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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we need help from the outside. >> fire radios as firefighters worked on a massive fire in san francisco's mission district. dozens of firefighters doing everything they could to gain upper hand, hundreds even. >> the fire is still burning. cruise on scene trying to put out all of the hot spots. very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. all of this happened more than 12 hours ago on 4th street between china basin and mission rock. team coverage of this story which continues to develop. bob redell looking at fire affecting people in the area. mike inouye will tell you if street closures will affect your commute. we'll start with chase cain live at the scene. what's the latest there? >> reporter: as we showed you earlier, it's incredibly windy in san francisco, and the firefighters are now at about the 12-hour mark of putting water, pouring water on the building. there's two different ladders where they have hoses at the top spraying water into the building and off to the left, you can pan
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over there, a truck on the ground spraying water up at the building. late yesterday, take a look at this from when the fire was raging. part of the apartment building collapsed. san francisco firefighters wanted that part of the building to collapse because that made their job a little bit easier. the apartment building is under construction so the sprinkler system was not operational. but they would have loved that, because that would have helped the situation, maybe they would not be battling the fire 12 hours later. no idea what caused the fire. witnesses report seeing the fire possibly start on maybe the top level, 9th floor of this building. one firefighter was hurt, minor burns. we're told he is expected to be okay. as the fire was at its peak yesterday, the neighbors, definitely felt the effects. >> my patio door was open i could feel it coming in from there. i went out to shut the door and
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it was very hot out there. >> we set up water curtains because the intensity of the flame and heat so much we had windows poppinga cross the street. >> reporter: then just earlier this, morning firefighters had to refuel their fire trucks. that's what you see them doing there, because the trucks had been there running so long, they were running out of gas and could not move the trucks so they had to bring the fuel to them. an extraordinary thing they had to do. i've never heard of that happening with a fire. back here live, you may see the trees whipping around here in the wind. this kind of harkens back to my days in florida covering tropical storms and hurricanes because at times gusts are that serious, and that is the reason they are here trying to get water on the building because the water's sprayed out of the way, and the wind is making it a difficult morning for firefighters. >> flames were sending embers,
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people nearby had to evacuate as well. bob redell joins us live outso outside an apartment complex that had 0 evacuate. >> reporter: here on mission rock at third. two apartment complexes border the side of the road that we're looking down, and look straight ahead to the building that burned. i want to reiterate what chase was saying, we've got wind blowing at the building. from behind us towards the building, you can see what it's doing, this is in past five minutes weave seen the flames grow in that building. even though they're dumping all of that water on there, it's hard with this wind. it's very, very gusty here. it gives you another sense of the challenge that the fire department, san francisco fire department, is facing. with regard to the evacuees, they were evacuated. i speak to a firefighter who tells us they were let back in
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overnight. you can tell the power's on. you've got lights on. but it was not a fun time for the people who live in the apartment complex across from the building that burned. people near the fire did not get a lot of time to get out. that meant some people could not get to their pets. wendy moss lives that n. that building, she tried to get back home get her dog lexi but not allowed back in while the fire was burning. that's when she started to panic. >> we were both not at our apartment but our roommate was there. but he had run out with the dog but didn't bring his phone. so we were frantically searching for her all night. finally he was able to find our number and let us know she was okay a couple hours later. she's okay. >> reporter: after two reunited, ma went out to help other victims. her dog is fine.
