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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this point to buy iphones but left her money at home because she wanted to prevent a robbery. it was a lot of cash. two men pulled out a gun, kidnapped her, took her to the bank and brought her back here with the intent of getting their money. police are still looking at surveillance footage to see if they captured the alleged monday night robbery ask kidnapping. the victim is still in shock over the incident. she asked us not to identify her at all. how scary was it? >> very scary. what do you feel when someone point a gun in your head? >> reporter: the woman says she agreed to meet who she thought was a craigslist seller here but the two men that met her, pulled a gun, kidnapped her and took her to a local bank to withdraw cash. that failed so the men brought her to target. >> they told her to get on her phone to call somebody and provide money. >> reporter: a friend showed up with thousands of dollars, enough to get the robbers to
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leave. how are you feeling today? >> i feel still a little nervous because they know my address and might come back later. >> reporter: like many crimes, robberies are on the rise. robberies jumped to 1907 compared to 1208 the year before. police say they are doing all they can but admit, they are swamped. the victim says if you buy something on craigslist, avoid meeting up with someone. if you do, stay in your car but show up with someone, stay in your car and keep your doors locked in case something happens. same thing that happened to her. we're live in san jose, i'm d e damian trujillo. the developing story in san francisco, pain-staking process. on your right is a look from the nbc chopper showing crews busy tonight demolishing the shelled, burned out building, you can see
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there. part of the building just caved in. it's been more than 24 hours since the flames started to rage at the construction site near at&t park. neighbors are still rattled as you might imagine. we have team coverage for you and begin with cheryl hurd and one thing we see is parts of the building coming down, cheryl. >> reporter: parts of the building. we've been waiting all day for what looks like a tower to come down and some of it just started coming down piece by piece. you can see the crane just kind of tugging at it right now if we can go overhead, you can see the chopper shot. a bird's eye view of the demolition, construction crews started tearing down the front end of the building to create a safety zone. now they are on the other side continuing to tear that building down. they wanted to get that hmiddle piece, the tower down and they wanted to bring that down last.
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dismantling the building is a tedious process and san francisco fire officials say it will take time. >> we were very lucky that the winds were not as strong as they are today last night. the fire was challenging in that it's a very large building with no fire safety systems. >> reporter: this huge fire started around 5:00 yesterday in san francisco's mission bay district. it went to five alarms bringing in 150 firefighters on the ground and about 50 trucks and engines. >> it's such a hazard right now because, you know, the building is leaning in several places, so this whole zone is a collapse zone. >> reporter: today it was about creating a safety zone around the building according to joann hays white. >> as you can see, there is lots of other properties around. we were fortunate it wasn't as windy last night as this morning. that might have made a huge difference. >> reporter: at 3:45,
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construction crews started dismantling the building. it's been 24 hours and the fire is still burning. firefighter steven mcguire was one of the first on the scene to battle the blaze and 24 hours later, he's still here. >> it was pretty bad. we kind of retreated back to the occupied building, the strata, which is fully constructed and occupied and the heat started to pop the windows. >> reporter: despite the size of the fire, nobody was killed. two firefighters were injured, one had a twisted ankle, the other had second degree burns on his face and hand. i don't know if you saw my my earlier live shot they stopped pouring water. the fire is still smoldering inside. no one knows how long this fire will be. the fire department here for certainly several more days and construction crews will be here for several more weeks.
