with pictures and quotes. pope francis will celebrate his one-year anniversary on wednesday as elected leader of the world's 1.2 billion roman catholics. ready, set, slide. it is the annual cardboard classic.
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at a pennsylvania ski resort, about 150 participants took sledding to the next level. the event featured sleds constructed by attendants to look like a castle and even a motorcycle. and, yeah, a lot of the supersized structures didn't make it down in one piece. time for a look ahead and a look back. the senate is set to pull an all nighter, senators from the senate climate action task force will be speaking through the night to urge action on climate change. and on this day in 1969, james earl ray pleaded guilty to assassinating martin luther king jr. as reported by nbc news. >> ray stood before the judge today and the deal was consummated. the defense changed his plea to guilty, the prosecution agreeing to a 99-year sentence. >> three days later, ray recanted his confession, he died in prison in 1998. in today's birthdays, actress olivia wilde turns 30. country singer carrie underwood is 31. mad man actor jon hamm turns 33.
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keep it here for more news and weather.
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a series of after shocks after a 6.9 magnitude quake strikes just off the coast of eureka. what we're learning about possible damage coming up next. >> plus t search continues for the malaysian plane that vanished. crews spotted what appears to be a life raft. the latest details next. >> california taking new security steps after a recent attack on a pg&e substation in the south bay. >> a live look outside this morning. beautiful san francisco. nice way to start our monday morning, march 10th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 4:30. i'


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