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red cross did have an evacuation shelter set up at pier 54 but a photographer checked it out this morning and that is now -- there's no one there. it would make sense because, as i mentioned both apartment buildings are back open they have let residents back in. you don't know if the camera's giving you a sense of how windy it is. you can see the jet stream of water, they've sent a second ladder there, the jet stream of water's getting blasted with the wind where it's not getting -- not as effective in these deep gusts here. i'll tell you, looking at the fact they got that ladder there and one from the right side i don't see it as a situation they're not going to get the fire out. it's just going to take a longer time. the worst possible day to have a fire of this magnitude when you have winds this strong. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> amazing to watch aut ll of t
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water pouring on the fire and make nothing difference. >> serious flames. winds blowing. could be a problem for the morning commute. check in with mike. how to get around this mess. >> good news yesterday we heard about the closures, muni shut down through the area because of the fire -- not good news -- the good news is muni system back in service. live shot of the bay bridge. the shake of the camera, the wind advisory issued for the bay area, chp calls the bay bridge, bay bridge we're talking about getting into san francisco. look across the bay, strong gusts of wind you saw from bob's report. bob reporting here, chase as well. talking about this vicinity, china basin. one second of the roadway closed 4th between channel and china basin past the fire. the crews still on scene. flames still inside the building. northbound 280 king street and
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that extension, those will be slowing as crews are visible from the roadway, you'll get slowing into the area but no full closures on that side of the water. muni lines, f, kt, light rail run, 91, f, tl and buses, better new. rest of the commute shapes up nicely. wind, a big factor, coming over east bay hills. live shot from fremont where traffic is flowing smoothly as well, and bottom of the screen, look at flagged in fremont off of 880, perpendicular to the pole that means at right angle, it's sticking out. blowing by the wind. what do you have besides that shot? >> it's gusty out there. likely to see this strong wind fanning flames for the next couple of hours. winds drop off but not until 8:00 a.m. you can see we're getting sustained wind 26 to 28 miles per ho in san francisco and that's going to intensify
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through 8:00 a.m. stop the clock on futurecast 10:00 a.m., getting 20, 30 miles per hour sustained speeds. after that the wind drops off. getting cooler colors on your key, that's a ten--mile-per-hour-sustained speed. gusts drop off to 25 miles per hour. breezy today. but no windy. that's good news when it comes to a situation for firefighters in san francisco. we'll be all over that for you all morning. 60 degrees in south bay. current temperatures. when you walk out your door, it feels like florida out there. it's warm out there. and it is breezy. definitely make sure you're ready for that. watch out for debris on the highway. prepare for a warm day ahead when temperatures soar 10 to 15 degrees above average. this is only just getting cooking. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be when we get into the peak of the heat wave. starting closer to spring. first official day is the 20th
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of this month. >> all right. thank you. we have this wind out there. continuing coverage of the fire all morning long. chase cain continues to get updates as to when the fire will be put out. mike inouye will watch the commute. 5:09. india and japan joined in the certain for the missing malaysian plane. the search area widened to include the area near the sea. indian navy ships frequently patrol in the area and conduct exercises there. the jet headed from kuala lumpur, malaysia to beijing when it disappeared saturday. u.s. officials say the mission to find the plane is getting more difficult as time passes. >> time is not on our side. as every hour goes by, the search area gets bigger and bigger. from a typical standpoint a person can survive in the water
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for at least 72 hours, due to sheer will power. >> authorities say the plane may have turned back from its last known position, possibling making it as far as 250 miles from its last known coordinates. the search affecting google. the company has had to issue a statement after several armchair detectives called the newspaper to say they found the jet. they used google maps to look at the area searchers are flying over. some images show an airplane. google points out, while images in maps are satellite images they are not real-time images and were taken weeks or months ago. for continuing coverage, to nbc, search missing plane. s.w.a.t. teams headed to six flags in vallejo, all work new york play. the police department hosting a training event so officials are
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warning people, don't panic if you see smoke coming from the park or hear gunshots. the exact nature of the exercise has not been released. officials want to keep the scenario as real as possible. so they're not talking about it beforehand. 5:11. san jose making changes to the lawsuit as it continues its quest to bring the a's south. the state telling musk you can't sell teslas here. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents -- awesome.
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but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: weeknight crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. worst morning ever. [ angelic music plays ] ♪ toaster strudel! best morning ever! [ hans ] warm, flaky, gooey. toaster strudel! welcome back to you. 5:13. we take a live look at that huge fire in mission bay south of market.