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reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd. >> thank you. that was a big statement, several more weeks they will be on site treating this neighborhood. the flames not on destroyed this massive project but disrupted the lives of so many people. the people who live in two apartment complexes across the street from what you're seeing here. there will be short-term and long-term effects but it's still remarkable there were no major injuries in this. monte francis continues our coverage and monte, for this neighborhood now, can people come home and sleep tonight? >> reporter: raj, not for now. we are on mission rock street. you can see the burned out building is right there behind me. to my right is an apartment building called strata. 30 units were damaged. to my left is a building called venue which was not damaged but evacuated. throughout the day, residents have been allowed to go into
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apartments to retrieve items. because there is still a danger of the building collapsing, so far no one has been allowed to return to their apartments for good. today steven johnson was moving suitcases into his apartment. he signed his lease yesterday just hours before a massive fire erupted across the street. >> you could feel the heat through the window. >> reporter: there was no damage to his place, but he is one of the more than 300 residents now displaced by the fire. >> i think i'll probably finish moving in by the end of the month instead of by the end of the week. >> it is march 12. >> reporter: arti took this cell phone video today while assessing his apartment. >> gone over there. like a river down here by the fire trucks and the plants survived. >> reporter: melting weather stripping and rubber hanging down, the glass has broken and
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screens warped and bent. the windows all shattered under the intense heat from the fire. >> my girlfriend's bike on the balcony, the rear wheel melted down, the aluminum frame bent. that was intense. >> reporter: although some had water damage aside from everything smelling like smoke, most of his valuables are fine. >> if you told me someone would stink up my apartment, melt my bike tires, i thought a bad day. watching what was happening, i came off well. >> reporter: firefighters continue to spray water on the building. the people who live in these apartment buildings are staying in hotels or with friends. the red cross provided assistance to one person who needed a place to stay last night. the exterior sprinklers triggered here have to be replaced before those folks are allowed back into their apartment. there is no official timeline for any of that, but many residents believe it on a matter
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of days. live in san francisco, monte francis, n brks krrbc bay area >> erie to see the apartments and demolished building. 155 firefighters responded. today, the agency confirmed it did not request any mutual aid. even with the second fire burning in the city at the same time, the department says it's ability to respond was never compromised. a spokesperson tells us she can't remember the last time in the last 20 years in fact, sf fire requested mutual aid. there are many similarities to what we saw 12 years ago. the fire at santana row. it was under construction yet suffered a major set back almost 12 years ago. tonight at 6:30, how this fire changed the way construction crews build today.
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>> to the windy weather stirring up trouble, the coast guard says this boat broke free from the dock because of the wind and ultimately crashed into the rocks at oyster point. the crash didn't create a pollution risk. the owner called a salvage company to collect pieces. let's bring in jeff ranieri. the winds died down a bit but gusty today. >> it was and you can see a look across the east bay, the average wind speed in some hills is gusting up to 35 miles per hour. it's cranking but generally on the downward side of the event. as you'll be able to see, overall winds from 10 to 15 throughout the north bay and down towards the south bay, san jose seeing a wind out of the north at last check at eight miles per hour. overall, next six hours, likely some of the worst wind in the north and east bay, winds around 25 for those gusts in the hills above 1,000 feet. so the highest concerns tonight will be an increased fire threat
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with low humidities and wind waves at the coastline. if you're out there watch for waves and rip currents and sneaker waves possible. we'll talk more about the 80-degree heat in the forecast and what it means for the all important weekend. >> the same strong winds created travel troubles in san francisco today. at the airport, the winds were so strong air traffic controllers asked the pilots to detour before landing. the airport shut down all but one runway for take off and landing and delays up to half an hour. everything, though was back to normal by noon and is so right now. >> this information just coming into the newsroom. a former follower of charles manson may be one step closer to getting out of jail. 71-year-old bruce davis was paroled. he's serving a life sentence for two killings in 1969. davis was part of a so-called family of followers who killed
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people. there is one more step, governor brown has 30 days from now to review the decision in which he could modify or reverse it. >> ahead at 6:00 a big break for the missing plane. what chinese officials say satellite image is showing them. >> the search for answers continues, uncovering federal documents that may lead to clues about what happened to malaysia airlines 370. >> this bay area man on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. where detectives think he might be hiding, also. >> i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll take you inside a new waste water treatment that is using technology that has the capability of turning sewage water into drinking water. >> and the demolition continues. workers at the scene trying to tear down what is left of that burned out shell of a building in mission bay.