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there are still actual flames. tesla will be kicked out the new jersey. the state does not allow carmakers to sell directly to customers the way tesla does. officials say governor christie's administration is playing politics. new jersey motor vehicle commission ordered tesla to close its two jersey stores by april 1st. tesla accusing the commission and the governor of going back on their word to delay legislation. a spokesman for christie says the company was well aware it would not be allowed to stay in the state. new jersey is the third state to ban tesla by enacting legislation that requires manufacture to use dealers. twitter crashed worldwide for a short time yesterday, leaving users with the problem of not being able to tweet about it. twitter's stock dropped a dollar during the outage but recovered like the service did 45 minutes later. twitter has not said what the
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problem was. for a look at the markets, seema mody live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning. futures now indicating a lower open. yesterday was an interesting day started in the green, stocks weakened throughout the session. nasdaq, tech heavy index, trading around 4300, it's posting its first four-day losing streak since last august. s&p 500 logging its first back-to-back losses in five weeks. so far this week has been a down week for wall street. the dow dropping 67 points in yesterday's trade. nasdaq down 27. now let's talk about starbucks. satisfied with the quality of your mocha latte, leave a tip for your starbucks barista. the tip option available on the iphone payment app, after paying customers can leave a tip between 50 cents and $2. 10% of all purchases made with a smartphone or tablet which i think you would find interesting, scott, in the tech
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world. >> thank you. never occurred to me, no tip. let's take a live look back at the san francisco fire. if you live in the strata apartments, nearby, you may go home now. that would observe kay. >> good news. they had to evacuate several areas yesterday. over 130 firefighters battled the massive fire. you can see, big ladder trucks shooting water at this thing. not just hot spots but flames. we've seen high winds out there this morning. we bring in christina loren. you say it's going to let up at 8:00? >> i think like 10:00 a.m., to keep us in the safe zone everything i'm looking at leads me to believe we have a tight pressure gradient. what i can tell you, it's dry out there, right now and that wind, no doubt, not helping the situation. firefighters out there working hard. we're going to keep you updated. working hard to let you know
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what's going on. 5:16. live look at san francisco. cameras shaking. that's the wind. and make sure you're aware of what's going on out there. we don't have strong sustained speeds across the bay area. you could get caught by 45-mile-per-hour gust out of the middle of nowhere especially in higher elevations of the bay area. take it easy. watch out for debris on the highway. even coming in from campbell, i saw a lot of downed branches out there. the wind is going to play a factor, dying down through the second half and pick back up into overnight hours. national weather service issued a wind advisory. it's slated to expire at 8:00 a.m. i wouldn't be surprised to see them extend that. winds look like they'll continue until 10:00 a.m. after that, winds relax. warm-up kicks in. temperatures are mild. this is what a dry north wind does to the bay area at this hour. typically we're in 40s and 30s.
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meanwhile, we're seeing 50s and 60s because of the wind, headed to the 70s. mid 70s at that. bay area wide, san francisco today, you are going to get a taste of those 70s. cool start, breezy to windy for this morning. you see that from emeryville, the camera shakes. winds decrease, temps climb by 20 to 30 degrees from where they are right now. we're going to see thin, wispy clouds. looking pretty good. this is your last day to head to delores park before they shut down half for renovations. it's the side with the basketball courts closed. temperatures comfortable at 60, 63 degrees at noon. 73 the high. if it look like that after they remodel, they close. looking over here, rest of the bay, as christina talked about wind advisory, around the bay what we're talking about. for your drive cross the bay,
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bridges, we'll zoom into san francisco, wind is affecting that fight on the fire. flames visible at the apartment there. that's off of 4th here on the china basin area. that's across the water for most folks, take 280 into the city and get off at king. crews still there. that will be a problem for the commute. but right now lighter volume of traffic keeps things moving smoothly. muni and buses back in service. you have a short segment of 4th that are closed, a couple of blocks past the scene. over the bay bridge, wind is an issue. chp issued a wind advisory. watch the gusty conditions. over the open water, gusts can catch you. carquinez, a crash, but traffic's light getting by. they should have it it over to the shoulder. three vehicles reported. the benecia bridge, traffic
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advisory. 680 and the north bay and highway 4. live at -- approaching the dublin interchange, 580 picking up volume. gusty conditions shake the camera. approach off of the san mateo bridge and foster city. watch it if you have a van, taller truck. south bay light volume of traffic, no real problems. >> 5:20. cia denying accusations it hacked into a network that was set up for senate investigators. diane feinstein publicly made accusations saying the cia hamped investigations looking into aelthss of cia torture during the bush era war on terror. feinstein thinks the framework of the constitution has been undermined. the justice department is investigating. firefighters called it the cancer station, the nbc bay area
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investigative unit found more than 16 firefighters diagnosed with different kinds of cancer after long assignments at station 5. the investigative unit questioned why the city of san jose never investigated concerns raised for years by its firefighters. experts believe connecting cancer to a specific fire station is difficult and cancer clusters are rare, but san jose's acting chief has responded to testimonials from retired firefighters highlighted in that investigation. he's pushing for changes in the department. >> i've committed to making sure that our department we start moving forward to making sure we're tracking and understanding what the causes of cancer are. >> tonight at 11:00, the issue of cancer and san jose firefighters. the steps san jose acting fire chief wants to put in place to better protect his firefighters. san jose's lawsuit against
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major league baseball, according to the "mercury news," lawyers for the san jose city decided to move the case after major league baseball promised to object to the case being heard so close to san jose. san jose wants to overturn the league's antitrust exemption, allowing for the a's to move to the city. the city and the team had a deal to buy land for a ballpark downtown but major league baseball says the south bay is considered giants territory. >> remember the 22-pound cat we told you about yesterday that forced its family to hide out in their bedroom and attack a baby? it's getting help this morning. the family announced they're not ready to get rid of the 4-year-old cat lux. the cat attacked they're 7-month-old child monday after the baby pulled its tail and the cat went wild, charging at family until they locked themselves in a bedroom and had to call 911. now luchx has an appointment wi
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a psychologist. >> johnny depp arriving at sfo.
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♪ ♪ i know this much is true♪ >> put that song in your head all day. the band behind the '80s hit will perform at south by southwest in austin, texas, exactly 28 years ago performing its very first concert in the u.s. we know this much as true. >> '80s all over again. roll out the red carpet, the first of celebrity wax figures scheduled to arrive at sfo today. opening at fisherman whawharf.
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johnny depp. it will be home to a-listers, sports stars and musicians. >> fascinating to look at. >> look very real. amazing. >> christina, you can strike a pose? >> no. i got caught touching one of those things one time. that's all i'll tell you about that story. temperatures are mild. 13 miles per hour is your wind speed in san jose. 12 miles per hour in mountain view. 29 miles per hour sustained in san francisco. so it's a blustery morning. we're not dealing with gusty wins all morning long. it's going to be breezy. 60 to kick off the day in many bay area cities. heading close to 80 today. closer to 90 this weekend. i'll time out the changing
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forecast coming up. we have problems because of the fire burning in san francisco. >> one of the problems is the wind which is causing flames to be going on in san francisco, so fire crews active at the scene. live look at bay bridge. traffic flows smoothly across the bay. remember, kt and the f line for muni back in service. full service back for the muni lines. the build for the tri-valley typical. there's the peninsula for palo alto, no delays. 5:27. we keep an eye on our developing story. fire crews pouring water on to a massive apartment complex fire 12 hours after the fire started. they still don't have it fully contained.
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developing news, 12 hours later, firefighters are still trying to put out hot spots from a massive fire at a san francisco construction site. a live look at the scene now.