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these are live pictures from the nbc chopper in san francisco. last night the flames and destruction. tonight, more destruction but this time planned. we want to show you a piece of video a few minutes ago we saw this. another part of the burned out building literally collapsing before our eyes. crews are systematically dismantling the building in wards using the big cranes to take this building inwards as opposed to out wards where it would threaten other apartments and offices. they expect to do this process for the next several hours. new at 6:00, would you be willing to drink fully treated and purified waste water? it could be part of california's future. marianne favro joins us at a look at operations in san jose
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and marianne, the facility opens in summer and could be helping out with the drought big time. >> it certainly can. the idea is to make sure that waste water doesn't go to waste. for example, this ultraviolet light can be used to inactivate viruss or bacteria in the water and these technologies can be used to turn sewage water into drinking water. waste water is running through the cylinders. when it arrives at the silicon valley purr fa case center in san jose it looks like this. when it leaves it's crystal clear. the center won't officially open until june, but nbc bay area got a first-hand look at operations. >> we are going to use this facility as a demonstration project to show to the public that we can treat the water to a level that's acceptable for drinking water purposes. >> reporter: the first step is turning waste water into much higher quality water that has less salt and can be used for
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irrigation, landscaping and cooler towers for the high-tech industry. first, the water goes through a micro filtration process to get rid of bacteria and then goes through a high-tech reverse osmosis process that eliminates salts and pharmaceuticals. the final step is ultra violent disinfection which inactivates any remaining viruss and bacteria. >> because our future will rely on facilities like to this meet water needs. >> reporter: the 70-million dollar center can process eight millions a day that can reduce reliability on imported water during the drought. >> it's thinking about greater reliability and resilience in the water supply system. >> reporter: the hope is, if it can be used to irrigate farms, it can one day embrace the idea waste water can safely be turned into drinking water. it may take awhile to get the public to embrace this concept,
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so the next step may be taking this treated waste water, combining it with the existing ground water and then eventually using that as our drinking water. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 6:00, warnings of a man inappropriately touching children have parents on high alerts. he's described as 6 feet tall with a rash or birthmark on his forehead. a seven-year-old girl was touched on friday. police believe the same man grabbed and touched a three-year-old girl at the think school now. >> two separate incidents, in both cases the suspect gains access, takes advantage of the time, approximately 4:00 in the afternoon during the after school program to gain access to the school campus, approach these young girls, and inappropriately touch them. he's able to flee the area
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otherwise undetected. >> police have stepped up patrols in the area and are asking anyone who recognizes the man in the sketch to call them. a followup story on the hunt for a fugitive. federal agents in mhonolulu tha a man wanted for allegedly setting off three bombs here in the bay area in emeryville and pleasanton in 2003. no one was hurt. san key yed diego was the first u.s. homost wanted terrorist li. one of the busiest south bay interchanges is getting a makeover but you should expect delays. that will separate traffic. i want to show you video from shortly after the project broke ground. three ramps will be closed overnight starting this friday at 9:00. crews will have to pave and
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stripe a new road way that's now being constructed. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and based on his forecast, i washed my car today. >> oh, you got your money's worth. yes, that is great news as you'll be able to see on the scrolling seven-day forecast, several days of sunshine so get the car washed. max wind gusts from 30 to 58 miles per hour and oakland hills at 58 and san jose at 34. we're generally on the downward side of the wind event. you can see sunny on the sky camera network. we're getting hinld in the higher elevations out of the northeast at 29 miles per hour but i think after six hours from now, right around midnight, again, we'll start to see the winds continuing to calm down across the bay. it's mild in the south bay with the extra hour until our sunsets, temperatures able to warmup a little bit more this time of the year in the south bay right now averaging 74. so for tomorrow, we are going to keep the heat in the forecast. sunny skies all around, fog free
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here throughout the entire bay area. even up against the immediate coastline. you can see the average in the north bay at 77. the east bay close to 80 degrees again for tomorrow and also averaging 77 here in the south bay. high pressure is going to stay put, not only for thursday but for friday, saturday, also sunday in the forecast, so you can definite recall it warm for this time of the year. for places like san francisco that rarely get in on temperatures in the upper 70s. we do think for tomorrow, we're going to find them in the mid 70s but then by saturday and sunday going up close to 80 and it looks like by sunday, that's when the heat will max out right across parts of the coastline. in fact, that's going to mean at half moon bay on sunday some major beach weather coming our way 75 expected the average high 60 this time of the year. all right. so i'm going to definitely head to the beach this weekend but not sure which one. i got a lot of planning to do here. >> which beach or car? jeff has several cars.