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wind keeping firefighters hard at work. this is how it started. flames pouring out of the building, consuming a good part of a city block, sending thick, black smoke seen for miles away. 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. this fire started before 5:00 last night, and an apartment n conplex under construct between china basin and mission rock. firefighters think they'll have this mopped up some time today? >> reporter: well, certainly hoping so. they thought they would have had things under control by this point. but as you mentioned a moment ago, wind here in san francisco is making that very difficult. look here behind me. one ladder truck with the hose at the top, trying to spray water into the building. see how the water's fanning out into a mist. having a hard time getting a concentrated stream of water in there because winds are just so strong.
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that's the case all night long since the fire broke out yesterday. when it did, part of the building collapsed, not long after the fire broke out. it was incredibly intense. san francisco fire let the building collapse because that made part of the job easier, being that this building is still under construction. the 220 million apartment building had only partially installed its sprinkler system. that was not fully functionally. they would have loved to have had the help of sprinklers inside the building but that was not the case. building burned for more than 12 hours. there was a firefighter who had minor burns, he had to be taken to the hospital. nothing too serious. everyone in the neighborhood commented how hot this fire got. >> i kept hearing fire trucks coming and smarted smelling smoke, i saw people gathering around and decided it was an actual fire. >> i could feel it across the street. >> what did it feel like?
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>> very hot. >> reporter: another challenge, the firefighters face, they had to refuel their truck united states because the trucks had been there so long working all night that they were running out of fuel and couldn't move the trucks. a couple were stuck in place. they had to bring the fuel to those fire trucks. that's a rather rare event. back here live, you have two different ladder trucks on this side of the building and another hose on the ground, spraying water into the building. there are flames inside. there are hot spots. that's what they're trying to get knocked out, under control, so they can get inside the building, and then begin figuring out what started the fire. too soon to say what started it. but witnesses did say they saw the flames first at the top of the building on the ninth floor. we'll keep you updated all morning. expecting a press conference in an hour and a half. >> you can hear the wind gusting
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past his microphone. the wind playing a big part in the fire. meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. fierce wins fanning flames, making it more difficult for firefighters. we have a wind advisory in place now. and i haven't about in the bay area for quite some time, over the year we get up to ten wind advisories on an average year. that's just an indication of how windy it is out there. you don't want to mess around. give yourself extra time. high profile vehicle, it may be difficult holding on to the steering wheel, you may be bumped especially over open water bridges. i want to talk about what we're expecting from the wind. on the key where you're getting yellow, warmer colors, strongest wind. the immediate coast until 10:00 a.m. gusts up to 40 miles per hour. sustained speeds 20 miles an hour. the cooler colors come in, an
5:34 am
indication of calmer conditions. ten miles per hour sustain by 5:00 tonight. winds pick up over night but i do not believe they reach advisory strength. heat wave in the bay area that kicks in. right now, back to you. >> we continue to talk about this fire, hundreds of people were forced to evacuate homes near that burning building. they may get to go home today. heat from the fire so intense people at the apartments had to leave immediately. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san francisco. people resting at home? >> reporter: they are. two poeople walked by us, young couple, returning to the strata apartment complex here to the left where they are going back inside to see what it looks like. the lobby, we'll show you, not flooded, didn't have sprinkler issues on that floor. talk about the wind. this is what blew into me
5:35 am
waiting to go live. it give you a sense how windy it is here. if this had been this windy during the fire last night, it would have been a much different situation for firefighters because you can imagine that wind whipping flames. we're on mission rock. there's the building that caught fire. at 4th, mission rock and 4th. they've got two ladder trucks trying to put out, you can see flames, hot spots. with the wind of course that is a concern because wind of course can fan flames and make it worse. right now the fire department's doing a good job of keeping that from happening. as you mentioned, people in this apartment building here across from the building that burned were evacuated because of the radiant heat. heat was so strong, there was concern it's not good to be inside but concern about things catching fire. you can see the fire department had to bust through the lobby
5:36 am
door, presumably to get inside, to check things out or maybe get people to get out. not clear why they broke the door down. when you have that kind of heat, they have to act fast. security guard here who is letting people come back in. we understand around 1:00 they were allowed to come back in. a young couple walked by. i asked, are you been back home? no, we're just getting back. i did speak with red cross. they did have a shelter at pier 54 for people. that has been shut down. they're only out here to support the firefighters. there was a family a mother, father, a child they had to put up. everybody else found accommodations or other arrangements on their own. building reopened to the evacuees, as the fire department tries to put out so-called hot spots, as this wind, i'm telling you, wind tunnel effect at
5:37 am
mission rock, you can see the trees and the united states flag on the truck, just tremendous. good thing this was not what it was like yesterday when the fire was full blown. robbe robbe r bob redell. >> video from the bay bridge during last night's commute. passengers tweeting out images waiting for the train to move. you see them. kt light rail line at the time stopped running altogether. it is running now. mike inouye tracking your commute. things much better than they were. >> much better. it's dark now. so whatever smoke might be there, from the smolder -- well, burning debris there, it will be evident when the sun comes up later. smoother drive coming in. we don't see the smoke on the san francisco side. sunlight will tell a different tale. over the bay bridge and zoom
5:38 am
into the san francisco peninsula, the sign where i circled that's the china basin area. across the water from 280 and king street yauch ramp. areas might be slowing as the sun comes up. you see the fire cruise extended with the water flowing on to the scene. active the at the fire. that's a distraction. the f, kt light rails, 91 f, tl buses reinstated. smoother flow. bigger issue is wind. >> nbc bay area investigative unit looked into the building's owner and builder. both are billion dollar corporations in charge of a big project. san francisco based bre properties is a publicly traded company and owner of the apartment complex. it also owns and operates 17 finished apartment complexes in the bay area. we checked building inspects and found no existing complaints filed with the city.
5:39 am
bre hired suffolk construct as the builder. suffolk is the 41st largest builder in the country. we checked osha records on the company, found nothing unusual to report. suffolk construction did receive a regional safety award in 2012 for its work in the southeastern part of the u.s. public records show the building had pipes in place for fire sprinklers but at this early stage of construction sprinklers wouldn't be required or active. bre released a statement, it is assessing the situation. the company carries comprehensive insurance that should pay for all losses connected to the fire. suffolk construction is not released a statement or responded to our inquiries. the impact on your morning commute, we'll bring you updates all morning long. head to you can see a slide show of some of the most amazing pictures of the fire sent to us by you, our viewers. president obama gets ready
5:40 am
to welcome ukraine's prime minister to the white house. live report from washington next. the man that brought to life bullying in nfl locker rooms ready to put on a red and gold jers jersey.
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we are keeping our eye on the massive fire that happened yesterday. 12 hours later, look at that. san francisco firefighters still on the scene. they've got ladder trucks up there because there are hot spots really high wins to rep t report. not helping the fight nor your commute. we have a look at distractions and closures. 5:42. president obama plans to meet with ukraine's new prime minister today to discuss a peaceful resolution to russia's military moves. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. another show of support from the u.s. to ukraine, if they're
5:43 am