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>> i do not. i have one car. >> thank you, jeff. >> don't start that. the rock lockdown. the danger that forced alcatraz to suddenly close. i'm scott budman in the south bay, trying to bring back fourth of july fireworks. we'll have the latest on their progress.
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a man accused of shooting a san francisco police officer will be back in court friday morning. bail was set at $.5 million. adam shaw was shot in the shoulder in san francisco. he's recovering. it led to a high-speed chase and ended at a san jose gas station where officers arrested him. sunnyvale net app is slashing 600 jobs. last year the company cut 900
6:24 pm
jobs. they have 13,000 employees and build systems that store and manage digital information. major fireworks show may come back to downtown san jose. it's coming from a boost of local businesses. scott budman is live in downtown san jose with the firework story. >> reporter: jessica, the latest there is still money to be raised before the fireworks can come back here to discovery meadow in san jose but like the south bay economy itself, the optimism and momentum about the fireworks are back. the downtown san jose firework's show ended with a whimper but is now trying to come back. >> with a bang. [ cheers ] >> reporter: thanks to a boost from the san jose rotary club. >> we all recognize it's sorely missed and the tenth largest city in the country. let's do it, guys. >> reporter: the dousing of the
6:25 pm
fireworks coincided with a slowdown in businesses, large-scale layoffs and a big drop in the local housing market but with much of the south bay economy hot these days, the city is determined to raise $200,000 to bring back the independent party. >> i feel like i received an early christmas present and i'm sure a lot of residents around here feel the same way. >> a lot of entities came together to put it on, and that, you know, speaks to the strength of the economy and people wanting to invest in this region again and come together and put the whole thing on that people will enjoy. >> reporter: something to enjoy, now that times are good again. now assuming the money raised, the fireworks show this july 4th will be a one-time event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the rotary club but many hope it's the first of many to come. reporting live in san jose, scott budman. >> a great show, thank you,
6:26 pm
scott. still to come here at 6:00, how did it happen, the building explosion that has rescue workers surging for survivors at this hour in new york city. some warned the gas company plus. >> i'm steven stock, what happened to malaysia airlines flight 370? an faa warning issued last year may provide clues tonight. we investigate. and i'm kris sanchez in san jose what is keeping construction sites like the one behind me from going up in flames like the one in mission bay.
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on your left, the fire that broke out on santana row 12 years ago. on the right, the mission bay fire in san francisco. both buildings were under construction and both had partial collapses right in the middle of the fires. now when those flames tore through the apartment complex near at&t park, many people in the south bay couldn't help but think of what happened in 200. >> it taught the san jose fire department lessons. they join us to tell us about the new rules that are in place since that fire 12 years ago. >> because of the construction boom that's underway in san jose, seeing a construction fire is unnerving but because of the
6:30 pm
santana fire, there are changes and things to keep the construction fires from taking off like in mission bay and santana row. in san francisco the key is water pressure. in san jose, it's about preparation. >> it looked unreal. it didn't look real. it looked like a match box. >> reporter: melvin meeks isn't talking about the five-alarm fire that burned in mission bay last night but the san ttana ro fire that burned, the construction project that raged like an inferno. >> even though what type of impacts you're making because its such a huge fire and surround it and put enough water on it and you don't know if it's making an impact. a long day. >> reporter: as he watched images, he applauded how quickly it was knocked down and with just two minor injuries. today ed lee credited the high pressure water system. >> but for that high pressure water system, this fire would
6:31 pm
have been perhaps very hard to contain. >> it is okay our system is different. >> reporter: the fire marshal says a high-pressure system is important in san francisco with a high density, high-rise city. when the fire department needs more water, they ask the three water companies to up the pressure. after the santana row fire, there is an ordinance requiring measures during construction and not just after construction. those measures include requiring access to water and to the building sites throughout construction, sand pipes above three stories and a safety officer and plan to mitigate fire danger. >> we have absolutely, as we all do, learn from life lessons. i think santana row was a life lesson. >> reporter: 12 years after the santana row fire, there is no cause for the fire that caused $130 million in damage. kris sanchez. >> thank you. let's take you back up to san
6:32 pm
francisco. crews are tearing down what is left of the apartment complex in mission bay, really the outskirts of the at&t ballpark parking lot. the building is at the risk of collapsing, and that's why they are using big cranes to push the structures to reopen the streets and let people back into the neighboring buildings. the crane could be there through the rest of this week. for the fire, it's not completely out. firefighters are still trying to pinpoint where the smoke is coming from and looking into what sparked the fire last night. a preliminary investigation shows a welding machine may have caused it. we have new developments on the missing malaysia airliner. a chinese tv station is reporting the government satellite may have spotted a possible crash site. the images were taken after the day the plane went missing. the location is along the flight path where the serve began because it's where the plane was at the time traffic control lost contact with the pilot.