meeting with the prime minister. >> right. the white house says they want to support the government, support the people, and make sure ukraine stays sovereign. now help, a few moments ago i got a statement from the g-7 leaders condemning russia's action, moving into ukraine, saying that the referendum that's held on sunday, the people in crimea deciding whether to stay with ukraine or go with russia, they will not recognize that. calling on russia to back off. they've decided to pull out of meetings to plan in sochi, for the g-8 in sochi. they may take other action, not specifying what that action will be than will be part of the meeting at the white house today with the prime minister. president obama and vice president biden. >> tracie potts, thank you. a new poll out this morning finding 72% of americans see russia has an adversary rather than ally and 6 in so americans
5:44 am
view putin in a negative light. that's more than in 1995 when the cold war ended. at that time, 56% of americans saw russia as an ally while 35% saw it as an adversary. the nbc news "wall street journal" poll found americans are split on how obama's reacting. 43% approve, 40% disapprove. that poll also looked how americans feel by lawmakers in washington. they're dissatisfied with both parties. 35% approve of the job the democratic party's doing while 27% approve of the job the republican's doing. 41% say they're happy with what the president is doing. 49ers made big news, they've acquired jonathan martin. not expected to crack the lineup but the move does allow him to get a fresh start following the league's high-profile bullying
5:45 am
scandal. martin has not played since leaving the dolphins last fall citing harassment by a fellow player. martin tweeted out, opportunities are few in the nfl. can't wait to get to work. #9erempire. we follow developing news at 5:45. a live look down mission rock in san francisco. firefighters trying to put out the hot spots after that massive fire at a construction site 12 hours ago. winds are funneling down the street. look at that tree, whipping around. we've seen that all morning long. want to bring in meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look how long winds will last. >> they are really strong. not just san francisco. we're focusing on san francisco that's where the fire is. across the bay area, make sure your mind is ready to go this morning. hazardous driving conditions possible as we have debris,
5:46 am
downed branches and trees on the roadways. watching that for you at nbc bay area. we'll tell you everything that crops up as it comes into the newsroom. live picture of san francisco. shows you that flag is definitely getting pick up this morning. that's an indication of how windy it is in the higher elevations. the higher you go up, less friction and stronger wind speeds get. sustained speeds now, strong. 29-mile-per-hour-sustained in san francisco. gusting to 50. this is going to be the case of the next couple of hours. models indicating winds are going to start to drop off after launch time. ten to noon the time i'm focusing for winds to relax. 60 degrees now. look at what the wind is doing to our temperatures, balmy to start. 55 in concord. 57 in oakland. 60 in san jose. i'm not going to sugarcoat it. close to 80. you can go right to the short sleeves if that's something
5:47 am
you're into. we haven't been able to do that around the bay area for a while. a cool start. breezy to windy conditions, winds die down through the afternoon. abundant sunshine. temps going to climb by 20 to 30 degrees from where they are now to where we're expecting daytime highs to end up. then the high wispy clouds return around sunset. not quite as fierce when it comes to wind but breezy to windy conditions especially higher elevations. highs in the mid to upper 70s. warp out there, warmest day we've had in over three months so make sure you're ready for that. san jose going to continue the warm into the 80s. st. patricks's day weekend. it is going to be warm. look at this, sunday, 87 degrees. if you're going to be headed out for the aparade saturday, have the sunscreen ready to go. it's free, fun for the family. let's check your drive.
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>> looking here, i should be like star trek moving around, the camera's shaking. view of the coliseum, 13th floor of the camera, that's the amount of wind. folks are eating breakfast, need a steadier shot. northbound smooth. westbound 580 moves smoothly. southbound 880, getting into san leandro, a crash reported there, sounds like three vehicles involved moving to the shoulder. we don't see slowing southbound. looking here toward the tri-valley, smoother bill, predictable here out of livermore. dublin west bound, speeds upper 50s. out of the altamont pass, lower 50s. slowing around 84 as well. bay predictable as well. northbound 101, up to 880. nothing unusual, constructed crews starting to pick up without drama.
5:49 am
san francisco, there was a lot of drama here. this is the fire we're talking about. multialarm fire at the apartment building in china basin. we have 4th street closed between channel and china basin. that's past mission rock. wind gusting through the area. flames still in the building. 280 and king street, moving smoothly. crews from that portion of the freeway, that will be a distraction as the sun comes up. muni buss and light rail back in service through the area. bay bridge, over into the city, cash lanes backing up. wind advisory for the span. no problems for the approach into san francisco. neighbors of a san jose police officer accused of rape say their trust has been violated. geoffrey graves charged with raping a woman he drove to a hoi hotel after she got into a fight with her husband last september. four officers went to the woman's home to respond to the fight, graves and another
5:50 am
officer escorted her to that hotel but graves reportedly returned to the hotel room later that night, pushed the woman down on to the bed and raped her. investigators say the woman didn't report until about a month later. neighbors who live near graves' home trying to make sense of it all. >> when you're a little kid, your folks tell you to always trust a police officer, a fireman, and something like that happens, that's bad. >> san jose police chief issued this statement, reads, the incident is troubling, tugs at our integ gret. it's an isolated incident and by no means a reflection of our officers who perform with honor on a daily base si. graves has been on the paid administrative leave for the last five months. a forensic analyst says oscar pistorius not wearing his prot threatic legs when shot and
5:51 am
killed hgirlfriend through the bathroom door. it's an important detail it tests what pistorius himself said happened that night. he claims he fearfully approached the bathroom door, shot his girlfriend by mistake, then put on his prosthetics and tried to beat down the door with a cricket bat. marks from the bat were low, as if pistorius had hit it while he was closer to the ground. u.s. attorney's office in manhattan reportedly opened a criminal probe into gm's recall of 1.6 million cars. prosecutors are examining whether gm is liable for not properly disclosing problems with some of its cars linked to 13 deaths and prompted the recall last month. gm and the u.s. attorney's office declined comment but it's clear gm knew about this since
5:52 am
2004. plans to bring fireworks back to the south bay. big announcement expected today. >> buffalo, new york, a blizzard warning through tomorrow morning. more snow expected to arrive today. two feet in some parts of the northeast.
5:53 am
5:54 am
uh-oh. >> uh-oh's right. a camera rolling as an avalanche hit washington's mt. rainier. the avalanche triggered by ski patrol at crystal mountain resort. trying to create a controlled avalanche but misjudged the side of the blast and it took out trees and a chairlift.
5:55 am
no one was hurt. the area's now closed. we are expecting to get the official word about the return of a south bay classic. the fourth of july fireworks show. a rotary club of san jose will announce it's bringing back the event to celebrate the club's 100th anniversary. the cash-strapped city had to cancel the event in 2008. the club plans to buy $200,000 worth of fireworks and the city and county are chipping. today the unofficial anniversary of the world wide web. 25 years ago, information management, a proposal, the paper laid out the structure of what would become the world wide web. actually that was the computer used to create the web. described as a system linked to information accessed from anywhere in the world. i think that's going to work out. >> information superhighway. do not power down. >> don't turn it off.
5:56 am
>> let's collect in with christina loren. >> did you see hem just now? calculating man. wondering what's going through that mind. a good-looking day. a lot of wind pumping through the bay area. this wind's going to get stronger through the next hour, then we should see winds drop off between 10:00 a.m. and noon. that's when you notice a difference there. debris on the roadway. mike inouye. >> watching for your holding on to the roadway. foster city mounted camera, looking at high-rise off of the san mateo bridge. look at it for another second. if you're eating, look away. there we go. calm down. back to the maps, advisory across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge, highway 84, those two bridges have high-rises and they will get caught with a gust of wind as well. san francisco, right here, i've circled the area of china basin fire, leaves 4th street closed
5:57 am
for two blocks on the other side of the water from king street, 280, those are open but a distraction. muni light rail and buses reinstated through the area. approach to the bay bridge. fremont, traffic building up. >> 5:57. gunfire and smoke at a bay area amusement park. >> we follow developing news. a live look at san francisco fire. 12 hours taft started, ladder truck pouring water on that massive fire. how google has become indirectly involved in the search for a missing malaysian airline passenger plane. san jose. watch the winds today. incredible. check in with christina in a minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
right now, 6:00, new flare-ups in san francisco's china basin. a 360-unit apartment building under construction, now gutted, streets shut down, and dozens of firefighters keeping watch as several walls remain on the brishg of collapse. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. right now, firefighters still pouring water on the burned out building. the dmcommute in china basin ca be at a standstill in some spots. some people being allowed back into their homes. >> a map of the area, the burned down development in the west side of 4th street near 4th and king caltrain station, ucsf and at&t park. >> team coverage on this developing story. bob redell live with look at evacuation orders lifted overnight but chase cain joins


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