6:33 pm
the report says the images show three large floating objects. the biggest piece is 78 by 72 feet. u.s. military and officials have no information about these particular satellite images. as the search drags on, many theories are popping out and one gaining traction among aviation safety experts involves a safety warning issued by the faa last year. steven, what did you find? >> this, this safety directive issued last winter by the faa that actually just took effect this month and only three days before flight 370 took off and disappeared. that plane was about ten years old and had flown many times over the ocean exposing it to the salt, air and sea and possible corrosion. that's why several experts tell us that this faa warning might provide clues as to what happened to that plane. the faa's air worthiness
6:34 pm
directive issued aplayed to all boeing 777, 200, 777 f series. accord thanksgivinging to a spo would include the malaysia flight. >> that would be like a recall for crews. >> reporter: he flew 767 b aircraft, an airplane not rat tickly different. >> it could explain what happened. >> reporter: as this animation shows, there were reports of cracking in the fuse lodge skin and if they ripped off in flight, could create a hole in the airplane's skin. >> once you have a hole in the fuselage, it can rapidly
6:35 pm
migrate, and so generally speaking, if that happened and the pilots were aware, they would try to slow the aircraft as much as possible to reduce the stress on the aircraft but in a situation where a small antenna comes off and there is a hole and you don't know about it, it absolutely could strip open that aircraft the same way that a sardine can is opened. the wind pressure at that speed and altitude is extraordinary. >> reporter: the faa warned airlines to increase repetitive inspections of the fuselage skin and repair them. quote, we are issuing this to detect and correct cracking and corrosion in the fuselage skin, which could lead to rapid decompression and loss of structural integrity of the airplane. >> of course, being at that altitude, you have the added problem of pressurization failure, which could make the pilots unconscious. again, this is just a theory at this point and this air
6:36 pm
worthiness directive became final just last week on march the 5th, three days before the takeoff. it's scheduled to officially take effect on april 9th. it's in the clear if malaysia airlines implemented these checks the faa required but today malaysia airlines spokesperson said the missing airplane had been serviced on february 23rd and was due for more maintenance checks on june 19th. we'll stay on the story. >> thank you. we're following another developing story. firefighters in new york city tonight are digging through the rubble of two buildings that collapsed after a deadly gas explosion. they are searching for more than a dozen people. so far, three people are dead. a smoldering pile of brick and mortar is all that's left of two apartment buildings in east harlem. >> living in the building. they flew out when the blast
6:37 pm
hit, and knocked everybody into the debris. >> reporter: people say they felt the blast from a mile away. >> our windows, i heard boom, and my windows rattled. i ran out the apartment because it sounded closer than it was. >> i'm on the 12th floor. it's high up. never seen anything like that or heard or felt anything like that before. >> reporter: ex tthe explosion happened around 9:30 this morning and scattered debris into near by buildings. the only warning was from someone in the building next door. that person called the utility company before the blast. >> from what we know now, the only indication of danger was 15 minutes earlier when a gas leak was reported. >> reporter: it was too late. crews didn't arrive until moments after the buildings explod exploded. we should add one tenant complained about an unbearable smell of gas and the most recent
6:38 pm
made yesterday. the gas company shows the records don't show any reports were made until today. just ahead, the ordeal of a kidnapped boy, details on a high-speed chase with close calls and how officers finally caught the suspect. and then a live look at the rock that turned away tour rests. what forced alcatraz to close today. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures in the upper 70s today. if you like this, you'll love the next couple days. full details on record-setting heat and how hot in just a few minutes.
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take a look at a dramatic
6:41 pm
car chase in denver today. police say it started when a 28-year-old man stole an suv with a four-year-old boy inside and carjacked two other cars and triggered a big crash. now the suspect clipped a state trooper. there is the crash. it came to an end while the man surrendered while he was trying to escape on foot. the four-year-old boy was found unharmed in the abandoned suv. the suspect was wanted in a drug case. arizona's controversial governor janua brewer will not n for a third term. governor brewer's perhaps best known for signing into law in 2010 a law that requires immigrants to carry papers at all times and allows local police to question people about immigration status. she made headlines to veto a bill. continuing to break down doors today becoming the first
6:42 pm
woman on the board of directors at go today she started the newest role on the board, a company with large presence in silicon valley. an exclusive interview with scott budman asked her about the lack of women on tech company boards. >> that less than ten percent of board members of tech companies are women. how do we fix that, and what's the reason for that? >> well, i certainly know that for me personally, i'm an advocate for trying to help make that change over time. you know, i don't think it gets fixed overnight. >> in audition to go daddy, raphael serves on the boards of two others. jeff ranieri, you told us two things, go ahead and get our cars washed -- >> which i did. >> and call sick into work tomorrow. >> no, no, no, i did not recommend that. you want my okay to take off. >> we're gone. >> you're anchoring the news
6:43 pm
tomorrow night. >> hey, that would be fun. all right. i'd miss you guys, though. a live look, it's clear. we'll talk about hotter weather this weekend in a few minutes. i'm geraud moncure. jim harbaugh talks about jonathan mart and a shootout in tinsel town. warriors and clippers, the budding rivalry coming up in sports.
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6:45 pm
it wasn't an escape from alcatr alcatraz. the wind was enemy number one. joe shows us why. >> getting out there was
6:46 pm
incredible. i've never seen the waves like that. i said to the kids, the white caps were unbelievable. >> reporter: absolutely not smooth sailing like for pitman who got a ride. >> it was wicked, wicked chopty. >> reporter: about 11:00 am operators decided the bay was too rough to land any more ferries on the island so they cancelled the rest of the day's trips. >> we were walking around doing the tour and before we knew it, we were getting kicked out. no idea what is going on. >> when it's really pitching, the ramp doesn't stay security. you can have an accident. >> reporter: it's a rare day when the wind can shut down a place known as the rock. >> yes, i think this is the third time it's happened since we've been in business in 2006. >> reporter: the tour company offered refunds to all ticketholders leaving their escape to alcatraz to another
6:47 pm
day. j j joe. >> one of the tourists was from kansas because she said wicked. >> a lot of wind is helping to result in warmer temperatures. the winds from the northeast drying wind, importing heat across the west and you can see one of the warmest temperatures at 79. palo alto 78. san jose 75 and you know when san francisco is just a degree cooler than san jose, we're under an offshore wind event and that's what we had today. in oakland, good enough now for a new record. at 5:00 it tied with 76 but pushed up two more degrees in an hour. 78, now a new record, busting the old of 76 set back in 2007. we'll take you outside of the sky camera network. as many of you know already,
6:48 pm
it's beautiful tonight. we still have wind throughout l alcatraz and it's mainly clear but you can see haze at the lower levels. that's because we had this area of high pressure capping everything off in the lower levels and then also a lot of pollen getting kicked around in the atmosphere. more on that coming up, but let's take you into the storm track. rainfall is out here, but it's going to continue to stay way up towards alaska and the reason why we've got all this heat is pretty simple. when you get high pressure moving across california, it's like a block. so yes, this will be considered warm weather at least for this time of the year. you can see the temperature trend tomorrow. we'll generally average the upper 70s through a lot of the valleys but by saturday and sunday, that's when it looks like the heat will top out at some of the warmest levels. 83 my saturdby saturday and clo by sunday and in the scrolling
6:49 pm
forecast, monday and tuesday cooler weather and a slight chance of showers. through sunday's forecast, you'll notice the micro climate trend by sunday have temperatures close to 90 in the north bay, also for the tri valley and for the south bay as well. so again, sunday looks to be the warmest day. so plan ahead, sunglasses, spf and plans for the beach. sounds like my checklist. let's get you into the forecast throughout thursday and you can see on the micro climate, sunny skies, temperatures close to 80 in san jose. lose gados 79 and 81 palo alto and cooler in san mateo and in san francisco, 73 and just a little warmer for haze valley with 74. it's going to be a warm one out here across the grapevines with 81. and throughout the east bay, 76 in oakland with pleasanton at
6:50 pm
80. yes, it will be sunny towards the beach, so if you're a surfer, awesome weather for you. temperatures expected to be in the low 80s. expecting 81 at the beaches, choices, not too many days of this kind of weather, so have fun, you guys. >> we will. >> thank you, jeff. sure. let's turn our attention to geraud moncure. we're talking big 49ers news and a huge game for the warriors tonight. >> great basketball game should be raj and jessica. wild west showdown tonight at the staples center. dubs and clippers sporting two of the best records since the all-star break. tip off in what could be a play-off preview. it's a matchup of high flying and high powered offenses. the clippers are the highest scoring league and the dubs 104. the biggest issue is the nasty factor. these teams do not like each other and aren't afraid to show it. here is warriors insider monte
6:51 pm
cool. >> the warriors and clippers, one, you got two guys that is coaching these teams, both nba point guards, high-profile guys that took the job, both teams in california. you have the natural california rivalry. you have two high profile coaches and two teams that are actually play-off caliber teams and coming up in the league. >> thank you, monte. all quiet on the 49ers free agent front today. the focus remains on jonathan martin and his move back to the west coast with jim harbaugh. martin ready for a fresh start after his controversy and a clean slate with the coach. we spoke about him in november. >> i know him to be a fine person and his family, great contish co
6:52 pm
contribut contributor. serious athletes and personal friend. so i support jonathan. >> also told you i can't wait to give him the situation for martin and the 49ers and deserves an etch a sketch opportunity for a second chance. the locker room would rally around anyone committed to winning. >> let's talk baseball. white sox and giants, bottom first, and the right and that ball will fall. michael morris will hustle home 2-0 g man. to the top of the fourth. tim lincecum on the hill. three and a four inning pitch giving up four hits, two earned runs with three ks. royals and ae esta's in phoenix. the second start of the spring, top second. gets billy butler to go down
6:53 pm
springing and it's alex gordon's turn. pitch, no earned runs, three strikeouts. top of the seventh, jim johnson on the hill. johnson worked one frame allowing no runs, royals win, though, 3-1. cashmere is not allowed a run and given up three hits to go with five strikeouts. very solid so far. >> we're ready for the season to begin. >> ready. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage. watch comcast sports net central.
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a notable victory for sunnyvale. today supreme court justice kennedy rejected an nra request to block the gun ordinance. the stricter rules went into effect last thursday and its considered one of the toughest in the country. it bans all large capacity magazines and also requires gun shops to register and track ammunition sales. lawyers for the nra wanted the supreme court to block the ordinance as the group considers appealing a lower court ruling upholding the ban. >> a new center in the south bay help service members that want to go back to school. they opened the first veterans resource center. they want to share their experience for applying for college. >> usually you need a battle buddy, to help you walk along the steps and get acquainted and show you places. it's like a one-stop shop.
6:57 pm
>> essentially, that's better here for is to help the student veteran advocate this education process. >> students say the resource center helps veterans with a number of campus services from applying to campuses and applying for financial aid, as well. >> it is dinner time, maybe eating outdoors tonight. >> yes, it's beautiful. >> al fresco. >> that would be so nice. clear and sunny skies looking towards san francisco and stay like this at least for the next four days. the one problem you pay have is the pollen in the atmosphere going to moderate levels tomorrow but very high levels expected throughout this weekend and let's get a look at the micro climate forecast for thursday. 78 in san jose, palo alto 71 and san francisco towards haze valley looking at mid 70s in the forecast and another quick view of napa. so you think it's warm tomorrow, this weekend even hotter. >> we've been warned. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00.
6:58 pm
have a good evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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